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A DSP based AC electronic load for unintentional islanding tests Feng, Wei


The distributed generation (DG) system for the renewable energy resources is being used more and more widely around the world in the past decades. In order to protect the whole power system from the islanding situation, the interface inverters of the DG system have to pass the unintentional islanding test. In this study, a single phase AC electronic load is introduced to simulate the local loads under unintentional islanding conditions. This thesis proposes a proper schematic of the electronic loads based on the H-bridge dc-dc converter and analyzes the performance of this system with PowerSIM. Then, a set of specifications for different ranges of the electronic loads are calculated through theoretical formulas and the PSIM simulations. Meanwhile, the transfer function of the system is also derived to analyze the stability of the PI control system. According to the theoretical analysis and simulations, a control program is implemented based on the Texas Instruments (TI) Digital Signal Processor (DSP) TMS320F2407A for the different kinds of electronic loads. A test circuit is then built to validate the performance of the system. Some experiments are performed for the resitive, inductive and capacitive loads respectively.

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