British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Reclamation activities at the Nickel Plate Mine Lang, Gerald E.; Parsons, David Cecil; Napier, William A.


Nickel Plate Mine is a 3 700 tonnes / day open pit gold mine located 45 kilometres west of Penticton. The mine is owned by Homestake Canada. During 1992 & 1993 the mine was able to demonstrate a number of progressive reclamation techniques. Last year over 18 000 000 tonnes of waste rock was removed during the Stage 4 expansion of the North Pit. The North Pit will be mined for the next three years. A number of waste rock dumps reached their capacity thereby making final reclamation possible. This paper describes how changes to the slope of the recent North Waste rock area allowed for the waste rock dump reclamation to coincide with rock placement. This process required alteration to the initial waste rock deposition design. Waste rock dump reclamation will be continuing, at an accelerated pace, for the next three years. The paper also describes the waste rock overburden methodologies and vegetation research for a mine situated at a high altitude.

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