Tailings and Mine Waste Conference

Thickened tailings characterization program for a tailings storage facility design update : case study Doucet, K.; Pepin, N.; Kissiova, Mayana


This paper presents the results of a thickened tailings (TT) geotechnical and hydrogeological characterization program conducted in the fall of 2013 at the Canadian Malartic Mine (CMM). CMM is a gold mine located in the Abitibi region in the province of Quebec and has been operating since May 2011. The characterization program included both field and laboratory tests. The field program consisted of cone penetration tests and a drilling program conducted in the tailings storage facility (TSF). The data were interpreted to determine select in situ tailings geotechnical properties, assess their liquefaction susceptibility, determine the hydraulic conductivity of the tailings stack and locate the water table in the TSF. Tailings samples collected at several locations were tested in laboratory. Index tests were performed as well as cyclic simple shear and large strain consolidation tests. TT samples were also taken in the field along the deposition path to evaluate whether there is active segregation of the particles during the deposition at their current solids content. The results will be compared to the initial parameters and will provide updated geotechnical and hydrogeological properties of the TT being deposited at CMM as part of the update of the TSF design features.

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