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Nursing Today Apr 1, 1985

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Another year is nearly complete and I would like to take this
opportunity to thank faculty, staff and others associated with
the school for their contributions to the many activities
involved in maintaining the School's strength and stability.
I also want to thank the many faculty who have given extra
time this year to special assignments and committees and to
assisting in the exploration of ways in which the School can
carry out its activities more efficiently and effectively.
We have many reasons to be proud, not the least of which are
the more than 140 baccalaureate and 5 master's graduates who will
complete the program in May and begin making a variety of contributions in the health care system.
These are trying times for all, but also times of opportunity
and challenge. I hope we will continue to address the problems
together and to support one another and the School.
— Marilyn D. Willman, RN, PhD
Director of the School
More than 150 nursing educators, representing every school of
nursing in the province, attended the Nursing Education
Conference held March 2, 1985. UBC Nursing faculty served as the
core organizing group of this important one-day conference that
met to discuss common interests and issues surrounding the future
of nursing education in the province. Thirty-five nursing
faculty and 17 graduate students from UBC attended.
Norma Murphy, Project Coordinator for Entry to Practice for
the Canadian Nurses Association, gave the keynote address.
Presentations were made by faculty members from the colleges and
During the conference, delegates formed into workgroups and
raised several points of concern common to schools of nursing
throughout the province.
School of Nursing
University of British Columbia
IRC 338, 2194 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, B.C.   V6T 1W5
Glennis Zilm, editor
Volume 6, Number 4
April 1985
Page 1 page 2
Roberta Hewat, one of the conference organizers, said the
most important aspect was the communication links formed ...for all
the nursing educators. Those who attended recommended that such
conferences be held on a regular basis.
An Indo-Canadian Women's Health Project, for which Pamela
Thompson, Instructor in the School of Nursing, is principal
investigator, has received two grants totalling $49,000. The
grants include $40,000 from the Health Promotion Directorate,
Health and Welfare Canada, and $9,000 from the Dynacorp Research
Corporation in Vancouver. The project was planned in conjunction
with the Immigrant Services Society.
The project will develop, implement and evaluate a health
education program for Indo-Canadian women. The women will be
tested before and after an eight-week, 16-session education
program and again after three months to find out how much of the
health teaching is retained.
The research follows earlier studies by Ms. Thompson to find
out whether there was a need for health teaching for immigrant
women and which groups might benefit most. The proposed
educational program will feature health promotion, nutrition and
child care and will be offered in Punjabi. A self-help health
teaching booklet is also to be developed and printed in Punjabi
as part of the project.
Planning stages began in January, with the main part of the
program to be given in early summer, Ms. Thompson said. Data
collection will be completed in October.
Roberta Hewat and Donelda Ellis, both of the UBC faculty, are
the first winners of the Sheena Davidson Nursing Resarch Grant.
The $2,000 award was announced on March 8, 1985.
The title of their proposed study is "A Comparison of the
Effectiveness of Two Modes of Breast Hygiene on the Pathogen
Content of Expressed Breast Milk." It will be carried out this
The Sheena Davidson Nursing Research Fund was established in
memory of a much-loved and respected member of the School of
Nursing faculty who was killed in a motor vehicle accident in
December 1980. Strong support for the fund was given by the
School of Nursing and the Nursing Alumni Division. The fund is
administered through the UBC Alumni Division.
Last fall the fund reached its goal of $20,000 and interest
from this money will be used to finance an annual grant for
research in maternal/child nursing and for study of issues
related to childbearing or early childrearing periods. page 3
The theme for the Western Region meeting of the"'Canadian
Association of University Schools of Nursing will be "Innovation
in Nursing Education: The Imaginative Future." The UBC School of
Nursing will host the meeting, which will be held at UBC in
February 1986.
Cheryl Entwistle is serving as UBC Member-at-Large and
attended the meeting in Edmonton this past February to issue the
official invitation to CAUSN members.
During the last decade, university schools have tried to
strengthen the scientific and academic foundations of nursing and
are now poised for another important step, she said. They now
must address the specific and significant forces of change that
are pressing on the Western World.
These include changes in demographic patterns, realities of
scarce economic resources, explosions in technology and
information and rise of autonomy and independence in the nursing
role, she said. A call for papers will be issued early in the
fall, but nurse authors and researchers are urged to think now
about how to best present information on these "imaginative
All UBC Nursing faculty are urged to join CAUSN and take part
in the local group's activities. Membership in CAUSN includes a
subscription to Nursing Papers, the only nursing research journal
to be published in Canada. UBC meetings are held at noon of the
first Thursday of each month.
Dr. Peter Grantham of the UBC Department of Family Practice
will be the speaker at this year's "Reunion Dinner" of the
UBC School of Nursing Alumni. The dinner will be held on May 16
at the Graduate Student Centre on campus; dinner is at 6:30 p.m.
with a no-host social hour to start at 5:30.
Graduates of the Class of 1925 will be honored guests at the
dinner. Graduates celebrating the 50th, 40th and 25th
anniversaries will also be recognized at the event.
Faculty members are reminded that they are considered Alumni
of the School and that this is an excellent opportunity to meet
graduates of the program. This year, graduates attending may
bring a guest as well. Reservations for the dinner can be made
by calling Liz Owens at the Alumni Office, Cecil Green Park at
The UBC BSN Outreach program has had a most successful year.
To date, 101 students have applied to take courses by Outreach
for credit toward a BSN. Some are doing make-up courses to be
eligible for admission; some are full-time or part-time students
enrolled in the winter sessions but taking additional courses
through Outreach during the year.  As well, nurses and others are page 4
taking the BSN Outreach courses for professional development.
Students working toward a BSN may now complete up to 20.5 of
the required 38.5 units without being enrolled on campCfs during
the regular winter sessions.
N305-Professional Issues I is the latest course to be
completed and it will be offered for the first time this summer.
Mary Regester and Janet Ericksen have developed this course and
will be the tutors for it.
N302-The Nursing Process is also being developed, with a
target date of January 1986 for presentation. Ada Butler, JoAnn
Perry, Sally Thorne, Linda Hughes and Leslie Redman are the
course authors. Potential students are being advised to complete
as many electives and non-clinical courses as possible before
enrolling in N302 as the 5-year completion date for the program
begins with admission to N302.
Special thanks are due to Janet Ericksen, Kirsten Hyde and
Mary Regester, who have devoted a great deal of time in
developing N305, N405 and N406 and acting as tutors when these
courses are offered. These authors have been innovative and
creative in pioneering courses for Outreach.
— Olive Simpson
Director, BSN Outreach
Continuing Nursing Education has once again had a busy year,
with 9 short courses being offered, many of them in various
centres around the province as well as in the Lower Mainland
area. These short-term courses have ranged from the use of
computers in nursing to workshops introducing the latest research
in maternal/child care to workshops on improving writing skills
for those in nursing management positions.
In addition, the Critical Care Nursing programs proved again
extremely popular and programs were completed in Prince George,
Kelowna, Kamloops and Vancouver. The most frequently requested
program has been Critical Care Level I — Hospital Implemented.
This program provides nurses living outside the Lower Mainland
with an opportunity to take the course, classroom sessions and
clinical experience in their own agency. Consultation and
program materials are provided by UBC on a contract basis.
In Vancouver, the Level I part-time evening program continues
to be filled to capacity. In addition the Level II, or advanced
portion of the course, is now being offered on a regular basis.
Last year, this curriculum was redesigned using the UBC Model for
Nursing. The program allows nurses to work during certain phases
and is therefore more affordable for those now working in
critical care. Marilyn Porter coordinates the Critical Care
programs with Lorna Wood as instructor and Pamela Miller as
part-time evening instructor.
Continuing Nursing Education has also been involved this year
in presenting lectures and workshops by visiting scholars on
campus. Two still to come include: Dr. Lorraine Wright and Dr.
Maureen Leahey of the University of Calgary, authors of Nurses
and Families: A Guide to Family Assessment and Intervention, who page 5
will present a two-day workshop May 26-27 on Family Interviewing
Skills; and Dr. Greg Stoddard and Ms. Roberta Labelle of the
University of McMaster will present a one-day workshop May 6 on
Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programs. This latter program
is co-sponsored with the UBC Health Care and Epidemiology Alumni
— Louise Tenn, Director
Continuing Nursing Education
On March 15, the BSN graduating class celebrated the
completion of the program with a buffet dinner and dance at the
Four Seasons Hotel. Fantastic food, entertaining speeches and
excellent company helped make the evening very special for all.
The event was attended by Dr. Marilyn Willman, Director of the
School, and by Dr. Axel Meisen, Dean Designate of Applied
Science, and Mrs. Meisen. Faculty members Barbara Milne and Jan
Walker were guest speakers and delivered entertaining speeches
that also gave encouragement for our future careers in nursing.
This year, the graduating class encouraged students to invite
family and friends as well as escorts to the banquet. This
helped add to the success of the evening — and we hear that
Robyn Hunter's grandparents had a wonderful time.
Class valedictorians were Patricia Wright (RN) and Cathy
Dilworth (generic). They made us look back to all of the term
papers and stressful times in a humorous way — and we found we
could actually laugh at these experiences.
The Class of 1985 used the occasion to present a "Grad Gift"
to the School. Dr. Willman accepted a gift of a cassette
recorder for the Learning Centre.
— Katrina Bardos
4th year class president
On a snowy Saturday morning in early February, 75 people
crowded into a nursing classroom to hear Keynote Speaker Mary Ann
Morris of Oxfam talk about the Oxfam Third World Health Project
and the World Health Organization's goal of "Health for all by
the Year 2000."
The UBC chapter of the Canadian University Nursing Students'
Association (CUNSA) co-hosted, with Oxfam, the day-long
conference. Participants were student and faculty from several
health disciplines on campus as well as health workers and
interested people from the community.
Nine workshops were offered. These included: "Nicaragua as a
Case Study in Health for all by the Year 2000" by Marilyn
Mardiros, assistant professor of nursing, UBC; "Healthy
Business," a video and discussion on pharmaceuticals lead by Jan
Thiessen, MSN student; "Health Professionals' Role in Disarmament," by Isobel McDonald, BSN student; and "Infant Nutrition in
South Africa," by Nora Whyte, MSN student. page 6
Following the workshops, participants divided into small
groups to discuss ways to translate information into strategies
for action. These strategies — which included a recommendation
for another similar conference — were reported at a final
plenary session.
— Isobel McDonald
UBC CUNSA Delegate
Joan Anderson will give the keynote address, "Trends in
Nursing Research," at the 3rd Annual Nursing Research Workshop to
be held Saturday, April 20, 1985. The conference, sponsored by
the Nursing Research Interest Group of the Registered Nurses'
Association of B.C., will also include a presentation by Ruth
Elliott and will be chaired by Kathleen Simpson.
Connie Canam was one of the major presenters at "Teenage
Parenting in the 80s: Choices and Skills," a conference for
teens, parents of teens and community workers held in Vancouver
February 22-24, 1985. She presented a workshop on setting up a
"Peer Helper" program for professionals who work with teens,
another for teens themselves on becoming peer helpers and a
full-day workshop on sexuality open to all registrants. The
conference was sponsored by the YUCA BC Task Force on Teenage
Pregnancy and Parenthood.
Donelda Ellis presented a paper  on  "How Pediatricians  Can
Help Mothers Succeed with  Breastfeeding"  at the  North  Pacific
Pediatric Society Conference held in Vancouver on March  8,  1985.
The conference was attended by some 150 pediatricians from
Washington, Oregon, Alberta and B.C.
Cheryl Entwistle, Carolyn Iker, Louise  Tenn  and  Jan Walker
were faculty representatives at a special School of Nursing
display set up as part of the "Nursing Fair" at a major shopping
mall in North Vancouver March 9, 1985. The Nursing Fair was
sponsored by the North Shore Chapter of the RNABC.
Clarissa Green was both a speaker and a workshop facilitator
at the special interdisciplinary conference on "Promoting Health
Care: Can We Afford Not To?" held on Friday, February 22, 1985 on
the UBC campus. The two-day conference was sponsored by
Continuing Education in the Health Sciences.
Roberta Hewat has been appointed by the Board of Directors  of
the  Registered  Nurses'  Association of   B.C.   to   represent
university schools of nursing on the Association's "Entry to
Practice Committee."
Four UBC faculty —  Elizabeth  Johnson,  Gary  Johnson,  Judy
Oliver and Mark Starr — will present a two-day workshop on
"Computers in Nursing: A Beginning"on May 31 and June 1, 1085.
The workshop, which is sponsored by Continuing Nursing Education,
is open to nurses throughout the province. page   7
Computer Assisted Learning (CAI) has gradually
been added to the School of Nursing undergraduate
curriculum during this academic year and is now a
useful and accepted part of the basic program.
More than half the members of the first year class
have used "Gericalc" to evaluate their ability to calculate
medication dosages. Their reports indicate that they not only
favor CAI over other instructional methods for this content but
also that they would like more such CAI materials.
Second year students use "Medcalc" and "Regulating IV Rates
of Flow" for practice or for remedial work in making accurate
calculations of medication doses.
An interactive video program called "Crisis Intervention with
Families" is being used this Spring with a number of third year
students to assist them in learning ways to intervene with
families and assess their methods through trial and error without
detriment to families.
Fourth year students are encouraged to take advantage of the
program "Nursestar." This computer-generated selection of
questions from the RN exams sponsored by the US-based National
League for Nursing should be helpful for those preparing for the
forthcoming Canadian examinations as well.
— Judy Oliver
Learning Centre
DONELDA J. ELLIS. "Breastfeeding Attitudes and Beliefs of an
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Breastfeeding Mothers?" Breastfeeding Review (No. 5), December
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CAROL JILLINGS. "The Experience of Acute Illness: Impact on
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M.J. Stewart, J.E. Innes, SARAH SEARL and C. L. Smillie
(eds.). Community Nursing in Canada. Agincourt, Ont., Gage,
Saturday, April 20, 1985 — 3rd Annual Nursing Research
Workshop, sponsored by the Nursing Research Interest Group of the
RNABC. Keynote speaker is Joan Anderson of the UBC School of
Nursing on "Trends in Nursing Research." Fee. Further
information from NRIG or through Margaret Klinger at 228-7439.
Monday, April 22, 1985 — Meeting of the Lab Educators of
B.C. at 1330 hours at Douglas College. Anyone wishing further
information should call Cheryl Entwistle at 228-7449.
Friday, May 10, 1985 — UBC Nursing  Research Day.   The  UBC
School of Nursing is sponsoring its second annual "research  day"
to offer health professionals  and  students  an opportunity  to
learn of research projects  being  carried  out by UBC  Nursing
faculty and MSN students.  The day is open to all and there is  no
fee although prior registration is  required  so rooms  can been
booked.  For information, call Joy Winkler at 228-7430.
May 31-June 1, 1985 — "Computers in Nursing: A Beginning."
A two-day workshop presented by UBC Continuing Nursing Education
at the UBC School of Nursing. Program faculty are Elizabeth
Johnson, Gary Johnson, Judy Oliver and Mark Starr. For further
information call Continuing Nursing Education at 228-3055.
This will be the last issue of Nursing Today for an
indefinite period. The editor, Glennis Zilm, left the faculty at
the end of March and the School's financial resources will have
to be devoted to its teaching programs. The positive response to
the newsletter has been gratifying. We will try to keep our
readers informed of School and faculty activities in other ways.


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