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[Letter from Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 1937-06-22

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 3 de Beckley June Dear Ruth Yours yesterday just when I'd been tickling all over to see you. Some days I do say how nice it would be to see Ruth pop in for there is no one that takes your place. Well I'm glad you'd got half over the horrible sea when you wrote and not found it too bad and been hobknobbing so heavily with beauty & health specialists that you could give them tips. How revolting seasickness is and fog at sea tho'beautiful in mysteriousness feels too dangerous to be nice. I am better much. liver still very sore when I move round I would like to trade for a pig's but perhaps it would not do. I felt as if I'd traded a pigs heart when I read your letter & knew there would be no ME's letter in Paris for you If I'd sent it it would grazed your heels flitting to London, so London it went to. Well Dr Sedgewick came last Monday phoned & came out really to select that sketch for Dr Clark that his class are giving him. He's a funny old boy quite a joker I had not met him bef 2 Mrs Chappell & Margaret are ramping round over D'Sonoqua. Vowed I had a copy but I never did have. You remember we cut off the end & I gave you the end version red hot as it was written & I never did have the old two portions back, or a new copy, tho' they think I'm lying. One went to Blackwoods (and will doubtless be back soon) if they don't loose it. Margaret sent hers to East to Mr. Ayers & yours will make the three. Gee Whiz never will I use forelornity or any other mongrel word. Dr S. spoke of it it seemed to blight the whole yarn for every one. Dr S. did not say much. he stayed a couple of hours and came back 2 more next morn but was routing out sketches. I gave him one & that pleased him. He thinks the idea of those Indian things as a good idea. says they've been done *anthropologically* & sentementally but not the way I have in mind but Wow Ruth I come to a regular impasse. read two aloud to Flora Burns yesterday & burnt with shame they were so - I felt it - I thought it 3/ and I don't set much store by her judgement and I am so keen on cutting out the slop That's what I liked about your crits You pulled me up on it. Did you know Dr. S. thought White Currants verging on the sentimental? he said he felt it needed more transcision between the Currants & the Rocket said just a sentence or two would do it. I told him when I began my things were rather sentimental & I wanted to get out of it & you had helped me there, but it was difficult writing about animals & Indians & inarticulate things to avoid slopping over to fill up. He said it was very easy for beginners to do that. Gee if one can only be down right honest without frills & mawk. In writing the Indian things, you are dealing with the 'dumb' too Few people were about at the time I went They were at the canneries & then often they could not speak English. I try to put in bits of dialogue here & there to break monotony, writing about village after village. All as *exactly alike* as they are **tota but, Jerusalem the putting into words to make clear sense dumps me into despair. I have six villages - I mean I've re-lived them (6) digging & picking out & feelings & bits about them. I got the incidents & discriptions but not coherent in many places & so bumpy. Probably they'll get so far & then go into my bottom draw hope chest and I'll forget all about them entirely. Dr. S. said he'd look them over when they were ready, but I double they ever will be. Oh, Wow. Margaret Clay is coming to have supper tomorrow night with me. I look forward to having her. Sold Skidegate in East Dr. S. asked me about it when here & I said She's East but not sold far as I know & the next day came $250.00 for her. A Mr McLean got her, so thats that. Alice goes in hospital week Tuesday her eyes keep about the same. Matilda is fine & a stout figure like me. Baa I've used an old piece of paper excuse . Wads of love absorbe hard, and write soon. hope you feel well & rested. Yours, M.E. Carr [Postmark:] VICTORIA CANADA JUN 22 37 Miss Ruth Humphrey c/o Bank of Montreal Pall Mall Waterloo Place London Eng. [Pencil notation:] June 26 16 and 17 Letter of June, 1937 internal evidence (postmarked 22 June Headed merely "June


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