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Consolidation and hydraulic conductivity testing of slurries Gan, Julian; Ebrahimi-Birang, Nader; Haug, Moir D.


A prototype apparatus was designed for large strain consolidation and hydraulic conductivity testing of slurried materials. The apparatus consists of three parts; loading frame, consolidometer pot and constant head flow system. The unique design of the loading frame allows for large strains. The frame can accommodate consolidometer of various diameters and heights. Stainless steel rings with diameter of 152mm and height of 163mm have been used. Each consolidometer pot has ports for a series of manometers along its entire operating height that allows for monitoring of pore-water pressures during consolidation testing or heads during hydraulic conductivity measurement. The constant head system allows consolidation testing to be conducted with preselected constant back-pressure. The back-pressure can be selected to match head to be used in hydraulic conductivity measurement on completion of consolidation. This prevents disturbances to the hydraulic regime of the test specimen when going from consolidation test to hydraulic conductivity measurement. [All papers were considered for technical and language appropriateness by the organizing committee.]

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