International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Research for generating 2D-drawings of superstructure in highway bridge Jiang, Wenyuan; Tanaka, Shigenori


Maintenance of highway bridges built during the high economic growth period is performed based on their design drawings and as-built drawings. For these elevated highway bridges, however, drawings were produced on paper media at the times of design and completion; therefore, in many cases they have already been disposed, making it difficult to perform maintenance. In such a case, regenerating the detail design of the current status is required, but it takes huge cost. For this problem, a large number of researches have been made on automatic generation of three-dimensional models for maintenance of highway bridges from point cloud data obtained through MMS (Mobile Mapping System). However, it is hard to use the models generated in these researches because engineers do not consider the original geometric information of highways. Thus in this research, we aim to regenerate the CAD drawings of the superstructure of an elevated highway bridge, and propose a method for extracting alignment information of the elevated highway bridge from point cloud data of MMS. We verify the usability of our method and system by comparing the experimental data with surveyed drawings in our experiments.

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