Open Collections Research API

Run powerful queries, perform advanced analysis, and build custom views, apps, and widgets with full access to the Open Collections' metadata and transcripts.


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Build Your Query

You can build a simple API query using the tool below: Enter query terms, and select the fields you would like to return. The corresponding "request object", will be shown on the left, and the resulting output from the API and the right. You can also use the Open Collections Advanced Search Tool to generate more complex, filtered queries.

Enter query terms and select metadata fields to return to generate an example query:

The following API endpoint will return search results based on your selections:

The API responds with JSON data you can use in your research or application:

To learn more about the different endpoints available and to harness the full power of the API, check out the complete API Documentation.



Here are some examples of what's possible with the Open Collections API:


We'd love to see what you've accomplished with the Open Collections API! Send us an email and you may be featured on this page.