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Places Between Spaces Nalli, Amanda


The porch is a cultural trope which serves as a significant threshold - not only as a space of transition to pass through, but also an invitation to a convivial occasion. Although linked to an idealized past, the social structures that accompany this archetypal form suggests a broader discussion of the types of spaces that support a community and build social value. Places Between Spaces investigates the slightly bereft landscapes of St. Clair Avenue in Toronto, as places of opportunity for building social capital. Whether enveloped in for lease signs or awaiting redevelopment, there is a period when these spaces are left abandoned - stripped of material and human activity. How might these provisional spaces find a material expression? Structured around three sites characteristic of St. Clair's urban context, the proposed interventions deliberately engage the temporal framework in which they operate. These three provisional installations are intended to provide a catalyst that engages with the public realm, providing both a shelter and destination to the community.

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