International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Infrastructure rehabilitation planning : combined system dynamics and optimization methods Rashedi, Roozbeh; Saad, Dina A.; Hegazy, Tarek


To improve the performance of the increasingly deteriorating infrastructure, effective strategic policies must be combined with optimum tactical rehabilitation plans. In the literature, limited efforts have focused on strategic policy analysis and its integration with tactical/operational planning. This paper; therefore, presents a framework that combines the strategic and tactical dimensions of infrastructure rehabilitation. At the strategic level, the System Dynamics (SD) modeling technique has been used to simulate the long-term effect of different policy scenarios on physical performance and backlog accumulation. The optimum policies are then used as inputs to a detailed tactical planning model. The objective of such model is to provide detailed fund allocation plans for the assets that need rehabilitation on a yearly basis. The proposed tactical model deals with large number of asset components over a 5-year plan to determine the best possible combination of repair types and timings. The paper compares the processing time and solution quality of three models that use different optimization approaches: Genetic Algorithms (GA); mathematical mixed integer programming; and Microeconomic-based heuristics. The paper discusses the conceptual formulation of the proposed integrated framework, the developments made so far, present limitations, and future enhancements.

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