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University of British Columbia Library Bulletin Apr 24, 1973

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 University Of British Columbia
Library Bulletin
No.   95                                                                    April   2k,   1973
Vancouver,   B. C#
At its last meeting, the Board of Governors established a President's Planning
Coordinating Committee Mto identify the needs of the Processing Section in the Main
Library." This is the first step toward the provision of new space for the Processing
Divisions, the Systems Division, the Bibliography Division and possibly the Prebindery
and Bindery. The Committee, which will be chaired by the Librarian, is composed of
the following persons:
W. Armstrong, Deputy President
R. Seaton, Academic Planning
I. McT. Cowan, Dean, Graduate Studies
N. Smith, Director, Physical Plant
R. Stokes, School of Librarianship
R. MacDonald, Library
W. Watson, Library
At its first meeting on April 19th, a User's Committee was established; this
Committee will be chaired by Mr. Watson.
The User's Committee, which consists of the heads of all units included in the
building plus representatives from Academic Planning and Physical Plant, will have the
responsibility of drawing up a detailed functional programme for the desired space.
When this programme is approved by the Planning Coordinating Committee and the Board
of Governors, a budget will be established and an architect appointed. Every effort
will be made to proceed quickly, in order to provide new space at the earliest possible
date.  Progress reports will appear in the Bulletin.
The Library of Congress has abandoned BL 1400 as a classification for materials
on Buddhism and established a new schedule in the until now unused letters BQ.
New material classified at the Library of Congress will now begin appearing on
the shelf at that number.  In a few weeks time when our copies of the BQ schedule will
have arrived and been bound, we will begin reclassifying the 1100 titles now in the
BL 1400 numbers. Approximately a third of these are in the Asian Studies Library.
The reclassification is expected to take about seven months.
As many are aware, there has been considerable discussion recently about
inequities suffered by women employees on campus. As a result of a suggestion
originating with the Committee on Salaries and Benefits of Supporting Staff, the
Administrative Resources Committee has held joint meetings with COSBOSS, a Library
womenfs action group and other interested staff to hear their views on the problems of,
and opportunities for, women employees within the Library.  After lengthly deliberations,
the ARC decided that most of the issues could be handled by existing committee, such as
COSBOSS, the Librarians' Salaries Committee, Ombudsman Committee and the Continuing
Education Committee.  Accordingly, ARC is contacting these committees to ask them to U.B.C. Library Bulletin Page 2
* -
give due consideration to the concerns of women employees in all matters within
each committee's terms of reference. Staff should feel free to contact any of
these committees concerning matters of inequities. *
One idea which had been discussed and which might have been assigned to a
task force was the gathering of data on the composition of the present staff.
This was of particular interest to some of the staff who had heard of the investi- ^
gation into librarians' personnel files.  It must be recognized, however, that
this investigation was limited to inequities in salaries which conceivably could
occur because there is no fixed scale for librarians1 salaries.  Since supporting
staff are on salary scales, with everyone of the same rank on the same scale, there
could not be the same kind of inequity in supporting staff salaries, so there would
be no point in having a similar investigation of supporting staff personnel files.
It should also be noted that inequities in pay scales falls directly within the
terms of reference of COSBOSS.
A similar suggestion was that the personnel files could be searched to determine
whether hiring and promotions reflect any inequities, but the personnel files do not
contain all of the necessary data on this. After serious consideration it was decided
that gathering statistics on all-applicants competing for vacancies, while interesting,
would not necessarily lead to any particular course of action.
Rather than engage in any of these time-consuming projects, the ARC decided to
recommend to the University Librarian that all job descriptions and postings of
vacancies should carry a standard notation that the position is open to both male
and female applicants, except where there is- a compelling reason to limit a position
to one sex or the other, in which case the limitation will be stated. As you might
have noticed, this recommendation has already been accepted and put into practice.
The ARC also recommended to the University Librarian that the Library administration notify the Personnel Office of its policy of equal opportunity. This recommendation also has been accepted and acted upon.
The library required the following to complete its holdings:
Library Association of Canada. Bulletin. Vol. 2, no. 4 (April 1971). , M
Anyone who can supply it should contact Graham Elliston at local 2304.
Emergency care at the Student Health Service, Room 114, Wesbrook Building (or
the Health Service Hospital, 3rd Floor, Wesbrook Building on evenings, nights and
weekends) is available for persons injured or suddenly ill, while on Campus. Phone
228-2525, or 228-2151.
Necessary transportation may be arranged by phoning the above numbers.
Persons with non-emergent conditions or those needing follow-up care should be
seen by their family physician or, if they have no family physician, at the Community
Health Centre, Fairview Crescent, phone 228-5431.
X-rays and Laboratory tests may be done at the Student Health Service
at the request of the family doctor. The patient should phone 228-2151 for an
appointment and bring a written order from his doctor - the test results will be * <
'sent to the doctor's office.
Students Health Service (weekdays)
Room 114, Wesbrook Building
Student Health Service Hospital (weekends)
3rd Floor, Wesbrook Building
Appropriate private physician
Community Health Centre
^Fairview Crescent,


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