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[Diary of Charlotte Black] Black, Charlotte S. 1921

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 Jan 3rd [1921] Went to Luella's in the evening with Daddy, Isobel & Elinor. Got home about 12:45. Jan 4th Went downtown in the afternoon. Met Mr. Pangich. Took 8 o'clock car out to the college and got settled. [. . .] Jan 7th [1921] A skating and tobogganing party. went to town, I did not go. Had a [feed]? in [Wishio]? room. Jan 8th Went to Laundry class at 8:30. Cleaned room and packed suitcase. Caught 10 o'clock car home. Spent afternoon sleeping and sewing on gym bloomers. Went to the Young's in the evening for awhile. [. . .] Jan 15th [1921] Got up at 6:45 & caught 8 o'clock car to soap factory. Got home at 10:30. Spent time ripping Mary's evening dress. In afternoon Isobel came over & later Jean Gordon. Donald's, Eric Carey's & Mr. Wilson's Sunday S. classes came in at 4:30 for eats. Had quite a good time. Elinor went to her S.S. class party & I went to bed. Jan 16th Went to All Saint's church with Mary Cornell and home for dinner. Walked from Kennedy to Osborne with Miss Fox. Went to S.S. at 3 o'clock. Came home & read up for my debate. Got support. I caught 8 c'clock car out to college. Got to bed by 10. [. . .] Jan 19th [1921] Attended classes all day "and then some".- had a special Chemistry class after four. Worked on a debate all through study hour- had a cup or glass of coffee and got to bed. Jan 20th Got up at 7:05 and had breakfast. Went over to the Library and worked on debate during first period. Went to chemistry and then to English where "Willy" & I debated against Mr. Gray & Mr. Drankkin at the end of the period. Alma introduced me to Mr. Houston and he asked me to go to the hockey match on Saturday. Had a Chemistry Quiz in the p.m. & Dr. Clavinger dwelt upon me for a very long period. Saw Mr. Gray down by the store and he gave me a chocolate bar. Studied textiles and wrote to Lillian, Grandma and Alma Love. [. . .] Jan 22nd [1921] Got up, and went to Laundry class at 8:30. Spent the rest of the morning cleaning the room and packing my suitcase. Caught the one o'clock car home. Washed my hair in the afternoon. Mr Houston called for me at 7:30 and we walked to the auditorium rink. Enjoyed the game very much- Manitoba won 2-1. We walked hom arriving at 10 and Daddy pressed Mr. H. to stay which he did- we had cocoa and cookies, He left at 11 & I got to bed. During the game he asked me to go to the church party Sunday night but I could not accept. Jan 23rd Got up at 9:30 and went to church. While at dinner Jean phoned and told me that the college was quarantined for small-pox. I did not go to S.S. but wrote some letters and got supper. Packed my suitcase and caught the 8 o'clock car. On reaching the college I delivered some old-fashioned clothes to Miss Langdon and got ready for bed. Went to a small feed at Alma's and got to bed about 11. [. . .] Jan 24 [1921] We had only one class all day long. Worked on Laundry review most of the afternoon. Wash vaccinated on the evening then intended to have a bath- but the water was cold- so I got to bed. Jan 25th Spent the morning in the Library working on Laundry. Sewed until four and then got ready to go to the moccasin tramp. We tramped a pretty long way, played "fox and geese" in a field. walked on. slid down a bank & walked back. Mr. Houston was along and was always near at hand. I enjoyed the tramp most of the time but was fearfully tired after it. Did a little work and got to bed in the evening. [. . .] Fri Jan 28th [1921] Attended the lectures all day but felt extremely miserable so had a sleep after four. It was stunt night and tho' feeling so miserable I enjoyed the stunts very much. Mrs Jarley's Wax Works- 5th year Take off some of the profs- 4th Waiting for the train- 3rd Hickville square dance- 3rd year dip. boys Terrible twenty-four opera- 2nd year Katzinjammer Kids -1st year Bringing up Mother- 1st year 1st year was the worst 4th " the most original 5th " " best. Jan 29 Got up for breakfast & went to class at 8:30. Came home and cleaned our room & did my ironing. Read & knitted in the afternoon and got to bed fairly early. [. . .] Dec 5th [1921] Did not get up for b'k'fast. Went for a walk in the afternoon with Inglberg. Dec 6th Got up at 11:30. Went to dinner at 1, to church at 3 and to Song Service at 4. Read Ivanhoe & wrote some letters in between. [. . .] Feb 12th [1921] Went home on a 9 o'clock car & worked at my evening dress steadily until 12. Mae, Hettel & Muriel were over for awhile. Feb 13th Went to church & S.S. Jean & Will were in for supper also Mr. Cowan. We went thro' the Parliament Building. Had some hymns and caught 9 o'clock car back to the college. [. . .] Thursday, Feb [1921] Attended lectures all day and studied & visited in the evening. Car service was very in slush. Had expected Mother out to see my dress. Friday Attended lectures in the morning but they were called off in the afternoon because of reunion so I took the 12 o'clock car home, had lunch, got the things I wished & returned at 2, Willy and Ada were on the car both times. Put finishing touches on my dress & got dressed and went to the church- then to the dining room with Marion Langdon, Alice Stevens, Jessie Fraser, Eva Pattison and Annie Bonner (Bert Rogers, Florence Robertson & Janter Fraser were supposed to come too but boys nabbed them). After the banquet we went back to the aud and danced and danced & danced- had a wonderful time. Mrs. Bracken & all the girls said that I and my dress were too sweet for words. Dance finished at 12- I got to bed about 1:30. [. . .] Feb 20th [1921] Got up at 9. Mrs. Stuart did not turn up so I spent the morning doing her work. Went to S.S. Came home & got supper. Mr & Mrs Jamieson (Miss Graham) & Hank Grant were up for supper. Hank, Donald & I went to Westminster Church to hear Dr. Scoffield- sermon was over at 5 to 9. so we walked home & then Hank brot me out here on the 11 o'clock car. Got ready for bed- found Jean in [Westin]? room & talked for some time. Feb 21st Attended lectures all morning. Got a letter from K.M.D. at noon. Wrote her a 16 page letter during the afternoon. Attended song service- sing-song after supper- mounted my textiles & wrote up my diary, then went to a basket-ball game between Varsity Arts & M.A.C. boys. Aggies won. [. . .] Feb 24th [1921] Attended lectures in the morning- had to express my opinion on the standardization of woman's dress. 3rd Period, worked in the Chemistry Lab all afternoon 1-4:15. Attended an extra chemistry lecture from 4:15-5. Watch basketball game between Varsity Arts & Aggies (girls) from 5:15 to 6. We won after playing 6 minutes over-time- 10-8. After supper went to meeting in the aud addressed by Dr. Frank Scoffield of Kowa at 7:30 went to the gym and saw our boys beat Law 35-13 in BasketBall. Wrote up diary & got to bed. Feb 25th Attended lectures in the morning. Washed coloured articles in Laundry & made furniture polish in Household Management in p.m. Elinor came out at 5 and then Jean Ingleberg & I went down to the poultry house. Could not find Mr. Grant so started back & saw the chickens. Came back to the residence- had supper and went and watched the carnival for a while. Came in, changed our shoes & went to the gym where we had a light supper. Came back about 10 & got to bed. Elinor slept in Jean's bed & Jean went down to Westies. [. . .] Feb 26th [1921] Got up for breakfast and went to Laundry at 8:30. caught 11 o'clock car home. Cleaned upstairs, got lunch, did the dishes & some cooking, sewed until time to get supper. Practiced in the evening. Feb 27th Went to church & S.S. Mr & Mrs [Stroms]? were over for a little while in the afternoon. Eva & Silvia Schoobert were in for supper. Caught 8 car out to the college [. . .] March 4th [1921] Attended lectures all day- felt tired & rather miserable. We had expected both Boys & Girls B.B. trams from Brandon to come down but they could not because Marjorie went mute had gone to the hospital with Scarlet fever on Mon. We therefore had just a plain dance from 8-11 on Friday evening. I danced all the dances except one regular and one extra- was too tired to really enjoy it. Met Charlie Cassins & Gordon Blackman. Will did not have a dance with me. Had 3 with Mr Innis of 2nd year Dip. & met his sister. March 5th Wakened at 6:45 but fell asleep again & did not hear anything until 7:30. Got up and went to Laundry class. Came back & caught 11 car. Felt tired & miserable. Went to Miss Brunstermann's in the afternoon where I had a very pleasant time. In the... [. . .] March 6th [1921] Got up at 9. Went to church & S.S.- had 8 in my class. Got supper. Packed my suitcase & caught the 8 car out to M.A.C. March 7th Attended lectures all morning. Our class left on the one o'clock car for town. The car ahead ran off the track & we had to walk part way in. We went to Robson's studio and had our pictures taken. Went to Ashdowns & Eatons to price wash tubs & wringers. Went home and had something to eat. Caught 5 o'clock car out to the college. [. . .] Friday [no date] [1921] Attended lectures all day and studied in the evening. Saturday Took 11 o'clock car home. Got dinner & helped around the house. In the evening Donald & I went to Mrs Dilfers to a little dance. Had quite a nice time but was very tired. [. . .] March 15th-22nd [1921] Felt very miserable so did not get up on Tues- had castor oil & felt awful. Was up for a little while Wed. night to talk to Mother & Daddy to come out to visit Mr & Mrs Bracken. Took calomel & had nothing to eat on Thurs. Got up at 10 on Fri but felt very weak & miserable- stayed in my room for meals- had eucalyptus treatment at night. Had breakfast in bed on Sat., then got up & took 10 o'clock car home. Worked and sewed a little. Muriel & Eva were in for supper. Got to bed about 10:30. Wakened with a very sore throat on Sunday- had antiphlogistine on all day & mustard plaster at night. Stayed in bed all day Mon. Got up at 11:30 on Tues. Phoned Jean at 12:45 heard of Laundry exam so took 2 o'clock car out. Did a little sewing from 3:30-4. Laundered a silk waist & cleaned a scarf. Studied a little in the evening & got to bed. [. . .] March 24th [1921] Was wakened about 6. Felt miserable spilled out very soon. Lay down all morning and repeated performance four times. Nurse gave me a cup of coffee at 2 & I threw it up. Felt alright but weak. Met Mother, Mrs Dilfer, Russel Cowell in Ad. building at 3 and piloted them around the display. Found cousin Jim in the Art room. About 4 mother found that I had nothing to eat all day. At 4:45 she said I was to go home with her.... [. . .] Thursday March 31st [1921] Wrote Laundry examination in the morning. In the p.m. I washed my hair & lay down until 5. Got dressed for supper. After supper put on my spotted muslim dress. Went to the dance at 8. Did not have a very good time as I had very poor partners. Got to bed by one. As I was dozing off a pig was put in the hall. Jean fastened the door and we went to sleep again. [. . .] Saturday [no date] [1921] Helped around home in the morning. Went to see Madame Butterfly with Annie & Mary Moncrieffin in the afternoon. Sewed in the evening. Sunday Went to church & S.S. Went to Marjorie's in the evening. [. . .] Saturday [no date] [1921] Worked round all day. Took a rest in the p.m. Put on spotted muslim dress, & brown shoes & stockings. [Aty Pres]? & Mrs Brackin, Mr & Mrs Campbell, Mr & Mrs Stuart & Miss Kelso came for dinner. They left at 11. Sunday, April 10 Went to church in the blue sunsuit, blue sailor hat, white fur, brown oxfords & stockings. Went to S.S. ditto. Miss Brunstermann & Miss Castido here for supper, did not leave until 11. [. . .] April 11th [1921] Worked around the house all day. Muriel & Mary Pat were here for supper after which Mary C. came over & we went to St. Andrew's church to hear Daddy's lecture. Eva & Silvia met us there. We walked both ways. April 15th [blank] [. . .] April 21st [1921] Worked around in the morning. Ironed a pair of white ducks & an evening shirt. Lady Aikins phoned & asked me to serve tea which invitation I accepted. Finished my new blue viole dress & went over at 4:30. Talked to lady A. for awhile & then went to the dining room where my duties soon began. Everyone had gone by about 5:45 and then Lady A. & I had a quiet cup of coffee & I came home bearing an envelope of peppermints to Elinor... [. . .] Sunday April 24th [1921] Went to church & S.S. A cold rainy day. Louise McDonald Mary & Annie Moncriff. Grace [...] were here for supper after which Annie, Elinor, & I went to church. Mr Cameron brot us home in the evening. Sunday May 8th Mother's Day- Went to church in A.M. Dr. Pidgeon preached. Went to S.S. where I taught Annie's class & my own. After S.S. Lyoyd walked home with me and Annie, Mary & Jean Gordon with El. We took some pictures & they went home. Had quiet supper & I wrote to Marjorie. [. . .] May 3rd [1921] In the morning went with Mother to hear Mrs Emeline Pankhurst. She spoke very well & looked so nice- has very pretty hands & a sweer face. Saw Miss Schwelm. May 2nd In the evening I met Annie M. I went to Augustine Club after which meeting she Peggy Maglashin & I went to the Princess & then they walked home with me. [. . .] Monday May 9th [1921] Washed windows in the morning and in the afternoon rested. May 10th Dusted book cases in the morning and in the afternoon went to the Lower Port with Mrs. Young, Harry Pinlay, Dorothy Nicholls, & Howard O'Haggan. Had a lovely time. In the evening played ball, read, and wrote. [. . .] May 12th [1921] Aunt [June]?, Mrs Stocl from Los A. came at 8. Made cake & cookies for Marjorie in the morning. In the afternoon we went for a short motor drive and in the evening I made [on T]? the cost of the food stuffs for Daddy. May 13th Worked round home all morning. Went downtown with Mother in the afternoon. lost my hat at the corner of Hargrave & Portage. In the evening went to Capitol with Mary C. & Elinor. Mother & Daddy were out until 12:30 & I did not go to bed until they came in- very cold day. [. . .] May 17 [1921] House cleaned all morning. In the p.m. about 3 I went over to see [Teila}? Sinclair. Came home at 4:10 & got to work again. May 18th House cleaned until 3 when I put on my suit & went to the church where the W.M.S. served supper to our [...] and to the D.D.C.G.I.T.J. Waited on the table & helped with the dishes. The D.D's did a dance and a little "silent drama". A number of the girls recognized me. Got home about 9:20... [...] May 22 [1921] Went to church (communion) and S.S. A wet day. Mr. Scott brought us home from church. Prof & Mrs. Clark & Mr. Watt here for supper. A wet day. May 23rd Did not do anything in particular. [. . .] May 28 Friday [1921] Baked cookies in the morning. In the afternoon the Yakonita tribe was supposed to come over. Alice L., Arla H., Jean M., Helen H., & Ida R. came. They stayed until 4. May 29 & 30 Didn't do anything in particular. [. . .] June 5 [1921] Went to church. Lloyd was here for lunch. No sunday school. Mr and Mrs Long & Prof & Mrs Staughton here for supper and the evening. Elinor at the Camerons. Gladys McDonald was here too. June 6 Mother started on her rest cure and I ran the house. Dorothy was ill. Daddy learned that he was to go to the Old Country. Went downtown in the afternoon. [. . .] June 11th Saturday [1921] Baked cake, brown bread cookies in the morning. Helped Daddy pack in the afternoon and went to the station with him at 6. Mr Pres brot us home. Knitted at my sweater for a while & got to bed. June 29th Worked round home all morning. Dressed & went downtown in the afternoon. bot a bathing cap, stockings, and note books. Called on Mrs Stevens. Knitted, read & wrote to Daddy in the morning. Very hot. [. . .] June 30th [1921] Went to Mrs Campbells for supperand the evening. A very hot day. July 3rd Went to church in the morning. Prof & Mrs Stoughton & Miss Grant here for supper. [. . .] June 22nd [1921] Played tennis with Mary C., Mary P. & Elinor in the p.m. Ironed until 10 at night. June 21st Washed in the a.m. Went downtown in the p.m. & Mrs Evans took us for a short motor ride about 10 in the evening. [. . .] Friday June 24th [1921] Worked around in the morning. Mother met Edith Bagnall at the train at 10. After lunch we went for a motor ride. Mrs. Campbell & Duncan with us. Edith left at 5. Stratt got here about 6:15- after supper we walked around and went to bed about 10. [. . .] July 25th [1921] Got up at 10 & went in for a swim. Had b'k'fst & then went for a walk. Had a light lunch & Annie & I went calling. Had dinner at 6:30. Caught 8:15 train back. Had to walk thro [5]? cars to find a seat & then back to get our suitcases. Almost had a nervous prostration. Mother was out when we got home but came in shortly. [. . .] July 21 [1921] Mother had a tea in the p.m. at which Mary C. helped. A travelling photographer took a [woeful]? likeness of Mary, El. & me. El went to the Asborne in the evening and got caught in a heavy thundershower. [. . .] July 27 [1921] Washed in the morning- dressed and went down to catch 2 o'clock college car but Rosie did not meet me- so I walked down to Mrs. Stevens & Rosie went thro the Parliament Buildings with me. At four I went to a tea Betty was giving for her friend Ruth Bothwell. [Lenore]? Patrick was there & I heard much about Calgary... [. . .] Sunday July 31st [1921] Got up at 9. I went to church. Had lunch at 2. Mother and I. Read Pictorial Review all afternoon while mother slept. Miss Costello here for a few minutes. Had supper at 7. Wrote to Kirk and finished Nell's letter. July 30th Got up at 8. Baked a cake, brown-bread & biscuits. Got beans ready for pickles. Went to Mary C's at 4:30 & had supper... [. . .] Sunday Aug 14th [1921] We got up at 8- had setting-up exercises led by Miss [...] Morning watch, flag raising and breakfast. Church was at 11 when Prof. Argue preached on Romans 12. Just after church I went with Mrs McDonald to meeting of chiefs and little chiefs where we discussed Bible Pageants for the afternoon... [. . .] August 16 [1921] The morning programme was the same- it was a much cooler day. In the group session our tribe nominated me as Comp. Pres. After dinner the Council met. We rested and swam in the afternoon. After supper we made our nomination speeches and then voting took place... [. . .] August 17 [1921] The morning programme was the same except that Miss Radcliffe took setting-up exercises. Decided that Lydia would tell the story in the story-telling contest that night. At supper time I had to present Miss [Gugler]? with a beautiful silver picture frame from the girls- she was quite over-come and so was I... [. . .] Friday August 19 [1921] A wet day- the morning programme was the same. The afternoon we spent in resting and getting our song ready. At 8 we met for the various contests. Miss Campbell, Marjorie McLean and I judged the story-telling contest, in which Beth Hadcock came first. Elinor second, and Evelyn Hamilton third. The hashers judged the yells and the Cherokees came first... [. . .] Sunday August 21st [1921] We got up at 8. Had exercises led by Grace Moody- morning watch & breakfast. Helen Russell took the morning service and Miss Bonewell gave the talk. In the afternoon we rested and in the evening Miss Bonewell gave an illustrated lecture on her work in Africa- I was chairman. Miss Daveson led the service- "Girls of Other Lands". [. . .] August 23 [1921] Got up at 6:30 and had setting-up exercises. We got dressed and packed. Took own bedding over with us when we went to breakfast. We spent the morning getting the paper ready. It was read after dinner- very good. The afternoon we spent chiefly in visiting. supper was at 4:15. the credits were given out. the Cherokees came head in the Juniors with 899... [. . .] August 25 [1921] Got up at 8 and did the washing- finishing at 3. Slept until 4:15 and refused to go to Mrs. McDougalls as I was not feeling well. Got tidied- folded the clothes, had my supper and wrote to Marjorie & wrote up my diary. August 26th Friday Ironed practically all day. Alice & [Toots]? Gordon brot my bloomers over in the p.m. [. . .] August 31st Wednesday [1921] Met Gerry on the 2:35 train and then went to Millers & got my new winter hat ($10.00) and then to the [efale]? and got my winter boots. Sept 1st Elinor went back to school. I went downtown in the p.m. took my pencil & pen in & looked at slippers. [. . .] Sept 5th [1921] We- Elinor and I- stayed in bed until 4. Sept 14th I baked in the morning and had some girls in in the p.m. Lillian McIntyre, Luella Teller, Mary Patterson, Alice Farewell, Catherine Morrison, Elizabeth Flanders, Beryl Carruthers, Marjorie McLean, Betty Aikins, Mary & Annie Moncriff. Mrs. Jamieson poured tea. Mother and Daddy were out in the morning. [. . .] Sept 18 [1921] Was not feeling awfully well, had a cold. Went to church & S.S. We did not expect Dr. P & George in for supper and had started when they arrived. George was on his way to Oxford as Rhodes Scholar from Alberta. Sept 19 Monday Got up and got b'k'fst but was feeling miserable- cold bad so went back to bed & had mustard plaster on- ran a little fever and slept most of the day. [. . .] Sept 25 [1921] Went to church but not to S.S. Eva was here for supper. Sept 26 Got up in time to get the b'k'fst. A maid Mrs Larry as wide as she is long came and we had a peaceful day. Coughed badly,so Daddy [cho't]? thro' the night. [. . .] Sept 30 [1921] Sewed in the morning and in the p.m. Went first to Mrs [Lefons']?- Daisy Lee's sister for tea, a visit rather, and then to a Traveller's Aid Tea at the Y.W.C.A. In the evening El. & I went to the church to attend the [C.G.I.T.]? Rally which was a great failure- the reports were dreadful. [. . .] Oct 16th [1921] Attended the two morning periods. Took the 12 o'clock car home- Mary McK. & Mr Clark went too. Mary had to go to S.S shortly after dinner. For supper Mr. Nicholson & Hagelfield were up for supper & then we went to church. Oct 10th Daisy Lee came over in the p.m. & stayed for supper. Mother & Daddy were at the Country Club. [. . .] Saturday Oct 22 [1921] Had English class in the a.m. & then cleaned the room. Spent the p.m. studying & dressing. In the evening the first social event was held- a dance. I had a fairly good time only. Oct 19th We started lectures- found that 6 of our old girls were not back & we had 3 new members. [. . .] Oct 29 [1921] Got up at 6:45 & had b'k'fst & then went to the gym & Eng. Washed a little & studied a little in the a.m. Caught the 10 o'clock car in & rhea & I went to see the foot ball game between Law & M.A.C. It was a tie. As soon as the game was over Rhea & I went to the [C.G.I.T]? tea at the church & then home for supper. Rhea caught the 7 o'clock car back to the college. [. . .] Sunday Nov 6 [1921] Met Rhea in the morning and we went to Broadway Meth. Church. In the p.m. Rhea went to her cousins and I rested. I went to our church in the evening & heard Donald, Fred Saunderson, and Miss Hall speak on Missions. Spoke to Hugh for a few minutes after & went to the song service. [. . .] Nov 11 [1921] My 19th birthday. A special chapel service was held in commemoration of the signing of the Armistice & two minutes silence was observed at 11. I received from Mother 6 handkerchiefs.. Elinor & Daddy- a large box of writing paper; from Donald a box of chocolates; from Lillian a book; from Mary Monc. a hanky, from Annie a "Book of Friendship"... [. . .] Nov 15 [1921] Prepared in cooking breakfasts. Nov 19 Did not take Gym but went home on the 10 o'clock car. Sewed for a while. In the p.m. went to Muriel Green's & Mabel Campbell's tea- had a very pleasant time. Caught 9 o'clock car back to M.A.C. It was a very cold night. [. . .] Nov 30 [1921] In the evening Miss Campbell gave a very short talk to a very small gathering of girls. Went to a feed in [strats]? room. Sunday Nov 27 Went home on the 11 car after S.S. at 9. Did not go to church. Spent the afternoon & evening sleeping and reading. [. . .] Dec 7 [1921] Spent every evening & every spare moment working on debate. Wednesday evening, Miss Helen Davidson spoke to us. Sunday Dec 4 Got up for S.S. at 9 & was the only member of our year present. Wrote letters in the a.m. & after dinner went for a walk after which I had a sleep. Went to bed fairly early. [. . .] Dec 16 [1921] We had no lectures all day but I was so tired & nervous that I could not study so got to bed early at night. Dec 15 Was very tired so did not get up for breakfast nor Gym. Made candy in cooking and studied a little in the evening. [. . .] Dec 21st [1921] Got up at 9 and when dressed took my chem. notebook over to Mr. Geddes. Studied Botany until noon, then wrote the Botany exam. Finished E's scarf after 4 & bought a plant. Studied cooking and packed my suitcase in the evening. Dec 20 Got up at 7 and wrote two exams- Physiology and Literature. Was tired in the evening and did not study very much. [. . .] Dec 24th [1921] Was very tired and spent the day decorating & doing up packages. Had a very bad nose bleed all afternoon & evening. Dec 25 Got up at 8 and opened my stocking with Elinor, found an ivory buffer, a box of powder puffs, a pair of silver lingery clasps and a couple of jokes. Nannie Johnson- a first year girl from near Calgary came in in time for church. In the afternoon I went to S.S. & looked after Donald's class through the White Gift service. Donald was preaching at Atterburn. After church in the evening we all went to Mrs Dilfers and got home about 11:30. [. . .] Dec 27 [1921] Slept right through until 12. Went to Mrs Pidgeon's for supper and then to see "From the Manger to the Cross"- a beautiful picture of the life of Christ. Got home at 10:30. Enjoyed Lyoyd. Dec 28 Did practically nothing all day- went for a short walk in the p.m. [1921] ...son came first. Hugh- tall & young- had just learned that he had gotten a sup in English Prose- no one ever expected such of him, I hope he is not going down. Gordon and Mary came next. Mary was not looking very well. Gordon certainly is clever. Eva & Sylvia came next, then Muriel. Then the college boys- Mr Will and Mr Grant of our year- a nice young Scotchman, quiet & very shy... [. . .] [1921] I corrected his composition. He said Michael had to flee to a far country. I put an "a" on flee. He never looked over the paper & handed it in. [1921] Mr Houston wants to meet you after this period as he wishes to take you to the hockey match. I told him I would introduce you so be prepared. You will at least have to meet him. -Alma [1921] Shepherd's pie Catsup Green [Gages]? (stewed) cake, tea, bread, butter Saturday 1. Porridge & Boiled eggs Bread & Butter and Coffee 2. Soup, Beef Stew Potatoes, Turnips Ice Cream, Bread 3. Shepherds Pie Bread & Butter Gingercake, apple sauce [. . .] [1921] B'k'fst Thursday Cream of Wheat Porridge Sausages, Bread, Butter Marmalade, Coffee Dinner Veal & Gravy Beets & Potatoes Bread Pudding Supper Macaroni & Cheese Stewed (dried) Peaches [. . .] [1921] Meals for week beginning Feb 28th, 1921 Breakfast Monday Oatmeal porridge Bacon & Liver Bread, butter, apricot jam, coffee Dinner Beef Soup (very thin) Bread Boiled beef- white sauce gravy Potatoes (boiled) Boiled Cabbage Steamed Molasses Pudding Molasses Sauce [1921] 1921 was really a wonderful year for me. Those camps in the summer made it so I think. Friendship with interested & interesting people- our Cosmopoli tribe- Prof. Argue, Miss McDonald. How much it meant. Responsibility- at M.A.C. Being trusted as at Copeland Isle. Oh that I may be able to do something by my example if nothing else for my younger sister and brothers. During this year I found that my desire is really to help others- thus I wish to be a missionary.


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