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UBC Library Bulletin Jul 31, 1986

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 ubc [ibrary buffetin
No. 194 July 1986
Collections Budget
The interim Library collections budget for 1986/87 has received a financial
boost. Although the final budget has not been allocated, some decisions have been
made. $200,000 has been transfered to the collections budget from the salary budget
as a result of the elimination of 11 vacant positions in the Library Processing
UBC President David Strangway made the decision to leave dollars saved from
salaries with the library for collections, said Tony Jeffreys, Assistant Librarian,
Serials cancellations will go ahead as scheduled, and will save about $163,000,
he said. It has been necessary to suspend the U.S. Government Publications
microfiche set because of its high annual cost ($45,000). But because of objections
we have received, the restoration of at least part of the subscription is a high
priority for any additional funding we may receive, said Mr. Jeffreys. Other
priorities include improved book funding and provision for new serial subscriptions.
Interlibrary Loan connection to OCLC
UBC's Interlibrary Loan Divison (ILL) now has online access to the Online
Computer Library Center (OCLC), one of the largest databases in the world. OCLC has
a total of 13.5 million records (some of these are duplicate records). Ther are
6,000 member libraries world-wide, which include 20 Canadian libraries, the U.K.
Ireland, West Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, and Mexico. Approximately
5,900 are U.S. member libraries.
OCLC began in 1971 as a shared cataloguing system. In 1980, the ILL subsystem
was established. OCLC continues to upgrade, and substantial software enhancements
are expected in the spring of 1987, said Patrick Dunn, ILL Librarian. "Access now is
only by author and title," he said. "There is no keyword or boolean logic. These
enhancements will be added at that time."
The benefits in using OCLC for ILL should be enormous. The hit rate quoted by
OCLC is 96%, with an average turnaround time of 13 days for delivery of materials.
"However, these figures do not take into account Canadian publications or
international boundaries. This might decrease the hit rate slightly and increase the
turnaround time. Nevertheless the figures are still impressive," he said.
There are four main advantages of using OCLC for ILL. Firstly, the large size
of the database provides a high hit rate. OCLC allows UBC to initially choose up to
five locations for materials. If the loan request is not filled within four days,
the system will automatically switch to the next location until the item is
retrieved. Unfilled requests can be resubmitted at this point.
Secondly, materials not listed elsewhere are listed in this database. One such
class of material includes Master theses, and doctoral theses not available from
University Microfilms International (UMI). These can not only be found online, but
can now be ordered online. As a result, the turnaround time is much improved.
Previously ILL orders for Master theses went through the mail system. r*v n
(Continued from page one)
Interlibrary Loan connection to OCLC
Thirdly, OCLC allows one to verify citations for retrospective materials, prior
to the 1970*s, online. "We can search for retrospective materials offline- through
the National Union Catalogue (NUC), etc - but it's a time-saver. You're already at
the terminal," said Mr. Dunn.
"The costs are reasonable for an OCLC search also," he added. "At $1.25 per
request, this entitles you to choose five locations. There is also credit given to
UBC for the requests we fill. Basically, this amounts to one free request for every
five requests given."
The online connection to OCLC for ILL began about three weeks ago. Catalogue
Records will go online to OCLC in the fall. The OCLC database will be yet another
source of cataloguing information. Cataloguing copy is received now from UTLAS, said
Bob MacDonald, Head of Systems.
CIP turns 10
Cataloguing in Publication (CIP), the national cataloguing program adminstered
by the National Library of Canada, is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 1986. UBC
has participated in the program right from the beginning.
Until April of this year we were agent library for CIP for all publications in
Western Canada. Now we are the agent for publishers in B.C. and Alberta, and the
University of Manitoba is the agent for Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
"To give you an idea of how the program has grown, in 1976 UBC catalogued 118
CIP titles; and in 1985 we did 678 titles," said Librarian Jim Sharpe, Catalogue
Records Division.
What is CIP and what does it do? CIP- a voluntary, cooperative arrangement
between libraries and publishers - assigns library cataloguing to new Canadian books
prior to publication. It assists publishers by distributing this cataloguing data to
libraries, bookstores, and information centres in North America and internationally,
giving advance notice of new Canadian titles so they can place orders.
CIP pre-publication information is published monthly in "Forthcoming Books" (an
insert in Quill & Quire), in the national bibliography Canadiana, and in Canadian
Books in Print. It is also put in the National Library's online database DOBIS and
ultimately appears in the books themselves. In addition, machine-readable MARC tapes
are distributed in Canada, Australia, and the U.S. well in advance of publication.
Special Collections at Expo 86
Full-sized colour reproductions of two original maps held in the Special
Collections Division are now on display in the VIP lounge of the Japan Pavilion at
Expo 86. One of the maps, a panoramic view of the Tokaido Highway, has also been
reproduced on the front of the pavilion, along with some views of the Tokaido by the
noted artist Hiroshige.
The Tokaido Meisho Zue (Panoramic view of noted places along the Tokaido) was
made by the artist Utagawa Kunitora in 1864. It is a coloured woodcut in 12 panels
joined to form a panoramic map.
The second map, Gokaiko Yokohama no Zenzu (Panorama of the open port of
Yokohama) was drawn and painted by the artist Sadahide (also known as Gyokuransai).
It was engraved by Sugita Kinsuke and Asakura Tetsugoro, and printed by Maruya
Genzaburo. It is a coloured woodblock print in eight panels. Although the map is
dated 1859, iron works established in 1865 are shown. Sixteen large foreign ships
are in the foreground, with several other foreign and many Japanese ships nearby. Forthcoming Start Here Guides
Four new or revised Start Here guides are being put together right now! If you
have sources of information in any one of these subject areas, please contact the
relevant librarian listed below.
LINGUISTICS   Contact Joe Jones, HSSD.
AUTHOR! AUTHOR! A Guide for Getting Published   Contact Lois Carrier, HSSD.
FASHION Contact Diana Cooper, Fine Arts
B.C. Libraries: Valuable Source, Invaluable Resource
On its 75th anniversary the British Columbia Library Association is
spearheading the largest public relations event ever for B.C. Libraries - B.C.
Libraries Week, November 2-8, 1986.
Publicity and special events will focus on the value of libraries in the
community and their contribution to the economic, cultural, educational, and
recreational life of the province. It will involve all types of libraries. The
Lieutenant Governor Robert G. Rogers has agreed to be the patron of B.C. Libraries
Week. BCLA has contracted with Simons Advertising to assist with public relations
planning for the campaign.
"What in the world do you want to know?", an audio visual program produced by
Tagish Words S. Presentations Ltd. with original songs and music, will focus on the
varying resources of all types of libraries in the province- all working together in
a cooperative network. Videotape copies of the six-projector slide/tape show will be
made available to participating libraries to use in their own local celebrations.
Specific plans for the week are well underway. The major media event in
Vancouver will be a VIP breakfast at Robson Square to which prominent business and
political leaders will be invited. A special showing of "What in the world do you
want to know?" will follow.
B.C. Libraries Week "idea kits" have been sent out to participating B.C.
libraries. The kit includes a package of materials and suggestions to help each
library organize its own celebrations. Support is coming from a number of sources.
The Ministry of the Provincial Secretary and Government Services assisted with the
design, production, and printing of the kit. In addition, the Ministry of Post
Secondary Education and the Ministry of Education sponsored the printing. Over 70
libraries (including UBC) have pledged specific amounts based on a per capita basis;
and other library associations have offered support and cooperation. BCLA has raised
funds through casino revenues and will also appeal to corporations for financial
To follow-up the week's celebrarions, BCLA will send information kits on B.C.
libraries to the VIPs who attend receptions throughout the province. Organizer Joan
Sandilands says B.C. Libraries Week is an opportunity to gain support from the
media, municipal and provincial officials, community and businesss leaders - to
promote and reinforce the theme that B.C. libraries are a valuable source, an
invaluable resource.
IN\#_IJABLE RESOURCE A celebration of Library education
A "Celebration of Library Education in British Columbia" will be held November
1, to mark the 25th anniversary of the UBC School of Library, Archival and
Information Studies.
The event will also inaugurate the first of the "Samuel Rothstein Distinguished
Lecturer Series," named in honour of retiring Professor Sam Rothstein, founding
director of the school.
All events will take place at the Ramada Renaissance Hotel, Vancouver. The
celebrations are jointly sponsored by the school and the Alumni Association. For
registration and additional information, please contact: UBC SLAIS, #831- 1956 Main
Mall, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Y3. Telephone: (604) 228-2404.
Variations on Hodler: Recent paintings by Allan MacKay
Thinking of visiting the Fine Arts Gallery in the Main Library building? Until
August 15 the work of Allan Harding MacKay will be featured. Mr. MacKay is an artist
involved in the process of self-definition. In 1985, he began painting "Variations
on Hodler," a series of his own self-portraits combined with reproduced self-
portraits of Ferdinand Hodler. These large oil pastels chronicle a variety of
stances MacKay takes in relation to the master painter. By taking his own self image
and justaposing this against Hodler's self-images , a series of dialogues occur -
between MacKay, Hodler, and occasionally, the viewer.
Mr. MacKay also uses the landscape of the Swiss artist as a playground for his
own imagination and creativity. As in the portraits, he takes the images and uses
them to make his own statement. For further information call the Gallery, 228-2759.
Summer Hours: Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Lorraine Pereira, Clerk2, Acq.
Tony Fletcher, LAI, Woodward (half-time)
Joan Rogers, LA2 to LA3, Gov't Pubns
Staff Moves
Staff Moves
Staff Moves
Laura Halliday, LA2, from Woodward to Data Lib.
Trevor Tunnacliffe, LA2, from Wilson to ILL
Linda Chiu, LA2, from Acquis, to Cat. Prod. .
Marie Aubertin, LA2, from Acquis, to Cat. Rec.
Winnie Wong, LA2, from Acquis, to Serials
Russ Anton, LA2, from Curric. Lab to Wilson
Elizabeth Whittam, LA2, Cat. Rec.
Azo Movsessian, LAI, Cat. Prod.
Diana Gardiner, Clk2, Crane
Sue Parker, LAI, Fine Arts
Regina Tsanas, LA3, Law
Georgina Everett, LA2, Sedge.
Susan Willis, LA2, Serials
Inga Hykinst, Clk.2, Acq.
Rita Penco, LA2, ILL
Shoshana Chetner, LAI, ILL
Alice McNair, LA3, ILL
Leonora Crema, LAI, Est. Lib.
More and more of us are using our computer terminals for word processing. It
would be helpful to know who is doing what, so that expertise can be shared
(Remember- in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king).
uses editor □
uses FMT □
a lot P
a lotQ
a lotQ
a little □
a little P
a little □
PLEASE SEND TO I & 0. Thanks.


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