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Utilization of palliative care services in Vancouver : 1990-1993 Cardiff, K. (Karen), 1953-; Hsu, David Hsing-Sheng, 1953-; Kuhl, David


This report begins with a brief overview of the methods involved in the study. This is followed by a description of all adult deaths in Vancouver 1990-93, looking at factors such as age/sex distribution and causes of death. Much of the remainder of the report focuses on deaths from cancer or AIDS, and data arc presented on contacts of these patients with the then existing palliative care system. Simplifying assumptions and caveats must be kept in mind. Palliative care is provided by a number of different service providers. In this particular study, it was not possible to collect data on the full range of encounters that take place between a terminally ill patient and the health care system (e.g. family physicians who provide elements of palliative care in their general practice). One of the major issues around death and dying relates to place of death, i.e. home vs hospital. This report presents data on place of death for the 1990-93 period. There is some discussion as to the assumptions regarding palliative care as primarily applicable to cancer/HIV patients. Finally, drawing upon the results of the data analysis, the report offers some recommendations.

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