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A reflective account : exploring the nature of web-based instructional design by a practicing teacher Kletke, Raymond


Technology has become a fundamental yet dynamic component of modern society, affecting almost every structure within it. However, education has been slow to change relative to the acceptance and use of technology in teaching and learning contexts. This research seeks to begin to bridge this technological chasm by examining what considerations a teacher instructional designer needs to be mindful of when designing a substantial Web-based learning resource. The researcher employs a qualitative methodology through the compilation of field notes and narratives describing the experiences and observations of a classroom teacher employing the ADDIE instructional design model to develop a Web-based learning resource for two high-school level Marketing courses. The researcher has maintained a unique triad of professional roles throughout this project, including teacher, instructional designer, and researcher. The findings of this research emphasize the interrelationships between the three key conceptual areas: reflective practice, instructional design, and Web design.

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