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Real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulation and control of totem pole PFC converter Amiri, Peyman; Gautam, Deepak; Botting, Chris; Eberle, Wilson; Wang, Liwei


High efficiency totem pole power factor correction (PFC) converters have attracted a significant attention in recent years. State of the art wide band gap (WBG) devices make continuous conduction mode (CCM) totem pole PFC feasible for medium to high power applications. However, higher costs and complex control are the main barriers to widespread industrial adoption of this topology. Control challenges including current spikes during zero crossings, DC component in AC mains current and AC voltage drop handling are investigated in this paper. Appropriate control measures are utilized to address these challenges. Additionally an accurate low cost DC current reduction method is proposed. The effectiveness of the proposed control is verified through real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulation of a 1450 W interleaved totem pole PFC converter.

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