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UBC Library Bulletin Aug 31, 1987

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 ubc [ibrary buffetin
No. 203 *^^^ August 1987
BUDGET 87/88
The University budget for 87/88 was issued recently, and Doug
Mclnnes, in an open memo to library staff, reported on its
implications for the library.
The collections budget was increased by 5%.  The Library is
committed to finding a matching amount ($200,000) to offset
inflation in the current year.  About $100,000 is proposed to
come from vacant staff positions.  A further $100,000 is still
The other major expense, for which the Library must find
$250,000 over the next five years, is replacement of photocopy
equipment.  Some of this (perhaps $25,000 a year) must probably
also come from salary money.
Doug, in his memo, says of the library's need to find this money,
"There will be no layoffs, but there may be a need for some
reassignment of staff.  In such instances, there will be full and
open discussion with the affected staff member." Extra funds for
hourly or temporary staff are likely to be considered only as a
last resort.  Given the attrition in staff that has occurred over
the last few years, it is not surprising that Doug suggests that
service reductions may be a consequence of the budget squeeze.
Maintenance of collections and public services are first and
second priorities, which means that processing operations,
although already hardest hit by restraint, may again suffer.
Non-salary expenditures, such as supplies, renovations, and small
equipment purchases, will also be closely monitored.
Even with these restrictions and reductions, it will be necessary
to begin planning for serials cancellations in 1988/89 and to
utilize endowment funds to sustain collections spending in
1987/88.  Both are unpleasant, because their effects cannot
easily be recovered from.  Serials, once cancelled, can seldom be
reinstated.  Endowment funds spent now reduce our future buying
power immeasurably.
The UBC Library's Open House festivities in March received
national recognition at the Canadian Library Conference in June.
UBC Library received one of ten Certificates of Merit awarded
during the Discovery x87 Showcase of Library Innovations.
This Showcase was organized by CLA to display innovative programs
from Canadian libraries.  The ten libraries to receive
Certificates of Merit were chosen from 59 projects received.
UBC Library's Open House programme was recognized in a citation
which read: "Total involvement" is the theme of an Open House which
reaches well outside the library to blanket the whole campus in
imaginative and up-beat displays and activities.  The general
public, not just the university community, is shown the value of
a major public information resource, the university's libraries.
The handouts and graphics, the online information service, OLIF,
and the video, xTuum Est' were on display for two days during the
CLA Conference.  Julie Stevens, I&O, and her Open House
Committee, are to be congratulated for the innovative and
exciting programme they assembled for Open House.
Extension Library, one of the few outposts of the UBC Library
still circulating books manually, is taking the great leap
forward to online circulation, using bar code labels.  The new
system is not connected to the Library's present circulation
system, but the functions being developed for Extension are
similar to what we might see when the Library moves from Epic
terminals to a new circulation system.
Over the summer, staff in Extension Library have been applying
bar code labels to the 8,800 volumes in their collection.
Meanwhile John Campbell in Systems has created a system which
uses a bar code wand attached to a CRT terminal.  Staff will be
able to discover the circulation status of a book as they are
online checking the Extension Library catalogue for holdings, and
can carry out the usual circulation procedures of charging,
discharging, renewing, placing holds, getting lists of items a
borrower has out, etc.  Transactions will be recorded online
immediately, unlike the regular Epic terminal transactions which
are processed nightly.
Don't be surprised to find your branch's book sprouting bar code
labels too.  When Extension Library borrows from a branch on the
regular circulation system, the book will be signed out in the
regular way, but then Extension Library will apply a bar code
label to record their loan on their internal circulation system.
"IIH w•rant lor UBC't Dl»l-»-Book. It would b. f*l anothar gam* el chackar*.'
ULpr-nirJ    -f^_,    P/Jufl       _u_r+ei-lL| DRS FEATURE OF THE MONTH
Don't forget to clip this second article in our regular series on
the DRS collections.
FILM LIBRARY ON DRS: Lights, Action, Camera
Videotapes and films in the Film Library are now listed on the DRS. Most
of this collection is neither in the card nor the microcatalogue, so
remember the DRS for this kind of AV material.  Library users might
prefer to browse the DRS keyword fiche list themselves for films or
videos on a topic.  There is a fee for borrowing materials from the Film
Library; UBC Library card holders pay $8.50; non-UBC people may pay more.
Refer inquiries to the Film Library.
The Film Library has 2 collections on DRS:
Films (FLFI)
Videos (FLVI).
Search for a film or video using a keyword and either the film or video
collection qualifier.  A keyword search includes the author, title, and
subject fields.  The author field is little used except as an added entry
for a significant contribution to the film or video.  The subject field
is a heading or headings based upon Sears, assigned by the Film Library.
Try these questions:
Find some films dealing with motivation.
(Best approach:  F W=M0T1V? .AND. +COL EQ 'FLFI')
I need some videos on aids.
The UBC Library has a unique set of a Japanese-Canadian
newspaper, Tairiku Nippo (The Continental Daily Newspaper) which
was published in Vancouver from 1907 to 1941.  A generous
donation by Mr. Naomichi Nishimura, former director of the Hikone
Public Library, Japan, is making it possible to microfilm our set
so that copies may be made widely available.  The set in Special
Collections, the only one in existence, is complete except for
the first year, 1907.
Founded in 1907 in Vancouver by Mr. Yasushi Yamazaki, Tairiku
Nippo is a valuable resource for the study of social and
political conditions of the Japanese-Canadian communities during
the first part of this century. Vividly recording the history of
Japanese-Canadians, it is an indispensable original news source
for researchers.
The funds made available allow the production of a microfilm
master.  Copies will be available for the cost of duplication
($1500-$2000).  Suzanne Dodson, c/o Special Collections Division,
Main Library, is coordinating orders.
Fees for extramural cards, which permit non-UBC people to borrow
from our collection, have been increased from the first of
September.  These cards now cost:
Individual, (Sept X87-Aug x88)     $50
(Jan X88-Aug *88)      $35
(May *88-Aug *88)      $20
Senior (age 65 and over) $10
Institutional $150
additional institutional cards   $10
He had lots of returns in the voting for the new name for the DRS.
Surprisingly enough, there were no votes for CHIMMPS or DoRiS.
The winner was QUICKLIST (11 votes). Runner-up was Grey List (5 votes).'
Trailing were Uncat, MAC File, Alternate Catalogue (ALT CAT), PAMFILE
with 3 each.  CHOOMPS, SHEAF, Shadow, SUPP, MISC and a few others also
got a vote or two.
What happens now? If you think this simple vote is enough to effect a
change, you're dreaming. The whole thing goes to the Public Catalogues
Task Group, and they will decide whether to go for the name change or
not.  If you support another name, don't forget to lobby your PCTG rep on
behalf of your favourite.
Leonora Crema has been appointed as Circulation/Extension Librarian to replace
Martha Whitehead. Leonora graduated from the UBC Library School this spring,
and worked as Academic Assistant and temporary librarian in Information and
Orientation. She also worked as an LA in Circulation in a previous
Rat (Kathleen) McGrath has been appointed a temporary Serials Librarian to
replace Kathleen Scardellato who is on leave enjoying her baby daughter till
January 31, 1988.  Kat, like Leonora, has also just finished UBC Library
Jocelyn Foster is leaving Information and Orientation to become Head,
Humanities a Social Sciences Division.  She replaces Chuck Forbes who is now
Colbeck Librarian.
Ingeborg Schafer recently retired after 21 years in Catalogue Records as
Senior Derivative Cataloguer in the Slavic Unit. All the best in your
retirement, Inge.
Eldo Neufeld, Music, Catalogue Records, has been a consistent gold medal
winner in running competitions this summer.  He won his age class in the Fox
Trot on July 12 (5 miles), the Sea Festival Fun Run on July 19 (7.5 km), the
B.C. Masters Track & Field Championships, Aug 1 & 2 (5km & 10 km), and the
Lions International Run (8 km) on Aug 23. He credits his success to a new
training program and lots of hard training.
Jim Gormican, LAI, Woodward
Naeem Khan, LA2, Acquisitions
Catherine Hill, LAI, Catalogue Products
Lucia Senichenko, LAI, Catalogue Products
Christiane Fortier, LA2, Serials
Winnie Chan, LA2, Catalogue Products
B. Blazicevic, LA4, Catalogue Records
Nancy Gach, LA3, Acquisitions
Concetta di Francesco, Sec 2, Sedgewick
Patrick Patterson, LA3, ILL
Jonathon Clarke, LA2, ILL
Anne Miele, LA3, ILL to Applied Science Reading Room
Brad McGuigan, LAI, Circ to Hamber
Irene Robb, Clk2, Patent Services to Woodward
Kathleen Douse, LAI, Woodward
Cecilia Hynes, Clk2, Crane
Christine Jolliffe, LAI, Spec Collections
Airee Cha, LA2, Acquisitions
Joan Rogers, LA3, Gov Pubs
Eileen Lim, LA2, ILL
Megan Popham, LAI, Curric Lab
Beth Hinchliffe, LAI, Curric Lab
Trevor Tunnacliffe, LAI, Curric Lab
CA. Robertson, LAI, Curric Lab
Joanne Dovey, Sec2, Admin (to Extra-Sessional studies)
Beginning in September, UBC Library will grant loan privileges to spouses of
students belonging to the UBC Family Housing Association. Applicants must
present their spouse's valid UBC student card and the blue Family Housing ID
card. More details from Mary Banham (3869) or Leonora Crema (3993), Main Circ
The Map Library large size copying charges will increase as of September 15 to
non-UBC Library card holders ($1 for 18x24, .50 for 11x17).  This will bring
our charges to these users in line with what they would have to pay for such
services elsewhere.
British ColWWb<» Libraries: Historical Profiles, published as a project to
celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the British Columbia Library Association, is
now available. Edited by Alan Woodland and Ellen Heaney, the 178 page
publication costs $15 plus shipping from BCLA, P.O. Box 35187, Station E,
Vancouver V6M 4G4.
Editor: Jocelyn Foster (2076)
U)ko Will _cKf


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