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The Ubyssey Oct 20, 1995

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Array  Wanted
smarts? If not, call Vivian, HR
Wizards, 536-5756
Word Processing      lOf her Services
Advertising Rate
$5.25 for first 3 lines, $0.80 for
each additional line (5words).
Payment in advance is
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We accept Visa, Mastercard.
Deadline two days
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Advertise in The Ubyssey
Reach the iGTCjeSt concentration
of 18-24 year olds in the
Lower Mainland
The Ubyssey - 822-1654
Ubyssey Staff
can vote!
The following people are
eligible to vote (as of October 16th):
Desiree Adib
Sherri Farquharson
Chris Nuttall-Smith
Paula Bach
Andy Ferris
Sarah O'Donnell
Federico Barahona
Sarah Galashan
Christine Price
Andy Barham
Noelle Gallagher
Siobhan Roantree
Andy Bonfield
Shelley Gornall
Simon Rogers
Peter Chattaway
Scott Hayward
Doug Sewell
Joe Clark
Areni Kelleppan
Matt Thompson
Charlie Cho
Ben Koh
Dan Tencer
Allison Cole
Jenn Kuo
Wah-Kee Ting
Wolf Depner
Jeff Miles
Janet Winters
Steve Emery
Joe Muller
The following people have made one or two contributions:
John Bolton
Matt Green
Christian Obeck
Christopher Brayshaw
Quinn Harris
Darren Campbell
Bruce Hennel
Doug Quan
Darin Clisby
Ron Herbert
Rachana Razaida
Sage Davies
Rick Hunter
Jim Rowley
Julian Dowling
Matthew Kennedy
Rachel Russell
Alison Dunnet
Mike Kitchen
Betta Shun
Bryce Edwards
Sharanjit Kuar
Diana Stein
Rick Edwards
Natasha Lena
Monica Strimbold
Ron Eichler
Alison Luddit
Jeremy Valeriote
Bill Gaspard
Scarlett McGluddery
Scott Waters
Chris Gatchalian
Pat McGuire
Kim Wyatt
Hugh Gerring
Chris Mauran
Oscar Zuniga
Kristi Gordon
Joe Moran
Note: any contributor not
on this list should contact the coordinating editor of The Ubyssey.
Saturday October 21
Friday October 27
"Capitalizing the Scenery"
Amnesty Days
Lecture Series
Information booths and
"A Look at Canadian Youth"
petition signing, presented by
given by Ph.D. candidate
Amnesty International.
Patrick Andersson, presented
SUB Concourse, 10:30 am -
by the Belkin Art Gallery.
2:30 pm.
Belkin Art Gallery, 2:00 pm.
Friday October 27
Monday October 23
Forum on Campus Safety
Choral Competition
Panel discussion with UBC
Finals ofthe BBC Interna
administration, presented by
tional "Let the People Sing"
the Alma Mater Society.
competition, presented by the
SUB Conversation Pit, 12:30-
University Singers.
2:30 pm.
Music Building Recital Hall,
11:30 am- 3:00 pm.
Saturday October 28
"Capitalizing the Scenery"
Wednesday October 25
Lecture Series
"Capitalizing the Scenery"
"The Lions" given by M.A.
Lecture Series
student Stephanie Dragonas,
"Pearson Family Photos"
presented by the Belkin Art
given by Art History student
Robyn Laba, presented by the
Belkin Art Gallery, 2:00 pm.
Belkin Art Gallery.
Belkin Art Gallery, 12:30 pm.
October 19 -22
Wednesday October 25
Occupational Therapy
Trash: Class, Culture and
Occupational Therapy Info
Waste in America, 1607-
Booth and Activities, pre
present. Renaissance
sented by the Occupational
Vancouver Hotel, all day.
Therapy Students of Rehab
Woodward IRC, 12:30-1:30
Lunch Social
Thursday October 26
Discussion Group
Marxist History and Theory
GLBUBC. Graduate Student
Lecture series
Centre, 5:00pm -7:00pm
"Marx's view of economics,"
presented by the Spartacus
Youth Club.
General Meeting
Room L4, Brittania Commu
nity Centre, 1661 Napier (off
Commercial Dr.), 7:30 pm.
Thursday October 26
General Meeting
Amnesty Days
Amnesty International. SUB
Information booths presented
212, 12:30-1:30pm.
by Amnesty International.
SUB Concourse, 10:30 am -
2:30 pm.
Birth Control, from A to Z
source: Inside UBC
How it works: The Pill contains hormones that fool a woman's body into
thinking it's pregnant without actually being so, so ovulation stops.
Effectiveness: About 98%.
Cost: $15-20 for one month (this includes a dispensing fee, so it is
cheaper to buy several months at a
Side effects: Weight gain, blood clots,
mood swings, sore breasts, nausea.
STD Protection: None.
How it works: It forms a barrier that
keeps sperm from reaching the
uterus. It must be fitted by a doctor.
It's  used  in  conjunction  with
spermicidal jelly, and must be inserted no more than fifteen minutes
before intercourse.
Effectiveness: About 90%.
Cost: $30 for a diaphragm and a small
tube of spermicide.
Side effects: Some women have experienced discomfort from a diaphragm, and it can shift out of place
in certain positions. Women who
have gained or lost more than ten
pounds, or women who have had an
abortion, must be fitted for a new
STD Protection: Good if used with a
How it works: It is believed to work
by causing a chronic low-grade inflammation in the uterus, which creates a hostile environment for a fertilized egg.
Effectiveness: About 95%.
Cost: $40-60 for an IUD, depending
on the brand (this method is usually
not recommended, especially for
women who have never given birth)
Side effects:More and more studies are
documenting serious side-effects suffered by IUD users, such as pelvic
inflammatory disease (PID) and perforation ofthe uterine wall. IUDs can
cause cramps, irregular bleeding, and
heavier menstrual flow. They may be
hard to fit for women who have never
given birth.
STD Protection: None.
How it works: A measured amount
of a spermicidal substance is inserted
into the vagina just prior to intercourse.
Effectiveness: About 90%.
Cost: Anywhere from $6 to $ 16, depending on the brand and container
Side effects: Quite messy, and some
people are allergic.
STD Protection: Good if used with a
How it works: A sponge soaked in
spermicide blocks the opening to the
uterus. Sponges can only be used
once, and must then be discarded.
It can be inserted up to 24 hours before intercourse, but must be removed no later than 30 hours after
Effectiveness: About 86%.
Cost: 3 for $8.49.
Side effects: It cannot be used during
menstruation, because of increased
danger of toxic-shock syndrome. It
may also be difficult to remove after
STD Protection: Good if used with a
How it works: Both the Daily Basal
Body Temperature and the Sympto-
thermal methods work by trying to
predict when ovulation will happen.
For more information and charts,
consult your physician or pharmacist
Effectiveness: As high as 85-90% if
done properly.
Cost: About $ 10 for a thermometer
Side effects: It has an uncomfortably
high failure rate.
STD Protection: None.
How it works: The penis is withdrawn
from the vagina prior to ejaculation.
Effectiveness: Close enough to zero
percent that you  definitely
shouldn't rely on it (some semen
is secreted before ejaculation)
Cost: Well over $100 000 by the time
your son or daughter hits eighteen
years of age.
Side effects: Frustration and possible
STD Protection: None.
How it works: Acts as a barrier to prevent sperm from entering the vagina
Effectiveness: About 95% if used properly, and about 98% when used in
conjunction with a spermicide such
as nonoxynol-9.
Cost: Varies from $6.79-$ 10 per
dozen (or four quarters each in the
SUB washrooms). These are often
distributed free by some organizations, including Student Health. Keep
your eyes open.
Side effects: None known, although
some spermicides can cause irritation.
STD Protection: After celibacy, using
one of these is the best way to
prevent STDs, but not pregnancy.
A latex condom protects you from
contact with potentially infected
areas or fluids (NB: Make sure it's
made of latex rubber. The "natural" ones are porous enough to
let viruses-including HIV-
through). Make sure your condom
fits; some condoms have been
known to break or leak semen out
of the top.
How it works: Sperm shouldn't enter
the vagina in the first place.
Effectiveness: Nearly 100% (There
are rare cases in which sperm can
enter the vagina during heavy
petting, resulting in pregnancy).
Cost: Free.
Side effects: N/A.
STD Protection: Very good, if one
limits other types of sexual practices.
The Ubyssey
Friday, October 20, 1995 Forget the news — let's boink!
Increasing sexual awareness can be a tricky task. Nudity and erotic literature are often the target of censorship. Attitudes towards sex vary, and covering sexually
explicit material in an inoffensive way is not an easy task.
Discussing sexuality—even on a university campus-borders on taboo. The UBC community needs
to open its mind to sex. Last year, a survey conducted by Health Education Coordinator Pearl
Wierenga found that students were concerned about
the need for improved sex education on campus.
This special issue of The Ubyssey tries to address this
Canadian attitudes toward sexuality tend be relatively uptight. For a country that prides itself on its
"tolerance," we have surprisingly draconian censorship rules. Even more ridiculous is the fact that a law
forbidding women to bare their breasts in public still
exists. Our society still seems reluctant to rid itself of
old prejudices and hang-ups, especially against gays,
lesbians and bisexuals.
Sex should be a pleasurable experience for anyone
who chooses to indulge themselves. It is best when it
is enjoyable, safe and mutually rewarding. Celebrating sexuality is a wonderful part of being alive, and
there are so many facets of sex to be explored.
Sex can be an exhilarating experience shared at a
deep emotional level. While there's nothing wrong
with indulging in the occasional romp just for fun, there
is something exceptional about making love with
someone you're passionately in love with.
This special sexuality issue will hopefully open up
your mind to sex and inspire you to discuss relevant
sexual issues. Be sure to consider the possible physical and emotional risks prior to engaging in sex, but
don't let that stop you from having a good fucking
New campaign opens      Acquaintance sexual assualt: no means no
eyes on campus
by J. Clark
The latest poster campaign organized by the Acquaintance Sexual Assault Committee has begun a
positive dialogue surrounding the issue on campus.
According to Namiko Kunimoto, AMS vice president and chair of the UBC safety commission, "the
posters have set off media awareness of safety on campus. Several reporters and students at large have requested copies of Dr Dawn Currie's report [on campus safety]."
By depicting men and their feelings on acquaintance sexual assault, the posters emphasize the fact that
date rape affects everyone.
"The most important thing the posters have done is
make a dent in the myth of stranger danger rape on
campus," Kunimoto said. "People are starting to realize the real danger is in acquaintance sexual assault."
Cheng Hen Lee, the AMS safety commissioner,
agrees. "We believe the best way to combat acquaintance sexual assault is through education, and we need
to target both men and women. It has to be a collective effort."
Dr. Currie's report indicated that the majority of
unwanted sexual experiences of women took place in
dating relationships.
The AMS and university will be holding "Your UBC
Forum on Campus Safety" on October 27th. Based on
the feedback she's received so far, Kunimoto expects
a good turn out.
October 20,1995
volume 77 Issue 13
Tti« ubyssey Is % founding member of Cartadlan University Press.
The Ubyssey Is published Tuesdays and Fridays by The Ubyssey
Publications Sodety at the university of British Columbia. Editorial
of ttie university administration or the Alma Mater Sodety.
Editorial Office: Room 241K, Student Union Building,
♦3138 SU8 Blvd., UBC V6T121
tel: (604) 822-2301   fax: (€04) 822-9279
Business Office: Room 245, Student Union Building
advertising: (604) 822-1654  business office: (604) 822-6681
Business Manager: Fernie Pereira
Advertising Manager James Rowan
Account Executive: Deserte Harrison
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Jeff Miles looked adoringly into the eyes of Monica
Strimbold. Tom King raised his eyebrow as Paula Bach
winked at Scott Waters. Andy Bonfield blew in Siobhan
Roantree's ear, prompting Wolf Depner and Daniel Box to
leave in disgust.
Sarah O Donnell, wealing a turdeneck sweater, watched
Janet Winters and Joe Clark playing footsies under the desk
as Wah-Kee Ting snouted a declaration for the world to hear.
Charlie Cho was in a dark room with Shelley Gornall,
and things were developing. Jim Rowley dropped by and
posed, "What's it all about, this sex thing?"
"I don't have enough information,'' declared Peter
Chattaway. Sharanjit Kaur fell silent, as Jenn Kuo and Joe
Mulier pondered the question. Matt Thompson dialed Edmonton, yearning for that long distance feeling, while
Federico Barahona grappled with the problem. Even Ben
Koh couldn't draw on bis experience to answer the question.
finally Christine Price stood up, took Scott Hayward by
the band, and led him off to bed.
Special Issue Coordinators: Paula Bach and Janet Winters
provided by Safer Campus Peer Educators
Acquaintance sexual assault is non-consensual sexual
behavior between adults who know each other. It includes intercourse, touching breasts and/or buttocks,
kissing or holding against a person's will.
Sexual assault may be imposed through verbal coercion, intimidation, physical restraint or threats. It does
not have to be violent or result in personal injury to
qualify as sexual assault
The Violence Against Women Survey (Statistics
Canada, 1993} of women in Canada found that 89 percent of sexual assault victims in BC were attacked by
someone they know. Although it is difficult to estimate
the number of UBC students who are sexually assaulted
each year (it is one ofthe most under-reported crimes),
this type of assault occurs more frequently among university-age students than any other group.
Alcohol and other drugs, misinterpreted signals, and
unjustified assumptions contribute to many of the assaults that happen on campus.
Many times victims don't seek help or tell anyone
about the assault, and therefore deal with the trauma
and psychological effects without any support. Acquaintance sexual assault remains largely hidden because few
people identify it as a crime punishable by law.
To raise awareness about safety in public and private
settings, the Safer Campus Peer Education Program, associated with the Women Students' Office, offers an interactive workshop that deals with issues relevant to acquaintance sexual assault. These include personal safety,
myths and survey findings about dating and relationships, and resources on and off campus.
The workshop is available to interested groups of men
and women students at UBC, and is led by students
trained to facilitate presentations associated with safety
and acquaintance sexual assault issues.
For more information about the issue of Acquaintance
Sexual Assau)iccabc4ittte^
shop, call us at 822-2415 or come and see us every Wednesday at the Speakeasy table in the SUB 11:30 to 1:30 pm.
Coming out of the campus closet
"Coming out of the
closet" and "coming out on
campus" are different
things. Why is there a need
to differentiate? Whether
you are gay, lesbian, bisexual-whatever term you
are comfortable with-you
can't deny the fact that your
sexual preferences are
yours alone and yours to
explore. But how would you feel about coming out
on campus?
"Coming out" is a different issue. It is about sexual
preferences, and how one
gets in touch with their
sexual agenda. On the other
hand, people have used this
phrase to make political
statements about their sexuality: coming out to
peers, families or society. Some decide to come out
in public.
However, one may have doubts about coming out
on campus since students basically build their life
around the campus. Some might argue that coming
out on campus is not such a good idea because of
the fear of doubtful responses from peers and professors; after all, UBC is a place to pursue an education and dreams and goals in life. But isn't it also
Important Phone Numbers
AIDS Vancouver
Help Line      687-2137
Office 681-2122
Pacific AIDS Resource Centre
AIDS Resource Center
Vancouver Lesbian Centre
by Daniel Box
true that the University is a place to learn, grow,
and challenge any endeavor one may choose to
pursue? Is sexuality? No. Fear of social
unacceptance does not or will not, in my opinion,
stop anyone from accepting the fact that they are
who they are and not some closet-conforming individual. But still, it is a matter of personal choice
whether to come out or not.
Perhaps because of the enormous student population of UBC, coming out on campus can be daunting. Especially with the majority of students falling
in the age range between 18-23, issues dealing with
sexuality can be quite
sensitive and might involve uneasiness and discomfort; however, issues
concerning sexuality,
whether they be heterosexual, homosexual or
bisexual are a simple
question of soul-searching.
And soul-searching is some:
thing the majority of people
are doing.
Nonetheless, "coming
out" and "coming out on
campus" are two completely different things and
should not be treated as a
Sexual assault Crisis Counselling
21 hrs. 25.5-634-1
Sexual assualt services VGII Lmergancy
21 hrs. 875-1995
Sexual assualt info line
Recorded 21 hrs. 822-9090
Women's Students Office
Mon to I'ri 9-4:30 822-2415
Crisis counselling and suicide prevention
Vancouver 24 hrs. 872-3311
Richmond 9am to mid. 279-7070
Surry 24 hrs. 951-8855
Student Health Services
Friday, October 20,1995
The Ubyssey 1£XQ\
Where they are
and what to do with them
by Janet Winters
Individuals have unique turn-ons. Erotically sensitive spots-the erogenous zones-vary from person to
person. Since the largest sexual organ is the brain,
sound, sight, taste and smell cues complement touch.
Verbal communication and an awareness of your
lover's responses are the key to knowing their erogenous zones.
Here is a list of many
of these zones:
1. Eyebrows-Some people
like to have their eyebrows gently stroked.
2. Teeth-Not the most common erogenous zone, but there
are people who get turned on
by having their teeth stroked.
Ben Kuo Graphic
Admissions Office
Western Business School
The University of Western Ontorio
London, Ontorio, Canada N6A 3K7
Tel: (519) 661-3212
Fox: (519) 661-3485
3. Mouth, especially the
lips—Lips can be kissed, caressed or blown on.
4. Tongue—Master your
kissing skills.
5. Ears-You may want to
gently blow cold air into them.
If your partner wants you to,
you can lick the inside of the
6. Earlobes-Lightly stroking your fingers or tongue on
this highly sensitive region
may be quite stimulating.
7. Neck-A favourite erogenous zone of many. Although,
many regions of the neck are
highly sensitive, the back of
the neck can be especially tender. This area should be
kissed, but avoid giving
8. Collar bone-Located at
the bottom of the neck, some
people like this region kissed,
licked or even bitten.
9. Back—Perhaps one of the
most underrated erogenous
10. Centre of lower back-An
area to be massaged and kissed.
11. Breasts-Many women and
men like this area caressed and
12. Nipples—Sensitive for
women and men, nipples can be
kissed, licked (in a swirling or
flicking motion), sucked or caressed with the fingers. You may
want to gendy stroke the nipples
while going down on your partner.
Presenting the
Great teaching, outstanding students, an
international outlook and rewarding
careers for graduates. That's what has
made Western Business School what it is
today: Canada's premier business
school. Let Western help you develop
the business leadership skills to think
globally, act strategically and
communicate effectively.
Please join us at our information session.
Date:     Wednesday, October 25
Tune:    5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Place:    Four Seasons Hotel
Shuswap Room
791 West Georgia Street
Or contort us, and we'll send yw a Western MBA Program bwchure.
13. Abdomen-Licking and
kissing this region may stimulate
your partner.
14. Palms of the hand-The
palms can be gently stroked
with your fingers or bottom
15. Fingertips-You can try
playing with each other's fingers. Your partner may even
get turned on by having his/
her fingers sucked.
16. Knuckles-Gentle stroking of the knuckles seems to
drive some people nuts.
17. Undersides of the
wrists-Gently stroking this
area with your index finger
can be especially arousing.
18. Clitoris-The epicentre
of sexual excitement for
women. Before licking, you
may want to softly touch this
area with your finger and blow
on it.
19. Labia minora-The inner lips around the vagina are
especially sensitive and can be
stimulated by touching, kissing, licking and blowing.
20. Labia majora-The
outer lip region of the vagina
is not as delicate as the labia
minora, but should be caressed first.
21. G-spot-Located at the
front of the vaginal wall behind the pubic bone, the sensitivity of this region varies
from woman to woman. A response from your partner is
probably necessary to locate
this spot. To stimulate, apply
gentle pressure to the top of
the vaginal wall in a steady,
rhythmic motion.
22. Vagina-Apply your finger, genitals, tongue or desired
object when the woman is
aroused with her natural lubrication.
23. Penis—The male equivalent of the clitoris. Aside from
sex, most men enjoy hand jobs
and blow jobs. Men differ in
the way they like fellatio performed. Some men like to
have the entire penis placed in
the mouth. Some like to be
sucked hard while others prefer a gentle back and forth motion with the lips; many men
fall between these two. You
may try swirling your tongue
around the penis or gently
stroking the back of the penis
while sucking the end.
24. Testes-The reproductive glands located in a sac
behind the penis. Some men
like to have them gently
rubbed; you could try this
while performing fellatio.
25. Area between genitals
and anus-This area can be
stimulated by caressing with
your fingers, lips or tongue.
26. Anus-This is an amazing erogenous zone for some
people, especially many men.
Aside from licking this area,
you may want to try fucking
your lover with your tongue.
27. Buttocks-Try squeezing
your lover's butt before and
during sex.
28. Groin-It may be a good
idea to kiss this area before going down on your lover.
29. Inner surface of
thighs-Wow! Most men and
women are extremely sensitive
here. Your hands, lips and
tongue all excite this region
and send an intense surge of
hormones throughout your
lover's body.
30. Knees-Rubbing knees
is a common method of flirting.
31. Soles ofthe feet-Some
people get incredibly turned
on by feet; hence the term
"foot fetishes." Some get incredibly turned on by playing
footsies. You may want to give
your partner a foot massage
and if you are very intimate
with vour partner, kiss their
32. Toes-Yes, some people
like to have their toes kissed.
Ben Kuo Graphic
<0^m^yuBCFim society
UBC Film Society
Check for our flyers
in SUB 247.
Friday and Saturday - SUB Auditorium
7:00 Congo
9:30 Jurassic Park
■■pal      ■
turn j
Silky    Lingerie.    Go   to
Victoria's Secret. Your lover may
become your complete and total
sex slave. Teddies and body-suits
are faves. French Maid or Black
Widow outfits are a bit dated, but
still fashionable. Thigh-high black
stockings are a total turn-on, as
Hot Showers. They really get
the juices flowing. They're even
better if you take one with your
male partner. Undress as he is
showering, sneak close to tbe
shower and pull the curtain away
abmpdy. Enjoy the sight
Peanut Butter. It can be put
on almost everything, mclucling
you and your partner. Spread it
on and indulge yourself. I would
recommend the Extra Smooth
variety. Crunchy is hard to get off
and too filling. Jam optional.
Lava Lamps* They give a
room a very boudoir-ish feel, giving you and your partner the
chance to play 19th century prostitute and rich, sexually repressed
Victorian gentleman. If you don't
'like'role playing, dance naked
around the lamp like cave-people
for an hour. Guaranteed to turn
your man into a sexual animal
with no remorse.
5km Jog/Run. Or any arty
physical excerise, for that matter.
Run or work out close together;
He will immediately pick up on
your heaving, sweaty breasts. If
both of you are on tbe. "ruttnets-
high," stop ranning, get off the
road and do it m the bushes. If
you're in a gym and it's not too
crowded, sneak into any washroom and do it there. Take a hot
shower and repeat
Hendrix tunes. "Foxy Lady"
and "Are you Experienced" are
songs guys love to fuck to. In general, almost any Hendrix song
arouses guys and turns them info
testosterone monsters.
A compilation by Waif I
For 24-Hour Movie Listinqs call 822-3697
The Ubyssey
Friday, October 20, 1995 ±£X
s that
^y y On ■
Body hair and piercing in
wrong places. Guys just
don't like overly hairy arm
pits, hairy legs and moustaches. Pierced breasts are ok,
I but pierced vaginas make
| guys wanna toss their cookies.
Cold water. Some of you
women out there may not
I know this, but cold water or
• any cold object near a man's
I equator does indeed cause
penis shrinkage. Have you
ever felt sexy when cold water got dumped on you?! I
didn't think so.
Bad teeth. Guys love nice
teeth. They also like oral sex,
but if the woman's mouth
looks like an orthodontist's
nightmare, we just don't
wanna put it in. On the other
hand, no front teeth at all
may be a benefit as it allows
for more suckage.
Yeast infections. Look, we
realize something like that
must be difficult to deal with,
but there's really no need to
iscuss or even make subtle
ints to it in the presence of
Any references to previous partners. If you still rave
pout how awesome your ex
fas in bed, why don't you
jtop nagging on your current
tartner and get your neurotic
|ss back to him. If he still
/ants you, that is. He prob-
Ibly dumped you for exactly
|he same reason.
Too much fucking make-
kp. When applied in modera-
ion, it can be very attractive.
put if a women piles it on with
spatula and her eye-lashes
half a foot long, she's just
>o fucking vain. That means
|rou, Loni Anderson.
[ner and Andy Bonfield
Tips for giving a woman an orgasm
and leaving her in complete ecstasy
by Janet Winters
A love-making session is truly not
complete unless both partners reach
orgasm. While some men are willing and able to satisfy their lover
every time, others don't know what
they're doing and even if they do,
are too busy focusing on their own
orgasm. This is a big mistake.
Giving a woman an orgasm produces large amounts of oxytocin
(otherwise known as "the love hormone") throughout her body. Although the orgasmic experience is
different for each woman, a
woman's orgasm usually rushes
throughout her whole body—hence
the spasms—and is not just focused
on the genital region.
Although it is contentious
whether or not vaginal and non-cli-
toral orgasms are even possible, direct stimulation to the clitoris with
your tongue is often the best way to
virtually guarantee your partner's
The clitoris, not the vagina, is the
female's equivalent to the male penis; the vagina complements the
penis during copulation. For intercourse to be pleasurable for the
woman, the walls of the vagina
should be well lubricated. During
sexual excitement, the woman produces her own lubrication. Giving
a woman an orgasm during fore-
play will make sex more pleasurable for both partners. Remember:
the wetter, the better.
Before heading for the clitoris,
passionately kiss her, caress her
gendy and locate her erogenous
zones by her response.
Don't be afraid to ask her
what she likes and don't
be in a rush to fuck her.
Most women love to
have their nipples licked
and sucked. After doing
this, you may want to kiss
her down a trail leading
to her inner thighs.
If you want to continue
being a tease, you may gently blow on her thighs and
her vagina. Lick her outer
lips (labia majora), then her
inner lips (labia minora).
Glide your tongue to the
top of the vagina and here
you will find the clitoris: a
small round structure
densely  packed  with
nerve endings and covered with a
clitoral hood. The rapturous journey begins.
Gently flick the woman's clitoris with your tongue. This is known
as cunnilingus, giving face, eating
her out or going down on her. The
preferred intensity of licking varies from woman to woman; some
like their clitoris caressed very gen-
When she's wetter, the sex is better!
Ben Kuo Graphic
tly while others prefer it harder. You
may wish to discuss this with your
lover. If not, you may want to start
off softly and tenderly stroke harder
as the woman progresses closer to
Allowing a woman to reach climax this way is arguably the most
pleasurable way for her to have an
orgasm. When the frenzied moment arrives, don't pull your
tongue away; keep it going.
There are also ways to make oral
sex more stimulating. Although
you may want to use various approaches, try opening up the lips
of the vagina with your fingers
while licking her clitoris.
Desserts may be a delectable addition. The cold sensation of
whipped cream contrasting with
the warmth of a tongue is likely to
send chills up the spine
of your lover.
Be sure to try different positions.
Face the opposite direction of your partner
and bend over her (like
the 69 position); this position has the potential
for multiple orgasms. Try
straddling her face or
coming in from behind
with your tongue.
Keep in mind, individual women have different preferences.
If you've heard "size
doesn't matter," it may
be due to the importance
of oral sex for many
What women find sexy
(and repulsive) in men
by Janet Winters & Paula Bach
Giving Face
Men who do not perform cunnilingus may be depriving their
lovers of extreme sexual pleasure.
For some women, nothing compares to the wet velvety sensation
of a man's tongue flicking the oh-
so-sensitive clitoris.
Yelling from the top of your
lungs during an orgasm could stay
with a woman for days. Unless
your parents are in the next room,
there may be no excuse to be a silent lover.
Taking care of yourself enhances the body's essence.
Although Davidoff's "Cool Water" may turn any woman on, a
man's natural scent is often
Your natural body odour depends partly on the quality of the
food you eat, the amount of water
you drink (we recommend eight
glasses per day) and your overall
state of health. Don't forget to
shower and apply deodorant.
Be meticuously clean with your
genital area. If you are about to do
the wild thing make sure you a
have a prelude with soap and water in and around your genital region.
Self Admiration
Many women think men who
love their own bodies are "sexy;
there's nothing like a great set of
pecs or a nice butt.
Sexy Underwear
While women do not agree on
whether boxers or briefs are sexier,
make sure you know what she prefers.
Being a good kisser is one of
the first steps to seducing a
woman. Try not to slobber oyer
her face like you've been drooling over her. You may wish to surrender your tongue to her. A helpful hint: Frisk breath mints work
Premature Ejaculation
Premature ejaculation and im-
potency are quite normal. If you
suffer continously from these
problems you may want you to
see a doctor. If you don't, your
partner could feel you are not concerned with meeting her needs.
On The Other Hand
Despite popular myth, women
do not usually enjoy lovers who
take five hours to come, especially
when she's already been to the
Risk Takers
Sexual inhibitions could lead to
a mundane sex life. Don't be
afraid to take a walk on the wild
side, to have sex in unusual places.
For example, a train, a neighbor's
back yard, a public park or use
your imagination. Some women
don't mind public displays of affection.
Thinking and talking about sex
may reflect your passion in the
bedroom. Having a knowledge of
a woman's anatomy is sure to improve your performance is bed.
Remember, variety is the spice
of life. Feathers, handcuffs, black
forest cake (smeared all over your
lover's body) or other toys may
revitalize any sex life. Humans are
fortunate enough to fit into several sexual positions; don't let
them go to waste.
Sights and Sounds
Try giving sexy gazes to your
lover while going down on her,
or speaking in a sexy tone of voice
while making love. Don't be afraid
to talk to your lover; for example
(and this is a big one) shout with
enthusiasm, "I'm gonna cum."
While the back is a large erogenous zone, massaging all the major muscle groups in the back
(delts, lats, rhombs, lumbars) will
relax and may turn your lover on—
your eagerness to please will show
her you really care. Don't be in a
rush to end the massage; she may
be so turned on, she'll end it for
Don't just roll over when you're
done. Most women love to be
cuddled affectionately before during, and after sex. This is likely to
increase the intensity of your love-
Sense of Humour
Being able to laugh with a
women establishes a connection
which leads to greater intimacy.
OurOnhert^^mmlh^boiMmi fresh, leasonabtf
'Buy any dinner entree and receive one of three|
I special tapas selection. Limit one coupon per customer,!
I per visit. Not valid with any other offer. Valid after 4 p.m.
| Expires December 3 /95. '
I 2620 Sasamat (at 10th Ave.)       222-2887
I Closed Monday • Open ti:3() am - 9pm Tues-Sim
Friday, October 20,1995
The Ubyssey Cyberotica on the 'Net
by Jeff Miles
As far as sex is concerned, the
1990s have thus far been a pretty
sketchy decade. Unwelcome
sexual maladies such as AIDS,
herpes, gonorrhea, coupled with
problems like pregnancy and
date rape, have caused many to
think twice before taking the big
It cannot be denied that the
human libido often craves action
of some sort. Luckily, there is a
safe alternative to sex which also
happens to be free (with a valid
student card): the internet. All
you need for a night of cyberotic
ecstasy is a computer, a modem
and a telephone line.
The Usenet Newsgroups are
a good place to start. There are
literally hundreds of sexually-
explicit groups, so this article will
merely provide a brief overview
of a select few, ranging from
mildly stimulating to utterly demented.
For those who are seeking a
mate, altsex.wanted is the place
to go. This newsgroup is sort of
like an uncensored personal ads
section where you can search for
the "cyberbabe" of your dreams.
Be warned, however, that just
because someone claims to be a
"gorgeous nympho" doesn't
guarantee that
they are not in
fact a 48-year-old
pedophile from
If you are
lucky enough to
find that special
someone in
then your next
stop will probably be
This group will
give you the opportunity to
share your first
sexual experience  with   the
YOU MAY WANT to check out alt.sex.masturbation on the Internet.
Super Sex: Up up and away!
by Paula Bach
Pray to Dionysus, god of
wine-soaked orgies. Your lineage
of past lives stretches back to the
Roman Empire, where you
lounge in steaming pools of
beautiful men and women, perfect statuesque bodies surrounding your own. Thick red wine
runs from the corners of your
mouth as you lick your lips and
sensualize every drop being
poured into you. As night slowly
envelops the candle-light, naked
bodies touch and raise you to
If a sexual experience like the
one described sounds enticing,
super sex may be something you
want to pursue. In order to reach
new heights in love-making two
people who share a chemistry for
sex must be able to recognize
themselves as sexual creatures.
They must know exactly the
mood that turns them on,
whether it be a Roman hot tub
scene, a candle-lit dinner or a
leather and hand-cuff arena.
Your partner should have that
mysterious quality that gives you
that sinking feeling in your loins,
a feeling that becomes unbearably frequent until it is fulfilled
by that person.
You and that other person,
your super-lover, will want to
establish trust by letting each
other know how much of a
sexual person you are. Under-
* Cut up pieces of paper used on one side and keep them in
a box by the phone.
Write out grocery lists on old envelopes.
Cover the address on old envelopes and use again.
j£]fc*   UBC Waste Reduction Program
JmSB       Tel: 822-3827 • reeycle@unix9.ube.ea
^^^^ October it Watte reduction Month
standing the common sexuality
you both possess will increase
your desire for each other.
Both lovers will have the ability to spend timeless occasions
engaged in sexual activities ranging from gazing into each others' eyes over candle light to
stumbling through the front door
tearing your clothes off to surrender your passions to each
You will feel a mutual energy
while making love unmatched
by anything you have ever experienced. Sharing this energy
will ultimately lead to further
sexual exhaltation where you
will feel your energies exchange.
This will again lead to further
enlightenment. For this to happen the lovers have to surrender
themselves to each other.
Giving yourself sexually to the
other person requires sexual
confidence. Trust is very important here. When you have
reached this elevation you will
undoubtedly experience a divine sexual rite so powerful you
will constantly want to reach it.
Lovers who have reached this
point have experienced super sex.
Can't get enough of this love stuff?
Come to The Ubyssey at SUB 241K
for your free double passes to
the October 25 preview screening of
Woody Allen's
starring Helena Bonham Carter, Mira
Sorvino, F. Murray Abraham, Peter
Weller and, of course, Woody Allen
Opens October 27 at the Park Theatre
Monday Night Football
10< an Oz.
Fiasco's • 2486 Bayswater
millions of other souls who have
access to the internet. What
could be more intimate?
For those lonely nights when
you feel inclined to embark on
a solo mission, it's always nice
to know there are others out
there who are feeling the same.
So check out
alt.sex.masturbation. This
newsgroup serves many important functions: erotic stories to
assist you with your task, different techniques and masturbatory
aids (i.e. which handcream is the
best lubricant, etc.), and, if you
are in the mood for a good
ol'fashioned circle-jerk, there are
a wide array of advertisements
for "jackoff clubs." When using
this group, be careful to aim
away from your keyboard.
Got a particular sexual fetish?
Well, you're not alone. There
happen to be several
newsgroups devoted to discuss
ing fetishes ranging from
alt.sex.fetish.feet to
alt.sex.fetish.robots. And if the
paranoid shrieking of post-industrial crooner Trent Reznor gets
your juices flowing, then check
out alt.sex.fetish.trent-reznor.
Finally, after excessive use of
every sexually charged
newsgroup, it might not hurt to
pay a visit to a group called
Recovering sex addicts support
one another in this forum, where
you can also learn the symptoms
of sex addiction.
So, if you happen to be in the
mood for some action, there's no
need to put on the leather pants
and head to the Roxy. Just start
a fire in the fireplace, dim the
lights, put some Lionel Ritchie
on the stereo and spend an intimate night with your home computer.
Toxic Sperm
by Tom King
Masturbation. There are
as many views on the topic
as there are colourful metaphors to describe the deed.
In the past; masturbation
was seen as a shameful act
which could lead to blindness, major irreparable psychological damage and the
total decay of western society. Others say jerking off"
is die ultimate form of self-
love, to be enjoyed whenever and wherever. It is
relatively pressure- free
and rarely results in fake
orgasms. Some even argue
"flying solo" is the way to
go in a sexual environment
terrorized by the fear of
contracting a Sexually
Transmitted Disease (STD).
Jocelyn Elders, former
tUS. General Surgeon, has
even suggested that high
school students be taught
proper masturbation techniques so as to maximize
pleasure without causing
any major physical harm.
Overall, it is fair to say
views on masturbation differ.
One thing is certain: the
vast majority of people
have done it I have done
it and odds are very good
that you, the reader, have
done it too. The reasons we
masturbate differ from person to person. We could be
lonely, isolated from our
significant other for a long
period of time, or just sexually tense when we decide
to join the "Players with
Yourself" club. Masturbation may also be used to
make actual intercourse
more pleasurable for both
A Mend once suggested
that prior to a big date I
"pull my wire" to avoid any
"premature" embarrassments. I have yet to under
stand the logic behind the
advice, but on one
occassion I took it Unfortunately, I never got to find
out whether or not it
worked, because I didn't
get laid that evening anyway.
While I do not know why
you masturbate, I do it primarily to relieve major
sexual frustration. Back in
Place Vanier, the term
"toxic sperm build-up" was
used to cloak such sexual
frustrations, so I guess you
could say masturbation is
a form of detox for me.
In general, I have very
little in common with John
Travolta's J^/fci^ character Vincent Vega, but
when it comes to mastur-
batidn, I can totally relate
to him. Vega knew that he
couldn't screw Uma
Thurman's character Mrs.
Wallace without inviting
the deadly wrath of his
boss, Mr. Wallace. So in his
opinion, the best thing to
do was politely finish the
offered drink, say good
night, go home and jerk oil
Just recendy a friend and
I were about to hit the
sheets. The electricity was
there on both sides, but we
never got around to doing
So in the end, I followed
Vincent Vega's advice-I
went home and jerked off.
That involved an old
Playboy magazine. I took a
lot of time, varied hand
speed, and even did it back
to back. Sure, beating off
did the trick and I felt less
sexually tense, but it wasnt
the real thing.
It was never and it never
will be the real thing no
matter how "hard" I try,
but masturbation is in an
erotic class all by itself.
The Ubyssey
Friday, October 20,1995 Like, a virgin, eh?
by Peter T. Chattaway
I recently overheard two people discussing a friend of theirs
who, one of them revealed, had
never been laid "Oh, that's sad,"
said the other person.
I didn't say anything at the
time. We, urn, "ontried" people
are quite aware that sex is a big
deal in our culture. It's a little
trickier to admit you're a virgin if you also happen to be a
guy, although it really shouldn't
be. But, believe it or not, there
are those of us in our mid-20s
who have never tasted the delights of the flesh, and a fair
number of us who don't particularly mind.
That's right, 1 don*t mind.
Chalk it up to a strong religious
upbringing. Chalk it up to my
social skills, which are about as
refined as those of a straight-
jacketed moose lumbering
through a black-tie party in a
china shop. Chalk it up to my
complete inability to submit
myself to the pointless social
rituals that surround dating and
the Eke. Chalk it up to a fear of
being exploited. Chalk it up to
a fear of exploiting. There are
any number of reasons why it
just ain't happened yet but I'm
not particularly bothered.
It certainly isn't for lack of
interest Believe me, I'm as
sexually inclined as the next
guy. But, Eke the nymphomaniac ex-nun in Hal Hartley's
Amateur, "I'm choosy,''
For one thing, I've never
been ^OTwnfy interested in sex
Fm much more interested in-
dare I say'it-a relationship.
And, needless to say, none has
surfaced yet A few years ago
this worried me; I kept scanning my female acquaintances
in some sort of eager panic, as
if I had some sort of deadline
to meet Now, though...well, I
could say Fm just too damn
busy, and that would probably
be true. But I also just don't see
the need to shoehorn certain
life experiences into my life. If a
relationship ever presents itself,
well, we'll see what happens.
But sex would be one of my
lesser concerns, at first anyway,
Most friends.tell me it's over
rated anyway-enjoyable, yes,
and sometimes achingly so,
but not the cornerstone of their
lives. (And having seen the
boring, loveless home video
produced by a certain exhibitionist friend of mine and the
girl with whom he was in a terribly shallow relationship, I
can't say I envy those couples
who put sex first.)
The reactions of various
friends to the discovery that I
am, so to speak, in mint condition, has been interesting. They
tend to range between blithe po-
liteness and genuine indifference, but occasionally a look of
worry comes across someone's
face, as though there were
something wrong with me.
One actually asked me how
I could review films about sex
(to say nothing of being
aUbyssey editor) without intense
personal knowledge ofthe subject Apart from the fact that
most films are not about sex so
much as they use sex to communicate something else, I
might point out that I have
never killed anyone, piloted a
starship or done any number
of other activities that are routinely portrayed in film.
Speaking of movies, I must
register my increased boredom with that whole rites-of-
passage cUche whereby many
a virginity has been lost from
Dragnet wad Clueless to Circle of
Friendsaad Live Bait If you see
a gun, you know it will be
fired; if a character is revealed
to be a virgin, you know they
won't be by the film's end. In
the case olReality Bites, the one
character who isn't getting laid
suddenly realizes that he's gay;
he then gets to be seen with a
boyfriend. In all cases, virginity represents a condition, and
often a repressive one, that
must be escaped. Nowhere is
it suggested that maybe, just
maybe, it's okay to do without
for now.
It's too bad so many people
see virginity as something to be
excised with due haste. At least
I don't have to wake up in the
morning regretting who I was
with the night before.
Wimbledon erotica: 40-love
by Pa
Paula Bach
ex is like tennis. What
ever age you learn, it's
helpful to know the
Some people explore the
game at an early age with
friends, but don't talk about it
because children are not supposed to play tennis in the
first place.
Parents should tell children
tennis is a perfectly natural
game, but requires developed
physical attributes and cognitive pathways. Until then, the
child should be encouraged to
ask questions to prepare for
their tennis debut.
Once you are physically and
mentally mature enough to be
playing tennis, go through the
following check list:
1) Make sure your racket is
properly protected.
2) Only play tennis if your
partner really wants to. It is
okay to say you are not ready
for your debut. The other person should respect you no
matter how much they want to
3) It is not a good idea to
play tennis if you have been
drinking. It makes it hard to
think properly and your body
may not function normally.
You may find life
changes after you hit
the first ball over the
net, retdrn the perfect backhand and rally all day long.
Should you chose to include tennis in your life, there
are a number of ways to have
a satisfying game. Start by
choosing the most appropriate partner.
If you need to warm up
first, someone who likes to go
straight onto the court without rallying may not be for
you-especially if you enjoy
rallying so much some days
you don't even need a game.
Style must be discussed before you set foot on the court,
but doesn't need to be officially determined until
you've actually played.
The second way to become
a pro is to practice by yourself. This allows you to develop skills without pressure.
The best tennis is played
when both partners have an
understanding of themselves,
each other and the game. For
full satisfaction, use other
equipment when your partner
is not there to help. An automatic serving machine could
help you with ball return.
A third way to make your
game more interesting is to play
doubles. Playing with more
people is always easier and
more fun, but is not for all partners. Make sure you think your
partner is the best for you before you participate in a doubles match in case the other
partner has superior form.
Some tennis players find
themselves more comfortable
with a partner of the same
gender. Since both partners
play the game for pleasure,
problems shouldn't arise from
this arrangement. After all it
doesn't matter who you play
with, as long as you enjoy
playing with that person.
What's love got to do with it?
by Monica Strimbold
Are the mysterious workings of love biological or cultural?
Until recently, the emotion
of love was viewed as a cultural phenomenon dating back
to the courtly poets of Europe
some 800 years ago. Scientific
research, however, has begun
to examine love's biological
Helen Fisher, anthropologist and author of The Anatomy
of Love, has suggested that the
father of evolutionary theory,
Charles Darwin, is at the heart
of it all. Darwin theorized that
romance served the useful
evolutionary purpose of drawing people into long term relationships well-suited to rearing children.
Science has also attributed
our love-struck sweaty palms
and feelings of intoxication to
biology. When you are attracted to someone, a flood of
amphetamine-like chemicals
rush into the blood and nervous system. These chemicals
act like drugs and initiate the
swooning emotions we associate with "falling in love."
The origins of love may
very well be written in the
evolutionary stone of science,
but regardless of our human
need to examine, explain and
categorize, to most love remains a mystery. Poets will
still write about it, musicians
will sing about it and the rest
of us will continue to search
for life's most potent emotion.
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Friday, October 20,1995
The Ubyssey Everything you wanted to know about your student gov't
•but were afraid to ask
The Ubyssey asked
illustrious members of
the Alma Mating Society
the question:
'What is
fantasy ?"
photos by Andy Bonfield
Pamela Taigle
AMS Programs Director
"If Elvis Costello was really
good looking and available I
would just do him in a second. But he's not."
Craig Bavis
AMS Arts Rep.
"Any male undergrad in the
poli sci department, the hot
tub in the aquatic centre after
midnight. Throw in a couple
of Long Island Iced Teas and,
Tara Ivanochko
AMS Dir. of Finance
"I have a sauna in my backyard and I love having sex in
it and rolling around in the
Am Johal
AMS Dir. of Admin.
"At a KISS concert on top of
a speaker with my KISS
boots on, with Nardwuar
The 1995 Ubyssey Corruption Test
1. Have you ever masturbated?
In front of someone else? (6)
Do you brag about it? (3)
2. Have you ever been drunk?
So drunk you couldn't remember what you did last
night? (4)
Woke up with a total
stranger? (5)
3. Have you ever smoked marijuana? (2)
Before having sex? (3)
And ended up having sex
with someone who grosses
you out? (5)
4. Have you ever played Truth
or Dare? (1)
Have you ever dared someone to do something kinky? (2)
Have you ever accepted
Did you enjoy it? (4)
5. Have you ever been sexually
attracted to a movie star
(Brad Pitt or Nicole Kidman)? (2)
A cartoon character (Betty
Rubble or Bugs Bunny)? (3)
A robot (e.g. C3PO or
6. Did you ever play with
Barbie and Ken dolls? (1)
Did they ever fuck? (3)
7. Have you ever had an enema? (2)
Have you ever given an enema? (3)
Did you enjoy it? (5)
8. Do you walk around your
home nude? (2)
With the curtains open? (5)
Have you ever answered the
door nude? (3)
When you didn't know who
was there? (5)
9. Have you ever called a
phone sex line? (3)
Did you meet that person? (5)
Did you have sex with that
person? (7)
10. Have you ever flashed a
stranger? (2)
Have you ever flashed a
crowd? (5)
Were you charged for it? (3)
11. Have you ever watched
people having sex (not on
TV), while they were unaware? (3)
While they were aware of it?
Did you join in? (7)
12. Have you ever urinated outside? (2)
On someone? (3)
13. Have you ever had a one-
night stand? (5)
More than once? (6)
Do you only have one-night
stands? (9)
14. Have you ever had sex in
public? (5)
Outside? (2)
And in the daylight? (3)
15. How old are you when you
first had sex (Choose one)?
I can't remember (10)
Under 17 (5)
18-21 (2)
22+ (0)
16. Have you had a breast enlargement/penis extension?
17. Have you ever called your
lover by the wrong name? (2)
During sex? (8)
18. Has anyone performed oral
sex on you? (2)
Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre
Friday, October 20,1995 • 12 noon - 9:00 p.m
Get all the information on law
schools at one convenient place and
time. Admissions professionals from
major Canadian Law Schools will be
in attendance to answer questions
and distribute application forms.
• Alberta • Calgary
• Dalhousie • McGill
• Osgoode Hall • Ottawa
Queen's • Saskatchewan
• Toronto • UBC • Victoria
• Western • Windsor
Wing Madness
>E    AC All You
^0 9 JT ^0 Can Eat
on Wednesdays
Live Entertainment
Fiasco's • 2486 Bayswater
Have you ever performed
oral sex? (3)
19. Have you ever swallowed
someone's cum? (7)
20. Have you ever had sex on a
musical instrument? (3)
With a music instrument? (7)
22. Have you ever shaved your
pubic hair? (2)
Completely off? (3)
23. Have you ever slept with a
co-worker? (2)
Your boss? (3)
At work? (10)
24. Have you ever engaged in
Sadomasochism? (7)
25. Do you know what a vibrator is? (1)
Have you ever used one on
yourself? (3)
Have you ever used one on
someone else? (6)
26. Have you ever watched a
porno movie/read a porno
magazine? (2)
Have you ever been featured
in one? (8)
27. Have you ever had a shower
or bath with someone (after
puberty)? (5)
28. Have you ever had sex in:
A moving vehicle (3)
A wheelbarrow (5)
A one-horse open sleigh (7)
29. Have you ever gone down
on someone while they were
driving? (5)
And caused an accident? (5)
30. Have you ever had sex with
more than one partner
(Choose all that apply)
in the same month? (1)
in the same week? (4)
in the same day? (8)
at the same time? (10)
31. Have you ever had sex with
a virgin? (5)
32. Have you ever used whipped
cream during sex? (5)
With a cherry on top? (3)
And sprinkles? (2)
33. Have you ever fallen asleep
or passed out during sex? (5)
Did your partner fail to notice? (5)
34. Have you ever been hurt
during sex? (2)
Drawn blood? (5)
Permanendy injured? (7)
Hospitalized? (10)
35. What is the greatest number
of multiple orgasms you have
had in one session (Choose
Two (2)
Three (3)
Still having it (10)
36. During sex, have you ever
broken the bed? (5)
a kitchen appliance? (7)
a washer on spin cycle? (8)
37. How much have you accepted for an "indecent proposal" (Choose one)?
free (10)
38. Have you ever trench kissed?
39.Have  you  ever been  to
Wreck Beach? (3)
Picked up anyone there? (2)
Had sex there? (5)
40. Have you ever slept with
someone's fiance? (3)
Your best friend's fiance? (4)
On their wedding day? (3)
41. Have you ever finger-fucked
someone? (4)
42. Have you ever put the following up someone's anus?
Your finger (3)
Your tongue(5)
45. Have you ever read The
Ubyssey's special Sexuality issue? (2)
Ever contributed to it? (5)
Did you enjoy it? (3)
0-50: You're purer than
driven snow.
51-150: Visit a few more
beer gardens.
151-300: So you've been
around the block a few times.
301-400: You're proud of
yourself, aren't you?
' 401+: You're the King or
Queen of corruption!
The Ubyssey
Friday, October 20, 1995


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