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Bottom-trapped subinertial motions over midocean ridges in a stratified rotating fluid. Thomson, Richard E.; Allen, Susan E.


Linear analytical solutions for bottom-trapped subinertial oscillatory flow over simple ridge topographies in a stratified (two-layer) rotating fluid are presented. Results are compared to moored current meter observations of bottom-intensified motions over the Endeavour Segment of Juan de Fuca Ridge in the northeast Pacific. The solutions reproduce many of the observed features including preferential amplification of the clockwise rotary component of velocity over the ridge and increased velocity amplification with proximity to the ridge crest. For a given internal deformation radius, the degree of current amplification increases with increased bottom slope, ridge height, and oscillation frequency. Amplification decreases with increased width of the ridge relative to the deformation radius. Copyright 1993 American Meteorological Society (AMS). Permission to use figures, tables, and brief excerpts from this work in scientific and educational works is hereby granted provided that the source is acknowledged. Any use of material in this work that is determined to be “fair use” under Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act or that satisfies the conditions specified in Section 108 of the U.S. Copyright Act (17 USC §108, as revised by P.L. 94-553) does not require the AMS’s permission. Republication, systematic reproduction, posting in electronic form, such as on a web site or in a searchable database, or other uses of this material, except as exempted by the above statement, requires written permission or a license from the AMS. Additional details are provided in the AMS Copyright Policy, available on the AMS Web site located at (http://www.ametsoc.org/) or from the AMS at 617-227-2425 or copyright@ametsoc.org.

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