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[Diary of Charlotte Black] Black, Charlotte S. 1920

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 [JANUARY] [THURSDAY, 1] [New Year's Day.] We got up at 9:30. Spent all day getting ready for dinner. Mr & Mrs. R. F. McWilliams, Mr & Mrs. W.W. Evans, Mr & Mrs. McKibbin, Mr & Mrs. Stoughton. Dinner was at 5:30 & we had--soup, turkey, salad, pie, pudding, coffee, nuts, raisins & candies. After dinner we played "Minister's Cat," "My Name is __" & had some songs. When guests were gone at 11:30 we did the dishes. [Friday, 2] Got up about 9:30. Phoned Marjorie Cornell to say I couldn't go to her party. In the afternoon Mrs. Kon, Nellie & Willie and Mrs. Pidgeon, & Arthur came over. In the evening I did my History homework. [. . .] [JANUARY] [MONDAY, 5] Got up at 7:20. Sewed the buttons on my coat & left for school at 10 to 9. Miss Baker shook hands with each one as they came in & wished us a happy New Year. Things went on fairly smoothly but everyone was tired. We handed in a declaration that we would take the affirmative side of the debate. Walked home after 4. Studied from - 8-9:30. [TUESDAY, 6] Got up at 7:45. Left at 10 to 9. Went to school all day. Marjorie Cornell walked home with us at four and came in to get a book and the "Record." After supper we had our singing lesson from 8:30 to 10. I sat over my homework. Got a letter from Nell. [. . .] [JANUARY] [THURSDAY, 8] Went to school all day and stayed after 4 to talk debate--rode home with Elizabeth F. Worked at debate all evening and went to bed near 10:30. [FRIDAY, 9] Got up at 7. Left for school at 8:30. Did homework till 9:10 when Harold Joliffe arrived and we talked debate. Stayed for lunch. Debated last period in the afternoon--(Resolved that capital punishment should be abolished) and won. Watched a game of basket ball between St. J. & Kelvin (boys.) Kelvin won--33 to 12. Walked home with Elizabeth F. Got supper and did the dishes--got dressed and went to Mrs. Young's where we danced from 9 to 1. Enjoyed myself very much. Dance with all the men who were there--found Donald to be a good dancer. [. . .] [JANUARY] [MONDAY, 12] Went to school all day and worked most of the evening at debate. Heard that Juna's costume was to be scarlet and black. [TUESDAY, 13] Went to school at 5 to 9, by Broadway car. Feeling very nervous and weak. Went back at noon by Corydon car & was late. Everyone tho't I wasn't going to come. Had a Physics exam second period (answered 3 out of 5) Debated last period before 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, & 7 teachers. Lost to team of 36 (H. Bowen and F. Boyd.) Miss Colwell, Miss Baker & all the girls said I made a fine speech & I wept--went to 34 1/2 & had it out then went home. Got dinner, had singing lesson, wrote to Nell from whom I received a letter to-day with AC's failure in it. [. . .] [JANUARY] [THURSDAY, 15] Stayed in bed until 2. Slept from 10 to 12. Read about the Renaissance--got dinner, did some homework and went to bed. [FRIDAY, 16] Got up at 7:30 and got ready for school. Had to run half a block for a car which I kept waiting and when I arrived Finlay greeted me with "Good morning Charlotte." Worked all day--after being given some motherly advise by Miss Baker. Stayed to see part of a basket-ball game between Kelvin & St. John's. Came home on Corydon car with Isabel and Elizabeth. Worked at Perrichon for about 2 hours after supper & went to bed. M.D.H. [. . .] [JANUARY] [MONDAY, 19] Went to school all day. Mr. Jefferson changed our seats. Stayed in after four for Mr. Louckis. Mr. & Mrs. Stevens called in the evening but I didn't go down. Wrote to Gilhooty. Couldn't go to sleep. [TUESDAY, 20] Got up at 7:45. Left for school at 8:55. Elinor stayed for lunch. We all took our old places in Physics. Stayed to watch the girls dance after four then came home on the street car with E.F. and J.O. Got supper. Had singing lesson from 7:35 to 8:40. Did homework till 10. Went to bed. Performed experiments with ether. [. . .] [JANUARY] [THURSDAY, 22] It was 30 [degrees] below when we left for school at 10 min. to 9. and 20 below at noon. I didn't have any home work done but got thro' the day alive. Joan A. asked me to tea to-morrow night but I phoned her that I couldn't come. Worked on Comp. for Miss Leolwell for 2 1/2 hrs. Had a Latin Grammar exam. [FRIDAY, 23] Went to school all day. Pressed blue serge dress after school. Got supper did some homework--read stayed up until 12:10. Marjorie & Donald at Mrs Young's [JANUARY] [MONDAY, 26] Went to school all day had to stay in for Mr. Louckis after four. Got back our Latin paper (32/76) Donald, Marjorie, Miss Wilson went out. Studied till 9:30--iron my middy--read till 11 when D. & M. came in & blew me up. [TUESDAY, 27] Went to school all day. Took papers to Miss Brown. E.F. invited me to go snow-shoeing on Saturday which I accepted. Read, got dinner. Wrote Detective story till 8 when Miss Hemming came. Had singing lesson from 8 to 9. Studied till 10:30 [. . .] [JANUARY] [THURSDAY, 29] [blank] [FRIDAY, 30] Went to school all day. Worked at Latin & detective story most of evening went to bed at 12. [. . .] [FEBRUARY] [MONDAY, 2] Went to school all day--very sore. Marjorie & Donald out at church. Received letter from Mother and Daddy from Ruskin B.C. [TUESDAY, 3] Went to school all day walked home with J.O. & E.F. Had singing lesson, studied. Miss Fox blew us up for no having handed in our note books. Marjorie's 22nd Birthday [->1920] [. . .] [FEBRUARY] [THURSDAY, 5] Went to school all day and to Mrs Stoughton's in the evening. Met France Jordan's brother. Didn't do any homework. [FRIDAY, 6] Went to school all day. Went to Mrs Guere's with Elinor after school. Marjorie Cornell came over in the evening and we played "rummy" till 9. [. . .] [FEBRUARY] [MONDAY, 9] Went to school all day. Walked home at night Miss Fox didn't ask for Martin Luther. Did homework. Made lunch. Had a bath & went to bed. [TUESDAY, 10] Went to school on the street car. Stayed for lunch and at 25 past 12 we went down to the Aud. to give our concert. 25A played & beat 22B at noon. Walked home at night with Marj. Had a Sub. for Physics. Got dinner. Had singing lesson--did a little homework and went to bed. [. . .] [FEBRUARY] [THURSDAY, 12] [blank] [FRIDAY, 13] Went to school in the morning but to the musical festival with Marjorie C. in the afternoon. Went to Mrs. Young's in the evening where Marj. learned to play Bridge. We danced later on. [. . .] [FEBRUARY] [MONDAY, 16] Went to school all day. Miss Brown put all those who didn't have a certain number of papers said up put out. Stayed to see a game between 36 & the "All Star Team." 36 *whitewashed* the "All Stars." Hammy Bowes played a wonderful game, Fin. Young on "All Stars" [TUESDAY, 17] Went to school all day. Miss Baker was away & Mr. Jefferson took her period. Sent Jack Todd & Tannis from the room. Got exceeding mad. [. . .] [FEBRUARY] [THURSDAY, 19] went to school all day. Elinor's B.B team beat that of 14 at noon. 37 played & beat 34 in a practise B.B. game after four. It was very exciting as thrty-four played up in the second half. Had to get dinner, dry the dishes & dust mu room when I got home. Miss Wilson *left*. [FRIDAY, 20] Went to school all day. Stayed for B.B. game between "W." & Kelvin. Kelvin won (16-4). Marj. & Don. went to agricultural college so I had Alice Fallwell over for supper. She bro't a movie album. We had a concert later. [. . .] [FEBRUARY] [MONDAY, 23] Wanted to stay home from school in the morning to do homework but D. & M. wouldn't let me. Mr. Louckis away with the flu and we had the sub again. Held a class meeting after 4 and decided to give 38 a snow shoe tramp to the Cabbage Patch. Did H.W. all evening. [TUESDAY, 24] Went to school all day. Mr. Louckis still away. Had loads of fun all morning. Heard that 36 was going to give us a dance in Music & Arts building. Walked home with Joan. Got supper. Went to the Ashborne to see "Amarilly of Clothesline Alley" Went to bed. Got a card from K.M.D. from Mexico. [. . .] [FEBRUARY] [THURSDAY, 26] Went to school all day. Studied all evening. [FRIDAY, 27] Went to school all day. Hist. current events. Ab. G. argues over Capital & Labor. Rode home, got dressed & went to Mrs Campbell's for supper (dinner--roast wild duck, potatoes--cabbage--spotted dog, "with the spots all inside") talked & sang all evening till 10 o'clock. [. . .] [MARCH] [MARCH, 1] Went to school all day and was in bed before nine o'clock at night. [TUESDAY, 2] Went to school all day. Russell Love came up *unexpectedly* for dinner. D. & M. went to Cora Armstrongs in the evening [. . .] [MARCH] [THURSDAY, 4] Went to school all day. Donald and Mother in bed all day. 34 defeated in the final debate. [FRIDAY, 5] Went to school all day and read in the evening--very tired. [MARCH] [MONDAY. 8] Went to school all day. received letters from Nell, & K.M.D. Feet very sore. [TUESDAY, 9] Went to school all day. Eileen talked a blue streak. Stayed for the game between 34 & 37 after 4. 34 won 13-7. Got the dinner & did homework. Elinor in bed all day with a cold. Feet very sore. [. . .] [MARCH] [THURSDAY, 11] Went to school all day. [FRIDAY, 12] Went to school all day. In the evening whole family went to Mrs Young's. Had a very nice dance but was *very* tired. [. . .] [MARCH] [MONDAY, 15] Went to school all day. Had dress fitted in the evening, very tired. Went to bed after doing homework. Went down to Ding wall's after four to get my new glasses. [TUESDAY, 16] Went to school all day. After school changed underwear and got dinner. Then got dressed. Isobel McL. and Marjorie C. called for me at 10 to 8 and we went to Alyce's then onto Music and Arts Buliding. Danced most of the dances but sat out several. Didn't get a partner in the draw. Joe Seer brought me hom at 12:10. [. . .] [MARCH] [THURSDAY, 18] Went to school all day and did homework from 4:30 till 10. 24 beat 34 at basket ball. [FRIDAY, 19] Went to school all day. Very tired at night. Did some Perrichon and went to bed. Walked home from school. [. . .] [MARCH] [MONDAY, 22] Went to school all day walking twice. [TUESDAY, 23] Went to school all day. Walked in the morning--night. A snow storm in the evening. [. . .] [MARCH] [THURSDAY, 25] Went to school all day and walked home at night. Mother went to M.A.C. and came home thinking of sending me out there. [FRIDAY, 26] Went to school all day--walking in the morning. Boy's gym display in afternoon and we coaxed Mr Jefferson to let us go down. Saw it all and stayed for game between Kelvin & St. John's afterward. Kelvin won very exciting & fast game. 18-14. Walked home with Alyce & Mary. Got supper & did homework till 10:30. Went to bed. [. . .] [MARCH] [MONDAY, 29] Went to school all day. In the evening went to Miss Mollot's recital to hear Marjorie play. Snowing [TUESDAY, 30] Went to school all day--walked home at night. Melting. [APRIL] [THURSDAY, 1] Went to school morning & afternoon. Tried to play a trick on Mr Louckis but it didn't work. Ruskin had on long pants. Went down to Electrical shops in Physics period. Got out at 3 to hear the Junior's concert which was mostly of seniors. Rode home. Bitterly cold. Went to the Ashborne in the evening to see "The Last of the Duanes." very good. [FRIDAY, 2] [Good Friday] Got up in the morning & worked around. Had lunch at 1:30. Mrs Young sr. & jr. came over about 4:30 & stayed until 6:30. Got supper ready. We left at 7:45 with Mrs Young Jr. for St. Luke's church to hear the Crucifixion--Did not enjoy it. Came home & went to bed. Bitterly cold. [. . .] [APRIL] [MONDAY, 5] Got up at 7:30 & worked all morning. Marj went down to meet Mrs Waldie and Bob & bro't them up for lunch " ", Bob, Marj, El. & I went to Musical Festival in the afternoon. In the evening Mother, Daddy, Marj, & Mrs. W. went to see "The Servant in the House". Bob stayed & played cards with El. & me. Didn't get into bed till after 11. [TUESDAY, 6] Went to the bank & then met Mrs W. & Bob at 11. Went to see M. Pickford in "Pollyanna" Came home had lunch & did the dishes. Left at 3 to take Mrs W & Bob thru' Port Garry & then to the train. Did nothing in the evening. [. . .] [APRIL] [THURSDAY, 8] Work all morning & at 1. o'clock met Lillian McIntyre at the Province & saw M.M. Minter in "Anne of Green Gables." Lillian came home for supper & at 8 o'clock. Betty A, Elizabeth F., Joan O, Clare, Walter, & Harry came in. We played "Flags" & "Jenkins-says-hands-up" until 10:30 till Eliz. & Betty left, then we talked until 11:45. [FRIDAY, 9] Worked all morning & sewed in the afternoon. Went to see Marguerite Clark in "Luck in Pawn" in the evening with Mother, Marj. & El. [. . .] [APRIL] [MONDAY, 12] Not feeling better so stayed in bed until 4. P.M. Read History all morning. Got up at 4 & got the dinner, read & went to bed. [TUESDAY, 13] Went to school all day. Walked home at night with Mary & Alyce. Made pie crust and got the dinner. Did homework and went to bed. [. . .] [APRIL] [THURSDAY, 15] Walked to school in the morning with grace & Elinor and home at night with Mary & Alyce. [FRIDAY, 16] Went to school all day walking twice. Mother & Daddy had a dinner party in the evening--Mrs, Mr. Stevens, Mr & Mrs. Tilfer & Luella, Dr & Mrs. McKay. Mr Hastie came in at 11:30 and we went to bed at 11:60 without doing dishes. [. . .] [APRIL] [MONDAY, 19] Went to school all day walking twice. Dressmaker here and made me a middy. [TUESDAY, 20] Went to school all day, walked home at night with Mary & Alyce. Rained and snowed. [. . .] [APRIL] [THURSDAY, 22] Went to school all day. Mother had a tea for Mrs Waldie but I would not appear. Walked home with Elinor & Alyce [FRIDAY, 23] Went to school all day. Whole class went for a walk between first and third bells at noon. Miss Brown looked daggers when we came in & told us to write out "refero" in full. Walked home with Marj. C. and Elinor. Went to see "River's End" at the Allen with Marj. C & Elinor in the evening--very good. [. . .] [APRIL] [MONDAY, 26] [blank] [TUESDAY, 27] [blank] [. . .] [APRIL] [THURSDAY, 29] [blank] [FRIDAY, 30] [blank] [. . .] [MAY] [MONDAY, 3] Got up and went to school in the morning. It being the Hudson Bay Co's 250th anniversary Elinor went out with Mr Scott to see the pageant. We came home from school at 9:20. When I got home Mother set me to work at washing windows. Went back to school in afternoon (10 present) Alice & I were skipping when we met Lizzie & went back. Did 1 1/2 hrs homework & read until 10:15. [TUESDAY, 4] Went to school all day. Harry drove us in the morning. Walked home at night with Mary. House cleaning going on at home. Did homework from 7:30 to 10:30. [. . .] [MAY] [THURSDAY. 6] Went to school all day. Studied 2 1/4 hours at Avid in the evening expecting an exam a Friday. Walked in the morning & started to walk at night but it rained and we took the car from the bridge. [FRIDAY, 7] Went to school all day. Walked twice, didn't have Avid exam. Went to Alice Fallwell's for supper & to the Osborne in the evening. (saw the end of The Invisible Land.) Miss Baker was away and Isabelle Osborne, Joan's sister, took her place [. . .] [MAY] [MONDAY, 10] Went to school all day. Mr Louckis gave us an unexpected Geometry exam walked home in the heat after four with Mary P. and Elinor. Had Avid exam and did terribly in it. Harry left for the summer on a survey. [TUESDAY, 11] Went to school in the morning and home at night. Miss Baker was very late and when she arrived had her hair most wonderfully marcelled. By four o'clock to the back looked as bad as usual. [. . .] [MAY] [THURSDAY, 13] Went to school all day walking home at night. Had to be at school at 8:30 in the morning. Got there at 8:20 & danced until 8:40 then we sang for 15 min. Had first ice cream cone of the year. [FRIDAY, 14] Went to school Walking in the morning. Miss Fox was away. Convocation was in the afternoon & we could get out at the end of first period but I didn't go. Miss Baker didn't turn up so the six of us left. Marjorie Cornell came home for supper with me. After supper we did a little Geometry, talked & walked. Results came out & we found Donald got an $80 scholarship for his first year. [. . .] [MAY] [MONDAY, 17] [blank] [TUESDAY, 18] [blank] [. . .] [MAY] [THURSDAY, 20] [blank] [FRIDAY, 21] [blank] [. . .] [MAY] [MONDAY, 24] Worked around the house all morning. Decided it looked too much like rain to go for a picnic in P.M so asked Mary, Alyce, Marj. C, over here. They left & 5:45 and we had planned to meet at Alyce's at 4 to go to "Allen." Went to see "Mary's Ankle." Enjoyed it very much. Walked home with the girls. Did supper dishes & went to bed--10:45. [TUESDAY, 25] Went to school all day. Walked twice. Very tired by the evening. Miss Green & Miss Greg over in P.M & stayed until 6:30. Got up at 6:15 to do homework. Went to bed at 9. [. . .] [MAY] [THURSDAY, 27] Went to school all day. Went downtown after four--to the dentists. Three gentlemen up for dinner--Elinor locked us out and Daddy had to send his key up. Went to school at 8 in the morning--happened to meet Alyce. [FRIDAY, 28] Went to school all day. Walked twice. Was too tired to do homework at night. Three [. . .] [MAY] [MONDAY, 31] Went to school all day--Walked twice. Sky overcast all day. [TUESDAY, JUNE 1] Went to school all day. Walked in the rain in the morning. Miss Baker was arrayed in very short Shepherd's-plaid skirt--green underskirt--white stockings--black boots--& silk waist that she forgot the color for--green sweater--an awful mess!! Went to the dentist's after four--still raining. Rained all night--cold. Donald came home in the morning. [. . .] [JUNE] [THURSDAY, 3] Went to school in the morning but had to come home at the end of the second period as I was not feeling well. Went right to bed & stayed the rest of the day. Did a little studying but read "Good Housekeeping"'s most of the time. [FRIDAY, 4] Stayed in bed until about noon. Mrs Pridham (Aunt Nell--an old school mate of Mother's) came up in the afternoon & took us for a drive. I had to miss the class picnic which I regretted much. [. . .] [JUNE] [MONDAY, 7] [blank] [TUESDAY, 8] [blank] [. . .] [JUNE] [THURSDAY, 10] [blank] [FRIDAY, 11] Went to school all day. The gym. display took place at night & Daddy went over with us (El. & me). The first number was rotten & the programme very long. Daddy last only until the 17th then he left. Elinor was taking part. [. . .] [JUNE] [MONDAY, 14] Went to school all day walking twice. Alyce talks much of her graduation things & gives impression that they are superb. They turned out to be very different. [TUESDAY, 15] Walked to school in the morning. Did nothing in the line of work. Gave Miss Baker her writing case & pratised out song for graduation in second period. Had a dance & our pictures taken last period. Mother took me downtown in the afternnon and I got my graduation hat & shoes. Did no studying. [. . .] [JUNE] [THURSDAY, 17] Stayed home and did very little studying. We had to go to school at 4. to practice for graduation. Mother sent me downtown at 2:30 & Alyce was to call for me at 3:10. We practised going in & gave our song the once over & then walked home again. [FRIDAY, 18] [Graduation] Got up & helped Mother in the morning. Had a bath and started to get dressed at 11. Got the lunch & ate a little. Then finished getting dressed. Mr Cornell called for me at 1:30 & we went on to get Alyce. Was much disappointed in Alyce's outfit. Graduation went off very nicely & everyone looked lovely. Was dead tired when it was over. My dress was white voile with tucks in the skirt, bell sleeves & trimmed with hemstitching. Had a pretty new petticoat to go with it. My hat was large white milan & Mother trimmed it with a bow in the front. Had a pair of white canvass oxfords. My boquet was not pretty as the piones were partly wilted when they came up. a lovely day. [. . .] [JUNE] [MONDAY, 21] Walked to school in the morning & wrote Composition exam which wasn't too bad. Walked home at noon with Mary P. Studied in the afternoon. Got dinner--Miss Brown, Miss Flannagan & Miss McKay were here. Petra & Lillan came over about 8:30 to get some Literature. Betty A. 'phoned & E. & I went over to play tennis We played until after dark & got home about 8:45. Planned to get up in the morning & study. [TUESDAY, 22] Went to school in the morning & wrote Literature exam which was *long* tho' not hard. Walked home at noon with Mary & Alyce. Studied a little Alg. & Physics in the afternoon & evening. Was *very* tired. [. . .] [JUNE] [THURSDAY, 24] Walked to school in the morning--wrote Physics exam which wasn't as bad as we expected. Rode home with Isobel MCLillan. Did lunch dishes. Studied a little Geom. but was very tired so read until supper time. Did more geom after supper I went to bed at 9. A warm but overcast day. [FRIDAY, 25] Mended all day started to study in the evening when Young's came & took us for a drive--Did no more studying [. . .] [JUNE] [MONDAY, 28] Wrote Geom & Latin Grammar exams Studied all evening. [TUESDAY, 29] Walked to school in the morning wrote Hist. exam. wrote Latin Authors exam in P.M. Walked home at night. Played tennis after supper but all were tired and we went to Del's after (about 9:15) Went to bed. [. . .] [JULY] [THURSDAY, 1] [Dominion Day.] Got up at 6:30, got dressed and finished packing my knitting bag. Had B'k'f and went to station at 8:25--forgot tooth brushes & had to come back for them. Almost missed train because of crowd in C.N.R. station but finaly got on board. Were on train from 9 to 4:15. Rode out to camp in launch for an hour. Lots were drawn on train & I got into Mrs. Woodside's group. (3) Had to wait until 10 for our baggage, made bed & got in. Everyone was tired, but excited and the mosquitos were *very* bad. No one could sleep & everyone made a noise. I slept half an hour perhaps. [FRIDAY, 2] Most of camp got up at 3:30. Nobody had slept because of mosquitoes and noises in other tents "EEEE" talked all night & cracked jokes. I slept in upper deck of a bed & might as well have been in a boat Margaret in lower berth was so restless. Went to bathing beach in morning. Had Bible study alone, all seniors, and just group had lunch, rested, went to ballground, practiced for initiation, strong wind came up & we could not have initiation. Lit big camp fire and had a hymn in the evening. Everyone slept well & soundly. [. . .] [JULY] [MONDAY, 5] Got up at 7--Had exercises and breakfast. Cleaned tents & had talk from Miss Drummond. Left about 10:15 for "White Dog Falls", Senior's boat broke down. Had lunch & walk 3 miles to see falls. Walked back & embarked. Arrived home at 5:30. Had supper. Stunt night--I was Pa at Maggie's Wedding. Had a marshmallow roast supplied by Westminster. Had a midnight feast at our tent. Miss Hull & Mss Dr. returned about 7 p.m. after being marooned in sight of camp, all day--launch ran out of gas. [TUESDAY, 6] got up at 7. everyone feeling that they had eaten too much. Had b'k'f at 8:30. Cleaned up tent. Bible study, group gathering, practical talk on "The Girl's Book Shelf" by Miss Kieth. Nature study, dinner, rest, tent inspection, Junior sports, supper, [. . .] [JULY] [THURSDAY, 8] Got up at 7:15 had a swim, dressed & packed bedding. Had breakfast, Bible study hour, dressed for town & finished packing (in 20 min.) Had council hour--dinner and left for town. Yelled all the way in to town & into the city after having cheered the cook & leaders at the Camp. Train left at 3:30, we reached home at 6. Gave C.G.I.F. yell at the station. Came home, had dinner, did dishes, talked, had a bath, went to bed. Potowatimers beat Yakonitas by a few marks. Elinor swam in long distance swim--got a ribbon. [FRIDAY, 9] Got up at 8. Did dishes, made beds & helped with cooking & unpacked. Got lunch & did dishes & then lay down. Slept from 3:45 to 5:15 when Marjorie came home. Got the dinner, wrote names on class photo. [. . .] [JULY] [MONDAY, 12] Worked around the house all morning and part of the afternoon. Marjorie Cornell came over about 4:30 and stayed for supper and the evening. I made a few very bad button holes for Marjorie B. [TUESDAY, 13] Worked around the house all morning and part of the afternoon, had to go downtown for iron chord at 5. [. . .] [JULY] [THURSDAY, 15] Got up & made a cake, got lunch & left at 12 to catch U.G.G. special train to W'p'g. Black Had quite a good time but didn't go in swimming the water was so shallow. Came home at 8:15 train arriving at 9:45. Went into parliament buildings which were opened in the afternoon many people there & I felt very dirty. Came home & got to bed about 12. [FRIDAY, 16] Just worked around the house all day and say on te verandah in the evening [. . .] [JULY] [MONDAY, 19] Worked around the house all morning and went for a swim with Grace, Jean & Elinor in the afternoon. In the evening after talking to Betty & Joan for a while prepared currents & strawberries for a jamming--worked until 11. Went to bed--dead tired. [TUESDAY, 20] Worked around the house and sat around the house. Was too tired to move. Had a sleep in the afternoon. [. . .] [JULY] [THURSDAY, 22] Baking day--and I was in the kitchen all morning, after dressing in the P.M. Mary Patterson came over. She was much worried about the results. After dinner (Elinor was at a picnic with the Camerons) Mary, Marj. Muriel, Daddy & I went thro' the new Parliament Buildings, then Daddy and I walked home with Mary. [FRIDAY, 23] Did nothing but housework and a little sewing. Mrs. Lang and Doug Castlang came over for a moment or two in the evening. Mrs lang had 'phoned the day before and I took her for a work woman. [. . .] [JULY] [MONDAY, 26] Cleaned downstairs in the morning. Went to Cornish Baths with Marj. C., Anita & Elinor. Lost my key. Was dead tired when I got home. Muriel here for supper. Went up to get some cherries from Mrs. Miller at Galloway, Gibson Hospital, with Daddy & Elinor. Went to bed as soon as I got home. [TUESDAY, 27] Made a cake and picked over cherries all morning and part of the afternoon. Sat around and sewed or chrocheted the rest of the afternoon--from 4:45 on and then went to bed. [. . .] [JULY] [THURSDAY, 29] Worked around the house and sewed. Marjorie B. in bed all day. Donald came home first before dinner. Ruth Herriot here for dinner. Muriel Green came over in the evening and I showed her how to make the edge on pillow cases. [FRIDAY, 30] Did some house work and sewed all day. In the evening went to the Osborne to see Marguerite Clark in "Widow by Proxy" with Betty A, Marj. C. & Anita, & Elinor. Daddy sent Donald to get us and he missed us [. . .] [AUGUST] [MONDAY, 2] A Civic Holiday. Worked around the house & packed the lunch in the morning. Betty A. & Marj. C. came over at 2:10 & we left at 2:30 for St Norbert. Mr & Mrs. Turner. Marj, Elinor, & Mother came in the motor. Don, Daddy, Prof. Stoughton, Betty, Marj. & I went in the car. We had much wandering around to do before we found a suitable spot to stop. Just as we sat down to supper we saw the approaching storm & had to pack up & come back as soon as we finished supper. Don, Marj. C. & I took shelter in the cafe. Prof. S. & Daddy in a barn. No one for seriously wet. No lights on when we got home. [TUESDAY, 3] Worked around the house all morning. A storm came up about 2 and another at 3 they were fairly bad & it got *very* dark. There was no light from 4 on so I got supper in the celar in the dark. We went to bed at 9. [. . .] [AUGUST] [THURSDAY, 5] Evelyne Moore arrived from Calgary in the morning. I just stayed around home & worked & sewed & knit all day. [FRIDAY, 6] Mother baked in the morning and I helped. Mr. Baily came to call about 3 and Alyce arrived shortly after to rescue me from his company. Alyce stayed for supper & I walked partway home with her at 7:45. Evelyn, Elinor, Marj. B. went to the Osborne to see, "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come." It was very good. [. . .] [AUGUST] [MONDAY, 9] Got up and got dressed properly partly. Made the beds all alone. Mrs Pidgeon came about 10:15. Mrs Halstead came at 11:30 El. & Ev. were downtown in the morning. I had lunch ready at 1. The girls, El. & Ev. left at 2:15 for the baths. It was a fearfully hot day. We sat all afternoon in the library & crocheted--I spent most of the time tying dominoes together for Arthur. Mrs P. left at 5:55. I got supper. Was fearfully tired & while sitting on the porch Betty came & asked us to play tennis. I went & played till dark--8:30. Sat till 9. [TUESDAY, 10] It was wash-day. It rained between 5 & six so was deliciously cool all day. Lady Aikins 'phoned & asked us to go & play tennis--Betty was away at the farm. We played from 3 to 5. I got supper. El. & Ev. went to a party at Ruth Herriott's. I crocheted & knit a little, then started my "Memory Book" & wrote my diary. Marjorie at Mrs. Stevens' for the night because all the family was in Calgary because Clare was very ill with Typhoid. [. . .] [AUGUST] [THURSDAY, 12] Got up at 9. Walked home. Worked. around the house all morning Pressed out Evelyne's & my dresses in the afternoon. Left for Dulla's at 7:40 where we had a good time dancing, playing "Michigan" & "Earth, Air, Water." I left at 11:25. Mr. Tilfer took me to Mrs. Stevens' [FRIDAY, 13] Got up at 9. Walked home. Made a cake. Sewed and worked round the house all day. Went to Mrs. Stevens' in the evening. Mrs. Moody & Mrs. McLaren called--we had cucumber sandwiches & Raspberry vinegar and went to bed. [. . .] [AUGUST] [MONDAY, 16] Got up a 8 & got home at 9:10. Changed my clothes & helped Mother with the washing. Elinor & Eve went swimming in the P.M. but I did not. Betty asked me to play tennis but I had to go to Mrs Stevens. Ruth Heriot here for supper. I crocheted until 9:30 & then read Kidnapped till 11:15 when we had Grape Juice & cake and went to bed. [TUESDAY, 17] It was a stormy night and started to rain just as I was leaving in the morn. so I played the Vic. for a while. Got home about 10:30 worked & sewed all day. In the evening we walked away over to Mrs. Illsey's where we met her sister Mrs. Lewis, Rita & Gerraldine L. & Miss Read (New Jersey) from Toronto. Daddy said before we left home that we would leave at 10:15 but he did not move until 11:30 when Marj. went to Mrs. Stevens. Betty had asked us to play tennis. It was very hot and Oh! my poor white skirt. [. . .] [AUGUST] [THURSDAY, 19] Thursday I got the necessary meals and made the beds but sewed at my spotted-dog dress all the rest of the time. Went for a short walk with Thelma & Marion Kelly after dinner. [FRIDAY, 20] Helped Mother thorough clean the house while Marj. did the cooking. We were thro' by 2:30. At 4 Luella F. Helen hancock, Mrs Illsey, Jack & Eleanor, Mrs lewis, Rita & Geraldine, Miss Ried & Miss Green came & we went thro' the Parliament Buildings. Afterward they came over here & we had ice-crean. Muriel G. Stayed for supper. Elinor was at the Heriot's. Miss McDowell over in the evening. It was a chilly day & a *cold* night. [. . .] [AUGUST] [MONDAY, 23] Helped Mother with the washing in the morning. Helen Russell here for lunch. Mrs. Turner took Ev. El. Toots. & me out for a drive. We played tennis for a while in the evening & Evelyn went home. [TUESDAY, 24] Ironed all morning & dewed after lunch. [. . .] [AUGUST] [THURSDAY, 26] Worked around the house in the morning. Donald got home at 11:30. We went & had our pictures taken at 2. Went & had ice cream & returned to studio walked home--did lunch dishes & got dressed. Marj. & I went to Mrs. Pidgeon's for dinner & called on Mrs. Moody, Cameron, Mulock, Stevens & McKibbon. Got home at 11. Very tired. [FRIDAY, 27] Got up at 7:30 & got dressed properly. Left at 10:15 to get Toots Miller. She got a car & we rode down to Eatons. We shopped until 12:30 when we went up & had lunch. (Trout, potatoes, cabbage & ice-cream). We went to Birke's after lunch & then to see Huckleberry Finn. We got out at 4:25 and came home. I was fearfully tired--my feet were sore. I got supper--read & went to bed. Wore my new muslin dress. [. . .] [AUGUST] [MONDAY, 30] Cleaned up the house. Cousins Rose & Jim arrived about 10:30 or 11. Mare Cringan came at 5:30. Mrs. Turner took C's, Rose & Jim out in the evening. Miss Hollinraki & Prof. Stoughton came over. Retired about 11. A dull day--weather. [TUESDAY, 31] Cousins Rose & Jim left at 10:30. Did odds & ends to help Marj. besides all the house work. Went to the station with Marj. & Marie in the evening. Dr. Pidgeon & Finlay drove us down. [. . .] [SEPTEMBER] [THURSDAY, 2] Helped Mother with an *enormous* washing in the morning & sewed in the afternoon. [FRIDAY, 3] Ironed all day while Mother helped a woman clean the house. [. . .] [SEPTEMBER] [MONDAY, 6] [Labor Day.] Got up about 10. Had b'k'fst. & went to the beach. Came back about 3. Had lunch & played cards until 6:30 when Al. & I got dressed. Had supper & caught 8:25 train which was so *packed* so we (Al. Mrs. Merry, Helen & Girl, Helen Thompson, Net Love, Mig. Paterson & I) occupied the steps & platform at the end of one of the cars. Got home about 10:45. Elinor not home yet. Pat Me worried--first come in from Lockport. [TUESDAY, 7] Helped with the washing & silver cleaning. Nannie--a colored maid--arrived in the morning. [. . .] [SEPTEMBER] [THURSDAY, 9] Sewed all day to get El's birthday present ready--her 15th Birthday. Mother out all day. [FRIDAY, 10] Cooked all day long. Set the table & other things. Marj. C. arrived about 5:30. Took in dinner at 6:30--I had to serve the soup. because Daddy was late. After dinner we played games. Betty, A. Grace C., Lloyd P., Marion P., Helen H. Helen R., Walkter S., Finlay Y., Ruth H. were here. Marj. & I didn't sit at the table. I didn't sit down all day--was dead tired. Ma & Pa went to Preparatory service & left Walter & me in charge. Fin. drove party home & I went too. [. . .] [SEPTEMBER] [MONDAY, 13] [blank] [TUESDAY, 14] Worked around home & sewed all morning. Got lunch for which Mrs. McDougall who had been sewing on curtains at Westminster church was here. Made sandwiches & got ready for picnic. Marj. C came at 3:45. Alyce & the car at 4. Got Mary & Rae & went to the park. Had the picnic & then came in & went to the Gaiety--a *rotten* show. Walked home & watched them taking scenes of "The Foreigner" until 11:30. [. . .] [SEPTEMBER] [THURSDAY, 16] [blank] [FRIDAY, 17] Mother & Daddy went to Lockport--Mother took the wrong car & missed Selkirk Car. Took thread over to Mrs young & had a small talk with Harry. [. . .] [SEPTEMBER] [MONDAY, 20] Worked around the house & sewed all day. Mrs Muir & Uncle Sandie were here for dinner. Mother had to go to college afterward so El. & I entertained Mrs M. until 10:30 while Daddy & Uncle S. smoked upstairs. [TUESDAY, 21] Got up & got breakfast. Got tidied & put my hat on at 10:30. Waited until 11:30 for Donald to bring Uncle Sandie & Mrs Muir over which he didn't do. Got lunch & then got ready to go to hear the Minneap. Symph. Orchestra. Met Mary P. at 2:15. Enjoyed concert extremely & then went to The Princess for Ice Cream. Walked home--got supper for which Mrs Duff S. was here. Ma, Pa, & Mrs. S went to hear Orchestra. I wrote to the Rannie girls. [. . .] [SEPTEMBER] [THURSDAY, 23] Got up at 7:40. Had b'k'f't ready at 8. Got tidied and sewed. Mrs Duff Stewart her for lunch. Sewed all afternoon and got dinner for which Mr McRory didn't come. Wrote to Alma & got to bed. [FRIDAY, 24] Worked around the house all morning--baking some cakes in the morning and sewing in the afternoon. Was dead tired & horribly down. Tried to get M.C. but couldn't & finaly Daddy took my to the Osborne to see "Kathleen Mavournum," which was very good. Got home at 10:30 & had a bath & got to bed. [. . .] [SEPTEMBER] [MONDAY, 27] Worked around the house all day. Mary P. bro't back the umberalla in the afternoon. Made the cover for my "memory book." A cold day. [TUESDAY, 28] Got up at 7:30 Got b'k'f'st & made beds--sewed & worked around the house. Trimmed my winter hat in the afternoon. Ida & Helen came over about 4:30 & we talked report. Got dinner & got dressed. Mr. Mitchell--student at Man. College here for the supper. Left for lecture at 7:10. Went to College afer & served refreshments until 10--then waited for Mother & Daddy until 11:30. Had wuite a little takl with Hugh S. [. . .] [SEPTEMBER] [THURSDAY, 30] Got up at 7:30 got b'k'f'st--made beds--ironed. got lunch--got dressed & sewed--got supper--crocheted--wrote to Nell. Saw Joan & Betty for a little while about 5. Mother away all day. A chilly day--not out at all--very tired. [FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1] Worked around all morning--Mrs Anderson came. At 4. went down to Y.W.CA from whence "Minaki Camp" went to the Cabbage Patch where we had "a whale of a time." until 9'o'clock when we left. Tolly, Ida, Elinor, Nurse Robertson & I went to the Osborne & got home at 11:30. Saw "The Silver Sord." [. . .] [OCTOBER] [MONDAY, 4] Helped with the washing in the morning [TUESDAY, 5] Worked around all morning. Went to Dr. [?]reger's at 1. & to Manitoba College--to crochet [?]nds of Silence clothes after. Got home at 6. [. . .] [OCTOBER] [THURSDAY, 7] Got up at 7:30--got b'k'f'st--making muffins. Made beds--went down town with Elizabeth & Mother. Ma tried on hats. Got lunch & did the dishes, rested for a while got tidied & read. Got supper & then got ready for Mikado. Went to hear the "Mikado" with Dr Ferguson & Daddy. Enjoyed it *very* much. Got home at 11:30. A very warm, tiring day. [FRIDAY, 8] Got up at 7:35. Got b'k'f'st. making toast. Made beds & got tidied went to Dr. Kriger's & Dr Garvin's--front teeth filled. Got home at 12:15--helped with lunch. Caught 2 o'clock car to Agric. College with Elizabeth & Mother. Saw Miss Groff & got material for my dresses & chose my room (316.) Came home got supper, did dishes, Elizabeth left. Read. A chilly day with a strong wind blowing. [. . .] [OCTOBER] [MONDAY, 11] Helped with the washing & otehr housework & sewed. At 7:15 Marj. C came over for me & we went to a meeting at the "U" of the "Kelvin Graduate Club", where we decided about the party. [TUESDAY, 12] Went to the dentists at 9 & down town again in afternoon when we looked at shoes & other things. [. . .] [OCTOBER] [THURSDAY, 14] Got up at 7:15, got dressed and went to the dentist's at 9. where he put in the gold inlay. Came home & sewed. Left at 2 for the dentists when I had my "Wisdom Tooth" chopped out. Went to Robinson's with Mother & then home & to bed. My face swelled up & became very sore. [FRIDAY, 15] Stayed in bed all day. My face very sore & badly swollen. Read "The Foreigner" [. . .] [OCTOBER] [MONDAY, 18] Got up about 9. Miss Waters came & I was fitted. Went for a walk with Marj. C. after lunch, was fitted again. Packed my trunk & went to bed. Daddy left for Clagary. [TUESDAY, 19] [Agricultural College opens] Got up at 7. Mended & did a few things, was fitted & went downtown--to dentist's, bank & got shoes. Came home, finished packing, caught 2 o'clock car to College. Where I got registered and went to my room made my bed & got settled as well as I could. Met Marjorie W intimate. Put in time until supper when we had salad of cabbage & fish and some kind of preserve with oodles of lemon in it. Went to bed about 10--very tired & rather downhearted. Phoned Mother in the evening. [. . .] [OCTOBER] [THURSDAY, 21] Had breakfast and prayers and full classes all day. Had to stand in Chemistry class all afternoon which after all the stairs [???] very tiring. In the evening there was a meeting [???] the Aud. about the Hallowe'en parade. Was fearfully tired and my cold still bo[???] [FRIDAY, 22] Had full lectures all day--that is all w[???] were supposed to have. Spent the afternoon in the library where we tried to study but wer[???] too sleep. Dressed for dinner after which w[???] dressed for the Reception where we had "a whale of a time" playing baseball tho. Has a Mr. C[???] for supper partner who was an extremely gallant farmer & to whom I could talk b[???] Had ice-cream cones & cake for refreshments [. . .] [OCTOBER] [MONDAY, 25] Had full lectures in the morning and field-day in the afternoon--It was cold standing around & I nearly froze. First year came out second--and our Tug of War team came out first. [TUESDAY, 26] Sunday. Oct 31st Slept until 12--Daddy came home at 9. Went to S.S. after brushing my coat for 3/4 of an hour. Got supper, did the dishes packed my suit case & read. Caught 9 o'clock car. [. . .] [OCTOBER] [THURSDAY, 28] Had full lectures all day--stood in Chemistry all afternoon. Took 5. o'clock car into town--had supper at 6. Muriel was over. Got dressed in Grandma's wedding dress and left for the party at 8. Dropped in at the Young's where I was examined and then Finlay drove me over. I had a very good time until 12:15 when we got ready & walked home with Isobel & Ro[???] got to bed about 1. and talked for a while. [FRIDAY, 29] Alarm went off at 20 to 7 so we lay until 7. when we got up and got dressed.--Marj. & I had breakfast together & then talked until 8 when I left and walked to Osborne St where I got the 8 o'clock car. Got out to College about 9 & went to lecture. Sewed name tapes on all afternoon Went for quite a long walk. After study hour we did some gymnastics on the 400 flat & then I got to bed--dead tired. [. . .] [NOVEMBER] [MONDAY, 1] Had full lectures, and rice pudding for dinner. After supper we had a College Song service which we enjoyed very much. Jean & I could not study so just fooled. There was a very long meeting for the girls after study hour & after that I went for a swim--got to bed by 11. [TUESDAY, 2] Had full lectures all day--slept most of the time. Had tapioca pudding for dinner. After supper there was a meeting of first year & after study hour a B.B. game between 4th & 5th. I didn't go as I was dead tired. Wrote to Nell. [. . .] [NOVEMBER] [THURSDAY, 4] [blank] [FRIDAY, 5] Had full lectures all day. Spent p.m in Library studying different things including debate. Got dressed for supper & after supper dressed for the dance. Had a *very* good time Stephen never saw me. Had a dance with Mr. Grant & Prof. Johnson. [. . .] [NOVEMBER] [MONDAY, 8] Slept until 7:30 when I awakened. Had breakfast in bed about 8:15 & then got up and helped with the washing. Caught 2 o'clock car out to College and worked around for a while until they came in from classes when I talked till supper time. Went to "Sing Song" after supper and then studied until 9:15 when I went to Ada's room for a feed--Came back at 10 & worked till 11--got undressed & worked on until 11:30. Jean at U.M.SU dance. A cold day with first snow fall of the year. [TUESDAY. 9] Got up & had a bath. Jean had gotten home at 1. Attended lectures all day. Jean got a chicken & some cookies. In the evening Mildred & Ingborg came in and we ate the chicken with some bread we had taken from the table. [. . .] [NOVEMBER] [THURSDAY, 11] My *18th* Birthday. Attended classes all day--Chemistry Lab. in the afternoon. Got 2 letters--one from Marjorie & one from the Rannie girls. In the evening Marj. C & El. came out at 9, bringing cake & cookies. Alma, Leila, Mildred, & Mrs. Spellman came in for a feed--Mildred supplied cocoa. El. & Marj. had to leave at 10. We got to bed by 11. [FRIDAY, 12] Attended classes all morning. Miss Kelso was away. Spent part of the afternoon in the Library and the rest of the time in my room. Had soup & fruit for supper. At 8 the debate started. Law was poor. Miss Archibald did extremely well. After the debate--which we won--we started to dance but had only two dance W. Grey took me for the first dance. [. . .] [NOVEMBER] [MONDAY, 15] [blank] [TUESDAY, 16] [blank] [. . .] [NOVEMBER] [THURSDAY, 18] [blank] [FRIDAY, 19] [blank] [. . .] [NOVEMBER] [MONDAY, 22] Attended lectures all day. Went to sing-song right after supper. Studied between 7:15 & 8:45 when I went and moved the chairs back in the Aud. for the first year party. Had a good time at the party tho' I had a good deal of running around to do. Danced most dances--3 & "Home Sweet Home" W. Grey. Didn't leave Auf until 11:45. Dead tired. [TUESDAY, 23] Attended lectures all day. In the evening we had gym from 8:15 to 8:50--dancing movements. Came back had a feed & got to bed--very tired. [. . .] [NOVEMBER] [THURSDAY, 25] Attended lectures all day. and in the evening had a bath & got to bed by 10:30. [FRIDAY, 26] Friday, attended lectures all morning and in the afternoon visited the dumb school where Miss Warner took us around. Went for a swim at 8 and then moved two more beds into Alma's room. Leila, Westie, and I waited under a blanket at the foot of the bed from 10 to 10:45. At last she found us & we emerged & made cocoa. Alma then went & slept with Pete & after a little we three got to bed. [. . .] [NOVEMBER] [MONDAY, 29] Attended lectures all day Didn't have expected Biology exam. Help Jean entertain Mr. McNabb and Will before supper. Went to Sing-Song after supper. Leila wanted me to go & sit by Mr. Wallis. Studied Biology for two hours. [TUESDAY, 30] [blank] [. . .] [DECEMBER] [THURSDAY, 2] [blank] [FRIDAY, 3] Attended lectures in the morning and studied in the afternoon. Elinor and Jean Gordon out for afternoon & supper. There was a dance in the evening--I did not have a good time. [. . .] [DECEMBER] [MONDAY, 6] [blank] [TUESDAY, 7] [blank] [. . .] [DECEMBER] [THURSDAY, 9] Wakened at 7:10 got up at 7:15, was at b'k'f'st by 7:30. Attended lectures all morning There was a half holiday in the afternoon, so Jean & I went for a walk then I did my ironing. Mrs. Mitchener asked me to go over for tea at 4. Mrs Sproule & Shanks were there--came home & went to basket-ball game at 9:15 [FRIDAY, 10] Attended lectures in the morning. Wasted the afternoon pottering around. A skating party in the evening. I helped decorate the gym. after four and spent the evening running back and forth between gym and Kitchen. [. . .] [DECEMBER] [MONDAY, 13] Attended lectures all day. Had sing-song in the evening and studied all study hour. [TUESDAY, 14] Attended lectures all day. Had gym & studied in the evening Washed after four. [. . .] [DECEMBER] [THURSDAY, 16] Had lectures all day. After supper Mr. Dafoe spok to the student body about the Peace Conference. The boys put White Rats in the sugar bowls at noon which caused a panic. [FRIDAY, 17] Attended lectures all morning. Studied in the afternoon and evening. [. . .] [DECEMBER] [MONDAY, 20] Got up at 6. & wrote to Marjorie & Henryetta. Wrote two exams--Chemistry & Mechanics. Mr. Foster offered me Mr. Grey's assisstance. Studied a little in the evening. [TUESDAY, 21] Got up at usual time & wrote two exams during the day. Went to a feed of toast & jam in Niel's room after study hour. Leila & I were dressed as a little boy & girl--very cute. [. . .] [DECEMBER] [THURSDAY, 23] Wrote an exam in the morning while Jean washed Packed & caught 2. o'clock car home. Spent afternoon & evening fussing around & decorating. **Very tired**. Went to the Young's & visited with May, Hettle, Harry & Finlay for an hour. [FRIDAY, 24] Went downtown & bought something for each member of the family. Did up gifts and delivered them in the afternoon & evening. Walked to the Stevens. [. . .] [DECEMBER] [MONDAY, 27] Got up about 9. 'Phoned my friends inviting them tobogganning Tues. night. Received an invitation to the Stevens' Thurs. night. Washed my hair in the afternoon. Spent evening reading Mother & Daddy were out until 11. Donald left for Guelph. [TUESDAY, 28] Spent morning getting ready for evening. Went to Jean Gordon's at 4. from where I got home at 10 to 7. Got things ready & was dressed by 7:30 when Clare, Walter, Harry, John Bourgeois, Lloyd, Luella, Annie Moncrief, Jean Gordon arrived & we went tobogganing. At 9. Marj. C & Mary Clark, Mary Mon. Alyce & later Muriel came in. Had supper, music & some games then danced. Daddy and Mother came in about 11. Party broke up at 12. [. . .] [DECEMBER] [THURSDAY, 30] Got up at 9. Worked around the house all morning. Went to Joan's at 3:30 where we had a fairly good time. Left at 5:45. Got home at 6:15 Helped get supper & dressed for snow-shoing. El. Is. & I left at 7:20. Waited until 8:45 then snowshoed 6 1/2 miles. Had a turkey dinner. Were not amused very well. Left at one. Ned smoked four cigars in an hour--did not speak to him. [FRIDAY, 31] Got up at 11. Worked around in the kitchen chilly until 5. Got dressed & supper. Wrote to Nell had a bath and got to bed at 9:30. [. . .] [MEMORANDA] Sunday. January 4th 1920. Got up at 9:30. Went to church, Came home & got dinner. Went to S.S.--had two classes. " " & " supper (Prof. Butler.) Met D.H. *Jan 11th 1920*. Went Church in the morning. S.S. in the afternoon asked to stop playing hymns but Mr. C. wouldn't let me. Wrote to Jean & Ruth and Nell. [. . .] [MEMORANDA] Feb 29th 1920. Went to church & S.S. Four of us went to Mrs. Young's & had a turkey dinner in the evening. *March 7.* Went to church & S.S. We had no company. Wrote to Marjorie S. Leta B. in the evening. [. . .] [MEMORANDA] Jan 1st 1921. Got up at 9 and worked round all morning. Left at 2:40 for Mrs. Pidgeon's where I served tea until 5:45. Came home with Daddy & finished dinner which started about 6:45. Mr. & Mrs. Stevens & Reynolds. Miss Brunstermann & Castello & Mr. Auld Dr. Some music after. Guests left at 11:30. Mrs. Stevens gave me a pair of silk stockings & handkerchief. Jan 2nd 1920. Got up at 9. Washed dishes from 9:45 to 12:30. Got dinner for Daddy & me. Went to S.S. Got supper & wrote up diary.


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