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[Diary of Charlotte Black] Black, Charlotte S. 1930-1932

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 Jan 1 1930-up at noon. walk with daddy after lunch. lovely day. [??] album. went to movie in evg and sat by fire. [1931]-up at noon-took a walk, wrote letters and slept. Jan 2 [1932]-up at 12:15. read after lunch. out for tea with mrs.renfrew and marg. dinner with the treanches-mcmi[??], mcrae and ball. [1933]-to tea at mrs.hayman's, called on mrs.trench. to dinner at the hall's. daddy in bed all day. Jan 3 [1932]-did a light wash. prepared for children's party. pavak's, mcdougalls and barratts. did nothing in evg. [1933]-up in fair time and packed. mrs.mcdowall took me to the station. played bridge all evg. worked at needle-point. Jan 4 [1932]-up in good time and packed. stalked around until train finally left at 2:30, uneventful trip. very cold in kamloops. slept well. [1933]-arrived at 1:30. went to church-communion. slept 3 hours in p.m. read in evg. Jan 5 [1932]-arrived at 7:45-breakfast downtown. home and unpacked. to church, back for dinner. called on mrs.adith K. went home for supper and evg. [1933]-to school again. theorized all day. home ec. meeting after school which amounted to nothing. Jan 6 [1932]-school again, dismissed at 2. feeling rotten, slept all evg. [1933]-bridge club in evg. had quite a good time. Jan 7 [1932]-school as usual. social com. meeting at 3:50. home ec. section meeting at 5:30. dropped in to see daddy for a moment. read and to bed early. [1933]-went to see mrs.kirkpatrick. gordon studying in dublin. isobel still in the south. Jan 8 [1932]-home after school and did some work in the evg. [1933]-wrote some letters in evg. started to work on university of women's club magazine review. Jan 9 [1932]-worked at reports until 5:30. downtown for dinner. to see the "ringer". daddy asked ned and walter to see me home. ate. not in bed until 12:30. [1933]-spent evening with magazines. Jan 10 [1932]-home ec. meeting after school until 7, miss [??] and resolutions. supper with the girls then to hear the english singers. [1933]-washed hair. ironed. worked on magazine report. jean and walter over in evg. played bridge until late. Jan 11 [1932]-up before 10. did washing. wrote letters. supper with mary b at mrs.epp[??]. she and dick came home with me and ate. [1933]-slept until 12:30. worked on magazines all day. wrote pete and margaret anderson in evg. Jan 12 [1932]-church in a.m. bishop browning preached. sleep and letters in p.m. and evg. (alice, dorothy, [??], nell). [1933]-university women's club. gave paper on home ec. writings in jan. magazines. many nice things said. Jan 13 [1932]-potatoes,hamburg, baby work and physiology. did a little work in the evg. [1933]-ruth fraser's party-miniature golf and then bridge-isobelle thomson not there!! Jan 14 [1932]-university women's club. dean [??] on the humour of the bible. [1933]-busy day and spent evg on lesson. Jan 15 [1932]-miss gibbard spent a.m. with me. mrs.cumming has came for p.m. read magazines all evg. [1933]-class 12 and i gave demon. lesson on calories to pupil nruses. went acress quite well. tests with others classes. deep fat frying and mercury episode. Jan 16 [1932]-heavy day. home ec. assoc.annual meeting. we voted mrs.martin out of preseidency. florence and i went to see disraeli-excellant. then ate. [1933]-to bessies for bridge in evg. very pleasant. Jan 13 [1932]-Babywork, cleaning & theory. Home and had a sleep. Dressed & went to Social Com's party at Mr. King's. A pleasant time. [1933]-Slept until 10:30. Washed. Marked papers. Catherine here for lunch & p.m. Marked more papers in ev'g. Jan 18 [1932]-Up by 10. Washed, went to bank. Went down to Killarney. Called on Mrs. R. R. Then downtown to [???]. Tea with Helen Claxon. Washed hair in ev'g. [1933]-To church in a.m. Marked 39 papers. Slept. Wrote letters-Helene, Aunt J. Grandma, Daphne, Mrs. McDowell & Dorothy C. Jan 19 [1932]-Up at noon. Wrote to Helene L. & Mother. To Mrs. Anderson's for supper. Home by 9 & soaked feet. Jan 20 1932-Sandwich dem. Considerable work done at night. Jan 21 [1932]-Meeting about Reunion at Mrs. Cummingham's home - very pleasant. Jan 22 [1932]-Tea at Winnie Barff's after school. Hectic lunch with L.H. Jan 23 [1932]-Cleaned, Grade IX lunch. Meat. Mrs Martin & Miss McL. hovering around. Busy at school until 5. Jan 24 [1932]-Sandwiches & cakes in prep for Display - abpit 80 people. Staff party at night quite a success but not thrilling. Went and came with Jessie C. Jan 25 [1932]-Up just before noon. Mended. Started for Florence's about 3. Alumnnae saw "Man & Superman" & then to Kelly's for supper - very nice. Jan 26 [1932]-Slept until noon. cold in head. Walked Marine Drive to University in p.m. Home fairly early in ev'g. Jan 27 [1932]-girls of templeton and kitsilano home ec. dept in. played very conversational bridge. Jan 28 [1932]-phoned invitations most of the evg. read. Jan 29 [1932]-dinner with the family-home soon after. surprised b.b. after school. Jan 30 [1932]-Buelah[??] and edna savage in for bridge in evg. Jan 31 [1932]-class shifted around in a.m. reports all finished by 3:30. down to hotel as soon as possible. shopped and had dinner. then home. [1933]-pat over in a.m. tea in p.m. some fellow teachers and isobel duff-[??]. mary and [??] all evg and night. Feb 1 [1932]-up at 9:30. to bank, washed. down to hotel by 3. tea in wedgewood room a big success. 50 guests. wore flame dress, many compliments, tired out. [1933]-third symphony concert. we walked down and drove back. a very good concert. Feb 2 [1932]-up at 11. down to hotel. delicious dinner with mrs.capt. logan. tea at mrs.sutherlands-very pleasant. home and wrote letter. [1933]-worked in evg. Feb 3 [1932]-a wet day. did some work at night. started new classes and wa in detention hall. [1933]-worn out by being nice to new classes. to hear florence austral vocalists in evg-amadis[??] on the flute. Feb 4 [1932]-dinner with the family then to mrs.baird's to see auntie r. and phyllis. 4-dinner at mrs.mcdermid's-very nice but rather a boring evg. [1933]-worked on lessons in evg. new classes initiated all day. Feb 5 [1932]-dinner with luella and miriam then to see romance of the rio grande. visited family before dinner - all for re-creating a home here. [1933]-to the barclay's for bridge in evg. walked both ways- a lovely night. Feb 6 [1932]-mother and daughter hangout at crosby bhurch-K.Armstrong, M.Fearman, B.Hill invited me-very interesting. home at 9p.m. [1933]-cocoa with 35 grade 7's. new batch for art-1F's. downtown after school-tea with ruth. did nothing in the evg. Feb 7 [1932]-up at 10. downtown. washed clothers and hair. minded, ironed and had a sleep. to little theatre-"John Ferguson" in evg. [1933]-not up till 11. mended. took katherine for walk in p.m. felt very groggy. bridge in evg. Feb 8 [1932]-up at noon. lunch at home. wrote to donald. to mrs.anderson for p.m. and dinner. [1933]-slept until noon. wrote pete who has rhuematism. walked to marion gibbon's for tea. served in evg. Feb 9 [1932]-[??] with grade 7 churches. test with class 8. dried fruit with 3B. nice letters from Elinor in London. wrote to nell. Feb 10 [1932]-ruth fraser to be away all week. did some work at night. spent considerable time on gym display costumes. Feb 11 [1932]-university women's club meeting at mrs.farris's. wore evg dress-very pleasant. mrs.steve's[??] spoke on mary webb. Feb 12 [1932]-bridge club organized at isobel thomson's in evg. my club had a party at 3:30-very successful-excellant behaviour. Feb 13 [1932]-Hard day with cinnamon rolls. costumes cut after school. did nothing at night. mrs.blair very high-handed and officious. Feb 14 [1932]-usual rush with considerable cleaning at school until 6:30. did nothing in evg. [1933]-reunion -23 present. dinner at poetry shop-to the empress to see "it's a wise child", then to isobel e's for food. emma back for the night Feb 15 [1932]-met pete and [??] at 9. breakfast and shopped. lunch at home. pete with mabel in p.m. pat came over, visited helen claxton. reunion dinner at 7:30-25 present. very [flat??]. [1933]-met florence and walked around in the park. slept all the p.m. Feb 16 [1932]-up at noon after considerable conversation. lunch at home. pete went to see mabel, i slept. to mrs.anderson about 4:30. lillian drove pete and me to the boat about 10. [1933]-wrote to poor pete in the evg. Feb 17 [1932]-usual kind of a day. worked in the evg [1933]-bridge club at margaret's. frightfully wet night. Feb 18 [1932]-nothing outstanding in the day-club period flat? worked in evg. Feb 19 [1932]-bridge at florence's in evg. start of another club. very wet night. Feb 20 [1932]-spare first thing in a.m. that was usefully spent. went to see "seven days leave" based on barries play in evg. Feb 21 [1932]-health rules, cake and salads. wrote numerous letters in evg. Feb 22 [1932]-washed in a.m. ready to go town at 1.when it started to pour-waited until nearly3. met isobel MsM. cut dress out in evg. [1933]-to church in a.m. slept and did needle point rest of the day. Feb 23 [1932]-st.andrew's in the a.m.-a nice quiet service. wrote to aunt j. grandma and nell. slept. [1933]-grade 7's-35-served simple breakfast, most deliberately and noisily. Feb 24 [1932]-rather uneventful day-very tired at night. lovely weather. [1933]-to hear rachmaninoff-played wonderfully. Feb 25 [1932]-made rompers[??] for meta[??] in evg. [1933]-did a little work in evg. Feb 26 [1932]-bridge club at the lewis's in the evg. mrs.cunningham sauntered in last period-i was very mad. [1933]-demonstration lesson with class 12 for the nurses- pies. Feb 27 [1932]-nothing out of the way. isobel msmillan bought her car. [1933]-to see "Africa Speaks" in evg-a very good picture showing animal life of africa. Feb 28 [1932]-health,macaroni and cheese and meat. to see "sally" colored with frances trench. back to georgia to see her clothes. [1933]-downtown in a.m. pressed and mended. had bath and slept. to miss purdies. bridge at miss [??] flat. Mar 1 [1932]-to packing plant with III B girls at 8:30. shooped a bit. washed hair. had a sleep. to surprise party for isobel thomson in evg [1933]-to church in a.m. wrote elinor a.m. and did up book for mrs.mcdougall .flowers for mary. slept. Mar 2 [1932]-walked around park with Edith Trench. lunch and a sleep. to mrs.alexnader's for tea. evg at home. mother and daddy sailed for california. Mar 3 [1932]-spent evg with mrs.kirkpatrick. isobel in south. gordon up north. Mar 4 [1932]-went down to see Mrs.Trench and Francis in evg. They left with all shopping done at 9:10. Mar 5 [1932]-heard from El.[??] that she did not get [??] internship. wrote her and the family. bridge at Bessie Dickinsons in evg. at club meeting . charters and j.faust demonstrated well. Mar 6 [1932]-school as usual. sewed in evg. Mar 7 [1932]-took 3 b's to butcher shop in p.m.-out at 3. walked part way home. worked on dress. out to musical society's play at U.B.C. in evg. Mar 8 [1932]-oh so wet! downtown with food money in a.m. sewed and ate. tea with a party in p.m. Mar 9 [1932]-slept until noon. marked some papers. read and slept rest of day. Mar 10 [1932]-came home early and sewed blue dress. Mar 11 [1932]-to helen clayton's for evg-knitted and talked. helped her fix a dress. lewis girls and winne carff there. very strange cold wind. Mar 12 [1932]-bridget at isobel mcmillan's in evg. mary and i won the money. isobel thomson very unpleasant. very good gym demonstration by our girls. Mar 13 [1932]-miss mcl. in with 3F preparing lunch for ton of us-very successfully done. rhoda and dorothy charters[??] served very well. university play-"Friend Hannah" in evg. Mar 14 [1932]-miss gobbons for grade 7 muffins. doughnuts in p.m. did nothing at night. Mar 15 [1932]-b.c.t.f. meeting from 10-6. tired out did nothing in evg. Mar 16 [1932]-up at 10 and for a walk. a gorgeously bright day. found house had been run into when i got back. mrs.roberts 87th birthday party in the p.m. and evg. wrote mary, a.m. and nell. Mar 17 [1932]-home ec. section meeting for dinner followed by letter writing in same interest. Mar 18 [1932]-tea with margaret renfrew at georgia. to see vagabond king. then ate at purdies. Mar 19 [1932]-bridge here in evg. very tired and bored. III B's very drunk and had quite a [??]! Mar 20 [1932]-home ec. assoc. meeting-quite hot. dinner with nita murphy then to see "elizabeth sleeps out" at the empress. Mar 21 [1932]-little theater-"shall we join the ladies" and androcks and the lion -both very good. Mar 22 [1932]-washed and mended and sorted. alumni dinner dance at vancouver. bored to death. Mar 23 [1932]-slept late. had dinner and slept some more. a bit of a coed. a dull wet day. Mar 24 [1932]-miss mcL[??] with me in a.m. to see II and serve a meal-not so good. talk a drive and nervous strain during spare. evg. on convention. Mar 25 [1932]-lunch with III F at noon-not as good as others. very weary. Mar 26 [1932]-bridge club here in evg. quite successful. Mar 27 [1932]-miss gibbard all p.m. to see IIF serve a meal. jessie c drove molly hough and me home. Mar 28 [1932]-at 3:30 visitor's brought up-one mr.mcrae of korea who knew donald. alumnae meetingin evg at mrs.thompsons. practical exam in which 3B [??] themselves before beth eastman. Mar 29 [1932]-dropped for a suit with m.Blanken[??] from 10-12:30-successfully. tea at Mar.Keithers in p.m. with [??] early to bed. Mar 30 [1932]-up about 9. washed hair. walked in lovely sunshine after lunch. read "love and the lady" all evg. Mar 31 [1932]-exams begun. tried to mark papers in evg. but slept. Apr 1 [1932]-fooled by a knock on the door before 9. lunch with 3F not such a success. marked papers in evg Apr 2 [1932]-bridge at willard[??] in evg. very pleasant. Apr 3 [1932]-very wet-spring rain. exams part of teh day. IIc dinner. marked papers in evg. [1933]-good friday. took a.m. bost to vitoria. drove about and went to bed early. Apr 4 [1932]-examination all but first periods. to see the vagabond kind with pat in the evg-an excellant picture, coloured and singing. [1933]-in town to shop in p.m. a bridge gam at night. Apr 5 [1932]-a very wet day so could not golf. did various odd jobs. a little shopping in the p.m. a party at janet's cousin's in the evg. [1933]-to church-brought jean mcaffee home -stayed all day. Apr 6 [1932]-up early but did not work fast enough to get to church. wrote letters, read and slept. church in the evg. [1933]-in to have tea with marion b etc. dinner with pete-back to opening session of convention-dr.[??] night with pete. Apr 7 [1933]-convention's all day, 20. reception at parl't buildings after a show. night with daphne at marian's. Apr 8 [1932]-breakfast party at marian's - bert, alice, daph. pete, emma, isobel etc [1933]-convention until tea time when we went to esther thomson's out to the formal after supper. early to bed. Bridge at Evelyn Lett's. BB dinner last period. College girls out for tea in pm. Miss mine back in evg. To Ada's late after the Pattersons called. Apr 11 [1932]-Three B dinner last period [1933]-Back on p.m. boat with Miss Milne. Luella on board Apr 12 [1932]-Ruth Fraser's Tea in p.m. Out with Jessie Casselman. Apr 13 [1932]-Communion Service in a.m. Would have liked to go to Confirmation at St. Marks. Apr 14 [1932]-Very busy with marks & papers all ev'g. Apr 15 [1932] Man grad's. hostesses at University Women's Club. Miss (Dr.) Stewart of Library Club spoke. Apr 16 [1932]-Started throrough cleaning & inventory. Bridge at Margaret Maynard's. Apr 17 [1932]-Hard cleaning all day - unsettled youngsters. Odd jokes in ev'g Apr 18 [1932]-Called for at 9:30. got on board O.K. Lovely sail - lunch on board. Reached Vic. about 5. Ada & [???] over for dinner. Bridge. Apr 19 [1932]-Up about 10. Out to Butchart's in p.m. - very fine. Tea at Ada's with [???], Chan, Isobel E. & Mary Bruce. Quiet ev'g at home. Apr 20 [1932]-Up after 9. Drove around & out to Elk Lake for lunch. Swans. Back about 4 & slept. In to see Laura & Amy & Walter S. in ev'g. Apr 21 [1932]-Called for at 10:30. Reached Nanaimo at 12:30. Lunch on land. To Vancouver by 5. Dinner & ev'g at home. Apr 22 [1932]-To school about 9:30 found room not swept. Busy. Successful session in p.m. Dinner with Miss McL. at Vancouver. Model Assemby of League of Nations in evg. Mrs. Lewis. Apr 23 [1932]-To Isobel Elliott's for breakfast - jolly time. Driven to school. Convention until 4 - down woth Florence. To Little Theatre after dinner. Bake for the night. Apr 24 [1932]-Up at 8:30. To school at 10. Meetings until 3. Home for dinner & ev'g. Sleepy. Through with conventions. Apr 25 [1932]-Called for by Isobel T. at 10:30. Reached West Bay at 12. Lunch. Spent p.m. on beach. Ev'g around fire. Gwyn & Marg. Lewis, Marg. Taylor, Mrs. Preston & Alison, Jean H. & Isobel T. Apr 26 [1932]-Up about 9 - rain. Read & played cards on porch. Cards inside after lunch. Walk up road before dinner. Bonfire in ev'g. Slept with Marg. Lewis. Apr 27 [1932]-Up at 9:30. Pouring rain. Sat & read on porch while others busily packed. Left Shortly after 3 - home by 5. Dinner & very quiet ev'g. Sleepy as could be. Apr 28 [1932]-Worked on Vocational talk all ev'g. Tiresome to be back at school! Apr 28 [1932]-Interesting University Women's Club meeting in ev'g. We arrived very early! Marj. played on rather bad piano. Apr 30 [1932]-Bridge club at Florence's. Tiresome staff meeting after school. May 1 [1932]-Salads all day. Very tired but went to see "Anna Christie" - Greta Garbo in ev'g. May 2 [1932]-sports from 1-4 - a cold wind. Party at Kay Winram's to see about a gift for Tish. May 3 [1932]-Downtown to get Elinor's watch. Huge wash in p.m. & ironed. Washed hair in ev'g. May 4 [1932]-Up at 11. wrote letters. Slept. To church - Canadian Memorial with Jessie Casselman. Wrote D.J.C., Isobel R. Miss Mcdonald. May 5 [1932]-Started series of Vocational talks on Opportunities in Home Economics for Jessie's groups. May 6 [1932]-Invited to go to Victoria for week-end to meet Auntie Maude, Uncle Charlie & Gladys - whom I like very much. May 7 [1932]-Bridge at Miss Donaldson's. Wire form Auntie Mae - no one know where I was. May 8 [1932]-Invited to go to Cumberland to visit Daphne over the 24th. Kay Winram engaged to a chap up there. [1933]-Over to North Van. in early ev'g to spend night with Emma Lyon. May 9 [1932]-Spent ev'g doing odd jobs. Took boat for Victoria at 10:30. Juvenile Band on board - very much excited & noisy. Tea here in p.m. [1933]-Feeling bilious but got up & went out to Gleneagles - played 18 holes. Had lunch at Mrs. Murphy's Camp. Back in late afternoon. May 10 [1932]-Wakened before 6 by the band. Met by Uncles Pete & Charlie & little Helen at 9. Tea in p.m. when I did not sit down. Bridge in ev'g. when I played Double Dummy with Auntie Mae. tired out. May 11 [1932]-Brkfast in bed at 9:30. Left about 10:30 for Sooke and had dinner at the hotel. Back at 6 - supper by the fire. Went to boat at 10:30. Robin & I in ticket office seen by Miss Boyle. May 12 [1932]-Got off the boat at 7:30. School all day & slept for 2 hours afterward. May 13 [1932]-University Women's Club Banquet - very enjoyable. honorary degrees given with very clever speeches. Dr. Gladys Storey Cunningham spoke. May 14 [1932]-Tea here after school. Bridge Club at Bessie Dickinson's. Talked to Elinor in W'peg & learned that she had graduated with Honours - M.D. May 15 [1932]-Home soon after school & sewed & slept. On Wed. - 3 b's full of pep & noise - a great group of girls but not willling to learn. May 16 [1932]-To a W.A. function at Holy Trinity then to Mrs.McClellan's reception. Supposed to sponsor soft-ball after school but it rained. [1933]-Drove out to Gleneagles with Isobel T. & Jean H. Picnic lunch, played 18 holes. May 17 [1932]-Downtown & bo't blue sports dress. Lunch with Pat. Washed & sewed in p.m. & ev'g. May 18 [1932]-To St. Andrew's in the a.m. Slept all p.m. Wrote to Mary B., Dorothy R[???], Mrs. Anderson. Took a walk with Mary C. & Eunice. May 19 [1932]-Caught in a shower of rain after school. II C. luncheon at noon. Did nothing in ev'g. May 20 [1932]-Pies & II C. luncheon. Meeting at Point Grey Jr. High after school. Wrote Auntie R. in ev'g. May 21 [1932]-Bridge at Marg. Taylor's in ev'g. May 22 [1932]-School concert in ev'g. Very good. Marg. Glover accompanied orchestra. Walked part way home with Mollie. [1933]-Caught 1:15 boat to Nanaimo with Florence, Eva, Isobel E. & Emma. Reached Cumberland about 6:30. Early to bed. May 23 [1932]-Took boat to Nanaimo at 10a.m. Reached Cumberland at 4:30. To see Broadway Melody which did not click - funny. Ate at Mrs. Torbell's - to sleep at 12. [1933]-Up in liesurely manner. To The Elk for dinner then golfed. Kay had a party in the ev'g. May 24 [1932]-Wakened by dressing of mule at 6:45. Saw parade & sports. Drove for a long time in p.m. Supper at Torbell's. Rested & went to dance at Royson from 11-2. [1933]-Up about 10. Packed a lunch & drove to Comox to eat it. Played ball & drove about. Slept & had a late supper. May 25 [1932]-Up at 11. To see D's room. Left for Nanaimo at 2. Mother with George & Kay. Lovely trip home in bow of Princess - beautiful evening. [1933]-To see May Queen crowned etc. Dinner at the Hotel. Left for Nanaimo at 2:30. A most successful week-end. May 26 [1932]-to see the green goddess-suddenly in the evg with mary. softball after school. May 27 [1932]-home in evg. and wrote some letters. tired out. May 28 [1932]-alumunae tea at Isobel E's. made much food or for it with 2H's. final meeting of 2 table bridge club here in evg. May 29 [1932]-dinner with a.m. gladys and robin after meeting g. at the boat. May 30 [1932]-baby work. bread and laundry. bridge at myrtle mck[??] with kathleen, mary and wawanesa folks. [1933]-downtown in a.m. washed hair and sewed in p.m. May 31 [1932]-up at 11-washed. went to town. tea with isobel, mac m. dinner with gladys while a.m. and u.c. were out. [1933]-to church. basked on lawn. to mrs.cleveland's for supper with helen. June 1 [1932]-up at 9:30 and washed hair. Pat came over and stayed for lunch. slept 3 hours. took a walk with mary after supper. Lovely evg. [1933]-substituted at the other bridge club. June 2 [1932]-dinner at mrs.cleveland's with the relatives from Los A and auntie mae. June 3 [1932]-mrs. stuart called for me at 10. drove on frances cass' car out to picnic spot on [??]. returned at 5. supper at auntie maud's flat. home early in evg. [1933]-drove to agassiz experimental farm. had a fine time. June 4 [1932]-bridge at hazel mcleod's-everyone tired and bored. [1933]-tea at mable's. bridge at the lewis's in the evg. June 5 [1932]-jr.highschool supper-stayed until 7 and then left-worn out. [1933]-salads with [??]. dinner with IX. home eco. assoc. tea at isobel e's. mrs.shanks there-drove around. to see "dud" in evg. emma home to sleep. June 6 [1932]-tea at isobel duff sutart's for isobel elliot who left for ireland and europe on the 19th. [1933]-got up about 10. emma went to see miss pipes. i spent 2 hours on the beach. walked to kits. library in evg. June 7 [1932]-downtown for reservations. lunch with daphne and florence. party at isobel's in evg for mary and gweyn lewis. [1933]-to church in a.m. sunned ourselves on the lawn in the p.m.-then slept. wrote letters in evg. June 8 [1932]-syated in all day reading etc. wrote application for oak bay job. June 9 [1932]-home after school and sewed. a wet day. June 10 [1932]-downtown with jessie casselman. then to see kathleen cornell off. June 11 [1932]-breakfast lunch. canned. 3b's - cookies. sewed after school and in evg. June 12 [1932]-canned all p.m. teachers' lunch at noon-busy setting tables etc. in a.m. also cooking for display tea. downtown after school. June 13 [1932]-display. JII's and VIII's cleaned. 3b's cooked. back at 7:15 and packed. tea served to about 150. girls did very nicely and very happily. June 14 [1932]-down to b.c.t.f. meeting at 9:30. stayed until 1:40. shopped, came home and sewed. had a game of bridge in evg. June 15 [1932]-up at 9. summarized articles all a.m. bathed-to tea at mrs.jordine's. a hot summer day. June 16 1932-staff luncheon in honour of miss pye, mr.marrian, miss mcleod, and mr manuel[??]. ruth prepared it - very nice indeed.  June 21 [1932]-washed, shopped and sewed. to mrs.loet's[??] for party in marion b's honour. June 22 [1932]-to ellen sovereign's for tea. mrss py ethere, very pleasant. to see eva.h. then mrs.cleveland. home to letters. 1932-surprising letter from seattle making [??] for pat arrived. June 23 [1932]-Dorothy Redferme came around in evg and we had a drive and visit. to be married in montreal soon. June 24 [1932]-mrs.jordon's for bridge. funny miss taylor there. downtown to finish shopping. 1932-[??] 7 tea after school only six mothers. June 25 [1932]-down to see mollie hough, mar mcinnis and sylvia faulnew perform at st.john's ambulance. [??]-downtown at 10-,et russell at 12. lunch and walk in park until 4-tea with norma mcl. supper and caught boat to bowen island at 7:30. home at 12-here at 2. June 26 [??]-surprise party after dismissal at 2-swell but tiresome. home ec. reports finished-worked on register. sewed. 1932-caught 11 north-van ferry-bus to horse show bay. had canoe ride and went "sight=seeing". home at 6 to very cool reception-dropped russell at hotel about 8. June 27 [1932]-concert 1st period. reports given out and dismissal at 10. worked on register till noon. finished up at 2. downtown. did up books, mrs.kirkpatrick called in. June 28 [1932]-up at usual time. sorted, sewed and packed. tored to phone the family. left at 9:15. edna almost missed the boat. away at 10. July 1 [??]-a pleasant day on the train. reached jasper at 9. looked around until bedtime. [??]-bus to boat-home at 10. to 1st of july speeches in park in p.m. tea at lucy's. 1932-lynette mitford here for lunch. daddy left for the mine[??] in p.m. did nothing to celebrate. July 2 [??]-bkfast at 9. walked around lac beaufort. took drive to maligns in p.m. dressed for dinner then undressed rapidly after. train at 10:45. [??]-mary drove to mabel lake with daddy. i did innummerable things. July 3 [??]-aff at [??] at 6 a.m. a quiet but unsettled day with the chores. to bed in good time at night. [??]-a cold windy day. mrs.c and mary out for p.m. and supper. July 4 [??]-a camp day. drove into edmonton in evg. lovely night. slept in dorothy's bed. [??]-to eldorado for tea in p.m. 1932-tea at mrs.mclaughlon's in p.m. first letter R. hot water boiler burst at night. July 5 [??]-did some phoning in a.m. lunch at may fair then went to chrissie's for tea. took train at 5. met mr.barrett at wainwright. [??]-church in a.m. large crowd at tea at lucy's in p.m. 1932-downtown in a.m. most sobering letter from elinor. mrs. robertson and mrs.kirkpatrick in for tea. July 6 [??]- embarked at 2 a.m. fairly good night. off at regina at 7. a hot day. reached w'peg at 5:40. supper and the evg at the flat with isobel little, mary reid and annie taylor. [??]- swim in a.m. mary took train at 3:30 for calgary. [??]-marion gibbon, ruth fraser, mary and isobel in for tea. July 7 [??]-up in fair time and did a wash. downtown for lunch and shopped. dinner for two and then to the children's to visit elinor. July 8 [??]-supper here after shopping in p.m. to see [??] arctic pictures in the evg. July 9 [??]-tea at harry avison's. dinner at mrs.stoughton's. a very hot day. 1932-pat and i took 2 ferry to helen claxton's. a very rough trip over. most pleasant p.m. and evg. met miss claxton from peace river. July 10 [??]-out to lower for with mr.corke for golf. a nice course. tea at his home in lockport. drove back in early evg. 1932-a very wet sunday. stayed in all day. norma mclean here for dinner at 5. July 11 [??]-lunch with kaethe[??]. supper at the flat and a very quiet evening. grace cameron in. [??]-a dull damp day. cleaned in a.m. sewed in p.m. bridge at marg lewis's in evg. July 12 [??]-stayed around until late p.m. when isobel and i went to see marie drussler in "caught short" and ate downtown. 1932-poured all day long. marg lewis and gnita kane of manilla in for tea. July 13 [??]-did not waken until 11. left about 4 to meet e and go to mrs telfer's for tea. very pleasant and then to church. walked home with grace c. 1932-downtown with m in a.m. sewed in p.m. pat and i at show in evg. [??]-out to m.a.c. visited with staf members all p.m. 1932-second better R. canned cherried, rasps adn currant jelly. mrs.leckie in in p.m. July 15 [??]-golfed with chan in a.m. - a hot day and got sunburned. [??]-cooked all a.m. auntie mae arrived at 6:15. late dinner and all evg washing dishes. July 16 [??]-lunch and the day at mrs.telfer's. [??]-old timer's tea in p.m. spent evg washing up while family took auntie mae calling. July 17 [??]-lunch with I.Robson and thena drive. tea with mrs.veitch. dinner with the cameron's. el and grace just the same as in 1918. [??]-church in a.m. auntie mar left at 5 to make call on way to boat. July 18 [??]-mrs.turner took us for a drive in the evg. the cherrie arrived in the a.m. J.Thomson in at supper time. [??]-cut and put together el's dress. downtown in p.m. to call on myrtle johnston in evg. [??]-downtown in a.m. m. rested in p.m. swam in avg. [??]-sewed all day. July 20 [??]-to knox in a.m. met J.Alexander and brought her home for lunch. to golf in p.m. but a thunder shower came up and we did nothing. [??]-spent p.m. on beach. mr and mrs frederici in in evg. July 21 [??]-out to mrs.shanks for tea where Fargey Wood, Florence Grant and Mrs.Mitchener were also guests. [??]-downtown in p.m. and tea at mary c's. July 22 [??]-met helen 11 and lunched downtown. spent the p.m. at the flat conversing. walked downtown again in evg. July 23 [??]-not up until 11. to golf with isobel but we read in the part[??] instead because of the heat. to a party at taylor's in the evg. where a fotune teller was. July 24 [??]-to mrs.telfer's in the a.m. with lunch. to see sylvia in p.m. dinner with mrs.stoughton. July 25 [??]-supper at isobel alex's-kay, chan, emma, pete, bertha and elsie. a very good gossip. [??]-golf in a.m. slept and sewed in evg July 26 [??]-caught a.m. train to minaki with luella. put on bathing suits and sat in sun waiting for others at 2. out in barge with [??] home at night. [??]-golf in a.m. tea at mrs.stewart's to see sunshine susie with isobel m. in evg. July 27 [??]-a dull a.m. took boat and lunch. rowed 2 miles. swam, ate, and lay in the sun. rowed back, swam some more. elinor and taylor left at seven. sunburn!! July 28 [??]-up about 9, feeling sore and miserable. weather dull and chilly. walked around the lodge. took 3pm train home. [??]-teacher in for tea. pat went on a case. July 29 [??]-downtown in a.m. tea in p.m. kay, luella and chan (pete,isobel R and bertha did not turn up) to see "so this is london". will rogers in evg. [??]-ella roc and 2 others m.a.c. girls in to tea. downtown in a.m. July 30 [??]-a fine day. to see mrs.c in p.m. July 31 1932-poured rain all day. pack suitcase and read. mr campbell in in evg. Aug 1 [??]-lunch with kay winram[??] invested in needlepoint. supper with luella and friends. called on mr of london later. 1932-up about 7-cleaned house. packed left house at 11. train left at 12. lunch with miss purdie. compartment most comfortable. friend of [??] in train with us. Aug 2 [1932]-Out to Lower Fort with Mr. Corke - 18 holes - hot - supper at their home - mashie practise on the lawn. Aug 3 [1932]-Sewed on El's green dress all a.m. Golfed at Norwood in p.m. Played a little Bridge in ev'g. Aug 4 [1932]-Civic holiday. Everybody on call. Washed & ironed all day & far into the night! Aug 5 [1932]-Out to see Freda in p.m. Supper with Mary Paterson & family. Aug 6 [1932]-Supper with Anna & Lindsay. Drive toward Bird's Hill - a heavy rain, lightning & skiddy roads. Aug 7 [1932]-Lunch with Chan. Saw Alex, Elsie, Emma, Mrs. South, Esther Thomson. Dinner with Staughton's - an ev'g on Poe. Aug 8 [1932]-Downtown at noon. Packed & sewed. Isobel, Taylor, Grace & El. had dinner & saw Moffat. Aug 9 [1932]-A broiling day. Reached Calgary at 7:15. Spent ev'g on porch cooling off. Aug 10 [1932]-Walked around Mt Royal in a.m. Lay around in p.m. Walked again in ev'g. Aug 11 [1932]-At Mrs. Monilaws in a.m. & for lunch. Spent p.m. with Mrs. Hardy. Kathleen Hope, Helen Maclean, Norma, Harriet, Gerry in in ev'g. [1934]-Left for High River at 4 - arrived about 5:30. Drove to Turner Valley in ev'g. Aug 12 [1932]-Lunch with Kathleen Vickerson. Supper with Gerry & Mrs. [???] who had just been wiped out. Aug 13 [1932]-Lunch with Elizabeth & Helen. Ronald drove me to Bowness & all around in p.m. Caught train at 8. Aug 14 [1932]-Sicamous at 8:45. Breakfast 7 away at 10:25. Arrived at 2. To Regatta dance in ev'g - a crowd - two dances. [1934]-Up early and caught a.m. train. Rather warm, Helen sick. Aug 15 [1932]-Worked around all a.m. Downtown in p.m. Read & was lectured on future of the family in ev'g. [1934]-Arrived Vanc at 9. Spent p.m. on beach. Aug 16 [1932]-Rain in a.m. Helped with curtains, housework etc. Mrs Mcdowall in for supper. Looked at old snaps in ev'g [1934]-Down town in a.m. & had lunch with Helen. House hunted. Aug 17 [1932]-To church in a.m. Slept in early p.m. Beg off tea at Mrs. Wilson's - sure to be bored. Wrote numerous letters. chuch again in ev'g. [1934]-Helen left for Seattle at noon. House hunted all p.m. Aug 18 [1932]-Over to swim & drink tea with the McDougall family. Unpacked dishes in a.m. Aug 19 [1932]-Helped Mother potter about all day. [1933]-Jessie Casselman & Helen Crawford arrived about noon - had swim & dinner & went on to Vernon. Tea in p.m. ... Aug 20 [1932]-Got Hall children & swam, Then over there for tea. [1933]-Jessie & Helen back in p.m. Out to Eldorado for tea & swim. Bridge at Lucy's in ev'g. ... Aug 21 [1932]-swam alone, then out to visit Margaret Renfrew. [??] Mrs.Pollock in for supper. [??]-girls up to catch 7 a.m. ferry. slept till 9. walked to dentists for x rays in p.m. Aug 22 [1932]-to mrs. fumerton's to swim with miss mcnaughton of lethbridge. to the eldorado for dinner with the hall's, moody's and mrs.bulyea. 1932-tea at mrs.stewart's. dinner wtih mary c. fortunes read at tea kettle in evg. Aug 23 [??]-left for penticton at 9-arrived at 11.30. rested at Incola. out to mrs.dafoe's in early p.m. then to auntie r's stayed for evg. [??]-church in a.m. to the brown-clayton's-tea, baot ride, and swim. supper at our place. Aug 24 [??]-up at 8:30- looked in room. up to chambers at 10:30. left for kelowna at 11:40. lunch at peachland. slept in p.m. church in evg. [??]-a quiet day. Aug 25 [??]-alice and mrs.steven's over in p.m. -also miss.mcnaughton of lethbridge. the walkers and montague michel in in evg. [??]-ladies in to tea. Aug 26 [??]-to eldorado in a.m. to swim with the girls-lunch there. mother at tea. I golfed with daddy. [??]-to mrs. walker's in p.m. and to mrs. hall's for dinner, very good. Aug 27 [??]- had semi-bilious attack at noon. to mrs.mcdowall's in p.m. could not eat? [??]-the isaac's family in for hight tea. to see "tell england" in evg. Aug 28 [??]-tea party- 11 females, an awful bore. tired and fed up in evg. [??]-children's party-very noisy. mended, washed and packed in evg. Aug 29 [??]-washed etc in a.m. to tea at mrs. trench's in p.m. to see "shows of shows" in evg-could not bear family conservation. [??]-up to finish packing-grips to station at 9. a cold swim. family groups and to train at 3:15. Aug 30 [??]-up early-took baggage to station. left for salmon arm at 3. drove two slices of the way. dinner there at 7. train came at 9. arrived at 9 a.m. unpacked and pressed in a.m. slept and listened to radio. [1932]-lunch with ella rae, and marion blankenbach. Aug 31 [??]-arrived at 9. phoned auntie mae who was ill. went to last service in st.andrew's. caught 3 ferry to west van to stay with helen claxton and peter-who had an eye removed. [??]-downtown in a.m. got mrs.eugene hat with feather, white shoes and shampoo. sewed in p.m. dorothy here -played bridge in evg. Sept 1 [??]-up about 9. lay in hot sun for some time. sewed all p.m. home on 7 ferry. 1931-to school for staff meeting at 7:45. was given 1A-but none too bright. hung around at school until nearly 3. tea at tea kettle inn. Sept 2 1930-back to school-enrolled Ic. hung around until 1. ruth and i to see grumpy. home ec. meeting at 3. r.ramie[??] there. settled in evg 1932-washed in a.m. to exhibitions at 4. walked about until 6:30. girls dem'd until 9 then took in side shows with isobel and marg. l. Sept 2 1932-went to mrs.c's and packed up my stuff. settled in p.m. and rested. had lunch with mary. Sept 4 1932-to church in a.m. slept most of p.m. and evg. Sept 5 1932-labour day. washed hair in a.m. went to park with mary c. who came back for supper. to a show in evg. Sep 6 [??]-received class IIF. stalled around all day. walked to granville for tea with miss. mcD and Marg Lewis. Sept 7 [??]-ruth rannie met me at church. we walked to the park and had lunch. 1932-dropped in to see jean barclay after school. Sept 8 1932-first day a busy one. to call on mrs.ryan after word about jan[??] etc. Sept 9 1930-phoned elinor in kelowna in evg. 1932-a hard day in cluding moving stuff from ruth's lab. made [??] and went to mrs. martin's meeting. to see "the woman in room 13" in evg. Sept 10 [??]-up at 8:30. finally left for chiliwack at 10:45. visited logans and barrows. back about 8. Sept 11 1932-up at 7- called for at 8 by casselman family. drove to mr.barber park-a lovely drive. supper in bellingham park and back home at 8:30. Sept 12 [??]-downtown to buy curtain material. then to see "songs my heart" with isobel. very good show. 1932-school again. canning and sandwiches and cocoa. did washing after school. Sept 13 [??]-washed in a.m. univ. w's club tea in p.m.-got lost. then tea show and back to florence's for night. a wet day. Sept 14 [??]-helped move furniture in a.m. drive in p.m. home in fairly good time. Sept 15 [??]-down to first meeting of home nursing class-learned bandaging. curtain material arrived. Sept 18 [??]-downtown in p.m. to get kimono for elinor. Sept 18 [??]-tea for dr.g.s.[??]unningham at mrs.letts. went up about 6 with mary. evening spent sewing. Sept 20 [??]-up in good time. downtown and back in a.m. alumnae tea in p.m. marg, glover, given and lorraine played. show and supper. emma with me for night. [??]-slept until 11. breakfast in bed. after lunch sat nin sun on porch. emma left at 3. i slept and wrote letters. Sept 22 [??]-home nursing class in evg. bed-making. Sept 23 [??]-bridge at bessie's in evg. made break with florence. discussed gift for kay. Sept 24 [??]-bridge at janet's in evg. a cold starting. very slow and uninteresting and late. florence very rude. read magazine all the time. Sept 25 [??]-isobel upset by florence in a.m. cookies with XA. Jelly with IX A. very wet. wrote apology to florence. Sept 27 [??]-did numerous odd jobs of work and doctored cold. went over memory book in evg Sept 28 [??]-pat over in p.m. took a walk. knitted and did needle point. Oct 3 [??]-staff golf tournament in evg. won prize for highest score. supper after. Oct 4 [??]-shopped in a.m. met ruth R for lunch then went to see helen claxton. stayed until 6:30. read all evg. Oct 5 [??]-a very wet a.m. met ruth r. and went to communion service at st.andrew's. symphony orchestra in p.m. mrs.mclellan for dinner. Oct 6 [??]-home nursing class-very sleepy. jr.high home ec. meeting in p.m. Oct 7 [??]-bridge club at florence's. Oct 8 [??]-staff meeting after school. [??] evening. Oct 9 [??]-grade X tea for mothers. much excitement and self-consciousness but quite a success. Oct 10 [??]-downtown after school. sponsored grade 7 dodge ball. prep and art sample in evg. elinor called from montreal Oct 11 [??]-down to dentists at 9:30. shopped until 1. washed and then slept until 5:30. played miniature golf in evg-2 courses. Oct 12 [??]-up at noon. a walk in p.m. then more rest. wrote letters in evg. a fine day. Oct 13 [??]-an average day. did nothing in the evg. Oct 14 [??]-p.t.a. executive tea after school. home at 6:10-had some dinner and left at 6:35 for home nursing class. Oct 15 [??]-started class of girls 13 of 8 - lovely. health meeting. home in good time. mailed parcel to donald. oct 16 [??]-class 12 had tea for friends. quite a success. most interesting. home at 5, went downtown after that to have coat fitted. Oct 17 [??]-a horrid busy day. rain!! sponsored Bb. after school and attended P.T.Q. ex meeting. Uni. W's club banquet out in evg. very tired and did not enjoy myself. Oct 18 [??]-rained all day. sorted trunk in a.m. went to hester cleveland's tea in p.m. sorted and pasted memory book in evg. Oct 19 [??]-up at 10. marked papers. went to top of marine building around new peer[??] etc in p.m. a lovely day. Oct 20 [??]-a messy day. to tea for kay tarbell after school. to home nursing in evg. not to isobel's shower because of fog. Oct 21 [??]-staff tea prepared with much hilarity by class 12. a real success. bridge club trying contract in evg. Oct 22 [??]-busy with P.T.A. sandwiches and cakes all day. class 8 made sandwiches. bake at 7:45 and spent all evg in kitchen. very tired. Oct 2 [??]-very tired and had a heavy day. home soon after school. did a little work in evg. Oct 24 [??]-not too bad a day. to meeting about spencer's competition after school. did washing in evg. Oct 25 [??]-stayed in bed late. downtown at noon. lunch with emma. helped her buy linens for greta. needle point in evg. Oct 26 [??]-pouring rain in a.m. so slept. alumnae com. in for tea to plan for hallowe'en party. to hear duncan mcleod of formosa. Oct 27 [??]-practical night at home nursing. fruits with class 8. Oct 28 [??]-bridge - kania's, walter and jean and arthur. quite pleasant-late. Oct 29 [??]-hallowe'en party at mrs.smiths. i was a successful witch. everyone invited into the spirit and we had a good time. doughnuts, coffee, apples and nuts. Oct 30 [??]-fairly late at school. washed in evg and went to bed early. Oct 31 [??]-a busy day. downtown to help get pat's evening dress and shows. supper and to see "her wedding night. Nov 1 [??]-downtown to shop for d & l. all a.m. rested and went to jessie casselman's tea. sewed or helped in living-room/ Nov 2 [??]-to church to hear dr.brewing in a.m. wrote to m.mcCl., helene, a.m., and the family. Nov 3 [??]-home nursing exam in evg. knew enough to pass on but was asked wrong questions! Nov 4 [??]-bridge club at willardie-more peaceful than the last. Nov 5 [??]-to hear kriesler-violinist in evg. excellant. Nov 6 [??]-tea at the georgia with mrs.trench. letter from elinor from edinburgh. Nov 7 [??]-met daddy on victoria boat. had dinner and went to see rob ray at empress. got on board at 11:30. ruth r[??] with me for the weekend. Nov 8 [??]-pete called for us at 7:45-breakfast wtih her and mrs.mcdonnell. lunch at a.m.'s. tea at ada's. bridge at a.m.'s in evg. Nov 9 [??]-up about noon. called in laura and the ravenbill's. quiet supper and early to bed. Nov 10 [??]-breakfast in bed at 11. a drive in p.m. got dinner for 6. bonnie and mr.jackson. chrissie patterson and mr.grey of first limited-auntie mae's idea fo an eligible man. Nov 11 [??]-up before 7 and off before half past. cake, cream puffs, cake and breakfast in school. university women's club in evg. in charge of food. Nov 12 [??]-busy late at school. marked papers until I feel asleep and then to bed. Nov 13 [??]-bridge at mrs.jardin's-played double dummy with mrs.gloy all evg! Nov 14 [??]-bridge at edna's with janet and mary. fire bell rang to constirnation. Nov 15 [??]-slept late. washed, mended, marked papers and ironed. a coldish day. Nov 16 [??]-up at all. wrote numerous letters. tea at mrs.duff, stuart's, buchan's, dicks and beveridges. walked again in evg. wrote nell, mary, b.,a.m., pepte, ada, gladys, chan. Nov 17 [??]-worked late at school and in evg Nov 18 [??]-st.john ambulance dinner at noon. a real success. class 12 prepared everything well. bridge club at margaret's in evg. Nov 19 [??] to some children's health programme wtih some gr.7's in p.m. Nov 20 [??]-bridge at buelah pedlaw's in evg. Nov 21 [??]-home after school and early to bed. Nov 22 [??]-slept late, did some work. downtown in p.m. and get mauve evg. dress. Nov 23 [??]-to church in a.m. and walked home. slept and wrote letters in p.m. el and donald. Nov 24 [??]-gr.7 macaroni and cheese. IIIA's downtown in p.m. shopped a bit. addressed xmas cards in evg. Nov 25 [??]-did some school work in evg. Nov 26 [??]-did some work in evg. Nov 27 [??]-home and did needle point feeling that 3 nights in one week were enough to work on. Nov 28 [??]-to mrs.mchatties tea. met daddy for dinner and called on dr and mrs.christie at mrs.mconnell's home. Nov 29 [??]-shopped in a.m. lunch and a walk with daddy. st.andrew's society dinner at night when sat on the right of the lieut.g[??] with the mayor on my right. a long evg but not uninteresting. Nov 30 [??]-to church in a.m. dinner at mrs.duff stuart's. called on mrs.cleveland, then worked back here and daddy went on to hotel and away. Dec 1 [??]-substitutued at "the other" bridge club. uniform dress parade. tea at mrs.shore's in honour of 2 mo's old mary. Dec 2 [??]-bridge club at bessie's in evg. Dec 3 [??]-junior high meeting re relief after school. intended to work in evg. but was too sleepy. Dec 4 [??]-to the barclay's in evg for an uniteresting game of bridge very late. Dec 5 [??]-wrapped some parcels and did odd jobs. buelah over later. Dec 6 [??]-up before 8. shopped until noon. slept most of p.m. to bridge in aid of the [??] evg with nurse campbell. Dec 7 [??]-up before 10. washed hair. walked to orpheum to hear symphony orchestra-wonderfully good. wrote letters in evg. Dec 9 [??]-made christmas cakes with class 12. Dec 10 [??]-to mrs.jardini's to play bridge in evg. too tired to be intelligent. Dec 11 [??]-made almond paste and icing for cakes. to see "marigold" with isobel mcm. in evg. very pretty and well done. Dec 12 [??]-class 12 wrote foods tests to tune of numerous carols. dulla over for dinner - to the empress and the night. Dec 13 [??]-downtown in a.m. -shopped until noon. mary had tea for mrs.mclillan's niece in p.m. Dec 14 [??]-meeting and tea at miss crimmon's in p.m. wrote letters in evg. Dec 15 [??]-wrapped parcels after school. Dec 16 [??]-did washing in evg. Dec 17 [??]-arthur and mary over in evg-we played bridge Dec 18 [??]-cleaned all day. sewed in evg. Dec 19 [??]-class had concert. carol singing at 10, lunch at 12. delivered hamper and shopped. finished cards and gifts in evg. Dec 20 [??]-downtown in a.m. to finish shopping. packed in p.m. dorothy and john over in [??] and for dinner. December 21 Up& to church. Walked over to I.M.J.'s & to hospital in pm. Back for supper with Pat. Florence took Sue to train at 9. Dec 22 [??]-up about 8. pleasant trip downtown with car almost to myself. walked to town and back in evg. Dec 23 [??]-worked around all a.m. walked to town in p.m. to see dixiana in evg Dec 24 1930-wrapped parcels for mother all a.m. delivered them in p.m. utterly disgusted with slowness of the family. still addressing cards at 9 p.m.! Dec 25 1929-breakfast at mrs.poo[?]h's-9:30-1. opened parcels. had sleep. dinner in new evg dress. danced 7-11:30-very pleasant and a good time. wrote to nell. Dec 25 1930-not up till noon. opened parcel and got dressed. fred saunderson and wife came at 5-dinner at hotel with mcminus and balls. home for awhile then back to dance until 12. not too bad. Dec 26 [??]-slept till noon. tea at marie chopins. satin lounge in evg. being bored by the ferriers-old man bemoans passing the la[??] and ladies trains. [??]-up about 11. prepared turkey had lunch drove to the isaacs and had tea. back for dinner-wrote al. in evg. Dec 27 1929-up about 10. to office and phoned tea invites mission and adams girls in for tea. to mrs.barratt's for evg-music on orthophonic. [??]-daddy in bed. walkers and fords in in p.m. mcdowals in evg. Dec 28 [??]-up about noon. wrote to mary. ladies to tea in p.m. to mrs.mcdougall's in evg-played games as carrying potatoes on tea [??] and danced. [??]-not up until noon. tea at dougald mc dougall's. church in evg. daddy up for the tea and church. Dec 29 [??]-sunday. in bed until 12:30. had lunch. a lovely sunny day. walked around the park. slept. to tea in lounge with dorothy redferne -very nice. church and letter. [??]-children's party here in p.m. to go to mrs.foster's party in evg. -but as daddy had a coed the car had to stay in the garage and i stayed home and sulked. Dec 30 [??]-up by 9. washed hair. auntie r. and phylis arrived at noon. girls to tea in p.m. office girls to show and back for eats in evg. rita, audrey, cons.chapins and fosters, ball. [??]-out to annie McClymont's for tea. the dennes[??] and prickhards in for conversation all evg. wrote nell and mary c. Dec 31 1929-up in good time. went thro' jr.high with connie wilson. entertained auntie r. and phylis. rested. walker's here for dinner-danced until 1:45. plesant party-sad ending. [??]-up before noon. told mother i wanted to go back to dance[??] then and there to the ball's for dinner when we had dinner and then sat until 1931-very boring.


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