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[Diary of Charlotte Black] Black, Charlotte S. 1922

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 [January 1 1922] Slept from 3am to 9am & then got up & went to church. Dr. Pidgeon gave a good sermon on "New Beginnings", giving several New Year's resolutions. Wrote to Nell in the afternoon & in Elinor's Autograph A. Wrote up my diary in the evening. Armour McKay- a very clever boy was over for lunch. Elinor was in bed all day. [. . .] [January 3 1922] Got up at 9:30 & took down xmas tree. Went to the bank & back in the afternoon. Mended my nightdress & uniform. Wrote to Marj Cornell in evening. -20 with a north wind. [. . .] [January 7 1922] The Pres. held a reception in the evening. Banquet at 4- Mrs Youmuns, Ruth Moorhead, Isobelle Alexander, Prof. Southworth, Mr Christian, Mr. Field & Mr Somers were at my table. Had quite a good time at the dance- dancing most of the dances. [January 8] Took 10 car home. Met Mother & Elinor on the way to church and went back with them. [. . .] [January 13 1922] Had Chem. Lab. in p.m. instead of Bact. & Art. I caught 4 car home. It was a cold blizzardy night so I stayed home. Mr Helliwell in for dinner. Elinor pretty sick. [January 14 1922] Got up at 9:45 and after helping around home and doing some mending went downtown. Daddy left for Calgary in the p.m. Elinor pretty sick but no worse. Returned to M.A.C. on 6 car to put in study period. [January 15 1922] Got up for b'k'fst at 8:15. Went to S.S. at 9 & caught the 10 car home going to church on the way. Spent the p.m. with Elinor who was very sick. Took 9 car back to M.A.C. Rhea got back at 11. [January 16 1922] Attended lectures all day working at my hat in the p.m. [January 19 1922] Wakened with the gong but did not get up until 8:10 and then the b'k'fst bell rang early. Rhea in bed all day with a cold. Wrote to Lila in the evening. [January 20 1922] Attended lectures all day. Nearly fell asleep during Mrs South's period. [. . .] [January 23 1922] Went to poultry in the morning and froze spots on my cheeks. It was 34 below. Got the brim of my hat well along in the afternoon. Read Adam Beds all evening. [January 24 1922] Had our last poultry lesson. Thanks goodness. Made buns in the p.m. [. . .] [January 27 1922] Got up at 8 and caught a car to college. Attended lectures from 10:30 on. Mrs South let us out of Art at 3:30 3:30 [one hint from street]? Attended the Lady Faculties tea- which was stiff but had good eats. Went to the debate between St. Johns & M.A.C.- Lillian Archibald & Gordon Fletcher won for M.A.C. [January 28 1922] Did not get up for b'k'fst but went to English at 9. Copied Cilia's part of "Green Stockings" until 10:15 when S.C.A. picture was taken at 12. Went to try out after dinner then worked house plan & wrote & wrote to Nell- went for a walk. [. . .] [February 1 1922] Wednesday attended lectures all day. There was an agricultural society banquet and concert in the evening so I came home. It was blizzardy so I came home. It was blizzardy so I stayed home all night. [February 2 1922] Took 9 car to M.A.C. and missed English period. Spent 3rd period & all p.m. till making bread for contest- got 66 1/2 for it. Studied or something in the evening. [. . .] [February 4 1922] Attended English class & Gym then cleaned the room. Worked at house plan and such things all afternoon and evening. [February 5 1922] Came right home on 10 car & got up S.S. lessom for Donald's class. Class was very naughty. Took 8 car back to M.A.C. [. . .] [February 8 1922] Stayed in bed all day. Mother was worried that I was no better so came out at noon. Woman's institute was out and made an awful noise. [February 9 1922] Stayed in bed all day but felt somewhat better. [February 12 1922] Got up at about 10 & read until dinner time. Went for a short walk after dinner then read for the rest of the day. Felt rather seedy all over & my throat was pretty sore. [February 13 1922] Got up at 10:30 & after making the beds got lunch ready. In the afternoon worked at my essay & went to the Bay. Worked at my essays for awhile after coming home & after supper, then read till bed. [. . .] [February 24 1922] Felt a cold coming on so got to bed early with a hot drink & bath. [February 25 1922] Felt weak & dopey so did not take gym. Got home at 11. Girls from the college were in for the p.m. Mary & Annie over for supper. Had a bad cough & felt miserable. Mother would not let me go out to the... [. . .] [February 28 1922] Still in bed- expecting to get up the next day or so & return to M.A.C. Had a dreadful cough. [March 1 1922] Still in bed with a temperature so the Dr. was called, & ordered mustard plasters etc. and no knitting, reading, talking, or anything. [. . .] [March 4 1922] Nurse still with me but left in the evening. [March 5 1922] In bed all day [. . .] [March 8 1922] Still in bed. [March 9 1922] Still in bed. [. . .] [March 12 1922] In bed all day. [March 13 1922] Dressed for a little while in the p.m.- but feeling very weak. [. . .] [March 16 1922] Downstairs for the first time [March 17 1922] Downstairs and moving about [. . .] [March 20 1922] Miss Iwa came. [March 21 1922] Mother taken ill with the flu [. . .] [March Friday 24 1922] Mother got up in the p.m. but was still feeling miserably. Mary Paterson over to see me in the p.m. [Saturday 25] Mother up all day--pottering around. [. . .] [March Tuesday 28 1922] Mother is still suffering very much. [Wednesday 29] [blank] [. . .] [April Saturday 1 1922] [blank] [Sunday 2] [blank] [. . .] [April Wednesday 5 1922] Went out to M.A.C. in the p.m. to get the rest of my things & turn in my house plan. [Thursday 6] We all went to Mrs. Stoughton's for dinner. I was [. . .] [April Sunday 9 1922] We all went to Church in the a.m. for the first time this year. Donald went to bed at noon with Flu. [Monday 10] [blank] [. . .] [April Thursday 13 1922] Sewed in the morn. and went to the dentists--3-4:40. [Friday 14] Good Friday. Sewed until time to get lunch. After lunch cleaned a chicken & cooked it. Mr. Hindsly was here for supper. [. . .] [April Monday 17 1922] Went to the dentists 1:30 & sewed the rest of the day. Donald wrote Pharmacology exam in bed. Word received from Auntie Grace that she would take me in. [Tuesday 18] [blank] [. . .] [April Friday 21 1922] Sewed all morning. Went for a walk with Mary Pat. & ended up at the Chocolate Shop. Sewed some more & worked at Chem. Lab. book. [Saturday 22] Did some cooking in the a.m. Walked to Muriel's in my oxfords in the p.m. & fairly murdered my feet. Gave Daddy a fashion show in the evening. [. . .] [April Saturday 29 1922] [blank] [Sunday 30] [blank] [. . .] [May Wednesday 3 1922] Was on the train all day--had a short walk at K-t. Won in the a.m. & one at Whet River in the evening. Played with Duncan, read & knitted all day. Got to bed fairly early & slept soundly. [Thursday 4] Got to Toronto at 4. Lillias met me & took me to tea at the Irwin's hotel. Caught Lindsay train at 5. Auntie G. Uncle D & Scott met me at the station. Talked until 10 & then got to bed. [. . .]  [May Tuesday 23 1922] [blank] [Wednesday 24] Daddy arrived in the a.m. & we started out for Fenelon Falls & Bobcaygeon. Had lunch at Grandisson point--mosquitoes bad. Got home about 5.--Daddy left at 6. Marjorie McLean was over in the afternoon. [. . .] [July Friday 14 1922] [blank] [Saturday 15] [blank] [. . .] [July Wednesday 26 1922] Mrs. Pidgeon & Arthur left at 6. [Thursday 27] [blank] [. . .] [July Sunday 30 1922] All went to church. [Monday 31] Grace left to go to Dryden. [. . .] [August Thursday 3 1922] [blank] [Friday 4] Mrs. Moulson came down at 8. [. . .] [August Monday 7 1922] Civic Holiday. A lovely day. Mary Armous & I went for a long canoe ride in the a.m. Mother, Mary & Daddy went up at 7. Elinor, Annie & Arm. "very hilarious in the evening. [Tuesday 8] Mrs. Moulson went up at 10 & Mother came back at 12:10. [. . .] [August Friday 11 1922] Went to Kenora at 3 & met Marjorie at 5:30. Had a bonfire in the evening. Got to bed about one--a beautiful moon. Daddy came down at 9. [Saturday 12] Annie left at 10. Marjorie slept most of the day. [. . .] [August Tuesday 15 1922] [blank] [Wednesday 16] [blank] [. . .] [August Saturday 19 1922] Nell arrived at 10 very train sick. Rested most of the day. El. Eva. Marj. Bessie & Armour out in boats in a.m. Nell & I talked most of the night. *Very* glad to see her again. [Sunday 20] All went to Church in a.m. & laughed at the anthem. Went for a long walk in the p.m. 3 left at 7:30. Nell & I talked all night again. [. . .] [August Wednesday 23 1922] [blank] [Thursday 24] [blank] [. . .] [August Sunday 27 1922] All went to Church in the morning & a short walk after. Swam & at in p.m. [Monday 28] Donald & Lucy arrived at noon--They commandeered the canoe. [. . .] [August Thursday 31 1922] Donald, Lucy, Marj. El. & I went thro' the flour mill in the morning. [September Friday 1] Donald & Lucy went to Kenora while the rest of us packed. We caught the 5.50 train home. Had some supper & then D. & L. left again for Marchwell. [. . .] [September Monday 4 1922] *Labor Day*. Went out to M.A.C. in p.m. and had tea at the Southwood Golf Club. [Tuesday 5] Served tea to the Girls Club Girls at Gov't house in the p.m. [. . .] [September Friday 8 1922] Mother & Marj. had a big tea. I superintended the dining room part. Daddy left for Rupert's Land about 5. Went to W'p'g. garden Show in the evening. [Saturday 9] Marjorie had some bank friends in in the p.m. [. . .] [September Tuesday 12 1922] Drove around with Mother, Marj. & Lloyd, calling, all P.M. & went out to Mrs. McDougalls for a corn bail, got home about 11. [Wednesday 13] Quite a number in in the evening for music & eats. Miriam, Miriam, Iris, Mary, Annie, Grace Joan, Mr. & Mrs Evans, Cameron, Stoughton. [. . .] [September Saturday 16 1922] Motored out to M.A.C. in the morning with Betty Aikins. Interviewed Prof. Sproule and went over the buildings Sewed in the p.m. & went downtown at 5. Daddy came home triumphant in the evening. Saw the masquerades in the evening. [Sunday 17] Communion Sunday. Rainy all day. Was at church once--read all p.m. [. . .] [October Monday 2 1922] [blank] [Tuesday 3] [blank] [. . .] [October Friday 6 1922] [blank] [Saturday 7] [blank] [. . .] [october Tuesday 10 1022] Isobel called for me at 3 & we went to College. Mae & Strat back. [Wednesday 11] Went to classes & had Public speech assigmt. [. . .] [October Saturday 14 1922] [blank] [Sunday 15] [blank] [. . .] [October Wednesday 18 1922] [blank] [Thursday 19] [blank] [. . .] [October Sunday 22 1922] Prof. Argue spoke in morning session. Went home on 12 car--Mary McKenzie with me. Donald better & up. Came back to M.A.C. at 9. [Monday 23] [blank] [. . .] [October Thursday 26 1922] [blank] [Friday 27] Made salad dressing in p.m. [. . .] [October Monday 30 1922] Very tired. Attended classes all day. Made salads in the p.m. [Tuesday 31] Field day held in afternoon and S.C.A reception in the evening. Little Play "Country Courtship" very good. [. . .] [November Saturday 11 1922] 20 *years old*. Rested most of the day & went to Armistice Dance at the College in the evening. Had a *very* good time. [Sunday 12] [blank] [. . .] [November Wednesday 15 1922] [blank] [Thursday 16] [blank] [. . .] [December Friday 1 1922] [blank] [Saturday 2] Went to Bettys tea & cut the ices then to Mrs. Pidgeons. A dance at M.A.C. in the evening & had a dandy time. [. . .] [December Tuesday 5 1922] Second day in the suite & things ran smoothly. [Wednesday 6] Changed at noon--Mac. became maid & I became hostess & stratt came as guest. [. . .] [December Saturday 9 1922] [first entry crossed out] Elinor went out to M.A.C. with me for supper & stayed night. Iris Lee was out too. [Sunday 10] [blank] [. . .] [December Sunday 17 1922] [blank] [Monday 18] [blank] [. . .] [December Thursday 21 1922] Wrote Botany exam in the A.M.--very sore! Packed & got Daisy off in the p.m. Went to dance in the evening--had a really good time, but no dance with Bob B. Got to bed at 1:45. [Friday 22] Caught 8 car. Went downtown with Elinor in a.m. Fussed around all p.m. & went to see "Blood & Sand" in the ev'n'g. [. . .] [December Monday 25 1922] *Christmas*. got up at 8:30. Opened presents & had b'kf'st, then started to get dinner. Went for a short walk in p.m. Dinner at 6. Mr. & Mrs. Stoughton, Miss Castillo, & Mr. & Mrs. Bacon here. Donald went to Harrowby at 11. [Tuesday 26] Children in the p.m. 3 dear little bacons 2 McLeods, Arthur P. Duncan C. Read in the evening. [. . .] [December Friday 29 1922] Did some cooking in the morning and rushed down town at noon. Had some girls in in the p.m. Mary P. & Mary M. Alys. F. Miriam S. Florence L. Luella I. Kay Winham & Isobel Elliott. Miriam, Mother, El. & I went to see the last session of the boys parliament. [Saturday 30] Finished Helen's gift in the morning. Went to Mrs. Stoughton's for lunch at 12. & with her went to see "Alice in Wonderland" in the movies. Read & practiced in the evening. [. . .] [MEMORANDA] First Manitoba Alder Boys Parliament Held Dec 27-29. Eddie Armstrong Premier. Sessions were very interesting--boys spoke forcefully & easily.--should do some good & having such young men growing up is fine for the country. Wool Dress. Pattern--$.50 Broadcloth--$12.00 Crepe--$1.25 Thread--$.15 Twist--$.02 Bias tape--$.07 ________ Total--$14.00 Charlotte Black 3rd year Deg. Xmas Cards -- 1922 [ADDRESSES] [Name Residence] Miss Hay Lockport Jean & Ruth Rannie Margaret Gallagher [checkmark] Dorothy Chord [checkmark] Mary & Annie Moncrieff [checkmark] Mildred McMurray [checkmark] Alys Farewell [checkmark] Marjorie McLean [checkmark] Juliet Scott [checkmark] [. . .] Xmas Exam Marks [NOTES AND BILLS RECEIVABLE] [DATE NAME Dols. Cts.] English 82 Bacteriology 81 Physics 92 Nutrition 76 Household Mang't. 71 Biology 75 Botany 68 Economics 92 Grammar Art Sewing [. . .]


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