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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1997-09-17

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Vancouver Senate Secretariat
Senate and Curriculum Services
Enrolment Services
2016-1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Present: President M. C. Piper, (Chair), Vice President Academic D. R. Birch, Dean F. S. Abbott, Dr. P.
Adebar, Acting Dean D. R. Atkins, Mr. T. Au Yeung, Dr. I. Benbasat, Dr. J. D. Berger, Dean J. Blom, Dr.
G. W. Bluman, Mr. P. T. Brady, Dr. P. C. Burns, Mr. A. Chui, Ms. L. Chui, Dr. V. Froese, Dr. J. H. V.
Gilbert, Mr. C. L. Gorman, Dean F. Granot, Dr. A. G. Hannam, Rev. J. Hanrahan, Dr. P. G. Harrison, Dr.
F. G. Herring, Dean M. Isaacson, Ms. H. Keate, Mr. J. Keng, Dr. S. B. Knight, Mr. A. Kwong, Ms. E. Lai,
Ms. G. Lau, Mr. O. C. W. Lau, Ms. S. Lerchs, Mr. D. K. Leung, Mr. T. P. T. Lo, Mr. S. Lohachitranont,
Mr. R. W. Lowe, Dr. D. M. Lyster, Dr. D. J. MacDougall, Dr. M. MacEntee, Dr. K. May, Dean B. C.
McBride, Mr. W. McMichael, Mr. W. B. McNulty, Mr. S. Mui, Mr. B. Murphy, Dean S. Neuman, Mr. V.
Pacradouni, Mr. R. L. de Pfyffer, Dr. W. J. Phillips, Mr. G. Podersky-Cannon, Dean M. Quayle, Professor J.
A. Rice, Dr. H. B. Richer, Dr. D. P. Rolfsen, Dr. H. J. Rosengarten, Dr. R. W. Schutz, Dean N. Sheehan,
Dr. C. E. Slonecker, Ms. N. Sonik, Mr. A. H. Soroka, Dr. S. Thorne, Dr. J. Vanderstoep, Dr. P. A.
Vertinsky, Dr. D. Ll. Williams, Dr. W. C. Wright Jr., Dr. R. A. Yaworsky.
Regrets: Chancellor W. L. Sauder, Dean C. S. Binkley, Professor P. T. Burns, Dean J. Cairns, Dr. V. Gomel,
Mr. H. D. Gray, Dr. M. R. Ito, Dr. V. J. Kirkness, Dr. M. Levine, Professor P. T. K. Lin, Dr. P. L. Marshall,
Dr. W. R. McMaster, Mr. J. Nobbs-Thiessen, Ms. L. M. Sparrow, Dr. J. R. Thompson, Dr. M. Thompson,
Dr. W. Uegama, Mr. D. R. Verma, Dean E. H. K. Yen.
Welcome to the President
On behalf of Senate, Dr. Slonecker welcomed President Martha C. Piper to UBC as its
eleventh President, and also to Senate as its chair.
Senate membership
• Dr. Derek R. Atkins - representative of the Faculty of Commerce and Business
• Dr. Bart J. van der Kamp - representative of the Faculty of Forestry
• Professor Moura Quayle - representative of the faculty at-large
• Dr. Izak Benbasat replaces Dr. Atkins as a representative of the Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration
• Professor Alison Rice replaces Professor Quayle as representative of the faculty at-large
• Mr. Gerry Podersky-Cannon replaces Mr. Peter Andru as Convocation senator (vacancy
declared at the April 16, 1997 Senate meeting)
 Vancouver Senate 11702
Minutes of September 17,1997	
Minutes of the previous meeting
• Dr. Verna J. Kirkness - reappointed to March 3, 2000
• Mr. Paul T. K. Lin - reappointed to March 3, 2000
• Ms. Leona Sparrow - reappointed to September 1999
• Dean Moura Quayle replaces Dean J. F. Richards
• Dean Michael Isaacson replaces Dean Axel Meisen
• Acting Dean Derek Atkins replaces Dean Michael Goldberg
• Dean Joost Blom replaces Dean Lynn Smith
Minutes of the previous meeting
Dean McBride l        That the minutes of the ninth regular meeting
Dr. Rosengarten J        of Senate for the Session 1996-97, having been
circulated, be taken as read and adopted.
Business arising from the Minutes
Dean McBride reported that on July 11th, he and Vice President Birch had met with the
Minister responsible for post-secondary education to discuss the effects of the mandated
enrolment increase. He stated that the Minister was well briefed and while he understood
the concerns of Senate, he was nevertheless relieved that that the decision to meet
enrolment targets had been made. As instructed by Senate, Dean McBride said that they
had discussed the impact of mandated enrolment increases on faculty and students and
UBC's ability to provide quality education without additional resources. He said they had
also talked about the efficiencies that this university has achieved in terms of the numbers
of students, research dollars, and the quality of students. They also discussed the damage
to research activities, undergraduate education, the ability to recruit faculty and the
implication this has for the province. A number of other points were made during the
meeting, one being the need to differentiate among institutions and to realize that each
has different responsibilities and capabilities. They discussed how the funding
arrangements that are already in place do not recognize the extra cost associated with
professional schools which have expensive programs.
 Vancouver Senate 11703
Minutes of September 17,1997	
Chair's remarks and related questions
Dean McBride stated that the Minister indicated that he recognized that he had pushed
universities hard and that it had an impact. He did not apologize, however, but he
understood. He indicated that he would not be asking universities to further increase their
enrolment without additional financial resources. He also recognized the importance of
differentiating among institutions and realizing that one-size-fits-all is not a way that you
can go at this realistically, but there were no specifics. The Minister made a point of the
importance of universities, the post secondary system, and the rationalizing of programs.
He indicated he was going to call a meeting or a conference this fall to discuss how that
might be done. He stressed the point that UBC would continue to be held accountable by
the public for how it spends their money and there would be no lessening of scrutiny of
universities and interest in the educational process. At the end of the meeting, the Minister
made a comment that Dean McBride thought unwarranted. The Minister said that he
hears more complaints from students at UBC than he does from SFU and UVIC, and said
that UBC has a reputation for putting research, internationalization, and buildings ahead
of concerns of its undergraduate students.
Vice President Birch commented briefly on the meeting stating that he thought the
Minister actually had a reasonable understanding of higher education in this province.
The responses given by the Minister were ones which showed something of that
understanding, but did not give a great deal away. He also put some of the onus back on
the institutions. The Minister reiterated the importance he placed on the planning exercise
that he intends to initiate with the universities in November. Vice President Birch assured
Senate that the passion and concern and commitment to undergraduate education that the
Dean of Science had expressed in this bodywas palpable at the meeting.
Chair's remarks and related questions
President Piper addressed Senate, stating how proud and privileged she felt to be joining
such a remarkable university.
 Vancouver Senate 11704
Minutes of September 17,1997	
Chair's remarks and related questions
President Piper offered personal thanks and appreciation for the warmth of the welcome
given to herself and her family by individuals and the community in general.
The President informed Senate that her highest priority is to visit each unit in the
university, both academic and non-academic, in order to meet faculty, students and staff
in an informal setting and to engage in dialogue about the unit.
President Piper drew attention to UBC's Mission Statement, stating that it had served
UBC extremely well over the past several years but that it was time to revisit that vision,
identify the parts of it that are of particular concern, and decide how UBC is to be defined
in the 21st century. In order to do that, President Piper said that she is proposing that
UBC engage in a very broad dialogue about the vision, including all constituencies, in an
attempt to have a Senate-approved vision a year from now. A process laying out how that
will unfold will be brought to the October meeting. President Piper said that this was an
exciting opportunity to really think about the wonderful opportunities UBC has, which
very few universities in Canada have, and what it is going to do with those advantages in
order to optimize its strengths and to move forward in the 21st century. Running parallel
with that are the decisions that will flow from the vision as it is articulated, such as
budget allocations. In order to ensure that the vision stays on target, President Piper
announced that a President's Advisory Council will be established to advise and assist in
the implementation of the vision.
The third item President Piper wished to draw to Senate's attention dealt with
governance; how decisions are made, how to engage in discussion before decisions are
made, how to move decisions forward so that everyone understands where they are, and
what bodies are going to be signing off on them. She said that talks were already
underway and that Senate will be a very important group in the implementation of
 Vancouver Senate 11705
Minutes of September 17,1997	
Financial Statements
President Piper concluded her remarks by informing Senate that, at her request, the first
open dialogue will take place on Thursday, September 25th, with a Learning Forum. The
discussion will centre on the learning environment that UBC provides for undergraduate
students. President Piper said that we have a unique opportunity to do something truly
extraordinary for undergraduate students but that it will involve taking down all the
barriers and thinking creatively about the learning environment UBC wants to provide.
President Piper encouraged everyone to participate in this event, which is open to the
entire community.
Financial Statements
In accordance with section 32(2) of the University Act, Financial Statements for the year
ended March 31, 1997, had been submitted to Senate for information.
Mr. Terry Sumner, Vice President of Administration and Finance, reported that the
financial statements had been approved by the Board of Governors in July and had been
distributed to a number of institutions and individuals, including deans, directors and
department heads, the provincial government, libraries, and various educational
institutions. He noted that the report of the Vice President of Administration and Finance,
included in the financial statements, will be published in UBC Reports in early October.
Mr. Sumner drew attention to the auditor's opinion, provided by the Auditor General of
British Columbia, which says that the financial statements present fairly, in all material
respects, the financial position of the University as at March 31, 1997 and the results of
its operations and changes in its financial position for the year then ended, in accordance
with generally accepted accounting principles.
Mr. Sumner asked Ms. Jacqueline Rice, Director of the Department of Financial Services,
to comment on the financial statements. Ms. Rice spoke briefly to the report, using slides
to highlight various aspects of the financial statements for the information of members of
 Vancouver Senate 11706
Minutes of September 17,1997	
From the Board of Governors
In response to a query by Mr. Brady about funds for the enhancement of teaching quality
and effectiveness, Vice President Birch explained that a second $100,000 in recurring
funding for professional development for faculty had been added this year to the Centre
for Professional Development, so that there was now an amount of $200,000 annually in
recurring funds for this purpose, plus funds that accrue from providing workshops.
In reply to a query by Dr. Rolfsen about UBC's real estate holdings, Ms. Rice explained
that these are included in the balance sheet under "equity in related organizations", and
are called UBC Properties Inc. She explained that this is a separately incorporated
company which is consolidated in the financial statements line by line. She stated that
Notes to the Financial Statements includes the companies UBC has invested in, and
confirmed that there was an increase in equity over last year.
Mr. Sumner informed Senate that Hampton Place had generated about $70 million in
revenues to date. He said that there was one lot to sell in the $15 million range, bringing
the total revenue to approximately $85 million. This amount has been committed to
various endowment funds and Faculty initiatives.
From the Board of Governors
Notification of approval in principle of Senate recommendations - subject, where
applicable, to the proviso that none of the programs be implemented without formal
reference to the President; and that the Deans and Heads concerned with new
programs be asked to indicate the space requirements, if any, of such new programs.
i.      Awards (p. 11412)
ii.      Curriculum proposals from the Faculties of Applied Science, Arts, Education, Forestry,
Graduate Studies, Medicine and Science (pp.11646-8, 11660-3, 11681-2, pp.11699-
iii.      Enrolment quotas (pp. 11670-8 & 11696-8)
iv.      Proposal by the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration to establish the
SFU-UBC Centre for the Study of Government and Business (pp.11686-7)
v.      Proposal by the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration to establish the
VSE Professorship in Finance (p. 11692)
vi.      Proposal by the Faculty of Graduate Studies to establish an Institute of European
Studies (pp.11687-9)
vii.      Proposal by the Faculty of Graduate Studies to establish the Liu Centre for
International Studies (pp.11689-91)
 Vancouver Senate 11707
Minutes of September 17,1997	
Admissions Committee
Admissions Committee
Dr. Harrison, chair of the committee, presented the report. The committee made the
following recommendation in response to the BCCAT Discussion Paper "Block Transfer:
Issues and Options".
Dr. Harrison i        That UBC continue to promote flexible
Dr. Rosengarten J        transfer arrangements with other institutions
while maintaining the integrity and high
standards of UBC's academic programs. To
this end we encourage B.C. colleges to develop
and articulate associate degree programs that
will provide a basis for admission to third year
of specific degree programs at UBC.
Dr. Harrison stated that the issue of credit transfer between post-secondary institutions in
the growing B.C. system of universities and colleges was very important. He stated that it
was being brought to Senate's attention because UBC was not alone in wanting to
maintain both academic standards and control over its programs while still enabling
learners to achieve their educational goals with efficiency of time and money. Dr.
Harrison said that the B.C. Ministry of Education, Skills and Training is devoting
considerable time, effort and money to this issue through the work of the B.C. Council of
Admissions and Transfer, which has produced the discussion paper called "Block
Transfer: Issues and Options". He explained that the recommendation of the Senate
Admissions Committee to encourage B.C. colleges to develop and articulate associate
degree programs was in response to the paper. Dr. Harrison noted that there are associate
of arts and associate of science degrees that have been more or less defined and
recognized, but which are not very well used in the post-secondary system. He stated that
the programs consist of two-year university-transferable courses of
 Vancouver Senate 11708
Minutes of September 17,1997	
Admissions Committee
study which require breadth and depth in the arts or sciences, and were intended to be a
terminal degree offered at colleges. They were not intended to be a transfer degree or
document. The committee, however, was suggesting that associate degrees be looked at as
a possible document to allow students to enter into the third year of a university program.
Dr. Harrison noted that the issues and options paper provided a wide range of possible
ways of changing the transfer process in post-secondary institutions but did not give
credence to the associate degree as a good transfer mechanism. However, the committee
felt that there was a lot of opportunity for developing a new way for students to transfer
if specifically articulated associate degrees were agreed upon between Senate and receiving
institutions. Dr. Harrison said that both colleges and UBC would benefit because students
who transfer with such degrees would perhaps be more motivated and better prepared
Vice President Birch spoke in support of the proposal stating that it allowed UBC to
respond in a positive way to challenges.
In response to a query by Dr. Richer, Dr. Harrison stated that UBC would accept a two
year associate degree as two years of credit towards a UBC degree. However, there could
be the occasional course specific to a UBC program which is not incorporated within a
college's degree and could be separately required.
Dr. Thorne asked if the proposal would change the pattern of the number of students
coming in beyond the first year level, and if implications for efficiencies could be
predicted. Dr. Harrison stated that he did not have any figures, but
 Vancouver Senate 11709
Minutes of September 17,1997	
Budget Committee
envisioned that, with the encouragement of this mechanism, college students might be
more prone to come out for two years of study.
Vice President Birch noted that as there are now thirteen degree granting institutions in
the province, it could not be assumed that every student who wishes to transfer after
second year will be accommodated at UBC. He stated that one-third of new admission
places had been reserved for beyond first year, but that if more students apply than could
be accommodated there were many other options in the province.
In response to a query by Mr. Podersky-Cannon as to the mechanism to be used to
guarantee quality control, and if there would be a review of these degrees to ensure that
the programs will satisfy UBC's requirements, Dr. Harrison stated that courses are
articulated and there are articulation committees that do annual reviews.
Dr. Berger spoke in support of the proposal stating that this was a commendable step in
trying to bring some sort of order to the transfer process.
The motion was
put and carried.
Budget Committee
Acting Dean Atkins, former chair of the committee, presented the following report, which
had been circulated for information:
The following motion concerning the 1997/98 university budget was passed at the July
10 meeting of the Senate Budget Committee.
 Vancouver Senate 11710
Minutes of September 17,1997	
Continuing Studies
This year the Senate Budget Committee has been engaged in an unusually detailed and
difficult budget process. The committee met with the president and the vice-presidents
to hear their presentations with respect to their various portfolios on June 9th, June
16th, June 23rd, and again on July 8th and July 10th. The committee received a letter
from the committee of deans and met with them to hear their concerns. We also
received a letter of concern from the Heads of the Science Faculty. This budget was
developed through an iterative process involving separate discussions between the
president and vice- presidents and the deans and with the Senate Budget Committee.
Several features have combined to make this a difficult year: the 1996/97 claw-back by
the Provincial Government happened late in the fiscal year, the requirement of a
second EI payment, an overrun in the anticipated OSI expenditures and the
uncertainties regarding the faculty salary settlement. These added to the already
significant pressures on the 1997/98 fiscal year. The final form of the budget is the
product of intensive discussion and has productively addressed many of the short term
concerns, particularly as they apply to one-time charges arising from the 1996/97
fiscal year. The Senate Budget Committee recommends approval of this budget.
The Senate Budget Committee is acutely aware of the serious impact this budget will
have on the core mission of the university, both in the short and in the long term. It
requires major reductions in excess of those caused by salary factors alone. The
continued use of short term financial instruments will be essential to enable the
Faculties to cope with these severe restraints and to plan responsibly for the coming
year. In the longer term, the university has clearly reached a position where any
further cuts will require a reordering of academic priorities. The SBC is convinced that
attention must be urgently focused upon these priorities as part of a university wide
multiple year budget planning process, and is prepared to participate vigorously in this
Continuing Studies
Dr. Vanderstoep, chair of the committee, presented the report recommending approval of
a proposal from the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration to establish a
UBC Diploma in Urban Land Economics.
Dr. Vanderstoep l        That Senate approve the establishment of the
Mr. Gorman J        UBC Diploma in Urban Land Economics.
 Vancouver Senate 11711
Minutes of September 17,1997	
Continuing Studies
Dr. Vanderstoep explained that the program had been established at UBC for some years,
as outlined in the report, and that the reason for bringing the proposal to Senate was to
bring the diploma in line with modified guidelines for diploma programs, approved by
Senate in 1994. Dr. Vanderstoep stated that there were a large number of students in the
program and that the program was well received. He said that the program attempts to
deal with issues that are relevant for real estate and mortgage investors, and is ideal for
employees of corporations and government agencies which undertake real estate
transactions. He explained that the Real Estate Council of British Columbia had worked
in cooperation with the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration in the
development of the diploma program over the years. He said that the issue of academic
quality had been adequately addressed, in accordance with the guidelines adopted in
1994. Dr. Vanderstoep informed Senate that there was an academic policy committee
which is made up of members of the real estate division, and includes additional faculty
members from the urban land economics division, as well as two industry representatives,
who advise on the admissibility of potential students. The depth of the program and
comprehensiveness of the program is in accordance with the guidelines. Dr. Vanderstoep
stated that this was a four-year program, each year consisting of two courses, equivalent
to three credits, with an additional fourth year course, for a total of 26 credits. In
accordance with established procedures, the Senate Curriculum Committee had been
consulted. The chair of the committee had indicated that he could see no problem with
the courses, and commended the proposers of the proposal on a well developed and
realistic program.
 Vancouver Senate 11712
Minutes of September 17,1997	
Nominating Committee
In response to a query by Dr. Schutz, Dr. Vanderstoep stated that the guidelines do not
require that diploma programs go through the Senate Admissions Committee, although
any queries on admission would be sent to that committee. The guidelines adopted in
1994 suggest that in most circumstances those admitted to diploma programs would hold
a baccalaureate degree, but the programs would not be restricted to degree holders. He
agreed that the admission requirements in the proposal were somewhat vague but the
courses were in many respects equivalent to third and fourth year level courses.
Dr. MacEntee suggested that the Calendar statement on admissions could be made
clearer, indicating that applicants will normally be practitioners already employed in the
real estate industry who wish to upgrade their education, or people seeking to join the
In response to a query by Dean Neuman, Acting Dean Atkins confirmed that all the costs
associated with the program are covered including space costs.
The motion as
put and carried.
Nominating Committee
Dr. Williams, chair of the committee, presented the report:
Vice Chair
Dr. Williams explained that section 37(1) (a) of the University Act states that Senate shall
elect a Vice Chair at least annually, who is to chair meetings in the absence of the
President, and section 37 (2) of the University Act states that A Vice Chair elected under
subsection (1) (a) must not serve more than 2 consecutive terms.
 Vancouver Senate 11713
Minutes of September 17,1997	
Nominating Committee
The committee nominated Dr. Stanley B. Knight for the position of Vice Chair of Senate
for a second term for the 1997-98 session.
Dr. Williams l        That Dr. Stanley B. Knight be elected for the
Dr. MacDougall i       position of Vice Chair of Senate for a second
term for the 1997-98 session.
The committee recommended approval of the following nominations to fill vacancies on
Senate committees:
Academic Building Needs
Prof. J. Alison Rice - replacing Dean Moura Quayle
Dean Michael Isaacson - replacing Dean J. F. Richards
Dr. Victor Gomel - replacing Acting Dean D. R. Atkins
Continuing Studies
Acting Dean Derek Atkins - replacing Dean M. Goldberg
Dean Michael Isaacson - replacing Dean A. Meisen
Mr. Gerry Podersky-Cannon - replacing Mr. P. Andru
Mr. Des R. Verma - replacing Mr. P. Andru
Dean Joost Blom - replacing Dean C. L. Smith
Mr. Gerry Podersky-Cannon - replacing Mr. T.P.T. Lo
Student Appeals on Academic Discipline
Prof. J. Alison Rice - replacing Dr. B. J. van der Kamp
Dean Joost Blom - replacing Dean C. L. Smith
Dean Shirley Neuman - replacing Dean A. Meisen
Dr. Mark Thompson - replacing Dean M. Goldberg
 Vancouver Senate 11714
Minutes of September 17,1997	
Nominating Committee
Regent College Senate
Dr. Paul C. Burns - replacing Dr. B. J. van der Kamp
Dr. Williams l        That the recommendations of the Nominating
Dean Abbott i        Committee to fill vacancies on Senate
committees be approved.
At its meeting of March 20, 1997, the Board of Governors invited Senate to appoint a
committee to work with the Academic and Student Affairs Committee of the Board to
develop a policy on the use of major donors' names at UBC.
The Nominating Committee recommended that the following members of Senate serve on
the proposed committee:
• Dean Clark S. Binkley, Faculty of Forestry
• Professor Peter Burns, Faculty of Law
• Mr. Christopher L. Gorman, Faculty of Arts, Student Senator at-large
• Mr. Gerry Podersky-Cannon, Convocation Senator
• Dr. Harvey B. Richer, Faculty of Science
• The committee also recommended that the Provost and the Director of Ceremonies
be included as ex-officio members.
Dr. Williams l        That the recommendations of the Nominating
Dr. Berger i        Committee be approved.
At its meeting of February 14, 1996, Senate approved a recommendation of the Ad Hoc
Committee to Review Teaching Evaluation that during the term of the 1996-1999 Senate
there be established an ad hoc committee to review the progress
 Vancouver Senate 11715
Minutes of September 17,1997	
Heritage Site Development
made by the University in the areas of teaching evaluation procedures and in the
enhancement of teaching quality and effectiveness at UBC.
The Nominating Committee recommended that the following members of Senate serve on
the above committee:
Dr. George W. Bluman, Faculty of Science
Mr. Patrick T. Brady, Convocation Senator
Dr. John H. V. Gilbert, Health Sciences
Dr. Patricia A. Vertinsky, Faculty of Education
and three student senators:
Mr. Alan Kwong, Faculty of Applied Science
Ms. Gloria Lau, Faculty of Science
Mr. Jesse Nobbs-Thiessen, Faculty of Arts
The committee also recommended that the AMS Vice President, and Dr. Neil Guppy,
Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts be included as ex-officio members.
Dr. Williams l        That the recommendations of the Nominating
Dr. MacDougall J        Committee be approved.
Heritage Site Development
Dr. Slonecker, in his capacity of Director of Ceremonies, presented the following
proposals related to heritage site development at UBC:
That Senate advise the Board of Governors that it supports the establishment of a
heritage site for the No. 1 Gun Emplacement of the Point Grey Battery.
That Senate establish a policy on heritage.
Dr. Slonecker l        That Senate advise the Board of Governors
Dr. Berger J        that it supports the establishment of a heritage
site for the No. 1 Gun Emplacement of the
Point Grey Battery.
 Vancouver Senate 11716
Minutes of September 17,1997	
Preliminary enrolment figures 1997-98
Dr. Slonecker explained that the proposal had come from the 15th Artillery Regiment
which had prepared a site near the Museum of Anthropology. They took the proposal to
the B.C. Heritage group which had referred it back to UBC because the site was on UBC
land and they needed support from UBC in order to have this site considered as a heritage
Dr. Slonecker noted that the University Act requires that both the Senate and the Board of
Governors look at such issues. Dr. Slonecker gave Senate some background information
on the history of the site.
Vice President Birch noted that the Senate Academic Building Needs Committee is also
part of the President's Planning and Advisory Committee which has approved the
establishment of a Heritage Advisory Committee. The committee includes five faculty
members from such fields as history, planning etc., and students. Vice President Birch
suggested that it would be appropriate to refer the proposals to that committee for
recommendations prior to Senate taking action concerning heritage site policy on campus.
In amendment:
Dr. Birch i        That the proposals be referred to the Heritage
Dr. MacEntee i       Advisory Committee of the President's
Planning and Advisory Committee, with a
request for a report back to Senate through the
Senate Academic Building Needs Committee.
Preliminary enrolment figures 1997-98
The preliminary enrolment figures for September 1997 were circulated at the meeting, for
information. Dr. Spencer spoke briefly to the report. He informed Senate that there was
an increase of 4.8% in undergraduate enrolment over last year and slightly fewer
graduate students. Full time equivalent registration as at August 29th was about 5.5%
greater than on the same date last year. Dr. Spencer also noted that there are
 Vancouver Senate 11717
Minutes of September 17,1997	
Preliminary enrolment figures 1997-98
497 undergraduate international students registered in degree programs; 161 of those are
registered under the new tuition arrangement, and 82 of those students have entered
degree programs in the first year.
In response to a query by Dr. Richer, Dr. Spencer stated that on September 15 last year
there were 1251 international graduate students registered and on the same date this year
there were 1101, but he said he did not have information on the difference in terms of
new students or the distribution of those students among professional and research
programs. He agreed to provide this information at the next meeting.
Referring to comments made by Dr. Spencer on cancellation of students, Ms. Chui asked
how students could obtain information on how to avoid cancellation of registration for
non-payment of fees. Dr. Spencer responded that the Registrar's Office try to make that
information available but that it is not easy to ensure that all students are informed. He
said he would welcome any suggestions as to how this could be accomplished.
Dr. Berger expressed concern about another aspect of cancellation of registration where
students were cancelled for failure to pay the deposit in time early in the summer. He
stated that this had generated immense amounts of work trying to put these people back
into courses. He asked if the system could be changed whereby students would have to
pay the deposit before they had access to Telereg. Dr. Spencer said that there had been
considerable debate on this subject and that consensus is that because of the fact that we
make offers of admission to students throughout the summer, some of whom are admitted
quite late, they might find it difficult to pre-pay the deposit and then register. Dr Spencer
felt that although changing the system would eliminate some work, it might also eliminate
some registrations. He did not rule out the possibility of pre-payment, but with the kind
of registration system which allows and encourages registration from all over the world
the pre-payment of the deposit might be quite onerous for some students.
 Vancouver Senate 11718
Minutes of September 17,1997	
1998/99 Winter Session
Dean McBride echoed Dr. Berger's concerns, stating that he wished to commend those
people who had worked extremely hard trying to fit students into courses.
Dean Neuman referred to the 3.2% mandated enrolment increase stating that the actual
increase of 5.6% translates into between 8% and 9% in the Faculties of Arts and Science.
She stated that the figures had been arrived at using enrolment quotas provided to
Faculties by the Office of Budget and Planning, and using statistics from the Registrar's
Office. Dean Neuman stated that the Faculties work with totally inadequate information
about enrolment management. She said that, based on the information they were given,
the Faculty of Arts thought they were not meeting headcounts. Dean Neuman stated that
this misinformation has resulted in the Faculty ending up with an 8.6% increase in a
difficult budget year when they were aiming at 3.2%. She said that this was not
acceptable, and that the University must make a priority some decent enrolment
management and coordination among the various parts of the university that are
responsible for the admission of students.
1998/99 Winter Session
The following suggested dates for classes and examinations in the 1998/99 Winter Session
were circulated at the meeting:
September 1998
7 Monday
Labour Day. University closed.
8 Tuesday
Classes begin for Winter Session day and evening courses for all
Faculties not already in Session.
October 1998
12 Monday
Thanksgiving Day. University closed.
November 1998
11 Wednesday
Remembrance Day. University closed.
 Vancouver Senate                                                                                                                        11719
Minutes of September 17,1997
Report of the Tributes
Committee (in camera)
December 1998
4 Friday
Last day of classes for most Faculties scheduling formal December
8 Tuesday
December examinations begin for most Faculties, day and evening
24 Thursday
Last day of December examinations for most Faculties.
Dr. Spencer informed members that in September 1993, Senate approved a
recommendation that in certain circumstances classes should begin on September 1. Dr.
Spencer stated that he would appreciate feedback as to whether anyone would be in
favour of beginning classes on September 1st and finishing the examination period
sometime around December 17th as opposed to the schedule listed above.
Report of the Tributes Committee (in camera)
Dean McBride, chair of the committee, presented the report.
The committee recommended that the following be offered emeritus status:
Dr. Andre-Pierre Benguerel - Professor Emeritus of Audiology and Speech Sciences
Dr. Tibor Bezeredi - Clinical Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry
Dr. Paul Bratty - Clinical Professor Emeritus of Medicine
Dr. Robert D. Chester - Associate Professor Emeritus of Language Education
 Vancouver Senate
Minutes of September 17,1997
Dr. David Crockett - Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry
Dr. Du-fay Der - Assistant Professor Emeritus of Counselling Psychology
Dr, Graham Fraser - Clinical Professor Emeritus of Surgery
Dr. Ronald McNeill - Clinical Professor Emeritus of Surgery
Dr. George Povey - Clinical Professor Emeritus of Health Care and Epidemiology
Dr. Hulbert Silver - Clinical Professor Emeritus of Medicine
Dean McBride
Dean Sheehan
That the recommendations of the Tributes
Committee concerning emeritus status be
The meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.
Next meeting
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday, October 15, 1997.


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