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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Oct 21, 1931

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Array 157.
Wednesday,   October   21st,   1931
The   first   regular  meeting   of   the   Senate   of   The
University  of  British  Columbia   for   the   session   1931-32  was
held   on Wednesday,   October  21st,   1931,   at   8:00   p.m.,   in
the  Board   Room.
Present:   President  L.   S.   Klinck   (in   the   Chair),   Dean
F.   M.   Clement,   Dean   R.   W.   Brock,   Dean   D.   Buchanan,   Mr.   E.
A.   Lloyd,   Dr.   G.   G.   Moe,   Mr.   J.   M.   Turnbull,   Mr.   H.   F.
Angus,   Dr.   A.   H.   Hutchinson,   Dr.   F.   P.   Patterson,   Mr.   E.   C.
Hayward,   Mr.   G.   W.   Clark,   Rev.   Dr.   J.   G.   Brown,   Rev.   Dr.
W.   H.   Vance,   Mr.   Sherwood  Lett,   Mr.   H.   T.   Logan,   Rev.
Canon  A.   H.   Sovereign,   Dr.   Evlyn  F.   Farris,   Mrs.   Beatrice
Wood,   Dr.   C.   Killam,   Miss  A.   B.   Jamieson,  Mr.   Sydney
Anderson  and  Mr.   Lyle   A.   Atkinson.
An   expression   of   regret   was   received   from Mr.   J.   N.
Harvey   at   his   inability   to   attend   the   meeting.
Dr.   Killam )
Mr.   Anderson      )   That   the   minutes   of   the   fifth
regular  meeting   of   August   28th
be   taken   as   read,   and  adopted.
Carri ed
Appointment of Committee on Calendar
Mr. Logan     )
Dr. Hutchinson) That the matter be left to the
Chai r.
Appointment of representative on Committee on
Management of Gymnasium
Dr. Vance  )
Mr. Hayward) That the action of the President
in appointing Mr. Lord be confirmed.
From   the   Faculties
Report   on   Supplemental   Examinations,   Special
Examinations   and  Re-readings
Presented   for   the   information   of  Senate. 158.
Wednesday, October 21st, 1931
Candidates for Degrees, Autumn Congregation
A report was received in reference to students
who, since the Congregation of May 7th, 1931, had completed courses for a degree or diploma.
Faculty of Arts and Science
Dean Buchanan )
Dr. Hutchinson) That the report as submitted by
the Faculty of Arts and Science
for the conferring of degrees be
approved by Senate.
Faoulty of Applied Science
Dean Brock   )
Mr. Turnbull ) That Senate confer the degrees as
recommended by Faculty.
Faculty of Arts and Science
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Angus    ) That approval be given to the
recommendation of the Faculty
of Arts and Science in regard
to the granting of Social
Servi ce diplomas.
Autumn Awards of Prizes and Scholarships - made by
the Chairman of Senate upon the recommendation of the
Joint Faculty Committee on Prizes and Scholarships in
conformity with the resolution of Senate, December 18th,
1929.  (for the information of Senate.)
Canadian Club Bursary  -  $300.00
Robert McKeown (Junior Matriculant),
New Westminster       $150.00
Millar McGill (Senior Matriculant),
King Edward High School  $150.00 "1
Wednesday,   October   21st,   1931
American  Women's   Club   Bursary   -   $100.00
Marjorie   Paterson
University   Scholarship   in  Nursing   and   Health
No   award,   there   being no   applicant   of
scholarship   standing.
David   Thorn  Bursary $10 0.00
Jack  F.   Bowen
Nominations for Library Committee
Faculty of Arts and Science
Dr. MacDonald
Mr. Soward
Dr. Seyer
Faculty of Applied Science
Mr. Vernon
Faculty of Agriculture
Dr. Moe
Mr. Angus)
Dean  Brock) That these nominees be appointed.
Khaki University Scholarship - A. E. Coles - and
LeRoy Memorial Scholarship - H. A. McEwen.
The Faculties regret to have to report the
death by drowning during the summer of
Albert Edward Coles who last spring was
awarded a Khaki Scholarship, and also the
death since the opening of the term of
Horace Austin McEwen, winner of the LeRoy
The Faculties recommend,-
That the Khaki Scholarship held by the
late A. E. Coles, the son of a deceased
soldier, be paid to his estate, or should 160.
Wednesday, October 21st, 1931
that be found impossible, it be transferred to his sister, Eleanor Ruth Coles,
contingent upon her return to the University.
That the LeRoy Scholarship held by the
late H. A. McEwen, a returned soldier,
be paid to his estate.
Dean Clement)
Mr. Lett    ) That these two cases be considered separately.
A. E. Coles
Mr. Angus      )
Canon Sovereign) That the money set free by the
lapse of the Khaki University
Scholarship be made available
to the sister of Mr. Coles,
Eleanor Ruth Coles , in the event
of that being a legal action.
H. A. McEwen
Dean Brock)
Mr. Logan ) That the recommendation in reference
to the LeRoy Memorial Scholarship as
submitted by the Faculties be approved
and forwarded to the Board of Governors.
Re-award   of   three   Royal   Institution   Scholarships
Eight   Royal   Institution   Scholarships   were
awarded   on   the   results   of   the   Matriculation
Examinations   held   in   June.
Of   the   winners   one   is   attending   the   University,   four   ask   for   a   deferment   of   their
Scholarships   as   they   are   attending   High   Schools
in   their  own   districts,   one   states   he   cannot
accept   the   scholarship,   and   the   remaining   two
ask   for   a   two-year's   postponement   without
sufficient   reason.
It   is   recommended   that,   failing   the   fulfilment
of   the   Calendar   requirements   by   the   winners,
these   three   scholarships   be   offered   to   the 161.
Wednesday, October 21st, 1931
matriculants who have made in their respective districts the next highest marks.
Canon Sovereign)
Mr. Hayward    ) That the recommendation of the
Faculties be approved.
Reform of Matriculation System
A report was received from the Faculties in reference
to suggested plans for the improvement of the Matriculation
Examinati ons.
Dr.   Brown   )
Mr.   Clark   )   That   the   Chair be   authorized   to
appoint   a   committee   to   consider   the
Carrie d
From  the   Faculty   of  Arts   and   Science
Offer   of   Eight   Hundred   Dollars   for   Library   made   by
Summer   Session   Students   Aasociation
Resolved   that   a   grant   of   $800.00   (Eight
Hundred   Dollars)   be   made   by   the   Summer
Session  Association   to   the   University
Library  as   a   first   unit   of   a   fund   with
which   to   purchase   volumes   of   standard
books   which   are   required,   from   time   to
time,   for   Summer   Session and  Extra-Sessional
Classes,   such   volumes   to   be   reserved   for  the
use   of   said   classes,   during   the   respective
sessions   and   the   preparatory   reading   for   the
same .
Also  be   it  resolved   that books   so  purchased
shall   become   available   for  extra-mural   work,
whenever   such   work   may  be   included   in   the
programme   of   the  University.
Mr. Clark    )
Dean Buchanan) That the recommendation be
adopted by the Senate.
Carried 162.
Wednesday,   October   21st,   1931
Mr. Clark    )
Dean Buchanan) That the Secretary be instructed to
express to the Summer Session
Students' Association the appreciation of Senate for this
generous gift.
It   was   agreed   that   the   report   of   the   Director   of   the
Summer   Session  which   had  been   mailed   to   the   members   of
Senate   should  be   presented   at   the   next   meeting.
Methods   Courses   for   Teachers-in-Training  in  Biology,
Agriculture   and   Commercial   subjects
That Methods Courses in High School
Biology, Agriculture and Commercial
Subjects  be   approved.
Dean  Buchanan)
Miss   Jamieson)    That   this   recommendation be
approved   and   sent   to   the   Board   of
Governors  for   consideration.
Change in name in Department of Economics, Sociology
and Political Science
That the name of the Department of Economics,
Sociology and Political Science be changed to
Economics, Political Science, Commerce and
Mr.   Angus)
Dr.Killam)   That   this   recommendation be   adopted.
Statement   re   Standing   of   Students  for   Governor
General's   Gold  Medal,   1951
The   Faculty   reports   that   Shirley   May3e   was,
in  May   of   this   year,   erroneously placed   with
Malcolm  Hebb   at   the   head   of   the   graduating
class   in  Arts   and   Science,   and   that   Malcolm
Hebb   undoubtedly   holds   that  position. 163.
Wednesday, October 21st, 1931
These facts are reported to Senate with
the regrets and apologies of Faculty.
Dr. Killam)
Dr. Vance ) That the report from the Faculty be
received and filed, that a correction in the award be made accordingly
and the medal given to Malcolm H. Hebb.
Carrie d
Dean Buchanan expressed the appreciation of the
Faculty of Arts and Science for the way the report had
been received and the matter settled.
Mr. Logan)
Dr. Vance) That letters be sent by the Secretary
of Senate to Miss Shirley Mayse and
Mr. Malcolm Hebb, informing them of
the mistake and making suitable
apologies to Miss Mayse in the name
of the University.
From   the   Faculty  of  Agriculture
Substitution   of   another   course   for   Physics
That  because   of   time   table   difficulties
students  who   have   passed   Junior  Matriculation  Physics  be   excused  from Physics
1   or   2   this   year,   but   be   required   to
elect   3   units    (in  place   of   Physics   1)   from
the   Second   Year   electives.     Page   281,
1930-31   calendar.
Dean   Clement)
Mr.   Lloyd        )   That   the   recommendation   be   approved.
From the Students' Council
A request was received from the Students' Council
that the Senate appoint two representatives on a joint
committee consisting of representatives from the Senate,
Faculty and student body to report on the entire system 164.
Wednesday, October 21st, 1931
of the administration of student affairs.
Mr. Lett     )
Miss Jamieson) That this communication be
received and that the Chairman
of Senate be asked to appoint
two members in compliance with
the request of the Students'
Report of Committee on Honorary Degrees
The   committee   of   Senate   on   Honorary   Degrees   met   on
October   20th   and   in  addition   to   a   general   report
of   progress,   wishes   to   recommend   that   the
honorary  degree   of   Doctor   of   Laws   be   conferred
on  Mr.   Herbert   Marier,   Canadian   Minister   to   Japan,
on   the   occasion   of  Mr.   Marler's   next   visit   to
Dr. Farris     )
Canon Sovereign) That the report be adopted.
In amendment:
Mr. Lett   )
Mr. Hayward) That the report be received and referred to the next regular meeting
of Senate.
Amendment carried
Report of the University Library Committee
Mr. Angus stated that there 3hould be added to the
list of donations as shown in the Report, files from
the Royal Institute of International Affairs and from
the Vancouver Branch of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs.
Mr.   Angus)
Dr.   Moe      )   That   the   report   be   received,   with   this
_J 165.
Wednesday, October 21st, 1931
Mr. Angus    )
Miss Jamieson) That the Senate after considering
the report of the Library Committee
respectfully urge upon the Board of
Governors the importance of making
adequate provision in the regular
annual appropriation for the Library for the purchase of new books
by the teaching and research departments as well as for the commitments, or fixed charges, of the
Library for the purchase of periodicals, annuals and continuations.
A letter dated September 22nd, and also a copy of a
letter of the same date addressed to the Board of Governors
from the Corresponding Secretary of the Provincial Parent-
Teacher Federation, re the establishment of a Department of
Home Economics, were read.
The Chairman made a report of progress in regard to
a course in Home Economics.
Dr. Vance)
Mr. Clark) That the communication be filed.
From  the   Faculties
Request   of   Canadian   Legion British   Empire   Service
League,   re   Scholarships   for   Veterans.
Recommendation   of   the   Faculties:
That  the  calendar  announcement   regarding
the   two   scholarships   available   for   returned
soldiers  be   amended   to   make   these   scholarships   available   for  returned   soldiers,   their
dependents   and   the   children of   deceased
Dean   Brock )
Canon   Sovereign)    That   the   recommendation  be
approved   and   referred   to  the
Board   of   Governors.
Carried 166.
Wednesday, October 21st, 1931
From the Faculty of Applied Science
Change in Course for Fourth Year Forest Engineering
That, because of a clash with Botany 1,
the laboratory period in Civil Engineering
12 be reduced from 4 hours to 2 hours by
dropping the Hydraulics laboratory half of
the course but continuing the half of the
course on problems.
Dean Brock stated that a corresponding extension
of time would be provided in other courses for these students in Forest Engineering.
Dean  Brock      )
Mr.   Turnbull)    That   this   recommendation  be   adopted.
Carrie d
Dr.   Vance )
Dean Buchanan)   That   Senate   express   to   Rev.   Canon
Sovereign,   our   congratulations   on
his   election  to   the   Bishopric   of
the   Yukon   and   assure   him  of   our
best  wishes   for   his   success   and
happiness   in   that  work.
As   this   resolution   was   received   with   spontaneous
applause   the   Chairman   declared   that   it   was   not   necessary
to  put   the   motion.      He   assured   Mr.   Sovereign   of   his
appreciation   of   the   interest   he   had   always   shown  in   the
work   of   the   University   and   of   the   value   of   his   services   as
a   member   of   the  University   Senate.      Other   members   of
Senate   spoke   in   commendation   of  Mr.   Sovereign's   work.
Mr.   Sovereign   in   a brief   reply,   stated   that   it   had  always
been   a   joy   to   him   to   serve   the  University. 167.
Wednesday, October 21st, 1931
Mr. Lett asked that Senate be informed, in writing if
possible, of the number of students registered, at the
close of registration, in each course, not only the total
number but the number from each Faculty taking each course.
Dr. Vance a3ked if any report had been submitted on
the coordination of the work in Agriculture.  The President
made a brief report of progress in the matter.  A meeting
of representatives of the Federal Department of Agriculture, the Provincial Department of Agriculture, the Department of Education and the University of British Columbia, called by the Honourable the Minister of Education,
had been held.  Following the discussion at this conference it was left with the Honourable the Minister of
Education and the Deputy Minister of Agriculture to draft
a tentative agreement.  That agreement was drafted and
sent to all representatives several weeks ago.  At the
request of the Minister, any changes in the wording of
the tentative draft will be forwarded to him, and the
final draft will be issued by him.  It will come to Senate
in its final form.
Re: Alice Neill
This name had not come before the Faculty of Arts
and Science because the thesis for the M.A. degree was
not finished.  Dean Buchanan stated that he had been informed by Mr. Angus that he was of the opinion that the 168.
Wednesday,   October   21st,   1931
candidate   has   now   completed   the   work   for  the   Master's
Dean   Buchanan)
Mr.   Angus )   That   this   matter  be   left   in   the
hands   of   the   Chairman  of   Senate,
the   Registrar  and   the   Dean   of   the
Faculty   of  Arts   and   Science   and   that
if   she   has   completed   the   work  for
the  Master's   degree,   her name   be
included   with   the    list   already
Mr. G. W. Clark drew the attention of Senate to the
fact that Geography which he understood had been approved
by Senate as a Matriculation option was not included in the
Matriculation Requirements of the University for June,1932.
Dr. Vance    )
Dean Buchanan) That the Chair appoint a small committee to look into this matter-
that if Geography has been approved
as a subject for Matriculation a
circular letter be sent out to the
schools explaining the situation;
the committee to report to the
Mr. Logan   )
Mr. Turnbull) That we adjourn.
&JwA*s "J
Secre tary
AQ- /
Chai rman


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