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UBC Reports Nov 25, 1981

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 November 25, 1981
Volume 27, Number 21
Kenny applauds feds, but issues warning
The federal government should be
applauded for not making any
precipitous changes in its support of
post-secondary education, UBC
President Douglas Kenny said in
commenting on the federal budget
brought down Nov. 12.
Dr. Kenny warned, however, that
federal proposals for the long range
pose serious challenges to all Canadian
universities because of the
government's announced intention of
directing payments toward manpower
He said universities must make sure
that their voices are heard by
politicians at both provincial and
federal levels, to divert governments
from their simplistic views of
"Universities are responsive to
societal needs," President Kenny said,
"but to earmark money for short-term
manpower training would be a
dangerous trend."
The UBC president, in a talk with
campus journalists, said Finance
Minister MacEachen's budget had
been interpreted incorrectly by many
reporters. Dr. Kenny said the
Established Programs Financing Act
was being extended without change for
one year, to March 31, 1983, and
there would be no decrease in federal
funding for the coming fiscal year.
"I am delighted by that, the federal
government should be applauded for
that," he said.
Asked- for comment on a statement
by provincial finance minister Hugh
Curtis that federal transfer payments
to health and education in B.C. would
be reduced by more than $90 million
during the next fiscal year, Dr. Kenny
said, "I can't understand what Mr.
Curtis is saying. He may have been
misled by the wire services too."
The Association of Universities and
Colleges of Canada (AUCC), the
Canadian Association of University
Moving forward. UBC's Museum of Anthropology became an exciting new play
area for this Indian toddler last Thursday, but the 24-hour occupation of the
museum was far more serious to the more than 300 older Indians who took part.
They were protesting the exclusion of aboriginal rights from constitutional
package. Native rights were reinstated this week, but B.C. Indians are not
satisfied with the wording.
Teachers (CAUT), the Confederation
of University Faculty Associations of
B.C., and the Canadian Federation of
Biological Societies have all issued
statements expressing similar views to
those held by Dr. Kenny.
Here are the key points of their
AUCC: "Overall, and for the short
term, we are relatively pleased with
the federal budget as it applies to the
immediate financial support of
Canadian universities. However, for.
the longer term, we are disturbed by
the persistent habit of the federal
government for viewing higher
education mainly in terms of
manpower training.
"The universities are fully cognizant
of their responsibilities in providing
highly qualified manpower to
Canadian society. But the process of so
doing is far more complex than simply
responding to immediately perceived
shortages in given industrial areas.
"The association applauds the
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AUCE turns down
interim wage hike
Monthly increases ranging from $15
to $100 have been turned down by the
Association of University and College
Employees (AUCE) Local 1.
A similar wage offer to the Office
and Technical Employees Union,
Local 15, was accepted.
Both unions had asked for wage re-
openers because their two-year
contracts that expire March 31, 1982,
called for only a 9.5 per cent increase
in the final year, considerably below
the rise in the cost of living.
The University offer was for the
period Oct. 1, 1981, to March 31,
1982 — gross increases of between $90
and $600 for each AUCE and OTEU
The largest increases were for the
top pay scales. Bob Grant, director of
Employee Relations, explained:
"Our surveys showed that whilst our
junior staff are well compensated
relative to similar positions elsewhere,
many of our more senior positions
have fallen behind. Faced with the
inability to obtain and retain qualified
candidates for many of our senior
positions, we saw in the requests for
wage re-openers an opportunity to
rectify a long-standing problem which
has faced the University in recognizing
the different levels of responsibilities
and accountabilities required of our
senior administrative and support
The University's proposal to AUCE,
in addition to the wage offer (phase I),
called for a review of job classifications
to take place by next March 31,
(phase II) with the revised standards to
be used for negotiating rates of pay in
the next contract (phase III).
It was the job evaluation part of the
proposal that led to AUCE's no' vote.
AUCE said in a news release issued
after the Nov. 5 rejection vote that
"the University's answers to our
questions as to the meaning and intent
of the proposal are unsatisfactory or
unclear" and "the University insists
that the three phases of its proposal
stand as a package, thus confusing the
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name omitted
But we inadvertently omitted the
name of Prof. John Dennison of the
Faculty of Education from the list of
members of the President's Advisory
Committee on Fiscal Retrenchment in
the issue of UBC Reports which
appeared on Nov. 12 The 13-member
committee is chaired by Prof. Michael
Shaw, UBC's vice-president, academic,
and provost.
Next 'Calendar'
listing covers
longer period
The Dec. 9 issue of UBC Reports
will be the last issue published in
1981, and we'll be listing all Calendar
events and notices for the period
between Dec. 13 and Jan. 9 in that
Deadline for submission of events to
UBC Calendar for the Dec. 9 issue will
be 4 p.m. on Dec. 3.
Calendar forms are available from
the Department of Information
Services, and we'd appreciate it if
you'd use them — it makes putting the
Calendar together a lot simpler. You
can pick them up at our office (Room
207, Old Administration Building), or
call us at 228-2064 and we'll send
them to you through campus mail.
Notices should be sent to: UBC
Calendar, Information Services, 6328
Memorial Rd. UBC Reports November 25, 1981
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decision of the federal government to
continue the level of its fiscal transfers
to the provinces in support of post-
secondary education. The proposal
that consultation with the provinces
take place over the next year with a
view to developing new federal-
provincial arrangements for the
financing of post-secondary education
is consistent with the views expressed
by the AUCC."
CAUT: "The Canadian Association
of University Teachers is pleased that
the minister of finance did not cut the
federal transfers under the Established
Programs Financing Act allocated for
post-secondary education.
"The federal government has
announced that it wishes negotiations
with the provinces this year. CAUT
believes that there is no excuse for any
provincial government to make cuts in
the university system while this process
is going on."
Confederation of University Faculty
Associations of B.C.:
"First reaction to Mr. MacEachen's
Nov. 12 budget suggests that federal
transfer payments for post-secondary
education and health will be cut.
B.C.'s Finance Minister Hugh Curtis is
quoted in The Province, Nov. 13, as
saying that health and higher
education programs in B.C. are going
to be short about $90 million next
year because of the federal budget.
This is emphatically not the case.
"The federal budget reduces
revenue guarantees. These guarantees
are for general funds: they are not
earmarked for any particular
program. The budget has not cut any
of the Established Programs Financing
transfers that have traditionally been
regarded as providing funds for post-
secondary education and health. Mr.
MacEachen said quite clearly in his
budget speech that he was not cutting
anything from the health and
education programs.
"Any cuts which are made to post-
secondary education or health in the
next fiscal year will, therefore, be the
full political responsibility of the
provincial government.
"In fact, in the fiscal year
1982-1983 British Columbia stands to
make a net gain of $37.1 million. The
federal government estimates that
B.C. will lose $108.8 million from the
reduction in the revenue guarantees.
The tax changes, however, will bring
an extra $144.9 million to the
province. There is therefore no excuse
in the federal budget for any
reduction in provincial funding to
post-secondary education."
Canadian Federation of Biological
"The federation is relieved that the
federal budget did not advocate cuts
in federal transfers of funds to the
provinces slated for the support of
post-secondary education under the
Established Programs Financing Act.
"The federation is, however,
concerned that by ending the revenue
guarantee programs, the federal
government may impose problems on
the general revenue positions of the
"We hope that both the provincial
and federal governments will keep
their word that the funds obtained
through revenue guarantee programs
are not part of the funds for post-
secondary education and health care."
Finally, here is a verbatim reprint
from government papers issued Nov.
12 as supplemental to the budget
speech, which carried the heading
'New Federal-Provincial Arrangements
for the Financing of Post-Secondary
Education and Human Resources
The Government of Canada
proposes that new federal-provincial
arrangements for the financing of
post-secondary education and human
resources development be devised, in
consultation with the provinces, for
incorporation in new federal
legislation by March 31, 1983.
The government is of the view that
existing federal-provincial
arrangements for the financing of
post-secondary education are not
consistent with the country's present or
future needs. Because of provincial
jurisdiction over education, these
transfers have in effect been
unconditional.  This was not an
important issue when the main priority
of both orders of government was the
expansion and improvement of a
national system of post-secondary
educational institutions to which all
Canadians would have access.
However, social and economic
circumstances have changed in recent
years. The institutional infrastructure
is now in place, and the growth in
student population has abated.
Canada's economic development
depends increasingly on our ability to
make the most effective use of our
human resources. This will require
better co-ordination of higher
education and related activities.
Federal support for human resources
development should accordingly be
reassessed. The issue is no longer
simply growth and program
expansion, but the focus and direction
required to restore and maintain the
vitality of Canada's economy.
Concerted and sustained efforts are
required to avoid university and
college graduates finding themselves
■ unemployed because of an over-supply
of their particular skills, while
industrial expansion is hampered by
shortages of other skilb. Although
regional concerns remain important,
long-term planning for the country as
a whole has become vital, and the
federal government has national
responsibilities in this regard which
cannot be ignored. Otherwise,
potential waste through duplication
and wasteful competition could
impede efforts to accelerate growth of
the Canadian economy.
Recognition of these emerging needs
led to the inclusion, in the Fiscal
Arrangements Act, of a provision for
federal-provincial policy discussions on
the future direction of post-secondary
education. Unfortunately, the
provinces have refused to engage in
such discussions in the past five years.
The government believes that new
federal-provincial arrangements for
the joint financing of post-secondary
education and human resources
development are urgently needed.
Accordingly, the Secretary of State
and the Minister of Employment and
Immigration will pursue consultations
with the provinces to develop new and
more effective federal-provincial
arrangements in these fields.  With cooperation and goodwill on both sides,
better programs can be jointly
developed and put in place. However,
should no satisfactory progress be
made by March 31, 1983, the
government could freeze future per
capita EPF cash transfers for post-
secondary education at the 1982-83
Renovated cafeteria
liked by customers
How do people like the new look in
the Student Union Building Cafeteria?
Food Services director Christine
Samson says she is getting a lot of
positive feedback from members of the
University community and visitors to
the campus.
The renovated cafeteria re-opened
on Sept. 8 for lunch only, and began
regular day and evening service on the
first day of classes (Sept. 14). Ms.
Samson says the renovations went
smoothly, without "the usual
nightmares that can accompany
setting up a facility of this size."
"We're able to offer more
personalized service now," she says.
"We've added more 'made to order'
sections like the sandwich bars and the
omelette and pasta sections."
Ms. Samson says she's pleased with
the results of the renovations, which
began last April. "It took a great team
effort on the part of the architect
Dave Mackey of Musson Cattell and
Partners, and the contractors Turnball
and Gale to get the cafeteria ready for
Sept. 8. The project was finished on
time and came in on budget — that's
really something for this day and age."
Ms. Samson does have one request
for customers using the facility.
"We've been experiencing a few
problems with people leaving.their
used dishes on the tables. With the
large turnover of patrons in the
cafeteria, tables can get very messy.
We'd really appreciate it if people
would use the tray racks provided."
Ms. Samson, director of Food
Services at UBC since 1977, feels that
the food facilities on campus should
provide an atmosphere for social
contact as well as a place to consume
our daily food and drink.
"One of my goals since joining the
department has been to improve the
physical surroundings of some of the
cafeterias on campus. I think food
facilities should offer a pleasant and
relaxing atmosphere where people can
meet and enjoy their lunch hours."
Ms. Samson says she's had a lot of
support from the University in
introducing new ideas, both in menus
and decor. "I've been lucky
throughout my career to work for
people who let me go ahead with
ideas. I think it's important to be
given the freedom to work to your
potential. I hope I show that same
consideration to members of my
Ms. Samson graduated from Acadia
University in Nova Scotia with a
degree in Home Economics, and did a
year-long internship as a dietician at
the University of Alberta Hospital, and
then joined the food services
department at that University.
Since then she has served as the
director of food services at the
University of Victoria, McGill
University and UBC.
Last year Ms. Samson was
appointed President Elect of the
University and College Food Services
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two issues of wages and review of job
Earlier, in response to an Oct. 23
letter expressing AUCE's concerns
about how the job standards review
would be handled, Mr. Grant said on
Oct. 29:
"We are quite prepared to meet
with you to discuss the proposals,
phase II and phase III. If your
committee wishes a meeting with the
University, please advise my secretary
who will set it up as soon as possible."
The union responded on Nov. 3.
There was no response to Mr. Grant's
offer of a meeting, but AUCE asked:
"Is the University prepared to separate
phase I from phases II and III, given
an agreement that revised job
standards would be the subject of
contract negotiations after Jan. 1,
To this, the University responded on
Nov. 4, stating that the offer stood as
a package. The University letter
"The University accepts the fact that
phases II and III would be
accomplished by agreement through
negotiations. Further, reviewing job
standards as soon as possible would
help negotiations for contract renewal
next year. Acceptance of the
University's package does not in any
way inhibit free collective bargaining,
nor does it commit the union to a
particular position in advance of those
"Since our offer is in direct response
to the union's concern over obsolete
standards ?nd because of the major
problems both parties are presently
experiencing with classification issues,
we can not understand your apparent
reluctance to respond positively to a
genuine effort on our part to meet the
needs of your members."
At the union meeting Nov. 5,
AUCE members defeated a motion
that the University offer be settled via
mail ballot, and then defeated a
motion calling for a secret ballot. The
rejection motion was then carried by a
show of hands. The motion read as
"That the membership of AUCE
Local One rejects the University's
three-phase proposal of 16 October
and instructs the contract committee
to undertake to negotiate, in
accordance with Article 31.01, revised
job standards which accurately reflect
the work actually performed by AUCE
Mr. Grant said he was puzzled by
the union reaction.
"They asked us on Aug. 12 for a
review of job standards, and they
asked for interim wage increases even
though their contract runs until next
"We offered wage increases that we
felt clearly would rectify anomalies,
and we offered to meet with them to
negotiate job standards. It was a
package deal, and they have said they
don't want it.
"However, they now have asked to
meet to discuss job standards, and we
are prepared to meet with the union
|    at any time. But with the rejection of
our package offer, there can be no
i    adjustment of wages until the next
contract has been negotiated." H 1*1 I B^qoo-Ji i Iflttrwamdoa- !£■{,*■, I I8f I ■
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[Jf-^iviiJat^inidna; rftlini,tTinjE.l. UBC Reports November 25, 1981
UBC Reports November 25, 1981
MONEY: Where the University gets it, and where the University spends it
President Douglas Kenny has now completed a series of meetings with each of UBC's 12 faculties to
discuss the University's financial difficulties and to answer questions by faculty members. The financial
information provided to faculty members at this series of meetings, together with additional explanatory
tables, is shown on these pages and on Page 6.
Sources of Revenue
Grant from Provincial government
Canada National Museums grant
Tuition Fees (excludes Centre for Continuing Education and
professional continuing education course fees totalling $3,436,000)
Other sources
♦The University's net operating budget of $180,614,000 for the 1981-82 fiscal year (April 1, 1981 to March 31, 1982)
represents an increase of 13 per cent over the 1980-81 net operating budget of $159,796,000.
N.B.    The 1981-82 operating budget total does not include grants for specific purposes designated by the provincial Ministry
of Universities. See Table 5.
000's of Dollars
'       1.57
000's of Dollars
Teaching and Board appointments                                                                   $93,466
Technical and office salaries                                                                                46,086
Provision tor salary increases
17,759 +
Faculties, Academic and Student Services:
General                                                                                                              $ 7,684
Library collections                                                                                               3,926
.   Computing services        .                                                                                     1.317
Student aid                                                                                                           1.991
Research committee grants                                                                                 1,000
8,81 '
Plant Maintenance and Administration
General                                                                                                              $     952
Utilities                                .                                                                                 4,971
Repairs and maintenance
and custodial supplies                                                                                         1,462
*UBC's total bill for salaries and fringe benefits ($139,552,000) is made up of two elements, as follows:
Subject to collective agreements under the
provincial Labour Code or otherwise
Not subject to collective agreements
$ 18,750,000**
**Includes stipends for teachers during the spring and summer sessions and for extrasessional duties as well as salaries for
sessional and academic assistants, president, deans and vice-presidents, administrative, executive, non-union technicians and
for office and executive secretaries and administrative and professional staff not covered by collective agreements.
+ This is the amount budgetted by the University in 1981-82 for salary increases and related fringe benefits foi
support staff.
faculty and
The estimated annual cost to the University of salary
increases and related fringe benefits for the 1981-82 fiscal year is .
. .$25,242,000
LESS budget provision for salary increases and related
fringe benefits in the 1981 -82 fiscal year (see Table 2)	
. . .17,759,000
. .$ 7,483.000
The table below outlines University
expenditures for the current year between faculties and other operating units. Figures given are 000's of dollars.
& Board
Supplies &
& Office
$     628
$    2,200
Budget           I
$    3,896
$    3,400
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
$ 1,068
$   496
Faculty of Applied Science
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Commerce & Business
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Forestry
.   2,580
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Health Sciences
. Faculty of Law
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Faculty of Science
Credit Course Programs
Academic Services
Student Services
Fellowships, Scholarships, Prizes
and Bursaries
Research Committee Grants
Plant Maintenance
General Expenses & Fringe Benefits
Provisions for:
Salary Increases & Promotions
Other Designated Purposes
Contribution to Ancillary Enterprises
% Distribution
14.49                       100.00
** Provision for Other Designated Purposes
includes President
"s Reserve for
Approved New Positions ($679,000), salary
increases 1980-81 for Teaching
*Cost Recoveries include revenue from
services to individuals and outside
Assistants and Dentistry faculty ($439,000),
President's Contingency Fund
organizations and sales of products. Examples include agricultural
[arm revenues.
($234,000) and Miscellaneous ($30,000).
theatre ticket sales, revenue from continuing
education courses and
dental clinic revenues, forestry timber sales, computer time charges
and recovery of
***Contribution for Ancillary Enterprises is
for maintenance
of Campus
steam and utility costs.
Community Health Centre.
Excluded from UBC's net operating budget oi $180,614,000 for the 1981-82 fiscal year are certain funds which are for
specific purposes designated by the provincial Ministry of Universities. Figures are given in 000's of dollars. .
1. For Specific Purposes Designated by Ministry
(a) Non-Metropolitan Programs (Credit and Non-Credit)
(b) Community Health Centres (Fairmont and Campus Units)
(c) Engineering Expansion
(d) Recon Library Project
(e) Medicine Cost Transfers
(f) Medical Expansion (Not Released)
(g) Industrial Education Teacher Training
2. For Major Equipment Acquisition
Total 1981-82 Cash Grant
*This project provides for the conversion of UBC's Library card catalogue to microfiche.
**This figure represents a transfer of funds from the provincial Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Universities for the
support of branch libraries and biomedical communications facilities at teaching hospitals.
***These funds, requested by the University to provide for expansion of enrolment in UBC's medical school, have not yet
been released by the provincial government.
. . . for Table 6, which
outlines the method used
to provide financing for
capital construction at
UBC. The capital funding
outlined in Table 6
cannot be used for general
operating purposes. ■ iib»i: lUqwiw i,*kwrfitoii' 22<. .tB«t i
Longtime OBC friend dies at: 81
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of UBC grad's book
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I3< UBC Reports November 25, 1981
Calendar Deadlines
Dec. 9 will be the last publication date for UBC
Calendar until Jan. 6, 1982. We will therefore
be listing all events between Dec. 13 and Jan. 9
in the Dec. 9 issue. Deadline for these events
will be Thursday, Dec. 3 at 4 p.m. Send notices
to Information Services, 6328 Memorial Rd.
(Old Administration Building.) For further
information, call 228-3131.
The Vancouver Institute.
Saturday, Nov. 28
Canada's Economy:
Prospect and Policy.
Prof. Thomas Shoyama,
University of Victoria.
Lecture Hall 2,
Woodward Instructional
Resources Centre.
8:15 p.m.
Cancer Research Seminar.
The Cloning and Structure of the Human
Dehydrofolate Reductase Gene. Dr. Mann-Jy
Chen, Hematology Division, National Institute
of Health, Bethesda, Md. Lecture Theatre, B.C.
Cancer Research Centre, 601 W. 10th Ave.
12 noon.
Science and Ethics Discussion Group.
An Ecologist Standing Up Among Seated Social
Scientists or Why Ecologists and Economists
Must Somehow Hear One Another. Room 304,
Hennings Building. 12:30 p.m.
Fine Arts and Classics Lecture.
Etruscan Tomb Architecture and the Early
Stages of Renaissance Archeology. Prof. John
Oleson, Classics, University of Victoria. Room
104, Lasserre Building. 12:30 p.m.
Linguistics Workshop.
Metrical Structure and Accentuation in Tiberian
Hebrew. Prof. Elan Dresher, Linguistics, UBC.
Room 365, Buchanan Building. 2:30 p.m.
Mechanical Engineering Seminar.
Robotics: An Overview. W. Cameron, Material
Handling Section, TRIUMF. Room 1215, Civil
and Mechanical Engineering Building.
3:30 p.m.
Applied Mathematics Seminar.
Modelling Nonlinear Waves of Spreading
Cortical Depression. Prof. Robert M. Miura,
Mathematics, UBC. Room 104, Mathematics
Building. 3:45 p.m.
Biochemical Discussion Group
Cultured Nb Rat Lymphoma Cells: Tool in
Peptide Hormone Research. Lecture Hall 4,
Woodward Instructional Resources Centre.
4:30 p.m.
Archeology Lecture.
Slaves, Mules, Water-Wheels and the Place of
Machinery in the Classical World. Prof. John
Oleson, Classics, University of Victoria. An
illustrated lecture sponsored by the
Archaeological Institute of America, Vancouver
Society. Lecture Theatre, Museum of
Anthropology. 8 p.m.
Faculty Women's Club.
Regular meeting and presentation of honorary
life memberships. There will be Christmas
music, and a Christmas lunch (cost is $2) will be
served from 12 to 1 p.m. For reservations, please
call 261-9007 or 224-3557 before Nov. 28. Cecil
Green Park. 10:30 a.m.
Asian Centre Presentation.
Presentation of three Asian (Japanese, Indian
and Chinese) legends by The Snake in the Grass
Moving Theatre. Gallery Theatre, Museum of
Anthropology. 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.
Botany Seminar.
Amazonian Hallucinogenic Plants: Botany,
Chemistry and Ethnopharmacology. D.
McKenna, UBC. Room 3219, Biological
Sciences Building. 12:30 p.m.
Forestry Seminar.
The Conflict Between Agriculture and Forestry
in B.C. Dr. Alan Chambers, Forestry and
Animal Resource Ecology, UBC. Room 166,
MacMillan Building. 12:30 p.m.
Asian Centre Film.
Glimpses of China. Asian Centre. 12:30 p.m
Chemistry Lecture.
Physical Mechanism of Intercalation Batteries.
Dr. Rudolph Haering, Physics, UBC. Room
126, Chemistry Building. 4:30 p.m.
Pharmacology Seminar.
Mechanism of Calmodulin Regulation of
Calcium Transport in Cardiac Muscle. Dr.
Sidney Katz, Pharmacology and Toxicology,
Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBC. Room 114,
Block C, Medical Sciences Building. 12 noon.
Wednesday Noon-Hour Concert.
Paul Douglas, baroque flute, and Alan
Rinehart, baroque guitar. Recital Hall, Music
Building. 12:30 p.m.
Anatomy Seminar.
Early Experience Stress and Coping: Behavioral
and Pituitary Adrenal Effects. Dr. J. Weinberg.
Room 37, Anatomy Building. 12:30 p.m.
Information Meeting.
Information meeting of the B.C. Legislative
Internship Program. Room 478, Buchanan
Building. 12:30 p.m.
Chemical Engineering Seminar.
An Analog Computer Simulation of Blood-to-
Lymph Transport. Room 206, Chemical
Engineering Building. 3:30 p.m.
Statistics Workshop.
Increasing Failure Rate and Growing Old. Dr.
Cindy Greenwood, Mathematics, UBC. Room
214, Geography Building. 3:30 p.m.
Geophysics Seminar.
The San Andreas Fault and Associated Geodetic
Deformation Near Cholame Valley, California.
Dr. W.F. Slawson, Geophysics and Astronomy,
UBC. Room 260, Geophysics and Astronomy
Building. 4 p.m.
Biophysics Seminar.
The Mechanism of Contraction in Skeletal
Muscle. Dr. B.H. Bressler, Anatomy, UBC.
Room 201, Hennings Building. 4 p.m.
Animal Resource Ecology Seminar.
Predator Diversity and Speculations on the
Function of Lateral Plates in Sticklebacks. Dr.
Tom E. Reimchen, Zoology, University of
Alberta, Queen Charlotte Islands campus.
Room 2449, Biological Sciences Building.
4:30 p.m.
Urban Land Economics Workshop.
Rental and Owner Housing Markets in an
Inflationary Environment. Prof. Craig Swan,
Economics, University of Minnesota. Penthouse,
Angus Building. 10 a.m.
Anthropology and Sociology
Archeological Investigations of Ethnicity. Sheila
Greaves and Martin Magne, Anthropology and
Sociology, UBC. Rooms 207-209, Anthropology
and Sociology Building. 12:30 p.m.
History Lecture.
The Confrontation of Cultures in Colonial
North America. Prof. Gary Nash, History,
University of California, L.A. Sponsored by the
Faculty of Arts Distinguished Visitors Program.
Room 100, Buchanan Building. 12:30 p.m.
Regional Mass Spectrometry
Discussion Group Seminar.
Analysis of Component Mixtures By
Chromatography — Mass Spectrometry Using
Quadropole and Magnetic Mass Spectrometers.
Dr. R.F. Bonner, Technical Marketing
Associates. Room 124, Chemistry Building.
1:30 p.m.
Asian Centre Lecture.
Natsume Soseki and his Teacher James
Murdoch: Their Opposite Views of the
Modernization of Japan. Room 604, Asian
Centre. 2:30 p.m.
Condensed Matter Seminar.
The Quantum Hall Effect: Conduction in 0,
1/2, 1, 3/2, 2 or 3 Dimensions. Richard Prange,
University of Maryland. Room 318, Hennings
Building. 2:30 p.m.
Chemistry Seminar.
Structure of Palytoxin. Dr. Richard Moore,
Chemistry, University of Hawaii. Room 225,
Chemistry Building. 2:30 p.m.
Faculty of Medicine Special
DNA Sequence and the Structure and Control
of Genes. Dr. Michael Smith, Biochemistry,
UBC. Lecture Hall 5, Woodward Instructional
Resources Centre. 4 p.m.
Physics Colloquium.
The Space Gyroscope. Prof. C.W.F. Everitt,
Physics, Stanford University. Room 201,
Hennings Building. 4 p.m
Immunology Seminar.
Opsonic and Non-Opsonic Recognition of
Staphylococci by Human Phagocytic Cells.
Room 200, Wesbrook Building. 4 p.m.
SUB Films.
9 to }. Continues on Friday, Dec. 4 and
Saturday, Dec. 5 at 7 and 9:30 p.m., and at 7
p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 6. Auditorium, Student
Union Building. 7 p.m.
Friends of the Geological Museum.
The public is welcome to come to this informal
meeting of the Friends of the Geological
Museum. Dr. Lee C. Pigage will present a
program on the summer activities and
experiences of an exploration geologist, and
mineral and fossil specimens will be for sale. For
information, call Joe Nagel at 228-5586.
Museum, Geological Sciences Building.
7:45 p.m.
Faculty Recital.
Martin Hackleman, french horn, with Robin
Chow, piano. Recital Hall, Music Building.
8 p.m.
History Lecture.
The New Social History and the Problem of
Lower Class Mentalite. Prof. Gary Nash,
History, University of California, L.A.
Sponsored by the Faculty of Arts Distinguished
Visitors Program. Penthouse, Buchanan
Building. 9:30 a.m.
UBC Wind Symphony.
Music of Vaughan Williams, Grainger, Hoist
and Walton. Martin Berinbaum, director. Old
Auditorium. 12:30 p.m.
Medical Genetics Seminar.
Hamartoblast - What?? Dr. J.G. Hall. Fourth
Floor Conference Room, Health Centre for
Children, VGH. 1 p.m.
Linguistics Colloquium.
Get-Passives in the Extended Standard Theory.
Richard DeArmond, Languages, Literature and
Linguistics, SFU. Room 2230, Buchanan
Building. 3:30 p.m.
Geological Sciences Lecture.
Geothermal Energy from Sedimentary Basins.
Prof. Laurance Vigrass, director, Energy
Research, University of Regina. Room 330A,
Geological Sciences Building. 3:30 p.m.
Covering Corporations: Opening
Boardroom Doors.
Seminar and Panel Discussion. Cost is $15. For
registration information, call the Centre for
Continuing Education at 228-2181. Angus
Building. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
UBC Wind Symphony.
Music of Vaughan Williams, Grainger, Hoist
and Walton, directed by Martin Berinbaum.
Old Auditorium. 7:30 p.m.
Cancer Research Seminar.
Mutagens, Carcinogens, and Anti-Carcinogens
in Food. Dr. Miriam Rosin, Environmental
Carcinogenesis Unit, B.C. Cancer Research
Centre. Lecture Theatre, B.C. Cancer Research
Centre, 601 W. 10th Ave. 12 noon.
Science and Ethics Discussion Group.
Are the Products of Science and Technology
Ethically Neutral? Room 304, Hennings
Building. 12:30 p.m.
Linguistics Workshop.
Metrical Structure and Accentuation in Tiberian
Hebrew. Prof. Elan Dresher, Linguistics, UBC.
Room 365, Buchanan Building. 2:30 p.m.
Continued on page 8
If you get the feeling you're being watched when you enter the foyer of the Asian Centre these days, it could be because of
the collection of Asian kites mounted from the ceiling of the building. The display continues until Nov. 30. The Asian
Centre is open from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Thursday; 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on
Saturday; and is closed Sundays. UBC Reports November 25, 1981
continued from page 7
Monday, Dec. 7 continued
Mechanical Engineering Seminar.
Consulting Experience in the Environmental
Engineering Field. Dr. T. Jandali,
Environmental Science Ltd. Room 1215, Civil
and Mechanical Engineering Building.
3:30 p.m.
Applied Mathematics Seminar.
The Last Spruce Budworm Lecture. Dr. Don
Ludwig, Mathematics and Animal Resource
Ecology, UBC. Room 104, Mathematics
Building. 3:45 p.m.
Astronomy Seminar.
A CO Survey of the Southern Galactic Plane.
Dr. W.H. McCutcheon, Physics, U3C. Room
318, Hennings Building. 4 p.m.
Forestry Seminar.
The Interim Potential of Biomass as a Chemical
Feedstock. Dr. Les Paszner, Forestry, UBC.
Room 166, MacMillan Building. 12:30 p.m.
Asian Centre Films.
China Mission: The Chester Ronning Story and
People Between. Asian Centre. 12:30 p.m.
Chemistry Seminar.
Ring Current Effects of TfClouds. Synthesis of
Unusual Hydrocarbons. Dr. Reg Mitchell,
Chemistry, University of Victoria. Room 126,
Chemistry Building. 4:30 p.m.
Social Work Colloquium.
Children's Hearings in Scotland — The First
Ten Years. John Waterhouse, Social
Administration, University of Edinburgh.
Lecture Hall A, Graham House. Cecil Green
Park Rd. 7:30 p.m.
Pharmacology Seminar.
The Role of the Vascular Laboratory in
Diagnosis. Dr. P.D. Fry, UBC. Room 114, Block
C, Medical Sciences Building. 12 noon.
Statistics Workshop.
Detecting the Effect of Increasing Carbon
Dioxide on Climate and Plant Growth. Prof.
Charles Cooper, Biology, San Diego State
University. Room 214, Geography Building.
3:30 p.m.
Biophysics Seminar.
Immune System Network Theory. Prof. G.W.
Hoffmann, Physics and Microbiology, UBC.
Room 201, Hennings Building. 4 p.m.
Medical Grand Rounds.
Donald G. Bates will give the address. Prof.
Thomas Cotton will speak on the Medical
Consequences of Nuclear War. Ground Floor
Lecture Hall, Acute Care Unit, UBC.
12 noon.
University Choral Union with the
UBC Symphony Orchestra.
Ein Deutsches Requiem by Brahms, directed by
James Fankhauser. Old Auditorium. 12:30 p.m.
Anthropology and Sociology
Ethnicity and Interpersonal Relations:
Experimental and Applied Research. Martha
Foschi and Merry Wood, Anthropology and
Sociology, UBC. Rooms 207-209, Anthropology
and Sociology Building. 12:30 p.m.
Physics Colloquium.
Galaxies, Quasars, and Gravitational Lenses.
Prof. Robert C. Roeder, Physical Sciences
Division, Scarborough College, University of
Toronto. Room 201, Hennings Building. 4 p.m.
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Dr. Donald Bates. The public is welcome. B
Lecture Hall, VGH. 8 p.m.
Medical Genetics Seminar.
Vancouver/Seattle Exchange. No Rounds.
UBC Public Affairs.
Implications of the Federal Cutbacks in Health
and Welfare Programs. Dr. Richard Splane,
Social WoiMt, UBC, with host Gerald Savory,
UBC Centre for Continuing Education. Program
will be repeated on Dec. 18 at 7:30 p.m.
Channel 10, Vancouver Cablevision. 7:30 p.m.
University Choral Union with the
UBC Symphony Orchestra.
Ein Deutsches Requiem by Brahms, directed by
James Fankhauser. Old Auditorium. 8 p.m.
Notices.. .
Food Service Hours
Hours for food service facilities on campus
during the Christmas season are as follows:
Buchanan Snack Bar, Education Snack Bar and
Ponderosa Snack Bar close Dec. 11; Auditorium
Snack Bar closes Dec. 18: Barn Coffee Shop,
I.R.C. Snack Bar close Dec. 22  - all facilities
re-open Jan. 4. The Bus Stop Coffee Shop closes
Dec. 22 and re-opens on Dec. 29.
Co-operative Education Programs
The Co-operative Education Programs in
Engineering and Forestry are accepting
applications from all interested students in
Science I and transfer Ap.Sc.I and FRST I until
Dec. 15. For more information, call 228-3022 or
drop by Room 213 of Brock Hall.
AMS Gallery
The AMS Gallery, located in the Student Union
Building, is presenting an exhibition of works by
Don Chin, Ray Lorenz and Vivian Meyer,
entitled In Search of Piktor's Metamorphosis.
The exhibit runs until Dec. 4. Gallery hours are
from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.
For more information, call V. Meyers at
Nitobe Garden Hours
From Nov. 9 to Feb. 28 the garden will be open
from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays and will be
closed weekends.
Asian Centre Exhibit
An exhibition of Asian kites will be on display at
the Asian Centre from Nov. 16 to 30.
Museum of Anthropology
Exhibitions: The Legacy: Continuing Traditions
of Canadian Northwest Coast Indian Art, Nov.
25, 1981 to Aug. 31, 1982; West Coast
Graphics: Images of Change and Kwagiutl
Graphics: Tradition in a New Medium, through
until Dec. 31.
Guided Gallery Walks: gallery guides will
introduce museum galleries to visitors. 2:30 p.m.
on Thursdays.
Free Identification and Conservation Clinic:
Nov. 24 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Snake in the Grass Moving Theatre: Clowns
Garbanzo and Koko perform Sundays at 2 p.m.
until Dec. 6.
The Cedar Tree: Uses of the Cedar tree
demonstrated Sundays from 1 to 3 p.m. in the
museum theatre.
Museum hours are noon to 9 p.m. on Tuesdays,
noon to 5 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays,
and the museum is closed Mondays.
For information on museum activities, please
call 228-5087.
100.1 on cable fm
Wednesday, Nov. 25
3 p.m.    Still Ain't Satisfied   Linda Reid
produces this show which looks into
contemporary women's issues.
Thursday, Nov. 26
3 p.m.    Cross Currents. A look at consumer
and environmental issues.
5 p.m.     Thunderbird Sports Report. A look at
the upcoming T-Bird basketball teams.
Friday, Nov. 27
3 p.m.     Dateline International. Trends in
Japanese business. Produced by Rob Simms;
written by Dan Tidball.
Saturday, Nov. 28
3 p.m.     Behind Four Walls. A look at the
rental housing market in Vancouver with an
emphasis on student issues. Produced by Ian
4:30 p.m.    Making Waves. Paul Kaihla talks to
Barbara Frumm and Peter C. Newman about
the media in Canada.
Sunday, Nov. 29
4:30 p.m.     Laughing Matters. Jerry Eberts and
Joe March take a lighter look at war. Features
Bob Newhart, Jonathan Winters, W.C. Fields,
and Eddie Cantor.
Monday, Nov. 30
3 p.m.     Melting Pot. Joe March talks to UBC
Poultry Science Department head Dr. Darrell
Bragg about egg cholestorol and the fallacies
associated with it.
7 p.m.     Off Beet. A comic roundup of the
week's off-beat news.
Tuesday, Dec. 1
3 p.m.    Gay Issues. Produced by the Gay
People of UBC.
5 p.m.     Thunderbird Sports Report   A look at
intercollegiate and intramural sport at UBC.
9 p.m.    Airstage. Radio drama written by
students of UBC's Creative Writing department.
Produced by Joe March and the CITR players.
Wednesday, Dec. 2
3 p.m.    Still Ain't Satisfied. A look at law
careers for women.
Thursday, Dec. 3
3 p.m.    Cross Currents. A look at the consumer
and environmental issues.
5 p.m.     Thunderbird Sports Report. A look at
intercollegiate and intramural sport at UBC.
Friday, Dec. 4
3 p.m. Dateline International. International
affairs in focus.
Saturday, Dec. 5
3 p.m.    Behind Four Walls. A look at housing
as it affects the UBC student.
Sunday, Dec. 6
2:30 p.m.     Laughing Matters. A documentary
series looking at the history of recorded comedy.
Monday, Dec. 7
3 p.m.     The Melting Pot. Harry Hertscheg talks
to UBC Geography graduate student Tony
Charles about his research into B.C. fisheries.
4:30 p.m.    Making Waves. Issues of concern to
the UBC community.
7 p.m.     Off Beet. A comic roundup of the
week's off-beat news.
Tuesday, Dec. 8
3 p.m.    Gay Issues. Produced by the Gay
People of UBC.
5 p.m.     Thunderbird Sports Report. A look at
intercollegiate and intramural sport at UBC.
9 p.m.    Airstage. Radio drama produced by Joe
March and the CITR players. Written by
students of UBC's Creative Writing department.
Wednesday, Dec. 9
3 p.m.    Still Ain't Satisfied. Christmas Blues for
single parents.
Thursday, Dec. 10
3 p.m.    Cross Currents. Consumer and
environmental issues in focus.
5 p.m.     Thunderbird Sports Report. A look at
intercollegiate and intramural sport at UBC.
Friday, Dec. 11
3 p.m. Dateline International. International
Affairs are the focus of this show produced by
Dan Tidball.
Saturday, Dec. 12
3 p.m. Behind Four Walls. Housing and the
UBC student.
Sunday, Dec. 13
2:30 p.m.    Laughing Matters. A documentary
series looking at the history of recorded comedy.
Monday, Dec. 14
3 p.m.     The Melting Pot. Mike Mines talks to
UBC professor of Sports Medicine Dr. Doug
Clements about the joys of jogging.
4:30 p.m.     Making Waves. Issues of concern to
the UBC community.
7 p.m.    Off Beet. A comic roundup of the
week's off-beat news.
Tuesday, Dec. 15
3 p.m.     Gay Issues. Produced by the Gay
People of UBC.
5 p.m.     Thunderbird Sports Report. A look at
intercollegiate and intramural sports at UBC.
9 p.m.    Airstage. Radio drama produced by Joe
March and the CITR players. Written by
students of UBC's Creative Writing department.
The following student awards were
approved by the UBC Senate at its last
meeting. In certain instances, the
initial award will not be available in
the current academic year.
Borch Scholarship in Theatre — A
scholarship in the amount of $800 has
been made available by Mr. Gerald
Borch, B.A. 1969. The award will be
made to a student entering the final
undergraduate year in the Department
of Theatre, and demonstrating
professional potential. The award will
be made on the recommendation of
the department.
Intramural Administrator Award —
An award consisting of a prize in the
amount of $150 and a plaque has
been made available by George
Mapson to recognize outstanding
contributions to the administrative
support of the Intramural program.
The recipient will be recommended by
the Director of the Intramural-
Recreational Sports Program.
Intramural Unit Manager Award —
An award consisting of a prize in the
amount of $150 and a plaque has
been made available by George
Mapson to recognize the outstanding
Unit Manager in each of the men's
and women's Intramural programs.
The recipients will be selected by the
Director of the Intramural-
Recreational Sports Program in
consultation with the respective Unit
I. P. Sharp Associates Limited
Scholarship — A scholarship of $1,000
is offered annually to a student
completing second year with a
demonstrated interest in Computer
Science and high standing in Science
courses. The award will be made on
the recommendation of the
Department of Computer Science. The
winner will receive an offer of
employment from LP. Sharp
Associates Limited for the summer
following completion of the student's
third year. (Available 1982/83.)
UBC Reports U published every second
Wednesday by Information Services.
UBC, 6328 Memorial Road,
Vancouver, B.C.. V6T 1W5.
Telephone 228 3131. Al Hunter,
editor. Lorie Chortyk, calendar editor.
Jim Banham, contributing editor.
Post Canada
Postage patd   Port pave
Third   Troisieme
class   classe
Vancouver, B.C.


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