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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1971-03-24

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Wednesday, March 24, 1971
The seventh regular meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia for the session 1970-71 was held on Wednesday, March 24,
1971 at 8:00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President W. H. Gage (Chairman), Miss D. Allen, Deputy
President W. M. Armstrong, Dr. C S. Belshaw, Dr. C B. Bourne, Dr. C. A.
Brockley, Dr. D. G. Brown, Mr. F. J. Cairnie, Mr. C. M. Campbell Jr.,
Dr. S. D. Cavers, Dr. J. D. Chapman, Dr. D. H. Chitty, Dean I. McTaggart
Cowan, Dean G. F. Curtis, Dr. R. Daniells, Dr. B. A. Dunell, Dr. C W. J.
Eliot, Rev. R. W. Finn, Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Mr. S. E. Garrod, Dr. W. C.
Gibson, Mr. I. F. Greenwood, Dr. D. F. Hardwick, Mr. G. H. D. Hobbs,
Dr. F. A. Kaempffer, Dr. R. F. Kelly, Dr. J. M. Kennedy, Dean D. T. Kenny,
Dr. W. D. Kitts, Mrs. W. T. Lane, Mrs. J. MacD. Lecky, Mr. G. A. Letcher,
Dean S. W. Leung, Mr. A. J. Longmore, Dr. P. A. Lusztig, Dr. A. J. McClean,
Dean Helen McCrae, Dean J. F. McCreary, Mr. J. A. McEwen, Dr. M. F.
McGregor, Mr. K. R. Martin, Mr. D. F. Miller, Dr. J. R. Mitchell,
Dr. J. M. Norris, Mr. E. O'Brien, Mr. R. F. Osborne, Dr. P. H. Pearse,
Dr. G. Rosenbluth, Dr. I, Ross, Dean N. V. Scarfe, Dr. R. F. Sharp,
Dr. J. H. G. Smith, Mr. A. M. Smolensky, Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs, Dr. H. V.
Warren, Dr. W. A. Webber, Dr. B. L. White, Dean P. H. White, Rev. R. A.
Wilson, Dr. J. H. Winter, Mr. A. P. York, Dr. W. D. Young.
Observers:  Miss D. Hopper, Mr. P. Thompson.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from:
Chancellor A. M. McGavin, Dr. A. E. Aho, Mrs. A. Brearley, Mr. D. M.
Brousson, Dr. R. M. Clark, Mr. C. J. Connaghan, Mr. J. Guthrie, Dr. S.
Israels, Miss E. K. McCann, Dr. C. A. McDowell, Dr. B. N. Moyls, Dean V. J.
Okulitch, Mr. P. Plant, Dean B. E. Riedel, Mr. J. V. Rogers, Mr. R. S.
Sandhu, Dean M. Shaw, Dr. G. M. Volkoff, Mr. D. R. Williams.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Scarfe    ) That thz minutes oh thz sixth rzgular mzzting
Mr. O'Brien    ) oh Sznatz hor thz session 1970-71 having bzzn
circulatzd, bz takzn as rzad and adoptzd.
Carried 5425
Wednesday, March 24, 1971
Business Arising from the Minutes
Report of the Librarian
There was no debate of the Report of the Librarian which had been
returned to the Agenda for further questions.  The Chairman proposed a
vote of thanks to the Librarian for the excellent job he did in producing the annual report.
From the Board of Governors
Notification of approval in principle of Senate recommendations -
subject, where applicable, to the proviso that none of the programmes
be implemented without formal reference to the President and the formal
agreement of the President; and that the Deans and Heads concerned with
new programmes be asked to indicate the space requirements, if any, of
such new programmes.
(i)    New courses, Education 495 and 496, recommended by the Faculty
of Education.  (P. 5375)
(ii)   Honours programme in Art Education, recommended by the Faculty
of Education.  (P. 5392 and 5415)
(iii)  Course changes in Nursing 252, 253 and 366, recommended by the
School of Nursing.  (P. 5380, 5392-3, 5413)
(iv)   Change in description of Civil Engineering 470, recommended by
the Faculty of Applied Science.  (P. 5365)
(v)    New courses and course changes in Agricultural Sciences, Applied
Science, Arts, Education, Physical Education & Recreation, and
Science, recommended by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  (P. 5405-6)
(vi)   Combined honours programme in Computer Science and Mathematics,
recommended by the Faculty of Science.  (P. 5393 and 5415)
(vii)  Geophysics honours programme, recommended by the Faculty of
Science.  (P. 5393 and 5415)
(viii) Transfer of Nursing courses to the Department of Health Care and
Epidemiology.  (P. 5423)
(ix)   Discontinuation of compulsory aptitude tests for freshmen,
recommended by the Office of Student Services.  (P. 5417-8) 5426
Wednesday, March 24, 1971
Committee on Prizes. Scholarships and Bursaries
Dean Scarfe   )   That the new awards listed in Appzndix 'A' bz
Dean McCreary )    acczptzd Subject to thz approval oh thz Board
oh Govzrnors, and that letters oh thanks bz
sznt to thz donors.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Dr. Norris  ) That thz change in Commzrcz 564, outlinzd in
Dean Gardner ) Appzndix  'B',  pagz 5423,  bz approvzd.
Dr. Norris ) That thz new course in Computzr Scizncz,
Dean Cowan )  outlinzd in Appzndix  'B',  pagz 5423,  bz
Dr. Norris      )    That thz changes in course numbers in Finz
Mr. Osborne    )    Arts, outlinzd in Appzndix 'B', pagz 5423, bz
Faculty of Law
Dr. Norris )  That thz new courses rzcommzndzd by thz Faculty
Dr. Bourne ) oh Law and outlinzd in Appzndix 'B', page 5423,
bz approvzd.
New Programmes Committee
Proposal by the Faculty of Graduate Studies to offer a Master of Science
Degree in Business Administration - M.Sc. (Bus. Admin.)
Dr. Bourne presented the report of the committee. The committee
had discussed the proposal in detail with Dean White of the Faculty 5427
Wednesday, March 24, 1971
Reports of Committees of Senate
New Programmes Committee
Proposal by the Faculty of Graduate Studies to offer a Master of
Science Degree in Business Administration - M.Sc. (Bus. Admin.) (Continued)
of Commerce and Business Administration.  Dean White felt that there
was a need for more specialized work in business administration at
the graduate level and that it could not be satisfactorily incorporated
into the existing M.B.A. degree programme. The committee had questioned
the use of "Master of Science" to designate a degree in business
administration.  They agreed, however, that the addition of the words
"Bus. Admin." after M.Sc. removed the possibility of confusing it with
a degree in the Faculty of Science.
Dr. Bourne ) That Sznatz approvz thz proposal by thz Faculty
Dean Cowan ) oh Graduatz Studies to ohher a Master oh
Scizncz degree in 8u6-tne6-6 Administration -
M.Sc.   [Bus. Admin.).
Committee on Sociological Study of U.B.C. Students
Dr. J. D. Dennison, a member of the committee, had been invited to
attend the meeting in Dr. Clark's absence to present the interim report
of the committee.
Dr. Kelly   )   That the rzport oh thz committzz bz
Dr. Hardwick )    rzczivzd.
The report contained information obtained from a questionnaire
which had been sent out to students applying for admission to University
for the first time.
In reply to a query Dr. Dennison confirmed that the questionnaire
did not include a request for information to be given on whether a 5428
Wednesday, March 24, 1971
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Sociological Study of U.B.C. Students  (Continued)
student was from out of province.  He stated that the object of the
study was to find out if there was any significance between people who
were accepted and rejected.
It was stated that further studies were being made.
The motion was put and carried.
Tributes Committee
The Tributes Committee, chaired by Dean G. F. Curtis, had prepared
the following statement in accordance with the custom of Senate, in
recognition by the University and the Senate of the late Harry Tremaine
Thz dzath oh Harry Tremainz Logan on thz morning oh Thursday,
Fzbruary  25, 7977, onz wzzk bzhorz his 84th birthday, szzmzd to
many oh his hiicnds the. end oh an era.    Born in Londonderry,
Nova Scotia, a graduate oh McGill University (1908) with Honours
in Classics, Rhodes Scholar and a graduatz oh Oxhord University
[1911), in 1913 he bzgan at McGill Collzgz oh British Columbia
a teaching carzzr in this province that was to last hor thz
rest oh his lihe.
When McGill Collzgz bzcamz Thz Univzrsity oh British Columbia
in 1915,  Logan, a member oh thz original Faculty, was on his 5429
Wednesday,  March 24,   1971
Memorial Statzmznt on Prohessor Harry Trzmainz Logan (Continuzd)
way to France, whzrz he szrvzd in thz 72nd Szahorth Highlandzrs
oh Canada and thz Canadian Machine Gun Corps, whosz ohhtcial
history he przparzd in 1919 bzhorz returning with a Military
Cross to thz classroom in thz hollowing yzar.
In 1936 hz acczptzd appointment as Principal oh Prince oh Wales
Fairbridge Farm School at duncan, B.C., whzrz undzrpnivilzgzd
youngsters hiom thz Unitzd Kingdom wzre given a hzalXliy start in
lihz,    Hz wznt to England as secretary oh thz Fairbridgz Society
in 1946 returning to thz UnivzrsiXy as Hzad oh thz dzpartmznt oh
Classics in 1949   Hz rzachzd thz agz oh rztirzmznt in 1952 but
remaindzd as Chairman oh thz dzpartmznt hor two yzars.    Thzn, at
thz urging oh his successor and his colleagues, he continued to
teach and hor thirtzzn remarkable yzars scores oh h°itunatz studznts
read Plato and Vergil under Logan's tutelage.    In March,  1967, thz
dzpartmznt czlzbratzd "thz Colonel's" 80th birthday and in thz
hollowing month hz taught his  htnal class.    In thz last hour yzars
hz visited hicquzntly and maintainzd his interest in men and things
Classical.    Two days bzhorz his dzath, along with his hormer
colleagues, hz znjoyzd a mzzting oh thz Vancouver branch oh thz
Archaeological Institutz oh America,
So much hor thz skeleton oh a great man's carzzr.    At thz mzmorial
service thz church was hilled by men and women oh all ages and hi°m
all ranks oh lihe.    In one way or another all had bze.n signihicantly
inhluznczd by him.    For hz was a Tzaclizr.    How can onz ^nd an 5430
Wednesday,  March 24,  1971
Memorial Statzmznt on Prohzssor Harry Trzmainz Logan (Continuzd)
appropriatz adjzctivzl   Pzrhaps it is best to wriXz that hz belonged
and belongs - with thz truz Masters.
He loved his students, hz lovzd thz Univzrsity.    Oh no other
man can it bz statzd that hz was a mzmbzr oh thz original
Faculty oh thz University, that hz served at each academic
rank, that hz hzlpzd to draw up thz constitution oh thz Alma
Matzr Society, that hz participaXzd in thz Grzat Trzk (1922),
that he sat as a mzmbzr oh Sznatz h°i twenty-hour yzars
(1930-1948,   1954-1957,   1957-1960), and oh thz Board oh Govzrnors
hor hive (1941-1946), that hz zditzd Thz Alumni Chronicle, that
he wrote thz ohhicial history oh thz Univzrsity (Tuum Est,  795$),
that hz was acclaimed by students and alumni as thz Grzat Trekker
(1960), that hz met his last class at thz agz oh 80  (April,   1967).
He belonged, oh course, to thz Golden Agz oh thz teaching giants,
when, thz Univzrsity was small and scholarship in thz specialized
sznsz was not emphasized.    Thousands oh mzn and women, in all parts
oh thz world, recall that Logan was their teacher or thzir hiiend
or both.    For it was not nzczssary to sit in his classes to rzczivz
his advicz and help, be thz problem academic,  hA-nancial, athletic,
or personal.    Many owz thzir carzzrs to him - and thzy havz never
horgotten, h°i in subtle ways hz lz{\t his mark upon them, a mark
that most oh them havz consciously retained.
Hz had anothzr grzat lovz:    thz subjects that hz taught.    A hormzr
dean oncz remarked, "You know, Harry can bz prztty evangelical." 5431
Wednesday,  March  24,   1971
Memorial Statzmznt on Prohzssor Harry Trzmainz Logan (Continuzd)
Yes:    his bzlizh in thz permanent values oh thz litzraturz and
civilization oh Grzzcz and Romz remainzd inexorably vital in his
lihz.    It is a bzlizh that hz bzquzthzd to many who arz now teaching,
including some who wzrz his colleagues rathzr than his studznts.
As thz yzars passzd, no onz rzhzrrzd to "Old Harry" or "Old Logan."
It is rzlatzd that Solon, thz Athznian Izgislator and wisz man, come
in his later years to Egypt and discoursed with an old priest.    Ahtzr
somz conversation thz priest zxclaimzd, "Oh Solon, Solon, you Hellenes
are always children, an old Hellznz doesn't exist, hoi you arz all
young in spirit,"
Logan nzvzr spokz maliciously oh any man.    Hz possessed that
indescribable quality that thz Hzllznzs called arete, a quality
characteristic oh thz gentleman.    Solon, who was a dihhiculX man
to convince and slow to pronounce judgzmznts, would havz called him
blesszd.    Hz livzd a long and fpH and znviablz lihz.    Hz dizd as
hz had livzd, quiztly and with dignity.
To his widow Gwyneth, ever his staunch and loving ally, to his son
Kenneth, to his daughtzr Barbara, and to thz grandchildrzn we
convey not our griz-h but our sympathy and our sznsz oh loss, our
pridz in having known him and our dztzrmination that thz traditions
that hz zmbodizd will bz pzrpztuatzd.
Dr. McGregor    ) That this Memorial Statzmznt bz spread on
Dean Curtis      ) thz minutes oh Sznatz and that a copy bz
sznt to close relatives.
Carried 5432
Wednesday, March 24, 1971
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Arts
Proposed continuation of Arts I Programme
Three reports had been circulated to Senate all of which
supported the continuation of the Arts I Programme.
Dean Kenny    ) That Arts I be continued as a programmz in thz
Dr. Eliot      )  Faculty oh Arts.
There was considerable discussion of the statistics that had
been provided concerning the academic careers of students after
having completed Arts I.
The motion was put and carried.
Faculty of Applied Science
Dr. Cavers  )  That Mathematics  350 bz droppzd as  a rzquirzment
Dr. Brockley ) o{\ the Third Yzar oh thz B.A.Sc.  programmz in
Chemical Enginzzring.
Proposals  of  Senate Members
(a)     Funds  for Canadian research
Dr.  Belshaw    )  It is movzd that Sznatzi-
Mr.  Smolensky)
(1) rzcognizz that successhul university teaching at a univzrsity Izvzl must bz llnkzd
to a suhhicizney oh knaolzdgz and research
maXeri^als, and hznez, in many {yields oh interest to Canadian Studies, an adequate
dzvzlopmznt oh hA-rst class rzszarch:
(2) rzcognizz that h&culXy and students oh this
univzrsity havz had a long-standing interest
in and madz a substantial contribution to
teaching and research in mattzrs oh Canadian
concern, including thz growth oh thz ho.nda-
mzntal and universal knowlzdgz necessary to
success hul national and local studies: 5433
Wednesday, March 24, 1971
Proposals of Senate Members
(a) Funds for Canadian research  (Continued)
(3) dzplorz thz relative lack oh development oh
graduatz work in thz social sciences and
humanities in Canada, at Izast until rzcznt
yzars, and thz continuing lack oh research
manpowzr and providing knowlzdgz oh a quality
and on a scale appropriatz to thz answzring
oh many intzllzcXual and applizd problzms oh
major importancz to Canada:
(4) call upon thz Provincial Govzrnmznt and thz
Univzrsity Board oh Govzrnors actively to
provide hu-nds to incrzasz thz rzszarch
capability oh thz Univzrsity in mattzrs oh
Canadian concern, provided that thz usz o{
such h^nds is consistent with the University's intellectual objectives and standards.
Dr. Belshaw explained that basically the motion was intended to
ensure that a consideration of the issues presented to Senate with
regard to Canadian content in courses was placed in perspective.
He stated that in order to put on a course of university calibre
it was necessary that there be an appropriate back-up of research
over a period of time.  Too often funding of research which had a
direct bearing on teaching was left to external organizations and
this was really an operation in which university budgeting should
be involved.
In response to a request by Dean White members agreed to
accept the insertion of the words "Business Administration" following the words "social sciences" in paragraph (3) of the motion.
In amendment:
Dr. Bourne  ) That the words "thz Provincial Govzrnmznt and"
Dr. Hardwick ) be dzlztzd hiom paragraph  (4)  oh thz motion. 5434
Wednesday, March 24, 1971
Proposals of Senate Members
(a)     Funds   for Canadian research     (Continued)
Dr.  Bourne explained that he felt it was unwise to ask the
Provincial  Government  for funds  for higher education for specific
university purposes.     How money  from the Provincial Government was
spent was  a matter for the university.
Following a lengthy debate the amendment was  carried.
The motion was  put  and carried.
(b)     Student  counselling services
Mr.  Letcher )      That a committzz bz choszn by thz Presidznt or
Mr. O'Brien )      the Nominating Committzz to considzr thz hollowing thrzz proposals concerning zxpansion and
improvement oh studznt counselling services:
(1) that graduatz students and sznior
studznt academic counsellors sit with
haculty counsellors in thz zvzryday
academic counselling of undzrgraduatz
(2) that an interview with thesz academic
counsellors bzcomz mandatory hor each
student zach yzar, or at Izast in thz
bzginning oh thz first and third yzars;
(3) and that thz przsznt h^cilities oh thz
clinical psychology section oh thz
dzpartmznt oh Psychology bz developed
and zxpandzd to providz a supplzmzntal
hacility to those alrzady zxisting in
thz Wesbrook Psychiatric Czntrz.    This
would bz both a teaching h&cility and
an emotional counselling service.
It was explained that the reason for referring the proposals
to a committee was to find out if they were practical and if so to
find methods of applying them. The committee would have to decide 5435
Wednesday, March 24, 1971
Proposals of Senate Members
(b)  Student counselling services  (Continued)
whether the proposals could be adapted to the present counselling
Although members did not object to the proposal for the
improvement of student counselling services being referred to a
committee, concern was expressed regarding the three specific
proposals outlined in the motion.
Mr. Letcher ) That tie resolution bz rzhzrrzd to a committzz
Mr. O'Brien ) to bz choszn by thz President or the Nominating
It was agreed that the proposals outlined in the original
motion, together with a proposal from Mr. Waldman regarding ideas
and instructions for use of the calendar, should be referred to
the proposed committee for information only.  It was also agreed
that the committee membership would be reported at the April 28, 19 71
Senate meeting.
The motion to refer was put and carried.
(c) Advertising of U.B.C. job vacancies
Mr. Smolensky) That. Thz Univzrsity oh British Columbia adopt
Mr. Garrod  ) thz policy oh advertising vacant. haculXy and
administrativz positions nationally in at Izast
onz Canadian publication in addition to thz
A.U.C.C. magazinz "Univzrsity Ahhairs" and that
notice of such vacancies bz sznt. to zvzry
Canadian univzrsity which ohhers graduate training in thz conczrnzd disciplined).
Furthzr, that Thz Univzrsity oh British Columbia
ardzntly press hor the adoption oh this policy
by all Canadian universities wliich havz not already
zndorszd a similar resolution. 5436
Wednesday, March 24, 1971
Proposals of Senate Members
(c) Advertising of U.B.C. job vacancies  (Continued)
Mr. Smolensky explained that he felt Canadians should be given
the first opportunity to apply for faculty and administrative
Dr. Bourne stated that the C.A,U.T. recently passed a motion
recommending that all faculty and senior administrative openings
be advertised prior to selection of appointees, preferably in the
A.U.C.C publication "University Affairs".  C.A.U.T. also recommended that an officer of the university be responsible for
accumulating monthly listings of vacancies from the appropriate
Deans, and that emergency appointments be made without advertising,
at the discretion of a senior university official, subject only to
a review to determine the necessity of the pre-emptory appointment.
It was also pointed out that C.A.U.T. had written to all the
presidents of Canadian universities advising them of their recommendations. Therefore it seemed unnecessary to include the last
sentence of the motion.
In amendment:
Dr. Bourne )    That thz last szntzncz oh thz motion,  commencing
Dr. Young   )    "Further, tiat Thz Univzrsity oh British
Columbia ..." be dzletzd.
The amendment was carried.
The motion as amended was put and carried. 5437
Wednesday, March 24, 1971
Proposals of Senate Members
(c) Advertising of U.B.C. job vacancies  (Continued)
Dr. Bourne stated that there should be some provision for
emergencies where a position must be filled quickly.
Dr.  Bourne      ) That zmzrgzncy appointments  bz made without
Mr.  Smolensky)  advertising but that thz dztails oh all such
appointments bz reported to an appropriate
body such as thz Senior Appointmznts Committee
which advises thz Board on appointments.
In reply to a query Dr. Bourne explained that the intent of
the motion was to ensure that emergency appointments made without
advertising would be reported to some University body.
Following further discussion the motion was put and carried.
The meeting adjourned at 9.45 p.m.
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday,
April 28, 1971.
(    y        Secretary
Chairman 5438
Wednesday, March 24, 1971
New Awards Recommended to Senate
The Agricultural Sciences Entrance Bursary
A bursary of $25 will be awarded to a student from out of town who
is entering the First Year of Agricultural Sciences.  It will be
awarded to a student on the basis of financial need.
The Walter D. Frith Student Aid Fund. 1969
The annual income from this fund, established by a bequest from the
late Bessie Churchill Frith, provides scholarships and bursaries for
deserving students attending The University of British Columbia.
The Graduating Classes of 1970 Bursary
This bursary, established and endowed by the Graduating Classes of
1970, will be awarded annually to a student or students in any year
and faculty.  Special consideration will be given to those with
physical handicaps.
The Ernest Wilby Memorial Scholarship
A scholarship of $500, gift of the Royal Architectural Institute of
Canada, will be awarded in 1972 to a student entering the penultimate
year. The winner will be selected on the basis of definite promise
and talent in his work and on need of financial assistance.


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