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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Dec 17, 1919

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Wednesday, December 17th, 1919,
376 The second regular meeting of Senate for the year 1919-20
was held on Wednesday, December 17th, 1919, at 8 p.m., at the
University offices.
377 Present:- The President, in the Chair; the Chancellor,
Dean F. M. Clement, Dean R. W. Brock, Mr. J. A. McLean, Mr. P. A.
Boving, Mr. L. Killam, Dr. D. Mcintosh, Dr. T. H. Boggs, Dr. H.
Ashton, the Right Reverend A. U. de Pencier, Mr. L. F. Robertson,
Mr. T. A. Brough, Dr. W. D. Brydone-Jack, Mr. J. S. Gordon, Dr. N.
Wolverton, Mr. W. P. Argue, Miss A. B. Jamieson, Rev. W. H. Vance,
Miss S. P. Clement, and Mr. J. M. Turnbull, Mr. Burns.
378 Mr. Vance)
Mr. Burns) Thatthe minutes of the first regular meeting
of October 15th, 1919, and of the adjourned
meeting of October 29th, 1919, be taken as
379 Mr. Robertson)
Dr. Mcintosh ) Thatthe matter of the holding of LL.B.
examinations for Toronto University be
Mr. Robertson)
Dr. Mcintosh ) That we pass a resolution granting the
privilege asked for by Toronto University
in connection with the conducting of
examinations for the LL.B. degree.
Mr. Vance   )
Dr. McKechnie) Moved in amendment that this matter be
referred to the next meeting of Senate and
that due notice of motion be given in the
notice of meeting.
Carried. (1?9)
Mr. Robertson requested that his motion stand as a notice
of motion.
380 Dr. Wolverton's  notice of motion re appointment  of members
of Faculty:-
Dr. Wolverton)
Mr. Vance   ) "Be it resolved that a request be submitted to
the Board of Governors that they unite with
us in an application to the Provincial
Legislature asking for an amendment of the
. University Act such that all appointments to
the University staff shall be made by .foint
action of Senate and Governors".
Bishop de Pencier)
. Dr. Ashton      )  That this question be referred to a
Committee to secure information concerning the matter and to report to a subsequent
meeting of Senate.
Bishop de Pencier)
Mr. Burns      ) That the Chair make the Committee
Motion withdrawn by Bishop de Pencier, with consent of his
Mr. Vance )
Mr. Gordon) That the Committee appointed by Senate be as
Dr. Wolverton,
Bishop de Pencier,
Dr. Ashton,
Dr. McKechnie,
The President,
Dean P. W. Brock.
and that Dr. Ashton be Chairman of the Committee.
381 ...Mr. Vance asked that more time be allowed for the report of the
Committee on Oriental Languages. (130)
Dr. Ashton      )
Bishop de Pencier)
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Boving)
That the communication from the
Treasurer of Arts *19 re the establishment of an Arts '19 Scholarship be
referred to the Faculty Committee on
Prizes, Scholarships, Bursaries and
Student Loans, for investigation and
That the communication from the Women's Club
of the University of British Columbia re the
establishment of the Anne Wesbrook Scholarship be referred to the Faculty Committee on
Prizes, Scholarships, Bursaries and Student
Loans for investigation and report bafik to
r      Carried.
Mr. Vance   )
Dr. Wo1verton
That all offers of prizes and scholarships,
after acknowledgment by the President, be
referred to the Faculty Committee on Prizes,
Scholarships, Bursaries and Student Loans,
for report to Senate.
385 A letter was read from Dr. T. H. Boggs expressing appreciation
of the message of sympathy and condolence extended by Senate to him
in his bereavement.
Mr. Brough)
Dean Brock)
That Faculty recommendation as follows, be
"With regard to the admission of the Third
Year Technical students, we recommend that
for the years 1919-20, we will admit students
who have a High School Leaving certificate in the
Technical Course as partial students in the
First Year of Arts of the University on the
understanding that on completion of this
First Year work, including a beginner's course
in a foreign language, they will be admitted
as full undergraduates in the First Year of
Applied Science".
Carried. (131)
387 A communication was read from J. E. Wilton, Secretary, B. C.
School Trustees' Association transmitting resolution of that organization :-
"That the Department of Education be asked to use its
influence with the Senate of the University of British
Columbia to have Current Events and Their Effect upon
World Development made an optional subject with Latin and
French for Matriculation, and that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to Senate."
Brough) That the letter be filed until the matter comes
before us through the Departrent of Education.
388 Dr. A. P. Proctor, Registrar of the College of Physicians
and Surgeons, in a letter dated November l?th stated that the
request of Senate that the Medical Council draw up a standard of
qualifications for hospitals desiring affiliation with the University
in the Department of Pursing, would be dealt with at the next meeting
of the Council.
Mr. Robertson      )
Dr. Brydone-Jack)    That the letter be filed.
389 A communication was read from Dr. A. V. Webster, Secretary-
Treasurer of the Vancouver Pedical Association re the establishment
by that Association of a summer school for post-graduate instruction,
and requesting that the University sanction such a course as part
of the University Extension movement.
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Boving) That a Committee be appointed to look into
the possibilities in connection with this
matter and report back to Senate at its next
regular meeting.
.Carried. (132)
Mr. Brough)
Mr. Burns ) That the Committee be appointed by the Chair.
390 Mr. Vance      )
Bishop de Pencier) That we pass a resolution of appreciation
of the services of the late Mr. F. L.
Carter Cotton, LL.D., ex-Chancellor of
the University, and of sympathy with
his relatives.
By a  standing vote, the motion was carried unanimously.
The President asked Mr. Vance to draw up the resolution.
391 Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Cordon  ) That Senate appoint a Committee of five to
receive calendar material from Faculty
when it is ready, with power to act, and
report to Senate its action, in February.
Dr. Brydone-Jack)
Mr. Burns     ) That the Committee be appointed by the
392 The President stated that, in a personal letter to him,
Judge Howay had announced that the Committee appointed to prepare
a statute covering affiliation of the theological colleges with the
University, and also the Committee on Music, were not ready to
report to Senate at this meeting.
Dr. Ashton)
Mr .McLean ) That we adjourn.
A(&/4J^*JQ . jg^ #-.jruOLs
Chairman. Secretary.


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