TRIUMF: Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics

Building concept with cost estimates, site exploration and engineering data for a 500 MeV H‾ cyclotron facility Oakey, J. R.; Choutka, F.; Wallace, W.; Tubbesing, K.; Nussbaum, H.; Smith, M. F.; G .E. Crippen & Associates Ltd.; Underwood, McKinley, Cameron, Wilson & Smith


This report describes the conceptual building design and site layout for TRIUMF, considering the immediate requirement of constructing a workshop, laboratory and office building on the TRIUMF site as well as future expansion of the facility. Services, such as electrical, mechanical, cooling, etc., required for the cyclotron and ancillary equipment are described in some detail, as well as facilities for handling the heavy cyclotron components and radiation shielding blocks, and cost optimization studies were made. A survey of the various materials suitable for radiation shielding considering local availability and cost is included, and overall cost estimates for buildings and radiation shielding are provided.

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