International Conference on Gas Hydrates (ICGH) (6th : 2008)

VARIABLE-COMPLIANCE-TYPE CONSTITUTIVE MODEL FOR METHANE HYDRATE BEARING SEDIMENT Miyazaki, Kuniyuki; Masui, Akira; Haneda, Hironori; Ogata, Yuji; Aoki, Kazuo; Yamaguchi, Tsutomu


In order to evaluate a methane gas productivity of methane hydrate reservoirs, it is necessary to develop a numeric simulator predicting gas production behavior. For precise assessment of long-term gas productivity, it is important to develop a mathematical model which describes mechanical behaviors of methane hydrate reservoirs in consideration of their time-dependent properties and to introduce it into the numeric simulator. In this study, based on previous experimental results of triaxial compression tests of Toyoura sand containing synthetic methane hydrate, stress-strain relationships were formulated by variable-compliance-type constitutive model. The suggested model takes into account the time-dependent property obtained from laboratory investigation that time dependency of methane hydrate bearing sediment is influenced by methane hydrate saturation and effective confining pressure. Validity of the suggested model should be verified by other laboratory experiments on time-dependent behaviors of methane hydrate bearing sediment.

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