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[Diary of Charlotte Black] Black, Charlotte S. 1937-1942

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 Jan 1 1937-slept late-dinner at the "the spa", walked over with mary and back to flat. mended. supper when mary came in at 9:30. 1938-feeling pretty miserable. E brought in lunch and left for hospital about 2. got up after a sleep. wrote moely[??] haugh. Jan 2 1937-downtown at 11-shopped and lunch. train from salem at 2; from portland at 4:20-boat from seatlle at 11-finished "gone with the wind". [1938]-in bed until 12:30. wrote f.McL., dorothy and marge. El came home at 3. quite well satisfied and stayed until 8. Jan 3 [1937]-off boat at 8. slept through church. miss costello and brunshtmann[??] for lunch. slept from 4 to 8. letters. [1938]-to see pantomime "cinderella" in p.m. -lovely. to the morgans for a while in evg. Jan 4 [1937]-slept until 11-washed, finished marks, went over xmas cards. to bridge club at ruby scotts in evg. [1938]-feeling punk so went to bed in p.m. Jan 5 [1937]-to school over sheer ice. a cold north wind. full day with reports at end. read and wrote letters in evg. [1938]-fist exams. shopped in a.m. lunch with e. show with jean leach. dinner with e and home. Jan 6 [1937]-nutrition-downtown after 4. dinner party, evg knitting. [1938]-lunch at the cumberland with [??] and larry. to buxhill in p.m. sat by fire until bed time. Jan 7 [1937]-health revision com.4-6. miss campbell's party-McKenzie girls, Isobel Mc, Miss McDowall and Miss [??]. [1938]-walk about the shops in a.m. molly and eric in for bridge in evg. Jan 8 [1937]-legumes, infant's meals and cakes. to the dentist. letters to columbia, london and edin. [1938]-to hastings to see "a star is born" in p.m. worked at curtains in evg. cold very bad. Jan 9 [1937]-fresh snow over ice. hairdresser at 10:30-lunch and shopped. mrs.trench and frances in-to the cornell's for dinner. [1938]-day spent in preparation for peggy's sherry party-16 people from 6-7:30. evening spent wondering if it was a success. Jan 10 [1937]-slept until 11:30. bruce bracker in for dinner. thompsons in in p.m. wrote the odd letter. [1938]-to molly's house for a short time in a.m. caught train at 2:10 for london. el. here for a while in the evg. Jan 11 [1937]-legumes, cake, cake and biscuits with boys. called on mrs.cornall. to u.w.c. to hear mr.vanderpast coed and slippery. Jan 12 [1937]-H.Mgt alld ay. bridge group in evg-much talk, little bridge-served chicken and mushroom patties. bunty[??] and essie walker for dinner. [1938]-to victoria and albert museum and then back to bed for a while. wrote mrs.mclachlan, mamie and mr.farr. . . . Jan 13 [1937]-broke trail there 6 inches snow to gran. ht. wt. charts and calories all day. d.mauds drove me home. much milder. cur[??] revision in evg. [1938]-to st.paul's cathedral and the law courts. to mr.long's for dinner with el. . . . Jan 14 [1937]-cold coming on, feeling rather punk. much snow and poor walking. [1938]-worked about in a.m. went to see "peter pan" with jean leach. then to the purves's for dinner. . . . Jan 15 [1937]-more snow. taxi to school. cakes and custards. soup and fish. cake expts. finished by the dentist after 4 months going. [1938]-shopping in a.m. lunch with joe. to ruth fraser browns in p.m. and for evg a gale blowing. . . . Jan 16 [1937]-in bed until 3 with cold-read "last puritan" and knitted. coldest day of the winter. 13 degrees. [1938]-slept late-rain with the wind. to see el. and her hospital in p.m. wrote may, auntie meg and helen McN. . . . Jan 17/18[??]- [1937]-mon. 18. heavy day at school. bridge club (beulah) in evg. late and feeling punk [1938]-Jan 17. shopped and went to royal academy to see 17th Century Art Exhibit. . . . Jan 18 [1937]-sun.17 in bed late in house all day-walking and weather very bad. [1938]-e's exams. had lunch with her, shopped a bit and met her at home for dinner to the morgan's in evg. . . . Jan 19 [1937]-miserable at school. [1938]-to zoe's school for lunch. to bank and shops then out to jean l.robinsons for tea and supper. . . . Jan 20 [1937]-home all day with unpleasant cold. [1938]-hair done in a.m. packed in p.m. home about 4. morgans in evg. . . . Jan 21 [1937]-school all day but very blowy and unpleasant. home to bed right after. much snow and cold. [1938]-wyn and the morgans saw me off at waterloo at 9:30 after the [??] reached new york about 1. lunch and dinner on board. no excitement. . . . Jan 22 [1937]-in bed with cold most of day. read and hated "eyeless in goya." robin died at 8:30 of pneumonia. [1938]-most of the day on deck-not hungry. spilled out just before dinner and felt better. . . . Jan 23 [1937]-in bed until afternoon. a.m. and U.P. arrived for dinner. went down to isobel mac's to sleep for a time. [1938]-bkfst in bed, lunch on deck back to dining room for dinner. [??] gale so we lost 200 miles. . . . Jan 24 [1937]-slept late-sat and knitted. to tea at cornell's, but dinner with isobel. annie [??] arrived 10:15. [1938]-weather still bad, but feeling fine. made acquaintance of deck-neighbours. . . . Jan 25 [1937]-a heavy day, very tired. dinner with cornell family. hoped to retire early but jean cannon came in. [1938]-weather much improved and passengers not seen before appeared on deck. . . . Jan 26 [1937]-thawed hard all day. home for dinner. funeral in p.m. bobs in for short time. u.p. had bad [??]. [1938]-talked to mrs.simmons. farewell dinner and dance -sat with mr and mrs banford[??] of manila and mrs.lewis of new york. . . . Jan 27 [1937]-thawed a bit. walking awful. to the capitol with isobel-her birthday. [1938]-on deck most of the day-calm but colder. movie in the evg. . . . Jan 28 [1937]-freezing all day. home after school to find flock of visitors. got dinner, a.m. and u.p. left for sylvia court. [1938]-packed in a.m. were at the door at 11 p.m. and [??] up at 12 and thrs' customs at 1. prof and mrs.stoughton met me and took me to madison hotel. . . . Jan 29 [1937]-zoe away. pastry, meat and cookie lessons. downtown for tea with dorothy m, mary l and florence then to show. [1938]-out to columbia and i.h. in a.m. supper with prof and mrs.s. and to see "snow white" at radio city music hall. . . . Jan 30 [1937]-to hair dressers, the alumnae luncheon at which mrs.cooper spoke. callers in p.m.-did washing in evg. [1938]-finally got belva[??] on phone. out to j.h. for lunch and stayed. bus to greenwich village and supper at mar McColl[??]. . . . Jan 31 [1937]-down to sylvia court to keep u.p. company while folks went to chruch. dinner there. [??] p.m at home. [1938]-took all morning to register. down to the bank in p.m. unpacked in evg. . . . Feb 1 [1937]-pastry and two cooked lessons. boys made pancakes. snowed all day. lugged[??] off bridge club and worked at curric. revision. [1938]-down to macy's for uniforms with belva, dorothy, and mildred to see emile zola and dinner at the automat. . . . Feb 2 [1937]-theory all day. called on mrs.cornell and gathered some of my good. still bad underfoot. worked all evg. [1938]-education lecture in a.m. for 3 hours. studied work of last term, did a wash and took a walk. . . . Feb 3 [1937]-miss mclaughlin with me all morning. lessons prepared by a flook [??]. home promptly over ice snow. [1938]-first class with miss colley. in library in p.m. . . . Feb 4 [1937]-to florence mcleod's for tea with grace [??]. family all out for dinner. wrote letters in evg. [1938]-class in a.m. tea at house with japanese as hosts. worked a bit in evg. . . . Feb 5 [1937]-to school in taxi-3" more snow. a buffet lunch, pastry and cookie lesson. home promptly and [??] evg reading and knitting. meeting and very hard walking. [1938]-class in a.m. to foreign policy meeting on far east with miss grahan[??]. met prof. stoughton and went out to mt. vernon at 5 p.m. . . . Feb 6 [??]-did week's baking in the a.m. slept in p.m. dinner at sylvia court with auntie mar and u.p. a bright, melting day but bad underfoot. [??]-to church in a.m. had a sleep mr and mrs graham in in evg for supper. caught train at 9:15. . . . Feb 7 [??]-a.maude left at 7:30 (delayed from Thurs because trains stopped by snow in n.california). symphony in p.m. home for supper. cold not melting. [??]-class in a.m. and late p.m. . . . Feb 8 [??]-to school in taxi as more fresh snow. to mrs.cornell's after school. reginald stuart's concert in evg and to bed with mary. not much thaw. [??]-class in a.m. and again in evg. spent p.m. in library. . . . Feb 9 [??]-to isobel mac's after school. supper and bridge (monopoly_ at the lewises and to sleep with mary c. [??]-class all a.m. worked in library all p.m. wrote auntie mae. . . . Feb 10 [??]-mild morning. rained and snowed heavily all day. streets awful. drive home after currie meeting dinner wtih mrs.maharg. [??]-observed grade 1 and 6 cooking at horace mann. worked in library slept and had hair done. wrote n. a.m. . . . Feb 11 [??]-demonstrated sandwiches most of day. to see mr McCorkindale [??] leave at 4. off june 16. dinner at sylvia court with a.m. [??]-class all a.m. and worked in p.m. to helen kinne banquet in evg-full dress at men's faculty club. . . . Feb 12 [??]-very nice formal dinner. tired in evg. [??]-class in a.m. worked in library until 1. sewed and slept. to dr.kitson's guidance tea. not too much work in evg. . . . Feb 13 [??]-over to epolitoff and downtown in search of suit and coat materials-no deicision. mother down in p.m. more snow. [??]-to riverside church in a.m. wrote aunt olive, meg and gwen b. miss orr (purdis' friend) here for sunday night supper. talk in favour of facism. . . . Feb 14 [??]-freezing hard-couldn't bear to go out to tea at florence mulloys-read and worked all day. [??]-floor party in evg at which we met each other and ate apples. . . . Feb 15 [??]-worked at revision all evg. [??]-downtown at noon to have picture taken, then bought a new winter coat. . . . Feb 16 [??]-health revision com. here in evg. [??]-class in a.m. worked the rest of the day. . . . Feb 17 [??]-tea at elsie davies after school-very pleasant-small snow storm. worked a bit in evg. [??]-just work-in class library and home. . . . Feb 18 [??]-went to miss gibbard's over [??]-home after 6 and cooked an egg and continued work until late. [??]-to violin recital with belua ine vg-very good. regular tea time in p.m. at which i served. . . . Feb 19 [??]-second formal dinner after school. very nice. tired in evg and did nothing. [??]-Sun.20. met prof and mrs.s at 5th ave. church. then to the natural history museum and plantarium. negro choral speakers at supper. . . . Feb 20 [??]-3 inches of snow on ground and snowing until late p.m. hair-dresser in a.m. and to bridge at florence howdin's in p.m. [??]-sat. class and work until 3, then went domestic. worked again in evg. . . . Feb 21 [??]-washed and ironed and dug snow from gutter. sore muscles. kerr family in for tea and the evg. read and rested. [??]- nut[??] in a.m. cooking in p.m. 200 F meeting at supper. then down to see dr.faulkner from [??]. . . . Feb 22 [??]-rained and melted hard all day. worked on curric. in evg. first year tea after school. [??]-g.washington's birthday. worked most of the day-a short walk and a sleep. . . . Feb 23 [??]-bridge club for supper at isobel moes. but not home so early. worked until 5:30 and mailed curriculum for non-lab course. [??]-work. . . . Feb 24 [??]-nutrition. paid deposit on berth[??]. lovely spring day. bulbs showing through. real spring day but a lot of snow still about. [??]-work. . . . Feb 25 [??]-sylvia court for dinner. uncle pete had another bad turn in a.m. [??]-work-a whole week of real hard work-resolved to stop it. . . . Feb 26 [??]-movie after school with florence, mary l. and dorothy. [??]-consumer-education conference from 9-1. very tiring. worked until 3 then took a walk in the sunshine and then a sleep. . . . Feb 27 [??]-downtown for suit material. Chopped ice and tried to start car-had to call in for help. out to d.mawdsley for bridge. [??]-to frick museum at 3 to meet prof. and mrs.s and the bronx society. after a tour went to tea at home of a member. very pleasant time. . . . Feb 28 [??]-church in a.m. brought a.m. and u.p. home for dinner. [??]-27. textiles in p.m. to "die m[??]" at 7:45-11:05. very fine. . . . Feb 29 [??]-feb 28. supper meeting following two classes. cold and a most terrific wind. [??]-town planning with mrs.traganza in p.m. miss fox talked during mrs.mossman's class in evg. . . . Mar 1 [??]-mother's tea after school-fair turn out. wet day. [??]-class in a.m. and evg. to elizabeth leaving at 7 a.m. break[??]. very cold and tiresome. had awful headache so slept in p.m. . . . Mar 2 [??]-grace metrie[??], elizabeth McAllister, florence Macl. and Fran.Henderson in for tea. [??]-on [??] all a.m. best be called upon to speak out in class. worked the rest of the day. . . . Mar 3 [??]-mother had number of ladies in for tea in honour of a.m. [??]-downtown to klinis in p.m. and to tea with miss hill of gota canal days. . . . Mar 4 [??]-to sylvia court for dinner. a.m. and u.p. to return to vic. the next day. to see coloured movie "God's country and the woman." [??]-worked more or less all day. . . . March 5 [1937]Education Day - not very may visitors. to see the Operetta with Belva in ev'g. Surprisingly good. [1938]-Class in a.m. Called on Miss MacLean and then to Library. Worked all p.m. & most of ev'g. Met Mr. Knott in T.C. Wroted Isabel Mac. ... March 6 [1937]-Hair done in a.m. Then to H.Ec. Assoc. luncheon. Slept in p.m. Alumnae meeting with book reviews in ev'g. [1938]-To Riverside Church with Belva in a.m. then out to lunch. A spot of work in p.m. to Sun Supper to hear Labour organizer from the South. March 7 [1937]-Symphony concert in p.m. Tea with Miss Brunstermann Discussion of european trip. [1938]-A fine and heavy day. 200 F discussion group going well. ... March 8 [1937]-University Women's Club to hear Prof. Doward on European situations. [1938]-Bored to death again by Voc. Guidland in the ev'g. ... March 9 [1937]-Bridge Club at Marj. Leemings Drove with Lewis's in the Austen. [1938]-Dr. Raup did call no. 16. in Ed. 200F - had the answer written out. ... March 10 [1937]-To see Dorothy Blakey re university of London in ev'g. Staff tea after school. [1938]-To Newark at 7:45 to see very fine Vocational School. back by 1. Snow out in those parts but not much here. ... March 11 [1937]-Called in to see Kirkpatrick family. Wrote letters in ev'g. to A.M. and Mary B. [1938]-Met Iris Lee at 6 - dinner at Schraffle's after a tour saw Ibsens' Doll's House. Much enjoyed. ... March 12 [1937]-Third of first year teas with a good crowd. Very tired in ev'g so did nothing. Big 3rd year lesson too. [1938]-Class until 11. Met Mrs. S. at Met. Museum at 2:00 - walked to 51st St. & to Music Hall to see "Jezebel" - then dinner. Hitler took over Austria. ... March 13 [1937]-Sorted trunk & bureau drawers. Played at McGill Bridge in p.m. In the rain went to meet Florence H. to go to recital - waited 30 min & she did not come. [1938]-Wrote Bessie D. & Miss Jordan. Dinner in Goldfish Bowl with Belva. Slept it off. A doctor spoke at Supper Orientation in ev'g. ... March 14 [1937]-Fine spring day. Walked down to Cornell's & backwith Marj. who stayed for supper. [1938]-[???] in a.m. Cookery in p.m. Ed 200 F for dinner then Voc Ed. A fine spring rain in a.m. ... March 15 [1937]-[no entry] [1938]-Just a day of work. A little more fun & less boredom at Voc. Ed. in ev'g. ... March 16 [1937]-Review an polishing off. [1938]-Went to meeting of Helen Kinney H. Ec. Club in ev'g to hear lecture by Quaker Lace woman. ... March 17 [1937]-Cleaned all day. [1938]-Studied Nut. hard all p.m. & ev'g. ... March 18 [1937]-Exams started much sorting & odd jobs to be done. learned florence h. bought 42 pictures at an aucion paying $2500. [1938]-Nut. exam in a.m. Shopped in p.m. - got 2 dresss & hat. Lora & Taylors & Franklin Simons. Wrote Florence McL. in ev'g. ... March 19 [1937]-Friday at school all day doing inventory and other odd jobs. no papers in. [1938]-Consumer Educ. Conference until 1 - walked almost to G. washingon Bridge with Miss Crump - a fine day. Sewed in ev'g. ... March 20 [1937]-Sorted trunk, washed & worked about all day. Finished spread for mother's bed. [1938]-Slept late. Lunch at the Dutch Mill. Wrote Marj. C. & Pete. ... March 21 [1937]-To church in a.m. Sore throat. Rested & read. [1938]-A gay discussion over Art & Education at dinner. ... March 22 [1937]-School all day. Chiefly inventory. To Mrs. Kerr's to meet the Black girls in the ev'g. [1938]-A grand day. No work after class as Dot Wood came to visit. ... March 23 [1937]-Supervised, marked papers and painted stoves. Bridge Club at Mabel's in ev'g. Daddy left for W'peg at 7. [1938]-Had hair done in p.m. A spot of work in ev'g. A lovely spring day. Wrote the family and Iris. Lunch with 200 F. ... March 24 [1937]-At school all day. To meet Marj. Peto at 6:30. dinner in town & saw her off again. Home to a mustard plaster & bed. [1928]-Worked all day except for two hours when I washed. ... March 25 [1937]-Feeling awful - to school for 10:30 until noon, then back to bed feeling worse. [1938]-Class in a.m. worked until 4 - to the tea. talk and snap-shots in ev'g. Tired so retired fairly early. ... March 26 [1937]-In bed all day feeling very badly - Good Friday. [1938]-To [???] Collection in a.m. French cafe for lunch. To Julius Caesar in modern dress in p.m. Back for dinner. To see Carnival at Madison Sq. Forum in ev'g. ... March 27 [1937]-Feeling better - in bed until after noon. [1938]-Out to Mt. Vernon at 9:30 (train at 10:40 from 125th St.) To church. Had a nap. Caught train back at 9:20 p.m. Home by 10. ... March 28 [1937]-In bed until nearly noon. Short drive in p.m. Read - then marked papers. [1938]-Class again, Vitamins in [???] flour in p.m. Educ. group in Gold Fish Bowl in ev'g. ... March 29 [1937]-Downtown most of day. Picked up new suit & coat a 4 - very nice. Papers in the ev'g. [1938]-Worked pretty well all day. ... March 30 [1937]-To the Convention at 10 - lunch with Isobel Mac. and out to Pt. Grey J.H. in p.m. Marked papers all ev'g. [1938]-Education in a.m. To Agric. Library in p.m. in pursuit of the Potato. wrote H.A.M. ... March 31 [1937]-To lunch with Jean Forin and the Howdens. Marked papers the rest of the day. Pat went to Vic. to take care of U.P. [1938]-Just worked all day. Gave first paper of paper on Orientation in the a.m. Hair done at 5. ... April 1 [1937]-Marked papers. To the Library in early p.m. & for short drive. [1938] a.m. Tea by Misses Cooley, Winchell & spoke at Women's Faculty Club in p.m. Worked on potato in ev'g. ... Apr 2 [??]-downtown for shoes and dress material for self. marked papers. met mary b. 10:15 p.m. very wet. mary c. for lunch. [??]-washed, mended etc. visit from m.crump. caught train at 4:34. met by iris-spent [??] and evg in conversation. wrote el and hester c. . . . Apr 3 [??]-downtown in a.m. got mother new dress that _ lunch downtown. to see "wings of the morning" in the evg. finished papers. [??]-slept until 9:30. took a walk to doubleday park with ena. had a drive around the [??] parts in p.m. caught train at 6. wrote isobel k. . . . Apr 4 [??]-took mother and mary to church-drove around the park. cleveland's and stewart's in for tea. to see the cornell's in evg. [??]-worked all day. . . . Apr 5 [??]-back to school-pie fillings and syrup. saw mary b. away at 6 p.m. very wet day and cold. [??]-test in voc. g. in evg so spent p.m. memorizing. . . . Apr 6 [??]-bridge club at florence mulroney's. [??]-started to snow at noon. permanent in p.m. work in evg. . . . Apr 7 [??]-dorothy chard grinaly in for dinner-then to see lloyd's of london. [??]-worked all day and evg when not interrupted. still snowing in a.m. . . . Apr 8 [??]-elizabeth and new maid came. downtown to have mother's dresses fitted and altered. committee meeting. [??]-to uni. women's club meeting in p.m. dinner with belva and then to meet grace and angus mcinnis-a very wet day. . . . Apr 9 [??]-spent evg on phone for home ec. assoc. [??]-finished cookery paper in a.m. caught train for mt.vermont 3:30-met by prof.s . . . Apr 10 [??]-spent day being busy around home. a very wet day. to mary c's for tea in p.m. [??]-up before 8. to church. rest in p.m. came back at 9:15 . . . Apr 11 [??]-church in a.m. casselman's here for dinner. [??]-class and work all day. . . . Apr 12 [??]-went down in evg to see about french and german lessons. daddy came home from winnipeg. staff tea. [??]-class and work all day. very sleepy in evg. classes, to bed right after. . . . Apr 13 [??]-class in a.m. had hair done. suddenly went to see "Parsifal" with flagstad and melchior at 7:15-12. [??]-settled down to work. washed in evg. . . . Apr 14 [??]-had eyes tested after school. [??]-left house at 7. bus for boston at 8 with helen johnston and jean fraser arrived at 5:30. supper at schraffti's. stayed at y.w. [??]. . . . Apr 15 [??]-news of uncle pete's death came in a.m. french lesson in evg. [??]-took [??] bus about boston cambridge and [??] from 10 till 2. worked thrs' common and about until it started to rain. 20 a show. Apr 16 [??]-a big day at school. uncle pete's funeral at 2:30. i had tea ready when they returned a few callers and saw a.m. and helen off at 9:30. [??]-went to north station for 10:30 train but had to wait until 12. in salem until 5. had supper and went to see the "baronness and the butler." . . . Apr 17 [??]-downtown all day-hair and french lesson and dress maker. lunch with florence and hot stevens. evg at florence mcleod's. [??]-to trinity church for service at 10. caught bus at 1. pleasant trip back to new york arrived at 8 p.m. . . . Apr 18 [??]-fair day. washed and wrote letters. took a brief walk and a breif sleep. [??]-downtown in a.m. looked at churches and shopped. did a bit of work in evg. . . . Apr 19 [??]-worked all day. exam for mrs.mossman in evg. called upon her in p.m. Apr 20 [??]-bridge club in in evg. florence mulloy about to have in charge of school children going to coronation. [??]-still working. Apr 21 [??]-zoe brown clayton in for dinner then to bach choir while I was at french. [??]-did a bit of work but the edge of my enthusiasm was worn off. Apr 22 [??]-new maid-mrs.haines came. [??]-went to house tea. belva went with me to meet mary b at 9. food and a party in the girls room after 10. . . . Apr 23 [??]-alumnae meeting here in p.m. presented me with a book. isobel kirk and jean up in evg. [??]-downtown bright and early and shopped until 4. home to tidy then met iris for dinner at stouffers and then "sea gull" . . . Apr 24 [??]-wet cold day. took m. and mrs. pak to c.j.i.j. meeting in p.m. then to french lesson. to people in for movies in evg. [??]-day light saving time came in. riverside church in a.m. prof.mrs.s. for dinner at butler hall. grant's ceremony all p.m. supper here and then down to the empress of autralia. eleanor hall and g.schn[??]. . . . Apr 25 [??]-slept in a.m. went to hear mrs.park speak at chalmer's in evg. [??]-tired out so did little between classes. . . . Apr 26 [??]-dull in a.m. started to rain. finished art paper and went to class. Apr 27 [??]-german lesson after school. studied and sewed in evg. [??]-to see "family portrait" in evg. judith anderson in bed-excellant. Apr 28 [??]-mother and daddy to resthaven[??]. french lesson in evg. [??]-dean's reception-dressed in best and sallied forth at 10 p.m. to join the mob-very nice sample of its type. . . . Apr 29 [??]-isobel mac. and mary l., dorothy m, florence mcl. and irence c. in for dinner. a coed p.m. and evg. [??]-worked on 200 F papers far into the night. Apr 30 [??]-cold, wet raw day-no sports, called on mrs.c. washed hair and studied french. [??]-worked in a.m. to picnic at dr.andrews home with helen kinney club. trip to radburn housing scheme. . . . May 1 [??]-washed and went to town. bought evg dress materials for slips-had hair done and fr. lessons. [??]-caught train at 10:30-went to church with the grahams. after dinner had a lovely drive. had supper and returned at 7. . . . May 2 [??]-beautiful day. church in a.m. misses brunstormann and costello in for dinner. [??]-delivered paper on the potato in the p.m. finished up 200 F papers after supper meeting. May 3 [??]-sports in p.m.-a lovely warm sunny day and good sports. [??]-work all day. May 4 [??]-bridge club out to alumni play's in evg very funny. [??]-papers for 200f handed in. a dull morning period. chinese programme in evg. May 5 [??]-isobel d.m. stewart's tea fight[??] at which i served. french lesson at 8 and back to isobel's for musical evg. [??]-did a spot of work after class. May 6 [??]-a dull day socially and at work. [??]-worked on nut. display in a.m. and presided at same in p.m. slept. wrote zoe. May 7 [??]-layer cakes and first year dinner. to nan drinnan's[??] for tea. matric[??] banquet in evg. [??]-downtown to see about trip home helen kinney club luncheon. caught train to hampstead at 4:34. lovely drive and dinner at the maine maid. . . . May 8 [??]-to get plants for window boxes in a.m. french lessons in p.m. to jean hopkins in evg. [??]-up at 10:30. drove with ena to jones's beach and saw some more of l.j. home at 6. . . . May 9 [??]-lorne madden, bruce bracken and helen ferguson here for dunner-to mrs.keiths[??] for tea and mrs.detmars for dinner. [??]-lecture from dr.sherman in a.m. cookery in late p.m. some work in evg. . . . May 10 [??]-horrid day. took mrs.cooper, marg. maynard and miss brunstumann to n.w.c. banquet-coronation theme-very pleasant. [??]-assisted at tuesday evg tea-not such a big crowd as usual. . . . May 11 [??]-german lesson after school. home about 6:15. dressed and called for by isobel d.m.s. at 6:40-to frances higginbotham's for dinner and evg. [??]-downtown in p.m. to miss arris for dinner and the evg wtih belva. . . . May 12 [??]-coronation day-heard king george VI speak about noon. miss francey here to sew all day. french in evg. [??]-class in a.m. worked on [??] other assignment in p.m. had hair done more workin evg. . . . May 13 [??]-to tea at mrs.d.s.mclachlan's, spent evg at home. [??]-nutrition iwth flynn girl in a.m. work and washing in p.m. wrote m.marshall and some cards in evg. . . . May 14 [??]-to see doreen baker in hospital and mrs.cornell after school. spent evg sewing and studying french. [??]-consumer conference on travela nd to hear dr.kilpatrick in a.m. prof. and mrs.s. called at 2:30-out to "the cloisters" then to the schooner and robin hood. raining. . . . May 15 [??]-miss francy here at 9-downt to mail parcel at 9:30 left car. down with car demonstrator for fr.lesson at 2-home at 4. downt to get mary out to bee [??] at 9-car lights on blink. [??]-a spot of work in a.m. visited d.leahy, more work and a nap. alumni supper a.m. indian girl sang, movies of the [??] and a 1915 bill hart picture. . . . May 16 [??]-slept late-gathered flowers. slept again in p.m. wrote some letters. [??]-worked on nutritions and cookery class in p.m. wrote ruth fraser brown. . . . [??]-practical work all day. mrs.moore of calgary here for dinner. to see movie camille in evg. [??]-last class with mrs.cooley in a.m. v.g. exam in evg after a bit of cramming. . . . May 18 [??]-to a movie with florence mcleod in the evg. [??]-200f exam in a.m. downtown and bought evening dress. to see "on borrowed time" with d.leahy.wrote molly hough. . . . May 19 [??] Worked a bit after school. French lesson in evg. [??]Except for time out to see Church of St John the Divine - studied nutrition hard all day - with good cause. May 20 [??]-daddy to victoria. ruth r.florence d., mollie b and mary c in for dinner. [??]-nutrition exam in a.m. around manhattan island on a boat-3 hours, 40 miles in p.m. . . . May 21 [??]-no school. sports day. downtown for a short time. washed and sewed. mother home from [??]haven -none too good. mary cornell's for evg. [??]-shopped in a.m. went to museum of city of new york. tired. . . . May 22 [??]-permanent all morning, lunds with m.o.b. fr lesson. very tired. rested and sewed. [??]-in bus by 8 a.m. stopped at sleepy hollow cemetary, vassor campus, bennette school-"trojan women" in open air theatre-a perfect day. . . . May 23 [??]-put out garden furniture for first time and sat in the sun all a.m. tea at jessir casalman's. wrote letters in evg. [??]-class in a.m. prepared to pack in p.m. to see "our town" in evg. with belva-no scenery and very good. . . . May 24 [??]-a fine day. sewed all day and accomplished quite a bit. [??]-through harlem, down to brass shops and push carts-back to wannamakers by el. to m.vermon for dinner. tired! . . . May 25 [??]-german lesson after school. worked in evg. [??]-packed and finished odds and ends had hair done. dinner at the schooner with m.crump and then toured radio city. . . . May 26 [??]-french lesson in evg. [??]-finished packed, mailed parcel home. lunch at penn.hotel with jean, belva and madelene. to washington and doge hotel by 6 p.m. . . . May 27 [??]-alumnae tea for dr.g. story. cunningham at mary mclean's. bridge club in evg at beulah's. [??]- . . .washington in a.m. and through buildings in p.m. marble steps. dinner with mr. and mrs.thurstill. . . . May 28 [??]-downtown after school. maid out, 3 guests for dinner. new car delivered. tired enough to crack. [??]-bus at 10 for arlington cemetery and mt.vernon and lily mansion - a beautiful trip. back a bit after 2-walked to hotel. caught train at 5:10. . . . May 29 [??]-21 of matric class here for party in the p.m. games on the lawn, paper flowers made, much food. all behaved beautifully. [??]-reach chicago at 8:35 a.m. after breakfast went to church, the g.m. hotel 4hours sight seeing in p.m. spent evg. in station got on train at 9. . . . May 30 [??]-stayed in bed late-entered the garden, marked papers and complied marks until midnight. [??]-got up at st.paul. the day broken by meals and games of anagrams. . . . May 31 [??]-worked late at school - a little sewing in the evg. [??]-a long day across montana, idaho and into wash. visited with travelling companions most of the day. only 5 in car. . . . June 1 [??]-german lesson after school. n.b.c. in part in etc evg at lewis's. election day-no time off. [??]-reached seattle at 8-took boat at 9, a longbut not unpleasant trip 8. [??] arrived hom in good order at 6:35 p.m. . . . June 2 [??]-worked late at school. french lesson in evg. [??]-unpacked after going down to get trunks out of storage, income tax and drivers licence. mary c. in for tea. for a drive with f.mcl. to see dorothy and marge. . . . June 3 [??]-a tea at frances casselman's for jessie. [??]-lunch at king ed. very gay. . . . June 4 [??]-school, tea at mrs.wilson's to the dressmaker and then to miss.brunstermann's for the evg. . . . June 5 [??]-got bedding plants then downtown until 12:30. tea party for people I not see again in the p.m. . . . June 6 [??]-church in a.m. to west vanc. to see helen claxton in p.m. [??]-tea with king ed. staff at miss mc[??]. . . . June 7 [??]-stayed awhile at school-went down town after. [??]-misses brunohrmann[??] and costello in for tea, also mrs.leckie. . . . June 8 [??]-tea with willardie at the vancouver french lesson after. to dressmakers for light blue dress in evg. [??]-muffin[??] saw us off at 8:45. reached boston at 5:15. a walk for dinner and to bed. . . . June 9 [??]-celebrated the king's birthday. sewed, went to the dentist, [??]. to a show and food with marge, dorothy, jean h, irene c. and florence mcl. [??]-in bed late-saw about transportation. sightseeing in p.m. to "pops" concert with B.Symphony orchestra in evg. . . . June 10 [??]-prepared and served tea for staff members who were leaving. presented wtih volume "my trip"! sewed and wrote addresses in evg. [??]-called for by f.mcl. all dressed up-tea at irene's, tehn cocktails at elsies, dinner at the dolphin and bridge with the gang. lots of fun. . . . June 11 [??]-tea at florence stephen's very nice. . . . June 12 [??]-downtown all a.m. to finish up. mary c had a lovely tea about 30 friends in p.m. [??]-boat at 8 a.m. 3 hours to digby[??]. bus to smith cove-15min. settled in at mountain gap inn and had a sleep, wash, meals. June 13 [??]-church in a.m. to see myrtle and mrs. turner and mrs.thompson in p.m. then tea at mrs.maharg's. [??]-sun suits in the sun for 2 hours resulting in much problems. a sleep and walk. to bed by 9 and slept soundly until 6 a.m. June 14 [??]-school all day - a call or two in evg. tea with florence howder. mary c and pat in for dinner. [??]-made strawberry jam in a.m. . . . June 15 [??]-at school until 5 but everything finished. to see mrs.cleveland, mcleod and cornell in evg. [??]-marge l., florence mc., sadie, elsie d. mourdsley[??], flor.s, molly b., c.brehart in for lunch. wedding dress parade at cholmers[??]. evg at cornell's. . . . June 16 [??]-sorting, washing etc. all day. no school for me fortunately. called on isobel kirk about noon. [??]-tea with miss purdie. k.h.s. staff at georgian club in p.m. a wet day. . . . June 17 [??]-sorted and packed all day-train at 7:35-rained hard all day. bea, enid, florence s and mcl, irene, ruth, willardie, dorothy m and jean h. mary c, helen f to see me off. [??]-mrs.blow, cousin mary and molly bardally[??] for tea. to isobel mac's. with miss p. for supper. . . . June 18 [??]-plesant day on air conditioned train - visited with hannah pederson of minneapolis, arrived calgary at 8:30. ned on train. . . . June 19 [??]-lunch with helen and maudie. called on helen moore and drove about the city. [??]-miss purdie, lowlan and mamie in for dinner. . . . June 20 [??]-all day on train-kellog's traveller for company. arrived winnipeg at 7-supper at the feat-to see the wards. [??]-lunch with mrs.blow -took them for a drive in p.m. . . . June 21 [??]-a bit of work. lunch with isobel alex-jessie b.l. annie robson, kate, bertha b. drive and tea with lucill anne m. seen off by good crowd. flowers and all. [??]-out to mrs.mclachlan's in p.m. . . . June 22 [??]-a rather dull day on the train. road as rough as the k.o.r. [??]-tea at better little's in p.m. dinner at isobel s.scott's-syd beveridge other guest. . . . June 23 [??]-toronto at 6:30a.m. met by gertrude rutherford and taken to u.c. home. called on cousin jean. dinner at "the guild". evening at Jean Hutchinson's. [??]-drove to chiliwack leaving at 11 a.m. and getting back about 8 p.m. . . . June 24 [??]-slept late. lunch at eaton's with dr.hilliard. train to ottawa 5-10 p.m. stopped at chateau laurier turret room over-lloking locks. [??]-tea at jean f[??] in p.m. made pickle in evg. lunch at k.h.s. in honour of edna roth. . . . June 25 [??]-through parliament bldgs and about business station. lunch with fred and stella cornell. to montreal at 4:30 mount royal hotel. hat. [??]-downtown in a.m. mr and mrs. belsland[??] of dumbarton and mrs.inglis here for dinner at noon. baked in p.m. to the cornell's in evg. . . . June26 [1937]-Up at 7 - On Athenia by 9. Fine day. Flowers, fruit, wires & letters waiting - very thrilling. Quebec at dusk. Suitcase missing but "w'd turn up". [1938]-Church - Dr. Brewing's last day. Cousin Mary, Mrs. Blowt, Miss Milne in for luch. Rest in p.m. ... June 27 [1937]-At table with Prof & Mrs. Jack of Polytechnic in Boston, head engineer Carnegie & Mrs. Ingalls of chicago who "ate". pleasant day with much sleep. [1938]-No entry June 28 [1937]-Shuffleboard with Mr. de Bloes & Tait. Rested in sun. Horse races in p.m. [1938]-No entry. June 29 [1937]-Very fine calm sunny day. [1938]-No entry. ... June 30 [1937]-Elinor had a bilious attack on a perfectly calm sea. Due to constant contact with Scotch accents improving fast! [1938]-Took Eliz. F. to boat & shopped. ... July 1 [1937]-Fine day. El on deck. Concert in ev'g - Lounge quiet for us. Old man died & was buried at sea. [1938]-Took Myrtle Turner & her Mother for a drive & to the Dolphin for supper. ... July 2 [1937]-Fine day. Very feeble Masquerade in ev'g was glad I didn't dress. Gaiety with caps & whisltes at dinner. [1928]-Wet - Bessie D. & her Mother in p.m. ... July 3 [1937]-Fine day 1 hr 40 min short - mostly sat about in the sun. Mrs [???] wedding anniversary so we celebrated with a Collins. El raied h_ with purser. Bad {??? ??? ???]. [1938]-Feeing bilious - not to church - but to get Mrs McCuaig & Campbell for dinner. Mary Stack & husband in in p.m. for tea. ... JUly 4 [1937]-Liverpool "Pool" at 8 in a cold windy rain - dull wet & cold all day so we could see nothing. Mrs. Ingalls ate until the end - no one knows how. [1938]-Daddy home in a.m. ... July 5 [1937]-Up by 6 - saw some of Clyde. Off at 8:15 no trouble with Customs. U.D. missed us. a walk & to Francie's "Place" in p.m. Talked in ev'g - tea 5 times! [1938]-St. Andrew's Wesley Garden Tour in p.m. with tea at J.F. Malkins. ... July 6 [1927]-Slept till 12. To Art Gallery, tea at the "Arbut" with Uncle David - to movie - dull & rain occasionally. [1938]-Tea for Eliz. Ferguson in p.m. Waldies, Forins, Parry, Kirkp., ... July 7 [1937]-Up at 9 - sorted, packed, walked to U.D.'s shop. Mr. & Mrs. Vallentine drove us around Loch Lomond, Long Loch - tea in quaint hotel - to Grandma's about 6. Invitations to Royal Garden Party today waiting. [1938]-Drove down to meet Pete. Supper in the park. A drive en route home. ... July 8 [1937]-Washed in a.m. Walked to Helensbourgh in p.m. Dull & showery. Ironed in ev'g. [1938]-Dull in a.m. Worked about garden & shopped. Went to Whyte Cliff for tea - Joan F. & M. Lewis. Yank at Oxford in ev'g. ... July 9 [1937]-Train to Dumbarton at 2. - Waited 2 hours in the Churchyard to see the Queen drive by. High tea with Uncle Pat & family - very pleasant. [1938]-Saw Pete off at 9a.m. Shopped. ... July 10 [1937]-Walk with Grandma in a.m. Train at 2 - in Edinburgh before 4. Walked to find Meadows Argyle Place Church. Called on Mrs. Gardener & went to Waverly Station in ev'g. [1938]-Late for church. A very wet day. Mr. Cleveland & Barney here for dinner. Dilmars, McLachlans & Forins for tea. ... July 11 [1937]-Bruntsfield Hotel Fine day. Bk'kf'st at 9. Walked to castle - not open - down to Gardens. Bus trip to Abercorn & Forth Bridge - 1 1/2 hours 1/6d - To Castle after dinner. Sleep. To church - not open - sat in pak. [1938]-To see Pat in p.m. & to Lewise's for supper & to talk trip. July 12 [1937]-Flying Scotsman at 10 in Edin - London at 5. Down Regents St. Met D. Chard. Supper at Lyons & to a show. Got last room in Regent Palace Hotel. [1938]-Tea for Edna Roth in p.m. Kits teachers. ... July 13 [1937]-Royal Trust Med. [???], Country Women Lunch with D. Chard. Thos. Cook to plan tour - over an hour. Nothing at night - letters to Scotland. [1938]-To Mrs. Hellewell's for lunch very pleasant. Misses Armstrong & Rose in for dinner. ... July 14 [1937]-Bank of Montreal & Canada House. St. James Bank by way of Horse Guards at Whitehall & Marlborough House. Tube to Kings X, bus to Park Lane & hyde park. Letters home to Helen. [1938]-To Mrs. C's in ev'g to see Kay. ... July 14 [1937]-To Royal Trust & King's College to see Miss Talbot - Looked at lodgings. Lunch in Kensington into the park, Albert Memorial. Sleep. Dinner & show "Call it a Day". [1938]-Took Mother to town to have hair done & for lunch. Cut out M's coat in ev'g. & to the Dilmars. ... July 16 [1937]-To Chelsea Embankment. Hair done in p.m. To Cook's for tickets etc. Letters to Fred & Stella, Miss Campbell, Luella. D Mawdsley, H. Mclean. [1938]-Sewed & worked around all a.m. Shopped in p.m. Met Pete on boat from Squamish. Checkers in ev'g. ... July 17 [1937]-Royal Trust & Bank. Packed. Train at 2 for Dover, boat to Calais, comfortable trip to Brussels. Grand Hotel - walked Main St. in ev'g. Many people & cars until midnite. [1938]-Church - home on st. car but unnecessary as invite again {???] Bruce Bracken, John Humphrey in for tea. Pete with relatives. ... July 18 [1937]-Brussels. Town going full force at 6:45. Drive round city in a.m. - "Corpus Christi" procession. To Waterloo in p.m. Socialist anti Non-intervention in Spain parade. Letters to Donald and Marnie. [1938]-Left about 9a.m. for Beach Grove - sat on beach until 4 when we had to return home. Donnell's in ev'g. ... July 19 [1937]-Went to picture gallery in a.m. & to market in Grand Place after rest in p.m. [1938]-Saw Peter off at 10:30. Shopped Kerrs in for lunch - a drive in p.m. ... July 20 [1937]-Train from Brussels - completely cultivated country, cutting grain by hand. Crossed another border. Drive around Koln in p.m. & walked up Main St. [1938]-To dentist for bad news in a.m. Harry Johnson & family from [???] in for lunch. ... July 21 [1937]-Boat at Cologne at 7:45. All day trip up the Rhine - beautiful in every way. Weisbaden about 9 p.m. [1938]-Saw Isobel off & called on Mrs. Mcleod. ... July 22 [1937]-Drive at 10 through city - [???] Springs Gk Orthodox memorial, lovely parks,[???] champagne works. P.M. in park by lake - through gorgeous Casino. Letters home, a.m. A Maude, F. Howden, F. stephens, J. forin. [1938]-Cleaned up stairs. ... July 23 [1937]-Train to Heidelberg at 8:22. Walk & then drive including walk up to University prison & over the Schloss high on the hill. [1938]-A bit of washing & general housekeeping. To movie with Isobel Mac. ... July 24 [1937]-Train 9-12 - interesting country. Walked thro' old part of Freiberg & thro' catherdral in p.m. Europaisher Hof. - Freiberg. [1938]-Dinner in the Park. Rested To see Misses B & Costello - "Sloppy" Stewart came in. Then to tell Marj. C. & Kathleen good-bye. ... July 25 [1937]-Freiberg - long walk in a.m. Sleep & more walk in p.m. Letter to Pete Cards Dorothy C & Beth E. [1938]-Downstairs cleaning. Dentist at 4 - not home until 6. ... July 26 [1937]-Train at 8 - changed at Basel and reached Interloken about 4. Walked thro' park & had tea with music, visted Cook's & the Kursaal. [1938]-Worked about in a.m. To Dentist's at 1. ... July 27 [1937]-Savoy-Interloken Bus at 5a.m. over the Grimsel Pass, up to Furka Pass - 7,100 ft. Lunch at the Rhone Glacier. Wonderful road & views. [1938]-Washed & baked. Misses Brunstermann & Costello in for tea. Dinner at Union College with the Kerrs. ... July 28 [1937]-Train at 8:30 for the Jungfrauyoch 11.432 ft - a steady climb - fine views Lunch at the Berghaus - tea at Grindelwald. Back at 7. Letter home - Cards, B. Allan, J. B. Milne. [1938]-Housework in a.m. & dentist in p.m. Then drove to Irene Cornwath's for supper, back about 10 p.m. ... July 29 [1937]-Train at 9:10 - changed at Domodossola Locarno & Bellinzona - across a corner of Italy. Carried lunch eaten partly at Locarno & partly on train - Lugano at 5:20. [1938]-Mother cleaned upstairs. I ironed. Dentist's at 1 then to see Myrtle Johnson. ... July 30 [1937]-Hotel Bristol, Lugano Bus at 8:30 to Stressa on Lake Maggiore - out to Islola Bella (Borromeo Home) bus on other side of Lake. In Locarno at tea time. Back by 6:30. [1938]-Down town in a.m. To see Belva at Gertrude Dayle's in ev'g. ... July 31 [1937]-Slept until 8:30 - sat around Hotel looking at view all a.m. After some fuss got a bus to Corno & Villa d'Este - started & returned in heavy rain - but fine while there. [1938]-Church & dinner at the Georgia. Sandwiches for the P.N.A. served. Essie Walker in for late supper. ... August 1 [1937]-Train at 9 for Milan. Walked to Cathedral, lunched under huge glass dome. Crowded train. Reached Venice in a downpour & gondoled to hotel. [1938]-To village, then odd jobs unti dinner time Caught train at 7:15 A quaint woman from Motherwell. ... August2 [1927]-London - Venice a fine day - walked about the water-front & narrow streets, into St. Marks, watched the race from our windows. [1938]-Reached Sicamous at 6:50 & left at 10:25 A bite of lunch in Vernon At Eldorado about 3:30. A dip, tea, sit & dinner. ... August 3 [1937]-Gondola to station at 7:30 - a fine a.m. Crowded train but got into Cook's car. All day trip - newspaper correspondent in p.m. Reached Vienna about 10:30. [1938]-Spent day on the beach. Called on Walker's in ev'g. Murdock boys & Mary there. ... August 4 [1937]-Astoria Hotel, Vienna Bus in a.m. around city & to Schonbrunin Castle. In p.m. drove out & up hills - Cobenzl & Kahlouberg - tea with a fine view. [1938]-Sat in sun on the verandah of Acquatic Club watching Regatta from 9a.m. till 5:30. Walkers at Eldorado for dinner. ... August 5 [1937?] Bus at 8:30 throu' country to Summering Hills [?], lunch at fine summer hotel, down another valley, by cable car up the Rax-Grooft [?] Letter home. [1938?] Sat in sun on beach all day when not sleeping. 193? Left Vienna at 8:30 by boat -- pleasant trip down the Danube to Budapest at 9 pm. Interesting people to watch. 193? Had to find a letter from wind but sun still godd. Marie Chopin & husband Pray Peterfice [??] out in evening. August 6 [1937?] Left Vienna at 8:30 by boat- pleasant trip down the Danube to Budapest at 9pm. Interesting people to watch. August 6 [1938?] Had to find shelter from wind but sun still good. Marie Chopin [?] and husband Percy [?] Peterpeice [?] out in evening. August 8 [1937?] Slept late and had breakfast in bed. Took a walk and saw the Parliament Building. Slept again in p.m. Walked along embankment in late p.m. August 8 [1938?] Fine so sat in sun all day. August 9 [1937?] Went shopping and got lost while looking for the park in a.m. Rested and took a walk on Buda[?] side in p.m. August 9 [1938?] Sun in a.m. Packed and left for town about 2. Bus to Penticton and supper Robertsons- train at 10. August 10 [1937?] Train at 8- all day until 10:20 at Munich. hot early but rain in Vienna and cooler[?]. Well cultivated country all along August 10 [1938?] Arrived in Franc. about 1. August 11 [1937?] Park Hotel, Munich Sightseeing trip around town in a.m. Street car to Grunwald and the Weinbauer in p.m. -lost on return late for hair appointment August 11 [1938?] Started with dentist again and search for holes causing continued ache. August 12 [1937?] Train at 8:05 for Nuremberg- pleasant trip. after lunch trip around the city, thro' the castle. Very much of interest. Wurttemburg ur hof[?]. Wrote in a.m. August 13 [1937?] Bus at 8:15 for Rothenburg- very old and quaint. dinkelsbuhl after lunch, older still and back to nuremberg by 6:30. August 14 [1937?] An all day trip to Prague- took a bit of a walk before dinner. August 15 [1937?] Grand Steiner Prague Sightseeing in a.m.- Royal Palace, Parliament Buildings, City Hall. Rain in p.m. Wrote letters. August 16 [1937?] Pleasant trip of 4 hours thro Sargon [?] Switzerland. Miss Currie helped to pass the time. Sightseeing ride in the p.m. August 17 [1937?] Westminster Astoria- Dresden. To the Swinger and Green [?] Vault in a.m. and the Physiological Museum in p.m. Wrote Jean H. August 18 [1937?] Train at 9:30. Berlin by 11;30- very flat country. Walked ahead about the gaily decorated 700 year old city in p.m. Ruth R [?] August 19 [1937?] Central Berlin. Sightseeing in a.m. To Miss Katner in p.m.- walked back thro' mob waiting for parade. August 19 [1938?] Down to meet the Dreftdyke [?] at 10:30. Reunion and unpacking most of the day. August 20 [1937?] Short walk in a.m.- a glass of tea taxi to airport- lovely flight of 3 1/2 hours to Stolkholm. Walked about after arrival. August 21 [1937?] Carlton- Stockholm Drove to Uppsala, Skokloster and Sigtuna- 9:30- 7p.m. August 21 [1938?] Church. Essie Walker in for dinner, Dilinars for tea, Miss Walker for supper and Missionary between times. August 22 [1937?] Did the city Hall and old part of town in a.m. To Skansen Park to see old houses in p.m. Wrote to U.D. and Mrs. Scott. August 22 [1938?] Supper at Spanish Banks with the Lewises and Isobel Mae. August 23 [1937?] Slept late- walked to call on Country Woman who was not home- but we saw a large section of the city. Did the shopping district in the p.m. August 24 [1937?] Went aboard the "Pallas" at 10. Lovely weather out of harbours to Baltic, South and into narrow canal started in 17- full moon and lovely scenery. August 24 [1938?] Down to Dorothy Worofold's camp with Nan Drennan and Isobel Kirk. August 25 [1937] Companions- Mrs. Johnson and Diana [?], Miss Hill of New York, Mr. Fann [?] of Boston. Walked up locks at noon and in Vadstena in p.m. August 26 [1937?] In large lake in a.m. then canal and very deep locks down at noon. Country flatter near Gothenburg. Mr.Farr had dinner with us. August 26 [1938?] The Rosses of Korea spent most of the day with us. Elinor left at 7:30 p.m. August 27 [1937?] Grand Hglund [?], Gothenburg Walked about and thro' market train at noon for Oslo- rocky country and some tunnels, hot and dirty. arrived at 7:15. ... August 28 Continental, Oslo [1937]-Went to Museum to see Viking relics in a.m. Met Mr & Mrs Firing at their boat which finally started - out into harbour a bit - supper at their home. [1938?]-Church in a.m. Rosses here for dinner & supper. ... August 29 [1937]-Electric train to Holmenkollen in the hills in the a.m. Ferry to Bygday to see old houses in p.m. Letters home. ... August 30 [1937]-Train to Bergen - all day trip from sea level to 4000 ft above timber line & down - many tunnels & glimpses of fjords. ... August 31 [1937]-Wrote cards - J.E.C., W.D. M.C. letter F. McL. Up Floien[?] by funnicular for lunch - fine day very clear view. A bath at night. [1938]-Spent most of day getting Marjorie moved down to V.G.H. with all her bags & baggage. ... September 1 [1937]-On the Jupiter at 10 - after lunch reached the North Sea at its worst - retired to my bunk in haste about 3. All but El. & Capt laid low. [1938]-To Exhibition with Daddy & Isobel Kirk. ... September 2 [1937]-A fine day - up about 10, ate lunch felt better at tea. 3 hours late - dinner in Newcastle - 3rd class sleeper to London at 10. [1938?]-Dentist's in a.m. & some shopping. ... September 4 [1937]-After a little shopping went to Kew Gardens & walked miles. To see "Under the Red Robe" in ev'g. [1938?]-Slept late. Minister Rawson & Mr. & Mrs. Tanner here for dinner. Called on Myrtle Turner in p.m. ... September 5 [1937]-To Kensington Gdns & Hyde Park in a.m. Letters to I.D.M. Stewart & Miss Brun'm. Called on the J Dave Purvis' in ev'g. [1938?]-Washed & worked on dress. Marj & Miss Yates home in p.m. & for supper. ... September 6 [1937]-Train to Glasgow at 10 - not met but found May at home. Spent the ev'g in the bossom of the family [1938?]-To school by 8a.m. and did very little. Stayed for lunch then called Mrs. Cornell - saw B. Green & I. Mac[?]. ... September 7 [1937]-Slept a bit late. Wrote Marj Cornell. Met Francey for lunch - May after school, tea at Francey's then to see "Elephant Boy". [1938?]-Met all my classes & made a start at teaching. ... September 8 [1937]-Around the house all a.m. Met Auntie Meg at 4 & went to Craigendoran returning at 10 p.m. [1938?]-A fine day - worked hard at school all day. ... September 9 [1937]-Visited schools with Miss Scott. Lunch at Business Women's Club with her & Miss Murray. Mrs. Vallentine in the ev'g. [1938?]-Wet a.m. Demonstrated canning four times. Pasted in ev'g again. ... September 10 [1937]-Bus at 10:30 for Strathaven & spent day with Ella Cossar- returned by 10 p.m. [1938?]-Beautiful day, down town in a.m. to North Shore to call on Mr. & Mrs. Mcqueen - Ruby Calkins along. ... September 11 [1937]-Helped May with parlour curtains. Met a.m. for Ballet at 2. Tea after then train to Craigendorran. [1938?]-Up Mount Baker with Howdens, Marian Gibbon & Willardie - not much fun - rain before we reached home. ... September 12 [1937]-B'fast of ham & eggs in bed at 10. Met May at 11:30. A wet day but a walk in p.m. & call on Aunt Molly. ... September 13 [1937?]-A wet day so did nothing. Called on Aunt Molly took 4:40 train to Glasgow - four friends of Mays in in ev'g. Francey no help. ... September 14 [1937]-Train to Edin. at 8:38 - Bus trip to Melrose, Dryburgh & Abbotsford from 10:30-6:15. Train to 6:20 A fine day. ... September 15 [1937]-Up betimes. Shopped all a.m. Lunch with U.D. Met May at 4:30 bus trup around city, tea & a show. ... September 16 [1937]-Train for London at 10 - tiresome trip. El. met me. ... September 17 [1937]-Letters to London & Scottish friends out to lunch & shop. Rested & wrote Bee[?] Green. ... September 18 [1937]-Washed & mended. Lunch with Ida Armstrong & Miss Mccoll & to Mdme Tussaud's. Started letter to the Bridge Club. ... September 19 [1937]-A wet day. Wrote & read all day - the family & Mme Schufhals. ... September 20 [1937]-Shopped at Selfridges - did not meet El. for lunch at the Corner House. Covered chairs in the ev'g. Wrote to Donald. ... September 21 [1937]-Had my hair done. Went to Scientific Museum in p.m. & to Muriel & Harry Morgan's in ev'g. ... September 22 [1937]-Mended in a.m. To town for lunch then to British Museum. Wrote Marjorie & Dorothy in ev'g. Elinor out with Bernard. ... September 23 [1937]-Tea with Ruth Fraser in p.m. Wrote Florence Howden & Isobel Kirk. ... September 24 [1937]-Shopped in a.m. Diana Moore called for us at 3 & we went to Hampton Court then to her home for dinner, back home about 10:30. ... September 25 [1937]-A wet day. Lunch with Major Cameron, got theater tickets and returned home. Worked on scrap books. ... September 26 [1937]-Lovely morning. Spent 1 1/2 hours in Kensington Gardens. To Edith Grey's in the evening. [1938?]-Made last trip to dentist after school. ... September 27 [1937]-Went to Selfridges & got more chintz in a.m. - covered screen. Went to see "The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse" in the ev'g. [1938?]-Stayed home with bad cold - started work on talk for H. Ec. Assoc. ... September 28 [1937]-Left for station at 9 & after a false start arrived at Shierness[?] 2 hours late. Young David had a pain but Hester & I had a good visit. [1938?]-Still feeling punk & damp but back at school. ... September 29 [1937?] Sat in garden all a.m. Larry drove me to Sittingbourne for 3;30 train. Hurried home, dressed and went to Ruth Brown's for dinner. September 29 [1938?] Sandwiches for lunch made by first years [?] September 30 [1937?] Did the wash and had a sleep. October 1 [1937?] Went to the zoo alone in the a.m. and had lunch there. Connie turned up so I took Muriel Morgan to see "Anna and Anthony"- very funny. October 2 [1937?] Downtown for lunch. Wrote the family and corrected Elinor's typing. October 3 [1937?] Up an hour too early because the time changed. Connie up for tea. Walked in Kensington Gardens and saw the Palace. Wrote E. Ferguson and Mrs Moore. October 3 [1938?] Bridge Club (N.B.C) here in evening and served hot toasted cheese, tomato and bacon sandwiches. October 4 [1937?] Lunch with Edith Jonas and to see "Knight without Armour". Worked at scrapbook in evening. october4 [1938?] To Bridge club at Marge C's. Came home before food- tired. October 5 [1937?] Went to Westminster Abbey in the p.m.- a great disappointment. October 5 [1938?] Pickles and Blanc Mange. Worked on Speech in evening. October 6 [1937?] To the college for an hour in the p.m. Wrote Florence Stephens. october 6 [1938?] Finished the pickels. Made Lemon Snow twice [?]. Spoke to H.Ec. Association in evening. October 7 [1937?] Lecture in Physiology in a.m. followed by 5 hours lab thro' which I muddled and came home at 5:30 exhausted. October 7 [1938?] Baggage taken to school. Left for Spencer's at 3:45. Reached Irene's about 6- Supper and to bed about 11. October 8 [1937?] Only two lectures but between times studied some chemistry. Gwyn [?] Davis from above in for tea. October 8 [1938?] A lovely day- long walk in a.m. Sleep in p.m. and Bridge in evening. A most pleasant day. October 9 [1937?] Lunch with Edith Grey and to the "Hart House Quartette". Met Connie at 6 and went to see "Victoria the Great", then ate. October 9 [1938?] Breakfast, lunch and dinner (South Africa and I) Much talk, some reading- Wrote Mary Leeming [?] and Dorothy Leahy [?] October 10 [1937?] Went to Buckingham Palace and walked back thro' Green Hyde and Kensington Parks. Slept. Wrote Jessie C. International House. October 10 [1938?] Breakfast by Florence and Elsie about 10. Assorted golf and walks until heavy rain started. Left for home about 4:30. October 11 [1937?] Went to Baby Hospital at 12:30. Stayed for lunch. Walked along the Embankment and finally home from Holborn. October 11 [1938?] Back to school feeling pretty groggy. Hair done after school. October 12 [1937?] To Muriel Morgan's in the evening. More W'peg [Winnipeg?] doctors there. October 12 [1938?] Mary worried about my general conditions and boil on nose- much soaking done all evening. Staff meeting after school. ... October 13 [1937?] To the United Dairys bottling works in the p.m. with the class. October 13 [1938?] School all day, soaked nose and got supper. Caught train at 7:45. Very tired. ... October 14 [1937?] Classes all day- much chem [chemistry?] in the p.m. October 14 [1938?] Met by Emma and John Scott and Penticton at 7:30. Spoke to Health, Nurses and H. Ec. [Home Economics?] from 9-10, H. Ec. 10-11 and 1;30-3:30. Tea at Emma's Banquet in evening. Home about 9:45. ... October 15 [1937?] Classes most of the day and went to see the Purvises [?] in the evening. October 15 [1938?] Up about 9- to Auntie R's at 11. Called for at 2:30- picked up Miss Stoll and Mrs McInnis- picnic on lakeshore. Dinner at Incold [?]- on train at 9:30. ... October 16 [1937?] Went to Windsor with Farm [?] Missler- a lovely day and beautiful place. Wrote letters to strangers in the Island in the evening. October 16 [1938?] Wakened at 7:40- Breakfast on train. Home by 10:15. Miss James and Daly of Primary Dept [?] on board. Did nothing all day. ... october 17 [1937?] Caught a train at 11:40 and spent the day with Muriel Biddulph [?] a very pleasant time. October 17 [1938?] Having cancelled Bridge Club for the evening, spent it marking papers. ... October 18 [1937?] By getting up at 6 reached Lewiston at 8 a.m. Very cold and a waste of time- fog. Left at 1 and went to town and did a bit of shopping. Wrote to the family. October 18 [1938?] To see Dr. McDiarmind [?]- nothing the matter with me. Took Daddy to K.V.R. [?] train at 7:45. ... October 19 [1937?] Lectures and class all day. October 19 [1938?] Practical work all day and a bit of rest in the evening. ... October 20 [1937?] Met Ruth Brown for lunch and went to see "Old Music" very good. Walked to Drury Lane to get tickets for next week. October 20 [1938?] Took Mary and Mother downtown to shop and for dinner. ... October 21 [1937?]-Worked all day and did do a little better in Chemistry. [1938?]-First year tests. To party at Isobel Elliott's in ev'g for a party other than Bridge. ... October 22 [1937?]-Class at 10. Went to the Dairy Show from 11 to 2 at Olympia - cost 2/ and was not work it but had a lot of fun. Two Drs arrived at 10:30 p.m. Wrote May B. & Grandma. [1938?]-Worked around with my own things & made a cake. Took M. shopping. Flor. McL. & Maynard girls in for dinner before Gigli [?]. ... October 23 [1937?]-Very wet. Shopped in Kensington High Street. Slept in the p.m. after mending. Went to Shepherd's Bush but could not get into a show in the ev'g. [1938?]-Was not out all day - wet and Marj. home. Mamie here for lunch. Marked papers. ... October 24 [1937?]-A clear windy morning. Walked to Holland Park. Wrote Wellardie Mg't Maxwell. The other gils in the house in our room for tea. El working. [1938?]-Reviewed test papers. Marked more test papers in ev'g. ... October 25 [1937?]-To Hosp'l for 8a.m. A very wet day in spots. Down to Fleet St. for tea with Mrs. Spence re electric demon. talk. [1938?]-Demonstrations all day Ironed curtains in ev'g. ... October 26 [1937?]-Saw opening of Parliament parade from windows of Westminster Hall. to "Cheshire Cheese" for lunch & to Caledonian Market. "Hide & Seek" in ev'g. [1938?]-Staff meeting at the end of a perfectly awful day. Did nothing in the ev'g. ... October 27 [1937?]-Lunch at the Cafe Royal, then to "Crest of the Wave" at Drury Lane Theater - very thrilling. [1938?]-Mrs. Leckie took Mother to see Deanna Durbin & then home. Marj. called for & home to sleep. ... October 28 [1937?]-Worked all day for a change. [1938?]-Theory all day - feeling a wreck. Decorator came up in p.m. Did nothing in ev'g. ... October 29 [1937?]-And worked to-day until 4 when had tea with Gwen. [1938?]-left at 9 - shopped & met Daddy at 10 a.m. - he went to see the Empress off while I shopped. Party of Kits. people at Edna Roth Keenan's in ev'g. ... October 30 [1937?]-Lunch with Jean McCallum. at the "Prompt Corner". Went to backless Gallery of the Coronet to see Gracie Fields - anothter experience. [1938?]-Up at 11 - a spot of housekeeping. Wrote. Mrs. Staughton, Iris Lee, Pete. Alice Stevens. A very wet day. ... October 31 [1937?]-A wet day. Had tea with the Purvese's ... November 1 [1937?]-Went to Hosp'l by 8a.m. Turned very wet so got soaked & came home. ... November 2 [1937?]-Worked most of the day. ... November 3 [1937?]-To Fleet St by 11:50 - drove to Brent Bridge Lodge in Hampstead for lunch, then "addressed" gathering of women at electrical demon. on the av'ge Canadian home. ... November 4 [1937?]-Worked all day again. ... November 5 [1937?]-Worked all day & even in the ev'g. ... November 6 [1937?]-Took train to Sevenoaks at 11:40. Miss Tregent & Miss Baker took us to their lovely new old home for lunch & tea. A dull day but pleasant for us. ... November 7 [1937?]-To Westminster Hall to hear Dr. Comp. Morgan. Around the "City" with the Purvises in p.m. - St Olive's Toc[?] A. Church - All Hallows, tea at Empire Society. ... November 8 [1937?]-To Hospital by 9:30. Downtown to the bank in p.m. Bought books for children. A spot of work in ev'g. ... November 9 [1937?]-Lecture from 10-11 - Down to se the "Lord Mayor's Show" - stood in front of the Mansion House. Back for Chem. in p.m. Finished letter to Alumnae - to London people. [1938?]-Decided to ask for leave again so I might return to N.Y. for spring term. ... November 10 [1937?]-Shopped in a.m. - got black dress. To Peak Frean buscuit facory in p.m. ... November 11 [1937?]-To Cenotaph Service on Whitehall The street crowded and the silence most impressive. Class in p.m. To see Powell & Loy in ev'g. [1938?]-Had a party - not Bridge - in ev'g. 8 present. ... November 12 [1937?]-Wrote F. McL. & Irene C. Had hair done between lectures. ... November 13 [1937?]-Met I. McDonald at 12 and went out to Winchmore Hill - a lovely garden & cold house. Very pleasant time at lunch at lunch & tea. November 14 [1937?]-To Peggy Williamson's for tea in p.m. A cold day. November 15 [1937?]-To hospital by 8:30. Let early and met Diana & Miss Hook for lunch Saw "Prisoner of Zenda" and had tea. ... November 16 [1937?]-Class all day. E. at Dr. Cook's for dinner. ... November 17 [1937?]-To Cook's re Sth[?] France and home. Saw parade of King Leopold. Visited National Gallery, St Bart's Church, Barts diet kitchen & Cable Office. ... November 18 [1937?]-Lectures and lab. all day. November 19 [1937?]-Lecture in a.m. Down Regent's Street for 3 hours - got xmas cards. To the morgan's in the ev'g. November 20 [1937?]-Housekeeping in a.m. To the Natural History Museum in p.m. and to "The Laughing Cavalier" in the ev'g. ... November 21 [1937?]-Foggy but went to Muriel Grun's. Lunch tea & supper with a drive to Croydon in thick fog - a poor driver is Biddy. [1938?]-Miss Hamilton of New Zealand here for dinner with the Isaacs A very pleasant girl. ... November 22 [1937?]-To hospital in a.m. Tate Gallery in p.m. Wrote Marj. C. November 23 [1937?]-Just class - no excitement. November 24 [1937?]-To Cook's in a.m. about So. France & trip home. To National Gallery. Dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Purves. November 25 [1937?]-Chemistry most of the day. November 26 [1937?]-To American Legation[?] between lectures to see aobut visa - unnecessary. Muriel & Harry Morgan in in ev'g. ... November 27 [1937?]-To Agnes Johnson's at Richmond for tea. ... November 28 [1937?]-Dense fog in this area all day. Wrote Xmas cards & letters. ... November 29 [1937?]-out to hospital until 12 - a wasted a.m. Lunch with Mrs. Purves, then to see "The Vienna Woods" & "Edge of the World" Worked in ev'g. ... November 30 [1939?]-In Courtney with Miss Tretiak Dinner with Daphne & John Richardson at Royston. December 1 [1937?]-To Victoria & Albert Museum in p.m. ... December 2 [1939?]-shopped with fury December 3 [1937?]-Mailed letters at noon & did a bit of shopping. ... December 4 [1937?]-May arrived at 8:30. To the Tower with Peggy. Lunch at the 'Pop', show in the p.m. & Victoria Regina in the ev'g. ... December 5 [1937?]-Took a walk & bus ride to see London in a.m. At home all p.m. & until 9 when we took May to the train. ... December 6 [1937?]-Shopped in a.m. Tea at Grosvenor House with J. Leach, A. Munslow & Alice Weaver. "French without Tears" with Peggy in ev'g. ... December 7 [1937?]-class all day. Letters in the ev'g. ... December 8 [1937?]-To Bemax Factory in p.m. & Zoe's for dinner. [1938?]-Mother's tea with CC2 group after school ... December 9 [1937?]-May's birthday Class until 4 when they came up here for tea. To see Peggy in ev'g & then to Miss Miller's ... December 10 [1937?]-Class in a.m. & p.m. A couple of letters at noon. D. Martin & B. Meiklejohn in for Bridge in ev'g. ... December 11 [1937?]-To Portrait Gallery after lunch. Met I. Mcdonald, Peggy & El. to see "Balalaika" - Misses Tregent & Bolser both ill. Morgan's in the ev'g. [1938?]-Symphony in p.m. - went to tea at Commodore following it - big crowd. ... December 12 [1937?]-A clear cold day. Took a walk after dinner but by the fire the rest of the time. ... December 13 [1937?]-To V & A Museum. Back to College for "unusual" tea with Prof. Mottrons[?] [1938?]-Bridge Club at Malul Baird's. ... December 13 [1937?]-At school all day. Finished up odd bits of Chem. To see M'selle Docteur in ev'g. [1938?]-To hear D. Mawdsley's paper on Byron. Then to Irene Carnwath's for food. ... December 15 [1937?]-Wrote letters. To Victoria & A. Museum. Met E. & went to Mrs. Howe's for tea. Daughter Marjorie Williams there. ... December 16 [1937?]-To Westminster Abbey. Lunch with Diana at Carlton Club. To "I've Been Here Before" & back for tea. [1938?]-School closing with programme in Aud. & lunch in Eaves at which I had to speak. Dinner with Marian Gibbon. ... December 17 [1937?]-To the Wallace Collection & back to have hair done at 4:15. Packed & wrote cards to relatives in ev'g. [1938?]-Around home in a.m. To Mary McLean's pre-marriage tea & to Miss Brunstermann's for dinner. ... December 16 [1937?]-E. got word of appointment. Boat train to Dover at 11. A good crossing but felt bad. Paris about 7 - dinner & to bed. [1938?]-Church in a.m. Mcqueen's[?] for lunch - to the Lewis's for tea - a big crowd. ... December 19 [1937?]-Caught train from Paris at 10 All day trip - Marseille at 6. Menton[?] at 11:30 - not uncomfortable but very long. [1938?]-Down town in the a.m. ... December 20 [1937?]-Investigated front in both directions, soaked up lots of sun. [1938?]-Cooked all day - cake mince meat & cookies. To hear Bach Choir in ev'g - a snow storm. ... December 21 [1937?]-Walked toward Italian border by sea front & back by a higher road - lovely gardens & lovely sun. [1938?]-Down town for lunch with Miss Purdie & final shopping with the mob. ... December 22 [1937?]-All day bus trip to Gourdon by way of La Grande Corniche & le Gorge du Loup. Back by Nice & Monte Carlo. [1938?]-Tea party for Mothers & daughters Mrs. D.M.S. & Isobel, Irene & Mrs. Carn. Trench, Leckie. ... December 23 [1937?]-Short walk & long sit in sun in a.m. To Monte Carlo & had a 20 franc {???] in p.m. [1938?]-Had two Tables of Bridge in ev'g. - Bea Green, D. Mawdsely, M. Gibbon, M. Cornell, I. Kirk, J. Forin, I. Mae, B. Dickinson. ... December 24 [1937?]-Walked to Rocher Rouge Cave over Italian border & saw prehistoric Museum. Sat in garden until 3 then slept. [1938?]-Marj. home all day - preparations for Xmas 7 delivering of parcels. Opened our parcels in ev'g. ... December 25 [1937?]-Walked around Cap S. Martin in a.m., sat in sun in p.m. Very pretty decorations for dinner. An English lady, her son & hsband took us in charge. Dancing. [1938?]-Isabell away all day - baked in a.m. Williams in for lunch. rested in p.m. & ev'g - some note written. ...   December 28 [1937?]-Walked back of the town to get snaps in a.m. Took bus to Vintimille[?] Bordighera[?] & San Remo. Flower market at first place. [1938?]-Bessie Dickinson's party in the p.m. and to Sadie's in the ev'g. The rain that took the snow began. December 29 [1937?]-Caught train at 9:30 - lovely a.m. along Riviera to San Raphael. Dueler[?] inland. Reached Paris at 12 midnite. tiring day. Interested in couple across aisle. [1938?]-Tea at Ronnie's 3-7. To Isobel Mac's in ev'g when she phoned to remind me. ... December 30 [1937?]-Grand Hotel Sightseeing trip in a.m. & another in p.m. so we saw a fair amount of Paris. To a French film in the ev'g. A very cold day. [1938?]-Tea at Dot Stephen McCartney's home. Dinner here for Sanderson's Wilson's, Halls & Ira Dilworth. ... December 31 [1937?]-Train to Boulogne at 10:30. Boat to Folkstone - home by six to a huge pile fo mail - pleasant evening spent. I found I had been poisoned so bad night. [1938?]-Downtown in a.m. to shop. Had lunch alone. Rest in p.m. then stuffed Turkey etc. Ronnie family in in ev'g. A fearfully wet day. ...


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