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[Diary of Charlotte Black] Black, Charlotte S. 1923-1927

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 Jan 1 1923 - Served tea in Parl. Bldg's for Lady Aikins. Saw the "Bat" in the evening - very exciting. 1924 - Did not get up until 11:30 Got the lunch & waited for callers all p.m. The Stevens boys & Prof Staughton cam. Visited all evg. I played bridge. . . . January 2 1923 - Shopped & mended. Took 8 car to <.A.C. Few girls back. 1924 Got up at 11: 30 Went to Freda Lyon's in p.m. and to see "A Woman of Paris" with Daddy in evg. Invited to Mrs Stevens' for tea. . . . January 3 1923 - Got marks & time tables. registered & wriggled out of lectures for all day. Slept in pm & rorated [??] May. Bob Brown large. [1924?] - Up at 10:30. Dreamed furiously of Si. Busy till 3. Downtown for shoe [??] time. M ^ D had party in ev'g. Telegrams. Charagdes & Music. Mostly augustine [??] people . . . January 4 1923 - Attended Eugenics class a.m. & sewing in pm Did a good deal of knitting & finish Ann & her mother's [1924?] - Slept til 10. went to M.A.C. at 2. Talked, got marks & did a very little work. Mac. back from Indianapolis conference & very much alive. - 37 degrees below. . . . Jan 5 1923 -44 during night, -42 at 8 a.m. Was elected class president at noon. Knitted in cooking class in p.m. Went home at 5. [1924] Did not get up until 11. Had long talk with Mac re. conference. Home at 1, seweed and read. Mr. Colly[??] in for supper. A cold day. . . . Jan 6 1923 Cold morning but evening fine. Got material and pattern for silk dress. D.& E. had a skating party, did a good deal of knitting. [1924] Went to church in a.m. and slept all p.m. Slightly warmer. Wrote to M[??] in evening. Back to M.A.C. at 8. . . . Jan 7 1923- delightful day. Dr.McKay preached in a.m. Armour[??] in for dinner, Eva for supper. Wrote to D.G.C., M.J., J.J.S & Grandma. Lectures in a.m. Downtown in p.m. to get suit material. Worked on dim. in evg. 1924- Lectures in a.m. Downtown in p.m. to get suit material. Worked on dim. in evg. . . . Jan 8 1923- Actually had lectures all day. Got Econ. marks-go. Gave campaign speech at 5. Regular Calgary day. 1924- Had to work at dim until 1 a.m. Had to attend S.C.M. Council meeting, in on 4 & out on 6. . . . Jan 9 1923- Meeting over Conclave. Voting for class officers. [1924]- Lectures all day & dim all night. Tea at mrs. Shutts. . . . Jan 10 1923- Finished [??] for K.M.D. Had dry art lecture in p.m. Went home at 3 & tobogganing in evening. [1924]- Lectures all day. Worked on dim.[??] all study period. [??] had small feed after study period, continued studying until 11:15 a.m. . . . Jan 11 1923- Met "Irish Question" at st. corner. Cut-out silk dress-brown satin. made-up C.S.I.J. [??].3rd yr boys were defeated by 2nd yr in baseball. [1924]- Cut out skirt of suit. Demonstrated milk at 1 1/2 hrs. got frustrated. Tired. lecture on Alberta Dinosaurs in evening. . . . Jan 12 1923- Spoke on good english in a.m. Donald and Lucy out from four to seven. Wrote to J.M.D. [1924]- Got up about 10 & went home at 11. Had S.C.M. picture taken at 2. Practised with Eleanor in evg. . . . Jan 13 1923- Slept until 11. Did a little drawing in p.m. and slept. Wrote to Nell. 3rd yr boys defeated picked team in basketball. [1924]- Church in a.m. Mr. Deachman in for supper. Eric dropped in too. Student service at B'dway [??]. Student report on Indianapolis Conf. . . . Jan 14 1923- Attended S.S. at 9. Went home at 11. Anna B.M. and Mabel Campbell in for supper. [1924]- Intended to study all p.m. but slept instead. . . . January 13 1923 Slept until 11. Did a little drawing in pm & slept. Wrote to Nell 3rd year boys defeated picked team in basketball. 1924 Church in am. Mr deachman in for supper Eric dropped in too. Student Service at B'dway Meth. Church -- reports on Indianapolis conf. 1925 Class in am but slipt most of pm Then served tea on what was salvaged from the wedding feast. Wasted study period. January 14 1923 Attended SS at 9. Went home at 11. Ann A.B. & Mabel Campbell in for supper. 1924 Intended to study all pm but slept instead 1925 Lectures in am Inst Mgt in pm The tea. S.C.M. movie in evg most nonsensical Jan 15 1923-Mon. Made frozen desserts in p.m. helped with sandwiches and to decorate table for Conclave. Lucy and Dan out. [1924]-A debate between 5 & 3 years. 5th won. . . . Jan 16 1923- Had a repitition of Jackson's recital on All Theory. Started sports hat. Attended executive meeting. [1924]- Agricultural society-language in evg. Dry speeched from Prof [??] and Mr.Bracken & Kirk had a [??]. Much noise till that night. . . . Jan 17 1923- Had a sleepy lecture in Art in p.m. -then a sleep & gym. Sewed and wrote to Mary B. Warm meeting, high wind. [1924]- lectures all day and chemistry all night. Class meeting - Mac & I chosen to debate, plans for Grandma's reception made. . . . Jan 18 1923-Cold North Wind. Went to opening of Parliament in p.m.-Daddy's first session. Broke glasses and had them mended. [1924]- Worked on my skirt in a.m. [??] in p.m. into town at 4. Meeting over year book after supper. Much phoning over S.C.M. Read to El who was ill. Missed Bliss Carman. . . . Jan 19 1923-Served tea to member's wives in p.m. at Mrs. Brachen's. Had Ella's box for supper in hospital. Basket B. game. Wesley 6 vs Aggies 23!! [1924]-Got up at 10. Elfie Brown and Harold Waldon in for lunch. S.C.M. report for "yearbook". Wen to see "So this is London" awfully good. Back to M.A.C. for dance. Bob Brown phoned me to look after his sisters. . . . Jan 20 1923- Cleaned room, studied and slept. Dance in the evening - a fairly good time! [1924]- Got up for S.S. and then went back to bed. Prof Kerr preached in p.m. Song served at night. . . . Jan 21 1923- Caught a car with Isobel Alexander. Heard DrGrey at First baptist in a.m. and in p.m. Took a number of M.A.C. people home in p.m. [1924]-Went to Eaton's, research Bureau in p.m.-for artificial silk. Home for a few minutes then back to M.A.C. . . . Jan 22 1923- Dr. Grey spoke to us in the aud. at 4, "We need God and religion." Basket B. game with [??] at 9:15. [1924]- Classes all day. Tea with Isobel at Miss Woods' at 4. Had my fortune told. Worry, not practical. . . . Jan 23 1923- Went home to dinner. Prof and Mrs.Staughton there. Heard Dr.Grey on "Relations of Men and Women." Attended exec. after 11. [1924]- Went to town at 4 & to see Basketball game between Albert and Man. Alberta won, 13-10. Public speaking contest in evg. Si. there and Dough Rogers next to me. . . . Jan 24 1923- Slept for 1 1/2 hours in p.m. Attended Mr.Stewart's Bible Study class. Gave discussion of the Bible. [1924]- Had Chem. lecture for 2 hours in p.m. Tea with Mrs.Spraule at 4:30. Mac gave her report after supper. . . . Jan 25 [1923]- Worked at dress in p.m. Had tea with Mrs.Duncan - two dark men in tea-cup [??]. M.Langdon gave report in C.G.I.T. [1924]-Tried coat pattern in a.m. U.M.S.Q. dance in evg-I intended to study buy went to movie and danced in sitting room till 12. . . . Jan 26 [1923]- Began marmalade and drew-up menu for Graduate banquet. Read all study period. [1924]-Went to town at 10-downtown. Class picture taken at 2. Tea at Mabel Campbell's. Served, cleaned and pressed in evg, very tired. . . . Jan 27 1923- rose at 10. Had a long visit with Mabel Brown in p.m. Did a little study, Canadian author's all night. Iris out. [1924]-Got up at 12:30. Took a car to M.A.C. Dr. Wallis out for supper & apoke afterward on the "Religion of the Back Pew." Sat between Dr. Wallis and Bob B. for supper. . . . Jan 28 1923- caught a car and went to church. Lucy and Eric in for dinner. Mother was in bed all day. Wrote to M.O.B. [1924]- no entry . . . Jan 29 1923- A letter from Nell and K.M.D. Went to Mrs. Stoughton's for dinner; caught a car, checked out lights. [1924]- got [??] for a debate at noon. Took p.m. off. "Resolved that present system of Gov't relief for unemployment is in best interests of Manitoba" class in a.m. Illustrated. . . . jan 30 1923-Sewed dress in p.m. Hockey girls had a pciture show and made $115. [1924]- no entry . . . Jan 31 1923- Slept for 2 hrs in p.m. & then went to gym. [??] niece and nephew born. Checked lights. [1924]- no entry . . . Feb 1 1923- sewed hat and dress in p.m. Agricultural Society [??] but studied & wrote to Nell. [1924]- Went to town at 3 - worked on debate. Marion's demostration. . . . Feb 2 1923- kept time at 2nd year and 6th year debate-2nd year won. Checked lights [??] made tarts etc in cookery. [1924]- downtown all day visiting [??] about our debate. Mr.[??], Mr.Bayley. Pressed and mended in the evg. . . . Feb 3 1923- went home at 9. Served, went to Isobel Robson's tea in p.m. Washed hair in evening. [1924]- Returned to M.A.C. at 3. Mr.Clarke, Miss Rutherford our for tea-[??] meeting right after then [??] meeting then smaller meeting. Tired our at the end. . . . Feb 26 1923-a basketball game between arts and aggies. Harry Young played for Arts. [1924]- no entry . . . Feb 27 1923-degree party held. Had a good time. Armstrong supported me home. [1924]-no entry. . . . Feb 28 1923-lecture all a.m. Went to Cassidy's with Mrs.S in p.m. Bible Study and S.C.M. moving pictures in evening. [1924]-up at noon, very weak. . . . Feb 29 1923-no entry [1924]-got up about noon. . . . Feb 4 1923- -35 in a.m. Went to church. Eric in for dinner, Lucy for tea. Car off the track at Elm Park. Got to M.A.C. 10:30. [1924]- downtown at library to see [??]. Got back to M.A.C. at 10. Tired out. . . . Feb 5 1923- Made cookies in p.m. Basket-ball game at 9:15. Meds 26, Aggies 27-very exciting. Checked. [1924]- Worked more or less steadily all day. At b.b. game between Wesley and Aggies in evg. . . . Feb 6 1923- Very cold. Chairman in English class, executive meeting. Talk on Referendum at 9:15. Five boys per meal. [1924]- Went to town at 8 to get clothes for Dem. not home until one and then I rested and returned to M.A.C. at 3. Very tired. . . . Feb 7 1923- meeting about class party. Made flowers and went to gym. Bible study in evening. Two blizzrds from S. then N. [1924]- classes all day and debate all night. textile report in a.m. . . . Feb 8 1923- attended lectures all day and worked on banquet in evening. [1924]- went home at 11. after dinner went to Eaton's exposition. Posed as tall, thin model for Kirk and Isobel. Home again and [??]. Back to M.A.C. to debate at 6. . . . Feb 9 1923- Lectures in a.m. Rested in p.m. Re-union banquet at 6:30. Third year supper at 12:30. Daddy out. [1924]- worked on debate until 11, when we went to see Mr.McNamara. Into town for dinner, worked awhile. Dressed Nellie, washed my hair, wrote out debate. . . . Feb 10 1923- went home at 10. Sewed dress. Visited Mrs.Stevens. Sewed in evg. [1924]- Dr.Gandier preached in a.m. Mr.Deach[??] in for dinner. Wrote to mr.Cameron about a job. . . . Feb 11 1923- went to church in a.m. Lucy in for supper. Returned to M.A.C. at 8. [1924]- busy all day. class party for 5th year in evg. All in children's clothes-lots of fun and hilarity. Dorothy and I washed dishes. Tired out but happy. . . . Feb 12 1923- Monday. Missed breakfast. Had all lectures. Three at cookery and made sponge cake. Wrote to Nell. [1924]- Went to lectures as usual, but [??] only of debate. Debated at 9:15, we won. Everybody congratulated us. Supper in Mrd. Shutts room. . . . Feb 13 [1923]- no entry [1924]- Chem. lab & sewing. Went to town at 3 to return [??]. Family glad. Tired out but relieved. . . . Feb 14 1923- no entry [1924]- no entry . . . Feb 15 1923- went to see Diana [??] in evg with Prof Jackson and then to his home. Very pleasant evg. [1924]- re-union. No class in p.m. Daisy out and many others. Supper with Rhoda, Jessie [??]. Quite a good time. . . . Feb 16 1923- Brandon teams here. Two basketball games in p.m. and one at 9:15. Much excitement. B.B. stood near me. [1924]- downt to see Miss Preston at Eaton's exposition in a.m. . . . Feb 17 1923- went home in a.m. Saw Diana Manners in evg again. Sewed in p.m. [1924]- no entry . . . Feb 18 1923- went to church in a.m. Lucy left in evening. Took car to M.A.C. [1924]-all the class was busy practicing for the play while I was catching up in study and sleep. . . . Feb 19 1923-made fondant in p.m. Put in only study period of the week. [1924]- no entry. . . . Feb 20 1923- went in to S.C.A. meeting in p.m. Fred S. present. Returned to M.A.C. at 7. [1924]- no entry . . . Feb 21 1923-worked at dinner all p.m. Made ice cream etc. Bible study in evg. Worked at [??]. [1924]- no entry . . . Feb 22 1923- went into town for [??] and flowers. Went to Ad.bldg and finished place cards. [1924]- Dramatico, four very good plays. 4th yr. "A Regular Fix." [??]. . . . Feb 23 1923-the great day/camped in cooking lab all day. Dinner at 6:30, a great success. [1924]-class went to see Mantell[??] in "Athello" in evg. . . . Feb 24 1923- went home at 10-returned silver. Took four cars to M.A.C. with El. Dramatics night. Iris out. Very good. [1924]-into church. a cold in my head-feeling [??]. Put to bed at home and well dosed. Daidy, Eric and Jean McBean in for supper. . . . Feb 25 1923- a glorious day-first real thaw. Elinor left at 10. Iris and I at 12-very sleepy. Mrs. Edmason in for supper. Mrs.Young in in evg. [1924]-in bed all day with a bad cold. read . . . Mar 1 1923- a glorious day. couldn't play hockey because rink was like a swimming pool. wrote to M.OB. [1924]-out to S.C.M. Council meeting in p.m. . . . Mar 2 1923-fine early but snowed later on. made souffles. wrote to nell. [1924]-church in a.m. To M.A.C. at 8. . . . March 3 1923-got up at 9:30. Studied most of the day. Slept for an hour. A dance in the evening. [1924]-studied in library all p.m. and continued to work in the evg. . . . March 4 1923-went in at 10 and church. [1924]-no entry. . . . Mar 5 1923-no entry [1924]-class meeting for examinations at noon. [??] acted in a dirty manner. Everybody [??].a short sewing class. spent evening [??] for Dor. . . . Mar 6 1923-finished hat in p.m. Long executive meeting from 9:15 to 11. [1924]-rather a strained unhappy day. S.C.M. council meeitng at 6. went to see Oedipus Rex with Daddy in evg. A wonderful production. Martin. Harvey. . . . Mar 7 1923-looked at furniture in Eatons in p.m. Gym. Miss Dol. Madge over at 9:15. [1924]-relations still strained & much excitement. Nominatin com. meeting in evg. Dorothy refused to run. Still more excitement. Delivered [??] to M.A.C. . . . Mar 8 1923-got brown silk dress sewn together. Had class nominations in a.m. [1924]-studied in a.m. home at 11. Saw "Hamlet". A beautiful play. . . . Mar 9 1923-a strong blizzard blowing. Gym at 5. studied until 10. [1924]-church in a.m. out to M.A.C. in p.m. Mr. stewart spoke on "History of Christians" church in evg. . . . Mar 10 1923-took car in. went to see mr.newton. shopped until 1. made candy and cookies in p.m. saw Oliver Twist in evg. [1924]-no entry. . . . Mar 11 1923-went to church in a.m. Mr.Long in for supper. Read in p.m. and wrote short notes to Nell. Returned to M.A.C. at 8. [1924]-no entry . . . Mar 12 1923-Made tea biscuits in p.m. Cut out shamrocks all study period. [1924]-Chem. all a.m. Put lining in [??] p.m. worked at Chem lab. book in evg. Pete at "Elijah." . . . Mar 13 1923-Miss Groff ill. Went home at 3. Class party a big success. "Armie" got to M.A.C. at 12. [1924]-Campaign meeting in evg. [??] city vs country. Much excitement! Feed[??] in jessie Stewarts room. . . . Mar 14 1923-Everyone sleepy. Had a rest and Gym in p.m. Movies [??] of scenary in evening. [1924]-deomonstrated [??] in p.m. a success, but had a tickle in my throat. Results of elections-Mac Sr.Stick. . . . Mar 15 1923-Served all p.m. Finished my art in the evg. [1924]-home in a.m. Short trip downtown. followed by a read and sleep. did some chem in evg. . . . Mar 16 1923-Diasy got word of her mother's death and left at 8. Much worked up and did not rest well. [1924]-slept in a.m. went to twilight service in p.m. and communion service at night. tired out. a beautiful day. . . . Mar 17 1923-a bitterly cold day. worked at tissue-papers costumes all day. gym display in evg-great success. [1924]-no entry . . . Mar 18 1923-got up at 11. had dinner with Strat. Fred and Happy. Baccalaureate. Went home at 4. Annie in. Wrote to M.M.S.H. [1924]-actually worked at art all afternoon-wish it had been new art-and got it finished. . . . Mar 19 1923-a cold bright day. finished our cooking class in p.m. basketball in evg. [1924]-no entry . . . Mar 20 1923-sewed all p.m. and evg. [1924]-finally chemistry lecture [??]. downtown to get my suit at 4-back at 7. studied a little and got to bed. . . . Mar 21 1923-went home at 11. [??] there. rugs with Mrs.Smith in p.m. studied evg and wrote to Mary B. [1924]-display in p.m. was on dish-washing duty, then served tea at Mrs.Bracken's. home at 7. read and got to bed early-tired out. . . . Mar 22 1923-finished silk dress in p.m. did a little grammar in evg. small [??] in Sylvia Gervais' room. [1924]-got up at 9:30 and washed my hair. studied chem. in p.m. and rested. back to M.A.C. at 8 & bed. Rhoda Brown and Mary F[??]orke in for dinner. . . . Mar 23 1923-display day. full marks in Gram. exam. went to ad.Bldg at 8:30 and helped Mrs.Geoff. Mother Mrs.Young Russell and Amy out in p.m. had 2 dresses and hats in display. 1924-S.C.M. meeting in a.m. [??] service in p.m. Went for a walk before dinner, wrote to D.J.C., Iris and Littles. A beautiful spring day. . . . Mar 24 1923-studied a little off and on. slept in p.m. two trips to ad bldg in a.m. baseball game at 9:12. [1924]-worked and slept intermittently. cold bad. day not so fine. . . . Mar 25 1923-cold day. went home at 9 and to church alone. got supper. Strat., Fred, Armie, Pete happy in. westminister in evg. [1924]-just tried to study all day. . . . Mar 26 1923-studied a little in a.m. and slept more- ditto in p.m. studied eng in evg. a cold in my head. wrote to Nell. [1924]-home at 12. mother entertained the members wives. back to M.A.C. at 9. studied chem until 2 a.m. and got one of metabolisms into my head. . . . Mar 27 1923-studied and slept all day. [1924]-tried to study chem. all day buy did not accomplish much. . . . Mar 28 1923-wrote physics examination a.m. studied and slept in p.m., baseball game at 9:15. [1924]-wrote long chem. paper in a.m.[??]. slept all p.m. commencement and dance in evg.Jr.9 Sr. boys had a [??] . . . Mar 29 1923-wrote english exam a.m. commencement and dance evg. [??] in Alice's room. [1924]-got to sleep about 3 a.m. up at 7. and into town. S.C.M. meeting at 2. Read and slept most of p.m. studied a little in evg. . . . Mar 30 1923- slept most of a.m. studied a little economics and talked. wrote to K.M.D. [??] . . . Mar 31 1923-went home at noon. to helen russell's tea in p.m. studied a little. [1924]-wrote sociology. lovely spring day and took quite a walk in the p.m. . . . Apr 1 1923-easter sunday-snowing and cold. went to church. miriam and will in for a while in p.m. [1924]-wrote the family and studied pedagogy. . . . Apr 2 1923-wrote simple art paper. supposedly studied eugenice but read Margaret Yorke. [1924]-wrote long paper on pedgogy in a.m. studied english in the wind with isobel in p.m. a dust storm. . . . Apr 3 1923-wrote eugenics-simple. crammed economics. feed on 400 floor. boys set off bomb! much excitement. [1924]-wrote english in a.m. and fooled away the p.m. and evg when I wasn't studying art. . . . 1923 wrote Economics - forgot everything. Slept & studied a little in pm [1924] - a blizzard at night. wrote art exams in am & art essay in pm. Packed & rested. Graduates banquet held in evg - dance after. Was fearfully bored. Got to sleep at 3 am. . . . 1923 wrote Bacteriology in am. Worried over Cookery in pm. & evg. Feed on 400 floor. Everyone tired out. [1924] Home at 9 after telling everyone good-bye. Dug right into house cleaning at home. Last S.C.M.Council meeting at 2. Worded all pm & well into the night. . . . April 6 1923-Wrote cookery in a.m. Packed & talked in p.m. Made speech at Banquet - G fletcher took me in. Fine dance. [1924]-Slept thro' until 1. Wrote to M. Cornell in p.m. Church in the ev'g. ..... April 7 1923-Finished packing & came in on 10 car. 'Phoned Mr. Stevens. Learnd that I was on Extension Service for summer. [1924-Worked all day & went to see "Blossom Time" a prety musical Comedy in the ev'g. ..... April 8 1923-Church in a.m. M. Pete in for supper. Went to Ft. Rouge. & heard M. McMurray speak on Referendum [1924]-In between getting meals & doing dishes I sewed on pyjamas. M. & D. out in ev'g. ..... April 9 1923-Went with Isobel to see Mr. Mewton - got more Dem. material. Interviewed Mr. McKinnon on Melrose products. [1924][blank] April 10 1923-Sewing woman here. Made "Melrose Bavarian Cream". Went to see Robin Hood with M. Paterson in ev'g [1924][blank] .... April 11 1923-Down town & to see Mr. Newton in a.m. Down town again in p.m. Worked on Dem. in ev'g. [1924] [blank] .... April 12 1923-Worked around & on Dem. Downtown in p.m. Isobel over in p.m. [1924]-16 Snowed a wet snow all day. Splashed downtown & back in p.m. .... April 13 1923-Took Melrose Dem. to M. Newton Got new hat. Woked on Interior Dec. Dem. all ev'g. [1924]-17 Housecleaning going strong. .... April 14 1924-Worked all day. Dinner party in ev'g. Mr. & Mrs. Freer. McMillan. Mr. Griffiths & Bachynski, M.L.A. April 18 [1924]-House cleaned all day and went to Knox Church to hear "The Mount of Olives" in the ev'g. .... April 15 1923-First really nice day - very warm. Went to church with M. & D. in the a.m. Mrs. Muldrew & Annie in p.m. April 19 [1924]-Worked hard all day trying to make place presentable for Sunday - succeeded about 11 p.m. .... Apr 16 1923- a lovely day- everything running in rivers. Floods imminent. [1924]-April 14. Daddy left for the East. Went to meeting for the Literary Club in evg. An April shower-poured all day. . . . April 17 1923-wasted all p.m. with Isobel at Eaton's waiting for Mr.Newton. [1924]-no entry . . . Apr 18 1923- worked around the house and went downtown in p.m. Went without rubbers for 1st time. [1924]-no entry . . . Apr 19 1923-worked on milinery [??] in a.m. and in evg went to Bldg and [??] in the p.m. Wrote to Nell. [1924]-no entry . . . Apr 20 1923-went to the bldgs at 9 and worked all day. Made four charts. Worked at Millinery in evg. Wrote M.D.B. [1924]-easter. went to church in a.m. Mr.Pratt in for dinner. Read in p.m. to evg. . . . Apr 21 1923-was at bldg from 9 to 1. Sewed a little in p.m. and evg. [1924]-worked at housecleaning generally and made a trip downtown. . . . Apr 22 1923-went to church in a.m. To Mrs.Lyon's in the p.m. Wrote to Jane and Pete in evg. and D.J.C. [1924]-sewed all day. heard Mr.Newlands -"A night with Barrie." Enjoyed it immensely. . . . Apr 23 1923-worked in the office all day and on Demon. in evg. [1924]-wednesday-served all day and went for walk in evg. House still must upset with housecleaning. . . . . Apr 24 1923-worked in office all day. went to the Elijah with Mary and Annie Monc. in the evg. Most enjoyable. [1924]-served all day and went to see "Girl Shy" in evg. with townie. raining. . . . Apr 25 1923-worked in the office all day. Went to see the blind players in the evg. [1924]-went hat hunting in the a.m. and got one that just matched my suit. Downtown in p.m. again. a rainy day. . . . Apr 26 1923-worked in the office till 11, then went to Macaroni factory. a meeting in the p.m. [1924]-sewed nearly all day. finished homespun dress. . . . Apr 27 1923-worked in the buildings all a.m. sewed a little in evg. went to [??] with E.Grey in p.m. [1924]-Prof Kerr preached on Sabbath Abs[??] in a.m. Wrote to Nell and Milling Co. in p.m. A dull, dampish day. . . . Apr 28 1923-worked from 9 to 1. went to see "vanity Fair" in p.m.-very good. sewed and dyed in evg. [1924]-got a troubled letter from Nell. Much depressed. housecleaning continued. . . . Apr 29 1923-went to church in a.m. A glorious spring day. . . . Apr 30 1923-was in office all day, sewed a little at night. [1924]-elinor in bed with a cold. Had bad nasal hemorrhage. . . . May 1 1923-got payed in a.m. cashed check at noon. got a purse and umbrella. Packed [??] until 11. [1924]-went to see "under the red robe" in the evg with Donald. . . . May 2 1923-caught 8:30 train to Elm Creek. Spent day there talking and discussing. Oh ye hotel! [1924]-no entry . . . May 3 1923-saw Mr.Stevena again in a.m. and caught 10:10 train to [??]. Laura Willet met me, spent p.m. [??]. [1924]-worked at housecleaning until midnight trying to get place in order. Half the upstairs floor wet. . . . May 4 1923-went to Cypress River at noon. Stayed with Mrs.Morcombe. Caught 2:30 train home. Three teams. [1924]-church in a.m. Wore my new suit. Wrote to Pete and Lucy in evg. prof & Mrs.S in for dinner. . . . May 5 1923-Got up at 9:30 and went to the office. Got expenses and more pay (29.50). [??] Sewed and washed hair. [1924]-Took Katie [??] carslins to Mrs.Hamilton's class in the evg. . . . May 6 1923-went to church in a.m. Wrote to Nell. Eva, Sylvia, Amy and Iris in for supper. Weary. [1924]-Daisy in for tea and we went to see "the Hunchback of Notre Dame"-made story clearer. . . . May 7 1923-Caught 8:30 train. Reached Treesback at 1. Saw team, stayed with Mrs.Feild. [1924]-sewed and made a journey downtown. . . . May 8 1923-got up at 8. Elsie Mooney in for lunch. Reached Pipestone at 3:30. Went for a walk with teacher. [1924]-just plain sewed-was jolly tired of getting 3 meals each day. . . . May 9 1923-talked to Pipestone school. Reached Souris at 3-went for a short motor drive. Met Slim Thomson. [1924]-Sewed in a.m. and went downtown in p.m. Daddy came home in evg. Housecleaning almost finished. . . . May 10 1923-went to Hartney at 2:30. Stayed with Miss Hopkins. Talked to school and went on to [??]. [1924]-sewed in a.m. and p.m. made candy in evg. [??] left at 3. . . . May 11 1923-talked with teams. attended a C.G.I.J. meeting in the evg. [1924]-Mother's Day. Church in a.m. Bill Barclay here for dinner. Read in p.m. Dan Ross in for supper. Wrote to mary in evg. A real summer day. . . . May 12 1923-caught train at 10 to 8 and got home at 4:30. F.Robertson on party way. tired. [1924]-had a tea for all our 37 girls. nearly all here, only M.[??] married. spent morning baking, but it was worthwhile. . . . May 13 1923-Mother's Day. went to church in a.m. for a drive wtih Isobel R. in p.m. Daddy came home at 11. [1924]-lucy arrived to and spent most of the day shopping. . . . May 14 1923-caught train 8:45 and reached Russell at 6:15. Spent evening with Mrs.Boulton. [1924]-the results came out. Got a 1A. Donald a 1B, gold medal and [??] cape. Sewed all day for Lucy. . . . May 15 1923-went to Shellmouth at 7:30. Made arrangements to meet teams. Took a walk. [1924]-Convocation ceremony in a.m. Reception in p.m. A lovely day. Saw Donald graduate. Also a good many H.S. friends. Lucy and Don at dance. . . . May 16 1923-talked to Shellmouth teams and visited with Mrs.Bryant. Caught train at 9. [1924]-everybody tired. . . . May 17 1923-dealt with the Russell teams and visited with "Edna B." Results came out and I passed 19. [1924]-no entry . . . May 18 1923-met agricultural train. Missed train so motored to Foxwarren (46mi). Returned to [??]. Caught train at 11:52. [1924]-decoration day. saw part of parade from front of church in a.m. . . . May 19 1923-reached home at 7:30. was in the office for awhile got a new pair of shoes, slept and sewed. [1924]-club meeting in evg "Song of Solomon." . . . May 20 1923-decoration day. went to church in a.m. Mrs.Stoughton's for supper and evg. [1924]-met strat at 4:30 and went to Isobel's tea. a cold day but nice tea. . . . May 21 1923-went to grosse isle. drove a long way with a slow horse. A successful day-home for supper. [1924]-no entry . . . May 22 1923-office in the a.m. [??] in p.m. talked to a number of women in the evg. [1924]-went to see Kathleen Vicker son in p.m. . . . May 23 1923-talked to two teams in a.m. caught noon train to W'pg. downtown in p.m. [1924]-no entry . . . May 24 1923-cleaned downstairs book cases, cooked and sewed. Everybody busy and quite a nice day. [1924]-a dull and cold day. took a walk in p.m. . . . May 25 1923-went to culross at 8:30. a pleasant day but rather un-profitable. home at 9. [1924]-church in a.m. Mrs.Oliver and some other in for tea. . . . May 26 1923-office and downtown in a.m. sewed in p.m. Mrs.Moulson very tired. Worked until 11+. [1924]-to hospital with Mrs.M in a.m. to M.A.C. with Isobel and [??] at Cabbage Patch. Final meeting of the Lit. Club at Night. . . . May 27 1923-to church in a.m. Packed and left at 3:15 for Brandon with Isobel R. Supper on train. Long drive with M.Habs. [1924]-sewed etc. in a.m. and p.m. to "The eternal city" with girls at night. . . . May 28 1923-left for Wawanesa at 7. Spoke 5 times. Saw Elsie Mooney. Back to Br. and supper with Mr.H. [1924]-sewed etc. in a.m. Tea with Strat and Isobel in p.m. Followed by a movie "society scandal." . . . May 29 1923-left for Alexander 7:15. [??] in a.m. went on to Virden at noon. [??] [1924]-worked in garden all a.m. To the Hitchings tea in p.m. To Scaramouche with Daddy in evg. . . . May 30 1923-interviewed furnitures dealer. talked with two teams. Assisted miss.St.R. in sewing classes. [1924]-washed in a.m. Sewed [??] and water the garden in p.m. wrote to Nell. . . . May 31 1923-left for McAuly at 8:30. Had fair success with dim. went back to Brandon in evg. [1924]-[??] Did some finishing up in serving line. . . . June 1 1923-left for Ke[??] at 7:15. [??] and went on to Oak Lake. Found Mrs.McLeish and saw team. [1924]-church in a.m. tea at [??] in evg alia herriott there. rather odd but pleasant. . . . June 2 1923-slept in. did a little shopping. went to movies in evg with Betty and some friends. [1924]-no entry . . . June 3 1923-went to Anglican Church in a.m. for a walk in p.m. and to Union Church in evg. [1924]-stated white hat . . . June 4 1923-motored over to Algar at 7 a.m. at Woodnorth and motored onto Cramer with the school teacher. [1924]-no entry . . . June 5 1923-Dem. in Cromer in a.m. and in Elm Wally in p.m. Stayed with Mrs.Gray. [1924]-Man. College garden party. a cold dull day. made creamed potatoes for 350 people. attended graduation reception at nurses home in evg. . . . June 6 1923-dem. in Ebor in a.m. not to butter. slept in p.m. and caught train to [??] at 2 a.m. [1924]-served at Miss Aikins tea at Govt house in p.m. Beth O. helping an odd crowd pursuit. . . . June 7 1923-got to Wpg at 9. went to office and downtown. [1924]-no entry. . . . June 8 1923-sewed a little and tried to help round home. [1924]-church in a.m. tea with al and anna at mrs.campbell's in p.m. . . . June 9 [1923]-no entry [1924]-no entry [1925]-sewed and wrote in a.m. tea at isobel's in p.m. in honor of Dorothy [??]. worked at graduation journal in evg. . . . June 10 [1923]-no entry [1924]-no entry [1925]-sewed in a.m. went out to mrs.shanks in p.m. to inaugural meeting of Union Church of Canada in evg. Dr.Keith gave address. . . . . June 11 1923-went out to M.A.C. and worked all day on enlargements for charts. [1924]-[??] in evg. made a honey cake in a.m. . . . June 12 1923-no entry [1924]-payed Mae Boreham a visit in p.m. saw "Bright Lights of Broadway" with [??] in evg. . . . June 13 1923-no entry [1924]-Muriel & Geo. Bagnall here for lunch & p.m. At Muriel Leslie's for [??] in ev'g. .... June 14-no entry June 14-Visited dentist in a.m. Worked in garden in p.m. Paid Ella Stewart a visit in the hospital in p.m. .... June 15 1923-Sewed in the a.m. & went to the office in the p.m. Mother & Daddy came home in ev'g. El. at Graduation dance [1924]-Church in a.m. Dr Young of [??] here for dinner. Dr. Young, Miss Colwell & Rhoda B. here for tea. Finished letter to Nell, & [??] first cress from garden. A lovely summer day. .... June 16 1923-Went to office in a.m. [1924]-[No entry] .... June 17 1923-[No entry] [1924]-Dentist's in a.m. & had a wisdom tooth pulled. An International tea in p.m. Mrs. Carsten's & [??] Mrs. Van Reimsdyke, Mme. [??], Mrs. Frazer etc. .... June 18 1923-[No entry] [1924]-Went to see Jubilee parade in a.m. Rested in p.m. & went to Lady Elk's banquet in ev'g. Didn't know a soul & was bored to death as well as baked. .... June 19 1923-Went out to M.A.C. in p.m. to learn Arts for Brandon Fair. [1924]-Went to dentist in a.m. & on down town. .... June 20 1923-Was in the office in the a.m. & packed in p.m. [1924]-Down town in a.m. Florence Grant, Mrs. Mitchener, & Mrs. Guild in p.m. .... June 21 1923-Took train to Cypress River. Spent day with Mrs. Brant & Mrs. McLeod. [1924]-Worked in garden all a.m. At a shower for Ella Stewart in p.m. at Mrs Walker's. Rather boring. Sewed in ev'g. .... June 22 1923-Washed, cooked and packed. Was down town all p.m. Very tired. Fearfully hot. [1924]-Mr. McRae preached (missionary from China) here for dinner. Had a sore jaw & slept all p.m. Wrote to Grace Green, Isabelle [??]. .... June 23 1923-Left for Elm Creek at 9:30 Had dem. at 2. & got train home at 7:10. [1924]-Marj. got home at 9. Very tired but not much changed. .... June 24 1923-Went to church in the a.m. Wrote in p.m. & pressed & packed in ev'g. [1924]-Went to a party at Jessie McQueen's in ev'g. All College people there. Very nice. In honor of Ella Stewart. .... June 25 1923-Left W'pg 8:25 reached Carberry 11. Spent day with Bert. R. Got to Virden at 8:30. [1924]-[No entry] .... June 26 1923-Had b'kf'st in bed. Went to school in a.m., p.m. & ev'g. Was weary. Got train at 10 & reached B'd'n at 11:30 [1924]-Miss Bruce, Ella. & [??] in ev'g. .... June 27 1923-Left Brandon at 7:45 reached W'p'g at 12. El had a tea of 16 in p.m. Worked until 12. [1924]-[No entry] .... June 28 1923-A wild day. Stylo Show at M.A.C. in p.m. Left for Brandon at 6. Went to Pr. Ed. with Mrs. D. [1924]-[No entry] .... June 29 1923-Got clothes for show in a.m. Went out to grounds & worked in p.m. A short ride in ev'g. Got to sleep 12:30 [1924]-[No entry] .... June 30 1923-Went to Fair gr. at 10. Did some work. Finished a candlestick in p.m. Shopped. Ate at Pr. Ed. [1924]-Caught train at 10. for Minaki. Met by the Armonds & taken to the cottage. Unpacked, scrubbed cupboards & got settle generally. No swim as water was cold. ... July 1 1923-Went to church in a.m. and to dinner with Mrs. Edmison. A drive after 4. Dinner at Pr. Ed. & to hear Dr. Price. [1924]-Finished setting & started to rest. Rowed to town & disabled my left hand. .... July 2 1923-Went to grounds at 9 & got exhibit fixed up. Mrs. Duncan left at noon. Very tired by ev'g. [1924]-Family continued resting. .... July 3 1923-Did not go to grounds unti nearly noon. Everything went smoothly. M. & D. arrived in ev'g. [1924]-Family beginning to get on each other's nerves. Neighborhood began to arrive. .... July 4 1923-Was at grounds by 9:30. fairly busy. Had lunch & went to Gr. Stand with M. & D. Met many big guns. [1924]-Rhoda came down at 1 & Donald at 8. .... July 5 1923-M.A.C. re-union day. quite a number in. Had only a word with [??]. A storm in the ev'g. [1924]-Fairly quite day - everybody had a rest & swim. Lay awake all night & listened to animals run around. .... July 6 1923-Not very busy. Saw [??] autoraces after lunch with Dr. Bisby. Lights out. Packed up in ev'g. [1924]-A very quiet rather boring day Donald left at 7. .... July 7 1923-Got up at 10 & packed. Bad storm came up at noon. Came home with Murchie, Hopper & Hutt. [1924]-Iris came down at 1. The Hill girls towed us home, it being windy .... July 8 1923-Got up at 11. A very hot humid day. [1924]-Rested & initiated Iris in the art of swimming. .... July 9 1923-Took train at 4:45 to Atterburne Drove out with Mrs. Tallackson. Saw team dem. in ev'g. [1924]-Went out to Mrs. Armand's in p.m. Played golf with Junior. A lovely launch ride. Stewart worked at radio in ev'g. Very windy all day. .... July 10 1923-Saw two teams dem. in a.m. Judged 3 teams in p.m. - Social event for community. [1924]-Worked around & sewed in a.m. Stewart & Peggy Armond over 8p.m. & stayed for supper. Radio . A very warm day. Daddy went to Peg in p.m. .... July 11 1923-Caught train at 7:10 reached home about 9. Washed etc all day & left at 10 for the North. [1924]-Rested chiefly. .... 1923-Reached Binscarth at 6:30 returned to Foxwarren at noon. Coached team & went on to Russell at 6. Ev'g with Edna. [1924]-A very windy stormy day. Daisy & Mr. Mitchell came down in p.m. A fearfully cold night spent around the radio. .... July 13 1923-Had b'kf'st about 9 then telephoned & started out to do business. Dinner & supper at the manor & musical ev'g - felt unwelcome. [1924]-A hectic day spent getting meals & eating. Mr. M. left at 4 & Daisy & Iris at 7. Not a very pleasant day. .... July 14 1924-Caught train to Shellmouth at 8. After seeing 1 team had dinner & left at 1:30 by Ford for Marchwell - unpleasant drive & was so glad to see Eric Lee. [1924]-A quiet day to recuperate after Sunday. Rhoda & El. up early & went fishing - caught 5. .... July 15 1923-got up about 9 & after playing some hymns [??] bkfst. Tea at Eileen's at 1 & drove to church at 3. [1924]-Anna came down at 4. .... July 16 1923-Got up about 8:30 & tried to help around. Was at Eileen's for tea. Will drove me to the station to get the 11:10 train [1924]-Rhoda, Anna, El.& I sailed over to M. Bathgate's. Played badminton. A nice tea - back to town in the launch. .... July 17 [1923]-Got home at 7:30 - Lucy met me. Washed and ironed and shopped, then took train to Dom.City where I was not me. [1924]-El, Anna and Rhoda took a long cruise. . . . July 18 1923-did nothing in a.m., but drove to Ridgeville and back in p.m. Went to Emerson's in evg and was met by Rele. [1924]-Rhoda left in p.m. . . . July 19 1923-got up about 8:30 and went into town at 10. Pete's team's demo. in p.m. Lawn social in evening. [1924]-daddy left. . . . July 20 [1923]-left for Dom.City about 9:30. Saw team and went on to Arnaud at 1:30. Motored on from Ar. to W'p'g, getting home at 6:30. [1924]-a very quiet day. . . . July 21 [1923]-got up about 9 and worked around then went over to office. Slept in p.m. [1924]-Mrs.Asborne and the girls in for tea. . . . July 22 1923-church in a.m. Mr. and Mrs.Ly[??] Daisy and Ella Stewart in for tea. A hot day. [1924]-Anna left in p.m. . . . July 23 1923-in office in a.m. Caught train to Eriksdale at 3. Reached there at 6:30. Saw Dan Turner. Had a [??]. [1924]-Peggy Armond, Charlotte Counsell, [??] art and geo. in p.m. Rather jolly time. [??] to town, a lovely evg. . . . July 24 1923-got up at 8. [??] at 10:30. Read and knitted rest of day. Went on to Ashern at 7. Saw Hanson at station. [1924]-tea Mrs.Hill's in p.m. The Ashbornes and Mrs.Greenwood there. . . . July 25 1923-got up at 9:30 and walked downtown. Dem. at 3. read in between times. Baseball practice in evg and H.Christian over after. [1924]-went for a lunch picnic-the Ashbornes, James's and Blacks. Mary L.R. arrived about 5. Met Mabel C and Jean McB at 7. . . . July 26 [1923]-let Ashurn at 7 a.m. got home at noon. Went to office in p.m. and to M.A.C. for supper. Concert and dance in evg. [1924]-Mary, Jean and i fished -caught a huge one. Everybody slept in p.m. Mabel swimming time. Rain storms at night. . . . July 27 [1923]-was in the office in the a.m. Cooked and shopped in p.m. preparing for M.A.C. girls who came in evg. [1924]-a rather dull morning, Jean left in evg. . . . July 28 [1923]-went downtown in a.m. to do a little shopping and then canned -to have some samples for my dem. [1924]-the James, Ashbornes and harmons and Blacks had a lunch picnic. Swim first, Mabel left at 4:30 . . . July 29 1923-Dr.Christie preached in Augustine at great length. [1924]-The James's and Ashborned in for tea. Rather chilly tho' bright p.m. . . . July 30 [1923]-worked in the office in a.m. downtown in p.m. canning dem in West Kildonan in evg. Success. [1924]-mrs.armond and family over for a short time in p.m. packed all evg. . . . July 31 [1923]-slept till noon. worked in office in p.m. Dem. in Weston in evg-small crowd and uninspiring. [1924]-finished packing and cleaning. Had a huge dinner at Mrs.Hill's, went to town in Hill's boat and canoe. Caught 4:20 train. home looked pretty good. . . . Aug 1 [1923]-slept in-went to office for a short while. golf club for tea and supper. to Mrs.Martin's in evg and played [??]. [1924]-unpacked and made a dash downtown. . . . Aug 2 [1923]-worked around in a.m. Met Mary P. at 2 and had a game of tennis. Saw Dawn to sea in ships in evg with M. [1924]-over to office to see Edith. Then to hospital with mary. Saw Daisy. then downtown. . . . Aug 3 [1923]-canned apricots in a.m. shopped in p.m. then sewed. [1924]-church in a.m. mrs.campbell in for dinner. ned and clare up after. mary and i out at Mrs.C's for supper. A lovely day. . . . Aug 4 [1923]-worked round in a.m. sewed in p.m. went to see [??] "Enemies Women" with Dan in evg. [1924]-met 8:15 train. took some to M.A.C. at 9. met girls all day. rain up and down. tired out. rained in p.m. . . . Aug 5 [1923]-did not get up until 11:30. wrote to mary c in p.m. Jen in for supper and went to church after. [1924]-with [??] at lower fort. rested in p.m. Tired at night. . . . Aug 6 [1923]-got up about 8:30 and worked around. went to see "Penrod and Sam" in evg. wept. sewed in evg. [1924]-with teams at 9 and Gov't House. Busy evg. at M.A.C. Home at 10 with Jessie and Les Hancock. . . . Aug 7 [1923]-help mother and served. M and D. left for lake trip at 1:30. washed hair. went downtown wrote to Daisy and Jessie. [1924]-stood and walked at eaton's all day. out to park in evg. and then back home in Mr.[Van??] car and to bed. . . . Aug 8 [1923]-worked around hom helping Mrs.M most of the day. [1924]-down at Eaton's at 8:30. worked all day. packed up by 4. to M.A.C. in evg. much running around. home on 11 car dead tired. . . . Aug 9 [1923]-served most of the day and finished yellow gingham dress. [1924]-did not waken until 12. did little the rest of the day. . . . Aug 10 [1923]-caught train for Roland at 7:25. Judged [T]horey Thordarson's two teams and caught train home in p.m. [1924]-church in a.m. . . . Aug 11 [1923]-rested, sewed, shopped and read-paid a short visit to the office. [1924]-tea at gov't house in p.m. went to hear a lecture on Burn-Jones in evg. . . . Aug 12 [1923]-went to church in a.m. had supper at Mrs.Stoughton's-Camerons there. finished letter to nell. [1924]-had family group taken in p.m. daisy and miss leach in for dinner. groups were good. . . . Aug 13 [1923]-shopped, cooked, sewed and read. mary wintermerte and julie scott in for supper and evg. [1924]-a dull, cold day. family to have a picnic but ate at home. went to see "west of the water tower" in evg. . . . Aug 14 [1923]-sewed in a.m. and event to M.A.C. with Juliet S. in p.m.-Mary P and partyalong. people please to see me. [1924]-May B[??]ham and Billy over in p.m. Mabel for dinner. . . . Aug 15 [1923]-sewed in a.m. M and D came home from Norway House at noon. [1924]-out to M.A.C. at 2 with D.Little. Tea at Mrs.Bracke. Met Agnes Knox. dinner at southwood. Dr.Pidgeon, Mr. and Mrs.Martin. Don left for holiday so did Mrs.Moulson. . . . Aug 16 [1923]-worked around in a.m. went to St.Vital Fair at 1:30 and helped judge needlework. [1924]-[??] but busy day. downtown in p.m. . . . Aug 17 [1923]-went to west kil. at 10 and judged cooking. sewed in p.m. [1924]-church in a.m. capt.and mrs.robinson in for tea. wrote to Nell. a chilly day. dr.anderson and his son Ansil of Birmingham in evg. . . . Aug 18 [1923]-judged cooking at Morse Place fair in a.m. Two eng. men in p.m. Mr.Livingstone of Edin for supper. [1924]-several ladies in in p.m. supper at Mabel Campbell's-Jean M and B there too. . . . Aug 19 [1923]-went to know church in a.m. and st.john meth. in evg. to hear dr.johnson of edin. read pendennis in p.m. [1924]-washed in a.m. a tea in p.m.-kathleen and dorothy cornell here. erma small, dr allan and in for dinner. did dishes and dampened [??] until 11. . . . Aug 20 [1923]-mr.livingstone left at 9. went shopping in a.m. sewed in p.m. played piano and packed. [1924]-no entry . . . Aug 21 [1923]-made a trip downtown and then packed. made two cakes too. very tired in evg. [1924]-no entry . . . Aug 22 [1923]-caught train to victoria beach at 9 a.m. lucy cooper with us. mice cottage and were soon settled after baggage arrived. [1924]-mrs.telfer lucilla[??] and Mary davis in in ecg. also mrs.knoc and agnes. . . . Aug 23 [1923]-rested and swam. daddy came down in evg. [1924]-El. and I at Rhoda's for tea. Aug. 22 M.D. and Mary at Southwood. went to osbourne in evg. . . . Aug 24 [1923]-felt tired and cross all day-had a short swim and a good cry when I got to bed. [1924]-el and I at tea at Lucilla Telfers in p.m. Mary Davis, Elfa Ramsay etc present. Aug.23 . . . Aug 25 [1923]-felt rotten in a.m. so stayed in bed till 5pm. El had a great time doing work. [1924]-no entry . . . Aug 26 [1923]-spent the day quietly reading and cooking. Donald left at 7. [1924]-sylvia, Mrs.Bacon and Mrs.Allan Cameron in in evg. Tea at antique shop with Agnes Knox and Miss Herd[??]. . . . Aug 27 [1923]-wrote to Nell. played tennis with anita allan. [??] in p.m. Met.J.Robson at 4 in pouring rain. daddy to town in evg. [1924]-some ladie in in p.m. erma [??], dr allan & ? . . . Aug 28 [1923]-up at 9:30 walked a little and served more. [1924]-a busy day. may left at 7:05. mother much depressed. . . . Aug 29 [1923]-daddy came back down in evg. [1924]-no entry . . . Aug 30 [1923]-did very little except sew all day. had first lesson in bridge in evg. [1924]-mother ill. did washing alone. slept in p.m. and read in evg. . . . Aug 31 [1923]-took long walk in a.m. washed hair in p.m. cold evg and had supper inside. played bridge in evg. [1924]-no entry . . . Sept 1 [1923]-got up at 9. Prof and Mrs.Stou. arrived at 11:30. dinner at 1. swan and sat on sand from 3 to 4:30. dressed. caught train for home. lucy spent night with [??]. [1924]-ironed off and on all day. El and I went to the Ashbourne in the evg. Mrs.Moulson returned in evg. . . . Sept 2 [1923]-[??] at 9:30. Lucy left at 11. lunch alone. donald in for supper. [1924]-no entry . . . Sept 3 [1923]-met train at 7 a.m. took girls to bkfst. took 41 out to M.A.C. at 9. Met cars and put girls in rooms all day. answered millions of questions. sports and programme in evg. lots of noise. headache and weary 216 in. [1924]-no entry . . . Sept 4 [1923]-lower fort. lunch at locks. fast walk with mr.wood. sports at M.A.C. learned i was to judge with Mr.Rae. more tired that night. [1924]-no entry . . . Sept 5 [1923]-banquet at eaton's. capital in p.m.-baggage left in eaton's. supper roseland gardens. swimming and stunts at M.A.C. found boys on the girls side of the house. [1924]-mrs.james and the girls in the p.m. [??] daisy right after dinner. . . . Sept 6 [1923]-[??]college. city park in p.m. had much fun swinging and on merry-go-round. had hectic night with swimming basket-ball and doctorings. [1924]-no entry . . . Sept 7 [1923]-crowd went over [??] bldg while I looked after tickets and judged a team. dinner. allan in p.m. supper at young church after shopping exp. winning teams [??] in evg. [??]. [1924]-daddy at Hazelridge. mrs.monteith, dr.& mrs.Lyal in for dinner. church again in evg to hear a med.missionary. . . . Sept 8 [1923]-first crowd up at 5, then 6&7. all left on 9 car. went to bed at 10:15 and slept till 4. but girls had a wonderful time so we did not mind being dead tired. [1924]-[potted??] chicken all a.m. the asborne girls and betty a. in for supper-pleasant evg. Mr.and Mrs.Youmans and Rus.Love in in evg. . . . Sept 9 [1923]-went to church in a.m. slept in p.m. family returned from the lake in evg. [1924]-El's birthday. made cake in a.m. mary, anna and Jean in for supper. . . . Sept 10 [1923]-no entry [1924]-rush trip to town in a.m. preserved. trimmed el's hat. out to freda lyon's in p.m. Rus.Love[??] in for supper. . . . Sept 11 [1923]-no entry [1924]-downtown all a.m. sewed in p.m. and evg. . . . Sept 12 [1923]-no entry [1924]-pickled all a.m downtown in late p.m. sewed in evg. . . . Sept 13 [1923]-no entry [1924]-helped with pickles, cleaned upstairs and served. Dr.Ferguson came in p.m. Donald home for dinner. . . . Sept 14 [1923]-no entry [1924]-church in a.m. mrs.Dent of Norway House in for tea. De.Ferguson left at 7. . . . Sept 15 [1923]-no entry [1924]-went to see "the covered wagon" with donald. enjoyed it immensely. . . . Sept 16 [1923]-went to church in a.m. read and packed in p.m. early to bed to be ready to start judging at boys and girls club fairs next day. [1924]-shopped, helped m. sewed. . . . Sept 17 [1923]-caught train 7:05. reached Altana 10. Mr.Si[??]. rainy day. farily good fair. rested in p.m. played rummy in evg. nearly froze in bed. [??] got up a dance for [??] [1924]-tea at mrs.karstins in p.m. did odd sewing, mending and packing. . . . Sept 18 [1923]-left for Gretna at 9:30. Found fair already. adults and children big exhibit. finished at 2:45. Edith left at 1. walked all over town with Mr.Rae in evg. [1924]-caught train to Gretna at 7"05. Judged until 2:30 when I left Mr.Leslie for Walhalla. Supper with Mrs.Clairmont. Back to Mor[??] by dark. Lost top of car in wind. . . . Sept 19 [1923]-got up at 6:30 and aught 7:25 train to Plum Coulee-put up at [??]. Found no fair there nor at Winklet so went to Wpg in p.m. Nuriel Leslie on train. [??] evg and early to bed. [1924]-did not waken until 9:30. Jean took me around the farm. wild ducks for dinner. saw Kay Finn. Frank Loughland on train. had very pleasant time with the [??]. Sept 20 [1923]-bkfst in bed. moved to el's room in a.m. downtown in p.m. did small wash, read and packed and got to bed. [1924]-up early and had long wait for Prof.Brodrick. Reached Birds' Hill at 11:30. Dinner with Mrs.Chudlugh [??]. Had a chat with Isobel R. . . .  Sept 23 [1923]-went to Presbyterian Church in a.m. Ada took me out to her home for dinner and supper. A cold day. In for church at Methodist Church in evg. Mr.Rae would not go to Ada's. [1924]-judged Strathclair fair. Sam Larcombe other [fridge??]. Drove to Elphinstone with inspector Morrison. Had a drive with the Brier's in the evg. . . . Sept 24 [1923]-inspector Gordon called for us at 9 a.m. Inspected [??] School, 9:30-12. Judged at Moresby Fair and went on to Snowflake. Made up report and wrote letters. [1924]-judged fair, visited with Mrs.Brier and Isobel. Went on to Oakburn in p.m. Found there was no fair. Had to put up at Mrs.Connell's. . . . Sept 25 [1923]-slept till 10. A dull rainy day. Snowflakes fair good. Drove back to Manito[??]-roads [??] but valley pretty. Went to Mr.Gordon's home for the evening. Raining hard. [1924]-a dull cold day. walked to school in a.m. and back. Slept in p.m. went to Miss [??] in evg. Feeling very rotten. Rained most of the night. . . . Sept 26 [1923]-no fair at Crystal City. A cold, wet day. Stayed in bed till noon, threatened with a cold. Mr.Blanchard around. Play Rummy all evg. [1924]-drove 17 miles thro' mud to Rossburn. A very wet day, cold. Fairly good fair. Spent night with Mrs.Haugh. . . .  Sept 29 [1923]-no bkfst, train home at 11. saw Mr. Rae in Manitou-mather[??] team on train. Elinor's class held a re-union at the house. a good time very weary. [1924]-no entry . . . Sept 30 [1923]-slept until noon. Mary and Annie in for supper. Student services at Broadway Meth. got a letter for Mr.Rae. [1924]-caught train in a.m. for St.Adolphe-french. spent day in convent-most interesting. went on to st.pierre in evg. ride in bus-french still. . . . Oct 1 [1923]-caught train at 7:00 for Darlingford. Mr.Rae and Mr.Gordon were late. fair not good. served tea. Miss Frances cottons very nice. drove on to Manitou. Mrs.Gordon along. [1924]-judged fair-visited with sisters etc. made a little speech. to bed in fairly good time. . . . Oct 2 [1923]-tuesday drove to clearwater. a good fair. lunch at church, went to Mrs.Collin's for the night-a lovely home and pretty room. [??]. Mr.Rae went back to Manitou. [1924]-up at 5:30. bus at 6. train at 7. home at 8. drove to Argyle with Mr.Park. Had a good time. . . . Oct 3 [1923]-did not get up till noon. went to fair at 2, but nothing was going on. could not start to judge till 5 p.m. Finished by lamplight. Mr.Rae stayed over night. [1924]-drove with Mr.Park and In.Hall. James to river[??]. Had a lot of fun. Not such a good fair. . . . Oct 4 [1923]-got up about 8. caught train at 10 with Mr.Rae. A long trip home. Mrs.Lu (physics) on board. No dinner at La Rivere. very tired when i got home se went to bed early. [1924]-no entry . . . Oct 5 [1923]-slept late and payed short visit to office. [1925]-Dinner with Neb [??] and Hugh McPhail-dear little boy. . . . Oct 5 [1924]-left in p.m. for Lac du Bonnet. learned there was to be no fair. Mr.Alimy with me. . . . Oct 7 [1923]-went to church in a.m. Betty LcLush and John Albon in for supper. [1924]-caught 7 a.m. train to Haxelridge. drove to [??]. found auntie alone. spent day talking. slept at [??]. . . . oct 8 [1923]-washed and ironed and sewed. went to the office. packed. isobel, pete and strat in for supper. "Strangers of the night" after. [1924]- went to hazelridge at 8. met Mr.Prodan. judged fair and sat around scott's boarding house. poured rain. caught train at 9:40. . . . Oct 9 [1923]-packed in the a.m. Isobel called for me and we went to M.A.C. at 3. got settled and reunioned all evg. [1924]-didn't get up until late. judged fair. poured rain. made speech. caught train at 7:30-got home at 9. tired out. . . . Oct 10 [1924]-went to chemistry and had lab all morning. drafted all p.m. rather a hard day to start on. [1924]-no entry . . . Oct 11 [1923]-lectures all morning and chemistry lab in the p.m. [1924]-no entry . . . Oct 12 [1923]-first meeting of S.C.M. Confer. held in the evg. Prof.Kerr [??]. Much noise around at night. [1924]-no entry . . . Oct 13 [1923]-sessions of conference all day. two big feeds [??] at night. Aggies raided one feed and took off food, tied other into room. [1924]-packed all a.m. back to M.A.C. in p.m. . . . Oct 14 [1923]-Prof.Angue [??] gave closing address. Hugh McMillan home for dinner. pasted snaps all p.m. Saw [??] George. [1924]-no entry. . . . oct 15 [1923]-no entry [1924]-no entry . . . Oct 16 [1925]-had a very bad time in the p.m. and was all in by 3:15. will have that class no more. . . . Oct 17 [1923]-all girls of class went to see Bransley Williams in David Cooperfield. very good. got home at 1. [1925]-called for auntie mae at 10 a.m. called on Mrs.Duff-Stewart and mrs.Mclean. Lunch at Mr.J.S. Gordon's. Tea at Mrs.Fred Malkins. Auntie M. here for dinner and the night. . . . Oct 18 [1925]-to memorial church in a.m. Mr.Malkin called and took me to his home-had a very pleasant day. stayed for tea as well as dinner. . . . Oct 19 [1925]-had a bad time with two girls in a.m. . . . Oct 20 [1923]-ruth russell, do and peggy davis had a tea in p.m. [1925]-had a new class drop in from henry hudson unheralded. . . . Oct 22 [1923]-demonstrated new ways of cooking potatoes in p.m. miss moxon quite pleased, girls said I did well. [1925]-opening of gen. g. school in p.m. stodd and made gallons of tea. mrs.smith said laura liked me. read and knitted in evg. . . . Oct 23 [1923]-classes until 4, then went out to gather wood. had fire burning when class arrived. only happy, Si and Gordon got there. lots of weiners, toast, jam, doughnuts and marshmallows. [1925]-had no class in p.m. went to gen.g on my way home. sewed and read in evg. . . . Oct 24 [1923]-a colder with rain. 1925-washed sewed items[??] all the rainy morning. went to mary c's for p.m. she came back for dinner and stayed all night. . . . Oct 25 [1925]-got up at 9:30. took mary c to chalmer's. had lunch at the Cornell's. walked home about 4. wrote to Gerry, Marion and Auntie Mae. . . . Oct 26 [1923]-elected pres of S.C.M. went in at 3 and sat around. attended council meeting and they made [??]. slept at home, very tired. [1925]-first dayof winter-rained all day. made two lots of gluten balls at school. sewed after school. . . . Oct 27 [1923]-slept till 10. broke glasses. sewed and pressed. took 4 car to M.A.C. Faculty reception in evg. had a fairly good time. decorations lovely. [1925]-downtown after 4, got shoes. stayed down for dinner. a raw wet night. . . . Oct 28 [1923]-for up for bkfst and s.s.-which i led- faith chapter. wrote to m.c. Had dinner with Jack Miner-meeting at 1:30. sing song in evg.-dead as a door-nail. more tired than ever. [1925]-worked all day. . . . Oct 29 [1923]-kirks july dem. in p.m. read in library until after 4. [1925]-election day. rhoda and Neb in in p.m. to mr.falconer's in evg. to hear reports over radio. . . . Oct 30 [1923]-such a long day and art in p.m. [1925]-had katie and isobel stewart and dorothy and mary cornell in p.m. sewed and wrote in evg. made some very nice bread. . . . Oct 31 [1923]-classes in a.m. went in on 2 car to helen ney's tea and big crowd, very boring. back at 7-everything very quiet. didn't go to bed til 12. pete at minto barracks. [1925]-downtown in a.m. lunch with amy lee, sewed at wool dress in p.m. to the gardens in the evg. . . . Nov 1 [1923]-very tired. busy all day with meetings and plannings. tiresome p.m. in chemistry. [1925]-to Wesley in a.m. to hear dr.geo pidgeon. wrote to norma in p.m. to school to set bread at 2. tea with mary and spent evening ... . . . Nov 2 [1923]-classes in a.m. and early p.m. [??] up and fussed around S.C.M. reception at 7:30. Much excitement and noise but everyone happy. Tidied up and washed dishes till 11:30 [1925]-had a very discouraging day. felt like a very miserable failure at noon. . . . Nov 3 [1923]-took decorations in aud down. car home. washed, pressed and dry cleaned all day. [1925]-served after school and worked on lesson. . . . Nov 4 [1923]-slept till 23. went for a walk after dinner. helen leppard and chambers and eric in for tea. a wonderful day. [1925]-classes all day and down to see Mrs.Cunningham after 4. very tired and a bit low. . . . Nov 5 [1923]-classes in a.m. Macs.Filling dem. in p.m. then tea in Marions. spent S.P. on S.C.M. work. [1925]-school in a.m. no class in p.m. served after 4 and worked on lesson in evg. . . . Nov 6 [1923]-classes in a.m. field day in p.m glorious day-had visit with Mr.Rae and Armie. did some burke and started letter to disy in evg. [1925]-brown bread in a.m. [??] tea in p.m. to ruth harrap cummings reception with Mary C. later. Then home and packed. To boat at 9 p.m. Miss Morton did not come until 11:45. . . . Nov 7 [1923]-open night with [??] debate-fearfully boring. sympathetic strikes. Betha Bownman on neg. [1925]-reading a.m. made sandwiched all p.m. faculty reception in evg. daddy and M. out. had a fairly good time. . . . Nov 8 [1923]-[??] played 3rd yr in bsk't ball-much excitement all day. girls turned out to make big noise-good posters. [1924]-up about 9 and home at 10. served in a.m. to a men's musical concert in evg. . . . Nov 9 [1923]-went home in p.m. too weary do anything. S.C.M. and S.V.M. supper at Y.M.C.A. H.McMillan ltook to me to supper. [1924]-church in a.m. read in p.m. chrissie greaves in for supper. . . . Nov 10 [1923]-Don took El and me to see "The Common Law." [1924]-made birthday cake in a.m. and helped get dinner. Hope A., Lititia Reed, Bill Barclay, Pat McGuire in for dinner and [??]. . . . Nov 11 [1921?]-church in a.m. unveiling of [??] at M.A.C. in p.m. no one in for supper or dinner. received a string of pearls and vanity pins. [1924?]-[??] all a.m. slept most of p.m. marion black[??] back. Hope and I had a joint birthday party in evg. . . . Nov 12 [1923]-fussed around most of the day over the dinner. Prof and Mrs.Slaughton, Prof.Butler and Mr.Shanne Deachman and Rae in. Left at 11. [1924]-class all a.m. and read in p.m. gym. bible study group at mrs.mckillican in evg. . . . [1923]-very weary and classes all day. had a birthday party in my room at 10. cocoa, toast, filly and cake. wore m.masson's organdy dress. [1924]-classes in a.m. wrote to k.m.d in p.m. home, debate in evg. . . . Nov 14 [1923]-mrs rose out and spoke to us on student work at 9:15. a feed[??] in merle and elsis' room afterward. [1924]-tired, so spent off time reading and sleeping. lecture from mrs.p in p.m. helped the baker make drop cakes. . . . [1923]-debate on immigration at 9:15. fifth year won. [1924]-in office all a.m. home at 2 and washed [??]. studied in the evg. . . . Nov 16 [1923]-did art'l [??] all p.m. and read eng most of evg. mr.woodsworth out to speak. "labour." [1924]-katie carstins in for dinner and stayed till 4:30. Pito[??] in for tea. heard campbell morgan in evg. good sermon. . . . Nov 17 [1923]-went home at 9 and to library. sewed in p.m. dance at M.A.C. in evg. quite a good time. [1924]-did an odd bit of work and had a sleep. . . . Nov 18 [1923]-attended s.s. then went to bed till 12. wrote to mary b. and went to church in p.m. chapperoned church party to yohan masik [??]. [1924]-had graduation pictures taken in p.m. debate in evg. on deterioration of the human race-medicine hygiene. . . . Nov 19 [1923]-studied all p.m. executive meeting with four girls on the mat, at 9:15. [1924]-bible study in evg. mrs.mckillican leading and served tea after. tea at miss spacknan's in the p.m.!!! . . . Nov 20 [1923]-elections for indianapolis debate and MAC got it. i did want to go but it may be good [??]. [1924]-classes in a.m. slept most of p.m. to bed fairly early. . . . Nov 21 [1924]-stunt[??] practice after 9:15. lots of laughter and fun. i the bride, gordon-lochinwar, armie-father, Iso-mother, wallie-groom. [1925]-field trip to hospitals in p.m. tea with daisy. athlete committee had a "country fair" in evg-very good. helped scotty teach in a.m. . . . Nov 22 [1923]-our boys debated 3rd year at 9:15 on invitation-humours but we lost. good songs. . . . Nov 23 [1923]-class all a.m. went home at 2 and walked to and from the library. read and sewed in evg. . . . Nov 24 [1923]-got up at 10 and went downtown. sewed until 5 when I took the car to M.A.C. a musical evg was rather unsuccessful. bob near. . . . Nov 25 [1923]-ground covered with first soft snow. took the chair at s.s. dr.pidgeons gave a good sermon on church union. eve and sylvia in for supper. wrote to nell and alita townsend. . . . Dec 2 [1923]-went into town on 12 car. not having gotten up for s.s. was very tired and sleepy. . . . Dec 3 [1923]-november 29. dress rehearsal of stunt at 9:15. lots of fun and costumes good. . . . Dec 4 [1923]- november 30. classes all day. went to town at 3 and slept. went to med. dance in evg getting home about 1:30. very tired. had only a fairly good time. [1925]-to mary c's after school. . . . Dec 5 [1923]- december 1. went out to M.A.C. at 10 with G. fletcher and isobel. stunt practic at 11. slept all evg. [??], elinor, rhoda, and mary out for supper. out stunt was a scuccess. short dance after and feed in emma's. [1925]-to mary c's after school. . . . Dec 6 [1925]-to anglican church with mary c. in a.m. tea, supper and evg at mrs.helliwell's. . . . Dec 7 [1923]-women's faculty baq. in p.m. a short fair man in my palm-probably a preacher. to [??] married two or three years time. . . . Dec 8 [1923]-dance in the evg at which I had a very good time once it started. was not too tired either. . . . Dec 9 [1923]-came into church. pete and her brother in for supper. . . . Dec 10 [1923]-marion demonstrated on "breakfast breads" very well. Johnson's english test in a.m. [??] . . . Dec 11 [1925]-cut things out in the office all p.m. . . . Dec 12 [1926]-slept late and then went to S.S. To dorothy's with walter and mary for dinner. . . . Dec 13 [1925]-Mary C. at church with me in a.m. wrote cards and letters all the rest of the day. [1926]-cookies and cake in a.m. candy in p.m. . . . Dec 14 [1925]-first dayof cookies, 35 batches. [1926]-meeting after school. very bad class in a.m. . . . Dec 15 [1925]-cookies in a.m. candy in p.m. meeting after school-long and tiring. [1926]-cookies in a.m. nothing much in p.m. over to concert in evg. very good. . . . Dec 16 [1923]-lucy came down. wrote grandma. went to church in a.m. addressed cards in p.m. [??], molly mcfarlane and jean gordon in for supper. took 8 car. . . . Dec 17 [1923]-pete up at 4 a.m. wrote a long hard chemistry paper in a.m. slept in p.m. then studied for exams next day. a lovely bright melting day. [1925]-class in a.m. at gen. gor in p.m. miss sherrin drove me downtown where i got holly for the family. wrapped gifts all night. . . . Dec 18 [1923]-wrote psy chronology in a.m. and textiles in p.m. studied burke with isobel until 1 a.m. except when we were at a feed in the nurses' room. [1925]-last day of first term. class of 4 in a.m. who did considerable cleaning. busy p.m. to post office after school. . . . Dec 19 [1923]-wrote burke in a.m. studied the family with isobel in p.m. had congregational meeting in evg. wrote to auntie maud. [1925]-downtown in a.m. dewed and wrapped parcels in p.m. washed wool dress later. wrote letters in evg. . . . Dec 20 [1923]-wrote the family the in the a.m. and sewed, packed and slept in p.m. tried to study in evg but isobel and i had the xmas spirit. [1925]-church in a.m. went out for xmas tree in p.m. wrote to auntir maude and grace. . . . Dec 21 [1923]-wrote a [??] of costume in the a.m. caught 11 car home. wrapped up xmas parcels and went downtown. movie in evg with eric. [1925]-washed and ironed and pressed in a.m. visited mary c in p.m. packed all evg. . . . Dec 22 [1923]-downtown in a.m. sewed all p.m. and wrapped up parcels in evg. felt very tired. [1925]-took boat at 10:30. foggy trip over. met and went around the stores. busy evg. . . . Dec 23 [1923]-church in a.m. and a sleep in p.m. mr and mrs. lyon in for supper. addressed cards in evg. a bright and frosty day. [1925]-Ron held [??] all except in the evg. when we took a walk-a fine day. . . . Dec 24 [1923]-trip downtown in a.m. did up parcels and decorated in p.m. delivered parcels in evg. [1925]-downtown in p.m. big crowd, but very jolly. did some extra shopping. helen and i played santa claus at 12. . . . Dec 25 [1923]-got up at 9. had bkfst and opened gifts. light lunch. dinner at 6. ella and bobbie stewart, mrs mcdougall and [??] here for dinner. ned, clare, and walter in afterwards-charades. [1925]-up at 9. church at 11, after opening parcels. walked home. like spring. bloom and pussy willows. dinner at 4. games in evg. . . . Dec 26 [1923]-slept late. went to hospital with lucy in p.m. had tea with dick kitchen with ella stewart. [1925]-miss roundhill's party in the p.m. different but pleasant. mrs.cleveland's in the evg. a home party. . . . Dec 27 [1923]-grace cameron's tea in p.m. played bridge in evg. donald very cranky. [1925]-slept until 10:30. tried to write letters all day. a long walk in the p.m. the evg. by the fire. [??]. . . . Dec 28 [1923]-visited kathleen's (cornwall) [??]son and went to flora sellers tea. all went to the telders in the evg. played michigan. pretty cold! [1925]-helen had a small tea in p.m. marion and emma mcgowan and ada. played bridge in the evg. . . . Dec 29 [1923]-cooked in a.m. i went downtown. party in evg. made life stories. isobel, mary, anna, mary P, harvey, don, [??], fred, clare, walter, john walked here. schmidt's have a good time. [1925]-helen had a small tea in p.m. marion and emma mcgown girls and ada. played bridge in evg. . . . Dec 30 [1923]-church in a.m. wrote to nell, kathy, mrs.pidgeon, and mcleish. helped get supper for miss brown and dingwall, will and miriam. coldest day -23 below. [1925]-tea at the hall then to laura leightons and the nairns.bridge in the evg. . . . Dec 31 [1923]-got up at 9:30. cooked and fussed around. all lady faculty in from M.A.C. for tea. get here at 5 and were all gone by 6:30. isobel helped. played bridge and wrote to m.cormell. [1925]-bridge at marion and emma's in p.m. "a kiss for cinderella" in evg. mitchell's in to see the new year in. . . . Memo 1 1923-a very busy year and passed most quickly. feel i made some friends in the country, certainly learned much about manitoba. developed a good bit i hope. Marks-xmas '24 English 83 household mgt 67 educa. 91 nutrition 87 tracking 84 Memo 2 [1923]-xmas gifts. m.& d. -ivory manicure set. correspondence cards. don. tape measure. [??]. Mary C. photo. Mrs.Pidgeon, note paper. lillias, lingerie clasps. mary Monc.-garters. mucy-hat brush. mrs.m-glove stretchers. Memo 3 Mary Hardy-Lavendar cards-either gray, kathe carstens, alma young, mary henderson, leta brasith, mary gallagher. julier scott, mary paterson, k.m.d., dorothy chard, jenny collyer. Memo 4 alda stratton, mary mckenzie, mrs.bartlett.


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