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A dynamic circuit-based model for ferromagnetic materials Wicks, Kenneth


In recent years there has been increased interest in the development of sensorless switched reluctance machine drives. The proper operation of a switched reluctance machine (SRM) requires knowledge of the position of the rotor of the machine. The inclusion of a physical position sensor compromises the inherent robustness of this type of machine. Thus, there has been a need to develop techniques to estimate the position of the rotor in SRM drives. Switched reluctance machines are able to operate over a large range in speed. A fully loaded SRM is typically designed to saturate the ferromagnetic material that comprises the stator and rotor of the machine whereas a lightly loaded machine does not. Therefore, the model of the machine should be able to handle both a large range in frequency and input excitation levels of the magnetic material in the machine. The development of a new dynamic circuit-based ferromagnetic model is described in this thesis. The investigation of the behaviour of 24 gauge M19 silicon steel led to the conclusion that, for this material, a circuit model that has static parameters is unable to accurately reproduce the behaviour of the actual material over a large range of input frequencies and excitation levels without resorting to retuning the parameters of the model. This thesis provides two new mechanisms that dynamically adjust the resistance values of the flux tubes of the model. Comparisons using a normalized vertical least-squares metric between the newly proposed dynamic model and a model that has static resistance values clearly show the improvement that is gained by using these mechanisms. A practical implementation of the new model is also given. Timing using a general purpose CPU shows that this implementation of the model will most likely be able to be used as part of a multi-phase lumped parameter model for a SRM in realtime.

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