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Interpreter implementation of advice weaving Naseer, Muhammad Immad


Implementing advice weaving using code rewriting can cause performance problems during application startup and incremental development. We present an interpreter based (non-rewriting) approach using a simple table and cache structure for matching pointcuts against dynamic join points together with a simple mechanism for calling the matched advice. An implementation in the JikesRVM, an open source research virtual machine, shows the approach is straightforward to implement. Internal micro-benchmarks show dynamic join point execution overhead of approximately 28% in the common case where no advice is applicable. Comparative micro-benchmarks with ajc load time weaving show startup time reductions equivalent to the interpreted execution of 100-117 million unadvised dynamic join points. The cache and table structures could be used during later (i.e. JIT time) per-method rewrite based weaving to reduce pointcut matching overhead. We conclude that it is worthwhile to develop and evaluate a complete in-VM hybrid implementation, comprising both non-rewriting and rewriting based advice weaving.

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