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UBC Library Bulletin Sep 30, 1986

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 ubc (ibrary buffetin
No. 196 September 1986
Although It is easy to think of all kinds of behaviour unacceptable
in a library, the UBC Library policy on unacceptable behaviour is
aimed particularly at eating and talking.  The Library has
tackled the problems of food and noise in Sedgewick; of food in
Main and other libraries as needed, by hiring monitors to patrol
the libraries.  The five monitors, mostly graduate students, are
working primarily in Sedgewick at the moment and using the first
few weeks to educate students: food in Sedgewick is no longer
acceptable; noise of any kind disturbs other students and cannot
be tolerated.
Structural changes in Sedgewick may help.  Doors have been
installed in front of the turnstiles on the main level to divide
the foyer where socializing and eating is allowed from the
library proper.
It appears that most students using Sedgewick are there to study;
the monitors have generally been politely received.  The whole of
Sedgewick is much quieter.  Eating is still done on the sly;
monitors leap from behind bookstacks to admonish tactfully the
sneaky masticators:
"Do you know that eating is not allowed in the library?".
Inaudible reply.
"Why are you doing it then?"
The problem of food in the library may be difficult to control.
In good weather, it is easy to find a place to eat on campus.
Come winter rains, there is a shortage of lunch spots, especially
for bag lunchers.  Compound that with the fact that we've become
a society of grazers, snacking our way through all our daily
activities, and the monitors' warnings may not be powerful
enough.  The official library policy gives them the power to ask
repeat offenders to leave the library and confiscate their library
cards.  Disciplinary action by the University is the final resort.
Why is the library doing this? Noise in Sedgewick has always
been a problem, partly because of its open spaces and pleasant
architecture.  It has a good collection and some of the best
study space on campus and it's a shame that it has a reputation
as the library for socializers. The monitors may change this.
Eating and libraries is an unfortunate combination because the
debris attracts vermin - silverfish for example - and it's an
eyesore. But even if people cleaned up after themselves, there
are the crumbs and spills that ruin the books.  We can't afford to
replace them; the users have to look after them.  We need to
educate our users about the risk that food is to the library
collection; the monitors are an important part of the campaign. PUBLIC CATALOGUES TASK GROUP
Committee restructuring has created the Public Catalogues Task
Group, which will continue the work of the Microcatalogues Task
Group and take on new responsibilities for the online public
systems (LDMS). We'll report more on its terms-of reference next
month (yet to be formally approved); in the meantime, we wanted
to give you a list of members of the new group, each of whom
represents different jurisdictions in the library. Note the name
of your representative; call him or her with questions, comments,
problems about fiche or online access.
Nadine Baldwin: Serials
Lee Ann Bryant: Main Circulation, Interlibrary Loans, Gov
Pubs, I&O
Diana Cooper: Crane, Fine Arts, Maps, Music, Special
Elsie de Bruijn: Hospital Libraries, Woodward
Don Dennis, Bill Ng, Brian Owen: Systems
Jenny Forbes: Collections, Gifts and Exchanges
Howard Hurt: Curriculum Laboratory, MacMillan
Linda Joe: Asian Studies, Extension, Sedgewick, Wilson
Recordings Collection
Dorothy Martin: Data Library, Humanities & Social Sciences
Reference, Science Reference
Nick Omelusik, Patrick Willoughby: Catalogue Products
Tom Shorthouse: Law, Social Work
Ann Turner: Catalogue Records
Please contact your rep as needed. Reps will canvass opinions if
and when significant changes are proposed.
On October 1, Systems is changing procedures so that Library
terminals will behave more consistently, regardless of whether
they are Network or minicomputer terminals. Some functions,
like line re-entry, which work only through the Network, will
still not be available through minicomputer terminals.
Signon procedures for minicomputer terminals will be similar to
those for the Network terminals.  From October 1 then, regardless
of which terminal you use, the message waiting will be:
Where do you wish to call?
You reply with LDMS, LCALL, or LIBM. You will then be asked for
your id and password.  You can specify a particular task after
your id.  If you don't, LIBM and LCALL will prompt you; LDMS (the
public inquiry system) will offer you the usual menu.
Making the terminals more consistent means changing some of the
function and special terminal keys. The Systems Division
Technical Note T-16 has details (ask your division head for a
copy).  Systems will also provide training Tuesday afternoon,
September 30.  Phone 6275 to book a division representative. JO-
Planning is well underway to establish a UBC Friends of the
Library group, similar to ones that exist for other libraries in
North America.  Typically, such a group has a membership drawn
from the library's community, and exists to demonstrate the value
of the library to the community and highlight the library's needs
to the community.  Thus members help the library with public
relations and special projects, and may sponsor in the community
cultural and social activities related to the library.
The Senate Library Committee has had preliminary discussions and
the stage is set to establish a steering committee for the
initial membership campaign.  The involvement of library staff is
important to the success of this committee.  Library staff who
are interested in the Friends group should call Heather Keate (2396)
The September Serial List is smaller, as reading Room serials are
no longer listed. A separate Reading Rooms Serial List has been
produced and a copy sent to all locations. This List will be
produced periodically if there is a need for it.
This separation is further acknowledgement that we know very
little about the serials acquired and kept in reading rooms. The
titles on this list are the ones that our Serials Division has
checked in or checks in now. We don't know what the reading
rooms does with the issues afterwards, nor do we know about other
titles they may acquire. The same thing applies to the online
Serials Inquiry file.
Some money has been allocated to the Library for new equipment,
part to be used for improving terminal facilities. There are
funds for upgrading some Mini-ports to UBC Net ports (which
improves response time) and for adding 8-10 new terminals. Heads
of divisions are currently jockeying to demonstrate a need;
victors will be declared later.
To accommodate these new users, the memory on the library
computer will be upgraded, so the response time will be
unaffected. An important spinoff of these improvements is that
a few more users will be given access to the catalogue database.
Donna Hedges, who has been editing this Bulletin since September
1985, has completed her temporary appointment in Information and
Orientation. Thanks Donna, for some fine investigative
reporting. At the moment, she's enjoying her first holiday in
five years.
Jocelyn Foster (2076) is back after two years and will pry,
solicit, and manufacture information to fill these pink pages
once a month or so. All submissions gratefully received. ONLINE DISCUSSION GROUP
An informal discussion group has risen from the ashes of the OPAC
Working Group and will meet the first Thursday of every month at
lunch-hour (11:30 - 1) in Sedgewick Library.  Staff interested in
online developments here in the library please mark on your calendar:
October 9, 11:30am, Sedgewick Library
when Lynn Copeland and Brian Owen will report on an online library
systems conference which they attended in September.  Hear all about
the latest developments and ideas for online library systems.  Bring
your lunch.
The Fall microcatalogue arrived at the end of August, larger and
more wonderful than ever. It contains over half a million       _   hews  >-
records on over a thousand fiche. I&O staff and Main Circ       ' u>    .ou" ,
turnstile attendants learned of its size intimately, unfiling and o*'1*' catalog '.
filing over 40,000 fiche for the 18 microcatalogues in the
Concourse and Stacks.
TAKE BACK THE NIGHT fo\ __ _,__ _--«-_.
_ho i^as *«<
Because of staff shortages, Traffic and Security are no longer
running the evening shuttle bus from outside the Main Library to
B Lot and the residences. Direct complaints (preferably in
writing) to Mr. Hutchinson, Director of Traffic and Security.
The Library School is marking its 25th anniversary with a
celebration on November 1. There will be a reception and banquet
to honour two retiring members of the Faculty, Margaret Burke and
Samuel Rothstein.
The occasion will inaugurate the "Samuel Rothstein Distinguished
Lecture Series," named in honour of Samuel Rothstein, founding
director of the Library School. The speaker will be Professor
Edward 6. Holley, Dean Emeritus of the School of Library Science,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His topic is:
"Scholarship, Leadership, and the Technological Society."
For registration information contact the UBC School of Library,
Archival and Information Studies (228-2404), before October 15th.
Public Service Desks note:
Information and Orientation will be giving Main Library Tours every
Friday at 12:30, beginning October 3. Send the uninformed to the Main
Library foyer.
"The Evolving Role of Satellite Communications" is the topic at the
Canadian Association for Information Science gathering on Tuesday,
October 7, 7:30 pm in the Conference Room at Sedgewick Library. Axe
Sewerinson of Microtel Pacific Research will discuss current
developments in satellite communications technology. Open to all:
coffee to follow.
B.C.L.A. Workshops in October:
Performance Appraisal, by Peter Frost, UBC Faculty of Commerce.
October 1, 2:30-4:30pm.
Book Repairing. October 8, 6-9pm.
Collection Maintenance and Weeding. October 15, 3-5pm.
Library User Surveys: what do they really tell us?, by John
Claxton, UBC Faculty of Commerce. October 22, 3-5pm.
Audio-Visual Library Services. October 29, 7-9pm.
For more information contact the BCLA Office (298-0422).
"Storymakers: a day vith four top British authors of Childrens
literature." A celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Childrens
Book Centre on November 1, 10:30am - 3pm. Graduate Student Centre,
UBC. For information contact: Dr. Ronald Jobe, Dept of Language
Education, UBC. * f
Jim Henderson, Woodward Reference, is teaching half-time in the
Library School this year, giving courses in science reference and
online searching.
Donna Carpenter has been appointed temporary part-time reference
librarian in Woodward to replace Jim.  Donna worked as a Library
Assistant in Woodward before going to UBC library school.  She has
also worked previously as a librarian in Woodward and in the Royal
Inland Hospital in Kamloops, as well as free-lancing.
Kelly Patrick, LA2, Acquisitions
Shamshad Hirji, LA2, Acquisitions
Sue Bibrich, LAI, Cat Records
Joanne Dovey, LAI, Circ
Henry Gale, LAI, Circ
Andrea Hawkes, LAI, Circ
Dale Johnson, LAI, Circ
Gail Runnels, LAI, Circ
Joanne Savory, LAI, Circ
Peter Curtis, LAI, Curric Lab
Richard Hare, LAI(half-time), Fine Arts
Joseph Leung, LAI(half-time), Fine Arts
Kitty White, LAI, Fine Arts
Jonathon Clarke, LAI, ILL
John Burgess, LAI, Law
Dean Nicholson, LAI, Law
Mercedes Pacheco, LAI, Law
Cathleen Finnegan, LAI, Sedgewick
Helen Alexander, LAI, Spec. Collections
Nancy Gach, LAI, Woodward
Carmen Rida, LAI(half-time), Woodward
David Hart, Asst. Tech 1, Crane
Anders Ourom, Library Monitor, Sedgewick
Jane Tiers, Library Monitor, Sedgewick
Enid Turner, Library Monitor, Sedgewick
Kathryn Wells, Library Monitor, Sedgewick
Bryan Zacharias, Library Monitor, Sedgewick
Marie Aubertin, LA2, Acquisitions to Gov Pubs
Anne Bennie, LA3, Crane to ILL
William Chan, LA2, Admin to BMB
Susan Henderson, LA2, Gov Pubs to Collections
Bob Hill, LAI, Curric Lab to Sedgewick
Teresa Komori, LA2, Curric Lab to Prebindery
Wendy Osborne, LA3, Macmillan to St. Paul's Hospital
Anilu de los Santos, LAI, Gov Pubs to Woodward
Robin Shaw, LA2, Acquisitions to Cat Records
Marian Wong, LA2, Acquisitions to Spec. Collections
Kuei Yai Yan, LA2, Acquisitions to Prebindery
Thea de Vos, LA2, Circ
Maureen Bennett, LA2, Cat Records
Mira Blazicevic, LA3, Spec Coll
Jocelyn Bugden, LA2, Sedgewick
Kerry Regier, CI.2, Crane
Sue Ziggiotti, Control Clerk, Systems
Elizabeth Stokes, LA2, MacMillan
Andrea Heyrman, LA3, MacMillan
Colin Chisholm, LA2, Maps
Pam Niblock, LA2, Woodward
Agnes Peter, LA3, Crane
Eileen Lim, LA2, ILL
Sharon Goddard, LA2, Acquisitions
Martha Banman, LA2, Sedgewick
Jim Gormican, Woodward
Phil Hall, Maps
Nadine Oliver, Gov Pubs
Suzanne Rouleau, Circ
Russell Thornton, Circ
Thien Pham, Circ
Heidi Dysarsz, Woodward
Jan Johnson, Collections
Jordan Lancaster, Wilson
Laurie Marrs, Circ
John Ostrander, Curric Lab
Theresa Pryce, Spec. Collections
David Savory, Curric Lab
Ruyun Staiger, Sedgewick
Janet Yuan, Cat Records


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