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 V. 2, No. 11 of the U.B.C. LIBRARY STAFF NEWSLETTER  M&RGH 1966
Another year's issue of BIBLOS draws to a close.  Biblos staff
say thanks to our many contributors throughout the year.  Special
appreciation goes to Lynne Maclver, our sometimes-frantic typist,
and to Mr. Bob Frew, Mining S- Metallurgy Print Shop for their
faithful reproductions of our efforts.
On a less encouraging note (from our standpoint) enthusiasm and
contributions for this year's poetry contest are, to say the least,
inadequate - but cheers to the FEW who valiantly conjured up lines,
thoughtfully and otherwise.
On a more encouraging note - we introduce and wish good luck to
the new 1966/67 Biblos staff.  May they be blessed with a rash of
contributors.  For names of the fortunate volunteers turn to page
END. Music to our ears 	
19th August 1966
Mr.   Basil   Stuart-Stubbs
Head  Librarian
Dear Mr.   Stuart-Stubbs,
Our visitors  to  the  campus  have  been  extremely
pleased with  the organization of your service  before  their
arrival   and with  their   reception  during their seven-week  stay.
Invariably when  dropping   in  to say goodbye,
they mention how helpful   your  staff has  been.     I   would appreciate your passing on  this note of  appreciation  to those concerned.
Yours  sincerely
W. H. Auld
Director of Summer Session
P.S.   And a big X to all from King Basiieus. News 'n Notes
Student Orientation Tours.  Ture Erickson in charge.  Numerous
"volunteer" Libniks will be escorting groups of students through
the complex, September 12 - 16.  Tours will start from Sedgewick
at 10 and 11 a.m. and 2 and 3 p.m.
And a reminder that all students will
be allowed into the stacks during library hours this year.
Division Heads Please Note.  Student Assistant Hiring.  John Grey,
Cataloguing, will be interviewing and hiring during the week of
registration, Sept. 12 - 16, down at the Personnel huts.
Social Security Numbers. Al1 student
assistants must have one. Make sure that they check with the payroll office when first hired. No pay cheques will be issued without a social security number.  There will be no exceptions.
Severence Pay.  All student assistants are entitled to severence pay.  Please make sure they know
this.  If they are leaving campus before their final cheque is
prepared, they should leave their correct forwarding address with
the division for which they are working.
Hourly help of all kinds must have
social security numbers for payroll and are eligible for severence
Book moves and new locations are best described as follows:
Main Library Reserve Book Collection servjes post-grad and
upper year (3rd &  4th) courses (except biomed, Woodward and Math)
and al1 years Education (see also Curric Lab.)
Sedgewick serves all first and 2nd year needs (except Education), and 3rd and 4th Arts and Commerce RESERVES (except Math).
Math Library, ground floor of Math Bldg. Now contains QA 1-
799 material formerly in the Main Stacks. Serves upper years and
grad course math needs.
Curriculum Laboratory in the Ed. Bldg.  Serves Ed. students.
Houses actual classroom textbooks and teaching aids PLUS all the
Methodology material formerly in Main, Sedgewick and Reserve. New staff
Acqui si tions
Ann Diano, Lib. Asst.; Judith Hall, Lib. Asst.; Doralynne
Gutkin, CI.I; Heather Thompson, Lib. Asst.; Nora Williams,
CI. L; Georgia Linley, Lib. Asst.; William Johnson, Clerk I;
Taj a Bhavan, CI. II.
Biomed. Branch
Maya Veleglevac, CI,I
Judy   Inouye,   Lib.   Asst.;   Mary-Ann  Epp,   Lib.  Asst.;   Janet
Ellis,   Lib.  Asst.;   Carolyn  Stewart,   CI.   I;   Pat Ord,   Lib.
Asst.;   Freda Bailey,   Librarian;   Angela  Schmidt,   CI.   I;   Jean
Bryfogel,   Sr.   Lib.  Asst.;   Barbara  Ross,   CI.   I;   Barbara Heuer,
CI.   I
Ci rculation
Tannis Havelock, CI. I; Diana Clarke, Lib. Asst.; Ruell Smith,
Lib. Asst; Kathleen Langton, CI. I; Eveline Van Ginkel, CI. I;
Judith Scliwarz,  Lib.  Asst.
Fine Arts
Barbara  Little,   Librarian
Forest ry-Agricul ture
Sharon Stanwell,   Lib.   Asst.
Government  Publications
Dorothy  Martin,   Librarian
Math  Library
Carole Goldsmith, CI . I
Periodicals Reading Room
Patricia McCalib, Librarian
Charles Hill, CI. II
Judi th Crape, CI. II
Shannon Patterson, Librarian
Ann Gardner, Lib. Asst.; Marilyn Freeman, Librarian; Mary Chow,
CI. I; Ian Lee, Lib. Asst, New staff (Cont'd.)
Social Sciences
Lois Carrier, Division Head
Special Collections
Joan Mitchell, Lib. Asst.;  Frances Woodward, Librarian
Woodwa rd
Roswitha Haas, CI. I; Elli Gomber, CI. I
Harvey Christensen, Stack Supervisor at Woodward
Derica Dennigan, Clerk III, Xerox in Circulation
Gwen Deachman, Library Assistant in Humanities
Frances Tudge, Clerk IV in the Prebindery
Kathy Beynon, to Clerk II in Acquisitions
Robin Williams, to Library Assistant in Serials
Alice Thomas to Clerk II in Cataloguing
Sue Keevil to Head of the new Math Library
Lore Brongers to Head of the new Forestry/Agricul ture Library
George Freeman to Head of the Social Work Library
S. Y. Siu to Library Assistant in the Math Library
Dorothy Nepaulsingh to Clerk II in Humanities
Isa Fiszhaut, Librarian in Social Sciences
Acquisitions - Suzanne Bowden, Mary Popow, Bob Haxton, Joyce
Chu, Natalie Smortchevsky.
Biomed. Branch - Luba Skripnikoff.
Cataloguing - Ursula Compes, Nona Konya, Jeremy Pal in, Marianne
Gerber, Margrethe Hooper, Lena Grunig, Pam Boulden, Helene Mitton,
Sasha Miller,
Ci rculation - Chris Maxwell, Fran Johnson, Marg Price, Florence
McKay, Ursula White.
Fine Arts - Diane Rosebrugh.
Law - Valerie Roddick.
Prebindery - Bronson Little.
Science - Annabel Henderson, Annmaree Lunney Seri als - Marilyn Meister, Richard Landon, Ken Telfer.
Social Sciences - Head, Ann Brearley to Library School faculty.
Social Work Library - Head, Joyce Cummings,
Special Collect ions - Blair Cowan, Pat Ludwick.
Woodward - Margaret Leighton, Elisabeth Jupp, Donna Arola.
Biological Sciences Bldg.
Staff:  Huibert Verwey, A.S., B.Sc, B.A., M.A., M.L.S., F.G.S.
(Phil.),  Head.
Penny Vroom, Assistant,
AIM:  To make available to faculty, researchers and graduate students the widest possible range of published information dealing with all aspects of hydro-biology.
The Library's RESPONSIBILITIES:  Demands for scientific information
appear in three distinct forms*
1. The need to keep the faculty, researchers and graduate
students abreast of developments in all areas of hydro-biology [i.e.
current awareness]
2. The need to supply them with the most up-to-date answer
to specific questions [i.e. references] and
3. The need to furnish the scientists with reports on all the
work done on a given subject over a specified period of time [i.e.
exhaustive searches]
In an attempt to fulfill these effectively, the Institute of Fisheries Library shall contain only highly specialized material mostly
in reprint form.  Catering to the demand for this often inaccessible material, the library carries on an active exchange program of
scientific articles with various institutional libraries throughout
the world.  Some 35 foreign countries are presently being served
with the reprinted contributions from the Institute of Fisheries
and a good efficient liaison with leading foreign scientists now
exists.  This world exchange of scientific information is one of
the library's prime functions. As can be expected, scientific research in this field is being
carried on in all languages, particularly Russian.  In an effort to
alleviate the language barriers, the exchange and dissemination of
existing translations in the language of "need" will be used.  At
present over 7,000 card-entries representing Russian translations in
the field of marine-biology, ecology, and oceanography are being reviewed and selected for inclusion in the collection.  Extensive research and preparation of future translations will be carried out
cooperatively.  The library will work closely with such agencies as
the Clearing House for Federal Scientific and Technical Information
(CFSTI), the European Translation Centre (ETC), the National Lending
Library (NLL), the Special Libraries Association (SLA), the National
Oceanographic Data Centre (NODC), Russia's All-Union-Institute (VINITI),
the National Research Council, Canada (NRC) , and many others.  Thus,
a two-fold mission exists: to make both published and unpublished translations available and to prevent duplication of translation effort.
A housing shortage prevents material of a general nature in zoology,
marine biology, ecology, limnology, and oceanography being part of
the present collection.  These are being kept in the Woodward Library.
Only pertinent primary and secondary sources such as periodicals,
annals, indexes, abstracts, dictionaries, etc. will be in the Institute
of Fisheries Library.  Acquisitions will be handled by Woodward and
the ultimate duplication of relevant material presently in Woodward
is anticipated,
1. Plans for a new building have been completed and construction
will start in the near future.
2. Future storing of non-book materials in microfiche form is envisaged to ensure the availability of all desired material in
the Library.  This non-circulating material precludes missing
and/or unavailable material and will undoubtably same money,
time and space.
Simplicity, efficiency, effectiveness and enthusiasm are the key to
the new Institute of Fisheries Library. For further good public relations  Sedgewick has recently ordered:
THE INSULT DICTIONARY  how to be abusive in five languages.
London, Wolfe, 1966.
and NOW - on to the REAL REASON for this issue ...
" Contest general 1 implies COMPETITORS.  This year we have exactly
SEVEN - a lucky number, no doubt, but only SEVEN out of over 250?
For your convenience and the safety of the contributors we have
numbered the entries.  Our motto - VOTE BY NUMBER - J3UT VOTE ',
Write the number of your choice on a pice of paper (below) and drop
it in the
in the Staff Lounge by FRIDAY, September 9th.
Wei re counting on your vote - one per staff member - so is the
present Poetess Laureate !
 (tear ajoncj dotted I ine)
Poetry Contest :  Ballot -
No. 1
TO THE FRONT   Basil Stuart-Stubbs and Bill Bell
the Staff
For the long nights you lay awake
And pondered problems for our sake:
For your most eloquent appeals
On our behalf for better deals:
For all the pains within the head
And times you've wished that we were dead
For all you suffer, all you bear
Through good, bad, mad days every year:-
From all the staff, both new and old,
Take now this tribute to the bold.
And for the staff who read these rhymes
In bright or murky library climes,
We speak in one great dulcet voice -
"Despite all the complaints, moans, groans emitted
all year, we are working here -  it must be by choice!
To all those staff members who lived through book-buying expeditions
this year:
Upon command they rise and go
Where the golden bookstores grow;-
Where beneath a foreign sky
Many sets do anchored lie;
And watched by dealers, clutching notes,
In many a shop they hang their coats,-
In rain or sun they ventured out.
East and west they scoured about,
Seeking rich goods near and far,
Some delightful, some bizarre;-
In book jungles climbing bold
(Hope these shaky ladders hold!)
Listening close and giving ear
When the loot is seeming near. 10
Spending money left and right -
Over a million - what a sight!
Sending home the myriad prints
- Growing chaos ever since.
And when kindly falls the night
And the bars are closed up tight
To Inns they trundle those men and women
Feeling almost superhuman.
Knowing they have dispelled some gloom
From 0/P lists.  And given room
For thought at home.  "How will we cope
With all this stuff?  See what happens when given scope
To buy?"  But the writings's on the wall -
Every corner we'll fill, with joy.
A gift horse one does not annoy!
ONE STEP  FORWARD   (in  the  Reserve Book Collection)
We were  all   in   such  a  state
Because we couldn't   ventilate,
Until   those elves  from  B&G
Decided   to  end  our misery.
They  tackled  the problem with "main  and might"
Now Colonial   shutters  are  our delight.
But  please,   do  any  of you  antique   lovers
Have   spare  "early  American"   typewriter  covers?
SYSTEM (Ci rculation)
Every night we said our prayers,
And faced the SYSTEM every day.
And every day that it was good
We said, "It's in a jolly mood! "
Now that SYSTEM we have beat.
Cards and badges it will eat.
Rare its fits of jndigestion.
Beneficial?  Without question. 11
Alarm clock with its piercing shrill
Your cursed voice we'd gladly kill.
From our beds we blindly stray
To shut you up- then hit the hay.
OUR B & B LAND - or, it's great to work in UBC Library
When at your post alone you sit,
And you are very tired of it,
You have just to shut your eyes
And dream of being otherwise.
To dream of being far away -
Like in the Staff Lounge half the
Or on green, bedecked lawn out th
Where all the student bodies are,
Where the wind sings through the t'
And the sprinklers whirl with ease
To sit upon that green expanse
And challenge first place with the ant
While 'round the fountain's spray
There passes
The post-war boom -
Educated masses.
Meanwhile, back at the book factory 	
When your eyes you once again
Open, and see all things plain;
Grim white walls, and pale tiled floors,
Rows of knobs on catalogue drawers,
Many people perched on chairs,
Those heavy fire doors on the stairs,
Each a challenge when you climb,
Muttering strong phrases all the time.
And, oh me,
Another  trek  to  see
The   keypunchers  on   floor eight, _
(If  this  keeps up,   we'll   lose  some weight.) 12
And a bright spot in the day - on floors three and five
The Display Committee comes alive
With cases and murals to dispel dark patches
From halls and minds.  But look - our watches
(The clocks often differ) show "Time" - shake out the lead
Rush off home - and late to bed.
(   trad.   )
A journal?     Why yes  Sir
-No t rouble at  a 11 -
They're  all   alphabetical
Right   there   in our  file.
For   'Blood'   look under B
And  for   'Gut'   look under
'Mouse Newsletter'   - M,
Any  trouble - ask again.
Our motto around here,   Sir,   is  service with a  smi
You'll   find  anything you want,   Sir,   in  our Serials  File.
You're   looking   for   'The  Bulletin
Of the Entomological ... '
What Sir? ... Society ?
And you've been trying under B?
I cannot think how, Sir, but I quite forgot to say
We don't think that's d i st inct i ve; we prefer the other way.
So look for the Society and this time, Sir, look under E.
A-ah, yes!
'Entomological Society of America,
Bui letin'.
There  you  are!
It's  nothing  Sir;   you're welcome.      It   takes  a   little while,
But  you'll   find  that  you'll   soon,   Sir,   love  our Serials   file
The 'Acta Biologica'
That comes from Hungary?
It's not under A
And its not under B? You've   looked under
B iolog ica
Un iversitas
(Which  sounds   1ike  a group)
And  you  can't   find  a  d--n   thing wherever you
look?   Why  that's  an   insti tut ion.     We   record   it  differently.
It's not  at  all   the  same,   Sir,   as  a  society.
You  do,   follow me,   don't  you?     (   I   just  saw your  face  )
This  time you   look for  the name,   Sir,   of  the pi ace.
A_an> X£S-
'Szeged, Hungary. Tudomanyegyetem. (Founded 1940)
Acta universitatis szegediensis. Acta biologica.
Nova 'series'
Any    more  queries?
It's nothing,   Sir;   You're welcome.     It  takes  a   little while,
But  you'll   find  that  you'll   soon,   Sir,   love our Serial   File.
This one   is  Spanish
Remember what we  said?
But  first   let me ask you  Sir
Which words have you  tried?
Santi ago!
Cient i fi cas!
And  even  Caj al!
And   it  wasn't   under  any  of  them  at  all?
But   this one's governmental   -  perhaps   I   should explain  -
This  G.D.»   sort  of  thing,   Sir,    is  entered  under  Spain.
A-ah,   yes!
'Spain.     Consejo  Superior de   Investigacione
Instituto  Santiago  Ramon  y  Cajal,     Trabajos
That's  the one  for us!
It's  nothing  Sir;   you're welcome.      It   takes
But you'll   find  that  you'll   soon,   Sir,   love
a   little while,
our Serials  file.
--'  G.D.   -  Government  Document 14
This last one's Japanese?
Urn ... I have to agree
That the whole queer thing
Looks distinctive to me.
Perhaps You would leave it
I think that I'll need
a dictionary
list of letters
world atlas
'World of Learning'
and several other things beside.'
Perhaps I should warn you Sir, it may take quite aS/hile
But by ten o'clock tonight, Sir, you'll love our Serials
8  For All Ages
Listen my children and ye shall see
What does a Library mean to me?
It means those books, those endless pages
Books for students of countless ages
Books for learning, books for living,
Books for buying, books for giving.
Books in Print and books 0.P.
Books from way across the sea.
Books of wisdom, books for fun,
Books not even yet begun.
Books of histories lost in time,
Books on acting, books on mime.
Books of poems light or ponderous,
Books of fiction wild and wondrous.
Books for Teachers, Dentists, Teachers,
Books for Engineers and Preachers.
Books for any field you name,
Books to set the mind aflame.
Books on Law and books on science,
The smuggled book of brave defiance.
Books to challenge Books to plan,
The meaning for this dot called man.
And if as man does oft extol
The eyes are windows for the soul.
What better place the eyes to look
Than in the pages of a book. 15
Student assistants in Circulation were a little punchy by the last
day of Summer Session and came up with this pneumatic tube effort.
It  all   started with "Please  add  a   line  to our poem'"  -
The  day   is   fine,   our job   is   thru'
Although  you've  been   a   friendly  crew
We  hate  to   leave,   the work was   ...   fun   (?)
But   summer's  gone,   it's  all   been  done!
We've  paged  and   sorted  and   bookbinned
- We've gossipped,   chatted,   sang  and  s---ed,
- 3  weeks   reprieve,   oh  aren't we gay!
Oh   fabrious  day,   calou,   callay.
Downstairs  they gasped   in  disbelief
When   through   the  tube we  cried,   "Relief!!   "
The coffee  breaks we grabbed   in  haste,
The  pencils,   stamps  and   ink and  PASTE!
- And while we're at  the  bin  -  cavorting
Pat yells out,  "You   should  be  sorting!  "
The University   Patrol   has   found many  doors  unlocked
and windows open   recently.     Before  you   leave work,
batten  down   the nearest  hatch   !
There  once was  a  very   fine  camel,
Who   lived  free  of  trouble  an  trammel; ,
But   as  he  grew old /tfX<
He  suffered   from  cold, Clc^\
So he  painted  himself with  enamel.
A  cheerful   old  bear  at  the  zoo
Could  always   find   something to  do.
When   it   bored  him,   you   know,
To walk  to  and   fro.
He   reversed   it   and walked   fro  and   to,
fa ' 10
Jeweled spray, shiver cold,
Upward singing,
Outward f1inging
Rainbow water.  Lustre laden
Like a nymph, a diamond maiden,
How the fountain for our pleasure
fcatters drops in
Crystal measure.
Snowy fresh, as ice pellucid,
Brittle sparkle, frosty tingle
Lovely fountain, how it showers
Dewy seeds of
Water flowers.
How the moisture
Gleams and trembles,
Falters, 1iqu id
I rridescent,
Then assembles, opalescent
Bubble-foam, and glassy shimmer.
Leaping, tossing
Water-gl immer. ■*•
I .
Buddha-still I sit, apart.  And watch beyond my window's edge
Insistent monotone of snow consume the meadows, trees and hedge.
By white and crystal magic now, serene and still, I'm one with space;
I merge into a realm of bliss, an inner land of silver lace.
I feel a pulse of whiteness move, across my heart, across my eyes.
My brow is lambent, an open door.  So enters Beauty golden-wise.
The snow falls rhythmic, flake on flake; each as I gaze blows soft apart.
Each is effulgent, each is ripe and holds an angel in its heart.
Till what was snow in rainbow drifts, by sheer abstraction rendered plain
Partakes of stars and moon and mists.  And I behold the Angel-rain!
Diamond crystals flash in snow over the while world meadows now,
And Shining-Ones, like petal drifts from some remote celestial bough,
Float as dreams.  Or are they dreams?  Lyric music in their flow,
Downward the angels, beautiful, as lamps among the snow.
Echoes of Silence
The air is painted white;
Silent rain of the sky:
Fal1ing, Fal1ing
To the joy of endless night.
Spli t   the  night;
A  sound of breath:
Crying,   Crying
To  the joy of  endless  night,
Heart  of  Oaken Ages;
A   Iimb of  God:
Lost,   Lost
To  dawn's misty   sorrow. 13
The fields are full of flowers and the skies are
very blue
In the silence of the library I wait, my love,
for you.
The cool green woods are sunny and the errant
air is gay
With the scent of rose and honey.  Will you come
to me today?
From  art  books  set  before me  smile   lovers,  many
a pai r.
"Oh take this rose and love me! " She has twined
it in her hai r.
He advances, she retreating, pursues and holds
her fast.
The artist left them meeting, in a close embrace
at last.
Through centuries together, on the painted page
they 1ie
In the glow of golden weather and the endless
azure sky.
Oh, that we who have for pleasure so short and
scant a stay
Should waste our precious leisure.  Will you come
to me today?
Little life has got to offer and little man to
Since today Fate designs to offer, oh why must
you refuse?
Why spend these transient hours in the dusky library gloom
While the fields are full of flowers and the
cherry trees abloom.
And if Fate remembers later and comes to claim
her due
What sorrow would be greater than the joy I had
with you?
For today, lit by your laughter, between the
crushing years
I will chance in the hereafte
e r ,    ueLween    Liie
..   , *&
ir eternities of JM? .<
* #"^'$
* 19
There was a young   lassie named  Kate,
Who went   to  the   ice-rink to  skate
But  her  friends  for a game
Quickly gave  her the name
of Niagara -  her "falls"  were  so great'.
Said a tourist when faced by a puma,
"I've been told that it's best to assuma
Complete lack of fear
While the animal's near,
And trust to the beast's sense of huma! "
An inventor who came from Havana,
Invented a startling piana,
It played any tune,
Howled like cats at the moon,
And danced in a curious manna.
In the Library
After midn ight
Only air conditioning
Compla ins. THE 1965/66 END
Isabel Godefroy
Nick Omelusik
Acqui si tions
Bep Wu rm
Acqu isi t ions
Robin Wi11iams
Linda Kwong
Asian Studies
John Johnston
i, 1 culat ion
Linda Hansen
Woodwa rd
Bob Frew
Mining & Metallurgy Print Shop


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