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Nursing Today Jan 1, 1984

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Four new members of the School of
Nursing faculty have been awarded Humanities and Social Sciences Grants for research projects.
The grants, which totalled $5,500, go
to faculty new to the university to encourage them to begin research during their
first year at UBC.
Grants went to the following faculty:
for a study of spinal cord-injured adolescents' perceptions of their body image and
descriptions of their levels of self-care;
KATHERINE I. McINDOE for a study of
support systems needed by people with
severe mood swings when they are In a
stable state;
CAROLE A. ROBINSON for a study of
chronically-ill preschool children's perceptions of hospitalization;
SALLY E. THORNE for a study titled
"Life after Cancer," a qualitative study of
the transition to cancer survival.
M. Ruth Elliott, currently on leave
from her position as Assistant Professor in
the School of Nursing, has been nominated
by the Canadian Nurses Association for the
prestigious 1984 3M Nursing Fellowship.
Prof. Elliott is currently enrolled in the
doctoral program at Simon Fraser
Each member country of the International Council of Nurses Is invited to
submit the name of one candidate for the
$7,500 annual grant offered by the Minne
sota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M).
Prof. Elliott has been active in a
number of national health and nursing
associations and is currently a member of
the Editorial Board of The Canadian Nurse.
The School of Nursing is planning an
all-day research conference during which
faculty involved in research will make
Invitations to the conference, planned
for May 4, 1984, will be extended to staff
from all hospitals and agencies so that
they may become more familiar with the
kinds of nursing research being carried on
at UBC.
Margaret Klinger, chairman of the
Research Committee, said a "call for
abstracts" will be circulated to all
faculty members within the next few weeks.
Further information may be obtained
from Ms. Klinger at 228-7439 or from
members of the Research Committee.
Louise Tenn, an Instructor in the
School of Nursing, has been named the
representative of the B.C. Council of the
Family to serve on the new Directorate for
Agencies for School Health (DASH).
This embryonic project is regrouping
various B.C. health agencies involved in
child and youth health education.
A recent survey sponsored by the
federal department of Health and Welfare
asked 28,095 children in Grades 4, 7 and 10
a variety of questions about health. Students in B.C., which has no provincial
guidelines for health education, scored
School of Nursing
University of British Columbia
IRC 338, 2194 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, B.C., V6T 1W5
Glennis Zilm, editor
Vol. 5, No. 3
January, 1984
Page 1 poorly, while students in Saskatchewan,
Manitoba and Nova Scotia were among the
best informed about health.
Mrs. Tenn said the provinces of
Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
have established such a directorate and the
B.C. group is presently considering the
feasibility of development of health
curricula in the B.C. schools.
Anne Wyness, Assistant Professor in
the School of Nursing, was host and moderator for a series of six one-hour programs
on "Nursing Assessment and Management of
Patients with Acute Neurological Disorders"
on the Knowledge Network this winter.
The program, which was sponsored by
the Division of Continuing Nursing Education, was co-ordinated by Margaret
Borozny, neurosurgical nurse clinician at
Vancouver General Hospital. The lecture
presentations were by nurses who work in
neurology and neurosurgical units in the
Vancouver area.
In addition to the nursing service-
education collaboration that was a keynote
of the course, there was an interdisciplinary approach through the active participation of an occupational therapist, a
physiotherapist and a speech therapist.
There were 64 registrants from all
parts of the province. As well, it seems
likely a couple of hundred nurses viewed
the satellite communications program without registering, said Shirley Brandt,
Director of the division and the Project
Director for the course. At least one
agency held classes for non-registrant
Course evaluations from the registrants showed that it was a successful and
worthwhile program.
match an offer of a $2,000 donation to the
fund if an equal amount could be raised.
Beth McCann, Professor Emerita of the
School and President of the Nursing Alumni
Division, said the Alumni volunteers had
been delighted with their successful drive.
In other Alumni Division news, Prof.
McCann reported that $350 had been raised
for the Beth McCann fund (for an award to a
graduating student each May) through sales
of Entertainment '84.
Faculty of the School are reminded
that appointment automatically confers
Alumni status. They are invited to participate in all Alumni events. The next big
event will be the Annual Dinner Meeting on
May 16 at the Grad. Centre. Mark your
calendars now!
To facilitate use of audiovisual
materials in the Learning Centre, an
annotated catalogue of all our AV resources
is being put together. Faculty will be
requested to view selected items
appropriate to the respective teams and
provide notes for the catalogue. When
complete, this annotated list will provide
a useful, on-going reference.
"Matinee Media" will resume every
second Wednesday and Thursday beginning
January 25 at 12:30 to 13:30 in T.204.
Topics of materials to be shown will be
announced on the faculty bulletin board
before the program.
The next meeting of the "Lab Educators
of B.C." will be held on Monday, January 30
at VCC Langara campus, starting at 12:30
hours. Please note changed date. Anyone
interested is welcome to attend.
Members of the UBC School of Nursing
Alumni raised $2,300 during a December
Phon-A-Thon. The money is for the Sheena
Davidson Research Fund, launched in 1981 by
friends and colleagues in memory of the
assistant professor who was killed in a
traffic accident in December 1980.
The Phon-A-Thon was held to try to
The Canadian Council of Cardiovascular
Nurses (CCCN) publishes a bulletin three
times a year. This journal is geared to
information-sharing among nurses working
with cardiovascular patients and contains
clinically-related articles, nursing care
studies and reports of nursing research.
The CCCN has decided to devote one
issue a year to student articles. This is
to encourage students to publish and make
Page 2 them aware of the C£
Faculty are^asked to let students know
of this opportunity. Deadline for sub-
scription-'of manuscripts for this year's
student issue is May 1, 1984.
Guidelines for Potential Authors are
available and have been posted on the
Faculty Bulletin Board near ACU T206.
Further information may be obtained from
Carol Jillings 228-7479.
SHIRLEY BRANDT was in San Francisco in
mid-January to attend a three-day meeting
of Directors of the Certification Board for
Infection Control. This Board has developed
a certification examination for infection
control practitioners throughout North
America. Twenty Canadian nurses took the
first examination in November.
serves on the Executive of the UBC Academic
Women's Association this year.
During a recent visit to Montreal,
LOUISE TENN was invited to give a presentation to a group of nurses from the
Federation of Local Community Centres. Her
topic was on assessing family needs in the
context of community programs.
DR. MARILYN WILLMAN, Director of the
School, attended the meeting of the
Canadian Association of University Schools
of Nursing in Ottawa in November. Dr.
Willman was also guest speaker at the November meeting of the Registered Nurses
Association of B.C.'s Vancouver chapter.
Her presentation was on the changing image
of nurses.
SUZANNE FLANNERY and DAN JONES presented a paper on "Head Nurse and Field
Guide Perceptions of Undergraduate Student
Nursing Students in Clinical Settings" at
the Society for Research in Nursing Education Conference in San Francisco, January
18-20, 1984. The paper was based on their
joint research project.
attended the San Francisco Conference to
take part in the Poster Presentation
sessions. Their presentation was titled
"Design of an Evaluation Instrument."
MARGARET KLINGER has been appointed
chairman of the Research Committee of the
B.C. Division of the Canadian Council of
Cardiovascular Nurses (CCCN). She has been
a member of the B.C. CCCN Executive
Committee and of the Continuing Education
Committee for the past 1 1/2 years.
Recently she has also been the nursing consultant for the "Take Heart Everyone" - a
cardiac self-help section of the B.C. Heart
HELEN NISKALA has been appointed to
the Membership and Recruitment Committee of
the International Union for Health Education — North American Region, which has
headquarters in Ottawa, New York and Paris.
Prof. Niskala has also been named chairman
of the Public Relations Committee and
DONELDA J. ELLIS. "Breastfeeding: Attitudes
and Beliefs of an Australian Capital
Territorial Sample of Secondary School
Students." Community Health Studies,
Vol. VII, No. 3, 1983, pp. 290-295.
DONELDA J. ELLIS. "Needs of the Breastfeeding Dyad: How Nurses Can Assist."
The Australian Journal of Advanced
Nursing, Vol. 1, No. 1, September-
November 1983, pp. 38-43.
CLARISSA P. GREEN. "Teaching Strategies for
the Process of Planned Change." The
Journal of Continuing Education in
Nursing', Vol. 14^ No. W, November/
December 1983, pp. 16-23.
CLARISSA P. GREEN. Families and Cancer: A
Report on How Families React to the
Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer.
(Project Family Focus Report. Available from the author. Limited copies).
Hospital-Related Stress in Parents of
Children with Cancer." The Canadian
Nurse, Vol. 79, No. 10, November 1983
pp. 24-28.
GLORIA JOACHIM. "Anxious About Your Test?"
Today's Health, Vol. 1, No. 6, December/January 1983/84, pp. 54-56, 58-
Page 3 MARGARET E. KLINGER. "Relationship between
Health Perception and Compliance
Behavior following Myocardial Infarction." Canadian Bulletin of Cardiovascular Nursing, Vol. 8, No. 1,
November 1983, pp. 3-12.
J.E. KNOX and V.E. HAYES. "Hospitalization
of a Chronically 111 Child: A Stressful Time for Parents." Issues in
Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing, Vol.
6, No. 4, July/August 1983, pp. 217-
J. MOGAN and J. KNOX. "Students' Perceptions of Clinical Teaching." Nursing
Papers, Vol. 15, No. 3, Fall 1983, pp.
May 4, 1984
UBC School of Nursing Research Day.
Presentation of current nursing research
being carried on at UBC. Open to all
Interested health professionals. For further information, Margaret Klinger,
May 10-11, 1984
RNABC Annual Meeting to be held on the
University of British Columbia campus. For
further information, call RNABC office -
October 25, 1984
The  16th  annual  Marion  Woodward
Lecture, sponsored by the UBC School of
Nursing, will be held Thursday, October 25.
Anne Davis, RN, PhD, Professor, Department
of Mental Health and Community Nursing,
School of Nursing, University of
California, will speak on ethical Issues in
nursing. Further information will be
available later, but mark your calendars
how  to  write
The  Art  of
A  whole
Sure enough — and
Abstracting, by Edward T. Cremmins, provides such a wealth of information that
those who have to write abstracts will
discover a variety of approaches that will
stimulate them as well as encourage them to
aim for higher quality.
No better review of the book could be
given than to quote, in its entirety, the
abstract on the book itself prepared by its
"A three-stage analytical method is
described for the writing of informative
and indicative abstracts by authors and
abstracting-service  (access)  abstractors. Good reading, thinking, writing
and editing skills are required for good
abstracting. Adherence to rules and conventions for abstracting and the maintenance  of  cooperative  professional
relationships also contribute to the
preparation of high-quality abstracts."
The book was published by ISI Press of
Philadelphia in late 1982. A copy can be
borrowed for review from Glennis Zilm, IRC
338, phone 228-2922.
Faculty members are urged to provide news
and comment for Nursing Today. The success of the Newsletter depends on voluntary contributions. The deadline for the
next issue is March 1, 1984. Please provide information to the editor.
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