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 V.'l, no. ^ of the U.B.C. Library Staff Newsletter July I965
IBLOS wants your life.
ommencing with this issue, we will be printing as many "bio-
raphies" as we can get our grubby little hands on.  This is a
hance for you to learn something about people who work in the
ame department of the University and whom you don't see every
ay. Many people here have travelled, have interesting back-
rounds, and are doing Interesting things now.  Of course, there
re many who content themselves with beating their husbands, Any-
ay there are some interesting people tucked away in the library,
nd we mean to ferret them out.  Our skilled legmen are donning
heir legs afcthis very moment.
ow you probably think that nobody would be interested in your
ife story, because you're bored with it yourself.  But remember
hat you have heard It a great many times, and that the cheerful,
ngratiating BIBLOS reporter to whom you spill your guts is quite
111 1ng to slip a few lies into your story.  Do you suppose that
he pioneering subjects of this months biographies are half so
lamoUrous as we make them sound?  No, they're just miserable
ittle wretches who forget their umbrellas, exactly like you,
ut we've found out silly little things about them that can be
ade to seem big and exciting,
nd you can always sue us. We won't really feel we've made the
Ig scandal-sheet leagues until that happens. And you'd get a
ouple of days off work to go to court. And that's not to be
neezed at. Hildegard Spaulding graduated as an M.D,, from the University of
California in 1932, and began general practice.  She gave her mornings to patients at the University of California Psychiatric Clinic
In San Francisco, where she did part of her work with Dr, Hermann
Adler of Boston Psychopathic Hospital, This psychiatrist (not to be
confused with Alfred Adler) is perhaps best remembered for his role in
the establishment of the Institute for Juvenile Research in Chicago
in 1922, after the Leopold and Loeb case had shocked that city. With
his encouragement she went east to study and came back to California
with a psychiatric degree from the Worcester State Hospital in
Upon her return she bagan private practice devoted entirely to psychiatry, and organized and worked in the psychiatric clinic of the
State Relief Administration.  In 1938 she married Dr. Gordon
Spaulding and in 1939 moved to Stockton, California where he taught
at the local college, She opened a private practice there. With
the birth of their son, Stephen, in 1940, and their daughter, Amy,
1944, Hildegard restricted the hours of her practice in order to devote more time to rearing her family.  In 1946, when her husband was
appointed to the Dept. of English at U.B.C., she retired entirely
from practice.
Her interest in the history of medicine was first Caroused by Dr.
Chauncey Leake in 1927. He managed to bring into his lectures on
Pharmacology a great deal of the history of pharmacology and
medicine which had been his love during his own undergraduate days.
In 1929 when Dr. Leake was named Director of the Medical School
Library at U.C.S.F., he employed Hildegard, still a student, to be
his night librarian.
In 1964, with her son in third year medicine at McGill and her
daughter at University in Oregon, Hildegard found she had the time
to return to her interest in medical history, and applied for work
in the biomedical library at U.B.C.  It was not until after she
had been given the job that she found she had come full circle -
she was to spend most of her time working in the History of Medicine and Science Collection, the core of which had been purchased
from the Leake Collection in California. PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST
"I'm a do-it-yourself fiend", said Evelyn Roth, striding purposefully through the Circulation Division, an area which has
begun to flower into vivid colour since her arrival there from
"Those IBM things are useless", she cried, waving a sun-bronzed
arm at the row of machines glowering against the rear wall.
"They'll never punch me out of a job - I'll punch them out
Evelyn was born in Mundar^,Alberta, and began her library career
in an Edmonton bookmobile.  She's been at UBC for five years,
and likes most of what we have to offer - skiing, the beach,
"fencing with the UBC tennis club", and modern dance, which she
has been involved with for nine years.
She gave this reporter her recipe for "bortsch" - "the way
mother makes it", and I will only reveal that part of the secret is to use plenty of dill weed. Along with such creations
as her bortsch, mobiles, hall displays, and the fantastic
clothes which she sews for others as well as for herself,
Evelyn has a continuous raft of kittens to give away, offspring
of two cats which she supervises carefully - "to make sure they
don't get involved with the wrong kind of torn."
Her present ambitions?  She'd like to study modern dance in New
York, but more immediately "I want to develop a Miss Mercer
voice - so I can be heard over that Blank-blank IBM punch-card
"If it's not here, and it's not there, then it's in the stacks." -4-
Igor Stravinsky may have been a
cultural and financial success to
Vancouver's Festival, but to several irate students on the Library's lawn he was a "CRASHING"
bore, Doug Kaye, chief programmer
for the noontime concerts, concluded Stravinsky was not a favourite after a singularly disgruntled chap disconnected the
speaker 4 times during a playing
of the composer's "Le Sacre du
Printemps" -- the Rite of Spring,
S&) ttAVe Nb R^elL GUIDING
by Helen Constable (Science Div.)
This year, beginning with the Winter Session, KNOW YOUR LIBRARY
will be replaced by a number of leaflets, each printed in a
different colour, giving information on the following public
services divi sion:
Fine Arts Room
Social Sciences Division
Humanities Division
Science Division
Special Collections
Government publications and microprint
Asian Studies
Map Room
Sedgewick Library
Curriculum Laboratory
Woodward Biomedical Library
General Information
Main Card Catalogue
(We hope the technical services divisions won't feel slighted,
or that they will balance the hurt against the labour of producing a library guide and feel they are up on the deal.)  Each
guide will consist of a folded 8^ x 11 inch sheet, headed THE
crest and the name of the division will run down the right-
hand margin.  Samples may be seen in the Science Division,
There has been an attempt at standardizing the format of the
front page, but otherwise the needs of each division helve
dictated layout and content.  In most cases there will be a
floorplan on the back,
A library guide cannot be all things to all men; ours will be
directed towards the newcomer and will attempt to convey the
essentials of library use in simple non-technical language.
A considerable effort is required by the experienced library
user to visualize the problems of the novice.  One cannot hope
to cover, or even imagine, all the methods by which a student -6-
stalks information; we hope we have outlined the more basic and
orthodox. We have taken what we feel is the student's specific
approach to the mountain of knowledge, "How do I find,,,,?",
rather than the librarian's organizational approach, "Here be.,.1
(not dragons, we hope). This winter will probably point up many
omissions and it would be helpful if the library staff would maki
notes of these,  I am expecting one omission, on the basis of
Summer School experience: the neglect of the student to read the
guide. However, we must still work on the assumption of visual
learning and lineal thought processions, and curb our impulses
to add tactile stimulation to our present media of communication,
Mrs, Robinson is our new custodian of the coffee cups. Be-
ginoiinig Monday, August 2nd, coffee (yes, real coffee) will be
served at 10c per cup in the staff lounge. Donuts, cinnamon
buns aimd cookies will also be available. As the staff increases
in size, seating space becomes more limited; therefore staff
are respested to abide by the regulations that the lounge is
for the use of full-time staff members only.
Staff are expected to wash their own dirty dishes and to be
tlcfy m a normal Western civilized way, when the staff room
attendant is not there.
Qfaygqiuis implications
Fran Toronto comes the news that Leonard Freiser, Librarian of
the Toronto Education Centre Library, is being seed personally
'by a publisher for copyright infringement. What is at issue is
tihe use of Xerox machines for the production of copies of
printed materials for educational purposes. The outcome of this
Tre*4_case has obvious implications for us. -7-
August 2
to August 6
Classical Symphony op, 25
Lieutenant Kije Suite op, 60
Suite from 'The Love of Three Oranges'
Pines of Rome
Concerto for organ and orchestra
in C
Sinfonia Concertante for violin,
eello, oboe,
bassoon and orchestra
Fountains of Rome
Strauss% R
Don Quixote
2 Flute Concert!
Concerto for piano and orchestra
no, 1 Eb
Concerto for piano and orchestra
no. 2 A
Concerti Armonici nos, 5 and 6
Concerto no. 5 for piano and orchestra
March in Homage to Ludwig I I of Bavaria
Funeral Symphony in Memory of Carl
Maria von Weber
August 9 to August 13
Grand Duo for piano, 4 hi|nds op, 140
Overture for wind music
Funeral March -8-
Scftumann,  R.
Serenade #10 for wind instruments Bb K.36I
Andante and Variations op. 35 for 2 pianos
Rondo in C op. 73 for 2 pianos
Concerto for violin and orchestra E minor
Sinfottia Pastorale for violin and strings
Danse Macabre op. 40
Quintet in A op. 81 for piano and strings
0_uartettsatz in C minor D.703
Jeux d'Enfants
Le Rouet d'Omphale op. 31
Quartet for piano and strings in Eb op. 47
6 Hungarian Rhapsodies
August 13 to August 17
" Raw
pach^ J.S.
String Quartet
String Ojjartet
Symphony no.  5 op. 47
Bacchus et Ariane op, 43
Suite no. 2
Concerto Grosso op. 6 #8
Three Chorales
Toy symphony
Pastoral Concerto op. 8 #6
Concerto for piano and orchestra Bb op. 16
Fantasia for a Courtier
Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra
2 Romances for Violin and Orchestra -9-
Rossini       4 Wind Quartets
Mendelssohn   Concerto for violin and orchestra Eminor op, 64
Summer Session exhibition:    (to August 20th)
"Art in British Columbia; heritage and promise"
This exhibit is "a glance at the development of art in this province from the time of the prehistoric Indians up to the avant-
garde productions of 1965".
While there, be sure to pick up the catalogue of exhibits and
William S. Hart's excellent notes on "Art in British Columbia;
heritage and promise".  (Beware the WET PAINT)
A goodly number (large anyway) of U.B.C. librarians attended the Canadian Library Association Conference in Toronto during the last
week of June.  Any official statement from the
group, as a whole, could probably be stated
briefly as "a sociable time was had by all".
AND HERE SHE IS   The last (but not least) of Pat's top 6
beauteous U.B.C. Library females.  Sue Keevil, of Special .
Collections known also by those "husky tones" brings to a
close a very popular and close contest.  However, Pat has
threatened a follow-up, and in poetic language too, of
"Why I chose these 6 gorgeous gals". V -lo-
by Maureen Wilson
(Map Room)
During June, I took a combined business and holiday trip to Eastern
Canada and the United States, attending the Special Libraries conference and visiting map libraries in several places.
The first stop was Chicago, where I immediately took off for the
University of Illinois in Urbana, They have a combined geography
and map library, which is very well organized and wel1 used,
though as the librarian was the first to admit, in very crampe#
and inadequate quarters.
Next stop was the Conference in Philadelphia, which gave me the
opportunity to see how maps were made as we visited several map
producing agencies, and also to meet other map librarians who were
a very vocal, enthusiastic and friendly bunch.
After this, I went down to Washington, D„C, for a tour of the
Library of Congress Map Library, They are obviously very used to
visitors and knew exactly what questions they are likely to ask.
It is a vast place with rows and rows of map cases on several
stack levels, The library is a depository for maps published by
the U.S. federal government and receives large quantities of maps
from all over the world on an exchange basis and besides have a
huge collection of maps of U.S. cities and states and, of course,
many historical collections.
From Washington to Toronto, where the Geography Dept, and University have combined their map collections. They are housed in a
basement room which is, nevertheless, large and well lit and very
pleasant to work in.  It is placed next to the Geography Dept, in
the Arts Building, Their librarian is working out a cataloguing
and classification scheme for the collection.
In Ottawa I visited two 1ibraries, one in the Geographical Branch
of the Dept. of Mines and the other in the Public Archives. The
Geographical Branch is in the process of being divided into two. -11-
The topographical maps are being sent to form the nucleus of
the National Map Library, which will form part of the National
Library of Canada, and the thematic maps will remain with the
Branch. The Public Archives Map Library is a fascinating
collection of maps mostly historical, and like the Library of
Congress, acts as a national map reference library.  It is
part of the National Library also, and will gather work in -
conjunction with the National Map Library.
It is very interesting to find that on the subjects of housing
and cataloguing of mapSj no two librarians think alike. Vertical versus horizontal filing is the burning question and map
filing and classification schemes abound. Opinion is also very
much divided on the subject of descriptive cataloguing and
cataloguing on a predesigned form,
I found the chief value of the trip was seeing the different
types of map filing equipment used and listening to seasoned
map librarians expound their theories.
Library Staff Comings and Goings
Eleanor Hoeg, at the end of August, resigns from her most
recent position as head of the Sedgewick Library, after a
U.B.C. Library association of many years. The Library
staff wishes her well.
More losses include:
Brenda Premuzic Woodward July 20th
Colleen Frederiksen Acquisitions July 9th
Vernon Smith Circulation August 1st -12-
Elaine Holmes     Circulation July 30th
Marjorie Howel 1   ■   n  - August 20th
Vera Traff       Xerox expert August 20th
Leo Cull en       Serials July 30th
Jeannette Fish    Law July 30th
BIBLOS adds a special farewel1 to Jeannette Fish and Vera Traff.
Jeannette served most admirably as BIBLOS art critic while Vera
helpfully whipped off little BIBLOS "things" on the XEROX with a
minimum of notice.
Serials welcomes
Joan Cossar Clerk I July 2nd
Margaret Wallace Library Assistant July 2nd
Joyce Tanino Clerk I July 2nd
Cataloguing welcomes
Bonnie Collins Clerk I June 21st
Dorothy Johnston Clerk I July 5th
Bertha Kleinhenn Clerk II' " July 2nd
Circulation welcomes
Gail Mullin Clerk I July 2nd
Cherryl Slater Clerk i July 2nd
Ursula White Clerk II July 8th
Acquisitions acquired
Vivienne Cable Clerk i July 2nd
Kay Nishimura Clerk I July 8th
Natalie Smortchovsky Clerk 1 July 2nd
Woodward gained
Margaret Parker Clerk I June 25th
While BMB gained
Sandra Tanigami Library Assistant July 2nd ■13-
\nd then some transferred
;o11een Copithorne shifted from Woodward to a Clerk II in
\cqu isi tions.
»at O'Rourke, the man in the uniform and noted beauty critic,
ias now become Stack Attendant in Circulation as of August 1.
/ith the resignation of Eleanor Hoeg at the end of August,
:he position of Head of Sedgewick Library becomes vacant,
.ibrarians are invited to apply for the position. Applications
ihould be put in writing to Bill Bell.
lot for Circulat ion
lo you feel tired, upset, peculiar?  Circulation may have
he answer.  If so, you may have mistaken a vial of birth
ontrol pills for aspirins or tranquilizers, A student left
he vial, now empty, in the downstairs washroom.  Please be
areful - OR maybe you don't have to now.
Dsh abstracts
DSH abstracts
O -14-
BIBLOS (thank God) has 2 more entries in its poetry contest.
We hated to flip a coin to pick the winner and now, with the
added poetic offerings, we can offer a judicial decision.
This we shall do - next month. Thanks to Brett Osborne,
Serials Division, for the contest poster masterpiece- which
obviously stirred more people to think about the contest anyway.
"Black boxes": or, Data Processing System
1030 form record circulation control.
An A box connects to a B box,
And a B box can connect to an A box.
The boxes all connect to a card punch.
0, don't give up, there's more.
The A's are 1031 types,
And the B's are 1031 types,
The card punch a 1034 type,
0, don't say die, there's more.
Two-wire cable for A type,
Thirty-two for B type,
(Let's all check our blood type)—-
Everybody take a coffee break - the next half
is much less complicated.
Kathy Ward
elp!  the library's going mad.  There's money in the pot,
oil the orders, hire more staff, spend the bllnkin' lot.
ail room, cartons on the floor, wagons piled on high, customs
howling on the phone, see our Julius fly.
cquisitions, requisitions, search the titles fast.  Push the
Profs, and prod the Depts. and let the orders
ontinuations, circulation, cataloguing Gotti Whose the vendor?
What's the entry? Which fund pays the shot?
ake hay you miscellaneous divs,, we're really in the chips.
Mac is watching manpower, and Melva's watching BIPs.
nvoices and credit notes and filing piled on high.  Budget
slips and order cards and funds to verify,
etter to a vendor, spend ten thousand there - please spare a
little something to circulate the air,
3ad the booktrucks, push unbounds, Fryer's in a fog. Who cares
if Gerry's understaffed, we've always got s
dministration, what a howl, Audre on her knees, "Where's the
Loan Desk?" "What's a file?"  Information
UTSi What's the cause and reason for this hectic atmosphere?
Well read the letters down the page and
(weep a bitter tear)
Pat (the rat) LaVac "If it-*s ANOTHER false alarm,. I think I'll let the hoy's browse through the books I


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