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Report of the Library Department for the University Year 1922-23 [1923]

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lit Oil
of m
HBmaY  d^asejsjt
OTIYS88I*T YBftl 1122-28.
Librwlaa, C 0 II T 1 3 T 3
Gfwrtft ef Libnsey *»« .•«
7 Nation of ibriry... ..»
impropriations fir Yo-ar ..•
Circulation^ P.eciatrntion ...
J tack Scorn 'crdta • »• •••
Classification, Cnt^losuin'j
Tork yet to be lens ..♦ •••
irdear ^opsrfcMnt ••* '•*•
«.lis«3dLas of the Library •••
Gifts to the Library.,. •••
jlading •»• • •« • •• *••
Intor-Librtry i-onrnd ••« •••
Pending Sooa Conditions     ...
"Jvealag Attendance •
Zoning 3ta*k ?u>oa )uporvlalon
\pplied ;clonee ?.q idiag ?.oaa
Imports - How Libmry Euildlng
•    • List of implicates
•♦Castalogas of SeisaMfis i'oriodienls
<Sio Jtoff*«*    »»•      **•      «*•
Library Conf©r?r.cG3 ..•      ..•
Library Corral ttes     .«•     •••
Constitution of "ow Library Concsitl
•   •*•
• ••
. »•
•   ••*
. • •
•   *••
• ••
• ••
•  •»•
• ••
• *•
•   •••
• ••
*   •••
»  • •*
•  •••
• ••
• ••
•  •••
• »•
•  »••
• ••
•   »••
•   •••
• •»
• ••
•   •••
• •«
•   •••
• «•
•   •••
• ••
• ••
•  «••
. ••
•   • ••
• ••
•  **•
• •• •••
«  •••
* •»•
• •••
• ••
• • •
• ••
*  •«*
• •»
• ••
im^m   ^^.^m^ml^mf^ifmQmQm^mQm.Qfm
V?,?3 Qj.ff 3,3*
XggmAXx 1*   Valuation of Library,  /area 31, 1928
%p«3Aix 2*   Sifts jtcs sated te the Library during 1fla®
IMvarsity Y8«r '.aril 1098- iarch 19S8   28
<mty>m(ymym.^fm^/mffmQm QmQ«*Qm>Q-mQmiQm —3—
^.S.iClluoJr,  3sq.t  J.3.A.,  B.SO.,
University of British Columbia.
EOr your iaformatioa, aad that of too Chancellor, and members of
too Josrd ef Governors, X bog to submit too following Boport oa tho work
cf tho University Library, for too year April 1, 1828 to Mnb 51, 1923.
wmn of hyp/a*
Too Boport submitted s year ago showed that tho Library eootalned
48,584 volumes.      Za tho yss* under review 3248 volumes havs boon added,
tho total at tho end ef March being 46,677.     The yearly iasrossss are
shewn la tho following statement.
Total Volumes aooesslonod
Uaaeoossloaed 6 unbound
(two years)
i9T9-ao   in*-*?
30841        27460
3400          2150
447          868
w   #
n        m
46677    48834
1919-80   4090 vols*
1920-28      9246     *       (two years)
1922-28        3228      •
mmtm or mmt
•ipandlture of almost f at too oa* of tho year undo* utien.
1H8B8    SW&SBMSHMfof     CP^H^|pK8r^w^p'     $1*00    gs ^PSSSSSl^Pse' wPSBfc    <S™8*   He    SO SJ SSi WwPSIBSWiiOw     WSW     w4nMp    JpMNST ePSSseT     gs    jMnBaBWWMp "JmWm^BSw Qj
being |119t848,88. This amount, however doss not reprssent the fall value, but merely
the amounts actually spent on tbo aoqulsltloa of Library property.     The
<*tees     asosndlas oost of books ia the past eight years would, at lsaet,
denbls ths cost o* duplicating many of the earlier boo* purchases.     user
becks added, aad bladiag deae, rsprsssatsd aa lasroassd value of
47789.87 duriag the year.     Of this  ,6249.49 was spent'from foods granted
by the 3oard of Ooveraors, while $1808.78 rsprsssatsd estimated raise cf
gifts mads by Ooverameats, laatltations, corporations aad frisads of  tho
Uaiversity.     Tho sum of 81892.88 was spent ia Bladiag duriaf tho yosif*
Taking late eoasidsratloa too iaerossod prises of books, 1% Is
estimated that tho Uaiversity Library represents, at prsssat is, am
^sset of ^150,000.
^PMilPIIP'      'IffW^ W^^PI*     ^|P^^^gJrSPiSP*SMI*^^:^SiSP':llP     liRSS*-     "■SSMjP-    iSfr^K^v^fw^^'W'Wg-        m ^PSlp||ft|S'S*lP^P*m£ W WP     ^PSS     ll^^^Sp^SS8 '-ylm^w™&-w-      ^IPBHWW: '^P***S6Bp.
reseat yosrs Is as follows* •»
1918-19 #7088.78
1919-20 12692.18
1981-22) 14068.87
1988-28 8282.96
mmmmzm m ust
iho approprlatloas granted tho tttmsrtaoni for the Unlvofsi% ys*»
*ere -as follows*
salaries             . IfUfcOt)
.Hading 188#,§#
jiquipmeat 880.08
smiles 4 mease 88#.§#
3ooks k Mags*lass
♦15728.08 fas serious reduction la the apprepriatlea fer jocks i uagajines
to $5000.00 necessitated a regrettable slowiaf mp ia the dsvelefmeat
ef the Library during tho year.     m l§20*»tl the m&maA available was
$14*876*80.     Last year the appropriation for this purpose was |800i«
the •mbssriftlens te freoeedlags 4 Transactions ef learned ieeistles,
•ad to Periodicals ef a special character, has te bo seriously
la many cases too caaoellatlcns were of publications which were
seated on the shelves by collets sets, er is for several years,
la all, 98 such pubiieatieas wars sohedmled »w deletion, but from tho
reduced ippropriatioas the Library Committee had ia » to
ward tho lefsrtmeats* 28 cf these vers assumed by them, leaving a net
reduction of the ?ariodiaal Lis* to the amsber ef 78*     ttlio some of
too are met ef vital aoossslty, tho great majority
publications that ars cf great value to tho serk of tho       urtmsats,
add materially to the strength of the Library.       Jteny ef thsss will havs
te be secured la the future, «ad it is doubtful if seas caa be procured,
fer owing te the high cost ef proiaotioa, learned societies aad publishers
ef many ef the mors specialised type cf periodicals limit their issues te
the ntttaber actually i
It is ttee that the congested condition of the Stack .Loom would have
readered difficult the care of thess files until more aeeeasedstlen could
be secured, but the impertimee ef continuing unbroken tho files of publications ef onqoostloaed vttlue should be a first eensidsrstlen ia mf
library that weald meet the yearly enlarging aad increasing requirements
ef a frcwini uaiversity, giving instruction ia se many subjects, aad
iad« research ia as way fields, as ths University of British
Osluwbla is new doing,     io relief, ia the direction of larger rla- tloas for Bocks 4 aajasiues. Is to bo hoped fer ^unless by
i| In 1923-14, iter which tho ststmnt givea for this purpose Is the
so In tho year covered by this lepert - ,,.5000.00.        It is tho
hoys of the Library OetMtittee that, with tho jf*s§v»i ef tho
University to Point iroy, and tho tompletloa tf the Library Building oa
its pensenont site («ttk prefer jtaox room aooOMidatlon oieat to
onto for now m mom gsnorons flnenolnl prsvieica for the
I of tho Library will bo possible.
-the following ststsaeat gives ***<► olronlailon since feats!
beea kept,     as explained ia prsvious aoports, thsss figures indicate
only tho •upnlomoatnry reading dene, sat do not Include readings of
•isserved 960k»* or consultations of any volumes to which    odors have
epos aeeess ia the leading
October 740      1887       1788       1988
lovsmbsr 917      1848       1888        1874
1088        1088        1080
2124      3882      11636      1^963
Average monthly circulation 1928     782 vols,
*        • « itn    9n    «
" ■ « 1828 « fas f rottdors during the lalvornlty year numbered 819,
oat of a total sun of 1194* divided into groups, as hole*,     tho
table also shows, for purposes of comparison, tho student       Istrstlea
for tho year.
Arte 4 ioleaoo 458   177   118   111     54   890     284   H8   114   108     41    888
58      81      87      38        7    191        80      29      81      28        9      96
ling 12838-28 8614-      19
JB Jtt Jtt J£ _ft JK   JIJIJI^ J Jl
888    288   188   188      49 1194     808   188   148   148     M   819
(Surslag     8 yr   - §\     '
feasors to tho aumber of 180 wore i ag tho
year.     Tie total of readers, act eenaeeted with the University either so
of the tosoMag staff, or as studeats. Is now 448*
cf the loaders Oards
for too past five years*
•;pt o*
Analysis of the lenders Oards issued shows that, as la former years*
ths greatest proportion of readiag Is done by students in the College of
Arts 4 scieace.     These aooeuat for 79 per cent ef the cards issued, and for en eves gn proportion of tho books lowewed from tho Library*
Tim statement gives as over also shows that 51 ef tho studs      did not
borrow any beeks, satisfying their recrements by tho lose        looks,
svsllsMs to thorn ia the Beading boom*       Last year tho leglstered
Borrowers tod 87 per tent of the student car©; as against
88*6 for cent ef tho year under review.
fas system ef stack Bee* pewits to graduate and scaler »•«•**»*■•
by which* at specified times* those wore oswittsd to asks book soultm-
tloas In tho ft&ok cm, was oontlnuod during tho 1928-88 session, but on
s reduced seals*     fhs
iradnats Studeats.
8 half-days per wool
t       4
448 Year amors
4      •
it          a
4th fear
B      •
m            n
Sow Year lasers
2      •
n            w
5rd Year
1 half-
to all, 291 remit, wsrs Issued, reproseatiag a total cf 706 hatf-
diiys per wsek - aa average ef almost 80 for every half-day.
fhs present library facilities include no study osrrols.    fourteen
tobies have beea placed la the beck aisles that havs natural lighting,
these are the only cenvoaieacos available for students doing research
or thesis work*     they tt less thaa one fourth of tho aeeoiasciatlon
necessary to i the prestits granted*     further, studeats werMaf at
these tables practically prevent say ooasaltatloa of ths bocks ia oas Bay
ea each side cf the aisle directly flanking their position.      this •toff «ho have eeeasien to consult
•H," (Selsnee) iootleas.     Itndeat m
of the sislo te order to got s« the
to members ot the tosonteg
of reference, particularly in ths
to move out te tho end
required - s fraotlee
as fellows*
19 98
87 171
Year 4 3rd Ysar     jjg m
Year 77 77      *     •      •     •
m      it      w      m
n       m       n       m
This work proceeded steadily throughout the
All aew ace        mm hsvo beea eats! with ths
cnls as .in the two p        us years*
Ths various catalogues now anmbor over 260,000 cards, distributed as
below, o« son te each case being made with total, ia Mama 1928*
Jett MM
late Oatnlogno 159,720. cards 186,884
ihelfLlst 38.200    * 29,600    «
Author List 39,000   •
Accession List 42.888   -
.289.808   -
It will tans bs sssa that ths year's work ia tho Cataloguing pepart-
ateat has resulted ia ths addition ef 27,588 cards to the estalegucs,sa -10-
of ever 9$ curds every sofieing day,     te the two yes* ported,
by the last tepert, 82,880 cards wore added.
It would have beea impeeslila to have dose to «aeh ia one year as
Is represented by tho extension cf a library catalogue by 27,588 cards,
If each iadivldnal volume had to bo classified sad catalogued entirely
Often tie        elften        and entolegulag ef two e*
will take m. export ostnloguer a half day ef work*     fhlo
Llbrsj    po'sso.ssos some single bocks tho cataloguing of which oovld not
bo completed in » day's work*
flat so Mtok has boon sooomplisaod by one person (with the aid of s
stenographer for trnnsorlptlonl is duo to tho fast that this library sends
details of all now secessions to tho Library of s, and receives
thorofrost printed cards for all volumes tttr which such are 1
cover perhaps olmwst 70 per cent cf the new books reoolvod*
tho advantage of being classified by espvts, and ef being of tho same
ola*aifloation system as was adopted here.     the •ubserlptlcn to this
costs seise hundreds @f dollars per year*, but If si l not bo
of tho facilities offered by the Card Division of the Library ef
the Library nU£t of this Uaiversity would have to bo increased by thrae
i, and ths mm ooul   act bo as o as at present.
"■•OB-* yvt re ?g dq:?;:.
Item with the Library ef Congress facilities utilised te the utmost,
the utmost that can be done is to keep abresst of the sow books rectived.
Thsro still remain thres tasks, two ef which caanot bs evea attempted with
the prsseat staff, aad oas which Is only partially undertaken*       fhs
first Is ths cataloguing of ths loM Collection of botanical pamphlets, -11-
farled recurred* that some progress could bs amde wife this, but up till
the piwsomt this has been ta^ssihle, - and* with the teoronsing isasaafts
of the summer iosslen, it is difficult to see that aught can bo done with
the present staff*
Another     torts*      that malts completion is the ostalognlag cf the
book collection, bought by tho Provlaelnl government for the prevteslsl
Botanist, aad new ths rty of tho university, is am la professor
9svldsen»s office, and sboall romaia there, as a working reference library,
lot tho aste Catalogue should contain oards mfrosoattef tats voteabls
collection* which should bo completely ckassified and catalogued as toon
as possible*
A third branch of work that should bo aero the done than at
is tho orgaalzatloa of ths large meant ef fsmynloi sstertsl that
is In s steady stream with slant every mall*     All the Important series
kept together, aad are refembla by say one who knows tho literature ef
the particular subjects with which they deal.     Jut only a part cf this ,
material It represented' by caMs la the eatnls fm tho staff is too
smell to classify aad catalogue any but a few of tie most ly con
sulted series, or lndivtinal pamphlets ef particular aess and vslus.
It Is gratifying to be able to report that the whole book colleotioa
is now classified and catalogued, with the •xoeptleas named la the preeeed-
teg paragraphs.     Baring the last Tsoatlen and early     turns, the, schedules
ia Boligloa were finished.     the classification for this was received te
sMMSsrlpt from Br. Putnam, Librarian of Congress, just prior to my last
lepert.     ^mediately n completion of its transcription, ths work of
classifying the books was uadertakea, and by October the last reaaiaing section of tho book telleetien beesae organised and referable.
tae worn thanks of tho University are due to », Putnam for his
kindness te leaning to tho Librsiy sAtsaeo copies of asnttserlpts of
olssslflontlons, la some esses not yet published,     fhoy comprise fire
whole of the dlvlsioas of Language aad Literature, (P, PA, P8* Pi,
PS* PI, ft, ?J, IX* Wh% IS» P% Pt* 4 IS) «4, ia PMitsopny aad       igten
tho olsssos from gL to JZ*     tlthomt tho loan ef thooo so       Los, Ism-
ioas must have beea resorted to* with      8 loss effeet-
with great delays is use, aad ths certainty that ultimately too
worn of eiassifiemtlon and e*i*leg«lng would have had to bo done agate.
The work te this department was continued this year, as last,by
tho LlbWHrlaa,   '  la all 1890 orders were placed daring the University
year, the serial numbers rmaaiag from 11938 to 15825*     This represents
a decrease ef 811 %t&mm oa the year preoodiag - a reduction        tated
for psrtly by the higher cost of books ordered* but la the mala by the
redastica of the book-buying farads,      la addltlaa te the 1310 given
shove* about 150 orders were placed oa behalf ef faculty, or of studeats.
c:ftj*L-3 l> ::; ;i3-i...y.
At the close of the session, the whole Library was checked,   lais
took tw» members of the staff the whole, aad a third the part of four
weeks - a very coanlderable proportion ef their year's work.     By means
of this oheoM the losses la books are ascertained,     la many llbmries
the kBOwledge thus fainsd ia not considered aa squivaleat to the tins -18-
spent te its ftotnisltion*     Lome, therefore, hare ab&ndonoi the practice,
while others ohook their soiloctloas one-nslf* ©r ens-third, every year.
It is posslbls that this Library will be compelled to alopt a biennial
tfien its voluae-total beoomes aaoh larger, but la the msaatlms the
check should bo continued, even though ether work has to wait till
it bo done*
The oheoic revaaled the loss of 178 >ooks, a-aouatiog ia raluc to £881180
Of thess 31 hove since boon returaed* rednciag tho loss by #70.00.     te
tho cheek books were disoovored that had beea a*isslag fnr throe years.
Lists of the missing volumes are complied, seat to members of fsealtjt
and posted ia itack uad Heading :7.ooas«     Any known spostel Iaterest te s
aubjoot, that might iadieats a possible *uu*«*herlsed borrower" Is followed
up by catulry, but seldom will any person admit taking a book without
roglstorlag tho loan*
the losses to the Library oa this aacount, while regrettable,are less
thaa from those of ether universities of which particulars are known.
la all libraries such losses bear a fairly fixed aad definite ratio to
circulation - and the total losses of this Library, from or§mals»tloa to
date, are less thaa half these known to exist la other uaiversity libraries,
in proportion to uss aad elreulstiea*
fhs donations to. the Library during the University year shewed a
substantial increase over that cf 1121-22, which was the largest up till
that time,     few of the gifts equalled ia value some of these ef preceding years, bat the estimated aggrtgate value amounted to  $1633.75.
The aumber of donors showed a notable Increase, while the wider 41s- -14-
tributioa of the points of origin would lad a    re general
ledge aad a§pg»esl*blcn of the institution, and Its work*
m all cns'es ia snien ths donor was known* iettors cf thaske wore
seat by the Librarian, nam, te some oases* also by tho president.     The
publlemtlem of those gtts te tho University Calendar %mM> to be alandonod,
because jf the spaco re-i-air-*!,  t*o years ugo.
It «u noted te tho last loport submitted that few of these benefactors of tho Mbrnry were Canadians - fewer still British Cftlumwisns.
Speaking by aad largo, the fact still remains.     some members of the
Board ef fovomors, several of the teaching staff, the Vancouver Board
of Trade and the "Vancoaver v.orli», av.4 'Jr. James Porter of the City
Jagteeoriag staff - the three last asaed of whom donated a aumber of
Interesting sad valuable volumes - were almost the only
tribators to tho Library.
A list cf tie moat important donations constitutes one of tte
lice* tc this Eeport.
Shortly after notlfloation that aa appropriatioa of £1508 hedbeen
granted by the Seard ©f Governors for Itediag* teadert for this nwrk,
under speoifloatleas presorlbed, were requested from three Vancouver
binding firms,   the contrast «i awarded to f.A.aeedde, Ltd., the firm
which 414 the work the previous ysar, at prices semswnst less then
'i  for3.       fLe Oiyar-tiv* •iootatione   v-jro
Jjses tf 18" x, 7" x If
Pull buckram
Half sheep er buffteg
3*if aeroeee or calf
5.7S -|6-
tMs i«rrs®gs*aemt 581 volumes wore bound during the yesf, at s
total coat of H542.56 (including the 4§ per coat miss fax) while 35
i rebound,, at a cost of     Th8 average price per
tans worked out at ,2.43.     sixty-six volumes were still la ths
binders* hands at the end of the Uaiversity year, which would en hsnst
t:..i  .100 remsialag   from the appropriation.
The work of this firm was sntlsSiotory, tho bindings being darnels
and snbstsntisl., though the littering was not as uniform or artist is* te
some eases* as ooald bo i       fed*
The standard blading adopted by tho University is full bnekrsm* with
teeels*     mmmm is ason    we dnnsblo* as well se eai       , than
leather* walea te oonrso of time perishes and dries at ths hinge*
tg beards foiling from tho book*     mr the test eight or nine
years, too* it has been tepesslbls to soonro a&ed binding leather,*
when I       ted, the colors act being fast* sad the skin burned oy
or otherwise badly fcaaaed.     the epeolflosilens call fer s cloth
hinge* greatly strengthening tho votes*, and te oases when the paper ef
requires It* the volume is w Itnhed.     Mien the "call
of tho boon to bo bound is known* thl. is atampod on ia #ld,
with tho anther, Madera' title* sad (te the esse of periodicals) to lame
and date.      the University i        rem is also lettered on the bsok, and Its
cost of arms on the front board.     the bladings look attractive on the
•helves, wMls ths durable astsrlais and sound worsstaasMp should
tho books s long period ef service.
At te previous years, the deficiencies of the Library havs to a .16*
it boon ooanensnted fur by the kindness of other
llbmnios* wtoon hsvs      tod msny works* some of them quite vntesbls,
for the rwqmlreiients of the Teanateg itaff sad advanoed students.
Among the institutions to which tho Llbfsry Is for this ronton tedobted
should bo mentioned!-   the Library eg Congress* la**s*d* Yule* ColmwMs*
linaesots, Cornell, Toronto, Wasbiagtoa* California, Lelnnd-dtanford Jr,
John Hopkins and Oregon Universities, the John Crerar Library, tho
Legislative Miwsry* Pis* the Vs Aedioal Lt ion n brnry*
cat the fsMto llsfwrlss of Seattle and Toronto,     fne library is also
under obligation to the City Library» Vancouver, which, through the kindness of its Librsrlsa* ar» s, bns issued Eesdsrs* Cards te any
studs     of the University* whtiaer or not thsy voire permanent rnsldsnis
ef Vhaoonvor, on reoomaondatioa of the Librarian.
mmm agoa go**™ Aiai,
It is a pleasure to report that during the session the student body
tted whete*es^sdJy te prossrv;     good oondltions of order te ths
room*     this room te but 80 x 28 foot te slse, and te It are
nineteen reading tsblss* each 8 feet by 8, the Iosj
storage $aA dlsptey stands* enen 6 foot •* while
lteo the wall ea every side*     On the basis cf 50 square foot for
(the seespted standard) this reom should ao«       date loss then
i* but into it are put 102 chairs*   iven so* this represents
ens-third to one-fourth of the reading room provision that
should be made for students te an institution with s registration of 1209,
Tho conditions are, therefore, ateest ss bad as possibls for mste-
tensneo of tho quietness and order aooesssry for study.     Bat te spits -17-
ef steost infssssnle slslos* and of rsnuers orewdod elbow to elbow* there
has been little more of molso, or confusion* or conversation then   te
■any into spacious     d better equipped university readiag rooms ths
lltmrlsn hss visited,     the wtM*tilen of sHonoo* has beoome reseg-
aised - thanks largsly to the Influence of older studeats* and to the
efforts of the students* council,
mrnm Awmmtfr
The Beading Boom was opened to istudeate earlier te tho sssslcn than
te prevlons years, and ths attendance oont lanes annually to taeresse*
Lost yesar ths opening honi* was 8.46 s*m* meA the looming X®®*. was kept
open mntil the oteso of spring examlaatioas to li o'clock      •     few
Canadian aslvnrsittos give ansa liberal library prlvliegsw* and their
oonttesenoe ie Justified by ths use made thereof, by the behavior of the
students, and by their lotellon*
Stndsats wore te charge of the ng and gtsex leems from 5,00 p.m.
to 10.08 p.m.     mm wore paid at ths rate ef 80 cents per hour, and
efficient and interested te their work,     as s result ef their
some **e looming to library won as s pro       Ion.
Those te charge
Boris t#lee
Joan £.3ibbard
C.C. Up shall
mt* south
Ulsdys fold
Latsr te the term I*f .gouthon, Lacy Ingrsm end lirstseu Lsvoson
appotetsd, te tsks ths pteoss of S.i.leBougall and Boris Lee, who restated owing to the pressure of study.
The average attendances ia the Bending aoom* as compiled
rooords made by ths Students te 6jfcerg»» was as fellows!
October 1928 25
November 1922 89
Oeoember 1928 78
January 1928 58
February 1928 41
llsrsa 1923 58
aprll 1928 82
wm-Yk ijTAOs; fiQQM sw58*13,09;.
fa* duties Outlined for ths psld student Assistants inolmdodtholr
roftesing on the shelves returned leaned books between the hours of
6.80 and 7 o'clock, to that they wore at 'work te the Stack Boon     ring
the period when the least aumber of studeats sere la the Reading r.oom.
A aumber of §?sdmsts and Fourth Year Studeats requested the privilege
of the use of the stacks during ths evening*     At a meeting attended by
the applicant, it was srrsaged that those desiring the privilege should
themselves crgsnlss s system of voluntary stack room supervision, which,
walls it eeatlmued satisfactory to the Librarian, would secure tea then
evenlag privileges.     This wis deaot   s schedule of i was
drawn op twice each month, aad n register kept, signed by all who attended,
fhs srmngement proved te every way sntlsteetery* and is another instanos
of the cooperation of tho students with tho Bopnrtaeat,
aggros, ^gfrft 3003.
the oongestioa of the        i lending 1 i, to a slight extent* re
lieved duriag the year under review by the opening of a leading loom for -19-
Anplled Soieace itudents te the "Oom-aeroial Joilding".      It
eighteen students,     to it were sent working oolleotlons of books te
forestry* ioology* Civil i Isoaonlenl agliMoriag, iteteg* fhysios sad
Chemistry, as well as the •peelnl porlodlonls ionlteg witn thoso sabjeets,
from S aumber of applicants, diss Jweadolya Lewis wis rsoommeadsd
for the sessional appointment to the position thus crested*     fart ef her
dntiee wsg the moor       of the whole of tho p sail as rooeived,
and* te addition* site soted as snpyiemoatnry stenogrnphsr for the Lapart-
Miss Lewis slew did some stellar work for forestry, and other
te the College of Applied science.     Her
The use of this new leading toots, however, wae not as
hoped*     Often there were but two or throe students te the
Conversation between the studeats and the Llbrsrlan elicited, as ths
to permit them to come te the feeding toon often* cr stay long,
that their only time for reeding was te the evening - and
the ioleaee 1 loom closed at 5.00
te view ef tho announced intention ef the Provincial government te
at oaoo with tho ooastruetlon of certain of tho permanent buildings at feint iroy* ths Coissittee, ant the Librarian* havs given isaea.
attention to the %pe of bulltiag to be ereoted, its interior design
frost the administrative point cf visw, ths proportion ef the building
to be of s temporary* as against a permanent, oharaoter, aad other matters ef oonstmotloa wMoh will have maea to do with the future
Of the Bepartmoat.      Coasultatloaa were held with the Uaiversity Architects,
and with other llbmrlans.     *er the tefoasstien of the Commlttoo* a nome-
rsndum cf twenty-four typewritten pages was prepared by tho Librarian,
showiag isy diagram the different types of library buildiags, thsir ad-
mlaistmtlvs •loments te their relations, and also some of the more
important items ef rmotlon* as sf foot teg the work of tae tat,
that snpwMsnoo has shewn to be aooosssry te isnifnteg library buildings,
A copy of this        rwjnVsei was forwsrded to the inlvorslty AjroMteots for
their InJsrnmtlon.
« Preliminary plaas, conforming to the requiremeats of the Provincial
iovoi *s anaosoieod te tho early aonths of 1928, were yropnred* dls-
oussss* and by dlrsotion cf the Committee forwarded for s       stlonand
orltlolssi to flvs llbmrlans who had specialised te library design*
Br* Arthur iestwlok* Public Librnry, 8t« , go*
Br* William Lamer Jlshep, University of Jtlehigan,
Aan Arbor* Mien*
Br* frank Walter, Uaiversity of     asset! polls,
m* 1 .l*lsnry* University of lashtegtea, leuttle, Vmelu
*»• Jadson Jeaalags, frosideat, A.l*A, Public tibmry,
Seattle* task*
fhs suggestions of tnsss gomtienen wore I with care by the
Committee* the Architects, and ths Librarian* but by that time the   ro-
viaotel Otvs       it was giving stieation to the view, streaky        i by
ths Architects, that ths wools of ths new Ubrary Building at Point Srey
should be permanent te chnradter*     This it was finally decided to do. but the development of the now poiloy properly belongs to next yen* ••
A complete Hot of duplicate volumes (unused) was
febmnry* sad forwarded to Br, L*urey»s* the GsnsAten repyosoatsttve
of the Committee for the lestoratlen of ths Library of the University
cf Louvate*     This list was te due course returned* with considerably
sere then half ef the items marked for sneeptnaee.   The < s did
act fool Justified te asking so wbelesnls a donation, especially te
view of the known foot that soores of other libraries in America and
Europe also were contributing to Louvaia, while r is under obliga
tion to forward 10,000 volumes • month to «k*4 testitutIon.     It was
therefore decided to coasult with feeds ef Bepsrtments before
away duplicate material ef which a portion will Inevitably be cf
future use to our own Library.
QATALQW4 qy wot-wm ?,wqsq,-l3 vj.qaiiabl^
Unuer the auspices of tteftHl University and dlrootlon cf Br. Lomer*
its llbrsrian* it Is proposed to issue a printed jetei list,     ring
particulars of the 3oientiflo ierinla to bo found te tho principal
'oanudten libraries*     this Library having boon rofuested te pats
in the enterprise, ths work nt undertaken by Mice Jefferd, aad completed la iaroh.     this valuable contribution to reference facilities
en behalf ef n resoarok students won done entirely te Use
Jefferd*s own time, and fer her work the formal thanks of the Library
COmelttoe were extended by resolution. -3g WI'
At the beglttnlag of tho Uaiversity ytsr, Mr* Hdtaften*s raak
had been raised from that of Acting Librarian to Libmrlaa*
lies Violet ienry-Anderson, who had beea stenographer for the
Betnrtmomt •Inoo 1986, rosigasd te Jnnmnry te aooeyt a position te lew
York.     3w msolutiia of ths Committee, Xiss Anderson's resi^atio n
aooopted with regret,  -ad appreciation of her services put oa record.
The position thus rendered vacant was filled by the appointment of
Miss . .^.-laarasy, who entered oa her duties Psbruary 1st*
later was given a permanent appotetmeat,
4 Sessional -ippolat^eat to the Applied ^oieaoe Heading
given llss Swondeiyn lewis* as at October 1st*
fhs other members of ths staff, miss Lorothy Jefferd, Cataloguer,
Hat Prsneos lUlsossttrtn* Beferenee librarian* and mem Lionel
Stack teem Assistant, remained uaohanged*
Ail members of the staff hare continued to give satisfaction
out tho yeart   they tks keen Interest te their work*     wider experiences
have given then     crease   eenfidsnnc ia themselves, and teorsnsed value
to tho inetltutls
It would* however, create * mlsooaoeptlon to report that the work of
tho Department is as satisfactory as could bo desired,   that Is I.p ossibla
with ths amount of work to be done* with the physical handicap cf quarters
aever designed for that work* aad with a staff small ia proportion tc
volume-total of the library* te clronlstlon and te accessories,     it
p, be stated that conditions considered, but little better could
The staff requires an additional stenographer, for tc hsadle
the cstslignlng aad laloaiag is sore thaa oae person's work, and te
them la oon4*idenoo 1
{ltutlen* \ cf the Order Befsrtment.     fo ^o* this situation, the ass* eoono-
mSsul and ebvlcas plan would be to entond the sessioaal appotetas* of
tho sclenoo leaning loom* and issue It snansl, thus givlag the Bsfsrtmonf-
an additional stenographer during venation* wnen the homvlost work of
eatia Is dose,     the Librarlaa wowJU* ooamoad this ton te ths
ooasldoratioa of ths authorities.
In ether dlreotlons, the iss of the staff aseessorlly mili
tates agnlnst Its detrimental effli Books are yteoed on the
shelves without their loaves having beea out, thus exposing      m %
careless omttlag te ths bands ff ths readers.     JJr, leary, in his survey
of the Library te lepteirtier, 1986* called attention to this, aad to the
uaseeneni© system of having a man do this, and other work that com d be
as well done by a boy.     Esprssentatlems have been ly atone by the
Library Gonaittee, asking for an appropriatioa to pay a oaU-bey to cut
leaves, paste labels, re-shelve returned losas, attend the book elevator,
asks up book parcels for 4*11* and other maehaalesl «srk* but as yet
without result,     the release of ise* .-aweis froa routine dutlss of this
description sould oaable him to give the ttee tans saved to pamphlet
orgaalsstlon* and other neoeeeary work aow Impossible to be done.     It
is earnestly hoped that ia the nee* ensuing year aoas effort will b •
mads to meet the situation here outlined.
Lm-« r^v Ty-,8.
Baring the year the Librarian aad Has  .ool.vorth atteaded ths
aoafereaoe of the pontile Borthwert Library Association, held at ■ -24-
Qlympla,   .ash., :.agust 30-31, uni jepta.abor 1.     A groat was made by the
Beard of aovenere te part paymanfc of iiss   oodwrth's expenses.     3org
ths representatives of this Library peartlalpete* te the
la December iiss Jefferd sng the Librartaa n«tended the
of the British Columbia Library Asseetetion, at Victoria,     lies Jefferd
contributed a *>aper. The Minister of Idaemtiou aad Br. l*§*8e4go*lek
were «ong the speakers at this Conference, snA the m was elected
President for the iaoumittg
^i3;v.47 jo-.^'irw
Taw personmel of tae uL'ar&rjf Oo-aaiUee lurlug the year
ia li21-22.      It ooasisted of*
Br. ».ft.8edgswiak*
Br, f*l*losgs
Prof* Wilfrid Sadler.
Br. s*J.ieh0fl«ld*
John Sidi&gten, ary
Br. L.i.Elteok* tx officio
together with ir. H.O.Shaw* the r«s*iniug member e* a Committee appelated by the aexnte in 1918* to report oa Library affairs Ik that boJgr*
the Oeastittee throughout the year continued tc give eoaslatrable
attention to the Library aad its administration.   81even meetings were
held daring the year, aad, la addition, many Informal consultations oa
Mbrnry metters.     gome difficult questions* due to the reduction of
appropriations,had to be coasiderod during the year. the policies
•dented 414 not,- la all oases, meet with the unqualified approval of
all ths faculty, bat te all casta they wort arrived at after cartful aad u«fjfsjmdtted consideration*     The fresident attended several
newt tegs* and the .vork of the COisnlttee was helped,   md the ^tetelst rati on of the Library benefited thereby..
A special Meting of the consttttoe wan hold te Bee««rtor to bring
ths organisation late coaplaue conformity .fith the previsions §f ths
Uaiversity Act*     .fhs outcome was a reweemiessntiea to the presideat
and ths senate that ths Qoamittss should be composed as fellewSi
the two represeatntlvst of the faculty ef Arts
la the donate
One representative from the Paoolty ot     piled
science te the donate*
One r«pre*«»tatlve from the Jmoalty of Agriculture
te the
the Librarian* who shall sot as Secretory,
fide reoojsnendation, with additlone, wae Inter approved by senate,
ill of which is respectfully submitted.
Librsrlan. A J J "I L ■) 1 c  : ;:.
1*      Ta.natiott of -".lla-ry,   r,reh -'1, 19^3 2f
1*       (Sifte ^fo*»tad to tho Libr-ry feri:r* fc'ia
tnivor^ltgr Yaor 'prii Ij&: -   Inreh 19--3 2% 4S —27—
YAjAUxIO* OP LliBABY, J180H 31,
19 2 8*
la)    sooig \ MMWSl*
rurohasee during University Y«
Less Cash Remitted to 3ursar'e Sept.
for Books ordered on personal Aoots.
lot Book pojrsMsos
ilfte, tted value
Totel Book 4 pensions,
Loss attested votes ef 141 vols*
missing at ttew of MamA Cneok
of the Library, any 1922, aad
not yet retuMiod*
Value of Blading
during year
TOTAL.  Wflfrtfg ,8 VALU8
during the Year
(o)   mS3d&*.
TTTAL^pom-m -JWijg Y;m    -
Lees supplies reported
Addition* during
iarod 21st, 1922
Year, as above
1119.245*56 -28-
gifts ..'HDS3iis» to -jhs librae** lo-iru the TBirirnvn
YTH2    MBIL 1222 -   US© 1023.
'^TT-:: LLT 'V   ^M3? T.RITUJ.
'Abates*   Houso of Cocoons "15.00
** House of Lords 4.00
Jtoa&tes Orders, Copland -"mors «ad
"•.cherts 1-30.00       119,00
?0H2L*THY C0::H88I01
I'.erwrts 4 .Publications 25.00
v^.Vt;^:^ -JB5 i;t ay.7,
taps 4 r-ublications 30.00
rnblieatlons 15*00
"ater Hesourcea, ?aper Ho.31 .50
The Archaelorical Collection fron the
Southern Interior of British. ColuMa
Teit*    Thoaoson 31vor Tales
Jndtht The irchaelogical Value of
Prehistoric Human Bones 2*6*9
'onoirs 703.42, 45, 46,   5°,  73,
00, 86, CO, 91 4.58
Throe sports Je .Publications 50
toit* l-uroponn T^loa fro.T the
USpsr lfeii|ieen JnsUstni
JOxmersi The Cultural Transformation
of the Copper "sktao
S )lth* 2he Conservation of Vrchae-
loc;ical ^idoneos
* 'rho L'ork of "uscu:3 in ".v*x Tiae
* The "."revolopmont of "us outs -ad
their lelatlon of ataeatlom
Toit* Two Taaltoa Tarditioas.
*     f Alton Seles        ' 10.S0        18*00
Carried forward 197.50 •hip*.
Bivegfet fowtsd Iff* so
XLAI-TILLT ■!>'   JIB  II T.V1 -8     (C tu)
Debates of tho Caxaaas 1518, 1920, 1382
Llevoa volunes, bound 3.00
Oebates of th© Concsns 1870, 1871 10,00
Abates of the Semte 1882, 1893, 1855,
1398, 139S-1500, 191S-1022 40.00        88,00
m-yu, oy c-832- a .•/ja^l-to,,,
statistical Locord 1CG6
nosuOs Jtatlstlquo 1887
.statistical Record 1S90
Otatistieal Tear Took of Canada 1003,
1895, 1897, 1304 12.30
Canada Yerur Look 19P0, 1921 3,00
.lmeographod "lep rts, aa leaned "5.00       !§,§§
--9 imi^m i towm.
Pocket Cot-pendlua of \aatrallaa
tatiatica .25
Official Year Look of tLe Coaraonwealtia
The T/estlth of Jtastrolia
statistics 1S01-IC-20 3.00 8.28
Journal 19tt 2.00
Official Yesr Book 19*1-22 £.00
Offleial Tear Book 1922-gS g*00 4,00
Y//i:.Ch ■-■? CTWlfl WLV'^IV
d033ional Paporrs lyf:0, v,l 4 2 10,00 10*M
Cinlid forward 339*71 -30-
BrouQht forward
•i^yilts 0/ yiiii®, <w-giy (ctd)
BUSSAff op :npg,
Report of  teister, 1921
leporta it* ie*
■ ;.'37i;-ciu. -.xn T>ar
General lades to Poports vol. i-i§
Reports as issued
filing Ittles for dictionary Catalogue
List of approved books for Girls .4 Beys
The Ht^h School Library
Ontario Library TLevlew
Catalogue of Books received for ublic
and Hiesh  'chool Librarios*
Catalogue of Socks received for Collegiate Institutes, Higih and Contlnucr
tioa Schools
2 mrmutt wuksol
Jsaoesaent lot 4 Jasadaomts 4©* is*
Acts & Docaraoats relating to Municipal
Assessments and Taxation
? -• "\ 7 ;   : % ,  ■*■   l£?ft.::,T C,-r '--i't'T-'
Statistics relating to Taxation
"-•■'.,'■ ,'■ = .■*•■;.-.ti   itV-h- r '.a. „'.,; ILL*
Yo.-x Look 19T1
■i       V"1    T>       .'     **r'    T" "«   Tf1"1
shtchi op \x?.icas :?;™:70j:c-cr.
Bulletins 73, 75, Reports J
Cerri#d forward
400.25 -11-
Lrousht forward 1-00."5
.^••■:r,:i7:u .?;\y;-p ■:/ i:^ca (ctd.)
• .:.V;V:TffSTf lj ;iil i;;t ^.n.
lt^::«; lp ..xcatich
Biennial Survey 1915-18, v,4 2*00 2*00
?0?J3UT 3I3mC2, . :A •ISOU, '713
Technical Lotos 1,00
Lulletino 722, 7°4 Le.
•'.'ater Ju^ply .-raorn 473, 4C-,  1CU5 te*
:iteeral Sesourcos of U.S. - 9 Reports
'•Xiorts te, "0,00
Other .ubliontione .".5.00 §5,00
LUL^W Li*   II1L.3
Lulloilne 188, 193, L09 te. te.
Tcehaical ?^wrs 308^ te. te* ?,!#
-^lav-jr av-xr;3rs
Annual Report of tho Jurseoa-Gcnor'jl
1918-19 4 1922 12.00
Other Reports % -ublieations 10.00 8t*09
.'1.413811:8 EflALTH -L*0CUR'" :iH? 'tfVIMOH
P.eporta lc* 2*00
Ibjvegnt   American Industry in the Tar     i*,if. 4*00
:-.yr>.y. l'ttt?
"sports of rrogress 1922 S*§§
Proceedings, v,39, 1S22 «•§•
Other Publications 15.00   SI.00
-7^* ,.' r.Mix^.xs
Revenue Lscrs of the :Jt-.te of r^iifomin 1*09
Constitution 4 Laws of I-'nnsns relating to
Lssess^ent end Taxation 1*00
Curried forworn1 524*75 -84V
Lrotv^ht foxward' §24»7f
urn gp irarg^ar
jlllsca*    Oil Held Ltratigraiisy of
"ontuoky '".CO
;thc«r   ublicatioas :*30 7.;0
ll \:,? llt -.p p- .:■  7*117;.
TITO    ^    ICHIG.<Lr
r-'.'Ly)   J v?ini: -»*
ei r«# wskwt i*AttMr.vws.
Skinr  f a.   f OS!
.HUE Mmfmm   *»©*.
tem&l Report 19P.0 l.i©
^sport 1021, $x& other :-.;blications 4*08
3tortevantt    ITotes of   dible .-lasts 8*08
Publications, various 4.00 9.00
*^-.wl ,- vl ;' Kit:?.*
>K WW.-:;
The L-r: Tsnrs of ■ Mo 1*00
;L-:-tLOSlCtt ;;u?v
Lillet ins k fttbiteatloms 8.00 6*0$
Cm-find forward S6i»» -ro—
Broifjat forward §55*18
"Q  : .:■-jltu :c-   islylvalia,
^ICIAvIYIJ^Ul.- i-jr-Ag.
Fertig A ?lolsh* 2ae Borou^j Laar
"Jhird Class City La*.
General Laws relating to Testation*
Compilation of Lays rel.atte-? to
Oosntias *nd County Officers.
Laws relating to Second Class Tswnships,
*n \ct conccroir.£ Tocnshioe (consolidation) 18*69
yi'lT".    y   -GUT;!  J'I'CH.
3ulletlas, «r4 othor jrubllc&fcioas **0§
' .'i score te Income ^nsr : m
.13 cons te Tax L?5?a
teftwrifsnee Lnws of WiseeBote 4*69
Burgs 4 Judayt The Inlsnd Lakes of
'//IscoMln* 8*80
Bulletins. .Reports te* firipft 7*56
q?Y .7 ?V?0-:t,. y^r^L*
LIL^y.Y #V^>
necort 1921
Catalogs. »5§
'1-vjia. :liv ^:i.t, , QL7r.y. •/,;.
anning, i?.C*    . oo-is  i:rfJ50..
Carried forward 598*75 Brou'-iit forward
rYr.T. ...   . ..J..—■■ .-.-...fT,,,. ,.   ,, f ^,/ m ..   ,ti ,^,4,*.
Ksllog$, V*    Hsr-aa Life m tiie Biologist
SCO  it
Taf t, Jessie* '2he Lo-^sa -wvoraent frca the
LOtet of vies of Social Consciousness
l;.,iy :;nn   ; y: y; ;t.:^:'.   oovv:->.
.".Sobers ... who served wife the Forces
of the Cvovm 1914-1919
yt.;7:^3l?Y -)? m,rrpi?. ••y»::^3. ILL,.
In "c^orisn* Cyril George ilov-ktea
>..f/..^ity ^ %;; jtats   f ^ Yr?'. r,Y,c.
L -V   :(yLX ^ATL ^R'/l
9 Uulletine
t f — —    t .ry
•pr^y>g%  i;l:-'ir,,T:7.
Sitssoa;    Life *: Tranatie works of Prn&oa
The transition of a typical
Owift, F.H*    Studies In Public Pehool rinancoj
California oad Colorado.
follatz, ?.A»    Plonr str^r^th as illustrated
by the addition of diastatio f orients
Hunssay, Lounys A*    '3io diastatio .Isyanes
of '..heat i'lour, and tLoir relation to
i?lour strength
Prayue, John G*   The Unilateral tJyaaaics
characteristic of Thr3a-."lectiods Vacuum
Othor ""losocrch .ntlicotions, ir.d theses
L'teal L^anlratiaa .'opera ISM
L^i.rpy CwLj%.c,r.<t pory:-.
Tor   uwrial Vetetae
■7,i^  ,-Jff
it; 71 f'r-L, vtot.t-, y.
Aadorr.on, Pernio   "arr'raret*    Tho Hi'-h   rlest,
a -lay ia one 3cane nnd one a&t (Ptegptrs
Club frisol  ,.. 1*^0,
Carried forward 8SS.7I —30—
Brought forwori StS.71
ikiv ?w% 0/ :.;;pi.,-| ,\ll jit, vy c.ctt/j-^IaSI*    (ctd)
Directory of the Ateanl of the University
of British Cotarbln (2 copies) 1.00
.»•• vt plt   -• l.i al ifi-^-yra^T*
Ayrshire Record, Advsr,c©d Registry, vol.8 S*89
Science, 3rd Ldltion 10*90
Ilorads, Taoukn (editor} Th* Japanese Jboble-n
In California «5f
■i^viXPAw ?;:? p;?p33* TH.mijcy-   ?,c.
Handbook of Social Pnsources of the Uritod
Ctates. 1.00
PAL/iy? T^fl CO,. *tT,g.
Flsk, Harvey ':*   froeoh Inliie fteas©* l«i6
Alloa*    Judah,a Jcoptro 4 Joseph's Eirthrift
The Roadbuildor*    ino destiny of Aaeriea*
ttaokansiog   A 'Sonograph of Beaj&cte
Srocworth*    2ho British *rch of British-Israel
Pritchgrdi    aod'o Phroro on "arth.
Dyers*    The British T^yir© % its Deatiny.
PvObortc*    British History fcrsoed fro.i '-rtypt
to .Palestine.
"loiardt    Phe 'wjea of Cod.
Bry&wt    Oar -Plscs.
orcon*    Jt. Paal ia L'ritate.
Clcooatsi    Our .^^rvollona '7.:a>iro,
Octant    Great Lritaia Great.
§e«€i   low Li#tf ©a OM f&fts*
OdJaai   God* a Covenant :&a - British Israel. 16*56
Carried forward 856*71 Lroucat forward 556.75
r'roeoodla/'S, vol* 11 8*00
ft^IM 71SH?.   "L 3ITFJ 19.l>lft
Vol* 12*   Life of tiie Cooper HaJdLao 1*00
cp, Apiyj .--.m : v- Liy  „xck .. or 7^.
Canadian J"»rs«§y Cattle Club Hecerd v*5   2,50
, Cgcadlaa Aberdeen Angus Herd Look   v*6   2*00
Canadian Hereford Herd 3ook.v*l3 2*00
Csaadiaa national ?ocords for 3heepv.l0 4* ;Q 10*56)
Heekaher*    2he Continental Pystem 4*86
r?no$    Pbrpendi tares on tho .■:tee-Japanese "."car, 2 vol3. -3.00
Year Book 1922 ITo.l, Lo.2 4*00
Xobayanhn,  \*   llitary Industries
of Japan S*0i
Analytical Index to the International
Journal of Law, & Ouppleaants v.l-
14, 1907-20 4*0§
Proceedings of the ''scuo Conference
of 1907, Plenary :netiac3, v,l 1*»
Leltos*    T.ocent   "enciic
la Russia 2*50
The *iseal £ otploraatie Preedoa of
the British Overseas 'Ooatalons 8*06
or/i ;ll,,p  ;p-:to-tc-. .SPi.yry.
Coffoy, 0* axe Cooperative  Tovsnient
ia Jugo 9ni Olaria, Tnraania cssd
llortftora Italy hiring & after the
"Porld L'ar 3.00
Gide, 2*   affects of the ' ar oa
breach "' rife ?.L0
Lsujte, Alvio*    financial policy of
ChocIio-:lrvia Lurliv: th-j Pir;t yc-urs
of Its history 2,00
-Rubersocoasat, G*     .'aaetrary L 1'rniArj?
Policy of Chile f.SO
r5oLayasM, A*   L'ar -1 Ar^auont Loans
of is^m, 2*00
Oulkeloy, '.!."'*   llbliCjpfafMeal lartoy
of Contea orsry Pourcea f.-.r "-'cono.iic
a-.d Pocial History 5*00
nocdor-on, L'.J*   The Cotton Control
.Board i»SQ        AfrQft
Oarritd forward 720,88 s
Brought forward 7.*!0.r.6
... -jiii    :: tr'.lt .-.?. r:TWi v*.l p"cp. (eu*)
JlYIdlL    P HPT?!*?! LPL LV**
'..:illou£Jhbyt    Constitutional Covernnoat la
Chin© 3*08
Alvarez, St    international l» frosa View
point of tho American Continent l.OO
Cresson,  1*7,1    The Holy Uliance 2.00
Pestergaard, Harold*    Pcoaornc OevelOTr-
.wat ia Oonaarj "before 4 ihirlrg the
L'orld War 2*06
teaounl ?o_.ort,  1922 .Hi
Jcnktescn,  ".'.','»     \ :Jaav-al of \r hive
AdKlnletration 3.50 9.50
cygr-ca *sa, l* ,-& ^^ci^aj,.
Pcott, J.B* La Politioa :L:teri.;*de
los atado Uaidos. '": copies 4.00
Castle, V/.PI: Publications 1*60
Voaver, Jona     " 1,00
P'initn, Crist*    m l*0§
Lowe, 3*A* and Band, 3.K*    A Sixth
Coiitury   raepaont of the Lat tors
of .liny the Younr^r ".50
Case, r;.C*    Lew "iaptlles 4 Jtego-
cephalisns fron the L*-j>£er Triaeslo
te Western Texas 8*86
Hasse, Adelaide ?.*    Index of  :cono?alo
laterlal of tho States; Pennsylvania   5.00
Cotton, H.L, % Hose, J.I* 2io ranter
cooe. 4*00
"yckoff, Lalph   '.G*    Pha Analytical
r-irenslon of the " cm?lt3 of tho
iSieory of s^aee "roups 1*00
Cooler, "'. l*    Phe Procal aealarodhyll
Vegetation of California 1*00
Krsyford, John Pj      xfects of    ixds L
of Lnrcatric   re.-.s-cros on the
Crest Lakes 1*00
'2E2t&2 -'g ~? 'IVSISn BIOLOGY.
Proora, vol.18 5.00 22.00
capl, Qi?  r.r, -Mir?-GT<-y. \c.
Annals, vol.13 2*00
.c.-.xjlra, vol.9 2,00
Bvports* vol*f5 3*00 7*00
Carried forward 7S2*78 -36-
Prcught forward
nbscri tioa 1928
Aspects of Jewish .. owor la Sao
tint ted Otutes, vols. 3 % 4
cvLAPn:; r:-?iTJ?s  ■? •,-7? .-i,t,y.
Hscdbook, 19*1
cal-iou;i   ,.g;l.^i;c   P'-oyo- \  v,
List of British Standard ."soelfioa**
tions i 'Pe.x)rts
c:?l;.^ pliv - i?y   -■■?
Litudents handbook to tho rrdvcrsitloa
and Colleges of Ca^brtdP^e
CnU^:,VTI0LAL'-A2f , :;,Yfc,
Chase   cono.rdc .Oullette vol.2
Letters froni tli3 Pront vol.2
3oss, Tictor*   History of the
Canadian Lank of Co-swree
ll-i?,,,, rT"j; uriffl. iclth. -;r-.
Donald C*    The I.jpurial .'roil
Cenf«woo te CessnA*
iiLycy:; co.-is, iqs ?. -. vppcouv -;. 3,r.
tenual Leport, 1931
Pacific Coast *3»oeiation of   ort
.Sathoritios, "Hearts.
;l;j c:: :><;> -.i^w. rp:c\oo, 1 ijl*.
10.-00        14.00
lppgl; xlati;;:    -3 pptpp-u. -7\.   -'it. :&\l>.
-Poadick,  -'..J*    The Lor>^uo of rations
after two ^enrs
Carrie forward
793.75 Lrou;>t forward 798,75
",J^V    A...-.TT -w-^ c ,;-.iL-piiP'
Ariastroagj    .regress to the :a\kado*s
L^ire, i*§0
Priest {edit   Canada's jharo te "/orld
Tasks 1*50
''Our L'ost China .-lesion- "*0O. 4*50
p;pi LP, il ;. lplial c-:.FPri'C"L.„ALj)
•Seporti. uls lanaployaont Increase ia
"Theory and - raetie© .75
n LS* 'Pho PPhysician ia Iad«stry     ,78
d,;i   "     ;L3» .-.nkLOs 4 iTours in \..orican
'issmifaeturlrg Industries. .71
Lfe^rt     L3j   vp^os la foreign Coontrl6gi*,,0$. 3*25
•\<vi :.y. ,■; l:^cii c^TiLog.j< :,:;, pl I ,.
Jap.fioee Journal of ..otsuy, vol.1 ".50
.naval Lo,ort, 1.21 1*00
'Jtedies 4 Ss-jriats, Tola, -40, 41, 48,
43 4 44 18*60
•yal v.T^y;-? f; v';?gLr^-, '••--;■: ?_.c^l...^^:;.-*
Po.ort,  ii-1, 1-P2 3.'JO
•; i^u.;dy yyu^hr\   v^^<p.,,,,o.r,
Ly.orts 1:.P0,  1L 1 j.DO
Jublieatiow, tsrtons 4^*00,        45,00
:. y :¥i»» .;* ,.rp'- , -   — .P.j?;.ff "   I,: A ;.-;"•> ::,,
LLdvoroitios* Lo-r -ook l.r.3 n.00
vrc:.v i^.y,p ■::• 'J'A; .
"48 Vt.LL     J
Statelet §f Ciasia
u-'escional .a>ors, C.-utada
~e orta
V,0» Psoga iJuoLOlifisl Purvey
*•• Ac. .40pltpq,
Cn-rfcd forward H67.50 —4©*»
Brought forward 1267.56
.-.or   >,, U3i:;;y,„s*fl».p»
-•'iasarlo L*    Boewttl 2*00
.',#? ■ *   frt, ;*. -T.3 c.
\ahtcn "*       uia.JO do la Pnyotte 6.00
&M-*. J.CiJr., -r,Y,c*,
^sll, J*C*    Opening' a nlgtewy tc fee Fneifte l*(
:<wy or* ?i'i*-:;.»;y.Ci.
^Tar Infor.-.mtlon Oeriec - I? w-nhlets 1*26
•'Hod -kite L* Lino" Series 4 * 1*00
"r.tsrioi    Purem of 'rehiYo%   "a .art
1904,   -ts.l & 2 %00
'" col 4 ' '*vnjf nctureg of "ool" 1*68
TTew Lru, swick Jlutoricol   ociotys
Colloetlcaa, lG94-if.>07 7.0ft 11*7i
Ao ".oatern y-mer T.d the Lank ,8$
-V1-.     .,4.   "J     v'^'-^-,   -4T*
C?^al 'J.R 4 Oanchos "?*    Coistrlbuclos al
co «oniouto 1© 103 c-ntro* i.orvloso
to ioe teseotos l*C
Carey, c.u*   History of Oregon 10,00
A Look of JfCT>les of :. -ipors 4,00
 Jtii .V- t      '.f»,t
s'ov-f...-rce oa "iiltation of 'r.naoats
"auhlucton, P.C 15ri-22 - 2&jor% of
Cnnndiaia Delegate
Carry, J*it    Sao 8tory of Old lort Bettrboim 1*66
Osrrlad forward 1306.50 -41>
3row;ht forward
2Lii^^ ^ -. y. ;v<.<\
Journal of the Lina-oa Pociuty, v,46
■JCho   iS3ton Crucible 1522
Journal of Biolo.«jleal Chorale try
r.L-y.j. •/> o,^4,:d.  ...v-PlO :>!■::: .—cl,  ;j£X;-7..3.
draat, -.V.Lj    Loavsr.  jf "L.T?iro
?!\ll.. :fr* y.g, V-^Ciiaui.
Siegler*    General Pathology.
.rerry, Pllsa*    A Otu&y te .rose   "lotion.
p.. .tip, ojlV o^-^iL: o ■•■••.•■'.. ■'■T-^jt.
Ibzeetlst    Lelativity, a view of tae
JJ&i&i .     frig,  V;r,   t:'f5rC.
Uaoiver3al Cl-uisics 'VuBiscri ts 2 cols.
teuaaal 'o /ork- oa Lofor -a ruiP. Progress
te rhceen.    1014-15, 1117-13, 1518-H1
■The vacant Chair at the Council fable
of too World.
Clydesdale Stud Sock   v»24
Piiiljj    Pho _;rteci_?lo of Individualisa
te the LmllcaOffty of JosiA ioyoe
Carrlsd tssvsa^k
1360.25 -'12-
Lroucbt forward 1350.£5
-.,;v;?..rL^.-LL.^-CL.7 ;m*. v-^clyl.
Letters of Josses !&assll Lowell, 2 v* 6.00 ■
-oris, J,A*    ...ifa of P-ir 'M.yhr&y O.-ay "5.00
:5artlaeaa, Sarriet*   Sow to observe
orris o---d -iaunors 1.00
.lesaoirs of ?raacls Hoiaer 1.00
Owen, ?i*    Life of Professor Ven %00
Correal)--, deneo -f J".  . 'otloy 3.00
Oomi-si    Life of-'^ -.'.Lowoll,   VD 1.00          39*00
yp^y y g ?t o-.yypy, ■ „.?.-pqp. pvl,
Jaul Puayaa 3&d his Pig Lice Hx .56
Dayssey, vol. I   ltlJ-13 2*00
Will* . AT,   s ..
Scdwin*    Pha origin of tho fioraon
Carnival Co -r&3ty 1*06
LLl.    ~0g,   0,?„^P,C,,
Hha LiJho-p of llfcr.i oil " CitLolic
PcLool *'lai.ij .15
barker,  V.?t   Caler-dar of stivers in •
tfaanteeton Archive.-, relating to
tho -larritorles of tho Lnited
States inttL
■yw: T. Sucre?, .oq-j;.^, -i r?".    „U1Ll.
Oaaehes y -Prrches;    2obrc la exl sterols
d   ua a^arato taotll los c.Josd
ooqmeitoa 4s la aSojaa .50
jrjify.   ;;.:i;.3 :.. •.-.y.c.
ScMff t   Earop© la March 1322 *50
O.SPA. P--J.JA   v--l\ i;.^
teaoonk, S*     Soasoase Bevels 1.56
.•435, cT tiilipfry, yiyz^my* ' Vg&;:*
Jrdth:    :.:otos cf   tLo  '.'if3 of -TlstM-ical
Carrie3 of Tho^jrs Lr..'r:sch ,50
Carrliwl forward 1410.00 —43—
attrngfrt forward
v-Tt?!,, ,0*. B-A ;^L; P177A.
Halt*** 0,H*   fto tropins for a Livlsg 1,00
^pm* are •i.y/.MQ. w,yw, iy;>
Jtoll, 0*    .'ore ",3^0•',!d3hseta', on Latlonal
i'teaixe   Prjl ed* l.C
^Ly?/,, /.T-O/,1. .'',?i.l:. 'Ir^aC.,
'Slliottt   L&glseerirg for land Orateage 1*66
-yiffry;.    ^l  ■.   if,Ytc,
Ajasal -Address, American iccentaace
Council 1923 ,t§
7^p;a, ' ffi|pB, qrfsCs
Schlekardi, ".'ilhol**    Institutions Lindane
Irnoe, roviscd by Johanna    rresti fer—
herdi,  Jena,  1649. "0.00
'3ho    ifts listed above represent those
that caas diroct to tho LiLririrui, or of which
ho was advised*      la .addition, the Library receives certain technical ran trade periodicals
aa jnrt of a British policy for the devolopraont
of trade within the "Laoire*     3iose donated subr
scri^tions represont a sift of _;erhar>s   "50.00.
To these should ce aided arch further material
as te received ia the ;oriodic.*»l   ail, of v?hlch
the Library hse Lcen ia ro.<TiPar r~coi,:t for years,
after having beea placed oa tho ;,--err3saont -lailteg
list of the .^ovoKi-.Tont or institution of issue.
The U.3.   Tarroors* Lull a tin'* is revnr^antitivc
of gifts ef this typos
The  aoroy value of donated   -ntcri.-jl not
uan.ierated te tho Hat ' Ivon *>.lovo cm.,  titer*"*
fore, bo sot down at 500*68
P0T.U. VMLL LP .-IL'TU, LTP.7     -ITY Y"\H #1833*75
•/ --, *.*    .   *J e 	


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