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The Report of the University Librarian to the Senate 1962-11

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s ■-.-£, I
of the
to the Senate
47th Tear
September 1961 to August 1962
The University of British Columbia
The Report
of the University Librarian
to the Senate
47th Year
September 1961 to August 1962
Standing squarely between the University of British Columbia
and the excellence we all desire for her is the matter of a research
library. In breadth of academic program and in number of students, we
are comparable to the University of Toronto and the major institutions
in the United States; but despite marked gains in recent years, the
Library still lags. Our expenditures for library purposes and our
book collections, both only from one half to one third those of our
sister universities in Toronto and Seattle, are not equal to the task}
annual book purchases of less than $240,000 take us farther from,
rather than closer to, our goal. On a scale in which the size of
Harvard's collections equals 100, Yale is 66, Illinois 50, Toronto
25, and the University of British Columbia 8. Inadequate library
resources also restrict the development of a strong faculty. Top
scholars are reluctant to come to, and to remain at, a campus lacking
the book collections for effective work. Unfortunately a lack of
books is not our only library deficiency—both number of staff and
physical facilities need to be strengthened considerably. A brief
review of the past ten years at the University of British Columbia may
help to place our present library problems in proper perspective.
Decade in Review
Few libraries on the American continent can match the splendid
record of growth of the University of British Columbia during the past 2
ten years. Book collections have doubled—from 250,000 volumes to over
500,000} books charged out to readers have tripled—from 219,262 to
594,240} expenditures for books and periodicals have tripled—from
$80,000 to $240,000} the Library staff has more than doubled In size—
from 49 to 113} and, finally, a handsome and spacious new wing has
been added to the building. But despite this extraordinary growth, it
is doubtful whether the Library serves its users as well today as it
did ten years ago.
Unfinished work and unfilled requests for service exist
throughout the Library. Almost 4,000 books ordered by members of the
faculty last year were not purchased because of lack of funds} for the
same reason, subscriptions were placed for fewer than half of the
periodicals recommended. As this report is being written—midway in
the current fiscal period—many departments have already expended
their entire book allotments. By the end of the year, the Library
will have 6,000 unhonored requests for books.
The need for additional staff and more space is equally
pressing. Our book and periodical ordering processes are in arrears}
4,000 recently acquired books and several major collections are
awaiting cataloguing} unconscionably long queues of readers are daily
in evidence at most of our service counters} and, during many hours
of the day, students seek in vain for a seat in the Library. For its
14,000 students, the University can provide but 1,800 seats—less
than one half the recommended number.
The reasons for the present inadequacy of the Library are
familiar to all. During the same period that the Library was increasing at an unprecedented rate, the University as a whole was experiencing a comparable growth. Enrollment tripled—from 5,500 students to 3
13,000} the number of full-time faculty more than doubled—from 325
to 701} several entire faculties, numerous departments, and countless
courses were added} new buildings rose on every side.
While increases in the size of the University were neutralizing gains made within the Library, a second development—the emergence
of research and graduate study—was creating the need for a much more
extensive form of library service which we were poorly equipped to provide. Ten years ago only a handful of departments within the University
offered the and fewer yet granted it. Research in the
sciences was only beginning and, for the other disciplines, it was yet
to come. Today, most of the sciences have active graduate programs,
and the social sciences and the humanities are initiating them. A
serious impediment to the development of many of these programs, however, is the lack of books in the library. Two or three new graduate
programs, particularly in the social sciences and the humanities,
frequently require more books than are needed for an entire undergraduate program.  Providing the necessary books and periodicals
will require the expenditure of large sums of money.
During the past several years, a time in which proportionately
more funds were needed for library purposes, proportionately fewer
funds were actually spent. Between 1956 and 1961, the percentage of
the University's expenditures that went for the Library dropped from
5.1 to 4.17. The annual expenditure per student for library purposes
furnishes additional evidence of insufficient support. During the
past decade, this figure remained between $50 and $ 60—a reduction, in
effect, for both the prices of books and the salaries of librarians
had risen sharply. It is significant to note that in 1960/61 the
University of Toronto spent $137 per student for library purposes, 4
Stanford $149, California $152, Cornell $154, and UCLA $160.
Williams Report
The University of British Columbia shares with her sister
Canadian institutions the problem of inadequate library resources.
Recognizing that a scarcity of library holdings is one of the limiting
factors in the development of graduate study In Canada, the National
Conference of Canadian Universities and Colleges invited Mr. Edwin E.
Williams of Harvard University to survey Canadian library collections
in the humanities and social sciences. Mr, Williams' findings and
recommendations, published as Resources of Canadian University
Libraries for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (Ottawa,
1962), deserve the careful reading of all concerned with higher
education in Canada.
Mr. Williams presents his case simply and directly.
University libraries in Canada are ill-equipped to support advanced
research in the humanities and social sciences, except in a few
subjects, notably Canadian.  As Mr. Williams points out, "great
universities and outstanding subject departments cannot confine their
attention to a single nation, and there are few scholarly investigations that do not at least to some extent cross both national and
subject boundaries." To those who argue that Canadian libraries are
starting too late, Mr. Williams replies that "if the universities of
California have not allowed a late start to deter them from spirited
competition with their elders in the East, there surely is no reason
why Canada should do less." The failure of Canadian universities to
develop their libraries, Mr, Williams continues, "would demonstrate
that Canada aspires to be no more than a dependency of other countries 5
in graduate study and research in the humanities and social sciences."
He concludes his report by stating that "Canadian universities, for the
most part, are only beginning to face the cost of providing library
resources genuinely adequate for advanced work in the humanities and
social sciences. It will not be easy to advance on all fronts, neglecting neither the new research libraries that must be created nor the
existing collections that ought to be improved} but books are the
soundest long-term investment a university can make, and many of those
that are acquired now may serve Canadian scholars for centuries."
The Year 1961/62
Last year the Library once again set new records in the
provision of services} and, regrettably, once again the services
answered a still smaller percentage of the need. A larger sum was
expended on books than ever before, but more requests for book purchases went unfilled than in any previous year} more books were
charged out to readers, but readers experienced more trouble in
securing the books they needed} more reference questions were answered,
but more faculty and students left the Library without the assistance
they sought} more students used the Library, but seats were never more
difficult to find. Progress which, at the end of each year, leaves
the Library less adequate for its tasks is not good enough.
Growth of Collections.—»Substantial additions were again made
to the library's book collections. $240,930 from all sources was
expended for library materials—an increase of HI,046 over the
previous year. Despite this larger expenditure, only 35,235 volumes
were added—2,321 fewer than in 1960/61. At the end of the year, the 6
Library contained 525,161 fully catalogued volumes, and many thousand
government publications, maps, manuscripts, and other library materials.
As in past years, a significant portion of the Library's
growth was the direct result of the interest and concern of its friends.
Renewed grants for the purchase of books were received from Mrs. E. T.
Rogers who created the Tucker Memorial Fund (historical cartography)
in memory of her husband and the late Professor Norman Tucker.
H. R. MacMillan Foundation (forestry), Men's Canadian Club of Vancouver
(Canadiana), Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation (French history), Otto
Koerner Memorial Fund (art, music, theatre), F. W. Horner Ltd.
(pharmacology), Institute of Chartered Accountants (accounting), and
the Canadian Society of Radiological Technicians. The Library was
also the fortunate recipient of several new grants: the Walter C.
Koerner Slavonic Collection in Memory of Chancellor A. E. Grauer, the
Frank De Bruyn Memorial Fund (general reading), and the Canada Council
(Slavonic Studies).
Several significant collections of books were also received.
The most notable acquisition of the year was the A. M. Donaldson
Collection of Burnsiana, purchased by the Friends of the Library in
honor of President and Mrs. N. A. M. MacKenzie, Other important gifts
came to the Library from H. R. H. the Princess Royal (biography of
Queen Mary by James Pope-Hennessy), Dr. H. R. MacMillan (rare books on
voyages and natural history), Mr. Walter C. Koerner (humanities), Dr.
W. C. Gibson (rare early medical works), Mr. and Mrs. Lester McLennon
(books on Oxford and Cambridge University), and Mr. Harry Wearne (early
works on natural history). Many of the Library's strengths are
attributable to the generous benefactions of its friends In recent years. 7
Circulation Services.—The record use made of the Library
during the past year was most encouraging. The circulation of library
materials reached almost 600,000 volumes—an increase in one year of
almost 25 per cent.  Circulation in the College library alone rose
89 per cent—from 78,760 to 148,732. Significant increases were also
noted in other library services. The number of inter-library loan and
photocopy transactions rose sharply. So, too, did the number of books
sent to faculty members through the Campus Delivery Service—2,879
volumes—an increase of 40 per cent.
Toward the end of the year, the Circulation Division replaced
its two-card system for charging out books with one employing a single
edge-punched card. The advantage of the edge-punched card is that it
can be coded and sorted into various groupings, thus enabling it to
perform the tasks that required two cards under the former system.
Reference Services.—When the wing was added to the Library
building two years ago, the Central Reference Department, which had
served faculty and students long and well, was discontinued. Replacing
it was a series of subject divisions—Social Sciences, Bio-Medicine,
Sciences, Humanities, Fine Arts, and Asian Studies—which it was hoped
would be better able to cope with the larger numbers of students and
the increasing complexity of the academic program. If use is any index
of success, the Divisions came into their own this past year. The
Social Sciences Division, for example, reported that reference queries
rose from 7,843 to 10,399—an increase of 33 per cent.
Technical Services.—The ordering, cataloguing, and binding
of library materials proceeded under difficulty. Despite a maximum
effort and a record performance, the backlog of uncompleted work grew 8
during the year. Although arrearages of work anywhere within the
Library are disturbing, they are particularly noticeable when they
occur in the ordering and processing of materials. Orders for books
requested by faculty do not get placed} the books students need for
their courses do not get to the shelves} books awaiting cataloguing
and binding are available on only a limited basis} and the task of the
reference librarian, trying to bring user and book together, becomes
more difficult. Improvement in one area of work can be reported. The
addition of a professional librarian to the Pre-Bindery staff has cut
in half the length of time materials sent to the Bindery are absent
from the shelves.
Staff.—With the establishment of the School of librarian-
ship, professionally trained librarians are now available in the region.
The quality of the first graduating class was excellent, and we can be
assured that we shall have to compete with American libraries and with
other Canadian institutions for the School's graduates. Our present
beginning salary of $4,800 is lower than that offered by some Canadian
libraries, and it is substantially lower than the average salary
received by graduates of accredited American library schools last year—
$5,365. The problem of retaining our professional staff once they have
gained experience, is still very much with us. The salary schedule
for senior librarians and for Division Heads is in need of substantial
One of the Library's serious and long-standing problems is
acquiring and retaining a good non-professional staff. Despite the
best efforts of the Personnel Office and the Library, turnover among
this group last year was 80 per cent. Non-professional employees make 9
up two-thirds of our total staff and as long as most of them are inexperienced recruits, it will be difficult to maintain an acceptable
level of public service.
In the coming months, the Senate library Committee plans to
give serious and extended thought to the needs of the Library during
the next few years. Without further study, however, it is apparent
that substantial sums both for graduate research and for the shoring
up of existing services are needed immediately.
Books and Periodicals.—In building up its collections of
books and periodicals, the Library is confronted with a double
problem. It not only must acquire the currently published materials
needed by faculty and students but it must also build up Its files
of older works which were not purchased at the time of their original
publication. It is recommended that the library's book fund be
increased by $40,000, that the Graduate Studies Fund for the purchase
of older materials be increased by $25,000, and that additional book
monies be provided for the new Biomedical Library. Only part of this
proposed increase is real. The devaluation of the Canadian dollar and
the continued rise In the price of books have reduced the buying power
of our book funds by about $20,000 during the past year.
Staff«—Repeated reference has been made to backlogs of
work. The arrearages are rather evenly spread throughout the library
and little can be done to alleviate one without further aggravating
the others. As a service unit, the Library unfortunately is unable to
control its service load. We cannot limit the number of faculty and 10
students who come to the Library, and we cannot restrict the number
of reference questions they ask and the number of books they charge
out. We can only spread ourselves more thinly and give increasingly
unsatisfactory service, but to do this impedes the whole academic
program of the University. Accordingly, it is recommended that substantial additions to the staff be made during the coming year.
It is also recommended that the beginning salary for
librarians be raised to $5,200 and that comparable adjustments be
made in the remainder of the professional salary schedule and
throughout the clerical schedule.
Since the writer joined the Library staff a few months
ago, many people have extended much needed assistance. My indebtedness to one individual, however, considerably predates my arrival
on campus. During the longer and busier part of the year, Dr.
Samuel Rothstein served ably both as University Librarian and as
Director of the School of Librarianship. Although the man may
have suffered, neither job did. Regrettably, the Library can no
longer lay claim to Dr. Rothstein for its day to day operations;
but as Honorary Associate Librarian, he is still available to us for
counsel and support. Although the University of British Columbia
does not need to be reminded by a new Librarian of Dr. Rothstein's
many and significant contributions, I should like to express publicly
ray appreciation to him for the unique assistance he has provided
during the past few months.
In the development of the Library, the University has
incurred a similar debt to Dr. I. JfcT. Cowan. As a long-time member 11
of the Senate library Committee and as its Chairman for many years, he
has vigorously and effectively supported the Library. He is now confronted with what must be for him a routine task—the breaking in of
his fourth University Librarian.
Record should also be made of the contributions of Miss Anne
Smith and Mr. Roland Lanning and their colleagues on the Library staff,
of members of the University faculty and administrative staff, of the
University Senate and Board of Governors, and, finally, of both a
retiring and a new President.
Jim Ranz
University Librarian 12
Report Upon Library Divisions
Acquisitions Division.  (Miss Eleanor Mercer)
Basic to any research library is the prompt and efficient
acquisition of needed books and journals. The Division was hampered
during the past year by insufficient funds and by an inexperienced
and inadequate staff. Although monies for the purchase of materials
rose by $11,046.18 to $240,930,38, the increment hardly covered the
rise in the cost of books and, of course, did nothing for the
expanding needs of our graduate and research programs. Requests
for 33,756 book orders were verified (compared with 26,887 last
year), 23,708 items were ordered (22,979), and 29,691 volumes were
received (32,943). The staff was poorly equipped to handle this
heavier work load. Librarians and library assistants with a broad
knowledge of foreign languages, bibliographical sources, and the
book trade are needed} needed, too, are clerical assistants familiar
with the typing, filing and bookkeeping routines. These qualities
are difficult to develop in a staff which experienced twelve
resignations in fourteen positions during the past year.
Asian Studies.  (Miss Tung King Ng)
The Asian studies Division, created to process and service
materials in the Asian languages, celebrated its first full year of
operation with a record of 1,874 book orders placed, 1,007 received,
1,321 volumes catalogued, 1,317 volumes circulated, and checking
files established for 663 Japanese government publications and 179
Chinese and Japanese periodicals. These significant accomplishments
"were realized despite rising book prices, cramped physical quarters,
and inadequate staff. Prospects for 1962/63 are brighter, thanks to
a $5,000 grant from the Canada Council, and a $400 donation from the
proceeds of Far East Week.
Bindery.  (Mr. Percy Fryer)
Since Mr. Fryer assumed direction of the Bindery some ten
years ago, he has never failed to produce annual increases in output
while holding the size of the staff constant. This amazing record
was once again maintained. 12,876 volumes were given full binding,
an increase of 814 over the previous year. Despite Mr. Fryer's best
efforts, however, a backlog of binding Is accumulating. We shall
shortly either have to enlarge the area of the Bindery to permit the
employment of additional personnel or introduce a second shift.
Biomedical Library.  (Miss Doreen Fraser)
The Biomedical Library, serving faculty and students on the
University campus and at the Branch in Vancouver General Hospital,
experienced a notable year. In January the beginning of a new Dental
School was announced. A month later the Association of Canadian 13
Medical Colleges devoted a meeting to the problems of medical school
libraries. From this came the appointment of a new Committee on
Medical Science Libraries, its Brief to the Royal Commission on
Health Services, and, finally, a survey of medical school libraries
in Canada. In August, the firm decision was reached that the new
Library would continue to encompass both the health sciences and the
biological sciences. Finally, the building plans for the new
Woodward Library were brought closer to completion.
In addition, the Biomedical Library assisted various groups
preparing Briefs for submission to the Royal Society on Health
Services, helped in the formation of the new Health Council, and aided
in the establishment of the B. C. Medical Library Services on a
permanent basis.
The day-to-day operation of the Library was marred by acute
staffing problems arising from the lack of one librarian, ten clerical
resignations, and a general shortage of staff.
Catalogue Division. (Mr. G. G. Turner)
The Catalogue Division catalogued and classified 36,099
volumes (41,147 last year), of which 10,122 were bound serials
(10,423). Including volumes withdrawn, recatalogued, rebound and
replaced, total production reached 43,949 volumes. The Division
substantially completed the work, begun last year, of preparing a
catalogue for the Special Collections Division, and made a small
start on the cataloguing of the collection of the Institute of
Pacific Relations, Even with the loss of a senior member of the
professional staff at the end of last year, the backlog of unprocessed
current receipts (3,403 volumes) increased by only 421 volumes.
Additional professional staff are urgently needed to eliminate the
backlog, to complete the cataloguing of the Murray and Institute of
Pacific Relations collections, and to commence the cataloguing of the
Burns collection.
Circulation Division. (Mr. Inglis Bell)
Total book circulation rose sharply—from 391,355 volumes
in 1960/61 to 484,541 In 1961/62—an increase of almost twenty-five
per cent. In an effort to cope with the expanded work load, the
Division at the end of the year adopted a new circulation system
employing edge-punched cards. It is hoped the new system will result
in better service, increased efficiency, and the saving of approximately fifty staff hours per week.
The major problem facing the Division is the continuing
large turnover of staff (87 per cent this year). No satisfactory
level of public service can be achieved when the staff is composed
largely of inexperienced recruits.
College Library. (M*s# Eleanor Hoeg)
Established principally for the use of students in their
first two years, the College Library is still engaged in buildings its
basic book collections which will ultimately number from forty to 14
fifty thousand volumes. Nevertheless, the Library made a remarkable
showing in its second full year of operation. The collections grew
by 5,921 volumes,to 22,530} circulation almost doubled, rising from
78,760 in 1960/61 %o  148,732 last year} and reference use of the
collections increased correspondingly* Despite heavy duplication of
the most used titles, it was still necessary to place over 1,100
volumes on reserve.
Curriculum Laboratory. (Mrs. Emily Woodward)
Students and staff will remember 1961/62 as the year of
the double move—from the old Faculty Club to the basement of the
Education building and thence to handsome and spacious quarters on
the top floor of the new Education building. Despite the interruptions occasioned by these moves, the Curriculum Laboratory still
reported an increase in the use of their materials. lbs collection
of 14,462 textbooks, supplemented by 18,000 selected pictures,
provided faculty and students in Education with 61,309 items needed
in the preparation of lesson plans. Unsolved problems are staff
shortages, book losses, and the cataloguing of supplementary textbooks.
Extension Library. (Miss Edith Stewart)
The Extension Library provides mailing service falling
into three categories. Selected books of general reading are mailed,
for an annual fee of two dollars, to people in the country without
libraries or those who are physically unable to use existing library
facilities. Plays and books on theatre are mailed to individual?
and groups in any part of the Province who wish to read plays with a
view to production. Required reading is mailed without charge to
students registered in Credit Correspondence Courses. In addition
to these, books are sent to anyone registered in non-credit evening
or correspondence courses sponsored by the Extension Department.
Reference questions are answered by telephone or mail only on anything pertaining to theatre or plays. One parcel of books is sent
without charge to non members in the country requesting information
on a specific subject. The Library is not to be used by students,
faculty or staff with the one exception that students registered in
theatre courses may use the plays, since the Extension Library
contains a comprehensive collection of plays both classic and modern.
Fine Arts Room.  (Miss Melva Dwyer)
The Fine Arts Room,serving faculty and students in art,
architecture, music, and planning, experienced a heartening increase
in the use of its materials. Circulation rose to 15,789 volumes, an
increase of 2,354 over the previous year. The first master's degree
candidates in Fine Arts and the first fourth-year Music students
made heavy use of the research collections, as did the graduate
students in City and Regional Planning. There was also a marked
increase in the use of the collections by the expanded enrollments
in the lower years of both Music and Fine Arts. The staff, because 15
of sickness and inadequate numbers, was pressed to cope with the
enlarged work load, and had to delay plans for expanded and improved
Humanities Division.  (Mrs. Joan Selby)
In serving the needs of faculty and students in philosophy,
history, literature, religion, and language, the Humanities Division
last year answered more than 9,000 personal and telephone inquiries.
The first publication to bear the Division's imprint was published in
1961—Reference Books in English Literature, Revised edition. This
pamphlet is to be a required text in English 200. The Division also
became responsible for selecting books in two of the important
collections in the Library, that of Canadiana (both in English and
French) and of Australiana. There was a considerable increase (394
over last year) in ttje number of interlibrary loans sent to other
institutions. Faculty and gralaate studenis of this university
borrowed 898 items, 50 more than last year.
Science Division. (Miss Anna Leith)
The Science Division provides reference services to faculty
and students in a variety of areas—mathematics, physics, chemistry,
geology, engineering, botany, agriculture, forestry, and home economics.
Because of the rapid rate of publication In many of these areas and
the need for recent material, the staff concentrates upon keeping
users informed of indexes, abstracts, bibliographies, and other
available keys to the literature. At the same time, Individual
assistance is given to those expressing a need. During the past year
special lectures were; given to the students in agriculture, chemical
engineering, mechanical engineering, home economics, and plant science*
Special problems of the Division are inadequate work space and a
shortage of staff to handle the almost overwhelming volume of serial
Serials Division.  (Mr. Roland Lanning)
As the unit responsible for the ordering, checking, binding,
and completing of periodical files, the Serials Division plays a major
role in the modern uni-wertity library. During the past year, the
Division received thousands of periodical issues, placed many new
subscriptions, located and acquired a large number of periodical
back files, checked hundreds of exchange lists, and prepared some
12,000 volumes for the bindery.
The size of the staff was not adequate for the task and, as
a result, much work went undone. A bright spot was the addition of
a librarian to the ftre-Bindery staff and the consequent speeding up
of periodicals through the binding process,
Social Sciences Division, (Miss Joan CRourke)
The Division again supplied specialized reference service
to students and faculty in the social sciences. The University's 16
rapidly advancing graduate program in the social sciences was reflected in the work of the Division. Reference queries rose in a
single year by one third, use of the microfilm collection increased
sharply, and many more government publications and maps were consulted. In addition, service was provided for the first time for
the new School of librarianship. The Division was handicapped in
performing its duties by space problems, the usual shortage of staff,
and an ever-growing volume of processing work.
Special Collections Division. (Mr. Basil Stuart-Stubbs)
The Special Collections Division provides facilities for the
preservation and use of rare and valuable books, manuscripts, and
special collections. The strength of the collection, supplemented
by over 250 titles this past year, lies in the field of pre-20th
century Canadian history, travel and exploration. With the establishment of a collection of early maps relating to Canada another aspect
of this general area was developed. A completely new field of
specialization was created with the gift by the Friends of the
library of the A. M. Donaldson Burns Collection, honouring Dr. and
Mr. N. A. M. MacKenzie, Locked faculty carrells, wherin items from
the collections receive intensive use, have been in oonstant demand,
attesting to the growing importance of the Division on this campus. APPENDIX A
(l) Expenditures for Books. Periodicals, and Binding
(April 1, 1961 - March 31, 1962)
Books and Periodicals
1960/61      1961/62
1960/61      1961/62
Library Budget
Research Special
Graduate Studies
College Library
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Medicine
Non-University Funds
$30,974.49   $26,066.93
$229,884.20   $240,930.38   $37,974.49 $33,066.93   $267,858.69  $273,997.31
(2) Volumes Added to Collections (Net)
1960/61     1961/62
Books 27,133     25,113
Serials 10,423      10.122
Total Volumes     37,556     35,235
Size of Library    489,926 525,161 APPENDIX B
New Periodical Titles Received
Aota geologica polonica
Acta neuropathologica
Acta palaeontologica polonica
Acta physica polonica
Acta scientiarum mathematicarum
Advances in immunology
Advances in pharmacology
Africana nova
Akademiia nauk SSSR. Gel'mintologicheskaia laboratoriia. Osnovy
Akademiia nauk SSSR. Izvestiia, Seriia matematicheskaia.
Akademiia nauk SSSR. Matematicheskii institut imeni V. A* Steklova.
Akademiia nauk SSSR. Sibirskoe otdelenie. Izvestiia*
Akusticheskii shurnal
Alberta poetry yearbook
America indigena
American Catholic sociological review
American journal of EEG technology
American Mathematical Society, New York. Translation
American Philological Association, Philological monographs*
American Universities Field Staff. Reports
Angewandte Chemie} international edition in English.
Annals of science
Archaeologia polona
Archives internationales d'histoire des sciences
Art and craft education
Assistant librarian
Bibliografie EeskoslovenskS historie
Bibliographic literature and their current values
Bibliographie des auslUndischen forst- und holzwirtschaftlichen
Bibliotheca anatomica
Biochemical title index
Black art
Blatt} bulletin of the Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago*
Botanische JahrbUcher fttr Systematik, Pflanzengeschichte und
British Standards Institution, Yearbook
Bulletin de correspondance hellenique
California. University. Institute of Industrial Relations. West
coast collective bargaining systems.
California agriculture
California. University. Studies in the history of art
Cambridge Philological Society, Cambridge, Eng. Proceedings
Canada month
Canadian administrator
Carinthia I
Carleton miscellany Appendix B (cont.)
Central Asian review} also, its supplement, Bibliography of recent
Soviet source material on Soviet Central Asia and its borderlands
Child education
Chinese bulletin} a bilingual national paper
Chinese medical Journal
Chirigaku-Hyoron (Geographical review of Japan)
Church history
Clinical endocrinology
Clinical orthopaedics
Colby library quarterly
Columbia journalism review
Commonwealth Mycological Institute, Kew, Eng. Bibliography of
systematic mycology
Conference on Genetics* Transactions
Council of Planning Librarians. Exchange bibliographies (Latin
Macrae a. series)
Creative drama
Current literature in traffic and transportation
Current psychiatric therapies
Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung. Jahresbericht
Deutsches ArchSologisches Institut. Jahrbuch
Developments in industrial microbiology
Direct current
XVIIe (i.e. Dix-septieme) siecle
Education to-day
Educational review
Enseignement secondaire au Canada
Enzymologia biologica et clinica
Experimental and molecular pathology
Experimental eye research
Fichero bibliografico hispanoamericano
Financial post siirvey of industrials
Financial post survey of markets and business yearbook
Flora et vegetatio rcundi
Globe and mail
Glttc^auf} bergmsJnnische Zeitschrift
Great Basin naturalist
Great Britain. General Registry. Office of Births, Deaths, and
Marriages, Scotland, Annual reports.
Great Britain. Stationery Office. Consolidated list of government
Heine Jahrbuch
History of religions
Horticultural research
Improving college and university teaching
Index to Latin American periodicals
Indian journal of philosophy
Industrial and engineering psychology
Inorganic chemistry
Institut Eur Erforschung der UdSSR. Bulletin Appendix B (cont.)
Institut zur Erforschung der UdSSR. Vestnik. Journal
Intercom, an information service for citizen education and activity
in world affairs
International Academy of Pathology. Monographs in pathology
International Association of Agricultural Librarians and Documentalists.
Quarterly bulletin
International economic review
International journal of machine tool design and research
International journal of neurology
International ophthalmology clinics
Internationales Jahrbuch fttr Kartographie
Investigative ophthalmology
Invitational Conference on Testing Problems, Proceedings
Italian studies
Japanese journal of physiology-
Jewish journal of sociology
Journal of auditory research
Journal of biochemistry
Journal ef British studies
Journal of broadcasting
Journal of business education
Journal of Canadian petroleum technology
Journal of catalysis
Journal of Commonwealth political studies
Journal of Indian history
Journal of oriental studies
Journal of secondary education-
Journal of sport medicine and physical fitness
Jugoslavenska akademija znanosti 1 umjetnosti, Zagreb* Rad,
Jutnoslovenski *filolog
KBlner Zeitschrift fttr Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie
Korsakov journal of neurology and psychiatry
Kunst und Literatur
Laval theologique et phllosophique
Leningrad. Universitet. Vestnlk. Seriia matematiki, mekhaniki, 1
life sciences
Linschoten-Verenniging, The Hague, Werken
Literaturwissenschaftliches Jahrbuch Im Auftrage der CWrres-
Iivres et auteurs canadiens
Logos} the bulletin of the National Hospital for Speech Disorders
London. University. Institute of Education, Studies in education
Mathematics magazine
Malayan economic review
Metropolitan transportation
Moscow. Universitet. Vestnik. Seriia I, Matematika, mekhanika
Moscow. Universitet. Vestnik. Seriia V. Oeografiia
Musical theorists in translation
Musicological studies
Nas Jezik
New era in home and school
New York University. Institute of Philosophy. Proceedings.
Hihon Keizai Shimbun Shuku Satsu Ban
Osterreichische Ost-Hefte
Ophthalmoloeical Society of Australia. Transactions Appendix B (cont.)
Pacific profile
Pamietnik literacki
Papeles de son armadans
Paperback trade news
Performing arts in Canada
Physica status solidi
Physics letters
Plant and cell physiology
Poetry dial
Practical anthropology
Printer's ink monthly
Progress in medical genetics
Progress in surgery
Psychological record
Public works in Canada
Publications of mediaeval musical manuscripts
Quarterly journal of experimental psychology
Radiation botany
Renaissance papers
Review of religious research
Revista iberica de parasitologia
Revue biblique
Royal Musical Association, London. Research chronicle
Royal Society of Edinburgh. Transactions
School guidance worker
Shaw review
Sibirskii materaaticheskii zhurnal
Societe geologique de France. Bulletin
Societe geologique de France. Compte rendu sommaire des seances
Speech pathology and therapy
Studia historica
Studia theologica
Studia zrodloznawcze. Commentationes
Studies in librarianship
Studies on the U.S.S.R.
Teachers world. Primary education
Teachers world. Secondary education
Technical education and industrial training
Terre e la vie
Texas quarterly
Textbooks in print
Tokyo. University. Earthquake Research Institute.
Ukrainskil matematicheskil zhurnal
University bookman
Vision research
Weimarer BeitrMge
Western bird bander
Wireless world
Yale economic essays
Yorkshire bulletin of economic and social research
Zgodovinski casopis APPENDIX C
Selected List of Notable Acquisitions
Part It  Serials
Akadenriia nauk SSSR, Leningrad. Commentarii, v. 1-14, 1726-1746
Aktion, v. 1-4, 1911-19?4
Almanach, v. 108-139
American Catholic sociological review, v. 12-22, 1951-1961
American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Transactions, v# 1-10,
American literature, v. 9-12, 1939-1942
Anciens poetes de la France, v. 1-9, 1859-70
Angewandte Chemie, v. 54-66, 1941-1954
Annales de biologie lacustre, v. 1-15, 1906-26
Annales pharraaceutiques franchises, v. 1-18, 1943-1960
Annals of science, v. 1-17, 1936-1957
Archaiologike ephemeris, 1953-61
Archiv cesky, v. 1-37, 1840-1941
Archiv fttr Protistenkunde, v. 1-104, 1902-1960 (mlcrocard)
Archlvum Europae centro-orientalis, v, 1-8, 1935-42
Bibliographie der deutschen Zeitschriftenliteratur, v. 20-47, 1907-
Bibliographie der fremdsprachigen Zeitschriftenliteratur, N, F,,
v. 1-25, 1925-1943
Botanische Jahrbttcher fttr Systematik, Pflanzengeschichte und Pflanzen-
geographie, v. 71-80, 1940-1960
Burlington magazine, v. 7-52, 80-94? 1905-1928, 1942-1952
Cambridge Philological Society. Proceedings, no. 7-181, 1884*1951
Carinthla I, 1891-94, 1956-61
Catholic library world, v. 10-31
Child development abstracts and bibliography, v. 1-10, 1927-1936
Church history, v. 10-30, 1941-61
Colby library quarterly, 1943-61
Commonwealth Mycological Institute, Kew, Eng. Bibliography of
systematic nycology, 1955-1961
Contributions to Canadian minerology, 1921-1947
Deutsche Rundschau, v. 109-182
Deutsches ArchMologisches Institut. Jahrbuch, v. 53-75, 1938»1960
XVIIe (i.e. Dix-septieme) siecle, no. 11-50, 1951-1960
Germanistische Studien, v. 1-235
Globe and mail, 1850-1857, 1866-1869, 1896-1939
Great Basin naturalist, v. 1-21, 1939-1961
Great Britain. General Registry. Office of Births, Deaths, and
Marriages. Annual reports. Scotland, 1951-1961
Great Britain. Stationery Office, Consolidated list of government
publications. 1955-1960
Istoriski glasnik, 1948-1957
Italian studies, v. 1-16, 1937-1961
Jahresberichte der deutschen Geschichte, v. 1-7, 1920-26
Japanese journal of medical sciences, 13 sections in 75 volumes
Jenaer germanistische Forschungen, v. 2-35
Journal of ecclesiastical history, v. 2-11, 1951-1960
Journal of Indian history, v. 25-34, 1947-1956
Journal of marketing, v. 1-6, 1936-1940
Journal of theological studies, v. 32-50, 1931-1949J new ser,,
v. 3-11, 1952-1961 Appendix C (cont,)
Journalism quarterly, v. 8-25, 1929-1948
KJSlner Zeitschrift fttr Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, v, 1-12,
Literarhistorische Forschungen, v. 1-16, 1897-1901
Matica srpska, Novi Sad, Zbornik za drustvene nauk«fv. 1-28, 1950-
Medical Library Association. Bulletin, v. 1-45, 1902-1957
Mental hospitals, v. 1-8, 1950-1957
Merkur} deutsche Zeitschrift fttr europa*isches Denken, v. 1-9, 1947-
Migne, J. P. Patrologiae cursus completus Series Graeca, v. 1-166}
Series Latina, 20 volumes
Monetary times, trade review and insurance chronicle, v. 1-39, 1867-
Monumenta chartae papyraceae historiam illustrantia, v. 1, 3-8}
National Froebel Foundation. Bulletin, v. 1-133
National Reading Conference for Colleges and Adults. Yearbook, v. 5-10,
Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Proceedings, v. 1-6, 1899-1915
Neudrucke deutscher Litteraturwerke des XVI und XVII Jahrhunderts,
no. 31-235
New York history, v* 11, 28-41} 1930, 1947-1960
New York times, 1925-29
New Zealand Ecological Society. Proceedings, no. 1-8
Pamietnik literacki, v. 42-46, 48-51} 1951-1960
Papeles de son armadans, no. 1-71
Prilozi za knjizevnost, v. 20-25, 1954-1959
Psychological record, vc 5-11, 1942-1961
Quarterly journal of experimental psychology, v. 1-13, 1948-1960
Renaissance Meeting in the Southeastern States, Renaissance papers,
Revista de archives, bibliotecas y museos. v. 2-68
Revista iberica do parasitologia, v, 1-19
Revue celtique, v. 5-51
Romanischo bibliothek, v., 1-24
Russkoe istorichoskoe obshchestvo, Leningrad. Sbornik, 12 volumes
Shakespeare quartos in collotype facsimile, no. 1-1^3
Srpski dijaloktoloski sbornik, v. 3-13, 1927-1958
Studia theologica. v. 3, 6-15
Suomalainen tiodeakatemie, Helsingfors. Toimituksia, series B,
v. 25-114
Szazadok, v. 11-94, 1877-1960
Tierreich. v. 45-76
Wen hsien chuan k'an. v. 6-12
Wiener Studien. v. 1-60, 1879-1942
Winnipeg free press. 1901-1943
Yale Judaica series, no. 1-6, 8-14 Appendix C (cont.)
Part II: Books
Austria. Laws, Statute^>  etc. Cq^icis aUstriaci ordihe alphabetico
compilatl pars prima et Pars fcedufida* Vienria, 1704* 2 v.
(The Walter C, Koerner Slavonic Collection in Memory of
Chancellor A. E, Grauer.)
Bagehot, Walter. The works and life of Walter Bagehot. Ed. by Mrs.
Russell Barring|on, London, 1915. 10 v.
Belleforest, Francois de. L'histpire universelle du monde ... Paris,
1572. (The Gilbert'Tucker Memorial Fund,)
Berlin, K, Museen, Museum fuer Voelkerkjinde, Ethnologische Abteilung.
The North-tyest coast of America J being results of recent
ethnological researches^ from the collections of the Royal
museums at Berlin, tr. from the German. New York, 1883.
Bible. Latin. Biblia sacra. Maifiz. Gutenberg, cl450. (Facsimile,
N. Y., 1961) 2 v.
Bible. Manuscripts. Latin. N,"T# Gospels (Codex Durmachus).
Evangeliorum quattuor code£ Durmachensis, Auctoritate
Collegii sacrosanctae et Ihdivicju^e Trinitatis juxta Dublin.
Olten, Switzerland, I960* 2 v. Facsimile edition. (The
Walter C. Koerner Grant for the Humanities and Social Sciences,)
Bratislava, casopis Ucene spolecnosti Safarikovy. Prague, 1927-37*
11 v. (The Canada Council Fund for Slavonic Studies.)
Cahier, Charles. Melanges d'archeologie, d'histoire et de literature..#
Paris, 1847-56. 4 v. and atlas*v
Cahier, Charles* Nouvjeaux melanges d'arqheologie, d'histoire et de
litteraturiB sur le moyen age .,# Paris, 1874-77, 4 v.
Centlivre, Susanna. The;works of the celebrated Mrs. Centlivre ...
With a new account of her. life. London, 1760-61. 3 v.
(Gift of Dr. W. N. Sage.) \
Chapman, Edmund. A treatise on.the improvement of midwifery, fhiefly
with regard to the operation, to which are added fifty^seven
cases, selected• fjropj upwards of twenty-seven years' practice.
2d. ed, London, 1735• (The Estate of Anne S. Campbell.)
Cheng i fang ts'ung shu. Fuchdw, 1866. 63 titles in 160 v.
Depping, Georg Bernhard,6omp. Correspondence administrative sous le
regne de Louis XIV entre le cabinet du red, les Secretaries
d'etat, le Chancellor de France, [et alj Paris, 1850-55* 4 v.
(The Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation.)
Florence. Biblioteca mediceo-laurenziaha. Catalogue cocicum manuscript-
orum Biblibthecae imedicaa,^, Laurentianae [ab] Angelo Maria Bandini.
Leipzig, tf$$£yjk,v, 'Facsimile- edition*
Forbush, Edward BowS** Birds of Massachusetts and other New England
states. Norwood, Mass., 1925-29. 3 v.
Francis, Francis. A book on angling, being a complete treatise on the
art ... London, I867 (Harry Hawthorn Foundation for the Inculcation & Propagation of the Principles & Ethics of Fly-ELshing.)
Geoffroy, Etienne Louis. Hlstoire abrege"e des insectes, dans laquelle
ces animaux sont ranges suivant un ordre methodique} nouvelle
ed. Paris, 1799. 2 v.
Greville, Robert Kaye, Scottish cryptogamic flora ... intended to
serve as a continuation of English botony. Edinburgh, 1823-27*
6 v»
Haebler, Konrad. German incunabula: 110 Original-leaves. Tr. from
the German by Andre Barbey. Munich, 1927* Appendix C (cont.)
Haebler, Konrad. Italian incunabula: 110 original-leaves. Tr* from
the German by Andre Barbey, Munich, 1927,
Hall, Basil. Forty etchings, from sketches made with the camera
lucida, in North America, in 1827 and 1828. Edinburgh, 1829,
(Men's Canadian Club.)
Hamilton, Sir William. Collection of engravings from ancient vases
mostly of pure Greek workmanship discovered in sepulchres in
the kingdom of the Two Sicilies ... Maples, 1791-95. 3 v,
Hanway, Jonas. An historical account of the British trade over the
Caspian sea ... London, 1753. (Gift of Dr. H. R. MacMillan.)
Heath, John Benjamin. Some as count of the Worshipful company of
grocers of the city of London, 3d ed. London, 1869. (Gift
of Dr. H. R, MacMillan.)
Kayserling, Meyer. Biblioteca espanola-portugueza-judaica. Nieuwkoop,
Holland, 1961. Re-issue of 1890 ed, (The Canadian Jewish
Bicentenary Collection} gift of She Canadian Jewish Congress.)
Lemoisne, Paul Andre. Degas et son oeuvre. Paris, 1947-48. 4 v.
(The -ffitto Koerner Memorial Fund.)
London. University, Warburg Institute. Library. Catalog. Beaton,
1961. 2 v.
Mercator, Gerardus. Atlas minor, Amsterdam, 1610. (The Gilbert
Tucker Memorial Fund.)
Moore, George. Journal of a voyage across the Atlantic: with notes on
Canada and the United States ... London, 1845. (Men's
Canadian Club.)
New York, Public Library. Reference Division. Dictionary catalogue
of the history of the Americas. Boston, 1961. 7 v,
Nordenskiold, A, E, Facsimile-atlas to the early history of cartography with reproductions of the most important maps printed
in the XV and XVI centuries. Stockholm, 1889.
Paris. Registres des deliberations du bureau de la ville de Paris.
Paris, 1883-1958. 19 v. (The Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation.)
Percy, Algernon Heber. Journal of two excursions in the British North
West Territory of North America, 1877 & I878. KaJrket Drayton,
Shropshire, 1880. (Gift of Dr. Ian McTaggart Cowan.)
Sabatier, William. A letter to the Right Honorable Frederick J,
Robinson *«, on the subject of the proposed duties on colonial
timber ... London, 1821. (Men's Canadian Club.)
Vivaldi, Antonio. Opera. Mian, 1947- 305 parts. (The Otto
Koerner Memorial Fund*)
Wenzel, Gusztav, Arpadkori uj ckmanytar. Budapest, 1860-74. 12 v.
and index. (The Canada Council Fund for Slavonic Studies.)
Yale University. Library. Catalog of the Yale Collection of Western
Americana. Boston, 196l„ 4 v.
Yuhanna ibn Masawaih. Opere Ionnia Mesue ... Basle, 1541, (Gift of
Dr. W. C. Gibson.)
Part III:    Manuscripts
Henry Doyle Papers. 10 boxes, dealing with early history of B» C.
fishing industry.    (Gift of Henry Doyle.)
Robert Allison Hood Papers. 22 boxes, literary and personal manuscripts,
Alice Ravenhill Papers.    2 boxe3«    (Gift of Stanley Read.) APPENDIX D
Loan Desk
Fine -Arts
♦ Curriculum
CIRCULATION STATISTICS — September 1. 1961 - August 31,
Sept,  Oct,  Nov.  Dec,  Jan.  Feb.  Mar.  Apr, May
11,372 28,016 25,984 16,821 28,957 28,000 28,812 14,095 7,067
4,324 13,272 15,076 7,553 10,339 10,458 14,726 8,803 200
6,661 21,147 20,853 9,280 23,915 22,137 21,358 10,826 274
1,887 2,656 2,610 1,589 2,139 2,121 2,370 1,678 1,606
710 1,576 1,682 1,054 1,763 1,922 2,436 2,075 148
265   577   532   266   641   654   617   264 103
195   231   246   157   242   220   190   148
472   775 1,124   594   969   967 1,372   651
103   108   173   235   143   289   294   283
21   155   139   62   95   97   139   209
1,616    8,370 10,247    1,985    5,751 11,138    4,115    7,536
148,963 X
22,990 K
51,729   Di
27,626 76,883 78,666 39,596 74,954 78,003 76,429 46,568 10,088 8,012 52,484 24,931 594,240
~* Included for the first time this year,
Interlibrary Loan Statistics
1960/61    1961/62
From Other Institutions
Volumes Borrowed 643 650
Photocopies Purchased 205 248
Extension Library        22,220
To Other Institutions
Volumes Loaned
Photocopies Supplied
2,220      2,417
Ranz, Jim
University Librarian
June 1962-
Rothstein, Samuel
Honorary Associate librarian
Associate University Librarian
Sept, 1947*
Smith, Anne M.
Assistant University Librarian
Sept. 1930
Maclean, Hilda
Aug. 1959-
Fukuyama, Mrs. Margaret
Stenographer II
Aug. 1959-
Traff, Vera
Clerk II
Dec. 1956-
Mercer, Eleanor B.
Oct. 1938-
Butterfield, Rita
Librarian I
June 1962-
<~ Shields, Dorothy
Librarian I
July 1961-
Pavri, Mrs. Rhoda
Library Assistant
July 1961-
Szepesi, Mrs. Jane
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Oct, 1961-
Mirvis, Gwendoline
Clerk II
Apr, 1961-
Dew, Mrs. Patricia
Clerk II
Mar. 1962-
Benyovitz, Gyula
Clerk II
Apr. 1961-
Forsythe, Mrs. Yvonne
Clerk I
July 1948-
Lavallee, Mrs, Joyce
Clerk I
Sept. 1952-
LaRoy, Mrs. Janet
Clerk I
June 1962-
Price, Rhoda
Clerk I
Aug. 1962-
Ng, Tung King
Senior Library Assistant
Dec. 1960-
Fraser, M. Doreen
July 1947-
l    Allan, Helen
Librarian I
Sept. 1958'
Haydock, Eleanor
Librarian I
July 1962-
Harding, Mrs. Siupatie
library Assistant
July 1962-
Matthews, Michael
Library Assistant
Aug. 1962-
Mitchell, Deirdre
Library Assistant
Sept. 1959'
Sheppard, Dorothy
Stenographer II
Oct. 1961-
Nielsen, Mrs. Roswitha
Clerk I
May 1961-
Ramsey, Lois
Clerk I
July 1962-
Turner, George G.
June 1956-
Dobbin, Geraldine
Librarian III
June 1956-
Little, Mrs, Margaret
Librarian III
Sept. 1956-
Bewer, Lore
Librarian II
Sept. I96O-
** Elliston, Graham
Librarian I
Sept. 1961-
Fisher, Mrs. Robyn
Librarian I
July 1962-
Sampson, Islay
Librarian I
Librarian I
June 1962-
Pike, Mary
Senior Library Assistant
Mar. 1958- Fukuzawa, Kay
Hay, Marion
Ricardo, Valerie
Hanson, Iinda
Goossen, Lorna
Beaumont, Carol
Oarrard, Sharon
Peters, Elizabeth
Rose, It's. Bessie
Ross, Elizabeth
Library Assistant
library Assistant
Library Assistant
Clerk II
Clerk II
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Appendix E. (Cont.)
May 1962-
Aug. 1962-
Aug. 1962-
June 1962-
June 1960-
Aug. 1962-
Apr. 1961-
May 1962-
Jan. 1957-
Aug. I96O-
Bell, Inglis
June 1952-
Harris, Robert
librarian I
June 1962-
Ho, Berching
Senior Library Assistant
June 1962-
Erickson, Ture
Library Assistant
Aug. 1962-
Lagies, Mary
Library Assistant
June 1962-
Haughlan, Helen T.
Library Assistant
Dec. 1960-
Kuipers, Mrs. Marian
Clerk II
Oct. 1956-
DeRuyter, Mrs. Anita
Clerk II
Mar. I96O-
Rolfe, Dorothy
Clerk II
Williams, Leonard
Stack Attendant
Mar. 1958-
Ellis, Nancy
Clerk I
June 1962-
Herbert, Marie E.
Clerk I
July 1962-
Rosebrough, Diane
Clerk I
June 1962-
Towers, Louise
Clerk I
Aug. 1962-
Wheatley, Caroline
Clerk I
Clerk I
July 1959-
Hoeg, Eleanor
Librarian I
library Assistant
Sept, I96O-
Lobach, lydia
Clerk I
July 1962-
McLellan, Marie
Clerk I
July 1962-
Robinson, Janet
Clerk I
Aug. 1962-
Roth, Mrs. Evelyn
Clerk I
May 1961-
Woodward, Mrs, Emily
Librarian I
Senior Library Assistant
July 1957-
Bertsch, Mrs, Anneke
Clerk II
Sept. 1960-
Stewart, Edith
July 19b 8-
Doby-Salamon, Mrs. Csilla
Stenographer II
July 1959-
Dwyer, Melva
Ho**ath, Mrs. Maria
Siggers, Mrs. Lynda
Clerk II
Clerk I
July 1953-
Feb. 1961-
May 196*1- Appendix E (Cont.)
Selby, Mrs. Joan
- Murphy, Ena<
-- Dowd, Doreen
Potter, Priscilla
Forbes, Theresa
Whittingham, Irene
Leith, Anna
Johnson, Mrs. Marion
Thornton, Patricia
Soomet, Lilian
Esakin, Mrs. Helen
Librarian I
Librarian I
library Assistant
Clerk I
Clerk I
librarian II
librarian I
Library Assistant
Clerk I
Clerk I
Sept, 1959-
Sept. 1961-
July 1961-
May 1962-
Aug. 1960-
June 1962-
Sept. 1959-
June 1958-
July 1961-
June 1962-
Sept. 1960-
Lanning, Roland J,
Johnson, Stephen
Edmonds, Mrs, Barbara
Chikamori, Mrs, Elko
Medveczsky, Louis
Wallace, Maureen
Carroll, Jeanne
Dahl, Mrs. Eleanor
Morton, Mrs. Seraphine
Bindery Section
Fryer, Percy
Fryer, Percy, Jr.
Harrison, Roger
Brewer, Mrs. Elizabeth
Jamieson, Margaret
O'Rourke, Joan
*i Anderson, Susan
*- Malin, Audrey
^ Wilson, Maureen
Hunt, Marlene
Blusson, Sandra
Boyd, Barbara
Stuart-Stubbs, Basil
u><*  Carson, Anne
McArthur, Mrs. Pamela
Blazicevic, Branko
Librarian II
librarian I
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Clerk II
Clerk II
Clerk I
Clerk I
Librarian I
Librarian I
Librarian I
library Assistant
Library Assistant
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Librarian I
Library Assistant
Clerk I
Sept. 1926-
July 1957-
July 1962-
July 1960-
Aug. 1961-
Aug. 1962-
Sept. 1960-
Feb. 1961-
July 1962-
Dec. 1951-
Apr. 1952-
Mar. 1957-
Feb. 1952-
Oct. I96O-
July 1948-
Aug. 1960-
July 1961-
Oct. 1959-
Aug. 1962-
Aug. 1960-
Aug. 1960-
May 1956-
July 1961-
Sept, 1961-
Sept, I960- Appendix E (Cont.)
Rothstein, Samuel
Esselmann, Mrs. Alexandra
GIrard, Peter
Keddie, Vicki
Sebtt, Priscilla
Stttck, Rudolf
Vitalis, Mrs* Esther
Young, Nancy
Fukuyama, Fujio
.———" ii   i' n ' in   w i • m
Dournovo, Tanya
Killeen, Mrs. Phyllis
Ledgerwood, Mrs* Lynn
Parker, William E,
Barr, Wendy
Buckle, Rex W.
Chute, Mrs, Diane
Hornosty, Mrs. Cornelia
Kruger, Joyce
Ross, Mrs. Wilma
Selth, Geoffrey P.
Thompson, Mrs. Marilyn
Weinberg, Mrs. Florence
Bath, Bonnie
Blair, Diane
Bottinga, Mrs, Gertie
Chase, Arlena
deLotbiniere-Harwood4 Am
Jasper, Lori
Kirkoff, Christopher
Kurmey, William J*
Mealing, Mark
Mos sop, Helen
Seboek, Lajos
Zack, Marilyn
Zimmerman, Betty Lou
Acting University Librarian  Sept. 1947-May 1962
Clerk II
Library Assistant
Clerk I
Librarian II
Clerk II
Clerk II
Clerk I
Senior Library Assistant
Stenographer II
Library Assistant
library Assistant
Library Assistant
library Assistant
Library Assistant
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk II
Librarian I
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Library Aasistant
Clerk I
Library Assistant
Librarian I
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Clerk I
Clerk I
May 1958-Mar. 1962
Nov. 1961-Aug. 1962
July 1961-Aug. 1962
July 1953-Nov. 1961
June 1961-Oct. 1961
Feb. 1961-June 1962
Aug. 1961-May 1962
Oat. 1961-Aug* 1962
July 1959-Sept, 1961
Aug,196l-July 1962
June 1959-May 1962
Sapi, 1961-Aug. 1962
July 1961-Aug. 1962
Aug. 1961-June 1962
Dec, 1960-Apr, 1962
Sept, 1961-June 1962
Oct. 1961-Aug. 1962
Jan. 1959-Sept. 1961
June 1959-July 1962
Mar. 1960-Sept. 1961
Sept, 1961-Apr, 1962
Jan. 1962-Apr. 1962
June i960- Dec. 1961
June 1961-Jan. 1962
Jan. 1962-May 1962
Jan. 1962-Aug. 1962
Dee. 1961-May 1962
Sept. 1961-May 1962
Jan. 1962-Apr. 1962
Sept, 1961-Dec. 1961
July 1961-Aug. 1962
Sept, 1961-June 1962
June 1961-Nov. 1961
May 1962-Aug. 1962 Appendix E (Cont.)
Beattie, Patricia
Brown, Anne
Coe, Ngaire
Davidson, Ruth
Hempell, Mrs. Lettice
Robertson, Kristlne
Cymbal, Halina
Gill, Patricia
Hodkinson, Kenneth
Ingram, Andree
Kannawin, Jane
King, Mrs. Lorna
Williams, Mrs. Elizabeth
Hall, Mrs, Anne
Jones, Ronald
Vanry, Judith
Edmonds, Mrs. Barbara
Gerwing, Howard
Thomas, Sonia
Wiseman, Barbara
Deeming, Diane
Howander, Gail
Maclnnis, Glenda
Simpson, Sally
Clerk I
Clerk I
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Librarian I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Librarian I
Clerk II
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Clerk I
Library Assistant
library Assistant
Library Assistant
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Oct. 1961-Apr. 1962
Sept, 1961-Apr. 1962
Feb. 1961-Sept. 1961
Sept. 1961-Aug. 1962
May 1960-Aug. 1962
Sept. 1960-Sept. 1961
Sept. 1960-Sept. 1961
Nov. 1961-July 1962
Sept. 1961-Nov, 1961
Nov. 1961-Apr. 1962
Sept. 1960-Oct, 1961
Sept. 1959-May 1962
Sept, 1960-Apr. 1962
Nov. 1960-Feb. 1962
Feb. 1962-June 1962
July 1961-Aug. 1962
Mar. 1960-Sept. 1961
Jutte 1960-Apr. 1962
May 1962-Aug. 1962
July 1962-Aug. 1962
Mar. 1962-Aug. 1962
Sept. 1961-Feb. 1962
Sept. 1961-Aug. 1962
Sept. 1960-Sept. 1961
Atherton, James
library Assistant  June 1961-Sept. 1961 APPENDIX F
Professiohal Activities
-  '      ';'■■':   .of .-        . '
The Universii^Ubrary Staff
ALLAN, Helen, Member? B.C.L.A.; C.L.A.} A*L.A*
ANDERSON, Susan. Membert   B.CL.A. (Social Committee)} Attended*
B.CL.A, Fall Meeting, Vancouver*
BELL, Inglis F« Member: B.C.L.A.} C.L.A.; A.L.A.j Bibliographical
Society of Canada} U.B.C. Alumni Chronicle (Editorial Committee)}
Canadian Literature (Editorial Committee, Promotion Manager)}
U.B.C, Publications Boardi Atterid<|>i8l B.C.L.A, Conference,
Victoria} P.N.L.A, Conference, vawbWetf,- Lectures and Paperst
Eight lectures on bibliography to students in English 200,
Publfoa^frns: "Canadian Iitwltur^i i$j$j A Checklist",
Canadian Literature, rfo. 11 (winter* 1962)> 79-104} Reference
jooks in,English Literatilrei;VandouVer, B. C.« Humanities
& vision, UMversity of British Columbia Library, 1961} "Hero
Without a Face", Canadian Literature, No. 12 (Spring, 1962),
71-72} Canadian Editors Annual Sinography of English
Language and Literature, Vol. 33: I957-I958, Cambridge*
University Press, 1962,
BEWER, Lore. Member: B.CL.A, (Secretary} Public Relations Committee),
Attended: B.C.L.A. Conference, Victoria* Lectures and Papers*
Eight lectures on bibliography to students in English 200*
Publications: Review of Official Guide to Pacific Northwest
and Century 21 Exposition, by the Editorial Staffs of Sunset
Books and Sunset Magazine, British Columbia library Quarterly,
XXVI (July, 1962), 33-5J News Correspondent, B.C.L.A, Reporter,
BtJTTERFIELD, Rita, Member: B.C.L.A. (Membership Committee)} C.L.A,}
U.B.C, School 'of Librarianship Alumni Association (Executive
Member), Attended* B.C.L.A, Fall Meeting, Vancouver,
CARSON, Anne. Member: B.C.L.A. (Bursary-Loan Committee)} C.L.A.
DOBBIN, Geraldine F, Member: B.CL.A. (Indexing Committee)} CL.A.
(Membership Committee)} P.N.L.A.} A.L.A. Attended: P.N.L.A*
Conference, Vancouver.
DOWD, Doreen. Member: B.C.L.A.} C.L.A.} A.L.A.
DWYER, Melva J. Member: B.C.L.A.} C.L.A.} A.L.A.} P,N.L.A. (Conference
Committee)} Canadian Music Library Association (Council)} Council
of Planning Librarians (Secretary)} Music Library Association}
International Association of Music Libraries. Attended: B.C.L.A.
Conference, Victoria} C.L.A, Conference, Ottawa} P.N.L.A, Conference,
Vancouver, Lectures and Papers: Seven lectures to students in
architecture, community and regional planning, music, and
librarianship} participation in meeting of Canadian Collegiate
Schools of Architecture, Appendix F (cont,)
EDMONDS, Mrs, Barbara. Member* B.C.L.A.} C.L.A.} A.L.A.
ELLISTON, Graham. Member: B.CL.A, (Publications Committee)}
P.N.L.A.} Book Review Editor,. British Columbia Library
Quarterly} News Correspondent,""!?,t, L.A, Reporter,
FISHER, Mrs, Robyn. Member: B*C.L.A,} A,L,A.} U,B,C. School of
Librarianship Alumni Association (Executive Member). Attended*
P.N.L.A. Conference, Vancouver,
FRASER, M. Doreen E. Member: B.C.L.A, (Vice-President, President
Elect; Chairman, Program Committee} Chairman, Hospital
Libraries Committee)} C.L.A. (Secretary, Committee on Medical
Science Libraries)} Medical Library Association (also Pacific
Northwest Regional Group)} P.N.L.A.} Special Libraries
Association (also Puget Sound Chapter, B, C. Reporter); B.C.
Medical Library Service (Advisory Panel, Executive Committee,
Conference and Workshop Committee)} Greater Vancouver Health
League (Chairman, Library Committee} Executive Committee}
Board} Health Council Amalgamation Committee)} Community Chest
Health Council} Library Consultant for B. C. Medical Library
Service, Attended: B.C. Hospital Association Auxiliary
Division Annual Meeting, Vancouver} Association of Canadian
Medical Colleges, Medical School libraries meeting, Ottawa}
B.CL.A, conference, Victoria; Medical Library Association
Conference, Chicago} C.L.A. conference, Ottawa} University
of Montreal Library Committee Day Session, Montreal} P.N.L.A,
conference, Vancouver. Lectures and Papers: Twenty-three
lectures on medical bibliography and literature to students in
medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physical education, and librarian-
ship} one lecture to Vancouver General Hospital residents} two
lectures to B.C.M.L.S, workshop} "Libraries in Hospitals",
B.CH.A. Auxiliary Division; "What Now?" B.C.L.A, Conference.
Publications: "A Community of Librarians Within the Community'',
B.C.L«A. Rjspbrter V (July, 1962), 1-2.
HARRIS, Robert. Member: B.C.L.A.} A,L,A«; U.B.C. Alumni Association
(Board of Management} Chairman, Librarianship Division)}
President of First Class of the U.B.C. School of librarianship.
Attended: B,C,L,A. Conference, Victoria} B.C.L.A. Fall Meeting,
HAYDOCK, Eleanor. Member: B.C.L.A.} C.L.A.} A.L.A. Attended*
B.C.L.A, Conference, Victoria.
HOEG, Mrs. Eleanor F. Member: B.C.L.A,} C,L«A.} A.L.A, Attended:
B,C.L»A. Conference, Victoria} B,C,L.A, Fall Meeting, Vancouver.
Lectures and Papers* Eight lectures on bibliography to Engliflfh
200 students} one lecture to students in the Summer Session and
one to students in the School of Librarianship} prepared basic
book lists for library of new Adult Centre at King Edward High
School, Publications: "Specific Devices for Encouraging
Immigrant Use of the library", Edmonton Public Library,
Newsnotes, VI (October, 1961). Appendix F (cont,)
JOHNSON, Mrs, Marion, Member* B»C,L.A, (Social Committee; Public
Relations Committee)} C.L.A.} A,L»A,; Beta Phi Mu, Attended*
P.N.L,A. Conference, Vancouver, Lectures and Papers* Two
lectures to Summer Session students,
JOHNSON, Stephen, Member* C,L,A.; A.L.A,
LANNINO, Roland J, Member* B.C.L,A,; C,L,A»; P.N.LJU; A.L.A,
Attended* B.C.L.A. Conference, Victoria; P.N.L.A, Conference,
LEITH, Anna R* Member* B,C,L*A, (Committee on Recruitment); C.L.A,}
P,N.L*A. (Conference Committee)} A.L.A,} Medical Library
Association} Special Libraries Association, Attended* B,C,L,A,
Conference, Victoria} P.N.L.A, Conference, Vancouver, Lectures
and Papers? Two lectures to Summer Session »tudents; nine
lectures to students in agriculture, home economics, mechanical
engineering, chemical engineering, and plant science; lecture
to Students Division of the Canadian Chemical Society,
LITTLE, Mrs, Margaret L, Member: B,C,L,A, (Archives Committee);
CL.A,} P.N.L.A.; A.E7E Attended: P.N.L.A, Conference,
Vane Oliver,
MALIN, Audrey, Member: B.C.L.A. (Social Committee); C.L.A,
MERCER, Eleanor, Member* B.CL.A.; C.L.A.; A.L.A.; P.N.L.A.
(Conference Committee); Bibliographical Society of Canada,
Attended* B.C,L,A, Conference, Victoria; P.N.L.A, Conference,
MURPHY, Ena, Member: B*C.L,A,; C.L.A. Attended: B»C,L.A» Conference,
Victoria; C.L.A. Conference, Ottawa.
NG, Tung King. Mender* B.C.L.A,; (British) Library Association!
O'ROURKE, Joan. Member* B.C.L.A, (Chairman, Reference Section; (
Representative to B.C. Education Conference); P.N.L.A,
(Conference Committee;Chairman, College Section); C.L.A,;
A.L.A,; Institute of Social and Economic Research, Attended*
B.CL.A, Fall Meeting, Vancouver; B.C.L.A. Conference,
Victoria; P.N.L.A, Conference, Vancouver; B,C# Education
Conference, Lectures and Papers* Three library introductory
lectures to Summer Session students; seven lectures to students
in commerce, social work, and education. Publications*
Reference Guide to Commerce Literature, rev, ed,, Vancouver*
ttniversity of1 British Columbia library, 1961,
RANZ, Jim, Member* B.C.L.A*} C.L.A.} A.L.A, (Council} Statistics
Committee for College and University libraries, Chairman;
Statistics Coordinating Committee} Recruitment Committee)}
Wyoming Library Association (Various Committees)} Mountain-
Plains Library Association (Vice-President, President-Elect,
Various Committees)} Bibliographical Society of the University
of Virginia} Bibliographical Society of Canada; University of Appendix F (Cont,)
Wyoming (Various Committees); University of British Columbia
(Various Committees). Attended: CL.A. Conference, Ottawa;
A.L.A. Mid-Winter Conference, Chicago; M.P.L.A, Conference,
Cheyenne; W.L»A, Conference; P.N.L.A. Conference, Vancouver.
Publicationst "Alexander J. Rudolph and His 'New Method of
Cataloguing'," Library Resources and Technical Services, V
(Fall, 1961), 259-66.	
ROTHSTEIN, Samuel. Member: B.CL.A. (Programme Committee} Recruitment Committee)} C.L.A. (College and University Standards
Committee)} P.N.L.A,} A.L.A. (Reference Standards Committee;
Catalog Code Revision Committee)} Bibliographical Society of
Canada (Council)} University Committee on the University
Bookstore (Chairman)} University Committee on Audio-Visual
Services} Faculty Association (Special Salaries Committee)}
College of Education (Curriculum Laboratory Committee)} Senate
library Committee (Vice-Chairman)} Friends of the University
library (Council)} National Research Council Associate Committee
on Scientific Information.  Attended: B.CL.A. Conference,
Victoria; B.C.L.A. Fall Meeting, Vancouver (Chairman, Panel
Discussion)} C.L.A. Conference, Ottawa. (Panel Discussion on
the Canadian Centenary)} A..L.A. Conference, Miami} P.N.L.A,
Conference, Vancouver (Panel Discussion on Information Retrieval)}
Institute of Professional Librarians (Director, Workshop on
Personnel Administration)} Conference on the Future of Library
Education (Recorder)} Workshop on Educational Television.
Lectures and Papers: School of librarianship: courses on Fields
and Functions of Library Service and on College, University and
Research Libraries. Publications: "Should library Schools
Produce Specialists or Generalists? Generalists", American
library Association Bulletin, LVI (April, 1962), 321-23} "[The
School of librarianship at U.B.C.]", College and Research
Libraries, XXIt (November, 1961), 472-73; Review of The Origins
of the American Library School, by Carl White, New York*
Scarecrow Press, 19&1, Library Quarterly, XXXII (January, 1962),
SAMPSON, Islay M,  Member.* B.C.L,A.; A.L.A,} U.B,C, School of
Librarianship Alumni Association (Executive Member), Attended*
P,N.L.A, Conference, Vancouver,
SELBY, Mrs, Joan. Member: B.C.L.A. (Bursary-Loan Committee)} C.L,A,}
A.L.A. (Selection Committee of the Essay and General Literature
Index). Attended: B.C.L.A. Conference, Victoria} P.N.L.A,
Conference, Vancouver. Lectures and Papers: Two introductory
library lectures} eight lectures on bibliography for English
200 students. Publications* "Liste des meilleurs ouvrages
Canadiens anglais pour 1'annee 196l''.(traduit par Leandre Bergeron)
Livres et auteurs Canadiens 1961, I (1961), 96-97; Reference Books
in English Literature, rev, ed., by Inglis F. Bell, Joan Selby
and Elizabeth Vogel, Vancouver: Humanities Division, University
of British Columbia library, 1961} "The Creation of Fantasy} the
Fiction of Catherine Anthony Clark", Canadian literature, No. 11
(Winter, 1962), 39-45; "Legends of the Coast," Review of Sketco
the Raven, by Robert Ayre, Canadian Literature, NO. 13 (Summer,
1962), 81-82. Abstracted Culture, Canadianllterature, and
Tamarack Review for Twentieth Century literature! Appendix F (cont.)
SELTH, Geoffrey P, Member: B.C.L.A, (Constitution and Legislation
Committee)} (British) Library Association, Lectures and Papers?
Eight lectures on bibliography to students in English 200}
lecture on "Libraries and librarianship in Australia" to U,B,C.
School of librarianship. Publications: Peace, Santa Cruz,
Calif** H»G. Tovey, 1961} "library Associations in Canada,"
library Journal, LXXXVf (November 1, 1961), 3751-53, 3756;
"litterature canadienne-Francaise", Canadian literature, XI
(Winter, 1962), 96-103* Assistant Librarian, Union College,
SHIELDS, Dorothy P. Member: B,C.L,A, Attended* B,G,L,A. Fall
Meeting, Vancouver} B,C,L.A, Conference, Victoria,
SMITH, Anne M. Member* B.C.L.A.} C.L.A, (Chairman, Committee on
Liaison with Asian and African Libraries} Certification
Committee)} P.N.L.A.; A.L.A. (Subscription Books Bulletin
Committee)} Humanities Association of Canada} U.B.C. School
of Social Work (Council)} Bibliographical Society of Canada.
Attended: B.CL.A. Conference, Victoria} P.N.L.A, Conference,
Vancouver, Lectures and Papers: Lectures to students in
physical education and librarianship; lecture for B.CL,A,
Short Course for Public library Association Personnel,
Publicationst Guide to Reference Works In the Aquatic Sciences,
Vancouver: University of British Columbia library, 1962,
(Reference Publication No. 17)} "Mabel Lanning Retires", U.B.C,
Alumni Chronicle, W (Winter, 1961), 12-13. Publications of
faculty andlTtaff:" 'September 1, I960 to AugusT"3l, 1961,
Vancouver: University of British Columbia, 1962.
STUART-STUBBS, Basil- Member: B.C.L.A. (Associate Editor British
Columbia Library Quarterly); C.L.A.; P.N.L.A. (Chairman,
Bibliography Committee} Conference Committee)} A.L.A,bibliographical Society of Canada. Attended: P.N.L.A, Conference,
Vancouver. Publications: Edited "Checklist of Books and
Pamphlets Relating to the Pacific Northwest Published in 1961,
Parts I and II," P.N.L.A. Quarterly, XXVI (April, July, 1962),
163-169, 212-220; «New Faces at a New Library School", British
Columbia Library Quarterly, XXV (October, 1961), 23-28;
Circulation Manager, Canadian Literature, Canada Council Short
Term Grant in the SociaOciences, 1962,
THORNTON, Patricia. Member: B.CL.A, (Social Committee); C.L,A.;
A,L.A, Attended! P"jLl.A. Conference, Vancouver.
TURNER, George Godfrey. Member: B.CL.A. (Chairman, Constitution
and Legislation Committee; Nominating Committee); CL.A,
(Chairman, librarians Committee} Canadian Copyright Committee^
Cataloguing Section Planning and Action Committee); P.N.L.A.
(Chairman, Conference Local Arrangements Committee; Legislation
Committee); A.L.A* (Cataloguing and Classification Section,
Subject Headings Committee); American Association of Law
Libraries; Institute of Professional librarians; Beta Phi Mu;
U.B.C, President's Committee on Accident Prevention. ^Attended:
B.CL.A, Conference, Victoria} P.N.L.A. Conference, Vancouver
(Parliamentarian); Lectures and Papers: Eight lectures on Appendix F (cont,)
bibliography to students in English 200, Publications{"British
Columbia* The Mainland", Canadian Library, XVII (November,
1961) 95-96,
WILSON, Maureen F, Member: B,CL,A, (Chairman, Social Committee),
Attended: B,C,L.A. Fall Meeting, Vancouver; B,CL,A. Conference,
WOODWARD, Nrs. Emily A. Member* B.C.L.A. Attended* B.C.LJU Fall
Meeting, Vancouver, APPENDIX G
Anplied Science
Arts and Science
Graduate Studies
Senate library Committee
Dr, C. A. Rowles
Mr. S. Lipson
Dr. M, A, Ormsby
Dr, P. Remnant
Dr. Ross Stewart
Mr, W. 0, Perkett
Dr. J, Katz
Dr, R, W. Wellwood
Mr. W, Opechowski
Mr. E. C. E. Todd
Dr. W, C Gibson
Dr, A. M. Goodeve
Appointed by President
Dr. I. McT* Cowan, Chairman
Dr, M, F. McGregor
Mr. Stanley Read
Chancellor Phyllis G. Ross
President N. A, M, MacKenzie
(Retired 30 June 1962)
President John B. Macdonald
(Appointed 1 July 1962)
Dean G. C Andrew
Mr, J. E, A. Parnall
Dr, Samuel Rothstein, ViCe*Ghairman
(Resigned 31 May 1962)
Dr, Jim Ranz
(Appointed 1 June 1962)
Terms of Reference:
The Library Committee shall advise and assist the
Librarian in*
Formulating a library policy in relation to the
development of resources for instruction and research.
Advising in the allocation of book funds to the
fields of instruction and research.
Developing a general program of library service
for all the interests of the University.
Keeping the Librarian informed concerning the
library needs of Instructional and research staffs,
and assisting the Librarian in interpreting the
library to the University. APPENDIX H
The Friends of the Library
of the University of British Columbia
To develop the Library resources of the University and to
provide opportunity for persons interested in the University
Library to keep informed about its growth and needs and to
express their own interests more effectively.
The following persons are members of the Council of the
Friends of the Library*
Mr. Kenneth Caple, President Dr, W, Kaye Lamb
Dr. Wallace Wilson Dr. Luther Evans
Dr. Ethel Wilson Dr. Leslie Dunlap
Mr. Leon J. Ladner, Q.C. Mr. Lester McLennan
Dr. Ethlyn Trapp Mr. Willard Ireland
Dr. H. R, MacMillan Mr. Peter Grossman
Mrs. Frank Ross Dr, N. A. M. MacKenzie
Mr. Walter C. Koerner Dean Geoffrey Andrew
Mr. Harold S. Foley Mr. Aubrey F. Roberts
Dr. Reginald H. Tuooer, Q.C. Dr. Ian MOT. Cowan
Dr. Leon J. Koerner Dean F. H. Soward
Hon. J. V. Clyne Dean S. N. F. Chant
Hon. Mr. Justice J. 0. Wilson Dr. Sfittiel Rothstein
Mrs. E. T. Rogers Mr. Neal Harlow
Mr. Stanley Read, Secretary
Th§'Council will be the governing body of the organization.
The Executive of the Council will consist of a President,
Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and the President
of the University.
The membership fee will be five dollars and upward a year,
the funds to be used for the purchase of library materials.
Special meetings and publications for the group will be
provided, and reports upon needs and accomplishments.
Other activities will be determined by the advice of the


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