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UBC Library News Nov 30, 1994

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new series no. 38/ november 1994
UBCLIB - More Than Just a Library Catalogue
The Library has added many new
features to UBCLIB, the Library's
online catalogue. Now, as well as the
Library's collections, UBCLIB gives
direct access to many commercial
databases and services and to
campus and world-wide information
sources available on the Internet.
Other features include self-service
renewals, document delivery (both
local and commercial), printing and
downloading, and an online
suggestion box.
You can search UBCLIB from
terminals in all library locations and
by remote access from your home or
office computer. There are numerous
guides to UBCLIB available at
Library reference areas. See pages 3,
4 and 5 for more articles about new
UBCLIB features.
Campus & Library
information ,
Indexes &
Provincial union lists of
journals, newspapers,
videos, archives
Global resources
via Internet
View UBC
UBC Library holdings
^vv Dictionary
Message from the University Librarian
Like all other academic and administrative units on campus, the Library undergoes
a review every five to seven years. The Library is now preparing for a review.
The review process has two major steps: a self-study and an external review. The
self-study, now underway, includes updating the Library's Strategic Plan and
Automation Plan, identifying major accomplishments since the last review in 1955,
updating the list of environmental factors affecting Library operations and
services, surveying Library staff and users, and proposing major Library initiatives
for the next two to five years.
As part of surveying our users, selected faculty members and students will
participate in focus group discussions. These discussions are designed to provide
the Library with feedback on existing Library services and resources, user
expectations, and suggestions for future priorities and Initiatives.
Members of the Library External Review Committee will be appointed by the
University Administration in the next few months. The final Report should be
completed in 1995.
Also in this issue—
Serials costs still rising 2
More databases purchased 2
Library awarded SSHRC grant 2
Science & eng. journals anchored 2
Ground breaking for Phase 1 3
New library for Education 3
UBC Library on Gopher & WWW 3
UBCLIB has a new look 4
Passwords on UBCLIB 4
Introducing LIFE and more 4
We'll deliver articles to your office 5
Article alert via e-mail 5
Recent acquisitions in Spec. Coll 6
Archival guides & projects 6
Spinning your way: New CD-ROMs 7
Conference features electronics 7
Networked access to IEEE/IEE 7
We want to hear from you 8
Bravo Tom 8
Around the libraries
People 8 Serials Costs Still Rising
Serials costs for 1993/94 went up
by 10.2% or $450,000 over the
previous fiscal year. Increases
varied by subject area, ranging
from 7 - 8% for law, humanities
and social sciences to 11 -12% for
the sciences.
To accommodate the rise in cost
and to protect the budget for
monographs, the Library had to
cut its serials collection by 1,598
titles in June 1994, approximately
10% of the collection.
In early 1994, faculty and
librarians together determined the
serial titles to cancel. The final list
of cancelled titles can be consulted
at Woodward Library and at two
locations in Main Library:
Humanities and Social Sciences
Division and Science and
Engineering Division.
This year's cancellation was more
than twice as large as each of those
for the previous two years.
Identifying titles to cancel is
becoming increasingly difficult.
Librarians have been greatly
assisted by faculty members and
committees such as the Senate
Library Committee and the various
library advisory committees.
An even more substantial increase in
serials costs is predicted for 1994/95
due to our weak Canadian currency.
An exact serials cancellation target
will not be known until the end of the
1994/95 fiscal year, but will likely be
in the range of $400,000 to $600,000.
Librarians and faculty are predicting
that the next round will reach into
high use titles important to a
research collection. Faculty
participation in these difficult
decisions is crucial.
Janice Kreider
Coordinator of Collections
More CD-ROM and
Online Databases
The 1993/94 increase in the
collections budget of $500,000 for
electronic materials and Netinfo
allowed the Library to purchase
numerous CD-ROM and online
Using funds from the electronic
materials budget, the Library is
starting to replace printed indexes
and abstracts with their electronic
equivalents. This frees up thousands
of dollars in the serials budget,
thereby sparing many journals from
There will be an additional increase
in funding for electronic materials in
1994/95. The Library is purchasing
all seven editions of Current Contents
in electronic format and is
considering several other
interdisciplinary and discipline-
specific publications for access via
Library Awarded $26,000 SSHRC Grant
The Library has been awarded
$26,000 from the Social Sciences and
Humanities Research Council to
strengthen our research collection on
women in the nineteenth century.
The acquisition programme centres
on the condition of women in
nineteenth century Britain, as
reflected in their fiction, poetry,
diaries, and autobiographical
writings. A secondary theme focuses
on women and literature, covering
both the literary aspects of feminist
criticism and autobiography as a
literary genre.
Specific acquisitions include
microfilm of the Papers of Harriet
Martineau (1802-1876) from
Birmingham University; the Diaries
and Letters of Arthur J. Munby (1828-
1910) and Hannah Culwick (1833-1909)
from Trinity College, Cambridge;
and the Collected Writings of Geraldine
Jewsbury (1812-1880).
These acquisitions will be of interest
to a wide range of researchers at
UBC and neighbouring institutions,
and will complement and strengthen
our existing holdings in the
nineteenth century — notably, the
Colbeck Collection, our extensive
manuscript archives of the Rossetti
family, and the Arkley Collection of
Children's Literature, as well as our
excellent holdings in nineteenth-
century periodicals and microforms.
Jenny Forbes
English Language Bibliographer
Science &
Journals Anchored
The Main Library no longer circulates
science & engineering journals. The
main reason for anchoring the journals
is to improve availability for UBC
faculty and students. As well, the
Library has entered into agreements
with other libraries to deliver copies of
articles quickly in return for reciprocal
services. Our journals must be
available to support these agreements.
Journals were anchored in the Life
Sciences libraries last year.
For more information, please contact
Bonita Stableford, Head of the
Science & Engineering Division,
Main Library at 822-3826 or e-mail:
bstford@unixg.ubc.ca. Ground Breaking Ceremony for Walter C. Koerner Library
Sunshine and speeches marked the long-
awaited ground breaking ceremony for
Phase I of the new Walter C. Koerner
Library on October 15th. Designed by
Aitken Wreglesworth Associates in
association with Arthur Erickson, Phase I
will be built on the west side of the
Sedgewick Undergraduate Library.
The 17,000-square-metre structure will
have five storeys above Main Mall and
two below, connecting to Sedgewick
Library. The new and renovated space
will become a humanities and social
sciences library, merging the services and
collections of Sedgewick Library,
Humanities and Social Sciences Division,
Government Publications and Mcroforms
Division, and the Data Library.
At least two more phases are planned for
the Koerner Library. Preliminary planning is underway for the much larger
Phase II. Phase I is expected to cost $24
million. Construction should begin in
early 1995.
The Honourable Darlene Marzari, Mr. Michael Koerner, Dr. Koerner''s son, and
President David Strangway break ground for Phase I of the new Koerner Library.
A New Library for
The new Education Library is now
open. Come and have a look. Thanks
to the leadership of Dean Nancy
Sheehan, the improved library space
was built using funds from the World
War II Hut Demolition project.
The Library, designed by Joost-Bakker,
occupies two floors of a new building
to the west of the Scarf e building. The
new space allows the Education
Library to centralize most of the
education collection. Education
journals, reference works, monographs
and juvenile materials are being
transferred from Main Library. The
ERIC microfiche are now located in the
new Library along with the ONTER1S
(Ontario Education Research Information
Service) documents and the Canadian
Curriculum Guides on Microfiche. A
conference room will serve as a centre
for library instruction and for teacher
education seminars and meetings.
UBC Library Now Available on
Gopher and World Wide Web
It's midnight! You're taking the 5 am
flight to Toronto. You suddenly
remember you have several library
books due the next day.
You know you can renew books online
but can't remember how. Don't panic.
Find out by connecting to View UBC,
UBC's campus-wide information
system, via UBCLIB (use your modem
to dial 822-9600).
At UBCLIB's Main Menu, select GOP,
then item 7 (The Library). Here you
will find UBC Library guides, hours,
news items, full-text electronic
publications, links to global resources
on the Internet and more.
To find a specific publication quickly,
use the keyword search feature (item
14). For example, search the word
renew to find the guide How to Renew
a Book Online.
While you are in the Library Gopher,
try browsing some of the other menu
items. There are pointers to subject-
specific Internet resources, library
catalogues from around the world,
full-text guides to the Internet,
electronic journals and books, and
other Gopher and World Wide Web
If you have a Web browser such as
Mosaic, you can also find the Library
on the World Wide Web. The address
or Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
for the UBC Library Home Page is
The project to add information about
the Library and other information
sources on the Internet is ongoing.
Please send your suggestions for
additions to the Library Gopher/Web
to Brenda Peterson (e-mail:
brendap@unixg.ubc.ca). UBCLIB has a New Look
UBCLIB, the Library's online catalogue/information system, was upgraded this
summer. The Main Menu has been completely reorganized. New features include:
♦ direct access to periodical indexes mounted at SFU Library
(UBC Library shares the license)
♦ the Additional Files have been divided into INB Indexes: Business,
Psychology, Education and INS Indexes: Sciences, Humanities,
Social Sciences
♦ a new menu choice, BCS, containing lists of serials, newspapers, videos,
and archival holdings in selected British Columbia libraries and archives
Guides to UBCLIB are available at all library locations. Or check online via
View UBC. Select GOP at the UBCLIB Main Menu, then item 7 (The Library),
then item 3 (How to Use UBCLIB).
UBCLIB Main Menu
UBC LIBRARY books, serials, a/v. bibliographies
Information about UBC Library & UBCLIB
ver 4.1
BCS      BC serials, a/v. archives
Indexes: Business. Psychology. Education
Indexes: Sciences. Humanities, Social Sciences
Gateway: more indexes, libraries & delivery services
Gopher to View UBC: campus information & Internet resources
Password change
COMmand mode    SUGgestions    STOP
Enter your choice:
Passwords on UBCLIB
In September, the Library
implemented password control on
UBCLIB, the Library's online
catalogue/information system.
When you sign on to UBCLIB via
remote access, you are prompted for
your Library id (ten-digit number on
the front of your Library card) and
password. Your initial password is
the barcode number on the back of
your Library card. It's possible to
change your password, using the
Password Change function on the
UBCLIB Main Menu.
You are also prompted for your
password when you use some of
the circulation functions
(self-service renewals, etc.) and
document delivery.
The Library introduced passwords
to provide security and to protect
your privacy. If you have questions
about passwords or need
assistance, please ask at the Main
Library Circulation Desk.
Introducing LIFE
and more
Three more periodical indexes and
the Vancouver Regional FreeNet are
now available through UBCLIB.
Anthropological Literature (1984 -)
Indexes over 800 scholarly journals
and 200 monographic series in all
areas of anthropology. Other
related subject areas include
archaeology, linguistics and music.
It contains over 83,000 citations in
various languages and is updated
quarterly. To access this index,
enter GAT at the UBCLIB Main
Menu, then enter ARL.
Avery Index to Architectural
Periodicals (1983 -)
Indexes over 1000 architectural
journals received at Columbia
University's Avery Architectural &
Fine Arts Library. Subjects include
architectural history and design,
archaeology, interior design,
landscape architecture, historic
preservation, and urban affairs in a
variety of languages. To access this
index, enter GAT at the UBCLIB
Main Menu, then enter AVE.
LIFE (Expanded Life Sciences
Collection with Marine Biology &
Bioengineering) (1984 -)
Indexes 1,033 primary sources and
5,800 secondary sources, including
reports, books, and conference
proceedings in the medical
(non-clinical) and biological
sciences. Approximately 120,000
records are added annually and the
total database contains over 1.4
million records. To access LIFE
enter INS at the UBCLIB Main
Menu, then enter LIF.
Vancouver Regional FreeNet
The Vancouver Regional FreeNet is a
community-based service. Its
information files are created and
maintained by community
organizations in the Lower
Mainland. To access the FreeNet,
enter GAT at the UBCLIB Main
Menu, then enter VRF. We'll Deliver Articles to Your Office
Need more time for reading? Had
your fill of photocopying? You can
now have books, articles,
microforms, and other UBC
Library materials retrieved from
the stacks and either held for pickup at the library location of your
choice or sent to you via fax or
campus mail.
This new fee-based service is
available to all UBC faculty, staff,
and students who have valid
library cards.
♦ Requests received by 1:00 pm
are processed by 1:00 pm the
next day, Monday to Friday.
♦ Delivery by fax takes 24 hours.
♦ Delivery by campus mail takes
2 to 3 days.
♦ Items requested for pick-up are
normally available within 24
hours and are held for you for
3 days.
It's easy to request materials.
You can order material for
pick-up or delivery through
UBCLIB, the Library's online
catalogue. UBCLIB is available
from terminals in the Library or
via remote access.
Look up the book or journal
you want on UBCLIB, enter req
and then follow the instructions
on the screen to order it. You
can also fax requests to the
Library using Document Delivery
Request Forms, available at all
Library service desks.
For more detailed information
about ordering materials, ask at
any Library service desk or call
822-2519. Or consult the
publication How to Use
Document Delivery.
How much do requests cost?
Book retrieval from stacks for pick-up
Articles (up to 30 pages) photocopied for pick-up
*You will be charged for items ordered, but not picked up.
Book retrieval & delivery on campus
Articles (up to 30 pages) photocopied & delivered
by fax or campus mail
$5 /article*
$5 /item
Payment is made by cash or cheque, or you can be billed later.
Article Alert
via E-Mail
Don't have time to browse
current journals? Try REVEAL, an
exciting new service available
from Uncover. Uncover is a
commercial index and document
delivery service indexing more
than 15,000 journals in a variety
of disciplines.
Uncover has been available
through Gateway on UBCLIB
since 1993. Faculty, staff, and
students with e-mail addresses
can now subscribe to REVEAL, a
free table-of-contents service.
It's easy to subscribe
Go to Uncover through Gateway on
UBCLIB's Main Menu. Create a
user profile. Look up each journal
title you are interested in. Then
choose REVEAL. You can attach up
to 100 journal titles to your profile.
When the next issue of any of your
titles is entered into Uncover, the
table of contents is automatically
e-mailed to you. There is no fee for
this service.
Full-text is an option
If you wish, the full-text of most
articles can be faxed from Uncover
for the displayed fee. Or check
the Serials file on UBCLIB to see
if the Library has the journal.
Instead of going to the Library to
read it, you can order a copy to
be mailed or faxed to you for a
fee, via the Library's Document
Delivery Service.
For more information about
Uncover, REVEAL or document
delivery, ask a librarian. You can
also access documentation about
REVEAL on View UBC. From the
UBCLIB Main Menu, choose GOP,
then item 7 (The Library), then item
5 (What's new).
Julie Stevens
Undergraduate Library Services We Want to Hear from You
In order to encourage
communication between faculty
members and the Library, there is
a liaison librarian for each
academic department or
programme. Liaison librarians
have subject expertise and
familiarity with information
resources, both electronic and print.
Liaison librarians provide:
♦ class instruction on research
methods, using electronic
and print materials
♦ information about the Library's
collection policies
♦ personal consultation on
information resources, including
those on the Internet, which support
your teaching and research
Liaison librarians would like to hear
from you about:
♦ teaching and research
priorities, including new courses
♦ suggestions for new acquisitions
♦ your needs for library resources
and services
♦ departmental meetings
The publication Guide to Library
Contacts lists librarians' e-mail
addresses and telephone numbers.
The Guide is on View UBC - choose
GOP via UBCLIB, then item 7 (The
Library), item 2 (About the Library),
and item 8 (Reference librarians). Or
telephone the appropriate Library
branch or division.
Bravo Tom!
In May, Tom Shorthouse, Head of
Law Library, was awarded the
U.B.C. President's Service Award for
Excellence. The Faculty of Law
nominated Tom for his long-term
dedication and willingness to go
beyond the call of duty.
In addition, the Canadian
Association of Law Libraries
recognized Tom for his influential
and intelligent contribution to
Canadian law librarianship by
awarding him the Carswell/Sweet &
Maxwell Exchange. The holder of the
Exchange is the official
representative from Canada at the
Meeting of the British and Irish
Association of Law Librarians.
For 28 years the Library has enjoyed
Tom's straighforward manner,
genuine kindness and lively wit. We
are very pleased to see him
Two long-time librarians retired
from the Library at the end of June.
Graham Elliston was first hired in
1961 as a Catalogue Librarian and
was appointed Head of the Gifts &
Exchanges Division in 1973 ...
Helen Mayoh started working as a
Science Reference Librarian in 1975
and continued in this position until
her retirement.
Patrick Dunn has been appointed
Acting Head of the Interlibrary
Loan Division for a two-year period
... Margaret Friesen has been
seconded for the period July 1, 1994
to June 30, 1996 to work as the
Collections Reorganization Project
Coordinator and Staff Development
and Training Coordinator...
Kathryn Hornby has a temporary
appointment in the Woodward
Biomedical Library as a Reference
Librarian ... Kevin Lindstrom has
been appointed Reference and
Outreach Librarian in the Science &
Engineering Division, Main Library
... Barbara Trip, Librarian for the
Vancouver General Hospital School
of Nursing, is now working out of
the UBC Biomedical Branch Library
at Vancouver Hospital and Health
Sciences Centre.
Editor:   Brenda Peterson
Design:  Merry Meredith
Basil Stuart-Stubbs
c/o Brenda Peterson
Sedgewick Library
University of British Columbia Library
issn 0382-0661
printed on recycled paper


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