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A content-based publish/subscribe framework over structured peer-to-peer networks Li, Wei


The Publish/Subscribe model has become a prevalent paradigm for building distributed notification services by decoupling the publishers and the subscribers from each other. Content-based publish/subscribe allows for highly expressive descriptions of subscriptions and thus is more appropriate for content dissemination when a finer level of granularity is necessary. However, scalability has become an issue due to the expensive matching and delivering inherent in content-based events. In this thesis we propose a novel content based publish/subscribe framework built over a DHT-based P2P network in order to provide scalable content delivery mechanisms. Based on efficient subscription installation, event publishing and event delivery techniques, our system can provide a scalable platform to support multiple different pub/ sub schemas. There are three key features in our design: (1) A logic space mapping and a distributed 2d-tree that maintains this space over DHT; (2) Novel random probing searching schemes allowing for subscription installation and event publication; (3) An efficient application layer multicast algorithm for message delivery with low bandwidth consumption.

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