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Charlotte Black Reminiscences Black, Charlotte S. 1970

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 1912      Donlald took scarlet fever in late May; Willins; Marjorie at Mrs gordon's; Elinor and I at home; gargling:   Went to Scotland in June; gifts on leaving  Day in winnipeg; everyone ill; at Mrs. Stevens; taci slow and nealy miss our train.      Toronto.      Lindsay - Marjorie caught tonsilitis; attic; croquet; Johnson girl; got weighed;      Glasgow - Uncle Dave and fmily; ice cream,      Reach Perth - drive up to house in a cab, grandma and grandpa in their garden, roses, 1913-01      Were in the Old Country for most of 1913. Got home evening of Labor Day, started back to school next morning. Was put in grade VI; cried; couldn't do the work; went to Grade IV after lunch; stayed there for two months; went to Grade V; Miss Honor (died fall of 1918.) best teacher I ever had; Class mates - Jean Houston; Nellie Lawson, Ruth Rannie, Millie Johnson, Hilda Parrot, Ruth McKinney, Saida Kitely, Lilian McNab; Myrtle O'Neil (big hair ribbons) Earnest Miller (dabbed his nose with ink) Clarence Bauer, Oliver ______(& George)      Was taken out of line by Pearl McNabfone[?] day who got a talking to from Miss Brock. Jean Rannie & Mae Webster in Grade VI. Mrs. Fish[?] & Miss Morrison for serving. 1913-02      1913-02      On the way home from Scotland we went out to Apple Hill to see Cousin Lizzie and met a host of Mother's relations, Uncle Donald; the Scott girl; introduce myself; the ride out with Daddy and Uncle Donald; the evening at the Scott's;. Highland fling; the organ; hymns; "God be with you till we meet again"; prayers.      Went to Lindsay, Sturgeon Point; Cousins - evening spent with cousins who lived near the river; Helen;   Toronto - dinner at Eaton's      ...      Winnipeg - took a car going the wrong way. met a fried in Royal Alex. 1914      War declared in August. Donald and Marjorie delayed a week but get home late in August - very Scotch looking. Daddy broke his leg in June. We went to Gull Lake at end of July for a week; not pleased with it; McLeans; bonfires; rowed for first time; Daddy & Mother in a canoe; poor swimming. Stayed at home all the rest of the summer. 1918[?]      In fall - Kelvin H. S. - Grade 10 - Marjorie Cornell Elizabeth Flanders & other good friends         1914      War troops in Barrie[?] came passed hour[?] door when going overseas. Donald enlisted in '15 ['16?] and went east for training  Bombadier[?] 1915      Went to Banff for August. Mrs. Stevens and the boys were there, and we spent a great deal of time at their cottage; the dam; Marjorie Lougheed; the train & tracks; ice cream; frozen-pudding; Elinor; 6 falls; swimming; vist to C.P.R, pool; the tent; the smudge; climb to Alpine club bu waterpipe; blueberry pie; china tea set;       Met the Cassells; boys very clever; shy;      Fergusons up for a while; Maudie at the Stevens; All her friends like her, "So do yours", "Don't get red"; 1917      Donald came home with his broken leg about end of Feb. or beginning of March. Did recruiting for 78th Battery for a long time. Elinor and I went to Edmonton to visit Marg and Hardy. Intending to stay one week. Daddy was there at the time. Took 2 suitcases, little black bag, big cardboard box, parcel of hats, umbrella and raincoat. Left hats on the train. went to the fair nearly every day of the first week - stayed three weeks, Honora Dyde's ghost stories; the parliament building; Sgt-at-arms Turner[?]; the soldiers; Hello!; the Scott girls. Gwendoyn Bird; Came home with Miss Madock of private school. Mrs. Lyon, Doreen and Margaret were in Calgary for several days in August; Henryetta; sight seeing.      Marjorie and Elinor went up to Banff to spend a weekl-end with Mrs. Wells in August. 1920      to C.G.I T. Camp - Minata[?]      In final year at High School - The General Strike complete with riots in Spring. Ethel[?] stayed in town & played tennnis at the Y.W. with Marjorie Cornell or went to Keewatin for a month - [???] Cameron girls, Scocilors[?] Helen Momtaries[?] among guests      Marjorie went to Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore to train.       Entered Manitoba Agricultural College in early October. Jean Bott[?] of Craik[?] Sask my room-mate - a callow country girl. never in the city before. It was all a bewildering year to one green city girl.      S.C.M. Camp at Carlisle Lake   Mildred McMurray / Mary McKenzie / Edith Grey         1921      C.G.I T. Camp Kenora      Summer at home or Kewatin    Back to College less confused - 40 minute bus ride to & from - over an hour. Rhea Walker of am[?] class[?] was my room-mate quite unsuccessful    Mac and Kirk, Strat, Pete, Doroty Donnelly, Warlsie[?], Isobel Robson, Marian Habs[?], Maggie Masson      Smallpox scare & vaccination 1922      Daddy enter Brachin[?] (farmers government)   Spent one month at Minaki on an island. Had a radio comoposed on batteries & numerous boxes - an aerial put between two trees - far from a success    Daddy Minster of telphones which included radio    Grace Cameron & Rhoda Brown oustanding visitors.      In spring both Elinor & I had pneumonia. I was out of college for 2 months - asparagus, peonies & other new growing things Scott in high school, Charlotte had died, Uncle Donald was retired & Auntie Grace      Promoted to 3rd year without course & little knowledge of chemistry in particular.   Daisy Lee in her final year my room-mate.      1923      Isobel Robson & I got jobs with Boys & Girls Clubs within Extension Dept. at $90.00 per mo. plus expenses. Travelled extensively to help with demonstration lessons. Climax the visit of swimming teams to Winnipeg courtesy of City Gov't, T. Eaton Company and some others. Housed at M. AC. flush toilets and running hot water new experiences. 1923   for mary motor cars[??], roads from so families did not get around very much.  it was all a most important part of my education.  a [??] at the Brandon fair, manning the college booth.      1924   marjories pito[??] my roomate-23-24; 24-25. with extension service again. an [??] busier summer but without the strains of novelty.  spent a weekend at Knock duff- the Lu home - cross country trip by horseand buggy through flooded lands.  Entered final year at College-important seminars. a happy year.      1925   graduation. arranged to assist teachers of H.E. in Winnipeg schools. learned a lot. applied to Vancouver School Board and was appointed as a specialist-1080 paid in 10 monthly installments. planned and surprised [??] at a girl guides camp. In early august left W'peg with Daddy and Elinor for Banff. They to Alpine camp-I returned. Summer 1927   daddy moved to kelowna as [??] of the frist commission-stayed in cottage at eldorado arms. moved to kitsilano junior senior h.s.-set up in old buildings. isabel, me, millan, edna, ruth and janet gilmour. marhorie king. snowy christmas in kelowna. helen haughton married in july. aided by me as a brides maid.      summer 1928   to [??] for summer session. florence H[??] along. drove with an american girl to medicine hat. roads under construction, grand coule dam a dream -cross columbia by ferry. up to calgary. nabff and the mountains then down to kelowna by train.      . . . 1929   summer in kelowna-continued at kitsilano high school until 1934, summers 1930, 31 in kelowna, winter 31 daddy and mother went to italy. donald [??] home from Korea in 1931 summer - spent in kelowna. Frank and Meta [??].spent christmas with them. D & M returned in spring of '32 put furniture on storage and rented house in Vancouver for the summer-another in the summer when lucy and 2 children joined us and donald went to edinburgh to study. whooping cough for children, bad back for mother followed by broken hips and birth of donnie.      . . . [1934-35]   to kelowna in her first car and spent a month with mrs. madden on the lakeshore.  moved to margerite avenue in feburary-'34. snowy, house having [??]. lovely garden. summer '34 to summer session at [??]. in the fall to king edward h.s. under mrs. martin, following miss mabel allen-places for 40 in food sale.       . . . June 1937   took leave of absence and went to europe with elinor. travelled july and august. took "digs" on campden hill road.-E studying for m.r.c.o.g. I registered at kings college of social sciences (later [??] college). we spent christmas at [??] on the french riveria. an interesting and comfortable change from london. e. stayed until summer '38 when marjorie joined her for a few weeks. I went to new york in january for term which started in february and ran to June at teachers college, columbia. a grand experience with study, opera, theatre trips.  boston, salem and new england in general at easter with 2 philipino girls. straight back home at the end of the terms as mother was not well.      Fall of 1938   back to king edward and very unhappy with 40 mintue periods. took leave for spring 39 term and returned to new york.easter in virgina with madeline [??] of australia.  after graduation went up to the coast by bus and onto [??] for a week. [1939-1941]   madeline took ship for britain and i went to w'peg for [??] meetings of c.h.e.a.- [??]- i was to miss mclaughlin's [??] lucy and family came from korea in fall of '39. fall of '39- assistant superior of h.e. -travelled all over the province. war declaredin sept. [??] back from glasgow came on exchange-stayed until 1945. madelines tour of europe uninterrupted by the war-retuned to canada and here with her moth by blackout over a crowded ship and train in october. was here about a week then to s.f. for a ship to australia.   January 1940 back to kits to relieve beth eastman for a term-stayed until summer 41 -c.h.e.a. convention in victoria in july-went to kelowna with e.m. and may after it-by car.   Summer 1940-donald came home fall of '40. mother put into a home in [??]-daddy's heart such that he could not survive life in the same house.   February '41-daddy died quietly. donald in the [??]? the house sold and furniture divided and much shipped to kelowna for the family. [1941-1945]   Marjorie and I moved into Douglas cres. apt in sept. i went to seattle-u of wash school of home ec. under mrs.raist[??]. three of us started together-clare storwick[??] and laura McAdams lived in one home management house and watched new one being built.    Spring 1942-drove with laura and across country to [??] for a halft term [??] then up to winnipeg where i had a hysterectomy followed by infection so reached health in a weakened condition but h. mgt h not finished until christmas. about at half speed all year.    Summer '43-spent in vancouver, did not go to convention in toronto.      . . . [1946-1948]   holidary at brandy wine falls up P.C.E. a crummy college lodge which to the ground on labour day. eshter [??] of nursery school in u of wash with me -escaped with posessions taken down to garibaldi on motorized [??] no gas for driving.       . . . [1949-50, 1958-59, 1965]   By 1949 building plans well along. 6 huts made into attractive, efficient labs. this dairy still in use too -enrolment had increased and dept earned some recognitiion.     1950-Jan. 28. when country covered with snow and ice all the huts burned down. no time lost for lectures. and plans for new buildings started the next day. By start of sept classes new building completed and put to use without delay. very hard work and cooperation from all-carlene[??], rose, barbara newcombs, nancy, ruth, bay (leroux), nina morley.       . . .  1968-1969   marjorie death - 1968 - 11th sept   bought my house jan, 17,000, april 1912. sold july 1969, 28, 500. moved to arbutus and [??] july 1969-March 1972. Cover of diary.   "Reminenscences" Charlotte S. Black. Summer 1918   packed up and left calgary on july 10th. stayed at fort gary hotel from friday to monday when elinor and i went to visit mrs.gordon at keewatin[??]. we met and came to know mrs.mulock and miss cox. we sat up late in teh evening having toast and tea before we went to bed and lay late in the morning. bert williams was around a great deal.       . . . Summer 1919   left winnipeg on sat. june 28 for keewatin[??] with donald, marjorie, mr and mrs beale, daddy, mother, elinor, phillip and stephen having gone the day before. the beale family styaed three weeks and then left leaving a none too pleasant impression. I met Dr.McIntyre's family who gave us a great deal of pleasure.       . . .


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