British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

The use of unconsolidated runoff material in coal waste dump reclamation Kennedy, Alan J.; Kovach, William


The effects of using unconsolidated runoff material collected from interceptor ditches as an amendment to soil material on waste dumps was investigated on study plots at Byron Creek Collieries from 1983 to 1986. Thirty-two plots representing replicates of two treatments of runoff material Incorporation were established in random block design on a "typical" coal waste dump. Data were collected on soil quality, vegetation cover and biomass, and tree survival and growth. Results from three years of study indicate the following conclusions. 1. Unconsolidated runoff material appears to improve texture and moisture holding capacity of the soil. 2. Revegetation potential is increased by using unconsolidated runoff material as a soil amendment. 3. Mortality of outplanted trees is reduced on sites incorporated with unconsolidated runoff material. Further evaluation of the study plots is required to determine long term effects of this amendment on reclamation success.

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