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UBC Library Bulletin Oct 31, 1993

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No. 232
October 1993
Long Overdue Improvements for Circulation System
The Library has taken great strides recently in the development of its new
circulation system.
Since September, Library users have been able to look at their own
circulation records, and renew their own books. The new "self-service"
features represent a significant systems development. Most other Ubrary
circulation systems don't have self-service renewals — if s unusual to allow
file updating by anyone other than staff. In addition, the updating is being
done in our relatively new systems environment, the Unix operating system.
So far the response from users has been very positive, and the system is
meeting the challenge.
Implementation of self-service renewals was timed to precede the new fines
policy which was approved by the Senate Library Committee last April.
Effective September 15th, late return fees are levied on all overdue items, not
just those called in for another borrower. The intention of the new policy is to
increase availability of library materials.
Other major changes this summer included the introduction of online
circulation transactions. Charges and discharges are recorded on the new
circulation system, then passed to the old batch system for the production of
notices, reports and invoices. Circulation information on UBCLIB, the online
catalogue, is still updated only nightly. Systems is working on changes to
make the UBCLIB circulation information current. Another improvement will
be the addition of author/title information to the call number displays.
Creation of a complete borrower file in the new circulation system
represented another significant step in overall systems development. Until
September, the master borrower file was in LDMS, and only skeletal records
resided on "the other side." Although this isn't our first library file under
Unix (the UBCLIB Catalogue file holds that distinction), it's the first one
which is updated by staff. Over the next few years all library files will make
the migration from the old MTSL operating system to Unix.
Online processing of holds is all that remains to be developed for Version 1.5
of the circulation system. Implementation of the necessary software is
planned for October. Holds will remain as a staff function for now, but self-
service holds should be introduced with Version 2 in 1994.
In the next few months, circulation staff will have a respite from change, but
systems development will continue behind the scenes. A complete
items file will be created, and the processes now handled by the
batch system will be replaced. As the saying goes in Systems —
there's a light at the end of the tunnel, but don't worry, it just looks
like an oncoming train.
ubc library bulletin page 2
The Electronic Library is Coming
We are now on a faster track to becoming an "electronic library".
In September, the Library received the promise of increases for the collections
budget over the next two years for the purpose of acquiring electronic
materials. For the present fiscal year, the increase is $350,000, of which
$125,000 is earmarked for Netlnfo, which will give free access to students for
up to 20 minutes daily to electronic mail, ViewUBC, Internet News, and the
ClariNet electronic newspaper. Netlnfo was developed by University
Computing Services and is currently available to students in the Faculty of
Education as a pilot project. Netlnfo services will be extended to all UBC
students later this fall.
For the 1994-95 fiscal year, the Library collections budget will receive a larger
increase, making $750,000 available for electronic materials and $250,000 for
Netlnfo. The allocations to the collections budget will be continuing money.
The sources for the funds are $700,000 from reallocations in the budget of the
Vice President, Student and Academic Services, and $300,000 from librarian
In the past few years, the Library has purchased many CD-ROMs, mounted
databases on UBCLIB, set up CD PlusNet2 (a network for medical databases)
and subscribed to UnCover and one CitaDel database. With the increased
budget, the Library will continue to expand in this costly electronic direction,
in as many subject areas as possible, without having to sacrifice the purchase
of books, serials, and other materials. The Library is planning to appoint a
half-time "Electronic Library Coordinator", who will report to the University
Librarian and work with the Systems Manager, Coordinator of Collections,
and AUL for Public Services, to determine policies and directions.
Introducing our New UBC Library Branch
On September 1st the David Lam Management Research Library officially
joined the UBC Library system as a branch library and Elizabeth Caskey was
appointed Branch Head.
The Lam Library was established by the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration in 1985 with a $1 million endowment from David Lam,
Lieutenant-Governor of B.C, Vancouver businessman, and philanthropist.
Through a successful fundraising campaign started by the former Dean, Peter
Lusztig, the Faculty of Commerce raised the money to establish the Library
and construct the David Lam Management Research Centre which opened in
May 1992.
The Senate Library Committee approved the proposal for the Lam Library to
become a branch library in June and Elizabeth Caskey was appointed Acting
Head in July.
During August, over 25,000 volumes were transferred from Main Library
to the Lam Library. The project began on August 3rd and was completed by
August 27th. Five full-time staff were hired for the project and the remaining
help came from other branches and divisions, including Circulation,
MacMillan, Sedgewick, Woodward, Special Collections, Law, Order,
Catalogue Records and Education. The move was managed by Pauline
Willems and much of the pre-planning and testing was done by Ulla Visscher.
Hats off to everyone involved in the big move and welcome to all staff in the
Lam Library!
ubc library bulletin page 3
Building Update
Walter C. Koerner Honoured
This summer the University decided that the new Central Library will be
named the Walter C. Koemer Library. Dr. Koerner has been a generous
benefactor of the Library and University for nearly half a century. He was a
major donor for the South Wing of the Main Library which opened in October
I960 and has provided a substantial gift for Phase One of the new Central
Dr. Koerner and other donors will be honoured at a sod-turning ceremony for
Phase One on November 4th.
D-Day is Coming
Digging day for Phase One of the Walter C. Koerner
Library is getting closer. If everything goes as
scheduled, the bulldozers will be at the back of
Sedgewick in early January. Meanwhile, the Sedgewick
staff are preparing for a strategic retreat from that front
to Sedgewick's front.
Temporary office space, now being built, encloses part of
the Sedgewick foyer and the back of the Wilson
Recordings Collection. Most Sedgewick staff will move
into the swing space just before construction starts.
Construction of Phase One is being staged. The first
stage is to build a temporary acoustical wall about ten
feet inside the current back glass walls of Sedgewick.
The second stage is to build the seven-story new building — five stories above
the mall and two stories below which will connect to Sedgewick's floors. At
that point, currently scheduled for Spring 1995, Sedgewick staff and
collections will move to the new building. Then the empty Sedgewick will be
renovated and connected to the new building.
Sedgewick will remain open during construction. The Underground food
services will operate until the renovation of Sedgewick begins. A display of
the model and Phase One building plans are currently on view in Sedgewick.
Construction Begins For New Education Library
Remember the Children's Garden and the huts behind the Scarfe Building?
The huts are now gone and the garden is in storage. A 1993 version of Mike
Mulligan and His Steam Shovel have come to prepare the foundations for the
new Education Library.
During construction, the Education Library may move to temporary quarters
on the ground floor of Scarfe in spring 1994. They expect to move into the
new building by the end of 1994. Staff weeded the collection in the summer
and are now weeding other belongings in preparation for the move.
ubc library bulletin page 4
Organizational Update
Library Processing Centre Reorganized
There are now two processing divisions in the Library Processing Centre:
the new Catalogue Division and the Order Division. Staff from the
Catalogue Records Division, Catalogue Products Division and Order Division
have been reorganized as follows;
The Catalogue Records Division and staff from the Catalogue Maintenance
Unit in the Catalogue Products Division have merged to form the new
Catalogue Division. Headed by Nick Omelusik, the Catalogue Division is
located on the second floor of LPC.
Staff from the Book Preparation Unit of the Catalogue Products Division
have moved to join the Order Division. Headed by Nadine Baldwin, the
Order Division is located on the first floor of LPC.
The new organizational structure centralizes cataloguing activities in one
division, augments staffing in high priority areas and makes more effective
use of management staff.
Collections Division Decentralized
The Sub-Committee to Review the Collections Division submitted its report
to the Library Planning and Management Council (LPMC) in July and
recommended that the Collections Division should have its functions
decentralized. The bibliographers and support staff in the Division now report
to Jocelyn Godolphin, Head of the Humanities and Social Sciences Division.
The process of decentralization began last fall when the Science and Life
Sciences bibliographers started reporting to their respective Heads.
Committee members were: Tom Shorthouse (Chair), Linda Joe and Hans
Gifts & Exchanges Decentralized
Over the summer the Ad-Hoc Committee to Review the Gifts & Exchanges
Function met and recommended that the tasks of the present Division be
dispersed to other divisions and branches by the time the present head,
Graham Elliston, retires in May 1994. The changes are being phased in over
the next several months.
On October 1, 1993 branches and divisions started handling their own gifts.
Potential donors should be referred directly to the branch or division which
handles the subject of the book(s) being donated and not to Graham. He is
serving as a consultant and meeting with the divisions to assist in this
transition. Discarding of materials is also now the responsibility of each
branch and division. Serials which are presently checked in at Gifts and
Exchanges are in the process of being transferred to the Order Division,
except for the Asian language ones which are going to the Asian Library.
After the exchanges are reviewed by Graham, they will be transferred to the
Order Division. The LA 2, Katherine Hill, began working half-time in
Woodward Document Delivery in September and will be there full-time as of
November 1, 1993.
Committee members were: Janice Kreider (Chair), Nadine Baldwin, Keith
Bunnell, Hans Burndorfer, Graham Elliston, Linda Joe, and Lee Perry.
ubc library bulletin page 5
1993/94 Library Operating Budget
The Library's operating budget for 1993/94 reflects the difficult financial
situation faced by the University as a whole. Most University units have had
to deal with budget cuts in 1993/94, and the Library was no exception. On the
other hand, the Library did receive an increase to its budget for collections
to help offset the effects of inflation and exchange rate fluctuations. A new
professional archivist position was funded in recognition of the Library's
added responsibility for coordinating the management and retention of the
University's administrative records. Also, one-time money was provided again
this year for Library automation.
The Library's portion of the University-wide budget cut was $525,000. We
were able to absorb the reduction without layoffs, thanks to the cooperation of
many branches and divisions who kept vacant positions unfilled until the end
of the fiscal year. The savings from these positions during 1992/93 funded
extra equipment purchases during the year. At the end of the year, thirteen of
the vacant positions funded the Library's budget cut. Approximately $250,000
came from Library Assistant positions, and $275,000 from Librarian
positions. Librarian positions lost were those formerly occupied by Lynne
Hallonquist, Judith Thiele, Bill Watson and Chuck Forbes. The nine Library
Assistant positions lost ranged from LA 1 to LA 4; both public services and
technical services areas were affected. $30,000 of the $525,000 was
reallocated back to the Library, as partial support for the new Records
Analyst/Archivist position, for a net reduction in the personnel budget of
Our increase for collections amounted to $367,000 (5.69%). It includes
increases for new materials, foreign exchange, and inflation, calculated
according to an established formula.
One-time funding for the final year of the Library Automation Project totalled
$205,000: $150,000 in our operating budget and $55,000 from the University
Equipment Fund. This funding is designated for the new circulation system
and OPAC upgrading.
The bottom line is: we came out ahead in 1993/94. The increases and
reallocations (including the one-time funding) amount to slightly more than
the budget cut. We could have done a lot worse.
New Loan Policies
The Life Sciences Libraries are no longer circulating journals. The change
in policy was approved by various Advisory Committees and the Library
Administration this summer and went into effect September 1st. So far,
user response has been overwhelmingly positive.
To accommodate the anticipated increase in photocopying, Woodward has
added six new photocopiers and the hospital branches have upgraded their
photocopiers. New machines will be added as necessary. In addition, staff are
providing improved photocopier maintenance and faster reshelving of
On a trial basis, Sedgewick has also introduced a new loan policy. During the
fall term, the loan period for books in Sedgewick has been changed from one
week to two weeks. In response to a survey last March, over 82% of users in
Sedgewick voted in favour of extending the loan period. Users will be
surveyed later this fall before a final decision is made on the new policy.
ubc library bulletin page 6
Endangered B. C. Sessional Papers to be Microfilmed
The Library's preservation microfilming program under the Canadian
Cooperative Preservation Project has concluded triumphantly — over 400
reels of microfilm were produced including over 100 reels of materials
relevant to the history of education in B.C.
As a follow-up, the B.C. Sessional Papers from 1871 to 1982 are being filmed.
The Papers encompass the main publications of the B.C. Government,
including financial statements, regular departmental and sub-departmental
reports, submissions and miscellaneous papers. The reports are often
extremely detailed, frequently running to hundreds of pages, with plates and
maps. The Papers are essential to any library with an interest in our social
and economic history, but the original paper volumes are very scarce and
surviving copies are in poor condition due to brittle paper and overuse.
Even the most recent issues, 1952-1982, contain rarities, because the volumes
were never issued to the public as a set, only to ministry offices and the
Legislative Library. The Legislative Library has kindly agreed to lend the
later issues for filming.
By filming the B.C.
Sessional Papers, the
Library will be preserving
and making accessible one
hundred and ten years of
important, high-profile and
endangered documents.
This timely project was
made possible by an initial
grant of $30,000 from Earl
Dodson of North Vancouver,
and by a group of
subscribing institutions.
"Minnie Hooker's Poem", Holstein Cow
British Columbia Sessional Papers, 1911
SSHRC Grant for South Asian Collection
The Library has received a $25,000 Social Sciences and Humanities Research
Council of Canada (SSHRC) grant in response to an application submitted by
Mandakranta Bose, Indie Bibliographer in the Asian Library. The grant will
enable the Library to purchase a wide range of rare materials on microfiche
for the South Asian collection.
The Library's funding for the South Asian collection, substantially supported
by the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, is directed toward purchasing current
publications. Older and rare material is difficult to acquire since much of it is
located outside North America in such libraries as Oxford, Cambridge, the
British Museum and the India Office Library. The Internet Documentation
Company of the Netherlands is now offering an opportunity to own these
materials by providing rare research items on microfiche.
The comprehensive collection to be acquired through the SSHRC grant will
greatly enhance the South Asian collection at UBC and provide scholars with
extensive resources including editions of classical works, catalogues of
Sanskrit manuscripts, older government documents, and research journals in
the humanities and social sciences.
ubc library bulletin page 7
Surfs Up
Learning to 'surf gopherspace' and 'navigate the Internet' was de rigueur in
the Library this summer. The Public Service Heads established an Internet
Task Group to train Library staff who require Internet access for their jobs.
An intrepid group took on the task and launched a series of hands-on
workshops in August. By September 2nd, ninety Library staff had attended
the three-hour sessions covering:
• Introduction to the Internet
• 'Gopher-ing' on ViewUBC (now available on UBCLIB - see Systems Update)
• Pine UNK-mailer
• Telnet and FTP
There are many people to congratulate for organizing this excellent training
course. First of all, members of the Internet Task Group who designed the
course, compiled a training manual and participated in the workshops:
Elizabeth Caskey (HSSD and Lam), Ann Doyle (Systems), Matt Hartman
(Cataloguing), Dan Heino (Woodward), Tomoko Hermsmeier (Cataloguing)
and Terry Horner (Cataloguing). Other helpers included Charles Tremewen
(University Computing Services) who provided the training facility, Don
Dennis and Joyce Wong (Systems) who set up the staff Unix accounts, and
Josie Lazar, Sara McGillivray, and Jana Tyner (Librarian's Office) who
photocopied the manual and organized the registration.
The Task Group is preparing a final report for the Public Service Heads
which includes the feedback forms with ideas for further training. The report
will be available to all by anonymous ftp, also known as aftp — as the
Internet initiates know!
Changes in UBC Theses Processing and Cataloguing
A review of the costs of processing and cataloguing UBC theses has resulted
in several changes. Effective with the spring 1992 theses, the Library will
provide access to only microfiche copies of UBC theses and subject analysis
will no longer be provided as part of the cataloguing procedure.
The main reason for the changes is to reduce costs. Despite numerous reforms
over the past few years, the Library has been spending approximately $50 per
masters and $85 per doctorate (not including the cost of cataloguing and
To recover some costs, the Library considered charging a submission fee to
graduate students. After consulting with the Graduate Students' Society and
the Senate Library Committee, it was decided to reduce processing costs by
discontinuing binding and storing two copies of each thesis.
Beginning this month, graduate students will be required to submit only one
copy of their thesis to the Library.
ubc library bulletin page 8
Use 822-9600 for Passthrough to UBCLIB
Beginning October 15th, the dial-in number to passthrough to
UBCLIB will be 822-9600 only. The low-speed line (822-5566) will
disappear. The passthrough enables users to connect to UBCLIB
without registering (for free - subsidized by the Library) and makes
UBCLIB available to people who do not have library cards. Instead of
entering an id, users of the passthrough enter UBCLIB to connect to
the Library's online catalogue.
There will be a message posted on the low-speed line referring users to
the high-speed line for some time, but we can expect that many users
will call us for clarification. The Library's Guide to Remote Access and
the staff reference package for remote access are being revised and
re-issued to reflect the change.
Internet Access Now Available on UBCLIB
ViewUBC, the campus-wide information system, was added to the
UBCLIB menu on September 7th. UBC Library users are now patrons
of the "Virtual Library" and can search the catalogues of hundreds of
libraries around the world while sitting in front of a UBCLIB
terminal. (And we thought the line-ups were long last year!)
ViewUBC lets users connect to virtually any Internet site in the world
(not only library catalogues) and read and/or search databases
containing everything in electronic format from the first million digits
of pi to rock song lyrics to the works of Dante.
ViewUBC via UBCLIB is available to all using a UBCLIB terminal
in the Library, and to remote users who sign on with a library card
number or staff id. ViewUBC is not available to remote users who
sign on to UBCLIB anonymously.
Do-It-Yourself Renewals Up and Running
Users are responding well to the new self-service renewal feature
available on UBCLIB since September 15th. One of the first users,
who called Sedgewick Library at 8:05 a.m. on the first day and
followed instructions over the phone, pronounced the procedure
"Painless!" Like Denny's and L. L. Bean, self-service renewal is "open"
24 hours a day.
In addition to renewing books, users can also use the OUT feature to
check which books are currently signed out to them. It will be a few
weeks before renewing an item on UBCLIB changes the display in the
UBCLIB OUT listing immediately. At present, there is a 24 hour gap
because the OUT feature on UBCLIB is updated only once each day.
ubc library bulletin page 9
Update on Updating UBCLIB files
In the last issue of the Bulletin, the Systems Update column reported
that continuous updating "is now in place and appears to be working
reasonably well." We were wrong: it had to be stopped several times
to accommodate regeneration of indexes. We can now report that
continuous updating has been running without a hitch for more than
six weeks.
Disks Replace 0D-Rom La$er Printer$
Until September, the Library spent many unrecoverable dollars on
paper and toner cartridges for the laser printers attached to CD-ROM
databases throughout the Library because it wasn't possible to attach
copycard readers to the laser printers. Now, users download their
CD-ROM search results to a disk and print them at Library Print/
Download workstations (or take them home to print). Some units are
experimenting with lending disks to patrons for printing CD-ROM
search results.
Searches on a few databases (in Government Publications, for
example) may still be printed for free, in fulfillment of licensing
More Choices for Limit Command on UBCLIB
The new limit command on UBCLIB, available in both menu and
command modes, produces a summary of holdings for a particular
search according to the limit selected. Available in 12 files, the limit
command has options for FORmat, LANguage and YEAr for all files,
and for LOCation, NUMber and SERials in most local UBC Library
files. The summary produced looks and works like a browse screen;
users can select one or more items from the display.
Consult Technical Note 048 for further details and a sample search.
Please report any difficulties you encounter using the new LIMit
command to Systems.
If You Don't Like the View, Change It!
Available in command mode only, the view command lets users limit
by date before doing a search in the CATalogue, Crane, PSYcinfo,
RIE and SERials files on UBCLIB. After issuing the view command,
the user is prompted to enter the preferred date range.
In contrast, when either the BIBliographies or OTHer file is opened in
command or menu mode, the view command automatically asks a user
to restrict the view to one (or more, or all) of the collections. A user in
the BIBliographies file, for example, is able to restrict a search to only
the Canadian Politics, Canadian Childhood and Vancouver
Centennial bibliographies. Technical Note 048 has complete
ubc library bulletin page 10
After almost thirty years in the Library, Joyce Harries, LA4 in Circulation, took early retirement
in August. Joyce started working in the Circulation Division in 1964. She was here when the original
automated system was developed and has been a key player in the development of our new system.
Joyce was also responsible for overseeing the production of the thousands of library cards each year.
She will be missed. We wish her happiness in her well-deserved retirement.
Elizabeth Caskey has been appointed Head of the David Lam Library for a two year period starting
September 1, 1993. Elizabeth was Acting Head of the Lam Library from July 26 through August 31,
1993 and organized the move of over 25,000 commerce books from Main Library in August. Elizabeth
joined the Library in 1971 as Reference Librarian in Sedgewick Library and moved to the Humanities
Division in 1977. She has a B.A. with Honours in English and history from York University, a B.L.S.
from UBC, and has completed the course work toward a M.Sc. in Business Administration at UBC.
The appointment of Hans Burndorfer as Acting Head of the Special Collections Division &
University Archives has been extended until December 31,1995. Hans was appointed Acting Head
in January 1992. He is also Head of the Music Library and Fine Arts Library.
Janice Kreider is the new Coordinator of Collections (part-time). Janice joined the Library in 1982
as the Science Bibliographer and part-time Reference Librarian in the Science & Engineering
Division. Prior to coming to UBC, she managed the branch library for Physics & Astronomy at
Columbia University for three years, and worked as a Reference Librarian at the State University of
New York and Kwantlen College. Janice will continue her responsibilities as Science Bibliographer
in addition to her new assignment.
Nick Omelusik has been appointed Head of the newly formed Catalogue Division effective June 1st.
Nick has been Acting Head of Catalogue Records Division in addition to his position as Head of
Catalogue Products since June 1991. In his twenty-seven years in the Library, Nick has also served
as Head of Acquisitions and Head of the Reading Rooms Division.
Erwin Wodarczak is the new Records Analyst/Archivist in the Special Collections & University
Archives Division effective October 1,1993. Erwin worked in the Library as the Project Archivist for
the Records Survey Project from July 1992 to May 1993. He has a B.A. in history and Masters degree
in Archival Studies, both from UBC.
Maureen Adams, Library Assistant 3, has been reassigned to David Lam Library from Sedgewick
Library ... Keith Bunnell is working part-time in the Humanities and Social Sciences Reference
Division ... As a result of the merging of Wilson Recording Collection circulation services with
Sedgewick Library, Karen Dickson has been transferred to the Law Library.
Erik de Bruijn, Assistant University Librarian for Administrative Services, has extended his leave
until April 1,1994. During his leave, Vivian Anderson, seconded from the Human Resources Dept.,
will be working half-time in the Librarian's Office handling day-to-day personnel matters. Ann
Turner will continue to have overall responsibility for human resources.
Tony Jeffreys, Assistant University Librarian for Collections, is working Tuesdays and Thursdays
until the end of December.
ubc library bulletin page 11
4 j i
Jeanie Ku, Department of Human Resources, has left UBC to take a
new position at Vancouver Public Library. Jeanie has worked in the
Library half-time since September 1992. She was seconded from Human
Resources to work in the Librarian's Office during Erik de Bruijn's
Margaret Price has started her three-year term on the UBC Senate as
the librarians' representative ... Suzanne Dodson has been elected
Chair of the University Health and Safety Committee ... Brenda
Peterson has been appointed to the Provost's Committee on
Multiculturalism and with Hilde Colenbrander is on the 1993/94
executive of the UBC Academic Women's Association.
Colleen Ho, LAI, MacMillan Library
Helen Moore, LAI, Special Collections
Jeannie Lo, Research Asst/Tech 2, Data Library
Catherine Howett, LAI, Woodward Library
Thomas Long, LA2, St Paul's Hospital Library
Lynne Trudeau, LAI, St Paul's Hospital Library
Martha Mcintosh, Sessional LAI, Law Library
Maureen Mahoney, LAI, Special Collections
Katie Eliot, Sec4, Administration
David Brydon, Sessional LA2, Sedgewick Library
Theresa Andrews, Research Asst/Tech4, Crane Library
Toshi Aoki, LA2, Catalogue Division
Karen Dickson, LA2, Law
Maureen Adams, LA3, Lam
Wayne MacKay, LAI, Circulation
Catherine Martell, LAI, St Paul's Hospital Library
David Thomas, LA2, St Paul's Hospital Library
Steve Lindsay, LAI, Woodward Library
Mary Oh, LAI, MacMillan Library
Jana Tyner, Sec4, Administration
Anna Wilkinson, LAI, Special Collections
Karen Webb, Sessional LAI, Law Library
Kevin Gillard, Sessional LA2, Sedgewick Library
Fiona Yu, LAI, Education Library
Cindy Swoveland, HSSD & Education Library
Carol Gordon, Extension & Sedgewick Libraries
ubc library bulletin page 12
Library and United Way Winners Again!
Library award winners in the United Way's 1992 campaign were:
* GOLD Administration, Gifts & Exchanges Division, Map Library,
and Sedgewick Library.
ir BRONZE Interlibrary Loan Division, Music Library, Special
Collections & University Archives, and Woodward Library.
The 1993 campaign is now underway. No contribution is too small; the
need is too great.
Sci/Eng Gets Electronic IEEE/IEE Publications
For the next few months, users have free access to the full text
electronic version of IEEE/IEE publications since 1988. For more
information, please contact the Science & Engineering Division.
Union List for Provincial Archives on UBCLIB
UBC Library and the Archives Association of B.C. (AABC) have
received funding from the Provincial and Federal governments to
create a database for the B.C. Archival Union List (BCAUL). The
BCAUL database will be available on UBCLIB, the Library's online
catalogue, through terminals in the Library or via remote access.
When the project is completed in 1994, the online Union List will
include records from over 100 archival collections in the province. The
database will be an important tool for researching B.C.'s documentary
heritage and will serve as a model for the development of archival
union lists across the country.
Fine Arts Hosts International Meeting
UBC Fine Arts Library is known as one of the finest and largest art
libraries in Canada. On September 18th, staff in Fine Arts hosted a
meeting of the Art Libraries of North America. Art librarians from as
far away as Phoenix and Toronto viewed firsthand the special features
of the Library as well as demonstrations of resources available on the
Internet and SASKIA.
Visiting Scholar From China
Dr. Ji-jun Guo, a faculty member with the China Medical University
Library in Shenyang, will be a Visiting Scholar in the Life Sciences
libraries from January 1 through June 30, 1994. Approved by Dr.
William Webber, Associate Vice President Academic, the Visiting
Scholar term appointment will give Dr. Guo an opportunity to study
our library services and systems. Johann van Reenen will act as Dr.
Guo's sponsor during his visit to UBC.
Endowed Library Chairs
The Library has received funding from the University's Classroom
Equipment Enhancement Fund to purchase 85 new study chairs for
Woodward Library and to replace the seats on 650 chairs in
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