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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1968-10-02

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 Wednesday, October 2, 1968.
The second regular meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia for the Session 1968-69 was held on Wednesday,
October 2, 1968 at 8.00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room,
Administration Building.
Present: Dean W. H. Gage (Chairman), Dean W. M. Armstrong, Dr. C. S.
Belshaw, Dr. M. Bloom, Mr. C B. Bourne, Mr. F. K. Bowers, Mr. W. T.
Brown, Dr. S. D. Cavers, Dr. J. D. Chapman, Dr. R. M. Clark, Dean I. McT.
Cowan, Dr. D. H. Copp, Dean G. F. Curtis, Dr. W. D. Finn, Mr. D. A.
Freeman, Dr. S. M. Friedman, Dean J. A. F. Gardner, The Hon. Howard C.
Green, Mr. J. Guthrie, Dr. N. A. Hall, Mr. W. L. Holland, Dr. H. L.
Keenleyside, Dr. D. T. Kenny, Dr. P. Larkin, Rev. E. C LeBel, Dean S.
Wah Leung, Mr. K. M. Lysyk, Dean J. F. McCreary, Mr. Justice J. Macdonald,
Dr. C A. McDowell, Dr. J. R. Mcintosh, Mr. I. S. McNairn, Mr. John R.
Meredith, Dr. Finlay A. Morrison, Mr. D. Munton, Dr. J. M. Norris,
Dean V. J. Okulitch, Dr. G. J. Parfitt, Dr. A. J. Renney, Dean B. E. Riedel,
Dr. G. Rosenbluth, Dr. A. D. Scott, Dr. R. F. Sharp, Dean M. Shaw,
Acting Dean C E. Smith, Dr. J. H. G. Smith, Dr. R. W. Stewart, Mr. B.
Stuart-Stubbs, Mr. Mark Waldman, Mrs. B. E. Wales, Dr. Wm. A. Webber,
Dean P. H. White, Mr. D. R. Williams, Acting Dean J. H. Young.
Observers: Mr. J. A. Banham, Mr. K. Buttedahl, Mr. T. A. Myers.
Gallery; Thirteen of the thirty seats in the gallery were filled.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from
Chancellor J. M. Buchanan, President F. Kenneth Hare, Mr. S. Black,
Mr. R. M. Bibbs, Mr. D. M. Brousson, Dr. W. C. Gibson, Mr. S. Lefeaux,
Mrs. H. J. MacKay, Mr. D. F. Miller, Dr. M. W. Steinberg, Dr. G. H. N.
Towers, Dr. H. V. Warren, Dr. S. H. Zbarsky.
The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming the visitors to the
first of the "open" Senate meetings and expressed the hope that they
would enjoy the proceedings. Wednesday, October 2, 1968.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Okulitch )     That the Minutes oh the  £c*A.t
Dean Riedel  )    regular meeting oh Senate hoi the
Session 1968-69 held on September
11, 196%, having been circulated,
be taken as read, and adopted.
With reference to the discussion on replacements for members of
Senate taking leave of absence (Page 3969), it was felt that the Minutes
were incorrect and should have indicated that Senate had intended that
the Agenda Committee be asked to look into this matter.
It was agreed that the omission be noted.  The motion was then
Dr. Stewart  )    That the Minutes oh the Special
Dr. Copp    )    meeting oh Senate held on September
4,  196%, having been circulated, be
taken as read and adopted.
Dean Gage informed Senate that he had recently talked with Dr. Hare
and was pleased to report that his health had greatly improved in the
last few days.  It was hoped that his absence would not be for too much
Report of Senate Curriculum Committee
Dr. Hall was asked to speak and referred to the two items the
committee had been asked to consider: Wednesday, October 2, 1968.
Report of Senate Curriculum Committee  (Continued)
Faculty of Dentistry - Second Year Dental Hygiene Programme
The committee had been asked to examine and report to Senate
on the proposed curriculum for the Second Year Dental Hygiene
Programme.  Senate had approved the offering of the programme in
November 1966; subsequent approval had been given for the First-Year
curriculum to be offered in the current year; and approval was now
being sought for Second-Year courses to be offered for the first
time in the 1969-70 session.  The committee recommended Senate's
Dr. Hall  )   That the Second Year dental Hygiene
Dean Leung )   Programme, as recommended by the
Faculty oh dentistry be approved.
New Courses:   dental Hygiene 301, 302,
363,  304,  307.
Existing Course:    Sociology 100
[ohhmd by the Faculty oh Arts).
In reply to a question, it was explained that this was a two-
year course leading to a diploma. The motion was then carried.
Faculty of Pharmacy
The committee recommended approval of the proposed increase
in unit value from 2 to 3, for Pharmacy 110.  (Effective 1968-69)
Dr. Hall  )   That the increase  £*om 2 to 3 units
Dean Riedel)   jjo/i Pharmacy 110 Pharmaceutical
Technology be approved.
Carried Wednesday, October 2, 1968.
The use of the Summer for Teaching
Dean Cowan explained that about a year ago Dr. Belshaw and he had
been asked to review courses offered in the Summer Session relative to
those offered in the Winter Session. He explained that courses given in
the Summer Session were seldom equivalent in depth or content to courses
offered in the Winter Session. We are aware that some institutions in
the United States give a reduced value to our summer courses as compared
with those of the Winter Session in terms of transfer credit.
The following is a summary of the recommendations of Dean Cowan
and Dr. Belshaw:
1. That the present Winter Session be retained without alteration
and in particular that it not be turned into a trimester
arrangement. At the present time we know of no cogent academic
or fiscal advantage to the trimester system, and at the same
time our present winter term has many significant academic
2. That faculties be authorized to establish 13 week summer
courses and programmes where departments consider them to be
desirable, which would:
(a) extend formal aspects of the graduate programme,
(b) replace present Summer Session undergraduate offerings.
3. That departments be under no pressure to participate in the
13 week summer term, the decision to participate being made in
terms of the department's judgement of academic effectiveness.
4. That the 13 week summer programme be under departmental
budgetary and academic control.
5. That the present 7 week Summer Session gradually be phased out
until it is limited to a programme specifically designed for
teachers, that the programme for general students be replaced
by 2 (b) above; and that 7 week Summer Session courses be
considered to be different from, rather than academically
identical with the winter courses, bearing different numbers
and course descriptions where these are appropriate. Wednesday, October 2, 1968.
The Use of the Summer for Teaching  (Continued)
6. That in respect of the 13 week summer programme, the teaching
staff be drawn from existing faculty, the duties being regarded
as a normal part of the year's service to the University; that
faculty members teaching during the summer term be guaranteed
freedom from an equivalent course load of formal teaching
during the regular session; and, further, that faculty members
have a clear break from lecture duties of at least one 13 week
term, if their lecture programme is arranged over 12 months.
7. That the Senate foster a study of the entire area of evening,
weekend, and off-campus courses for credit and seek recommendations as to a new policy.
8. That faculty curriculum committees be requested to review 1*5
unit and 1 unit courses periodically, and as they are submitted
for approval, to ensure that departments have taken into
account their pedagogic implications, whether the course
material is suited to short-term treatment, and whether
creative academic growth is at the forefront of the objectives;
that the Senate Curriculum Committee be requested to ensure
that faculties justify the unit allocation to courses, 13 week
summer courses, and 7 week summer courses by reference to a
well thought out educational philosophy rather than apparent
administrative expediency.
Dean Cowan suggested that Senate refer these recommendations to a
larger committee with membership from different faculties.  It would be
essential that the Registrar be a member and it was felt that a representative from the Finance Department should on the committee as there
were important financial implications. An executive member of the
Faculty Association would also be useful to the committee since some of
the recommendations concerned the stipend policy.
Both Dean Cowan and Dr. Belshaw in their comments had stressed that
they did not recommend a trimester system.
t Wednesday, October 2, 1968.
The Use of the Summer for Teaching  (Continued)
It was then suggested that the matter be referred to the Long-Range
Objectives Committee and that this committee should refer the recommendations to the faculties in the first instance.
There was some confusion as to whether it was intended that courses
offered in the Summer Session would not be offered in the Winter Session.
It was also requested that recommendation No. 6 be clarified before the
recommendations were forwarded to the faculties.
Misgivings were expressed that the recommendations had been based
on such a small number of replies to the questionnaire and that only one
third of the replies received had found merit in a 13 week Summer Session
open to undergraduates as well as graduates. Concern was also expressed
at the increased emphasis on graduate programmes and it was suggested
that graduate training was to encourage students to learn independently
rather than to rely on further lecture courses.
Dr. Belshaw stressed that the tenure of the report was concerned
with permissiveness rather than mandatory action. He felt that both
graduate and undergraduate departments could make use of the extended
Summer Session and should be allowed to do so, although in his view it
would be more useful at the undergraduate level.
It was suggested that supervision of graduate research should
receive consideration in the assignment of teaching loads.
After further discussion the following motion was moved: Wednesday, October 2, 1968.
The Use of the Summer for Teaching    (Continued)
Dr. Norris      ) That the report "The Use oh the
Dr. McDowell ) Summer hoi Teaching", presented to
Senate by dean Cowan and dr. Belshaw
be reherred to the Long-Range
Objectives Committee and that the
committee be advised to reher it in
the h****- instance to the jJacuZttea
and groups concerned.
Student Council/Senate discussion of September 17, 1968.
The Chairman reported that the discussion between the members of
Senate and the Student Council concerning the proposals contained in the
A.M.S. Council Brief had met with a mixed reception, not only by the
members of both bodies but also by other students who had attended. A
number of the latter indicated that they had gained considerably from
the discussions.
Report of the Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Mr. Waldman  )    That the new awards shown in Appendix A
Mr. Lysyk   )    be accepted, subject to the approval
oh the Board oh Governors and that
letters oh thanks be sent to the donors.
Proposals from the Faculties
Faculty of Law
At a recent meeting the Faculty of Law had passed the following motion:
"That it be recommended to the Senate and to the
Board oh Governors that commencing in the academic
year 1969-70, the iixst year class in Law be limited
to 250 or such greater number not exceeding 175
provided, however, that the total enrolment oh all
three years shall not exceed 700, plus graduate
students." Wednesday, October 2, 1968.
Proposals from the Faculties
Faculty of Law (Continued)
The Dean referred to the suggested figure of a law school of
700.  This, he said, would be large in terms of other law schools
in Canada. Osgoode Hall, York, was the only one which, for special
reasons, had agreed to accept 930 students next year.  The next
highest enrolment was Toronto, at 431. He referred to other
universities in Canada and the United States varying between 400
and 700 students which was the average range.
It was suggested that the recommendation was confusing and
that it would be more straightforward to simply limit the total
number of students in the faculty - with the exception of graduate
students - to 700.
A question was raised as to the needs of the Province and
concern was expressed as to what would happen to those qualified
students for whom we had no space.
Concern was also expressed that if this recommendation should
be approved by the Board of Governors, it would necessitate the
institution of another law school in the Province.  It was suggested
that possibly it might be better to think of expanding the present
school beyond the proposed limits since this might be a cheaper and
more effective means of solving the problem.
In discussing the basis on which rejection of qualified students
might be based, concern was expressed at the possibility of refusing Wednesday, October 2, 1968.
Proposals from the Faculties
Faculty of Law  (Continued)
students from out-of-Province and it was hoped that refusal would
be based only on academic grounds.
Senate did not wish to support this limitation as a permanent
policy without more background information on the basis for considering the optimal number of students for the Faculty of Law as 700.
It was not thought to be sufficient that this was large in comparison
with other law schools in Canada.
Dean Curtis ) That Senate concur with the
Dean McCreary) Faculty oh Law in recommending
to the Board oh Governors that
commencing in the academic year
1969-70 the First year class in
Law be limited to such a number
that will result in a total
enrolment in all three years
which will not exceed 700,
exclusive oh graduate students.
It was requested that if the Board of Governors agree to the
recommendation the Faculty of Law be asked to bring its admission
requirements to Senate for approval. This was agreed and the motion
was then carried.
Faculty of Medicine
The Faculty recommended that the Department of Continuing
Medical Education be changed to Division of Continuing Medical
Education in the Office of the Dean of Medicine. Wednesday, October 2, 1968.
Proposals from the Faculties
Faculty of Medicine (Continued)
Dean McCreary explained that at present after one year of
internship a doctor can practise for as long as he wishes.  The
Dean indicated that it was becoming clear that there would have to
be a relicensing programme. Two years ago an investigation had
indicated that the responsibility for this programme would fall on
the University's shoulders and the Dean felt that continuing medical
education would become a great responsibility within the Faculty of
Medicine.  A Department of Continuing Medical Education within the
Faculty of Medicine had been set up, but as the years had gone by
it had been found that a department was not the appropriate
administrative structure. Now that the Head of the Department was
changing, the Faculty wished to recommend that the present Department of Continuing Medical Education be changed to a Division.
Dean McCreary ) That the department oh Continuing
Dr. Webber   ) Medical Education be changed to a
division oh Continuing Medical
Education in the Office oh the
Vean oh Medicine.
It was explained that the Health Sciences Centre through its
Continuing Education section would administer study programmes and
courses in co-operation with the Faculties associated in the Centre.
The proposal of the Faculty of Medicine was to clarify the position of
Continuing Medical Education in its own administrative structure.  The
motion was then carried. Wednesday, October 2, 1968.
Proposals from the Faculties (Continued)
Faculty of Pharmacy
Candidates for Degrees
Dean Riedel  ) That the candidates be granted the
Dr. Morrison ) degree oh Bachelor oh Science in
Pharmacy as recommended by the
Faculty oh Pharmacy, subject to
any necessary adjustments in the
list to be made by the Registrar
in consultation with the dean and
with the Chairman oh Senate.
Report of the Committee on the Role and Organization of Senate
(a) Budget Advisory Committee
It was explained that the Committee had held its proposal
for such a committee pending the arrival of Dr. Hare.  Dr. Hare had
agreed with the proposal and a Senate committee had now been formed.
However, it was now recommended to Senate that this new committee
be requested to report to Senate on an annual basis.
Mr. Bourne ) That the Senate Budget Advisory
Dr. Chapman ) Committee be requested to report
to Senate in broad terms on an
annual basis.
(b) Statements of Objectives from Faculties, Schools and Departments
The committee had been requested to make a specific recommendation to Senate for a mechanism for the appraisal and evaluation
of the statements of objectives to be required of faculties and
departments and of the evaluation in due course of their achievements. Wednesday, October 2, 1968.
Report of the Committee on the Role and Organization of Senate
(b) Statements of Objectives from Faculties, Schools
and Departments  (Continued)
Although Senate had again referred the matter to the committee
Mr. Bourne explained that the committee had reached the conclusion
that it was, in fact, a matter that was related to the Long-Range
Objectives of the University and had felt that this committee should
consider the matter.
Mr. Bourne )       That the matter oh criteria hor
Dean Cowan )        evaluating h&culXy and department
statements oh objectives be reher-
red to the Long-Range Objectives
Committee hoi their consideration
and that they be requested to
report back to Senate, ahter which
the h&Qu&tXte &nd departments will
be requested to provide the proposed
statements oh objectives.
(c) Proposal for a Standing Committee on Continuing Education
At its meeting of May 22, 1968 Senate had requested that the
item on the Standing Committee on Continuing Education on Page 4 of
the Report of the Committee on the Role and Organization of Senate
be again referred to that committee for a definition of the meaning
of "Continuing Education". Mr. Bourne reported that the committee
had considered this matter and how now rewritten the section of
their report dealing with this standing committee, taking into account
the question raised about the delimitation of continuing education.
The recommendations were as follows:


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