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UBC Publications

Biblos 1972-11

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 ;:2VV -VEi_bV
I z<
'.— ±±.ZS\-
I. I
„ ■-.,. if**". '-.'■: '   'A •:-■(■
1   ;^.LiU^L.fei
*_ u>
Biblos is once again sponsoring this Annual
event and invites you to participate.
WEDNESDAY December 20  1972.
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Everyone participates and everyone enjoys.  Bring yoi
favourite food and donate it to the general table of
During the day prizes, donated by division heads and
other generous people, will be drawn-for-free.  Every
staff member whether in Main, branches, hourly, has a
chance to win so plan to be around.
The Biblos staff will be on hand from 8:30 on that day
to receive contributions.
Lists will be circulating throughout the divisions for
you to note your offerings.  If you want to know more
about how it works ask any staff member that was there
last year.
Anyone with national and/or culinary talents please contribute your specialty.
Branches staff do drop in during the day - we so seldom
see you - and this is the time for visiting.
1972 A Hearty Welcome To:
Terry Lymer
Judy Shaw
Vivian James
Dwayne Lunden
Laura Brechin
Clerk I
L.A. I
St. Att.
Reading Rooms
Congratulations To:
Elizabeth Taylor
Christine Patmore
Susanne Lester
Ruth Rowland
Debbie Ball
Maxine Williams
Dinie Hunt
LA III Sedge.
Clerk I Acq.
LA II Sedge.
LA II Record
LA I Sedge
LA I Cat. Prep.
LA III Gov. Pub.
LA IV Sedgewick
Clerk III Acq.
LA III Sedge.
LA III Sedge.
LA II Sedge
LA II Cat. Prep.
LA IV Science
A Fond Farewell To:
Monica Lomow
David Philley
Kathy Farnan
Brian Taylor
Elizabeth Leclerc
Glenna Lunde
Vi il ; ,
/ /A,      /
i \
St. Att.
Reading Rooms
St. Att.
0             fa
',". Tttf"!J
19" screen
Less than a year old
asking $75
\-~~  _=."--   -="
Phone Lynne
hm           I'i'J
^  .fe.        ip>.
Approximately six feet tall by five feet wide,
Solid weaving, natural colour
Great room dividers!
Western Canada Chapter meeting - Winnipeg, September 28/29, 1972
The "v'ostern Canada Chapter of ASIS this year chose Rinnippr
for its annual meeting - the fourth since the Chapter was established in 1969.
As its name implies, the Resiern Canada. Chapter consi;
of a group of librarians, conputor specia
etc., all of vliom live in the prairie provinces or British
Columbia, and like to keep up to date on the latest developments
in information science und librarv automation.
Naturally computer systems (and what they
for us) took up considerable (but by no moans al
two-day programme, which ranged from papers on v
applications to a talk about the (Utopian?) drea
lishment of a, "World Brain" as envisaged, by K,G,
whole the papers wore of high quality. The atten
and this year included, a number of "Lnsternors"
the National .Science Librari
)r. Jack
the group remained small enough (between 5
0 and
involvement and the establishment of use
of views. As Peter SimwonSj this
more than half of those who attended had cont,r"il
programme or participated in some way in getting
can or
1) spac<
ery spec
n of th*
dance vt
At the :
60) for
& c t s rru
, points
uted to
cannot do
on the
)n  the
out j
The UBC participants were: Gerry Dobbin (■
Piternick (library School), Peter Simmons (Libr;
MacDonald (Co-ordinator of Technical Services),
(Systems) and Rein Brongers (Science Division).
'i-u n e
Don Ren::is
The meetings were held in the Port Garry Hotel, one of the
old "railway castles" wbich provided a pleasant and cowfortahle
backdrop. As for Winnipeg itself, in. rain and wind it offered
very little to write home, or to Biblos, about.
i-em isronngrs 4-
News  from the Library Assistants Association.
A very social and profitable month for the L.A.A.'s PENNY
POWER PROJECT.     As  everyone should know by now the library staff
elected to buy books  for the Refugees  of the World as their International Book Year project and the Library Assistants Association volunteered to handle the program.
The TAG DAY held on Monday the  2oth of November raised considerably more interest in the project than had previously been
generated.     The  Cans  in the various  divisions  and branches
seen to be a lot heavier.     We must take this  opportunity to thank
all those who contributed time and money to the project so far,and
especially to Mr.   Hamilton of the Library Administration who donated the beautiful orchids     for sale  in the Main  Library staff room.
Needless to say every gorgeous blossom was sold and the fantastic
sum of   $110 was  added to the  fund.
The TUPPERWARE PARTY which was  held on Tuesday the  lHh  of
November at the home  of Pat  LaVac  also produced very high sales
both from those present and from those who sent in orders through
the various  representatives.    Total sale came to well over   ^2oo.oo
and the Association can add 15% of that to the  fund to Buy Books
for Refugees.     We again thank all those who helped push the sales
so high.  - Carol-Ann's  chocolate cake was  delicious.
The CPAir tour on Tuesday November 7 attracted 28 interested
people who all agreed that they spent a most enthralling and informative  3 hours.    The tour was topped off by refreshments in the
very attractive  staff lounge.
The  TOUR booked for December is   of the   SCOTT PAPER MILLS,   foot
of pth Avenue,New Westminster.     Don't  forget the  date, Wednesday
December 6.  If you wish to attend phone Gwen Gregory  Map Department
2231 or Claudia Chew 230*1.     If you would like to attend arid do not
have transportation phone Gwen and she will try and arrange  a ride.
Sorry no children under Ik and a limit of 25.    Book now so as not
to be  disappointed.
THE  CHINATOWN TOUR is booked for Friday l6th March and of course
includes that 10 course meal.     Price  5-00.     Details later. 5
THE BOWLING LEAGUE.    The winning team for the  first Quarter of
1972/73 year is to be announced next week and the members  of the
league are looking forward to the Christmas Party on Monday Decmbei
l8th.  Anyone who would like to join us in an evening fun bowling
and "refreshments" phone Pat Hutchinson  3310.
LIBRARY Assistants Association Annual Wine  (beer) and Cheese
party will be held Saturday,   February 19.     Tickets will go on sale
after Christmas.
Don't   forgei? to take  a look at the  samples  of the  I.B.M.
Christmas Wreaths in the staff room Main Library and put in your
order early to avoid disappointment.     All proceeds to the PENNY
POWER PROJECT. Orders to Claudia Chew 230^ or Gwen Gregor 2231
NEXT RAP MEETING.    Thursday-   November 30th    8 p.m.     3519 West
lUth Ave.     SPECIAL GUEST Mr.   Ole Johnson  C.U.P.E.   representative.
Any questions regarding Unions bring them along.     Refreshments
will be served.
The Ghost  of Snow
A ghost
at winter's edge
poking frosty nails across the autumn sky
to slice
fragments of bright red fossils
orange brown waf6rs
that weave
We catch our steamy breathe
and glazed eyes
through crystal atoms.
Joan Stuchner 6
1. Wash metal cans, remove other end and flatten them.  Cans are
one of the best items to re-cycle because they are a nonrenewable natural resource.
2. Keep all bottles, e.g. catsup, mayonnaise, and sell them
yourself to Dominion Glass, 6850 20th Ave. Burnaby, Tuesday
to Saturday, for 1/2 0 each.  Re-use any you can.
3. Buy soft drinks and beer only in returnable bottles AND RETURN
THEM.  Do not patronize stores that handle soft drinks in cans.
4. Use disposable products ONLY in emergencies.
5. Refuse extra wrapping and bags at stores.  Carry your own
reusable shopping bag.
6. LEAVE superfluous packaging at the check-out.
7. Return unsolicited flyers, advertising offers, to the sender
to prove to him that you find this method offensive.
8. Start a compost heap.
9. Switch to a non-phosphate, non-NTA detergent.
10. If you use a dishwasher, only do full loads.
11. Don't flush fats, grease or pesticides down drains.  Toilets
should not be used as a garbage can.
12. Cut back on your use of lights and appliances and SAVE OUR
13. If you have any questions about recycling at home or at work
ask your Recycling Committee.
Joyce Harries St. Wibby reports.
Tis the month before Christmas
and already my mouth is watering
thinking of all those goodies
at the Annual Christmans Smorgasbord.
All you people who have been here
in past years don't forget to
tell the new people how it works.
I hear there are already several
prizes donated.
I HAVE it on very good authority
that Graham Ellison of Bibliography
was well pleased with his birthday
present this year.  Wife Ilze
presented Graham with a son,
Michael Brian, on October 23rd, who
weighed in at 91bs 9oz.  Ilze used
to work In the Cataloguing division.
ANYONE wanting to enjoy Christmas
music should plan to attend the
Annual Candlelight service at the
Dunbar Heights United Church,
Collingwood at West 24th. Services
are to be held at 4:30 and 7:30.
Joan Cosar of Gov. Pubs, will be »
singing with the choir.
BEST WISHES and every happiness to
Bonnie McDonald of Circulation who is
now Mrs. Hardy having married Tony of
that name November 10th.
REHEARSING with the Vancouver Bach
Choir are Denise Leahy and Shelley
Criddle of Sedgewick, also John
Smith of Cataloguing.  The choir will
be presenting the Bach Mass in B Minor
at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Friday
December 8th.
CONTINUING with nevW musical we
hear that Les Karpinjski of
Humanities sang with Joan Sutherland (in the chorus that is) of
Lucrezia Borgia.  Les also receive'
his Canadian Citizenship this mont:
Humanities also reports that it is,
once again the proud owner of The
Encyclopedia of Islam.
WOODWARD Library has many interesting displays this month
including the topics Home Remedies
History and Care of deafness and
Prosthetics.  We also hear that
the Christmas party over there is
in its early planning stage.
RUMOURS out of the Law Library
that the dogs have finally
triumphed.  Fumigation day Is
Saturday, Dec. 2nd.  Don't plan
a trip over there the morning of
that day.
KEEP an eye open for the Biblos
Bonanza Raffle tickets.  Don't
forget the more you buy the more
prizes will be available.
'Til next month,  luv Wibby. BLOOD BY REVLON
Recently I went on a tour of Universal Studio, Los Angeles,
California and learned many interesting facts about this colossus
of the movie industry, which turns out 87^ of all today's television programs.  Needless to say'it encompasses a huge area
covering several thousand acres and to tour around it we boarded
one of the many brightly coloured trams.
Along the way we saw many familiar sights such as the comfortable suburban residence of Marcus Welby, the home of Lucy and
family, the eerie house on the hill from Psycho and the house
from The Birds.  In fact, the three houses from Hitchcock horror
films are almost portal to portal, it is only the angle of camera
and use of backdrops that stand them alone and eerie in their
respective movies.
This extensive use of backdrops shattered many of our illusions
especially when we saw such sights as the wooden replica of the
FT 109 from McHale's Navy standing rather forlornly on dry land.
Apparently the most difficult operation the cast from that show
had to learn was how to sway in unison while delivering their .
lines in order to create the illusion of travelling by water as
the scenery sped by behind them.
We saw the house on the lot which "burns" 2k  hours a day with
the help of acetylene torches and non-inflammable building materials.
This permanently burning house is used in all major and minor
scenes of conflagration.  It is the angle of shot which makes the
This angle of shot seems to be one of the methods by which
images are created.  For example, the aerial view of Medical Centre
seen every week on your T.V. screen is actually 3 angles of the
Sheraton Hotel, gateway to Universal Studios, viewed simultaneously and projected on the screen to produce the huge hospital
complex of the show.
Those solid suburban homes so familiar to us in various programs
are all fronts. Marcus Welby*s house is backed by a church,Lucy's
by a fireball.  In fact, have you ever wondered how filming can
be done on famous city streets without disrupting traffic, well wonder no more, many of these famous streets are standing right
there on the lot almost complete or enough to be recognised and
of course there is always the backdrop and the background movie.
Houses are re-fronted, re-painted and added to with easily removable slats and canvas constructions in order to create innumerable different architectural effects.     It's all illusion.
Because of overhead lighting,  microphones  and cameras, no
interior sets have  ceilings.     Again to give  the  illusion a piece
of painted  (for colour cameras)  canvas  is  stretched over one
corner just  for that brief angle shot.     For the log cabin effect
in Bonanza a few papier-mache "logs"  are hung from a rafter overhead.
There are very few live trees  or shrubs  at Universal.     Most  of
the greenery is- artificially petrified.     If a branch or leaf falls
off it  is  a simple matter for the props  department to glue  or
staple  on a fresh one.     In this way the seasons can be controlled
and the  average palm tree  can  last  up to ten years.
Practically the only real things used in a production are the
cars.     Our guide showed us the shattered remains  of a brand new
XKE crashed in a recent segment  for "McCloud".     What a waste.'
Then of course there are the  actors, but even they spend a lot
of their time talking to blank walls.    For camera work purposes
(too expensive to keep switching backwards  and forward between
actors)  and due to the fact that two stars in one show are very
rarely on the set at the same time,  an actor will take up his
position and say all his  lines  to a blank space.     The next  day the
other actor will do the same thing.     The  films  are then spliced
together.     Apparently it  is  not too unusual for 2  cr 3 actors  on
the same show never to see each other.    This would help considerably
when two people are  fueding such as  in the  famous tiff between
Ernest Borgnine and Joe Flynn during the final days  of McHale's
We  saw the pond used in Psycho where Anthony Perkins watched
car and victim slowly sink into the water,  the same pool which
has been used to engulf many other slowly sinking articles  and
people.     It  can be made  into quick-sand quite easily too.We  saw
the machinery governing the elevator section under the water
which can be  sunk to any level as  required  (one  of Alfredliitchock's Inventions.)     The pool is  also equipped with apparatus which  can
make waves up to 6  feet high.     Some terrific ocean tragedies have
been filmed on this small area of water.
We  also saw some of the stars "dressing rooms" - a house should
look so good - and along the way our tour guide regaled us with
many interesting facts.     Did you know that a 12 inch model was used
to  film all the flying scenes in Airport and that no animal is ever
killed during a movie scene - in fact animals must be accompanied
by an S.P.C.A. worker, and they  (the animals)  can only work  (be on
the set)  for four hours a day.
At the end of the taovie Bonnie and Clyde do you remember Bonnie
dying with over one hundred bullet wounds?     For this  special effect
she was wired with 130 small charges  containing "blood sacks".
During the filming of the scene  a man sat  off stage pressing buttons
madly causing the  charges to explode  and Bonnie to "bleed." Which
brings  us to the subject of blood,  there is  so much being spilled
these  days  in movies  and on T.V.  and Ketchup is  out.     There  are  3
types  at Universal,  Bright  red,   Old red and Rust  and all 3 are
manufactured by that giant of the cosmetic worlds none  other than
And to complete our disillusionment,   about three people were
asked to volunteer from our group and they shot  a complete scene
for an up-coming segment from Adam 12 using these volunteers.  The
scene involved a high speed chase,   (police  car up  on blocks,  no
windows to reflect the lights,   film rolling of passing scenery on
backdrops   and actors  making appropriate  facial expressions)   fight
in bar,   (collapsable chairs,  etc.) woman phoning for help outside
bar  (exterior scenery played on wall behind mock up of phone booth)
and our three volunteers  as witnesses  reading one  line parts  from
cue  cards.    This was  all filmed within an  area of about 50ft.  We
have since seen that Adam 12 segment on T.V.  and how real it looked,
even  our volunteers  looked great.
As you may have  gathered from the above,  our tour of Universal
Studios was most  fascinating but we now watch our  favorite T.V.
show with  a new and rather sad eye.     All those  substantial looking
houses,  shops,   and churches  are  just  fronts, nothing in back only
poles propping them up.    What is real and what is illusion?     Is she
really talking to him or is    he off set having a hamburger.     Surely
they can't fake the kissing - or can they?
1956 - 1957
Curric. Lab. was established.
Library Delivery service was successfully instituted -
Rounds by trucks were made twice daily.
I.L.L. totaled 523 volumes borrowed, 1,178 lent, requiring
1,953 transactions, M-,4-23 pieces of correspondence, and and expenditure of over $500.00 for postage and copying.
Serials Division - Loans totaled 11,4-92 unbound Issues.
Library Bindery - Output for the fiscal year was 9,889 volumes
in full binding and 1,982 in storage covers.
Acquisitions Division successfully mastered the use of a
9-part form (Form, form - what form No.?)
Miss Dorothy Jefferd retired from the Library staff having
completed forty-two and one half years In U.B.C. Library service!:
Total Staff - for the whole library 65.'::
More good news to help the L.A.A. PENNY POWER PROJECT
The girls in the Systems division have kindly volunteered
to further help the cause by making Christmas wreaths
for sale.  These are most beautiful decorations made
with I.B.M. cards and will come in three different sizes
and colours, gold, silver and green.
Samples are now being made and will be on display in .the
Staff lunchroom, Main Library. Take a look and place
your orders.   These could make lovely Christmas presents.
To order phone Claudia Chew 230U or Gwen Gregor 2231 12.
THE WINNING CAPTION:-  submitted by DOROTHY SHEPPARD of Woodward Librai
How come the "Love - Charlie" bit on the end.
The winning caption was decided by a majority vote of the Biblos
editorial staff who would like to thank all those who took time
out to send along their ideas.
Congratulations Dorothy and your prize will be along soon.


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