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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1978-04-19

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Wednesday,  April   19,   1978.
The Eighth regular meeting of the Senate of The University of British Columbia
for the Session 1977-78 was held on Wednesday, April 19, 1978 at 8.00 p.m. in the Board
and Senate Room.
Present: President D. T. Kenny (Chairman), Ms. K. Andrew, Dean J. H. M.
Andrews, Mr. B. Armstrong, Mr. J. B. Barnett, Mr. W. H. Birmingham, Mrs. M. F.
Bishop, Dr. E. V. Bohn, Dr. C. B. Bourne, Miss M. F. Boyle, Dr. K. T. Brearley, Mr. D. A.
Coulson, Dr. J. G. Cragg, Mr. C. K. Cramer, Dr. J. Dahlie, Mrs. E. L. Daniells, Dr. J. D.
Dennison, Dr. A. J. Elder, Dr. C. V. Finnegan, Mrs. E. D. Fulton, Dean J. A. F. Gardner,
Mr. R. H. Goodwin, Ms. P. Gouldstone, Dr. A. G. Hannam, Dr. T. D. Heaver,
Dr. F. R. C. Johnstone, Dr. L. D. Jones, Dr. W. M. Keenlyside, Dean W. D. Kitts,
Dr. H. C. Knutson, Dean P. A. Larkin, Dr. J. R. Ledsome, Dean K. M. Lysyk, Dr. D. J.
MacDougall, Mr. J. M. Maclntyre, Ms. C. E. McAndrew, Dr. C. A. McDowell, Dr. J. H.
McNeill, Mr. J. F. McWilliams, Mr. C. Niwinski, Dr. R. A. Nodwell, Dean B. E. Riedel,
Dr. V. C. Runeckles, Dr. S. O. Russell, Mr. M. M. Ryan, Dr. R. F. Scagel, Dr. G. G. E.
Scudder, Dr. M. Shaw, Dr. J. G. Silver, Dr. R. H. T. Smith, Dr. G. J. Spitler, Mr. B.
Stuart-Stubbs, Mr. K. Suleman, Mr. G. A. Thorn, Mr. L. Valg, Dean G. M. Volkoff,
Mrs. J. C. Wallace, Miss C. L. V. Warren, Mr. E. Warren, Dean W. A. Webber,
Dean R. M. Will, Dr. M.  D. Willman, Dr. J. L. Wisenthal, Acting Dean D. J. Yeo.
Observer:   Ms. J. Walker
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from Chancellor
D. F. Miller, Dr. C. E. Armerding, Mr. W. G. Burch, Rev. P. C. Burns, Dean W. D. Finn,
Dean P. A. Lusztig, Rev. J. P. Martin, Mr. R. K. Miller, Miss M. J. Nelson, Dr. J. F.
Richards, Dr. J. K. Stager, Dr. O. Sziklai.
Senate membership
The Chairman welcomed the new members of Senate.
Dr. McDowell drew the Chairman's attention to the February 1974 report of the
Committee on the Role and Organization of Senate in which it was recommended that
the Chairman of Senate be requested to provide some opportunity for members of
Senate to meet each other and talk informally, preferably at least once a year but
certainly near the beginning of the term of a new Senate.
The Chairman stated that he would take the matter under consideration.
Minutes of the previous meeting
Since the minutes had been circulated at the meeting it was suggested that they
be approved on the understanding that amendments could be made at the next meeting. 7010.
Wednesday, April   19,   1978.
Minutes of the previous meeting (continued)
Dr. Wisenthal     ) That the minutes of the Seventh regular meeting
Dr. Keenlyside  ) of Senate for the Session   1977-78, having been
circulated be taken as read and adopted.
Business arising from the Minutes
Training programs for Teaching Assistants
Notice of motion had been given at the previous meeting.
Mr. Armstrong  )        Whereas  teaching appointees with  no teaching
Mr. Warren ) experience    can    be    greatly    aided    by    early
instruction in the art, be it resolved that each
Department shall prepare a departmental
training program appropriate to the teaching
expected of the appointee.
In reply to a query Mr. Armstrong confirmed that the motion referred to Teaching
Some members felt that it would not be too difficult to implement modest
training programs although concern was expressed about the timing of such programs
and the extra burden it could impose on teaching assistants.
Following a brief discussion the motion was put and carried.
Government funding
Notice of motion had been given at the previous meeting. The Chairman informed
Senate that the wording of the motion had been changed since the previous meeting
and that on this occasion he had agreed to accept the change.
Mr. Armstrong ) Government      policies      are      having      severe
Mr. Warren       ) repercussions   on    all    academic   activities    at
U.B.C. Academic standards are being undermined
because of the lack of adequate financial support
during the past few years. These matters are of
paramount concern to us and, in particular, we
feel that it is essential that the University
Library maintain a high standard of excellence.
Be it resolved, therefore, that a letter
incorporating these concerns be sent to The
Universities Council of British Columbia and to
the Minister of Education. 7011.
Wednesday, April   19,   1978.
Business arising from the Minutes
Government funding  (continued)
During the following discussion it was pointed out that many parts of the
University were suffering from a lack of funding and therefore specific reference to
the Library was unnecessary.
Dean Larkin pointed out that the Library not only served the campus but was
increasingly being used as a centre for resources in a province-wide network and that
it was indeed timely to draw attention to the needs of the library.
The motion was put and carried.
From the Board of Governors
Notification of approval in principle of Senate recommendations - subject, where
applicable, to the proviso that none of the programs be implemented without formal
reference to the President and the formal agreement of the President; and that the
Deans and Heads concerned with new programs be asked to indicate the space
requirements, if any, of such new programs.
New courses and course changes recommended by the Faculty of Education. (P.7008)
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Dean Volkoff    )    That   the   new   awards   listed   in   the   Appendix   be
Dean Gardner  )    accepted subject  to the approval  of the Board of
Governors, and that letters of thanks be sent to the
Report of the Senate Admissions Committee on Guided Independent Study
Dr. Finnegan presented the report. It was explained that at its meeting of
December 14, 1977 Senate requested the Senate Admissions Committee to review the
existing regulation which restricts to 15 units the credit which a student may obtain
from Independent Study courses to be applied toward a degree from this University, and
that in conducting this review the committee consult the Faculties, and that the
Committee report to Senate, recommending whether the existing regulation should be
retained, modified or abolished.
Dr. Finnegan explained that following consultation with the Faculties the existing
statement in the Calendar concerning Guided Independent Study had been modified
slightly to indicate that it was possible that a number of units of independent study may
be applied against a degree program. The number of units had not been specified but it
was felt that in general a student would not be able to complete more than one-third of
a degree program through such study. 7012.
Wednesday,  April   19,   1978.
Report of the Senate Admissions Committee on Guided Independent Study  (continued)
The following statement for inclusion in the 1979/80 Calendar had been
"Full university degree credit may be obtained in a number of fields by guided
independent study courses and other forms of independent study. An upper limit in
terms of units or courses of independent study has not been established. In general, a
student is not likely to be able to complete more than one-third of a degree program
through such study though the precise number of independent study units which may
be applied to a degree program will be determined by the specific requirements of the
several faculties. Students are advised to enquire at the office of the Dean of the
appropriate Faculty before undertaking an extensive program of independent study.
Credit will only be granted for Education courses to students who are registered in
the Faculty of Education, hold a Teacher's Certificate or have written permission
from the Dean.
Final examinations in guided independent study courses may be written in April,
August or December. Standards in the final examinations will be the same as those
for resident students. Students who fail in the final examination and the
supplemental in any one guided independent study course will not be permitted to
register again for that course.
Winter session students may take a credit guided independent study course during the
summer months providing they have the approval of their Faculty Adviser, the
instructor who marks the course and the Registrar.
Two guided independent study courses for social workers are offered by the Centre
for Continuing Education in cooperation with the B. C. Association of Social Workers.
These courses are recognized by the Board of Registration for credit toward
registration under the B. C. Social Workers' Registration Act, but U.B.C. degree
credit is not granted."
Dr. Finnegan )      That the proposed statement on Guided Independent
Mr. Warren     )      Study   be   approved   for   inclusion   in   the    1979/80
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration - restriction of enrolment
Dr. Finnegan stated that the committee recommended approval of the annual
request of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration that undergraduate
enrolment be restricted.
Dr. Finnegan )      That registration in the First Year of the Faculty of
Dr. Heaver     )       Commerce      and      Business      Administration      be
restricted to 510 students and that registration in
the Second Year be restricted to 480 students.
After considerable discussion the motion was put and carried. 7013.
Wednesday,  April   19,   1978.
The President's Report 1976-77
The report was circulated for information. Attention was drawn to the fact that
the University Bookstore had not been mentioned in the report. In reply to a query the
Chairman reported that the Administration and the Director of the Bookstore were
pursuing ways in which to finance the building of a new Bookstore. He stated that the
building needs of the Bookstore had not been included in the report of the committee on
Academic Building Needs which had recommended building priorities for the next five
years and therefore other methods of funding would have to be looked at. The
Chairman assured senators that it was not intended that the price of text books would
be raised.
Other business
Election of Senate Nominating Committee
In accordance with procedures adopted by Senate for the establishment of the
Nominating Committee a notice had been circulated requesting nominations for ten
members to serve on the Senate Nominating Committee, i.e. two student senators,
two convocation senators and six members of Senate who are not student senators or
convocation senators. Senate was informed that no nominations had been received
for the two student positions. It was agreed that on this occasion nominations from
the floor would be accepted.
Mr. Armstrong )   That Mr. Eric Warren be nominated to serve as a
Mr. Niwinski     )    student  representative  on   the  Senate Nominating
Mr. Warren     )
Mr. Niwinski  )
Dr. Shaw )
Dean Gardner  )
That Mr. Bruce Armstrong be nominated to serve as
a student representative on the Senate Nominating
That nominations be closed.
Late Submissions
Dr. Runeckles )
Dr. Finnegan    )
That Senate authorize the Curriculum Committee
and/or the Admissions Committee to act on behalf
of Senate upon recommendations of the Faculties or
Schools which seek implementation in September
that due to extenuating circumstances may not be
submitted in time for consideration of the May
meeting of Senate. 7014.
Wednesday,  April   19,   1978.
Other business
Late Submissions  (continued)
It was confirmed that any proposal acted upon by either committee would come
before Senate at its meeting of September 13, 1978 for ratification.
The motion was put and carried.
Coat hooks
The Chairman agreed to look into the question of installing coat hooks outside the
Board and Senate Room.
Immigration regulations
In reply to a query the Chairman stated that discussions were still taking place
with Immigration officials and that it was his understanding that all Teaching
Assistant positions would have to be posted in a Manpower Office located on campus
for a period of two weeks.
Student loans
The Chairman drew Senate's attention to an unfair newspaper report which stated
that 55,000 students did not repay their loans. He informed Senate that he had
written to the Secretary of State asking for specific information and asking for
cooperation in correcting the unfair impression created by the report of students
across Canada.
The meeting adjourned at 9.15 p.m.
The next regular meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 24, 1978.
Chairman 7015.
Wednesday,  April   19,   1978.
New Awards Recommended to Senate
The Burnaby Public Library Board Book Prize - A book prize in the amount of $50
has been made available by the Board of the Burnaby Public Library to a student
who demonstrates outstanding aptitudes in the field of public librarianship. The
award will be made on the recommendation of the School of Librarianship.
The John Arthur Davis Bursary - This bursary is donated by the Vernon Bar
Association in recognition of the dedication of John Arthur "Jack" Davis to the
pursuit of justice in the field of Criminal law. The bursary is to be awarded to a
deserving student enrolled in the Faculty of Law, who shows excellence in the
study of Criminal law with preference to be given to a student from the Okanagan
The Paul E. Murphy Bursary Fund - Bursaries in the amount of $17,000 per annum
have been made available by the late Paul E. Murphy. In providing this bequest,
the donor expressed the hope that those who benefit from the fund would, if and
when circumstances permit, contribute to the perpetuation of it.
The Lome Dawson Sims Bursary Fund - Bursaries in the amount of approximately
$ 1,800 per annum have been provided by the late Lome Dawson Sims. In providing
this bequest, the donor expressed the hope that those who benefit from the fund
would, if and when circumstances permit, contribute to the perpetuation of it.
The Vancouver City Savings Credit Union Bursaries - Three bursaries of $500
each, the gift of the Vancouver City Savings Credit Union, will be awarded to
students demonstrating financial need.
The Worthington Memorial Bursary Fund - Bursaries in the amount of
approximately $3,600 per annum have been made available by the late George H.
Worthington in memory of his sons Lieutenant-Colonel Donald Grant Worthington
and Major John Robert Worthington. In providing this bequest, the donor
expressed the hope that those who benefit from the fund would, if and when
circumstances permit, contribute to the perpetuation of it.


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