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Nursing Today Dec 1, 1982

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The 1982-83 academic year will prove
a busy one for School of Nursing faculty
engaged in research. Seven new grants
have been awarded this fall, five of them
to faculty members who have just joined
the School.
ELAINE CARTY has received a total of
$50,000 from the Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Woodward Foundation and from the Vancouver
Foundation for a major study " An Evaluation of an Early Discharge Programme in a
Tertiary Care Maternity Hospital."
have received a new $800 UBC Humanities
and Social Sciences grant for the design
of an evaluation tool for measuring clinical  teaching effectiveness.
Five new faculty have been awarded
Humanities and Social Science grants for
projects to be carried out during their
first year at UBC.    These are:
CONNIE CANAM — Communication patterns
Infamilies of a child with cancer
JUDY LYNAM — Immigrant women's descriptions of their needs and perceptions
MARILYN MARDIR0S ~ Cross-cultural comparison of factors Influencing parents of disabled children
BARBARA J. MILNE — Stress management
program for inflammatory bowel disease patients
HELEN NISKALA — Effects of participation
in a home cardiac rehabilitation
In addition to these seven new projects, other funded research underway in
the School of Nursing includes:
CLARISSA GREEN — Family Reaction to the
diagnosis and treatment of cancer
feeding project
ROBERTA J. HEWAT — Relationship of anxiety and performance in first-year
nursing studenlf?^.
DANIEL JONES — Career patterns of baccalaureate nursing students
KATHLEEN SIMPSON ~ Stress and coping
mechanisms and their effect on genital  herpes
NANCY WELLS -- Systematic relaxation
techniques for surgical/jjjitjents
DONELDA ELLIS — Secondaryyfjudents' beliefs and atti tudes-^bout breastfeeding
HILTON — Adaptation of patients to
self home blood glucose monitoring
and subsequent changes in diabetic
control and lifestyle
Hospital related stress in parents
of children with cancer
MAUREEN MURPHY and JO-ANN PERRY — Confusion in the older adult: An assessment of its impact
LEE HEARN and JUDY MOGAN — Obesity and
infant feeding behavior
School  of Nursing
University of British Columbia
IRC 338, 2194 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver,  B.C.    V6T 1W5
Glennis Zilm, editor
Vol. 4, No. 3
December 1982 ROBERTA HEWAT — Development of an instrument to assess women's attitudes
to mode of delivery
WINIFRED MILLS — Pain attitudes in nursing students 1«
JUDY MOGAN  — Effects  of  contiguity  between   learning   and   administration^ /
of medication by injection
In addition to these grants, SHIRLEY
BRANDT in the Division of Continuing
Nursing Education is administering three
funded programs: Critical Care Nursing
for/^Npn-Metropolitan Based Nurses, A
Fea^sbdity Study to Determine Need for
RegTtfnal Instructors for Clinical Satellite Telecourses, and Preparation of a
Portable Educational Program from a Videotaped Satellite Program.
The UBC School of Nursing will host
the annual meeting of the Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing
June 1-4, 1983 on the UBC campus. The
meeting will be held in conjunction with
the meetings of the other Learned Societies.
Professor Patricia Valentine heads a
committee of Win Mills, Ray Thompson and
Janet Knox in planning for the event.
Theme is "Fashioning the Future."
CAUSN members have been asked to submit
abstracts for consideration in the planning of the conference program.
"Nurse educators need to work closely with colleagues to consider education
programs to prepare nurses for the future," Prof. Valentine said. She hopes
CAUSN members will submit a variety of
innovative Ideas for consideration.
Planning for the conference is just
beginning and further details will be announced later. Meantime mark you calendars. UBC faculty are hosts and everyone
should plan to attend.
One of Canada's best-known nurses,
Verna Splane, has joined the UBC School
of Nursing faculty on a part-time basis
for the Spring term. She will be teaching N. 546, "Nursing and the Delivery of
Health Care" starting in January.
Mrs. Splane recently completed a second four-year term as vice-president of
the    International    Council    of    Nurses.
This year's recipient of the Canadian
Nurses Association Special Award, she
moved to British Columbia in 1973 after a
five-year appointment as Principal Nursing Officer with the Department of National Health and Welfare in Ottawa. She
served as a special lecturer in the
School  of Nursing from 1974 to 1977.
For the last 20 years she has been a
Consultant to the World Health Organization and has served in many countries.
She also recently completed a term as
chair of the National Health Committee of
the Canadian Red Cross and she was recently elected a member of the executive
of the International Social Service,
which meets twice a year in Geneva.
She holds a Bachelor of Science from
Columbia University and a Master of Public Health from the University of Michigan. She was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws by Queen's University in
The UBC School of Nursing Learning
Centre continues to attract visitors who
wish to see the laboratory and audiovisual facilities available for students.
The Centre has earned a reputation^for
innovations for student learning /across,
^—-""During October Dr. Joanne Scholdra,
director, and Wendy Pickett, faculty member, both of the new University of Leth-
bridge School of Nursing toured the
School and examined our resources to assist them in planning their proposed facilities.
As well, Tilly Bara, director of
staff development, and Trudy Staley and
Nancy Clark, medical-surgical instructors, from Vancouver General Hospital
visited the Centre. They also reviewed
the audiovisual resources available here
for possible use in their educational
In addition to offering short
courses and conferences and satellite
programs, the UBC Division of Continuing
Nursing Education offers several post-
basic and post-graduate nursing programs. The first was the post-graduate program in Critical Care Nursing, which was
developed in response to the acute shortage of adequately prepared critical care
nurses. The program is comprised of two
parts - Level I and Level II. The Level
I program is designed to prepare the
nurse to enter the field of critical care
nursing. The program was jointly developed by the UBC Division of Continuing
Nursing Education and Vancouver Community
College, Langara Campus. UBC has the
primary responsibility to present the
program to nurses in the interior regions
of British Columbia. The Level II program has been designed to supplement the
course content of the Level I critical
care program. It expands on the concepts
previously presented and the advanced
theory necessary to nurse the patient In
multisystem failure. The Level I and II
programs together are equivalent to a
six-moth post-graduate course in nursing.
The Division will be offering three
Level I programs in 1983 and the next
Level  II program will  start in January.
The Division also offers a post-
basic program in Inservice Education, a
five-part program being presented in its
third cycle in 1982-83. To date, 20
nurses have completed the program and
more than 50 others have participated in
one or more of the program's five parts.
The post-graduate program in Hospital Infection Control 1s now in its second year. This program consists of independent study, classroom study, field
work and a study project. The present
class has students enrolled from the
lower Vancouver mainland, from the interior regions of British Columbia, and from
the provinces of Alberta and Manitoba.
The post-graduate program in Long
Term Continuing Care is also in Its second year. It contains some of the elements of the other programs - independent
study, classroom study and clinical practice. In addition it also has a management/leadership practicum.
The newest post-graduate program to
be offered by the Division will be presented for the first time this spring.
This program 1n Clinical Psychiatric
Nursing consists of both Level I and
Level II courses and is unique in that it
provides for a home-based preceptorship.
For   more   information   concerning   these
programs, contact:
Shirley L.  Brandt, R.N., M.A.
Assistant Professor and Director
Continuing Nursing Education
At the meeting of the Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing Council in Montreal November 10-11,
it was proposed that a conference on master's nursing programs should be held.
The idea was suggested by Margaret McLean
of Memorial University, who said she
would welcome exchange of information directly related to master's programs at a
special conference to be held within the
next year.
It was suggested that this special
meeting be held in conjunction with the
national annual meeting of CAUSN, which
is to be held on the UBC campus in June
1983. DR. MARILYN WILLMAN, Director of
the UBC School of Nursing, agreed to look
into the proposal and to obtain additional information from council members before setting a date and planning a program.
In other business, the council supported the Canadian Nurses Association's
background paper on nursing research in
Canada and an update was presented on the
CAUSN accreditation program.
As well, constitutional changes proposed last year by the Western Region
CAUSN and presented to the meeting by WIN
MILLS of UBC were ratified by all other
regions. These will now be included in
the CAUSN constitution.
During the meeting president Joan
Gilchrist of McGill took office from retiring president Amy Zelmer of the University of Alberta. A gift of flowers
and a donation to the Canadian Nurses
Foundation in her name was presented to
Dr. Zelmer during the ceremonies.
Elected to the position of president-elect was Marie France Thibeadeau of
the University of Montreal. Secretary is
Una Ridley of the University of Saskatchewan and treasurer is Lynette Mensah of
The University of British Columbia
School of Nursing has arranged to accept
transfer credit for the Open Learning In- stitute's course called "Understanding
Research in Nursing" (Course #APST 450).
With permission from the School of Nursing enrol lees may have this credited as
equivalent to "Introduction to Nursing
Research" (NURS 304).
OLIVE SIMPSON, director of the Outreach Program for registered nurses, said
this is the first nursing course offered
by OLI that has been approved by the
School of Nursing for transfer credit.
"Athabasca University in Alberta developed this course for use in the baccalaureate programs in that province,"
Prof. Simpson said. "The University of
Victoria also has already arranged to accept it as a transfer course in its nursing program. Registered nurses planning
to return for their baccalaureate degree
can thus take some of their courses by
distance learning."
Pearson Hospital, Vancouver, has
joined the ranks of "satisfied agencies"
that have used UBC student nurses as
health care workers for vacation relief.
. A letter from B.J. Deans, Director
of Nursing, says that the students' performance was "excellent."
"They demonstrated good knowledge
while performing on a non-professional
level without creating any problems with
non-professional staff," she said in a
letter to Dr. Marilyn Willman, Director
of the School.
"The patients enjoyed their fresh,
enthusiastic approach," she said, adding,
"It has been a real pleasure to have them
and we are looking forward to again hiring student nurses in 1983."
During the last few weeks, students
have shown an increased interest in and
use of the facilities in the Centre.
Faculty and Learning Centre Staff were
kept especially busy during the nursing
skills "Blitz Week." Apart from the many
hours of "open practice," during this
week 380 students attended a scheduled
lab session of one type or another.
Several new audiovisual programs and
equipment have been purchased and are expected to serve as effective teaching
aids  is well   as   tools   for   independent
study.    For a complete  list,  please drop
into the Centre.
New A-V Media
An Active Partnership (American
Heart Association, in cooperation with
Stanford University School of Medicine,
cl980). These seven slide-tape programs,
each of about 25 minutes, show a client's
active involvement in a cardiac recovery
and rehabilitation program.
Parents at Risk (Williams and Ledger
Ltd., 1981). A self-directed-1earning
manual assists the student to acquire
knowledge and skill in assessment, preventive intervention and community follow-up activities for high-risk perinatal
parents. A 25-minute videotape accompanies the print material and illustrates
normal and abnormal parenting practices
in labor-delivery-postpartum clinical
settings. Nursing assessment and intervention is emphasized.
Physical Assessment: Neurological
System (Concept Media, 1982). A series
of seven filmstrips-and-tapes, each about
20 minutes, teaches underlying principles
and specific procedures for assessing the
neurological  system.
Teaching Aids
1 Dukane-mini-matic Sound Filmstrip
Projector (ideal for faculty use as it is
portable and can be taken to your office)
2 Singer Stack-type Slide Changers
(to convert filmstrip projector into a
slide projector)
1 Diplomat Screen 50 " x 50" (for
projection purposes)
1 Simulated Crash Cart (almost fully
Remi nder
T 186 is being converted into a pediatric practice area. Contributions of
toys or decorations would be greatly appreciated.
-- Cheryl Entwistle
Co-ordinator, Learning Centre
CONNIE CANAM was one of the speakers
at the annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Pediatric Hospitals in Sept- ember. Her paper was on "Ethical Rights
of Adolescents." The meeting was attended by physicians and hospital administrators from across Canada. About 30
registrants attended the session on legal
and moral rights of patients, during
which the paper was presented.
BETTY CHARNAW has taken on the job
of Chairman of the Open House Planning
Committee, a sub-committee of the Public
Relations and Information Services Committee.
Apologies to JENNIFER CHUNG for misspelling her name 1n the "In Print" column in the October issue.
MARY CRUISE, former Associate Professor, School of Nursing, and Director,
Extended Care Unit, Health Sciences Centre Hospital, has been selected as the
Canadian Nurses Association's nominee for
the 1983 3M International Council of
Nurses Fellowship. She is one of the
candidates put forward by the 95 ICN member countries for one of three 3M
Professor Emerita HELEN GEMEROY was
In Ontario in early October as a surveyor
for the Canadian Council on Hospital Accreditation. A recent letter from Dr.
Gemeroy brought us up to date on her "active retirement" 1n Victoria.
CLARISSA GREEN was a member of the
faculty for the National Symposium of
Nursing Research held in San Francisco
November 18-20, 1982. Her poster presentation on her research with families of
cancer patients was well received. DR.
HELEN NISKALA also attended the three-day
conference, which was titled "Advancing
Clinical Practice in the 80s."
ANN HILTON's research project on
Blood Glucose Monitoring Measures was a
featured display among seven UBC booths
at this year's Discovery Fair held in
Robson Square October 20-28. Discovery
Fair is a provincially sponsored display
of current research and development projects from throughout the province. Each
year the University takes part, but this
is the first year that the School of
Nursing participated.
GLORIA JOACHIM has been elected
president of the Vancouver Chapter of the
Canadian Foundation for Ileitis and Colitis. This national association of lay
and professional persons interested in
these bowel diseases has 26 chapters across Canada.
MARGARET KLINGER presented a paper
on "Relationship Between Health Perception and Compliance Behavior Following
Myocardial Infarction" at the annual
meeting of the Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses in Calgary 1n mid-October.
WIN MILL'S report of her study "Faculty Orientation as One Aspect of Socialization," January 1982, has been placed
in the Curriculum Room of ACU 3rd Floor
for general faculty access.
BARBARA MILNE was one of the speakers at the International Symposium on Hypertension Control in the Community held
in Tel Aviv, Israel, in early November.
Her presentation on "The Adverse Effects
of Labelling Patients Hypertensive" was
given before an audience of some 250
health professionals from around the
KATHLEEN SIMPSON will be doing a
survey of nursing staff's perceptions of
the delegation of responsibility and
authority at the Surrey Memorial Hospital
in December. She has just completed the
report on a similar study at Valleyview
Hospital carried out in August.
again put on a successful CPR Program for
faculty members wishing to up-grade their
skills 1n this area. Congratulations go
and CAROL ANN POLOWICH for successfully
completing the course. Faculty who have
not taken the course may take it when 1t
is offered again in the New Year!
"The Myth of Individuality." The
Canadian Nurse, Vol. 78, No. 10,
November 1982, pp. 49-50.
B. ANN HILTON. "Does Diabetic Control
Really Make a Difference?"  The Canadian Nurse, Vol. 78, No. 9, October 1982, pp. 49-52.
LINDA G. LEONARD. "Twin Pregnancy: Maternal-Fetal Nutrition." JOGN Nursing, Vol. 11, No. 3, May-June 1982,
pp. 139-145.
LINDA G. LEONARD. "Breast Feeding Twins:
Maternal-Infant Nutrition." JOGN
Nursing, Vol. 11, No. 3, May-June
1982, pp. 148-153.
"And Father Makes Three ..." The
Canadian Nurse, Vol. 78, No. 3,
March 1982, pp. 38-41.
HELEN NISKALA. "Problem Perception in
Home Dialysis Patients and Health
Professionals." Dialysis & Transplantation, Vol. 11, Number 11, November 1982, pp. 978-981.
MARILYN PORTER. "Bite Guard." In "Nursing Prescriptions." The Canadian
Nurse, Vol. 78, No. 10, November
1982, p. 56.
December 9, 1982
Faculty are invited to attend the
NUS Christmas Party at 4:30 pm on December 9, 1982. The party is being held in
Rooms 207-209 of the SUB.
December 15, 1982
The School of Nursing's Annual Holiday gathering for faculty and staff will
be held on Wednesday, December 15, 1982,
from 3-5 pm in Salons A & B of the Faculty Club. Special guests at this year's
reception will be MARGARET STREET and
VERNA SPLANE, in recognition of the honors accorded them this year.
December 15, 1982
The regular monthly meeting of the
RNABC Nursing Research Interest Group
will be held at 7:30 pm on December 15 at
the RNABC Offices, 2855 Arbutus. Speaker
will be Ann Taylor, Director of Prevention Programs, Vancouver Health Depart
ment. She will speak on sources of fund-'
ing for research projects. A discussion
period and a wine and cheese party will
follow. Further information may be obtained from Margaret Klinger 228-7439 or
Judy Dietrich 228-7468.
February 23-25, 1983
The annual meeting of Western Region
CAUSN will be held at the University of
Alberta from Feb. 23 to Feb. 25, 1983.
Theme of the meeting is "Baccalaureate
Nursing Education for the 80s" and the
keynote address will be delivered by Dr.
J.G. Kaplan, Vice-President Research, for
the University of Alberta. For further
information, see the School of Nursing
bulletin board, or call Janet Knox
March 11, 12 and 13, 1983
The University of British Columbia
Health Sciences Faculties and Schools
will host the UBC Open House on Friday,
March 11, 10 am to 4 pm, Saturday, March
12, 10 am to 8 pm, and Sunday, March 13,
11 am to 4 pm. The School of Nursing
will be taking part in several of the
Open House special projects as well as
presenting displays in the Instructional
Resources Centre and in the School of
Nursing. Plan to take part. Visitors
The Open House Committee would like
to borrow pre-1950 uniforms for students
to wear in an historical display during
Open House in March. Care will be taken
with the uniforms, but we would appreciate any assistance in tracking down some
of these older uniforms for show purposes. Please get in touch with Betty
Charnaw (228-7469) or Carol Ann Polowich
Faculty are reminded that Items are wel
corned for inclusion in the next issue of
Nursing Today. These should be submitted
in writing to Glennis Zilm. Deadline for
the next issue (late January) is January
11, 1983.


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