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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1952-02-13

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Wednesday, February 13, 1952   1805.
The third regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1951-52 was
held on Wednesday, February 13th, 1952, at 8:00 p.m., in
the Board and Senate Room.
Present:  President N, A. M, MacKenzie (in the
Chair), Miss M. Agnew, Dr. John Allardyce, Dr. George S,
Allen, Dean H, F, Angus, Dean Lowell Besley, Mr. Jacob
Biely, Dr. V. C. Brink, Mr. F. J. Burd, Dean S. N. F. Chant,
j Mir. K. P# Caple, Dr. Ian McT. Cowan, Dean G. F. Curtis,
Dr. Roy Daniells, Dean B. A. Eagles, Mr. H. 0. English,
Miss Mary M, Fallis, Dr. R. E. Foerster, Dr. Sydney M.
Friedman, Mr. E. Davie Fulton, Dean VI,   H. Gage, Dr. W. C.
Gibson, Dr. A. E. Grauer, Major H. C. Holmes, Dr. R. D.
James, Mr. G, u,   Kennedy, Mr. F. Malcolm Knapp, His Honour
Judge A. E. Lord, Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale, Mr. W. R.
McDougall, Dr. M. M, Maclntyre, Dean H. J. MacLeod, Dean
M. Dorothy Mawdsley, Mr. * inlay A. Morrison, Mr. J. Fred
Muir, Dr. W. N, Sage, Dr. 'i', M. c. Taylor, Dr. W. S. Taylor,
Dr. H. V. Warren, Dr. C. A. H. Wright.
Messages of regret for their inability to be
present were received from Chancellor Sherwood Lett, Dr.
G. M. Volkoff, Dr. K. E. Taylor, The Hon. Mr. Justice
J. V. Clyne, Dr. J. M. Ewing, Mr. J. M. Buchanan, Dean
M. M. Weaver, Dr. R. B. Kerr and Firs. F. MacKenzie Ross.
In the absence of Dean Weaver, Dr. Ranta attended
the meeting for the discussion of the Calendar material for
the Faculty of Medicine. Wednesday, February 13, 1952    1806.
Before turning to the agenda, the President
reported on the death since the last meeting of Senate of
one of the active members, Dean E, L, Woods; one of the
former members of the Senate and the Board of Governors,
Dr. Anna B. Jamieson; a very distinguished member of the
teaching staff, Dr. John Grant; and a very distinguished
honorary graduate and a very great friend of the University,
Dr. E. A. Cleveland.  It was agreed that appropriate
memorial resolutions about Dean Woods and Dr. Jamieson
should be prepared by the Committee on Memorial Minutes,
and that letters of sympathy should be sent on behalf of
Senate to Mrs, Grant and to Dr. Cleveland's family.
The President also made reference to the service
to be held in the University Armoury on Thursday,
February 14th, in memory of His Majesty, King George VI,
whose funeral was to take place on Friday, February 15th,
on which day the University would be closed.  It was agreed
that the Committee on Memorial Minutes be asked to consider
making some reference in the minutes of Senate to the
passing of the King. As a result the Chairman of the
Committee on Memorial Minutes recommended that the following
tribute to His late Majesty, paid by the President at the
service in the Armouries, be spread upon the minutes of
"We are gathered together to pay tribute to our late
Sovereign as man and King.  His personal devotion to
duty, his steadfast courage in peace and war, his
unassuming humanity and his support of the things of Wednesday, February 13, 1952   1807,
the spirit have made him the worthy symbol to a
diversity of peoples of great and noble traditions
of freedom under law. We are grateful for the high
distinction with which His late Majesty carried out
his responsibilities as Head of a Commonwealth, in
which learning is honoured, humane and spiritual values
treasured, the pursuit of truth encouraged and the
need for freedom in the search for truth widely
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dr. Wright )
Dean Curtis)  That the minutes of the Second Regular
meeting of Senate for the Session
1951-52, having been circulated, be
adopted as read.
Report of Committee of Deans
on Library Policy
A report dated February 13th was circulated and
read, as a recommendation from a Committee of the Deans,
appointed by the President in accordance with the minutes
i, of the last meeting of Senate, setting forth a basis of
1 policy in respect of the library and library affairs.
Particular note was taken of the suggestion that the Senate
Library Committee should be thought of as advisory rather
, than as having powers of its own to determine policy of the
* Library, and the duties of the Librarian, in relation to
the interests and needs of the various faculties.  The
Chairman explained that this suggestion grew out of a
statement made by Dean Angus that the Library Committee
as previously constituted by Senate had somewhat different
functions from those proposed in this report, and not out
of any dissatisfaction with the present Library Committee Wednesday, February 13, 1952  1808,
or its Chairman.
Dr. Wright  )
Dr. Friedman)  That this report be approved in
principle and that the Chair be
authorized to appoint a committee
to bring back recommendations
regarding the re-constitution of the
library committee, with particular
reference to its powers and duties.
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate"
Notice was received that the Board of Governors
on January 2nd, 1952, had approved the following courses
and awards, as approved by Senate on December 12th, 1951:
New Courses and Summer
Session Courses
Slavonic Studies 340 (3).  The Peoples of the Soviet Union
Mathematics 100
Courses for the Summer Session, 1952.
New Awards
The Social Work Alumni Prize
The Community Planning Association of Canada
(B.C. Division) Fellowship
The Undergraduate Scholarships in Slavonic Studies
The Graduate Scholarships in Slavonic Studies
The Slavonic Studies Graduation Prize
The Slavonic Studies Bursary.
The Garnett Sedgewick Memorial Fund (approximately
$4,500.00), under the terms of award submitted by Dean Gage
in his letter of December llth, 1951*
The United Nations Prize ($50.00 annually), to be
provided from the capital donation of $1,000.00 made by Dr. Wednesday, February 13, 1952    1809.
Anna B. Jamieson some years ago for work in International
School of Physical Education:
Effective Date of Re-organization
Notice was received that the Board of Governors
on January 2nd, 1952, had approved a recommendation that
the organization of the School of Physical Education should
be made effective as from January 1st, 1952.
Mr. Kennedy)
Dean Gage  )  That this date be approved.
Approval of New Awards, Subject
to Approval by Senate
Notice was received that the Board of Governors
on January 28th, 1952, had approved the acceptance of the
following new awards, subject to approval by Senate:
t The Savage Shoe Company Bursary
The Collins and Collins Scholarship (name changed to
* The J. Ewart Collins Scholarship)
y The Polish Friendship "Zgoda" Society Prize
The A-. Platznelson Bursary
1 The Freeman, Freeman and Silvers Bursary
The Forty-second Vancouver Guide Company Bursary
The A, Nathan Fox Bursary
v British Columbia Institute of Agrologists Bursary
The .War Memorial Bursary.
t It was noted that details of these awards would be presented
in the report of the Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and
► From the Faculties
Graduate Studies
Degrees of M,Com. and M.Sc.
Dean Angus spoke to the proposal that a degree Wednesday, February 13, 1952    1810,
of Master of Commerce be established, to be awarded on the
recommendation of the Faculty of Graduate Studies to
students who have completed the requirements of that
Faculty for that degree.  It was pointed out that students
holding the degree of B.Com. could complete the requirements
for the  degree of M.Com.  by one year's additional work;   that
students holding other Bachelor degrees might obtain the
M.Com. degree by completing the necessary pre-requisites
(21 units) and the programme for the M.Com. degree.
Dean Angus also spoke to the recommendation that
the degree of Master of Science be established as a degree
in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and that provision be
made for the granting of degrees in fields of study, i.e.,
a student might take a master's degree in some subject
which does not appear as a separate department in the
University, e.g., Genetics.
At the suggestion of Dr. James, it was agreed
that the Deans be urged to have the Calendar material in
the hands of Senate for the December meeting, in order to
provide more time for the consideration of such items as
new courses, etc.
Calendar Material
Dean Gage, Chairman of the University Committee
on Calendar, presented the report of that Committee. A
summary of the proposed changes for 1952-53, for the Faculties Wednesday, February 13, 1952    1811.
of Graduate Studies, Arts and Science, Applied Science,
Agriculture, Law, Pharmacy, Forestry and ^edicine had been
circulated in mimeographed form.
Dean Gage )
Mr. Fulton)  That the Calendar material be approved,
and that authorization be given for
any necessary minor editorial changes.
Some discussion took place on the confidential
nature of the meetings of Senate and on the desirability of
information being released through authorized channels
only and not through individual members.
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships and Bursaries
It was reported that the International Studies
Prize was being replaced by the United Nations Prize of the
annual value of $50.00, at the request of the donor, Dr.
Anna B, Jamieson.  It was noted that to provide this award
part of the capital of Dr. Jamieson's gift of $1,000.00
would have to be used each year, limiting the prize under
present conditions to approximately twenty years.
A change in terms of the scholarships provided by
the B, 0. Telephone Company was reported whereby $600.00 of
the annual award of $2,500.00 would be used to provide a
scholarship in Community and Regional Planning, under the
following terms, and the balance of $1,900.00 would continue
to be used for awards in Engineering and Physics. Wednesday, February 13, 1952   1812.
A scholarship of $600.00, the gift of the British
Columbia Telephone Company, will be awarded to a
student beginning or continuing studies in Community
and Regional Planning at the University of British
Columbia.  In making the award, consideration will
be given not only to scholastic standing, but also
to interest, ability, and aptitude for research and
investigation in problems of planning.  Recipients
will be recommended to Senate by the Joint Faculty
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships, and Bursaries,
after consult ation with the staff in charge of the
It was reported for information that an addition
of One Thousand Dollars had been made to the capital fund
of the Laura Holland Scholarship (in Social Work); that the
Shell Oil Company of Canada, Limited, had renewed its
Scholarship and increased its value from $750.00 and tuition
fees to $900.00 and tuition fees, plus an allowance of
$250,00 for supplies and equipment; that Dr. Robert E. Burns
of Victoria, who last year made available a bursary of
$75.00 in the Faculty of Medicine, had decided this year
to give two bursaries of $50.00 each; that the Triple
Entente Chapter, I.O.D.E,, which last year offered two
bursaries of $75.00 and one of $50.00, had decided to
donate three bursaries of $75.00 each this year; and that
Canadian Industries Limited had increased the amount of its
Fellowship from §750.00 to $900.00 annually, and the amount
of the maintenance grant in connection with the Fellowship
from $250.00 to $300.00. Wednesday, February 13, 1952   1813.
Acceptance was recommended of the following new
This scholarship of $150.00 has been established
by the Primrose Club of Vancouver in memory of
the late Dr. Frank Porter Patterson, Chief of
Orthopedic Surgery at the Vancouver General
Hospital and one-time member of the Board of
Governors of the University of British Columbia.
It will be awarded to a student graduating from
the Faculty of Medicine who, in the Fourth Year,
has meritoriously pursued the course in surgery
and displayed a special interest in orthopedic
surgery, and is proceeding to his internship.
This scholarship of $100.00 has been established
as a memorial to the late J. Ewart Collins, C.A.,
by the firm of Collins and Collins, Chartered
Accountants, of which he was senior partner. The
award, which is available annually to a student
in Third Year Commerce, will be made to the
student who obtains the highest standing in
Commerce 353 (Advanced Accounting) and registers
in the Fourth Year for Commerce 455 (Auditing).
A fellowship of $1,500.00, the gift of The Savage
Shoe Company, is available annually in the Faculty
of Medicine for postgraduate study. The award
will be made for special studies and investigation
on problems of children's foot health.  Selection
of the winner will be made on the recommendation
of the Department of Pediatrics in consultation
with the Dean of the Faculty.
This bursary of $250.00, the gift of Bostock Ranch
Limited, Monte Creek, British Columbia, has been
established to assist in the study of the control
of diffuse knapweed.  It will be used to assist a
student engaged in investigational work in this
field.  The award will be made on the recommendation
of the Faculty of Agriculture. Wednesday, February 13, 1952   1814,
In memory of Alan Walter Shore, B.°.A., M.S.A.,
(1921-1950), his friends and fellow-students
have established a scholarship, of the value of
$100.00, open to students working in the field
of nutrition and proceeding to the final undergraduate year.  In making possible this scholarship,
his friends seek to perpetuate the remembrance of
his fine scholarship, his devotion to research,
and his spirit of cheerfulness and courage in
adversity.  The award will be made by the
Scholarship Committee in consultation with
members of the departments concerned.
A bursary of $250.00 is offered by the Institute
of Agrologists to a student entering the Degree
course in Agriculture for the first time.  This
bursary will be awarded to an applicant who has
a record of good scholastic standing and has need
of financial assistance.  In choosing the
recipient, consideration will be given to farm
background and membership and activity in 4-H
Club work.  Winners of this bursary will be
selected by the Joint Faculty Committee on Prizes,
Scholarships and Bursaries, after consultation
with the Bursary Committee of the Institute of
Agrologists and the Dean of the Faculty of
Agriculture.  Candidates must have their
applications approved by a resident Agrologist
in the district where the application is made.
Applications, on forms available from the Dean
of Administrative and Inter-Faculty Affairs,
University of British Columbia, Vancouver 8,
Canada, must be received by the University not
later than August 15th.  The letter requesting
the application form should contain the name and
address of the applicant, an outline of the
applicant's record in 4-H Club work, and an
indication of his background in farming.
This prize of $100.00, gift of the Polish Friendship "Zgoda" Society, will be awarded to a student
who has an outstanding record of achievement in
the course Polish 110. Wednesday, February 13, 1952    1815.
This bursary of $25.00, the gift of Mir. and Mrs.
A. Nathan Fox of Vancouver, will be awarded in
the Session 1952-53 to an undergraduate in any
year and faculty who has good scholastic standing
and is in need of financial assistance.
A bursary of $250.00, the gift of the Architectural
Institute of British Columbia, will be awarded to a
student entering First Year Architecture.  This
award will be made to a student who has promise of
ability in the field of Architecture, and needs
financial assistance to enable him to proceed with
his studies.  In making the selection, the Joint
Faculty Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and
Bursaries will give first consideration to those
candidates recommended by the Institute.
This bursary of $40.00, the gift of Mir. and Mrs.
Dave Franks of Vancouver, will be awarded to an
undergraduate in any year or faculty who has good
scholastic standing and is in need of financial
This bursary of $25.00, the gift of Mr. Joe Satanov
of Vancouver, will be awarded to an undergraduate in
any year or faculty who has good scholastic standing
and is in need of financial assistance.
This bursary of $100.00, the gift of Messrs. Freeman,
Freeman and Silvers, Barristers and Solicitors, will
be awarded in the Session 1952-53 to an undergraduate
in any year or faculty who has good scholastic
standing and is in need of financial assistance.
This bursary of $25.00, the gift of Mr. and Mrs. Wednesday, February 13, 1952   1816,
K. Katznelson of Vancouver, will be awarded to an
undergraduate who is financially deserving and has
good scholastic standing.
This bursary of $25.00, the gift of Mr. Max Freeman
of Vancouver, will be awarded to an undergraduate
who is financially deserving and has good scholastic
This bursary of $50.00, the gift of the Forty-Second
Vancouver Girl Guide Company, is available for a
woman undergraduate in Physical Education.  The
award will be made to a student who has good standing
and who is worthy of financial assistance.
A bursary of $50.00, gift of the Ketchum Manufacturing
Company, Limited, Ottawa, will be available in the
Session 1952-53 for a student in the Department of
Animal Husbandry.  The award will be made to a worthy
student who has satisfactory academic standing.
This bursary, provided by the income in a fund
established by graduates and friends of the
University through donations from G. E. Baynes,
Esq., P. R. Brissenden, Esq., Hotel Grosvenor,
Alfred W. McLeod Limited, and Seeley and Company
Limited, will be awarded annually to a worthy and
financially deserving undergraduate in any year
and faculty.  In making this award, preference
will be given first to veterans or members of the
merchant navy who served in World War II, then to
sons and daughters of those who served, and finally
to students generally.
Dean Gage also reported, for the information of
Senate, on the Carl J. Culter Student Loan Fund, which was Wednesday, February 13, 1952    1817.
established by a gift of $25,000.00 from Messrs. Richard H.
and Lawrence B. Culter, and Mrs. Leila B. Culter.
Dean Gage)
Mr. Knapp)  That the new awards listed above be
accepted, and that letters of thanks
be sent to the donors of these new awards
and to those donors who were reported as
having increased their annual awards.
Honorary Degrees
Dean Angus presented a recommendation of the
Committee on Honorary Degrees that the degree of Doctor of
Laws, honoris causa, be conferred on Dr, H, Ashton, at the
Spring Congregation, 1952, on the understanding that Dr.
Ashton would be willing and able to be present to receive
the degree in person.  Dean Angus commented on the large
number of letters which had been received in support of
this recommendation.
Dean Angus)
Dr. Sage  )  That this recommendation be approved.
Professors Emeriti
Dr. Sage presented the recommendations of the
Committee on Professors Emeriti: that Professor Thorleif
Larsen be appointed Professor Emeritus of English, that
Professor E, A. Lloyd be appointed Professor Emeritus of
Poultry Husbandry, and that Professor H. T. Logan be
appointed Professor Emeritus of Classics.
Dr. Sage  )
Mr. Fulton)  That these recommendations be approved.
Carried. Wednesday, February 13, 1952    1818.
Items Returned to Agenda from
December Meeting
The Question of Establishment in
Reference to Teaching Staff
Major Holmes spoke to the memoranda circulated
by the President under dates of April 23rd and April 25th,
with reference to the matter of establishment in connection
with teaching staff.  The President outlined the difficulty
of maintaining a rigid establishment at a time when a
large number of staff members were eligible for promotion.
Report of Director of Personnel
A statistical report submitted by the Director of
Personnel Services in November, 1951, with regard to the
number of students supporting themselves entirely,
receiving partial assistance, etc., and a comparison of
professional and occupational objectives of university
students, 1951-52, was returned to the agenda for discussion.
Dean Besley)
Mr. Kennedy)  That the Director of Personnel Services
be congratulated on this informative and
constructive report.
Report of the Director of the
Summer Session, 1951;
Report on Extra-Curricular
Summer Session Courses, 1951;
Report on Correspondence Courses
(dated October 9. 1951);
Report on Registration, Session 1951-52
(dated October 18. 1951)
The above noted reports which had been returned
to the agenda were ordered filed. Wednesday, February 13, 1952   1819.
Canadian Club Lectureship
The President reported that the Canadian Club
of Vancouver had decided to continue its support of the
Canadian Club Lectures at the University of British Columbia.
Further in this connection, he stated that Dr. Linus Pauling
of the California Institute of Technology would speak at the
University under the auspices of the Canadian Club on
Thursday, February 14th.
Speakers. Spring Congregation,
The President suggested that the Honourable Percy
Spender and Mr, Roderick Haig-Brown be asked to deliver the
Congregation addresses on May 15th and 16th,  This matter
was left with the Chair.
Victoria College Council
Dr. Cowan spoke with reference to the meeting of
Victoria College Council which he had attended as the
representative of the Dean of Arts and Science on Monday,
February llth.
A letter dated November 24th was read from Mrs.
M. a,   Cameron, expressing appreciation of the tribute recorded
by Senate in memory of her husband, the late Maxwell A.
Cameron. i
Wednesday, February 13, 1952    1820.
Admission Requirements for
Korean Veterans
The Secretary reported one or two enquiries from
members of the Canadian armed forces serving in Korea with
reference to admission requirements.  It was noted that
admission requirements had been somewhat relaxed for
veterans of Wrorld Wars I and II.
Mr. Kennedy)
Dr. Sage  )  That the Chair be asked to appoint a
committee to investigate this matter
and to report back to Senate.
Allocation of Duties of Male
Members of Staff of School of
Physical Education
A report on the allocation of duties of the male
members of the staff of the School of Physical Education
was received from the Director under date of January 15th,
1952.  It was asked that this information be circulated to
the members of Senate, along with a similar report on the
duties of the female members of that School.
Other Business
Courses, Notre Dame College,
i The President referred to a letter dated January
14th from Mr. R. E. Sommers, Chairman, Public Relations
Committee, Castlegar District Teachers' Association, asking
t if the University of British Columbia would recognize
courses taken at the Notre Dame College of Nelson for
second year credit.  In the same connection, a letter Wednesday, February 13, 1952    1821.
dated February 9th was received from the Principal, Notre
Dame College.  Copies of Dr. MacKenzie's replies to these
two letters were read to the meeting.
Mir. Fulton)
Judge Lord)  That this matter be referred to the
Committee on Catholic Education, under
the Chairmanship of Dean Angus.
Formation of Group to Advise
and Assist University"
Dr. MacKenzie spoke with reference to the idea
which had been suggested some three or four years ago, of
forming a group of "Friends of the University of British
Columbia," who might meet informally and be consulted from
time to time and asked for assistance in practical ways.
Judge Lord  )
Dr. Friedman) That the formation of such a group be
approved in principle, the details to
be left in the hands of the President.
Items Returned to Agenda from
December Meeting
Athletics - re Football (discussion
of this item was deferred from its
earlier position on the agenda)
A letter dated February 6th from the Honourable
Mr. Justice Clyne was read on the subject of professionalism
in University sport. Mr. Justice Clyne wrote expressing
the desirability of eliminating spectacle sports as far as
possible from the University campus, and presented the
following suggestions:
1.  That University coaches and members of the faculty of Wednesday, February 13, 1952   1822,
the School of Physical Education be instructed
officially that undue emphasis must not be placed
on any one particular sport.
2. That University coaches and members of the faculty
of the School of Physical Education be instructed
officially that it is contrary to the policy of the
University to encourage "Athletic" scholarships
except in cases where they are merited by scholastic
3. That no student be permitted to engage in University
sport or other activities, that is to say he may not
play on a University team, or otherwise represent the
University, unless he has secured a pass standing in
all subjects. By this, I mean that a student should
not be allowed to represent the University on any team
or in any other activity if he starts the University
year with supplementals which must be written off.
4. That the hours of practice for any game or other
activity be limited to six hours per week, such period
to include hours for which any credit is granted.
Further in this connection, a draft letter prepared by the
President and addressed to Dean Gage was read, setting forth
the following recommendations of the Committee of College
and University Presidents in the United States:
1. Athletic scholarships should be forbidden.  All
scholarships should be given strictly on the basis of
a student's educational ability and economic need,
2. No freshmen should be allowed on varsity teams.  Junior
college and other transfers would wait for a full year
before being allowed to play.
3. No one shall play on any Varsity team who is carrying
a condition, or who has not made an average of at
least 50%  in the preceeding Spring exams.
Also received was a memorandum from the President dated
January 18th which had been circulated to the members of
Senate together with copies of part of the concluding
section of the judgement of General Sessions Judge Saul S.
Streit of New York, as reported in The New York Times of Wednesday, February 13, 1952    1823,
November 20th, 1951, page 26, and described at the last
meeting of Senate.  After some discussion,
Judge Lord)
Mr. Wright)  That the Chair be asked to appoint a
Committee to study and report on policy
in respect of competitive and intercollegiate athletics, in so far as the
University of British Columbia may be
concerned, and that this Committee be
asked to discuss any recommendations
it proposes to make with the Council of
the School of Physical Education before
reporting back to Senate.
Private Bill
The President referred to the notice in the
Vancouver Press on November 21st, 1951, that an Application
would be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province
of British Columbia at the present Session of the
Legislature for an Act to incorporate Holy Rosary University as a Roman Catholic University of higher education,
and suggested that Senate go on record as to what action,
if any, the University should take in the event of a Bill
covering this application being presented to the Private
Bills Committee at the present Session of the Legislature.
After discussion,
Judge Lord)
Dr. Cowan )  That the Chair be asked to obtain a copy
of this Bill, and in the event that the
Bill would affect the welfare of the
University of British Columbia, that a
special meeting of Senate be called to
consider it, and a request be made to the
Legislature for an opportunity to present
the views of the University of British
Columbia to the Private Bills Committee.
Carried. Wednesday, February 13, 1952    1824,
After some discussion, Mr. Fulton asked that the Committee
on Catholic Education, as reconstituted and reported to
Senate on December 12th, 1951, be asked to re-consider the
requests put forward by the B. 0. Catholic Education
Association Committee and the recommendations made following
consideration of those representations by the Committee on
Catholic Education, which were presented to Senate on
January llth, 1949. Dean Angus asked that Mr. Fulton's
suggestion be explained more fully and the President stated
his understanding of the matter, that the re-constituted
Committee on Catholic Education, being representative of a
new Senate, should consider a gain the request of the Roman
Catholic constituency, and that the Committee should report
back to Senate as to what might be done in the circumstances.
It was agreed that the Committee on Catholic
Education, with the following membership and terms of
reference, should meet as soon as possible, for the purposes
set forth above.
Dean H. F. Angus (Chairman)
Dean B.   A,   Eagles   (Vice-Chairman)
Dean S. N. F. Chant
The Hon. Mr. Justice J. V. Clyne
Dr. Roy Daniells
Miss Mary Fallis
Dean W. H. Gage
Mrs. F, MacKenzie Ross
Mir. H. N. MacCorkindale
Dr. W. N. Sage
Mr. E, D. Fulton
Dr. n. E. Grauer
Chancellor Sherwood Lett  )
President N.A.M. MacKenzie)  Ex-officio
Mr. G. C. Andrew        )
Mr. C. B. Wood ) Wednesday, February 13, 1952   1825.
"To give further consideration to the requests put
forward by the B. C. Catholic Education Association
Committee, and to the matters referred to the
Committee of this Senate by resolution adopted on
January llth, 1949, and to recommend such courses
to the Departments concerned as may be considered
appropriate and desirable under the circumstances."
Dr. Gibson asked whether the Committee on
Athletics could give a report to the next meeting of Senate.
Judge Lord )
Dean MacLeod)  That the meeting adjourn.
A^yt-tzyL^c^,   (XI.
HtrvrtAxu nfhAi
Chairman. / A


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