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A few notes from the Reference Meeting held Nov. 4th, 1965.
1. The Map Room is open until 5 p.m. on Saturdays.
2. Location of atlases.
Divisions should have duplicates of certain maps and
atlases, but where only a single copy is available
and cannot be duplicated, it should be in the Map Room,
3. Miss Ng, Asian Studies, has asked if a Personnel
Manual could be compiled to answer questions from
staff concerning amount of sick leave, extra time for
night work, etc.
(Mr. Bell reminded us that there are two handbooks
covering this type of information - The Faculty Handbook and supp, for professional staff and faculty
(available at the Payroll Office) and the Handbook
for University Staff which staff members receive from
Personnel when hired.  Because these are subject to
frequent revision, Mr. Bell feels that it is better
to refer to them rather than compile another here.) From the November issue of the UNIVERSITY GAZETTE .
Branch Libraries and Reading Rooms.  Summary,
To ensure proper administration and orderly development of
our library system the following policies have been formulated
by the Senate Library Committee and approved by the Senate.
Branch Libraries
Major collections located outside the Main Library, available
to the whole University community and under the supervision of the
University Librarian.
1, Material in several related subject areas and, in general,
not duplicated in the Main Library.
2, Serves the needs of specific faculties and departments,
but as an extension of the Main Library; also gives service to any
member of the university.
3, Staff. At least one professional librarian and other
clerical or student help as needed, appointed by and responsible
to the University Librarian.
4, Hours. Approximately the same as the Main Library.
5, To have complete catalogues for their collections, and
to follow the established university library procedures in the
organization and administration of the collection.
6, Establishment.  Upon the recommendation of the University
Librarian and the Senate Library Committee in consultation with
the academic deans concerned and with the approval of the President,
Will consider:
1, The extent of the teaching, grad and research
programs involved,
2, Nature of collection and numbers making use of it,
3, Suitable location and quarters.
4, Money available for staff, books and catalogue. Reading Rooms
Provide departments with a small collection, suitable reading space and certain minimum library facilities.
1. Restricted in size.  Reference and heavily used material
most of which is duplicated in the Main Library.
2. Maintained for the benefit of a particular department,
but as University property, available to al1 its members.
Bought from library, departmental, or research funds.
3. Staff. Departmental secretaries, clericals and student
assistants working under the supervision of the department concerned and in co-operation with the Library when required.
4. Hours. During session, as a minimum, the normal office
hours of the University,
5. Catalogue.  Author only.
6. Establishment.  Department head to take proposal to
faculty Dean who will investigate suitable location with Dean
of Inter-faculty Affairs.  If provided, proposal then sent to
University Librarian as secretary of the Senate Library
Committee.  If approved by Senate Library Committee, Librarian
will request money to establish the reading room in his annual
budget presentation,
7. Unlike the Branch Libraries, supplies, equipment, and
capital development costs are the responsibility of the department concerned.
No more private book orders are to be placed through
Acqu i si t ions.
Minor Book Moves.  A sign in the stacks will say Book
Move in Operation.  If you are at a gap and a loss, look a
few ranges further on.  If still no luck, see Circulation,
Pat O'Rourke, New appointments
In Acquisitions
Diana Fraser Library Assistant        Oct. 25th
In Cataloguing
Lorna Goossen Clerk 11 Oct. 20th
Dawne Joel Clerk I Nov. 15th
Susan Glfford Sr. Lib. Asst. Nov. 25th
Lena Grunig Lib. Asst. from Circ.
to Cat. Nov. 25th
In CIrculation
Evenly Roth Sr. Lib. Asst. Nov. 1st
Robert Tudge Stack Attendant Oct. 25th
Nola Blackwood Cataloguing Nov. 12th
Helen Goetz Cataloguing Oct, 19th
Kay Fukuzawa Cataloguing Nov. 19th
Larry Green B.M.B. Nov. 30th
Kay Johnstone Gov. Pubs, Oct. 25th
Sonja Sanguinetti Acquisitions Dec. 3rd
Marina Dos Santos Acquisitions Nov. 30th
Jean Ball Cataloguing Nov. 26th
Congratulations to
Bep Van Beek, Circulation, Married Oct. 30th and now Mrs. Wurm.
Lynne Scott, Front Office. Married Nov. 13th and now Mrs. Maclver.
Adrienne Flook, Cataloguing. Married Nov. 13th and now Mrs. Clark.
Genia Davidluk, Circulation (RBC) and her new baby girl, Siglinde.
Janet Yuan, Gifts and Exchanges, and her new baby girl, Yvonne
Veronica. The New Kardex - CONTINUATION - File in Acquisitions
What is it?
It is a record on Kardex-type cards showing all continuations on order or regularly coming as gifts, through the
Acquisitions Department.
Why is it?
Since Acquisitions buys books and Serials buys periodicals
why should Acquisitions need a Continuation File?  This sounds
like a logical question, but, alas, publishers are not logical.
They insist on producing books in series, and annual reports
which look like independent books.  Also, authors having a taste
of high living off royalty cheques - if the book sells at all -
and soon being poor again seek a second royalty cheque by producing volume 2, and then volume 3...Librarians have an aversion to the incomplete and so they seek a means of automatically acquiring future volumes.  But why keep such orders in
a separate file rather than in the Order file?  Because, (all
orthodox librarians brace yourselves) the 3x5 cards in the
Main Order File are too small to record very many volumes.
What is in the file?
A continuation is any order which cannot be completed in
one shipment because part of it is not yet published.  In some
cases, it may take years (not months - years) to complete the
set, and in some cases, no end is planned.  Specifically, this
means monographic series, annuals, sets in progress (including
the results of scientific expeditions) and a few irregular
series which are not really journals because they come at infrequent intervals.  i.e. every two or three years.  Acquisitions does not (knowingly) place  in this file the type of
material which Serials should handle - that is, as you know
(don't you?), series which are irregular but frequent, which
are published regularly and more frequently than annually,
and series which, though published irregularly, have regular
volumes and part numbering.
Continued on page 8 itftf
i..   rt
■•VIA]    r:a=. I 1
f e^r=l!
The true university of these days is a collection of books
B and S-B bought nearly a quarter of a million $$$ worth over seas.  Acq. staff were stunned, but are carrying on bravely. What is not in the file?
The file is not a record of holdings, nor a binding record -
not any more.  Go to the Shelf List for the holdings, and there
also you will find the location of unbound holdings. The file
in Acquisitions tells what is on order, how much of it has been
received, who it came from, where Acquisitions is to send it,
and who pays for it.  It is the history of the Order not the Title.
Since the word Kardex is synonymous with Serials Division,
our file has been given another name to avoid confusion.  We,
in Acquisitions, call it THE CONTINUATION FILE.
Rita Butterfield
News from the Fine Arts Gallery
A fifteen year retrospective of paintings and sculpture by
the Canadian artist, James A. S. Macdonald, is on view in the
Fine Arts Gallery from November 18 - Dec. 4,  To some, his recent
works suggest "starkness", "loneliness", "intensifying silence",
and the "Quality of illumination".  Three of his paintings are
displayed in the Fine Arts Division of the Library.
From Special Collections
The Special Collections Division has recently acquired the
Lewis Carroll Collection, a gift to the University from the
graduating class of 1925.  It boasts over 400 items of various
editions, translations, and stage and screen versions of Alice,
other Lewis Carroll works, parodies and imitations, and works
about Carroll and his illustrators.
ND 2866    Cory, H
T3 C6       Wal1-peintings by snake charmers in
Tanganyika.  London, Faber, 1964.
How I painted a wall after being
bitten by a snake in Tanganyika. 9
Well,   it's that wonderful   time of year again - pre-Christmas
sales,  Christmas cards -  the happy good-will  atmosphere pervades
any crowded department store you care to fight your way into.
However, we in the Library have so much to be thankful for.
Acquisitions is just one of the thankful divisions,
A thank you note to Santa Bas' and all the other B's
A coat and brolly stand gee whizz, you sure know how to please
As a Christmas present it's a gas, yes really quite a jive
But fellers is it late for sixty four or early sixty five?
Your obedient servants
Acquisitions Dept.
They are so thankful that, with renewed faith, they are (poor
fools) prepared to try again.
Dear Santa, harken to our plea
From the Acquisitions fraternity.
Just send your expert engineer
to straighten up our atmosphere.
Sometimes we sit with frozen toes;
Knees to knees and nose to nose.
At other times we drip and droop -
A very hot and sweaty group.
There are gales like banshees on the stair
But not a breath disturbs the air.
So call your "elves" from B & G
Get them, Santa, to agree.
In Summer cool that air vent breeze.
In Winter warm, not toast us please.
Pat (the rat) LaVac 10
And Dear Santa Basil
How about a Christmas staff draw for an all-expenses-
paid trip to Hawaii to make a detailed study of the effects of
the sun, sand, and surf on the reading habits of Hawaiian
University students and faculty.
Much obiiged,
Your obsequious and subservient
Yes,   Virginia,   librarianship can  be a very   rewarding experience
The  following was   received  from a student   in   India.
Miss Ji1ly Buttery,
Junior Librarian,   Science Division,
University Library,
University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, B. C,, Canada
Dear Miss Jill Buttery,
I got your address through one of the Bulletins of the
University of British Columbia,  It is a matter of chance
that I selected you among others to help me in solving some
of my difficulties.  Be sure I want to be friendly with you
and for the sake of this friendship I seek your help.  I
hope that you will not disappoint me.
I must let you know that I did my M. Sc. in Zoology
last year and secure first division,  1 specialized in
Fisheries...since a great deal of work,,.on amino acid
make up of fresh water fishes..,is being done at your
university I would require some of the reprints dealing
with above said topics.
In the meantime I would like to have an application
form for the admission in Ph.D..,Frankly speaking to you
that I am very much interested in studying in Canada, I
hope that you will do the needful.
Please be friendly in dealing with all these matters.
If you do have any of the hobbies in which I can help you
please do write me.  For the sake of your convenience I may
tell you that being a almost student still I used to collect
stamps.  I am also very much interested in Photography.
Extremely sorry for the trouble you bear for me.
If I am of any service to you please do write me.
Thank you very much.
Sincerely your boyfriend, 12
~p ^oo p«
Don't forget the Biblos Box blushing shyly
beside the big coffee urn in the Staff lounge,
You can't miss it!  Next Biblos deadline -
high noon, Friday, Dec. 17th,  If you don't
feel inspired, bills of any denomination will
be cheerfully accepted for the Biblos Staff
Christmas Cheer Fund.


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